Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1907
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MR. scon IS NAMED irPOIXTED CHAIBMAX OF COMMITTEE OX AGRICULTURE. - AN IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENT IT COXES AS A PROMOTION- FOR DOING THINGS. Made'no Canipurpi for Plac^—B. F. CaUfy Madp Swretary of the ronimlttc^. The Kansas City Journal of today has the foUowinK td say about the u|>> pointment of Congressman Scott t^. the cbalrmanshtp of iho Agricultural Committee: ; Kansas City. Dec. 19.—The an; Bouncement that Congressman Chas, P. Scott has boon made chairman of tl^e Committee on AcricuUuro nlaco*. the Representative from the Secontf Kansas District at once into the ver,^ front ranlv among the men who "A'i things" in Oongress. To one not fa« miliar with proceedings in the Housij of Representatives it is difficu't tq iiDdei^tand the vast difference Jn inj fluence between the chairman of 4 powerful committee and mere memf bership on that committee. The in^ ci^se in the msnibership of the House during the past few decade.^ has been so great that the business of the House perforce has como to bii referred more and more to commit; tees, •^^^len a committee brings a measure before tlie House, therefore, 1? simply meaAs that the chairman of that committee who is in charge of the measure is in almost despotl«j control of the floor while it is pend; • ing. He is recognized first when any irotlon Is to be made concerning it, and he has to a very large decree alv solute control over the time that any member may occupy In debating "hiS bill. It is for this reason that the chairmen of the Important committees become the dominating factot^ In the House. The Agricultural Committe." has grown very rapidly In Importance dwr lug the past few years. Xot only a^'' the appropriations which It mak^s more than four times greater th^n they were six years ago, bnt 'argfi" and larger questions are continnaliy coming before It. The Meat Inspection -blllr «>!k)efa excited the whole couot^v tiFtf jmn ag» fcniiflted by tljis committee. It lias supervision of (iH the Agricultural'Colleges and Experiment Stations in th.» United States. The enormous domain of I6n.ort0.<5ft0 acres of forest reserve with fhe great question they Involve of the utilization for the Public noma'n.— «'l these and other mensur-^s of hgrd ly less Importance must flr?t b*» nnss- nd upon by the House Comniitieeon Connecticut was tbe ranking member, and Mr. Hanlsen. of Iowa, followed him, Mr. Scott coming third. Or dinarlly, of coune. when a chairmanship- becomes j. vacant the ranking member Is promoted. It is a striking testimonial of the impression Mr. Scott has made upon the Hou^e of RepresenUtlTes, however, that it was from the beginning taken for gmnt- *d by those who knew him. thaPhe would be appointed to the. coveted chairmanship. Hi made no campaign for tha place, but the strongest men In the House, such men as Mr. Payne. Mr. rvalzell. Mr. Tawney and others voluntarily went to the Speaker and strongly urge<l his appointment. In making it the Speaker announced that he was governed wholly by his con- \ictIon that the efficiency of the committee would thus be best promoted. Mr. Scott may have the gratification, therefore, of feeling that the p:ac? does not come to him by favor but by fairly earned promotion. .\nd those who have been In a position to observe the work of Mr. Scott, since he became n meml>er of Congress, will undersund r\'adlly why this great honor has coma to him. From the beginning It was evident that ho has looked upon his member ship .IS an opiwrtunity for serrlce and not as a slnt>curc or a place for dress parade. He has not only attended IToniptly, faithfully and efficient^' to the needs of his immediate constlt- ironcy hut in his committee work he has bien indefatigable while he has been ctmstant in his attendance mxin ihj sessions of the House and a hard siuilfnt of general legts'atlon. He lias not siKiken often, perhaps not more than three or four times a session on an average, but when he does speak h:> always has a hearing and his words have weight. His advancement, therefore, is due not to sensational or spectacular display, but to steady, hard work, and 'the best evidence that it Is deserved is the fact that among the members of the House, notwithstanding tho violation of precedent Involved, it was taken for granted. Incidentally the promotion of Mr. Scott affords another striking evidence of the wisdom of keeping a 1,00 (1 man In Congress. It