The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 25, 2001 · Page 32
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 32

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 2001
Page 32
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4 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25. 2001 APPLAUSE THE SAUNA JOURNAL Made-for-TV bands worries critics, others By ERIC DEGGANS St. Petersburg Times The question, when it comes, is hardly iinexpected. But it highlights what troubles many critics about the made-for-TV bubblegum boy band, 0-Town. Is its ciurent, chart-topping success evidence that this act really has talent? Or is it just further proof of the plastic nature of modem pop music? hi other words: Are these guys for real? "I think the level of respect should come from the amount of work that you put in," said Erik-Michael Estrada, an emotional sparkplug who has emerged as one of the five-man group's better singers. "It doesn't matter how quickly you were formed. If you're willing to put the work in and ... that's your passion, 1 don't think you should really be (penalized) for ' It's the answer to be expected from a twentysomething whose only contact with professional show business has been the media attention and spoon-fed success that are ABC's "Making the Band." But it may also offer a peek at a pop-music future in which giant media conglomerates no longer wait for prospective performers to prove themselves through years in the trenches of nightclubs or indie record companies. Instead, they'll grow the performers themselves — retaining a sizable chunk of control over the artists and their profits in the process. "It's the price that comes from (AOL Hme Warner vice president) Ted Turner being a biUionaire, Al Gore deregulating radio and the record-company cartels being allowed to continue as cartels," said Dave Marsh, co-founder of Creem magazine, longtime writer at Rolling Stone magazine, author of "Bom to Run: The Bruce Springsteen Story" and creator of the Rock and Rap Confidential Web site. "These things have a price ... and it's not only monetary, it's cultural," adds Marsh, an iconoclast whose wife, Barbara Carr, has managed artists such as Springsteen and Shania Twain. "These Idds, they're a commodity ... not even at the level of dish soap. And the music is just another part of the commodity." - Viewers first met 0-Town before the band had an album, a stage show or even a solid lineup — watching a team of professionals build the group from the ground up. Crafted by the team that brought us MTV's "The Real World," "Making the Band" sent its cameras last year to follow impresario Lou Pearlman (Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync) as be auditioned thousands of hopefuls, winnowing them to eight guys, who then competed for five slots. Over 22 weeks last year, viewers watched them stmggle with dance steps, commitments at home, vocal pitches and more. Even after the five were chosen, a member quit, forcing Pearlman to pick a replacement from those who were cut early on. Though the series earned middling ratings for ABC on viewer-starved Friday night (doing best among teens and young women), the alliance between television and music earned big CD sales. So far, O- Town's self-titled debut CD has sold 500,000 copies, with their first single, "Liquid Dreams," notching $490,000 in sales, according to the SoundScan sales tabulation service. And they're not alone. Eden's Crush, a five-member female group assembled on the WB network's "reality TV" series "Popstars," has sold 219,000 copies of its first single, "Get Over Yourself," since mid- March, according to Soimd- Scan. The newly merged AOL "nme Warner supported Eden's Crush with corporate-wide synergy, signing the group to the Warner Music Group labels London-Sire and 143 Records, while providing downloads of "Get Over YourselT via America Online. Similarly, MTV this week is airing marathon telecasts of "Making