The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1944
Page 11
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Improved Prop«ri TA I-*r — l!f(rh srhcml Unu h rocmi with i;iic n nn r tors. l-nni h rncun ban nil equipinoiiu noct-SHai y for Berving rhilflren. This is ;i Rood tuning: liv- tlio -00 4l A i TIKS of iininipj-ovn*! ];i ncl noa r Button willow, loc'HlPil midway hrt worn KIk f inlil nnd Bin tun willow Bua I'iehl. por at-rp. Two bodrnomM on rarh si tip, furrnsliMil. Klyrt i i 1 - 1 refrmrr- \ S 1 ri(M» down. KAHDS:,KV UlSTRK'T — Two-bodrnom home. lln rd\vo<»l floors. t ilo drn hi nnd niro ya rd fonrrd. Sprinkling system in front, S.'iOnn. EAST BAKKHSFIKI.n— AlmoBl np\v 2-hnd- rooni home. c^oglini? system floor f»ir- and plenty of cupboard ppa< e. 1701 K STRKET J70| 1C STUKKT Best buy \vn hnve had to offer. A nnnrlv new U-hKirnom. larirt* livinff room wil h f r replace, very fluent ya r<l. An rxt ra pperial buy in a fine home for $8000. Terms, Appointment. fc J. T. (Sy) Wirknr* Ififin Phono 2-Q2:>9. KveninuB 2-;JS9:* or ^- For Sale — Trailer* FOR SALE— 1H3:: Chevrolet coupe, pond condition. (IPS') 03.) Phone ^-1877 or Tularo FOIl SALE— Two-whcrl trniler. fi-fnot brd. h ' 1 ** 't^hoanly. $'.\ u. l^.tl Qninry. .Tl ' For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures EAT'TM'UL prewar Toil mi no Axminster ruff. 12x15, Hurt pad. Neutral shades. Itlrrjtl \voll with any furniture, I'hnne L'-'iTilO or see at 1UOT Kast Kightcenth .street. :u READY Caah tor If our Trailer. Trailer sold on easy payment plan. We finance our own contract*. MCLEAN THAILER MART JOO Union Avenue 8-1S-tf For Sal Automofoil AUTOMOB1LK AD COP1 must contain Ilcenae number: If on', of sUte license. ntnte 'nuat he Included In copy. 3-4-tf CONSIGNMENT O i _• ^Tlliil dli, If you wish to sell your car for top price but can't properly show it. consign it with us. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us explain 'our plan. Home SPWIHIC marhino. Gib?nn re- fr Aerator. General Electric fint-top r-iRiie. riifl Jieat^r, new fiil-pi"^ net of d^he.s. hrenkfa*t set. floor lamp, love s» at, uphnsierpfl chair, fruit jars, baby beiis, hifih chairs, Knn't Wpt mattress ; rnnned fruit, clou bit* bed with clran in n'TMprmirs, ma It res* and roil springs. dresser, 8 '^xIO hnnlpum. tn cycle. toys. i a hi* radio. rrutche«. inisrelhmeoiiR ; i ru o !». 647 O h ve Drive . Rou . ;i n KOR SALR — MnhoKany living room table; l>aby hod complete with mat t ross; used Hilk flosfl mnltresp; us*d rot ton mat- tr^ss; sfpnniip baby mattress and about six second -hand window shades, Phone FOR S A 1. 1-;— 11*44 new Perfection \vhlte kerosene ranye. 'isftl 2 months, T'hone - 1 - 7 • ars. furnllnrp. including fruit «;ju Olivo street, nonr Chester Phone 2-6864. SMALL 5-ROOM house on lot 100 feet wide; a berry patch good for $300 a year net, garage, chicken house, extra 2-room rental and work shop; five large sycamore trees make this the coolest yard In town. $0500. with nt least one- third down, balance $30 a month. ^ See a t 2128 Kentucky street. 30 SALE, by owner. 4-room home with ace. in Casa Lomn. Inquire nt 925 Hunt ins Drive. 