Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 3
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V NEWS OF U HAliPE HIGH SCHOOL LITBBART gOCIETT HELD INTERESTINO MEHHIOX. DEBATE A RACE QUESTION XEflATIVE WON ON "SHOULD NE- »R0 BE DISFBANCHINED. Mr. and Mrs. J. I". Darnell Retnrn to La Harpr-i-Iola Hunters In Lnck— Funeral siprrlce for 3fr«. Morlln. HorlBg Back to La Ilarpe. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Darnell, of northeastern Iowa, have returned to L« Harpe and will make this citr their future home. Mrs. Darnell will best be remembered as Mrs. Wilson. She married Mr. Darnell just before their departure for Iowa two years ago. On a Real Estate Deal. Col. J. B. Duerson, of Bronson, was in La Harpe yesterday looking after a real estate deal. He was returning home from the Blue Mound country , where he has been for the past week / ronductiug sales. lola Hnnters in La Harpe. Cal. Beatty and E. P. Brighara were in LA Harpe yesterday ratuming from a hunt in the fidlds to the northeast. They had excellent luck, bringing home a sack full of rabbits and the legal number of quails. The only thing which happened to mar the lileasure was when Mr. Brigham •wilfully, woefully and unlawfully" missed a jack rabbit when the said rabbit was good enough to turn broudsiue and stand for two trials. OaTEOPATHT— DR. W .H. ALBBtWHT. Registered Osteopathic Pbyaiciaii. State Dank Bldg. Phone 146. Only Osteopath In La Harp*. A nigh Hcbool Delrale. The rxpuiar SCSHIOII of the high school literary Kociety was held yesterday afternoon. An interestluK program was given. A debate upon the (luestioii. "Resolved. That the negro should be disfranchised," with Arch Cllhen and WJnfleld Coe on the affirmative, and Frank Wiilson and Owen A.shley on the negative, was decided iu favor of the negative. Clifford .lacksou. Lucy .lury. Ernest Dick and Susie Hemminger gave orations. There were quite a number of visitor.^ at the meeting. To Have Special Special music wll! be a feature of the service tomorrow in the Presbyterian church. Pastor Bright will speak on the topic, "WTiat Do I Owe?" aiilatT' ME TOMIOHT AT ' We have brought together the greatest collections ot useful merchandise for your Holiday seledting ever congregated in our store. The store is now in full Holiday attire. The Christmas Spirit will soon be upon you. We recommend early buying. Goods selected now can be laid aside to wait till you want them. Anxiety and possible disappiointment as Christma^s approaches will be avoided if the piacin? of your order is not delayed. Additional help has been secured in order to give you that courteous attention typical of this store. We invite you to come and linger—buy or not you will be equally welcome. 113 East riadison 113 East Madison The body of Mrs. Morlln arrived La Harpe yesterday afternoon. in X. Means >vni BuUd. Morion Means has decided to erect a fine new two story residence on his. farm near La Hari>e. (ii 'aests of a Setting Club. Mrs. L. Hotewilz and Mrs. H- T. Myers were in lola yesterday the guests of the Ladies' Sewing club. Personals. William l.«ckhart, of Humboldt, spent yesterday in La Harpe. K. C. .Moore and family have moved to Urousou where they will reside in (he future and where .Mr. .Mfxjre will engage in business. John Conneit has gone to Springfield. Mo., where he recently purchased a barber shop. .Mrs. (.'