the Band"'s first season (which MTV Productions co-produced) and wiU also air "Popstars." David Foster, the Grammy- winning producer who helped develop Eden's Crush for "Pop- stars," said he was surprised by the group's early success. "The power of television is just astounding; having yoiu- group on TV week after week... you can't buy that kind of advertising," said Foster, who has written songs and produced albums for Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel and others. "The best way to make it is the Celine Dion way ... seven years of struggle, nobody knows your name, and you leam the business," added the producer, who also serves as president of 143 Records. "We carved two or three years off the stmggle for these girls, ff they were raised right, they'U be fine. But I don't know how it's all going to play out." Similar problems will emerge drning "Making the Band"'s second season, which focuses on recording the first CD, making the "Liquid Dreams" video and launching the first torn-. A preview tape shows the group disintegrating during a five performance of "Liquid Dreams" at the Miss America show — a lapse blamed on technical problems that eliminated recorded backing music from the group's monitor mix onstage. If they were experienced performers, with years of touring under their belts, perhaps they could have compensated. Instead, 0-Town dissolved into a mass of off-key harmonies before a national audience. As the band's vocal coach screens the tape and berates them, viewers will see this group of fledgling performers stmggling to shoulder the corporate expectations of their label, J Records (and president Clive Davis, who discovered Whitney Houston), Pearlman's Trans Continental Corp., MTV Productions, ABC-TV and more. ^ Quality Furnitwe ^ Low Prues Finan€ing rJIRE'STORq veFlnanelng^ F " BARRY S URNITURE ,_ , I \'> S It Ml. II. I ri. '.i-iii li:IHl (all 1-800-208-603 1 to pl;iti' ymir ncc prim ad. (all 1-900-526-1666 li) ics()()iul to aiKal ><2 ,l') pir iiiin. plus a s.')'> coniRClioii IW. Voii iiuiM l>c Look for Connection Line every Monday, Friday and Saturday in the Salina Journal STOP SWF, 47, ST. oulgoing and honest, enjoys reading, movies and the park. ISO SWM, 40-60. Are you Interested In drag races? Are you Interested In a committed relationship with a high value on family? Ad«.2192 FUNI SWF, 35, 5'9", hazel eyes, (un, enjoys cuddling, cooking, quiet times and good conversation. ISO SWM, 29-45, easygoing, enjoys kids and common Interests. Adff.2188 SEEYOUSOONt Attractive, slender, communicative, humorous WF, 31, 5'5", 120ibs., mom, loves laughter, traveling, mall shopping, new adventures, computers, cooking, music, ISO good-looking, N/S, humorous, adventurous WM, 29-35, tor friendship, monogamous relationship. Ad(f.2158 HUTCHINSON Call this green-thumbed, petite SWF, 48, N/S, If you're a fun-loving SWM, 40-50, who likes traveling, dining out and occasionally cutting the rug, then give this ladyacall.Ad».107B ENJOY LIFE Outgoing SBF,48,5T,170lbs., brown snort hair, brown eyes, likes having good times, laughter, decorating home, reading, going out, ISO outgoing, fun, easygoing SM, 45-58, for a good friendship first. Ad(l.2137 IN YOUR Reach. Easy to get along with SWF, 35, 5*9", 250ibs., brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys going out, movies, fishing, cooWng, camping and cuddling. Mopes to meet an open-minded SWM,- 29-42, understanding, likes kids and spending time together. Adlf.2133 SLENDER BUILT WF, 37, ST, blond hair, blue eyes, student, employed, likes working out, sports and family times. ISO energetic WM, 3542, fun, happy-go-lucky person. Ad#.2114 CALL ME Outgoing, self-confident SWF, 36, B 'e", 175lbs., reddish-brown hair, green eyes, enjoys reading, outdoors, fishing, camping, animals, ISO self-confident SM, 21-38. Ad#.2111 ALWAYS SMILING Easygoing, fun WF, 28, 5'3", sandy blond hair, green eyes, full-figured, mom, good listener, employed, enjoys