30 Chester (Cornr Twenty-svonth) <*-2>tt SELLER OR PURCHA^KP Do you need additional cash to complete purchase of car? If so. just phone 01 drop by the AUME PMNANCF, COMPANY opposite Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendlv confidential aervlce. W. ,1. "Bill" Bergman, manager. Phone '-67f>8. 1-12-tf FOR S A LK — One 4 -piece bedroom sot ; one rt~pi*w £ living room sri ; two matched Rembrandt floor lamps; one Duncan secrota ry ; one reversible 9x1 2-foot 2 end tablp?. Cl'l: t'harlana Drive. ror Sale—Miscellaneous For Sale—Miscellaneous ST v -^ ..* —j gabergfielb CalUornian Monday, September 4, 1944 Cite Importance of i— Minimum Beet Price ! B RI E F NEWS NOTES IX DRUM-LOT QTAXTlTiKS FIX KPT PKXXSVLVAXIA OH,, r.f.r I'KK <;.\T,LOX BKST CALIFORNIA OIL. 4.V I'KU CALIvX IX 5.VC.ALLOX mifMS, PLfS FKDKKAL TAX LIMITED TIME OFFKH tht- Mi Ki I'Kir M \* TWENTY-FIFTH AND CHESTER AVEXTK IMIOXE 7-7S71 r>n imp-M'trm* f nt n minimum m kv nn su.u iit\r \ *-• i r \Y;IS r-inphnsixfil IUTM tn- clnn I,vr.M*, nt' Slorktnn. .• n!' MMM';iHfnrni;i f'oft Criiw- Martin. \\iti fi s A •••-<>ri:i t h >n. \\ ho \vrt-* in r-intVr- th* 1 Kitchen '-'tir.' \\ith Idc.-il crnw^rs. Mr. T.vons p.irt\ n < :mv I-* P.,i U-M si iH<l to p;irt if'ip'M** in ; ''* M I M f 1 1 * i L" 1 I • " * ' l ' * 1 v^^^'-Jkt l • v ^•* *-s I 1 \ j i. i L * * *' i , • ^ T t - • I ' *M*S H Mr! A supper .n. ! theater j>;;rt' m,irk"t! t h.- Iitri Ini iv anniversari* C'onipliniiMitintc Mi. nii'l Mi-!. Ken- ru-th pipkin ;nvt thf-h' son Gordon. \ i,< n*'il l. th o! of tllf lOrn urow- with tht> hun- • -'i"-ts %vr-r*' Air. . !'arkar(J. Gerry ,i:.ii !>:i\vu ;,rnl s of * IMS: \vr-k MIS at Alnt ion Of i--' Mi- \]ll, ervic o ONI-: hir^o iH-atni. ^TiOO H T Simmons ln-H ft rid f-xi r;i heavy onr n nd inn tt rnsw, Tall H- S41II. HI r-ooL -i Tier :t p. in FINK KASTKHN IHT war -I-pit-re mahogany lifdrooin sfM. I (.'ant> ri'Ht nuit ( r^sa ppriiifis. I.ikf now. I'hone l!-0:!7!i. . Dohrnsky Drive. 35 iU New and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock In Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-14SS 30 -«Ill;i!l Tim! itll'i'I* CIlHtS, 817.O FOK SALE—Used 250 to 800 intermittent G. E stationary weldln* machine. C. L. Stanclifi, phone 6-6837. Fruits and Vegetables o to Henn n I;LT. u*o Brine; your own containers. The snme kii.c] of pears we had last Will- ,,f m-x St.H-ktott, will ; lnviskii. •\-irlv in t If *-arlv t'.i II. After ;i x isit nf t h.i year. FORD irurk (CQ1296). 2-nxle semi. 2fi f**et long. Wtli poll or trnrte for car. Good ttres. new reconditioned motor. two-speed rear end. See it at 200 4 South Chester. FriEMSlUNCS — Kull hod. hunk hcdfi; 7-pir i *• niiipl* 1 diinner sf-t. kitchen FOR SALE—New Adrian baled hnv loader ; also one new Cnae 55-h. D. pnmninn eo- cine C L. Stancltff. Twenty-fourth nnd N streets. Phone 5-5837. 8-22-tf FOR SALK —1942 Dodge pickup (PCG431*. be» snen ;it 3826 Cheater ovonue. 110 KrilMTt'HI-; fMimiKh to Mian int:. to he MJ!<! in a unit. Wosti FOrn-UOOM house for aalr. Airport Acres, X orris and Bird. Full price, terms. Phono owner. 