goes without saying that if a new man had been sent here from the Second DIs (rict this year the representative of that District would not now occupy a position of commanding Influence for the simple reason that no new man is ever made chairman of any committer, great or small. Mr. Scott worked just as hard his first term as he works now. but it was only in his fourth term that the vacancy came which gave him bte opportunity. That he can heof vastly more use to MB cort- stiluenta, the State of Kansas and the coiintr>- generally, as chairman of the er.'nt Committee on Agriculture than env new man could be. goes without argument. In fact It has been years, ir iudeoii there ever was a time, since Kansas was so large a factor In the iutsiness of the low^r House of Con press and commanded so much cretlit ther-\ Mr Ca'deriiead Is chairman of the Committee on Expenditures In the GAME CALLED OFF La Harpe aad Chanate Team Ivni Not Play Aninal Foot BaU Gaae. Manager Wendall Phillips of the La Harpe foot ball team, announced this morning that the annual Christmas foot l>aU game between La Harpe and Chanute will not be played this year. He says that there was not enough interest displayed by the La Harpe players to warrant an effort to get a team together. The following Is the manner which the Chfinute papers treat the calling off of tbe game: The Washburn College foot ball team will be here Christmas for a game with the Oo-Devlls. Instead of tho La Hariie-Iola team, which had been expected to play here on that date. La Harpe has talked fiercely utxtut what It was going to do to Chanut" on the gridiron this year, bnt up jto ihi.<« time all of La Harpe's Maying has Ijeen done around the stOTes In {the grocery stores or barbcra' shops of the village or adown the columns of the tola ii«i >cr8. In these imagln- Hry contests she has defeated Cbanute times without number, the score fre- jquently running so high that it took five figures to express it. When It was found that La Barpe was too iHisy at this sedentary apori tn play sure-enough foot ball, the Oo- Devlls took on Washburn, who has been asking for a game here for some time. The Washburn eleven is the champion college team of Kansas, Oklahoma. Missouri and Texas. In tak- in;; Jlissourl Into consideration Cochem 't! S'. Louis biincn Is left oat lie- cause lis men are regarded as professionals. There will lie no game Sunday. If \ja ?iarpe will tear Itself away from it^ wanu fireside and give up talking lust . ' of doing. It may play here New Years' D .iy. Otherwise the Go- Devlh fill mrifch a game on that date against tne Pawhuska Indiana, who left their scalps here last year, and are au.\ious to strike the post again. BRANNUM FUNERAL TODAY. Remains of lola Woman Interred in Old Cemetery, Medical Society Thinks Poor Should Select Their Own Physician. The Allen Countr Medical society la considering a plan whereby tha poor of the county may select their own physician. After considerable discussion last night, a committee with Dr. Heylmun at Its head, was appointed to draft a plan and present it to the county commls^oners. possibly at fheir next meeting. Under the present arrangement Vhyslclans for the poor are appointed by the county commissioners. Tbe county "poor ph>'8lclan gives attention to cases among the poor upon an order from tho commlssniner. The members of the Medical society who are Interested In this morement think that such a plan Is feasible and wouM IK> much more satisfactory. Pre qifently poor people may have some other choice of physician than the county physician and will insist upon their choice. The physician la quite often not paid for his services. The doctors think that, if a plan can be arranged whereby the poor can havo their choice of physician and the physician get reasonable pay for his services. It would be very satisfactory. If the plaif- Is adopted provision will be made for a careful auditing of the Items of expense in such cases. The funeral services over the remains of Mrs. Elsie Brannum were held this afternoon in the First M. E. church. Rev. J. M. Mason officiating. The Interment was made In tie old lola cemeterj-. Mrs. Brannum has been suffering for the past two Ye&rfi with lung trouble. She was taken to Colorado last fall In the hopes of boenflting her health,_but no improYc- nieht could be note^ and she returned to the hom.'