malls, movies, friends and family. ISO easygoing, fun-loving, spontaneous WM, 28-38, who's family-oriented, for friendship. Ad(».2088 HI THERE Reliable, honest SWPF, 29,5'4", brown hair/eyes, enjoys dining out, movies, socializing, the simple life, seeking a family-oriented, non-complicated, responsible SWM, 26-39, who's morally sound, for LTR. Adfl.2070 HONESTY SWF, 62, 5'4", 140lbs., enjoys traveling, casinos, movies, searching for a WWWM, 45-55, with grown children, for friendship first, possible LTR. AdS.1971 ALL ABOUT US SWF, 53, enjoys art, music, reading, dining, movies, looking for an interesting, educated SWM, 35-50, for casual dating. Ad#.1964 FAMILY VALUES SWF, 24, sr. 125ibs., blond hair, blue eyes, likes music, movies, horseback riding, camping, outdoors, quiet times and fishing. ISO canng, open- minded, family-oriented SWM, 22-32, for friendship, possible relationship. Ad#.1944 FRIENDS FIRST Employed SWF, 25, likes collecting beanie babies, races, outdoors, friends,' family, ISO honest, open SWM, 22-39, for a real friendship and companionship first. Adlt.1949 INTERESTED? WF, 24, 5'4'', 14DIbs., green- eyed blond, enjoys sports, movies, concerts, clubbing, motorcycles and clubbing. Looking for a WM, 25-33, who can treat me right, for casual dating first. Ad)t.1927 MUST LOVE CHILDREN Easygoing SW mother of three, 33, 5', 195lbs., with reddish brown hair, enjoys music, pari(s, walks, fishing and quiet times at home. ISO laid-back, family-oriented SHM, 30-38, N/D, drug- free, with similar interests. Ad((.1750 ENERGEHC Spunky, outgoing SWF 31,5'1", 138;bs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys biking, fishing, camping, walks, dancing, movies, the outdoors. Would like to casually date a SWM, 30-37, who likes children. Adi».1817 DAZZLE ME Sincere, take charge SWF, 23, 5T, smoker, shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys clubbing, dancing, reading, country music, the lake, swimming. Seeking a hardwortdng, inteiigent, mature SWM, 23-39, for friendship. Ad#.1816 NEW ADVENTURE SWF, 40,6'8",160lbs., with long blond hair and blue eyes, likes fishing, camping, cooking, fine arts, horses and more. I would like to meet an outdoorsy SWM, 35-45, for friendship, maybe more. Ad#.1767 TAKEACHANCEt Fun, honest SWF, 23, 5'9'. IBOIbs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys biking, fishing, camping, swimming and reading. Seeking honest SWM, 20-30, must like kids. Ad)t.1775 ARE YOU READY? Fun, caring, personable SWF 20, 5'9'. brown hair/eyes enjoys movies, horseback riding, clubbing and more. Seeking an outdoorsy, personable SM, 18-25, for friendship, maybe more. Ad#.1777 TRUSTWORTHY Friendly SBF, 29, ST. 152lbs., long dark brown hair, medium buifd, enjoys outdoors, skating, movies, bowling and dancing. ISO open, honest WM, 25-35, for friendship and companionship. Ad#.1698 LETS PARTY Shapely SWF, 19, 5'2", with iono blond hair and green eyes, iS(J good-looking, easy to talk to SWM, 18-2f, who likes to go to clubs. Ad#.1654 FAMILY-ORIENTED You could say she's an outgoing gal that enjoys life in the country, fishing, shooting pool, woriting on cars and outdoor activities. She's also a SWR 43, who is petite & friendly, that really hopes . to meet a compatible SWM, 3550, for LTR. AdS.6055 AM IFORYOU? SWF, 18, 5'8", 125lbs., shoulder length brom hair, gorgeous blue eyes, seeking a romantic and fun SWM, 18-22, who likes country music, horseback riding and spending time with me. AdS.1551 DREAMING OFU Fun and easygoing SWF, 39, 5'2", green eyes, blond /brown hair, likes warning, dancing and having fun. I'm looking for a SHM, 30-45, with similar interests, who likes children. Ad#.1569 R U STRONG Enough to be my man? Think you can handle a slender, easygoing WF 23, likes clubbing, horseback riding? If you think so and you're an old-fashioned romantic, family-oriented WM, 24-45. GivemeacalllAd#.1513 TIME WITH U is always time weil-spenti Cheerful, easygoing, spontaneous, fun WPFr32, likes