. L. Evans was in lolu Inst evening where she as-sLsted at a musical recital given In the xtudio In the lietk building on .Madison avenue. "The Time, the Place and the Price ought to cut some figure with you when you go to purchase your CHRISTMAS GOODS. Your cash will go further ai WATERS & DAN- rORTH'S store than any place in Allen county. Store lined with counters loaded with gifts /or child, youth and adult. The newest novelties and the most practical presents. You are invited to see for yourself. IF YOl- A HE A TRIFLE .SKN.SITIVK About the size of your shoes. It's some satisfaction to knuw that many people can wear shoes a size smaller by sprliiklinK Allen's Foot-Ease into them, .lust the thin.?; for dancing par- lie.s. iialejii leather shoes, and foi l)re:iking in new shoes. When rub- her.s' or overshoes become necessar.^ ncl yoitr shoes pinch, Allen's Foot gives instant relief. Sold everywhere. 2'>c. Samp!e FREE., Address Allen S. Olmsted. Le Roy. .< Y. Don'l accept any substitute. For the best and quickest result* use the Register's want colnnins. NEWS OF GAS CITY AN.M'AL ELECTION OF M. W. \. t'AMP HELD. BRIDGE CONTRACT WAS LET JA.SIES OVERMYER, OF lOLA, OETS THE JOB. I 'oMlniuster XcKf'Irer Rereives Of/k -tal Notice of Appointment—Carl May Put In Urocery Stock—Personals. nlng at 7:45. Proprietor Shlveley, of the Star Bakery, contemplates making a num- lier.of improvements in the near future. ECZEMA AND AU SKIN DISEASES Are quickly cured by ZEUO, a. clean liquid for external use. ZBIiO is the best known remedy for the i nstant relief and positive cure of eczema, pimples, dandruff, piles and every form of skin or scalp disease. For sale everywhere. Write- for sample, E. W. Rose Medicine Co., St. Louis. For sale at Burrell's Drug Stcra IN» FIVE MINUTES THERE WILL BE NO STOSTACH MLSERY OR DYSPEP.SIA. BLACKMAIL A FORMER lOLAN? A Mist Irene Wheat Threatened With • Arrest in Kansas City. T.,„ ,„^.*,„i "l .f/.<jll '*^"^;f.„»,» i.v '''"ene Wheat, 17 years old? The young The annual election of officers by ^„„.' „ ,,i_>,»«„„j .hi. (itn th^ u^i>... vL'^^/^oman became frightened this mom- the local camp of the .Modern "•ood -i,„„ „_. „.j u„. \,„„„^ men of America, resulted as follows: j "4/"^ ^?„T; C. Dr. 8. R. swan,- V. C. Wlllam Mer \^"4 Holtnes street, without giving rifleld: W. A...Thomas Goes; Clerk, 0.| ^^IJl* «n^h^c M >, „ o HarS E.;iing 'slntr?^ T' F OV "^e-- ^he telephone sev- hnrn» nhiilM^'n Ar « R Z'^-n,', "^eS SUd Said hC WOUld gO tO borne: physician. Dr. 3. R. Swan. boarding house and arrest her. Rrldire rontraeU IM \'^^^ young woman was informed that The co?tr ?ct for"Sf Ltfriction of ^l^.^X'a^T.'ars ^o^e t^TulSf Tk' the bridges along the swhcH of thei^^/™"! * ^/L^r" „PA" Union Portland Cement company hasi^r ^r^./J'^^^^"^^,"'^ ^^^^^ "-^5 iV- ,?LP^'?l£.^°:!f'i'„,?«'"-|^erno payment of $500 would Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 12.—Who is the mysterious United States deputy marshal from Oklahoma who has been threatening several days to arrest A CABINET TALK IN WASHINGTON Mis.s Crandall Will Sinir. At the morning worship hour in the Methodist church. Rev. Mrs. King, pas tor of a U. B. church in Oklahoma, will preach the sermon and Deaconeiss .Miss Hes.'iie Crandall will sing. Board for New Books. The board of education has decided f« an additional number of books to be used in connection with;will have a conference today President Roosevelt and Mr. Taft Conferred Last Night. Washington. Dec. 12.—President Kcosiveli and Pre.sident-elect William H. Taft had an extended conference last night at the WHiIte house. .\niong the matters discussed was the makeuji of the Taft cabinet. The conference began after 10 o'clock after a ilinner at the home of Mr. Wlnthrop. assistant hccretary of the treasury, mienied by .Mr. T;ifi and .Mrs. Taft. FJefore the conference .Mr. Taft announced that he should decline to give any details whatever, aside from the advance announcement that he should talk over many Imiwrtant matters with the president. Mr. Taft likely with the lines school sr of study in the jmblic Funeral Service for .Mrs. .Vorlln. Funeral service for Mrs. Mary Mor­ lln, who died in Denver, Colo., Tuesday will be held In the Methodiist church this afternoon. Rev. N. L. Verle of lola will conduct the service. Secretary Root regarding the cabinet. In an Interview yesterday between Mr. Taft and Senator .Mrdlch the result of the monetary commission's work was thoroughly gone over. General A. Knight of California was recommended for a caljinet |)o.