> of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J, B. Garrison of this city, where she remained until her death. Tbe relatives have the sympathy of a large circle of friends In their sad be- rcavoment. JUNIOR MECHANICS MET, Local Lodge Elected Officers for New Year, The .Junior Mechanics met last night and elected officers. Tho fol lowing are th? officers elected: Councilor—Scott Gard. Vice Councilor—Chris Black. Chaplain—William Black. Warden—James Lee. Conductor—J. O. Munden. I. S.—M. Mangan. O. S.—Frank Anderson. Trustee—J. O. Munden. R. D. Wdlck passed from Councilor Chair to Jr. Past' Councilor. HON'. CHAS. F. SrOTT rO^GRESSMAX SECOND DISTRICT KANSAS. Agriculture. . Speaker Cannon {las repeatedly skid tha: he regards this committee and that of Inter-State and Foreign Commerce as the two most Important committees in the House, 'the committee on Ways and Means, usually regarded as the great committee, outranking them Mn importance only once in ten y'eai^ when the Uriff is to be revised. It Iwill be seen at once, therefore, that the chair man of-a cpnunittee of this raijk must of necessity rank with the 1^ men j, of the House. When it was learned, : ' therefbre. that Mr. Wadswoiib, the tanner nbalrman. bad failed of;re-elec- - totereft to t£e Department of Justice and ranks high on the two important committees of Invalids Pensions and Banking and Currency. Mr, AHlIer of the Fourth District in the last Congress became chairman of tho Committee on Claims, and Mr. Reeder of the Sixth District 7i 'l this year be made chairman of th? Committee on Irrigation,—all of them ver)- important committees. Mr. Campbell standi well up on the District of Columbia and tbe Pensions Committee, while Mr. Murdock is recognized as -one of the strong forces of the Postofflce Committee. Mr. Scott has been given three large rooms. to the new bouse office bul'ding for bis committee. He .vOl spp^Hnt Mr. B. P. CuIIsy. bis prei- eat lecnUry. as clerk of the Wg com- ,jBitti^ ftt ft Mlary of $2,400 per y«kr. STATE T. M, C. A. CONYENTIOX. Twentr-sbtth AnnualVMeetlng Will Be Held at Wfthlta. The twenty-sixth annual convention of the Young Jlen's Christian Associa tlon of Kansas will be held at Wichita February 6 to 9. The local association expects to send an unusually large delegation this year. Among those on the program are: Chancellor Strong, of Kansas university: Firuno Hobbs, of St. Louis. Mo., and Geo. D. McDill, of Chicago. MISS BIKGHAM HERE Famoas ActrrsR Will Play ^'Modern X Lady Godlra" Tonight A number of theater parties have ben made up for Miss Amelia Bingham's engagement In this city, when she will present her success, "A Modern I..ady Oodlva." Miss Bingham is essentially an actress that delights so- Glet.v. Beautiful to look upon, with a magnificent figure which she gowns to absolute perfection. Miss Blngbam gives to all roles she plays those dainty, delightful touches, which-never fall to please the feminine portion of hei* audiences, as well as those of the other gender, "A Modem Lady Oodlva" has been most successful with Miss ningbam In the leading role at)]} she brings with her a company of unusual excellence. Miss Bingham and her rompany are to present "A Modern Lady Godlva" at the Grand theater tonight. For Sale. 60,000 feet of native Inmber and 4,000 seasoned fence posts. W. A. DAWSON, .Four Miles Northwest o lola. SITUATION WANTED— By an experienced waiter. Stogie, age 21; no Ibooae fighter or cigarette fiend. Good nfkrences. Address F. H,> care Reg- tater. .... - PROPOSE NEW PLAN ANOTHER SANTA CLAU8 LETTER Ida Williamson, a liCtle lola girl, who formerly lived In Cherryvale, fears that Santa Clans will pass up Ida and hence writes her Santa Claus letter to the Cherrj-vale Republican. It follows below: lola, Kas., Dec. 15, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: You can see by my address that I am living at lola and not at Cherryvale, where you found me at Christmas time for so many years. There are many beautiful presents in the stores here, but I think you can find Just what I want most at the Chero'vale stores. I wish you would-p?ease bring me a teddy bear, a story book, a bracelet. 4nd hair ribbons. T may not be at my grandma's at 419 South Montgomery street. Cherryval?. if you do not find me there come to 415 South nut street. lola.. Kansa.<t. Your little f vnd. IDA WILLIAMSON. P. S.