Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 2
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.•V • in ; baying Jewelry te careful that . -. :stquality and If - up-to-i^te in deaign. Here you will not Vind any 'old patterns nor shopworn goods. Everything new. ; A FEW SUGGESTIONS: Far WoBwu BraceleU Watck Fobs Wateh Blags Vabt Set Kir.SerrffM TaBet SeU CWbrelln Hat Pint Hawke *8 Tot Glass For Men. Signet BInga Wsteh Case Military Set (.'loths Brashes Watch Fob rmbrella Smoker Sebt A'sh Tray* Htanp Bos (^nf( Bnttous Scarf Plus See ui beiore baying, save you money. ••We will J. W. Coffey & Son Exetatire Jaweler«. East Side Square. Gossip of Society —Fitzgerald, Aato Llrery. Phone; a very pretty supper In two courses . ••• * + to close the afternoon. The decora- .Piipils Recital.^ Hons were pink and white carnations • Eighty friends and relatives were with ferns, thus using the club now- invited to attend a recital given by er and the color's which are symbolic a group of pupils who are studying of the organization, piano, voice or violin with Mrs. C. L. .• tSvwoB and Mrs. P. E. 'W!augh. The In Drexel, Mo. event occurred in the music room of Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Beam, 816 North the Beck furniture store a^d 9. pro- street have gone to Drexel. Mo., tor gram of exceptionally difficult num- a visit. They are visiting their daugh- bera .was presented. The pupils who ter, Mrs. W. K. Chattam. Appeared are talented and the several %- f '.• For Children's Christmas. Mrs. Margaret Slvidmore. teacher of Oakland schcol. has sent $2 to the Orphans' home to assist in preparing the Christmas treat for the children. •:• + -v To Live in Oklahoma. Mrs. Grace Reimert Livinsston and members were happily received with otithiuiastic applanse and frequent re- doesta for double numbers. The en- 7 tertaininent was arranged in this or- r «ar:. VioUn Duett Hansel and Gretel—"Hum perdinck—Prank Winders, Stanley Gharoh. L- Piano Sojo. Barcarolle—Tschalkowskl her srrall son wi'I leave in a few days —^Klu Josephine Riddle. for Cherokee. Oklahoma, where they Solo, Oavotte from Hignon—^Thomas a'e to live. Mr. Livingston has been ^Ulss Grace Ball. there for some time to arrange a home Piano Solo, WUte In A Minor—Chop- for them. - In—Mlas Barbara Fry. i -•• <' Violin Solo, Souvenir de Posen—Wie- Unity Club Reception. niaWBkl -rFrank Winders. The Unity Club will receive a tow . Piano' Solo, Serenade—Whelpley— friends informally on Monday after- IQaaiJoaepblne Riddle. "O"" at the residence or Mrs. M. ~ Solo. Bedouin Love Song—Chadwick Schoenbrun, 220 Bast street. Only a —Mr. Bdwin Hunter. ^P *' Ruesis will be asked and-these : Pftuo Salo, Harlequin—Bartlett—Miss with the club membership will fcake Barbara Pry. the attendance quifo large. The re' Bolo. Sing,' Bmile. Slumber—Gounod cepiion is in celebration of the drib 's —Orace Ball. organization. : Piano Solo, Prelude No. 17—Chopin— Vlaa Joaeptaine Riddle. Solo.' Hybrias the Creton—Elliot—Mr. ' Bdwin Hunter. Violin Solo, Brindlsl—Aland—Stanley Church. Piano Sold, Imoromptu—Schubert— .Miaa Barbara Fry. Vocal 'Ddett; Our Star—Rubenstein— Mlaa. Ball, Mr. Hunter. -This, la-one of:a aeries of recilali whelta lira. Bvana and Mrs. Wau^;.. hare given during the season. ... .Eit-Teacnera Club. The Deepiiifer'piarty for the Ex- <<• + + In Parsons. Mrs. W. H. Oarfleld is spending a week with friends In ParsonK. + * * Visit in Bronson. Miss NralKle N'oyes will spend Sunday In Bronson with her sister. * ••- '> To Kansas City. Mifs Blanche Ponsler left today for Kansas City for a short visit. In Kansas City. Mrs. David W. Reid is spending a few days with friends in Kansas City. + * •> P. E. O. Chapter Meeting. Mrs. W. G. Anderson will entertain ,, knowi^.. and Xra. [•ring pni(!4ii% Vtetu -k«re their Tlalt will 1>«vyeriPpimmit thia reaaon. of the cooked food sales on Saturday of next week. The place has not yet been decided upon. + * + Wra. A. CeUedge. + !