-<ltian yesterday by Representative Duncati 0. .McKlnley of that state. No Man is Stronger Than His Stomach A stnoi MM •tfoa<«rfw ii b itroal all over. No sua can b« I •firing from w«ak stofluwh with ic« iHiHiaa, or from %tmm •fW ditMM U th« stoaMfc mui to —orifd ort/mt, wUeh iia- paics dijwrtoa —d —trittoB. For when tha stomMli i* wMk or tosspff thm is a IOM of tho aotritioa ooaiaiMd m foo4. wUeh is tho soureo of aU phyrieal •tTMitfa. Wimn • asaa "docM't fad JMt ri|ht," whe* ko dnna 't sleep woU, hu aa oneoMlortabte ftdiaC to tho steioMb aftur eatinl, is loaiaid, aonrout, irritable and despood- oot, be is losiaC tbe nntritiaa needod to asako streo^th. Smelt m mmm shmmH «oo Dr. MoiWo Ge/tfoa Metfica/ A/oeororr. Mt tm* rfl »o*ooo •/ <*o Uommch mmd otkmr •r§mmm «# tfJtfooCfosi ma* wmtHttmm. it mmrleMem tMe Moetf. IvrMoMfoo t»0 tlnr, mtrmmttlt*m» tto Mtdrnmym, momiUktm nm mwrmm, ma* mo GIVES KSMtTa TUtO STBBHGTH TO TmBWmOLB BODY. You eaa't aford to aeoepi a itertt Dostmai as a substituta for this BOO- alcoholic n»edicino or KNOVN coMrosmoN, oot evao tbouih tbe ar^t dealer aiay tfaercbjr make a litde bifter profit, ioiredieots printed on wtapper. eers, to James Ovennyer, of Tola. Received Official Notice. The appointment of F. S. McKelvey as postmaster of Gas, announced in the Register yesterday, has been confirmed by a personal letter from Congressman Scott to thepostmaster. Shields to Farolsb JTnslr. Shields orchestra, of lola, has been selected to furnish the music for the fire company's mask ball on New Year's eve. This insures the fact that the music for the occasion will be one of the features. satisfy the persons makine the charg es. Miss Wheat was employed by G W. T.ake, at 343G Prospect avenue to jell post cards. The United States marshal's ofBce In Kansas City has no knowledge ot the warrent and believes It Is an at tempt to blackmail. Says an -Absolute Care for All Stomach Trouble Is at the Drnp .Stores Here WaillnK for .Sufferers. May Install Grocery Stock. Isaac Carl contemplates installing a grocery stock In connection with his meat market soon. A Xnslcal BeclUL ^ recital by the pupils of the music classes of Mrs. Waugh and Mrs. C. L. Evans was given in tola last night. Among tTie soloists was Edwin Hunter ot this city. Program for Lecture Coarse Namber. The program for the third number of the Gas City lecture course to bo given by the Gas City Choral club orchestra has been prepared and Is as fol'ows. The concert will be given in the Christian church on next Tuesday evening. 1.—Overture by orchestra. 'I. —"Come 0 Come" by chorus. "!.—Quartette, silent .Medly, by I /Ceper. Swan, Hunter, Epllng. 4.—Piano Duett, Miss Ferris. .\frs. Frevert. .'1.— Hass Solo, Howard Welch. C—Orchestra. ".—Chorus, Miller's Wooing. 8.—Du«;tt. by Zenla Goes' and Katie Coman. 9.—.Medley, Quartette, l«eper, Swan, Hunter, Epiing. 10.—Orchestra. 11.—Solo, Edwin Hunter. 12.—Solo, Miss Lieurance. Vi. —Orchestra. 14.—Good Night, chorus. .'V Miss Irene Wheat formerly resld pd i.i lola on South Walnut street She left lola and went to Tulsa ant it Is believed that she is the young lady to whom the Star refers In the above. For the beat and quickest result? BSp the Register's want folnmns. A LIVELY HOLIDAY TRADE. Dun 's Report Shows Baslness to Be li a Healthy Condition. New York, Dec. 12.