—I am nine years old and in the third grade. ABOUT SALARIES Finance Committee of City Connell la to Reitort Ton^hL The finance committee of the city council may make a report to the city council tonight on the matter of a raise in the salaries of the police officers. It is said that the report, if made, may result in an interesting discussion. One of the questions that has confronted the committee in its deliberations is whether to' raise the salaries of the whole force or the salaries of certain officers whose services are thought to be deserving of more pay than others. What action the committee will take on this matter is not known. Some time ago the council referrcti the salary proposition to tho finance committee but they have not yet made theli; report. At the last meeting the council voted to raise the salaries, not desiring to wait longer for the suggestions of the finance ccmimlttee. It was later found that the council could raise the ski- arles by ordinance only and the matter rests where It was originally. SMELTERS TO STAY \. B. Cockerili .Says Plant Won't Be .«o>ed From Rich Hill to Gas. A. H. Cockerill, of the Cockerill <mclters, who Is In the city today, said here was nothing to the report that :he Rich Hill smelters were to be moved to Gas City. "1 cannot Imagine how such a report could have gained circulation unless it was because I bad said ttiat probably a number of the men of that city could get work at Gas." . "You may say that the business will not allow me to operate my plant in Gas City at full capacity, tint I will start part of it soon. And will operate the plant at full capacity as soon as the conditions will permit." COLLINS LETTER EFFECTIVE lola Police Judge Got Letter From St Louis Attorney Today. The letter written to a- distilling company by Police Judge J. M. Coi lins of this city, is evidently having its effect. This morning Mr. Collins received a commun:ca:»n from Attorney James O. Donohoe, room 507 Ehnpire building, St. Louis, Mo., which he takes to be an expression of the good influence the letter had on him The communication contained a circular advertising the Comuslynie Glen Wlilskey of Glasgow, Scotland, vhlch had written on tbe margin, "I have read your splendid letter to a similar concern," Inclosed with this was the envelope pos;raairked Glaa gow, Scotland, In which the circular was sent to the writer. On this en velope were the words, "Pieaae send to Judge Collins." Thjs was probably directed to tho attorney 's stenog rapher. DIRECTORS MEETING TODAY. Kansas Portland Offlclala Tranaaoted Regular Buainesa. Today The directors of the Kansaa Portland Cement company met and transacted routine business today. There was nothing of particular Importance, taken up. A. B. Cockerill, T. W. Van- direre and Dr. L. H. Callaway, of Ner vada. Mo., were the out-of-town dine- ton present George K. Nldioiaon, L. L. Nbrthrap.,F. J. Bor^ aad A.' Campbell were the Ipeal ' dfractocg Dieseat St-th« meetlu-^ J Ida Williamson Wants Gifts From -Cherryvale Stores. WANT iSTATE MEET At the meeting, of the Medical Society "^last night, steps were taken to secure definitely the next state meeting which occurs in llTay. At the last state meeting it was ^eclded to send tbe next meeting to lola. The executive council, however, has the power to take the meeting elsewhere In case tLey think lola can'not bandle the delegation. There seems to be an imprssslon among some of the delegates that lola has not the hotel facilities to entertain the visitors. The executive council of the state organization meeta In Kansas City on December S7th to decide the matter definitely. A cemmUtee was appointed last, night to go to Kansas City and explain to the executive council that lola has superior hotel facilities, and incii^enuily mention th? many other good reasons why the state meeting should come here. IT WAS NOT ESTELL ROWLEY. Was Mr. Crocker Who Married Netta Tice. An error appeared in these corumns yesterday with reference to Etstell Rowley, of Anderson couniy, who was Hfcently acquitted of the charge of statutory rape made against him by Dora TIce. It will be remembered that Win. Crocker, against whom Netta Tice brought a similar charge, n-arried the girl and saved himself from prosecution. Since then he has offered to give a home to the child which had been bom to Dora Tice. In speaking of the matter yesterday The Register stated that it was Rowley who had married Netta Tice ahil had offered to give a home to Dora Tice's child. The error was purely unintentional and a correction is made voluntarily. Dora Tice named Rowley as the father of her child, but when it was proven that other men had been In~ timate with her, Rowley was acquit ted. MINERS LEAVE GOLDFIELD. Ken Are Going to Work in Barley, Idaho. E. J. Pomeroy. superintendent of the Eclipse Mining company, of Harley, Idaho, says