2-8089. :!0 FOR PALE— 19.T5. Chevrolet master sedan ! flCl (!67), puod ttre.M and pood shade. *eo at Fillrnore HI reel, third off Ster- ll — i FOR SALH by owiinr. 100-foot front. 6-ronin niodr-rn IIOMPO. hardwood flour, with or without furniture. 10x12 basement: six rnntala. \Vill t;ike c-a r or trailer in t rade. On».- block \\esl of x -IS2 n: LA SALLK tion. L .' private uwntT. >'hone n-ns: 1 . in coed condi- 2 SOI Alturan. 33 FOR SALK— 1!>34 Ford cnarh: will make a «oud \\ o? k ' a i '.'a !l 310 F si i pet . m modern 5-room Sunset Pn rk homn. non r P< hnola nnd him lino. See \Vurdi> D n, 2120 Chester avenue. J'hone _. flO TWO-I3KDROOM house In Sunset Park. HplendiJ condition, immediate possession, $6000, half cash, T\v i-hedrvtom house, east aide. S4750, neat and nice. Two- bed room hot) se. near ft I rport, $4250; now vacant. Brandt Investment Company 1802 H Street Phone 2-8JM6 8-8-tf MO OKI- A Knr<l r cut i In- ^pnn a i . i';ill IMSUT, or 1^7 1 1 i Miesif*r .Lam*, FOR S ( illOll ( ninlil i (Ml. A 4 t T. KH'ff.'t. t ;ihlp. hi'OEtkfnsl nook set *.juM pa mtrd S'\M-ha ir *lin inp rnnni ***M , cirenl h* M l* i i , liii'U'. 1 *|p*'p < hair, iiphnlsi st r;i inht a rni rlunr, mm fort abl** rnc' M M\ f lunr lamp, ho«l HpnnR^. matt r r,^.^v-r \vii h Iarw« a mirror. ;rn *j!"r«M\ 1 "" ] j isi* in hark. FREE FRE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It yourself AKERSFIELD COMPANY Highway 99 For Sale—Miscellaneous o For Sale—Lots ^___^^^ B _^^^_^^k_^^^_^^^_^^^ H ^^^ h .^Bk_^^^^^^^^^^^b_^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^0^k.^fl ^i^^*^^*l^^^f^r^^^^f^r^f^^r^^^*f^*r^^F^^f^*^^^ CORNER LOT on A street in Cedar Park; 66-foot frontage, sidewalks, curbs, paving paid. Trees In. At less than the bare lot prige originally paid by owner. Freal AV. Harvey, 20;t Brower building. Phone 2-4L'(JO. Evenings phone 2-4143, 30 For Sal Improved Farms ¥ 000 Oil .^MJlii 20 Acros of finest potato ianrl. Boautiful, ll-stury, vrry mntlorn, 4-hot1rf«nm home wilh heating nnd cooling s»,VHtpm to each rnuin. Spariuus yard; Inln of wator; piplinefl; new (JO- font implement shf»rl. Home alone is rnnily worth $1 2, Just tlio plane you have always rlre and hopcl for. 't ArrcH of vrry f ino mil on. boot and alfalfa land, JVrfrc tly level, 1 2 -mi IP of piprlfne; t \vo wolls prodnro about -000 vallons. A real buy a I $100 per acre; terms. 0 Arre.i of fine sandy loam. Throp pond wot IB; In nd b-vol ; two ImiJHOP, I Mantel In alfalfa, mint, potato^H and mnlnnH. t'a n be noM in soiia ra to 40-arre units. A rral ha i ^ain a I $l!l*r» per acre; terms Several in nil iplp-umt courts tor sa IP. P;I y- ing 1 0 per rent 10 1 Ti per cent not on t h*-* investment* Priced from $G700 to J12.300. Call K. T,. KHOKSCH FOR SALE — ltd ncroH of good veKotahle or poiau land ; UO a urns now in alfalfa liny; 10 acres now in Inll swept torn: 10 norr« now in mi In nmixc; 1 HCTOB now In Bnysenberries; L' water welln, lots of water, easy to irrigate; L* electric motors, OIIP nrw; house with el^^tric lights and running water; terms. \Vhiie Arvin }\ O. J3ox '/>. 31 FOR SALE—Near flhaftor. 