quiet times, family limes, nights out, dining, movies, bowling. ISO a D/SWM, 28-50, who loves kids. Ad#.1515 STORY OF MY Life just won't be complete until someone like you calls! Pretty, fun WF, 45, likes cooking, singing. ISO a special WM, 45- 55.At».1514 COMFORTING Large, easygoing SWF, 45, mom of one daughter, who enjoys garage sales, movies and cuddling. Is looking for a tender-loving, caring SM, 40-55, to call her today. Adf.5067 DANCE WITH ME Friendly SWF, 19, 5'4'', 115lbs„ blond, outgoing, enjoys shopping, dancing and the outdoors. ISO fun-loving, open-minded SWM, 19-23. Ad(f.1485 COMMON BOND? Friendly, attentive, easygoing SWPF 50, ST. 180lbs., dark hair/eyes, enjoys gardening, movies, dining out, dancing and more. Seeks SWPM, 50-62, with similar Interests, for friendship. Ad(f.1407 LET'S MEETI Nice, warm, caring SWF, 42, 5'7", heavy-set, with brown hair and green eyes, who likes country music, candlelit dinners, outdoors/indoors and sports. ISO warm, nice, family-oriented SWM, 39-49, who ha? similar Interests. Ad((.1443 GOOD VALUES Friendly caring SWF, 49, 5'4'', 2001bs., dari< hair, brown eyes, enjoys fishing, swimming, walking, gardening, seeking sensitive, sharing SWM, 43-55. Ad#.1167 IT'S ALL GOOD Especially when I'm with someone like youl Very mature, quiet, sweet SW mom, 23, likes fishing, walks and quality times. ISO a sweet WM, 22-30. Ad#.1416 GOOD MORALS Fun, caring, loving SWCF 40,5', brown hair, green eyes, enjoys movies, music, arts and crafts, traveling, long romantic walks and quiet evenings at home. Seeking SWM, 35-45, with a beautiful heart and good morals. Ad#.1402 NOTTHE BAR SCENE SWF 32, S'B", full-figured, easygoing, carefree, likes bowling, time with kids. Seeking a SWM, 30-45, who likes kids, for possible LTR. Add.l 389 WHY NOT ME? Easygoing, caring SWF 50, who loves to laugh, enjoys movies, walks and country drives. ISO honest, caring SWM, 48-62. Ad#.1371 AREUTHERE? SWF 26, with red-hair and blue eyes, enjoys wrestling, NASCAR, concerts and ball games. ISO educated, employed, honest SWM, 25-36, who Is drug-free, with no children and similar interests. Ad#.1377 TIMES ALONE SWF, 30, 5'4", 185lbs., bubbly, easygoing, enjoys home life, being with friends, flower arranging, and farming, looking for SM, 28-40, to do things together. Ad#.1347 A GOOD CATCH Is this SWF 53, blue-eyed blond, who likes fishing, long walks, seeks a fun-loving SWM, 45-65, to reel,her In for the long haul. Ad(t.1336 LARGE ON LIFE Cuddly, strawberry blond SWF 23, seeks fun-loving. Industrious SWM, 24-32, who likes movies, long walks, cuttin' the rug and having fun. Ad#.1343 BARREL OF FUN SWF, 47, green-eyed blond, seeks an upbeat SWM, 45-50, who enjoys traveling, garage sales, movies, dancing, get togetliers with family and friends. Add.1316 MUCH MORE Easygoing SWF 54, with brown hair, enjoys reading, music and children, seeking a SWM, 49-60, with similar Interests. AdK. 1253 SHY AT FIRST SWF31,4'11",200lbs.,with long brown hair, blue eyes and glasses, seeks a SWM, 30-40, who enjoys fishing, reading, bariie- cuesand more.Ad(t.l254 CALLTODAY Warm-hearted, affectionate SWF 28, loves sports, cooking and quiet romantic evenings. Looking to meet a passionate, fun-loving SWM, 28-35, for friendship and more.Ad#,5417 DON'T BE SHY WF 22, 5'5", 145lbs., enjoys dancing, partying, movies, dining out, poetry, talking, swimming, playing on the computer. ISO a niceVjM, 20-40. Ad#,5373 Men Seeking Women SHARE LIFE Humorous, understanding, gentle WM,39,5'9",1751bs., brown hair, enjoys camping, yardwork, gardening and home life. ISO compatible WF 25-50. Ad((.2209 LETSGETTOGETHER Fun, easygoing WM, 21, enjoys playing guitar, writing poetry/songs, movies and going church. Looking for a WF W-2S. Ad#.2196 LETS COMMUNICATE SWM, 36, 6'1", 225lbs., N/S, enjoys sports, movies, dining out and animals. ISO SWF 24-37, N/S, for a lasting relationship, children areok.Acff.2194 LOOK HERE SWM, 49, 5 'ir, 1951bs., brown hair/eyes, N/S, laid-back, enjoys