that almost every mine which is not operating now will be started up again the first of the year. In speaking of the mining business Mr. Pomeroy said that a number of the miners at Goldfield were coming to his plants. FILE WHITLOW INFORMATION. Information in MurCer Case Filed To- diy. The information in tbe case of the State vs. Sam WThitiow. wno is charg 6d with the murder of Miss May Sapp on the evening of jfiepiember 27th. last, will be filed today. The information covers practicaRy wbat was included In the complaint that WTiittow lay In wait and committed the deed. The case Is to come up in the January term. SMOKE STACK FELL. Broken While Workmen Were Working on Pumping Plant. One of the smoke stacks which were racent'y raised on the new pump ing plant which WJIIIam Readlcker is erecting north of the city, fell this morning and was, smasned up. ~ The stack fell when the workmen were trying to equalize the guy ropes. The break will be repaired and the stack replaced. SEND BOYS TO COLLEGE. Winners of Com Contest Will Spend Short Time In Manhattan. Six Imys from this county will have tbe expenses of a visit to the State Agricultural College paid during the period from December 26th to January 3rd. The Iwys are winners In tbe corn contest offered by tbe farmers Institute. The Allen County State Bank.^ lola State Bank and Northrup National 'Bank each send a bogr to Manhattan. The winners are John Fernanz. ICo ran; Everett Kortoa. Mbran: Vera Nelson, Savonbnrg; Robert Hamm. Leslie Klrby. Samnel Klrby. Hum- toldt,'^ with Marqals Kirby and Oea Joaee, Humboldt, as alternates. ^mmbolitihMd » Tery good meet- tag m Saturday considering the Terr 4tMi ^rM «ble weatker. Program was «RM<o«t .M psbUahed lut w«*. Medical Society G«U Busy on Proposition. GOT DRUMK ON ClDER. Jesse Thomas ir^ Police Court—Took One Glass Too Much. "I am fifty-five years old the tenth flay of February, and this is the first time I ever;was in jai:. How much do I owe?" The above remark was made by Jesse Thomas as he walked into police court this mom:ng and faced the charge of drunkenness. He said that he had been drinktog cider all day but never felt the effects of it until he took one drink of whiskey yesterday afternoon about fonr o'clock. When Mr. Thomas was arrestted he was lying in a yard on South Wal- I 'Ut street It was necessary for Chief Gates to call a cab and take him to jail as the man was so drunk he could not walk. MARTIN PRESIDENT Icla Physicians Elected Officers for 19<» at Meeting Last Night The .Medical Society closed' up tho Work of the Year*last night with the election of officers. The following were elected: President, Dr. Frank Martin: vice president. Dr. J. H. Hfndman. of Humboldt; recording sec retary. Dr.-P. S. Mitchell; financial secretary, D". W. Reld. The society reviewed the work of the year and found that it was in excellent condition In every way. There are thirty-five people who ara eligible to membership in the society, of which tweftty-elght are in good standing In the society. ENJOINED BAILEY BUILDING. Action Grews Out of Arrest of Mrs. V Bill Bailey. Judge Foust has granted a temporary injunction against the bnildtog In which the: Bailey restaurant is located In Humftoldt 'and Sheriff Bollinger went down .thls afternoon to serve tbe .rapers. T ^ls action Is the result of the arrest of Mrs. Bailey a few days ago. charg/i^d with making sales of liquor. WjOt Schleicher and E. L. Green were arrested the same day. The evldetce was secured' by detectives who; Visited Humboldt in the role of capitalists. 400 MEN ENTOMBED Explosion in Pittsburg Mine Was Followed, by Fire..^o Rescues Macfe. Pittsburg. Pa., Dec. 19.—Four hundred men were eniom^d today in the Darr nine of the PjtUburg Coal company i^i: Jacobs Creek on the Pittsburg and I.Ake Erie railroad near here. Of these fully one hundred are Americans, the rest being prin- clpal'y ilungarians. A terrific explosion shook the vicinity of the mine at eleven-thirty. This morning, shortly after, the smoke began to fs- Eue In hea-<-y clouds from tae mouth of the mine; The mouth of the mine was wrecked and these circumstances in connection with the fire which was disooveredf to be ragmg inside prevented effectually up to 4me 'o'clock any attempt at rescue of the imprto-. oned men. The Riehardaoa stiora has Jnst received th^ir secatfd le^ of aew Haad- kercblefs. Ties aad Piretty SOk Scarfs. The low prices aad talf^ treatamt are' aukUag tlieir ClffiatBaa goote aMV«

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