40 acres. Half in yoi-dless grapes. Address 20L9 "I£ye" BtretM. Hakea-^f icjd. 30 42 ACRES of fine land on Oak street, 3 J .£ miles south of Brundage, fenced and leveled. Lots of ditch water and ready to be planted. A good spot to increase your hay or cotton acreage. $10,750, on terms; less than one-third down. Minerals excluded until balance paid. Freal W. Harvey. 203 Brower building. r _ Phone 2-1260; evenings. 2-4143. 30 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch. 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle set-up in California. 415 ACRES ot good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on investment. 160ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. Phone 9-9671. 7-29-tf 25 ACRES. GARDEN SOIL Clop« to city, sultahle for future subdivision, Price $375 acre, easy terms. DEAN R. HURLEY 411 Nineteenth Street. Dial 3-0275 S-21-tf THESE ARE GOOD BUYS No. 1 — 120 acres, 50 Thompsons. 27 al- fnlfa, rest vegetable land; y P. P.. all piped; A-l soil, tood house, 940,000. can borrow $20.000 at &%. Nn. 2—640 acres pood land. 2 houses nnd barns. $70 acre. No. 3 — 420 acres, fine grade A barn, 2 houses, ideal dairy ranch; well, pipelines. ISO acres now leased out tilt 1U47 nt $200 month; a eood Investment, $29.500. No. 3—80 acres, rouffh leveled. $60 acre. No. 4 — 20 acres, power plant, house, pipelines: excellent soil, $5000. No. 5—10 acies, small house, well, $1500. No. 0—lGO-«ore developed ranch. $21,000, real good terms. Kenneth K eagle, exclusive agent, Pixley. Tula re county. ' 20 ACRES — About 10 arivs in new alfalfa. Patrh of (orn, family orchard, ffrapcp. In rise barn and rorrals. foini hoimo. shop buildinBH. chirht?n houses and pens, one «j»;m mul»'R. impli'im-nts nnd just a forutblo old country house. Ideal dairy, slock r« isinp or turkeys. Kl- wood'n. 20 ACRBS — About 16 HCCOH In new alfalfa. Patch of corn, family on-hurd, grapes. large barn and rorrals. food house, shop buiidlnt;p. chicken honseH and pen**, one jspnn inuleH. implrMiientH and just a comfortable old count ry home. Iiloa 1 for dairy, slock raising or turkey*. Kl- ii. inaa "Eo." B»ach and Mountain Property FOR SALE— Furnished house and lots, Frazier Park. Inquire Evans Store. Owner wil! be on property over Labor Day. _ _ ____ 30 FOR SALE — $01100. new house al Oceano Reach, burnished, i early to move tn. "Write owner. .1. J. Oppliff*?r. Box 361. Oceu no. Culif. ___ 34 BKAl'TIKUL SHELL BEACH — San Luin Obispo county. Four nn-o highly tm- provr-d hit tf. Fruit tiecs of all kinds. shrubbery, flowers, pumping plant- and city watoi'. A REAL MOMK— 139fi square feet floor space, oak fiouiH. all-tile bath and tile Uilchen. Very lurge bi'dvooins. also a lai'Ke double paragP wilh modern apartment over, Rented for S37.50 per month. Price is $85QO. THIS IS A REAL fel'Y. T. B. THOMPSON 1013 Chorro street, San Luis Oblapo Phone 187& ' 31 For GOOD furnished income, AViIl take «nmll clear owner, 2-OSfil. Property ^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_^^^ m _^^^^^^^^^^__^^^.