—R. G. Dun & Co.'s Weekly Review of Trade says Retail trade Is active in holiday goods and winter wearing apparel, while wholesale and Jobbing departments are seasonably quiet, but there is good movement on old orders and mar ufacturing ojwratlons are not cur tailed. Ample rain in many sections has started much idle machinery while statements of building permitt continue to show gratifying gains, al though operations In the northwest are interrupted by severe weather Mercantile collections are mon prompt and the steady gain in pro duction o( pig iron Is encouraging. Seasonably quiet conditions are re (lorted In tbe primary markets for col ion goods, but there is confidence in a normal revival In January unless raw material becomes unsettled. Export trade remains dull, the conditions in China precluding any prospect of revival at present. TH08. H. B0WLU8, Prealdont. J. F. SCOTT, Caahlor. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capitol $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Bock. L. C. Baatty. A. J. Fulton. W. J. Cvana. J. O. ftedgor*^ W. U Bartlea, Thes. H. Bowlua. ME IMBUE OUR OWK ORAfn OH Ml UUHOPEAM POUIft SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 TO fS PER YIAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEI»08IT«. The General demand North End Cborth. of the Wdl-Ixtformed of tho World lu. Regular services in the North End ""^V bf«> ^or a simple, pleannt and United Presbyterian church on the _ efficient liquid laxative remedy of known coming^^^abbath morning, afternoon" ^u,. ^ [^^x^ ^ynaaim could ^^Blblc school at 9:45 as usnal. Preach. woct«on for fanuly «ae because its eoB»: ing service at 11 o'clock. Junior meet] ponent parts an known to them to be ing at 3 p. m. and younif people's prayt wholesome and tndy beneficial in effect, er meeting at 7 p.m. Evening aermon . _L !i ^ at 7:45, subject. "I CkJ a Flrtiln*." We wceptaUe to Ae system and gentle, yet expect this to l>e the last service in its. prompt, in action, present location. Yon are cordially invited to attend.—W. N. Leeper, pastor. ' ''' - PersoBCIc D. F. Gernand. of Wellington, Kas., is spending a few days In Oas looking after his property Interests. Henry Allen, formerly a resident of this vicinity but now of Pleaaanton, Kas.. has been vlsltingr old friends here. J. E. Htoter and L. D. Olbaon were lola visitors jrestorday. I Tbe director of tbe Gas City CboriU ,clab orchestra announces tbe final rehoarsal of tta« dob, prloi; to tbe «»• cert, Cor-Moadar ««waB.7tt'-wtir:N lield to tlM ChrlatiMi.dnirdi.begin- In supplying that demand with its excellent combination of Syrup of Fip and Elixir of'Senna, the Califoraia Fig Syrup Co. proceeds along ethical lines and rdies on tbe merits of tbe laxative for its remarkable success. That is one of many reasons why Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is given the preference by tbe Wdl-lnformed To get its beneficial effects always buf the genuine-muuuifaetured by the Cali- fomia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sale by a^ Icfdi'V dn«ggista. Prioe fifty eeaU perbttlle.! Wlien your stomach is weak or lacking In gastric Juice, anything that you eat, no difference what it is, will Bcur on your atomach. raise the bile and acids to cover your food like oil on water, causing indigestion, dyspep- Mia. stomach nervousness and belching of sour poisons, which produce foul odors, nasty taate, bilious headache, heartburn, intestinal griping and make you an object of misery. This is stomach trouble which can not be overcome with ordinary digestive medicines. It is caused by fermentation of your food, which will be remedied at once by Pape's Diapepsln-, a preparation pleasant to take and as harmless as cand.v, though it will digest and prepare for