dining, movies, golf, music and travel. ISO SF 36-51, N/S, outgoing, with common Interests. Ad#.2182 ISO YOU Laid-back, easygoing SWM, 40, 5'10", 1701bs., Blue-eyed blond, who likes swimming and quiet times at home. ISO attractive SWF 25-42. Ad#.2187 WITHIN REACH WM,39,5'8", 258lbs.,dari< brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys auctions, flea markets, yard sales, barbecues, long romantic walks, candlelight (Jlnners, the outdoors, gardening and fishing. ISO loving, kind, sweet, faithful, independent, affectionate F 32-45. Ad#.2170 UNTIL WE MEET WM, 36, fit, enjoys workouts, laughter, having fun, new adventures, ISO kind, loving, sweet, blond WF 24-42, for friendship, possible relationship. Ad((.2162 COUNTRY GUY SWM, 48. 5 'ir, medium build, brown hair, blue eyes, likes movies, country music and dining out. ISO an attractive, humorous SWF 30-50, height/weight proportionate, for friendship first. Ad#.1876 AM I FOR YOU? Humorous SWM, 47, 6', 2401bs., N/S, N/D, bald, likes sports, church and community activities. ISO outgoing, cheerful SWF 3550, with similar Interests, for a LTR.Ad#.2149 FAMILY-ORIENTED Outgoing, romantic SWM, 24, 6', 150lbs., Drown hair, likes movies, sports, the outdoors and dining out. ISO romantic, honest, caring SWF 22-30, for friendship. Ad#.2148 KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS SWM, 40, 5'9", 1501bs., short blond hair, blue eyes, loves singing, doing impressions, camping, fishing, traveling, walks, dinirig out, dancing, ISO outgoing SWFT 27-40, with similar interests, for possible relationship. Ad#.1792 16-WHEELMAN Dining out, long walks, gardening, swimming, fishing are some faves of this nardworking SWM, 34, seeking his significant other; fun SF 26-39, who knows how to enjoy life. Ad#.2139 QUIET SIDE ' Self-employed WCM, 39, 6', 170lbs., brown hair, loyal, loves western history, rodeos, country living and horses. ISO slender OF 30-42, who's goal-oriented. Ad(».2124 SPORT-MINDED Caring WM, 36, ST. 200lbs., balding, physically fit, likes sports, kidding around and wood- woridng. ISO humorous D/SWF 30-38, caring and friendly Ad#.2122 LETS GO OUT Easygoing SWM, 35, tall, well- built, blue-eyed blond, enjoys fishing, swimming, skiing, camping, gardening, dancing, movies, hiking, ISO S^ 25-40, with similar interests. Adif .2110 GOOD-LOOKING Funny WM, 43, ST. 170lbs., blond hair, blue eyes, truck driver, likes joking around, garage sales, shooting pool and country life, ISO Wl: 35-50, for LTR. Ad((;2100 SHARE LIFE Shy, quiet WM, 45,5'11'', 170ibs., brown hair, enjoys collecting coins, hunting, fishing and the outdoors. ISO outdoorsy, eas Ing, slenderWF 37-50, who klds.Ad#.2099 Yourpenonal ad Die mrVaiffi (^r^rtim to get acquainted ARE YOU,.. An attractive, fun, honest, open- minded SF 18-29? if so this attractive WM, 35, would like to hear from you. I enjoy photography, movies, shoomg poo) and the lake.Ad(t.2091 FAIRLY HAPPY Friendly, inquisitive WM, 45,6'2", 1851bs., light brown hair, blue eyes, with glasses, self- employed, enjoys scl-fl, reading and more. \S0 an honest, warm, caririg. spontaneous SF 25-45, forLmAd#.2083 ME & YOU Outgoing, laid-back SWM, 36, 5 'ir, IBOIbs., dart( brown hair, blue eyes, likes fishing, golfing, Softball and outdoor acfivltles. ISO outgoing, fun-loving SR 2536, with good morals and values, for friencfship. Adff .2074 LOOK NO MORE DWM, 42, likes camping, country music, long walks In the park, outdoors, cars, kids, ISO SWF 35- 4S, for friendship and special times. Ad(t.2073 CIRCLE THIS AD Outgoing, open-minded SWM, 36, 6', aooibs., long blond hair, hazel eyes, likes bowling, sporting events, rock concerts, movies and quiet evenings. ISO open- minded, outgoing SWF 21-45, with similar Interests. Adff.2065 LET'S TALKI Shy, easygoing, compassionate SWM, 37, 6T, 170rbs., short black hair, hazel Playstation, likes . - eyes, . ^laystatlon, going out, cuddling and holding hands. I'm looking for aSF23-48.Ad#.2064 YOU NEVER