• •> W. C> T. U. Meetign. The meeting of the W. C. T. U. yesterday afternoon was given over to an explanation of the constitution of the union. The organixation has books for the tise of members which, de- .scribe fully the duties, of members and the work of different departments and the state minutes were also read. The regular time for the next meeting is on Christmas day <but the meeting will occur several days earlier, on Monday, so that the usual number of members may attend. * + * In OtUwa; Mrs. A. L. Mborehead has gone to :dt ^wa where she will remain until alter the holiday season. She will •fbaVe' charge of their store at that place. * * + Bazaar Next Week. The Aid Society of Trinity church , will have their annual sale of needle[.work and other articles for Christmas gifts next week. The Masonic hall has been secured and the sale will be conducted on Tuesday and Wednea day. Several booths will be arranged and young women of the church will assist with the sales. Supper will be served on Tuesday evening and on Wetlnesday both dinner and supper wil be served to the public. The proceeds will be used in part payment of the society's church debt and a large patronage Is desired. •f * • Mrs. Oanforth Here. Mr.s. E. Q. Danforth of LaHarpe was In town last evening to attend the pu pii's recital in the Beck building. + + » Mock Wedding. One of the merriest parties of the week for young women was. given yesterday at the home of Miss Fiorina Wheeler in Wheeler Heights, by the Qui Vive club. ^ , The tucertainmentT was mock wedding A-aich was participated In by a number of the club members The ceremony room was arranged on the third floor of the residence and at nine o'clock the bride. Miss Irma Thompson and Miss Viola Delgarno father of the bride, appeared and were met by the groom. Miss Mary Crouch and her attendants. Miss Edna Klein and Miss Ruth Horton. The bride's maid was .MJss Jean Delgarno. .Mia Elizabeth Apt presented a ring and beautiful floweis were carried by MlSo Dorothy Foust and Miss Mar garet Wolfe. The ceremony was read by the minister. Miss Gertrude Holmes. The company was entertain cd by Miss Lucile Copelaud, who rep- leseuted the bride's mother. After the wedding, the bridal party and the guests, Mi5s Margaret Gerlach. Miss Melvin Gritton and Misa .Miriam Hughes were served with a supper decorates in approi)rlate wod ding emblems. •J- - * Siindy's ('haracleristlfs, Drr. 17. •> • <• Business Meeting. The C. W. B. M. society of the Christian church is having a buslni>£:i mouting today in the church. The members are arranging n program for the Kpi'cial missionary service tomorrow. + * •» in Nevada. Mrs. Bruce Osborn id s giip^t oJ friunils in Xxvada, Mo. A .% A for Sewing Club. Mrs. Guy Oarlock gave a very prel ty party yesterday for members of her r .c*ing club, the y. .M. L. The ladies who were present were entertained at luncheon and sp»;nt a pieajant hour io ,2eiher. .Mrs. H. T. Myers and Mrs. L^'lhottewlfz were among the guests. <!• • •> Teachers'clnb war given at the home. of'BCnL.H, H. Funk yesterday after-; the P. E. O. Chapter on Tuesday af noon. The assisting hostesses were (temoon of next week. Mrs. A. V. Lemasters and Mrs. A. V.; + • •:l-^;-Lodge and during the afternoon twen-j To Visit Sister. .. ty-six guests were enterUIned; There; .\mong the out of town folk who I;.: 4^ a bnslness meeting featured by. will spend the holidays in lola are Ij; the «dbptkin,of a constitution and a. Dr. and Mrs. Merriman of Santa Bar- discnaaloa «f by-laws and. provisions bara. California. Dr. Merriman Is a of the measure. The hostess served brother of Mrs. H. A. E>wing and they For Miss Fitzgerald. Mrs. 3. D. Arnett was hostess of several young friends last evening in compliment to Miss Gracte Fitzgerald whose marriage will occur in a short time. .Music was played duribg the eveniner and several merry ' games were followed by a buffet supper. The guestii were Miss .Jk'ace Fitzgerald, Miss Gertrude Fitzgeiald, Miss Marie Beam. Miss Olive Beam. Mr. Bert Fitzgerald-and Mr. Horn. • + • « To Arrange for Bail. Mr. M: Schoenbrun. .Mr. Frank Wood and Mr. Seward Blxby have been appointed as a committee to represent the Elks in arranging the an nual New Year's ball. .The committee will have the first meeting next week. ||a^j)le Sale yon will find big values in bracelets. Pin , regular price S7.50, simple Kale price. $B,00 OPEN CHRtSTMAS WEEK. Many Stores HtMti~fSf^tA Asrsement Concerning It In order to work In harmony and each have an equal show many of the stores have entered Into an agreement concerning opening nights for the Christmas trade. They have decided not to start opening nlght;i until Saturday December 19th, This wilt give them the first four nlKhts of Christmas week and they think chat wi'I be sufflclcni. The following stores have already signed the agreement: .Vcw York Store, Barclay-Shields Clothinn Company. Globe Shoe and Clothing Co., Ramsay Bros. Dry Goods company. Famous Clothing Store, E. C. McClain, Shields Shoe Co. Perham's, .Model Shoe Store, Eyleriai Richardson Dry Goods Co.. M. J. Friah .nan Dry Goods Co., and Palaee. HE'S COMING— wewi^ w*'oo4[ld'.