assimilation into the blood alt the food you eat. Indigestion is a result, not a cause of jour trouble. If the stomach is sour and unhealthy, your food becomes tainted, and (hat's what is csus ing the Indigestion and gas on stom- ich and other miseries. Pape's Dla- lepsii) is an antacid, most powerful llgestlve and thorough regulator for veak stomachs. These Trlangules wll llgest any kind of food you eat and vill cleanse the stomach and intes^ ines in a natural way. which makes rovL feel fine five minutes afterwards. Any good pharmacy here will sup- >ly ycu with a case of Pape 's Diapep- )ln for fifty cents. Just reading about his remarkable stomach preparation ,«-Jll not help. You should go now ind get a case. Put your stomach in full health and by tomorrow you wiK forget the misery of stomach trouble. Your case is no different from many others. It isn't stomach nerves or Mtahch of the stomach, or gastritis, or dyspejisia. It is food rotting—food fermentation—that's all—and takes about five minutes to overcome. THE K. C. MARKETS CONEY DENIES EYERYTHING. Testlmonr Is Given Offsettlnfr Charge of Dmnkenne^s. Topeka, Kas., -Dec. 12.—The Coney libel suit against the Grand Army comrades, has reached the rebuttal stage. To offset the testimony offered by and given by others that Captalu (^oney was a drunkard, liVank Flennl- ken, office deputy In the United States marahal's office and an old time friend of Coney, testified that in April, 1989, he entered Into an agreement with P. H. Coney never to drink Intoxicatins iquors again. He stated that he bad never taken \ drink after that stipulation, and rhougbt that Coney bad not vtolated 'lis end of the contract. This was use:d to refute the stories that Coney had been drunk during recent year*. Colonel Walker testified that he attended an old soldier banquet in Wash Ington. D. C. nine years ago, and that himself and "Captain Coney escaped in a sober condition." This was also offered In rebuttal to the "drunk" evidence offered by Copeland Gordon, I. S. Elder, Colonel H. C. Lindsay and otbers. Coney then took the stand in rf battal, and denied each and every allegation without reserve which has been made against him since the case was opened. FOR ITS FEDERAL BUILDINCL Postnaster ChUda of K. C, Kas., fa WasUagtoB to Sapport the Xeasare.^ Washington. Dec. 12.—W. R Childa. poetmaater at Kansas City. Kas.. is In Wbablngton to secure an additional appropriation for the enlargement of the federal building there. Cbngresa at the laat sesalon appropriated I16p,- 000 for that work. Thla approprfatioa to not saffldent. In the opinkm of Mir, Childa and other federal ofRctola in Kansas City. Kas.. and effort will b« Kansas City Stock Yards, Dec. 12; —Cattle, this week. 48,500; last week 52,000; same week last year 48,300. The market was slow and weak Mon-'(. day and Tuesday, but turned upwards i late Wednesday on account of smaller i, supplies. Prices were 5 to 15 higher, yesterday, steady today, and the week, is closing almost steady with a week ago, after suffering from some depression and dullness the first of the week. Not a great many choice Christmas beeves have been Included this we^k. Odd lots at S7.50 to $iS.OO. and yerllngs |7.1S to $7.40. Cows sold un to $5.56. and heifers f6.10. Bulk of the short fed steers sell at $4.76 to 16.50. cows M.OO to 16.00, heifers 13.50 to $5.50, bulls 12.40 to 14.00, calves :tn.50 to $7.00. Run of quarantines this week 1800. market about steady, steers at $3.75 to $5.50. Stockers and feeders are steady to 25 cents lower this week, feeders $4.00 to $5.25, stockers $3.00 to $4.40, Including Colorados at $3..60 to $4.50. Almost one i hundred cars of Colorado cauie are enroutc for Monday's market here. [ Hogs, this week. 88,000; last week 105.000; same week last year 80.000.