KNOWl Romantic SWM, 23, 5'11", leoibs., green eyes, brown hair, enjoys long walks, partying, stargazing and quiet times. Seeking fin a SWF 19-28, with similar interests, for possible LTR. Ad#.2052 SHARE LIFE WM, 40, 6'6", 275lbs., enjoys music, skiing, cooking, good conversations and quiet times. ISO WF 25-45, to start a commitment wlth.Adlf.2027 LOVES KIDS SWM, 21, 6'6", 175lbs., with a good personality, likes working on cars, walking, fishing and going to the bark. Seeking outgoing SWF 18-27, with a good head on her shoulders. AdIf .2033 THIS IS IT Laid-back, easygoing SWM, 37, 6'4'', t70lDs., enjoys hiking, outdoors, camping, video games, movies and holding hands. Seeking determined, mature SF 23-48, lor LTR. AdIf.2019 HERE I AM Honest, caring SWM, 49, 6'2'', 195ibs., with a variety of Interest. Looking for morally sound SWF 40-55, with her feet on the ground, for possible LTR. Ad#.2011 TALK TO ME Active, yet quiet SHM, 27, 5'4", 136lbs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys fishing, shooting pool, football, movies, seeking romantic SF 2429, for possible LTR. Ad#.2010 GREAT GUY SWM, 45, brown hair, blue eyes, 5'9", 180lbs., enjoys outdoors, horseback riding, every day life, dancing and movies. Would like to meet a SWF 20-57, for possible relationship. All calls answered. Ad/f.1696 GROWING IN CHRIST SWM, 48, 5'10", IBOIbs., likes sports, dining out, movies and dancing. ISO SWCF 38-52, who lives life to the fullest, with similar Interests. Adff ,2003 LIGHT SKIN BM, 28, loves quiet limes, sports, biking, reading and gel togethers, ISO an amiable PF, 35-65, for friendship. Ad(l.1999 SPEND TIMEI Nice SWM, 18,5 'r, 155lbs., red- haired, brown-eyed, enjoys sports, horseback riding, swimming, reading, rolleriilading, ISO SWF, 20, blue-eyed blonde. Adlt.1983 TALKTO lOlEI SWM, 21, 6', well-built, brown- haired, hazel-eyed, loves outdoors, sports, fishing, wrestling, ISO nice SWF 18-27, who likes to have fun. Ad#.1981 OUTGOING... Yet shy. Humorous SWM, 39, S6'. 124ibs., brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys bowling, sports, drives, movies, craft shows, searching for a SWF, 21-40, N/S, drinker ok, with similar interests, for LTR. Ad#.1973 OPEN HEART Hopeful to meet a shy, prettv talkative, outgoing, funny SWF, 2835. Call tt^s finny SWM, 34,6'1", 195ibs., long brown hair, dark hazel ^e^es, enjoys motorcycles. SHYATTIMES SWM, 42, 5'8", 165lbs., who's shy, introverted, easygoing, hobbies include bowling, fishing, reading, walks, camping, seeking a caring SWF 30-50, who enjoys life,Adl.1960 HIGH ENERGY ISO happy, energetic, self-confident SWF^ 18-32. Call this happy, energetic, honest SWM, 24,6'4', 1801bs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys the outdoors, music and quiet evenings home. Add. 1957 MAYBE ITS U SWM, 52, 6', 180lbs., enjoys sports, dancing, country western and woridng out. ISO true, honest SBF 45-50. N/D, with similar Interests, for possible LTR. Ad#.1937 WAITINGI Easygoing WM, 45,6'6",2351bs., with many diverse Interests, desires a WF, 33-48, who enjoys traveling, dining and quiet evanlngs. Adff. 1933 HOW ABOUT U? Outgoing, friendly WM, 42, 6', 190lbs., who's easy to get along wllh, has many Interests, ISO a mature WF 20-40. Children okay. Ad#.1924 DO YOU PARTY? Open-minded, lunny. Intelligent m, 18, 6'2", black hair, green eyes, enjoys sports, golf, teaching golf, woridng on cars. ISO honest, open-minded, fun, romantic F 18-20, friendship, possible relationship. Adlf.1919 ISO NICE GIRL Funny, outgoing, fun-loving, shy at first SWM, 23, 5 'r, 160lbs., blondlsh/brown hair, enjoys hanging out with friends, movies, sports, seeks a SWF 18-45, to go out and do things together. A (Sm04 TOGETHERNESS Self-employed SWM, 39, 5'10", medium-built, brown hair/eyes, mustache, goatee, looking for a SHF 21-40, for a casual relationship. Ad#. 