^^^±_j ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^U^f^f^f $175 pf*r month, reciidenue. Call For Sal Trailers FOR SALIC—Sixteen-foot trailer hoiife, »3QO. Sat Harding. Rivervlew. EIGHTEEN-FOOT "Roadhome." Four- place house trailer. Mahogany-veneer Interior, 3-burner KBB otnve and oven, sink mid storage tank with pump, bath, cedar chest, three closets. Equipped with vacuum uir brakes for car, signal. etc. Priced at $1500, terms. E. L, Kroeach. \Vaaco. Phone 645 or 582. :U FOR SALE — 1942 Continental '7»ou*e trailer, 22 feot. very *ood, prewar then, 17.50x15. electric brakes, awning 18x^2 feet, 1305 Grace street. ' 35 HAVR <1. M. C. pirknn, wish to tnule in on short -wheel hast* ton or ton and _JiM l_f j nn k. Phono 7-7SS I or .1-1107. :t J \ Automotive Service, Parts COMPLETE body and fender repairing, also front wheel alignment. Charles Vijffltrom'a Garage. 1520 Twenty-eighth Phone 2-7937. 4-12>lf GRA NT piston rings last longer. Motor tuned up. greasing and oiling: car Ptor- nge. Blue Ribbor Garage. 1916 Nineteenth. Phone 2-0674. 1-15-tf WE CAN PAINT Your Car Immediately. GMAO Budget Plan Flyiripr nnd balsa model plane kits Jeeps, trucks, tanks, ships, fittings, balaa wood rarvinv kniveu, dope and cement. <:ome in «nnd look around. ICdward's Camera Exciiangfi, 3609 Nineteenth street 8-22-tf RKPAIK your own shoes. We carry a jrood stock of lenther nnd accessories for repairing Paul Hornung, 1606 Nlne- tecnth strg. 3 Miles South of Town 34 Die tl) 0 A r? F 1019 Baker East BaUersfiold 8-17-tf .Mod in 111 Si/,e. Full Mr. . l - <>ns ;ui«l hi.' i ni 1 i,i lli'iic. iilsn i i in H:i kiTsfidii until work rimiVrrini* \\it h I\oni i:rn \vi-rs ;nn1 bus in*'« SIMP M. ;mi! IMV lit M <Ii|ii:i] UTS a( Rikcrs- M'-M Inn. K\t-( MI ivo*-: of the thp'p 1,11'U' 1 su- — i'' r.nn|i;inifs. Am» i ric.m ( 'i \ si a], I lollv a nd Spi tM'kt-ls \vt»rt» in attend- ,* ;inr<- at the Incal niectini;. K;irm Ail- . Il "° ni viser Mair I.itxlsav. stressed tlic imam «' MI' sii^-ar lu'd < as n rr<>p »e i]c\ vli ipcil in K'ci n nmntv t>\ ti"l t i't" M nn t-r r.-. AUIH- \' pl'f iSpi'i'T !\ (•• \,\ Mrs. If mother of « . n Bonnett u : K l.t in ' Jl •' } I" 11' i n. his •-1 M ' •; • a it'l (il her l' 1 •!.( t i \ t ha- !"l't A Hi n I l<»|(f i l"-<la v tains, s * in - r calling a M'-nt ion ti» the imp- >r! a nee i da 1114 It t «M-S. Ii IM.I.JIMM. u IIM n !s» visit Your Own Containers I) • "- W i " Call for A. Carter FRED C. SCHWEITZER OLDPMOBILE DEALER Phone 5-5997 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf ON'E STEEL open to i van body. 7x12, G feet high, $100; eood condition. Phone Arv i nJTJT __ ____ _ 30 Motorcycles and Bicycles FDR SALE— Motorcycle, ID 10. 1 -cylinder; Pa ray on Villior e. f "Jno hlork wrst of Mnguiuien plore, Rdifiun .Highwjiy. Box Sv\ ]*K Hny 's nr man's bii-yrl KOI K! tires, $40. San Kmirliu. For Sal Lumber PORTABLE Hercules 4-cyllnder easollne wnter well engine. Thompson Dairy. Potamac Drive betu-cen Quantlco and Oswald. 37 RADIO REPAIRS Quick service. General Service Company, 913 Baiter. Phone 2-9278. 4-24-tf KECAPPINQ Bring your old tires to UM for recapping. We use Grade A rubber; 24-hour lervlc* B1SNZINOS SERVICE Twentieth and K Streets 8-5-tf DECORATE your home with mlrrora. We specialize in mirrors and mantels, wells and floors. Bahersfleld Glass Company. 