- Including decline of 5 to 10 cents today, hogs are 10 to 15 cents lower than a week aso. Heavy weights have met a good demand, and are 5 cents farther In the lead than a week ago. Proportion of medium and light hogs has been large this week, average weight two pounds lighter than 'ast week. Heaw togs sell todav at $5.60 to 05.75. medium weights $5.40 to $5.70. light weights $5.00 to $5.55, pigs $4.00 to $5.00. Sheep, this week 27,200. last week ^7.4P0. same week last year 28.300. Prices are a quarter higher this week. and hiehest since last July. Lambs bring $6.20 to $6.75. yearlings $5.00, to $5.75, wethers $4.00 to $5.00, ewes fS.90 to $4.50, something in each class at the ton figures either yesterday or today. Country Inquiry Is ahead of the supply, lambs worth $4.50 to $5.50. Wethers and yearlings nn to $4.50. Packers' purchases here this week: Cattle Hogs Sheen Take oini- Na410 when Traveling EastWiird Leaves Tola 7:15 p. m., arrives St. Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. I.<oulc^ I'or further particulars call and see us. C. P, Hale, Agt. A. D. B. & P. Co. 866 Armour 4498 Cudahy 3463 Fowler ... 1777 Morris 5204 S. ft S 3777 Swift ... 5592 27404 18561 17049 17870 18425 39 2815 .'1115 2359 2877 3992 3713 SOMETHING NEW = are those Lindsay Garco Invette<] Gas Lamps. Ask to see them. Total 25177 99309 18910 For tbe best and onlckest resnlis nse the Register's want rolimns. THE LOCAL MARKETS Trices Qnoted by Gard t Taggarl Frodaee CoBpaiy. The following local market report is fnmJahed by Gard ft Taggart Produce company'and will be kept running in The RegUter every day. The prices quoted are the prices which they will pay for poultry, eggs and butter delivered here: Eggs,.current receipts per case...26c Old Hens, fat 7c Old Cox 3c Spring Chickens Ci^c Spring Ducks 5c Spring Turkeys, S-lb 8c Old Hen Turkeys 8c Old Tom Turkeys 7c Old Ducks - 5c Butter, less than 5 per cent salt. ..2Sc Great Western Land Co. For Trade. 160 acre farm near Blue Mound to trade for store, building and stock of goods in lola. Elevator and feed mill, 5 room house and barn with 10 acres good land, 4 acres of fruit, for good residence properties In lola. Two 4-room houses with 2 acres of., land, with fruit joining lola, for land in Allen county or weiitem Kasas. For Sale. One black 5-year-old horse, well broke, see us at once H you want him. A bargain In an 80 acre farm if sold soon. One of the best % sections 0/ land In Allen county. $40 per acre. We have 50 of the best farms listed; priced from $25 to $50. Western Kansas land for trade or sale. See us for any kind of deal. We have money to loan on farms or good city property. We want a good, fresh milch cow. Don't bother us with any other kind. made to have it increased to % mll- lloB. dollars. Congress will not pass a public building bill at this session but ti|ej additional funds required for the Kani sas city, Kaa., building may be an< thorised by .the anndry CITU bill. . Sudj*! CfemctwIMnb Bw. 17. Ill INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It Is not an expense but an in- Testment It la something you must have but aranething yon must be'careful of, as It Is very Important that tbe right companies ara selected. I represent the leading companies of the world and would like to SHOW TOD. J. E. POWELL Sfaaa Black, Jala. KuiHM.r| WHY PAY RENT? Wlten you can buy a home with tbe same money? I have some mighty nice properties on hand right now which I will sell you tor the same money that yon are paying out rent for. The properties are well located and are a good Investment. All I want Is a <;bance to SHOW VOU. E. POWELL Eraas Blaek lola, KaiMs

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