«i|^'fiE^^ a man la toupdso t8btlr.that do .what theyjmay of: thamaetTetf .Cbey cannot get free.. Boalneas binds maay^a 008080 tHat he deliberately walk* right on Into Ithe Jawa of death. Paaaion vxA the desire for pleasure, become,Iiaailt8 ao, s^ng that there seema. to_;lbe no way of escape, but Jesus came to re> ieaae the bound and He can do It and will do it If we give Him a. cliance. Then the speaker closed wHh a glowing description of the change that Is promised In the closing verses of the text. The sermon .was followedi by an 'Appeal and six people came to the al- Itar. For more than an hour earnest, j agonizing prayer went on around the altar. Many were the shouts of vie- WILL SOON BE HERB, tory and deep were the cries for mercy. Verily the days of the old time Perbaps you want something In the religion have not passed. Five weeks JEWBLHY line to put In that sack of this revival has gone on deepening hls-somethlng that will mean a Mer-^-^„-.denlng -d. during^^^tbis^tim^ ry Christmas and a message of good ^ave been at the altar pleading for will, you will find it bene. First class mercy. The church has become won in quality and at reasonable prices, derfully stirred and It seems that fust Here you will find what you want with " I^^^^^ / . ^ • , J at the highest point of the meetings, great variety to choose from, and physical demands make a rest im- nboundlng good wi!I and good cheer peratlve. The revival will not be for all. closed biit a rest of a week or so be taken and then the work Is to be pushed. Definite plans have not been completed but they are in contemplation for another advance. In the meantime from Sunday to Sunday, the pastor will push the battle us hard as poBBlb 'e. The splendid condition of the church with evangelistic efforts from the pulpit will certainly continue to reap u harvest for the master. Sund .iy is to lie made a climatic day for the Lord. At the II o'clock service Cdl. HIanche Cox, of the Snivatlun Army Is to preach a 'ld the doors of thu i-hiirch will be upenod. nnd then in (hs evening Rev. Hamilton preocbea Mi closing sermon and the ufier-ser- vicc In the charge of the pastor, are expeciecl to bring good results. Come ihoii with us and we will do thee good. M. .M. McNIELBROS. lEa Jewelers METHODIST REVIVAL Mix People al Uie AlUr Ust .M>rht- A nig .Mtwting Tonior* row. Last night was u banner night for the meeting at the .M. E. church. Six peopie were at the altar and the meet ing did not close until near midnight. Rev. Hamilton took for his text the .Mission of Jesus in the World, Isa. CI; 1-3 inclusive, it U u difficult thing for me to know why the world would kill a man who came to do the world so much good. There can be but one answer and that is because the mind of the world is hjn.ited. Jesus was crucified not because of anything that He had done but because He was not understood and appreciated. Sjinuy'.« Characteristics, Dee. 17. (Adv.) Hunters Must Keep Out We the undersigned wishing to pro te;t our game and stock and not wish ing to take the advantage of any one, we give the following notice from date. December 12. 1908, we will pros- Business Directoff. "WANTED—Position, lady stenog-|» » • • * • • VT^ ••••••••.*• rapher; experienced. Address L. care ' • Register. 1* WANTED—An experienced girl fori housework. 502 East street. I JOHX G. wooDnr, ar. D. Physician and Surgeon Over Bnrreirs. WANTED TO RENT—About January 1st to loth, seven or eight room modern house, close in; east side pre-'i ferred. Apply to R. G., Hall at Acid Works. WANTED—Two young ladles to solicit. C. F. Florence. Rooms 10 and 11, Evans Block. Phone US, * WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The loia Furniture Exchange, A. W^. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co, Office over Iowa Store, Ipla, Kas. FOR REinm MlmemUanaoua •«»•»•••»•••»»»•••• DR. McMLLEX, * Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Diseas- * es and .Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32, R«s. 232 * Office over Bnrrell's Drug Store *«*«*•*««•***«•*«•• Phone GST Res. 701. I)K. K. 0. CHRISTIAN Physician and Surgeon Rootns 7 and 8. Etans Bldg. FOR KENT—Cottage 5 rooniu, xrloso in, on paved street. L. II. Wl.xhord. :iiri South Walnut. FOR RENT—Three room hdusp on North .Walnut. Inquire 211 .North Wulnut. .» F. H. MABTlIf, Surgery .and Diseases of * Women.' • Ofllce nnd Residence Phone S76 * omco 7 North Jefferson, ' • FOR RENT-House at 203 North !. Walnut, inquire Allen County State •» Bank. Phone C87 Res. 701, ecute all non-realdents to the full e.\He came fnto this'world to preach I tent of the law found hunting on our good tidings unto the poor. The world) farms or public highways in Car yle has no use, largely, for people thai 1 township. Hunters must govern them selves accordingly: have none cf this world's goods, but this condition cuts noiliin .i; with the .\!as;cr. loves a niun for the man hat it is him and for this only, A man can net be trio poor to be welcome but if he v.iil come to Him. He wil! receive him and freely give him ::;ler.'ial !ife. Then .Icsii.s came to bind U)) the broken hearted. The world needs the spirit of helpfulness since there are 30 many broken hearted people in it. Sorrows, disappointments and trnu- oleH ci;nie and there is no way to keep out. Broken hearts are left on the chores of time. A mother's lioy has .4;one wrong and she needs help. A husband has been untrue and there is j a wife with a broken heart. A wife has been untrue and there is another broken heart to bind ii|h Jesus can :iot restore to Its first estate the wrong and by this way bind up ihe jrcken hrrirt hut lie can jfiiiii- in with ilie consriatioa that aritdos ihiouch all lie Ills of life and give one the !•- ^I>ir <iil (in needed to rightly Inturiiret he iiiisrortunes one fiills In nnd to bring the /iKSiininre of u bpltor word to come. Then He cnme to give llli- erty to the captive. .Many and Indeed ill are in great terror of death and .since this fear Is upon tliein they are held captive by fear and drend. .leKii-j came to take away the feur of death and set us at liberty. Here the 8p «ak er tcld of several Instances where noted and Influential men so dreaded death that thev gave repeated evidences of their captivity to this fear, one of such dismissing some of his most trusted employers becau.^e of mentioning death in his presence, then of securing a divorce from his wile who made mention of death in his presence. The preacher said he had been given up to die several time:s in life, and once was reported dead a:id he notice of the same written in the papers but he says i.-. all of these su|!- poscdly times of nearness to death not a fear had entered his breast for tU: Jesns, has promised never to leave nur forkake. • .lesiis came to set at llberi;, the caiitjve. Then Jesus rame to unbind them that are bound. Habits form chains by «rhlch we are bound to the doing of the things that S. E. Gantt J. Powell K. J. Dudley D. D. Wiimoth A. B. Mull A. W. Wilson S. F. Ryker J. M. Ruby A. E. Brightly E. D. Cain .1. F. Eastwood F. \V. Peres J. R. Andold .1. M. Dun lap .J. n. Christain r. E. Clark P. E. Dunlap r. Winchester G. F. Hates K. L. Cozine. D. R. Ensminger C. A. Wisner A. L. Longshor C. E. Sawyer Geo. Fackler J. D. Gregg F. A. Longstreth J. C. Strickler Geo. Shafer O. Sutherland Geo. Grieves .1. N. Wilkinson B. F. Wright A. H. Harvey B. W. Jones l.,owrence Hard.sty Wm. Green Geo. Anderson W. S. Dickerson FOR RENT—Good five room house, North Second street. ' Inquire Geo. D. Bright & Co. FOR RENT"—7-room modern house at 308 West Madison. Inquire 304 West Madison. FOR SALE—Fine residence lot, one block from street car 'iue . and one block from high school. I^hone 412. FOR SALE—Barn. .Inquire Dr. Pepper, 15 West ,Madisoh. FOR SALE—^Two Bush & Gerts pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. FOR SALE—A 22-acre fruit and truck farm, 2 miles north of Gas City. Good bottom land. J. W. McWilliams, Gas City, R. R. 1. DR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. * Spectacles Properly Pitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. * JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable jeweler. 