1855 ADVENTURES* ROMANCE Happy-go-lucky, friendly, laid- back SWM, 46, 5'9", 200ibs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys hunting, fishing, outdoors, sports, walks, ISO casual, happy-go-lucky, adventurous, spontaneous SWF- SO-SO, with similar Interests. Ad#.1844 A GREAT GUY SWM, 62, 1801bs., brown hair, blue eyes, loves country western dancing and sports. Seeks WF 45-56, N/D, who's down-to-earth, with similar Interests. Adlf.1843 MEET ME HALFWAY SWM,41,5'10", 200lbs., sandy red hair, down-to-earth, loves life, restoring cars, camping, fishing, hunting and reading. Desires SF, 40-50, compatible, N/S, likes laughter and life. Ad#.5104 LOOK FOWARD To good fufire? SWM, 29, tall, medium-built, laid-back, likes reading writing, computers, talks, walks and nature. ISO self- assured SWF 25-33, humorous, ready to settle down, for LTR. AdK.WO JUST A CALL Honest SWM, 35, 6', 195lbs., long brown hair, blue/gray eyes, a little shy, loves fun activities, quiet evenings at home, motorcycles, the races, playing pool, films. ISO a sincere SWF i9-39, for friendship. Ad#.1833 CIRCLE THIS AD Sincere SWM, 19, 6'2", 170lbs., brown hair/eyes, likes fishing, camping, dining out, movies, the outdoors. ISO an easygoing, smart SWF 18-22, for friendship. Adlt.1829 • COWBOY Congenial SWM, 45, who enjoys socializing, rodeos, trail rides, family lime, the outdoors. Seeks a fit, attractive SWF 30-45, N/S, betvreen 5 'r and S5", for LTR. AdD.1788 R U INTERESTED? Attractive, iovino, affectionate, caring, loving SWM. 35, 6'1", 225lbs., brown hair/eyes, N/S, enjoys sports, dancing, movies, family time, seeking an attractive, slim, fun, outgoing SWf- 24-36, forLTR.Adff.1780 LETS DO DINNER SWM, 31, SB", 190lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, muscular, likes laughing, children, sports and shop, ISO SWF 23-35, 125- 135rbs .Adlf.1725 ALL AROUND MAN SWM, 42, 5'4", 120lbs., long brown hair, blue eyes, laid-back, fun-loving, enjoys movies, camping, fishing, ISO SWF 30-38, should beaN/S.Adlf.1730 BE MINE SWM, 52, 180ibs., enjoys dancing and sports, looking for a SBF 45-55, for possfila LTR. Ad(f.1716 LOVE SMILING Loving, caring WF 38, 5'2'', 130lbs., light brown hair, hazel r , enjoys fishing, camping, flying, bicycling and the library. ISO caring, goal-oriented WF 35-42, for a 50/50 relationship. Adff.2210 ACCEPT ME FOR MEI Funny, open-minded, honest, caring SWPF, 41, 5'5", 150lbs., with various interests. Seeking an open, honest SWF 34-48, for friendship, maybe more. Ad#.1768 SEEKING YOU Easygoing GWF 18, 5'2", 115lbs., with blonde hair and green eyes, likes playing guitar, writing stories'musfc and going to parties/clubs. ISO attractive GWF 18-23, who has similar Interests. Adll.1373 LAID-BACK Fun, easygoing, employed, secure SW mom, 40, 5'5", 140lbs., a smoker, enjoys fishing and dining out, ISO SF, 30-40. Adf(.5460 BETRUE Oulgoing, oassionale GBF 24, Si, 135lbs., with brown hair/eyes, whose Interests Include bowling, dancing and dining out, is looking for an honest, fun-foving GF18-25, for companionship. Adff .5068 PERSONABLE Tail, athletic SWM, 18, medium-built, employed, student, loves shopping, people and sports. Looking lor a fun, athletic SWM, 18-21. AdK .ieiB RELAXED WM, 19, 5'10', laoibs., brown hair/eyes, friendly, adventurous, likes having fun and outdoor activities. ISO a lighthearted, mellow WM, 18-25, for sight-seeing and more. Ad#.1994 SHARE LIFE SWM. 52, 6', leOlbs., medium build, N/S, N/D. Looking for a SBM, 45-55, N/D, drug-free, interested in sports, for mend- ship and companionship Adf.1953 FRIENDS FIRST Fun, easyjoing, ^jdendijf. employed 'SWMT 34, 6'4', 190lbs., with dark blond hair and blue eyes, enjoys music, movies, the outdoors, camping, new things and reading. ISO SM, 24-46, to hang out and do things together, AdJ.1670 ' STRAIGHT-ACTING WM, 26, average-built, personable, educated, fun, likes outdoor activities, movies and hanging out with friends. ISO fin, straight-acting WM, 20-30, who's attractive, masculine, height/weight proportionate, for Irlendship, maybe more. Ad#.1735 CALLTODAY GWM, 18, 5'10", 165lbs., athletic