110 East Street. Lodge Difcctory KXIGHTS OF PYTHIASir-Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. S. Thom>pson, E. C. Chris Rltter, K. of R. and S. UfST and FOUND KXIGHTS OF MACCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the- World meets in K. P. Hall second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. '. FOR £Xi^*'^ Six Clear La Harpc res.Ucucuj £7U'j'J and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola, Kas. Persian and Angora Kittens for Sale Mrs. J. W. Dickens Neoiho Fal's Kansas B BEssiB iwT nr^ c. s. E RTOiN=i Y LE K Enroute to Chanute. The two Chanute basket ball teams were In the city today between trains on their way home from Ft Scott where tbey won a double-beader from the Ft Seott teams. The bo^a won theiccC^iBf ^y* aoore of, 41 to Jf and tli|»'girl8.eivtnre4 theirs by the'acots* lot II to T. Holders of The Show World Champlo.i- shlp Medal (or Fancy Roller Skating. Finest Costumed Attraction in the World. A Quaranteed Attraction—the Highest Priced Ever Brous:ht to lola EVERY NlfiHT NEXT ilEEK IT 9 O'CLOCE The Auditorium IOLA.'S POPUI.AR AMUSEMENT. PLACB ooooooooooooooooo O PUBLIC SALE. O O Four years experience in the sale O O ring prepares me to give un- O O equalled and guuranteed service O O as an auctioneer. .My service free O O for tt few sales. Reference, Allen O O Co. State Hank. E. E. Vlckrrs. O O Phone 835. 409 East St. O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO W. 0. IV.—Camp No. 101 meets in T. Steele, C. C.,. A. H. Davis, Clerk. Visitors cordially invited. _ M. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. Hail. Visiting brothers invited. P. C. |Coffield. V. C. W. A. Cowan, Clerk. _ ROYAL >'£IGHBOBSr-IoIa Camp No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mr8.iF. A. Wagner, oracle. Mrs, Mary Hutton, 413 West Street, Recorder. OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing'these days. Now Is the time, you know, to have all the summer dust cleaned out of your carpe^. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. rOLA fUG FACTORY Phone 510. FR.4TEKNAL BROTHEBHOOD.- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 389 meets sncnnd and fourth Thursday of each month in A. O. U. W. Hall. Visiting members cordially invited. W. H. Ah-" derson, president; Golda Eiam secretary. • ». OlJfitl£&£7 Uencrol Contractor. H'lasstcne and Cement Sidewalks and Ciirbius a Specialty. Oftice 113 East Jackson Ave riiune 334. LEBALS. (First Published Dec. 8. 1908.) ADSinfLSTBATOR'S KOTICE. State of Kansas, Allen County, sa In the matter of the estate of J. N Doer, late of Allen county. Kansas. >'otIce of Appointment Notice Is hereby ^ven, that on the| Slh day of December. A. D. 1908, thn tindersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the Estate of J. N. Deer,' late of Alien County, Kansas. All parties Interoaled iu said estate will take notice and govern thetnsclven uccordiuK'y- .M. 0. ROUI.VSON. 12-8-IS -n Administrator. 8 ComrhHtea to Meet A full attehdance, of the members of tho executive committee of the Republican city club 1ft desired tonight when plans for the enrollment of members will be completed. The com-j mittee will meet In the office of Justice E. <}. Hough. VAGAZ15ES AND PERIODICALS . can be secored of J. E. HE5DEBS0?!, who deaUf with the' pnblishers. and fnoiishes i them at the lowest price Wal anbseriptlon- to Van By Mary Johnson led the list Ikist month in the t>est selling books. Other big sellers were: ToMtiug uf. Diana Mallory, by Mrs. Humphrey Ward. . Trail of the Lonesome Pine by John Fox, Jr. The Man from Brodneys, by Geo. Barr McCutcheon ', Little Brown Jog of Klldare, by Mcridith Nicholson . IVter by K. liopkinson Smith Mr. Crow's Career, liy Winston Churchill. The FIrlnR Line, hy ijobcrt Chambers. And you can K«'t all of them und hundrwis of others, as cbuap as of any Ixjdy ut Evans Bros BOOKStORB •5- • ./-..pfr--; . Make yonr selectl^ a^^^^^ .•or youmar not get.wli Iwantad.; •

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