and outgoing, loves shopping, sports, camping and movies, looking lor a GM, 1823, who's good-hearted and klnd.Ad#.1713 COWBOY Easygoing, humorous GWM, 32, el IBOIbs., black hair, hazel eyes, enjoys rodeo and traveling. Seeking fun, outdoorsy GM, 18-40, for friendship. Ad#.1695 JUST FOR YOU! Easygoing, laid-back WM, 21, 6', 165lbs., decent looking, slender, enjoys biking, the computer, decorating and reading. ISO WM, 18-28, for friendship, possible relationship. Adff.1482 LIKABLE Husky SWM, 36, muscular, likes cooking, outdoor activities, movies, running and animals. Looking for SWM, 22-38, who Is honest and reliable, with similar interests, (or LTR. Ad#.1445 LETS GET OUTI SWM, 67, 6', IBOIbs., and semi-retired. ISO SWF, 55-65, slim, attractive, special, for fun times. Adlf.2171 GOOD LADIES? Independent SWM, 61, handsome, loyal, plays no games, enjoys dining, dancing, pool and movies. ISO SF, 21-61, slender, easygoing, with common Interests. AdC2189 IN NEED OF YOU SWF 69, 5'2", brown hair, 135lbs., friendly, outgoing, enjoys dining, bowling, travel and movies. ISO SWfifl, 65-74, out-spoken, with common Interests. Adff .2102 LETS SEE VW/WF 68, enjoys garage sales, eating out, movies, N/S, N/D, no drugs, ISO SWM, 6575, Within 50 miles of Hutchinson. Adlf.2097 COMPANIONSHIP Easygoing WM, 65, ST. 200-tlbs., brown hair, semi- retired, enjoys antiques, travel, country music and shows. ISO retired WF 50-75. Adlf.2092 MISS CONGENIALITY Is waiting for you. WWWR 58, N/S, drug-free, healthy, hardworking and dependable. Looking for a SWM, 53-65, to share walks, music, conversation and more. AdS.5413 BELIEVE IN ME Retired SWM, 68, honest, man of God, enjoys dining, conversation, reading and quiet times. Seeking a SWF 55-65, who wants companionship and to meet that person to spend the rest of her life with. Adff.2053 LETSTAKEADRIVE Classy SWF 55, Iriendly personality. Likes sewing, fishing, camping, dancing, outdoors and my grandchildren. Seeking a SWM, 53-65, who loves being around people, for friendship first, maybe more. Adff.2044 CUDDLY TOY Energetic SWPM, 66, healthy, enjoys swimming, country music, bowling and playing pool. Seeking a SWF 45-65, for aLTR.Ad#.2002 HERE SHE IS SWF, 55, seeks a SWM, 45-51, who enjoys movies, dining and long walks, lor friendship first. Adl.1582 ^ KIND i CARING Fun-loving, easygoing SWF 56,5'2'', blue eyes, brown hair, enjoys making stain glass, sewing, outdoors, country music. Desires a well-built SWM, 54-62, with similar Interests, for friendship first, possible LTR. Adll 809 Searcl:}m0 foriovel For customer service, call 716-634-7849 ext. #2669, or email us at Please include x2669 In the subject line. ABBREVIATIONS M Male B Black D Divorced F Female H Hispanic C Christian W Vlfhiie A Asian S Single J Jewish WWWH&wed oDoulHeDater N/S Non-smoker N/D Non-drinker NA Native Amerkan P Professional ISO In search of... LTR Long-term relationship Tliis publication Is a community, family publicatron. Anything appearing in Connection Un« must be appropriate for all ages. ParlBipanls in (kinnectlon Line must be 16 yeais or okler Connection Una Is restricted to individuals seeking personal, monogamous relatk)nships.Ttie publisher reserves the rigtii to edit or re ect ads and votee Introductions tliat do not meet the standards of acceptance of this newspaper. This puUicalkin assumes no liability for the content or reply ol personal aiMrtisement. Hsadere and advertisers may wisli to consUer iakir,„ appropriate safeouards In responding to ads and arrangino meetings. Callers to the 1-MO system will be charged $2.19 per minute plus a $.98 conneclkin lee on their monthly phone blll.Touchlone phone callers will be given Instructions on how to respond to a specific ad, browse male or (emals flreslings and use Datemaloh For best receptton, cordless telephones are not recommended. Use ol this column for business solkHtatfon win be prosecuted. 4/16 RkVSF

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