1715 Nineteenth street. I-10-tf We have a BKKJrtS oil clarifier for your nuto mobile, i ru"k or t rat lor, made for t'.-nuart c-rankraso. capacity to 2(1 quarts, and nbovfi hi dual Insinuation. A bettrr buy is to buy a m*U(;(iS now. A. H. 3<arpe Implement Housi 1 , 615 East Ninr- t pen i li. 30 InvnHiun nl Etnope" and "Rome Cap- lured by Allies" ao •; other newsreela; 8-mm and I6mm. scenic adventures and sports pictures Now cartoons Little King. Donnhl Duck, Mickey Mouse, etc. KdwanV* Camera Ex-hanse 1609 Nfne- teentv -' BOAT— Inlmuni. U-fnoi : »-xt i finrly f:tst. I'ci'ff-ct oiuulil ifin, i ";oi In- seen at ri"UH t^lrrpl utior H p. in., nr :i U. 1010 r.akci- street, East a^ a rotatnt; cv*t\i. PI uviiliiiLv iiH-ans ni* utilixinu- parly hon spring lalmr. as a means nf mainton- aiu'f n!' snjl fertility and as a moans "t pi'n\ i'lin.i; nt'i'dr-l .«tncl\ locil in (lit 1 Ilonr (if tlic v;illi». Similar Mna.s ''' n ' is •" Kitchen ; .» f.tre\^-n no.hostess dinner and lano, whi-.h .-..< i.t! vv niaa recently were Mr. and mothers. M'-s- .Mr-. A. f:. Cat". Jr . who entertained i and H. L- " at Mv-ir>- homo r-ast of Pe- poi- Hervorl nt. lano. Mr. atul Mrs. Pipkin arc leav- and the theater in« U-.-iano ft ..o r . to moke their home Mrs. Martin, .o- shaf'-r. 1'i^-^nt with the honor Mrs. Lee Srriven hard, Mr. and Ihirry Hi-rt and son, Don, Mr. Mr-. Cau- and daughter, Susan. U' for jjf-r home in Show .\ i :/ . \vas Mrs. Hoy ailed to Dc- her father. Tiirtif-." .\K;( '.}\\ Jf.y. She 1 was pani'-d to ,\!'ixona by her ; e . ..mot h' i !\ Mi •-• aUe piace | I'rni.un fuil'djgh in ~. Mr. arid Mrs. Kir^L Class C'lc» in art;<>n in rient at th'.' it Albany. to th'-ir Delano homo '-i \ar:ition at Pisnio Beach arc Mrs. AKIU-S Villard and and Miss An trie Villard. Spending Wednesday jn Fresno on business w°i'c Me>dames Homer A. Bower, lyorna Ammons. Rose Couch and S. T. I'.rownfold. all of who will weeks. , ,t days In \\nli lus ii;..! ii,-i . .\rrs. !>r- i *'t i ss 'nrporal v'amp i o i heir I ti-la n< i home (heir v.icatnii at Sai.t.. « Tux Mr. alnl Alt - . I lamM Ol- i>u,m" and l»aic and Hay. \\ i Win from a a c>it if way PERSONAL MENTION f I..AKCK X <* n. 1 PKAt'IIKS : j.u; Just Rp:i-'RI(3KRATOHS overhauled. washinj? I in.'ichiiU'H rphuilt fonler sprviri*. \\'o i rilKSTKU '.ritiiAP, UK> BniMin also niovo i'of i i inn, Oildalo, rn P.-S \VashinK- 2-7S7S. FOR SAL 1.0—Ulmvf?r for roolr-r. "• , nu-i 1 for trailer house. 1408 Twenty- pighth. 30 BKAN' CI'TTER attachment for Fnrmnll tractors. Immediati 1 delivery. Linder 11 a rd \vn re Coin pa n y. Tula re. <;u.\}-i-:s inr NJI|I-._ i 'iiii _-Ji - - ' WA.\TI-;i> TO nrV-Twn lu^s of nu-di • •I s and lug "I" whUu 11 7-7:n t ONE PREWAR IN chesterfield sot with spririRs; one pair man's rubbers. niic pair (tvf.'rshoi-'s. one pair boots, f . L'0-35 deer pun and .IJO-SO deer FOR SAt^hJ—Twr- span of eoort work mnres. one brood mare with coll. Phnne Mr. Groat. 7-19-tf cin|ili;isix.»,l l.v Cliarh's F'. L:ik<>. AIISS I'ATFi It' 1A SlMI'SnX. ,];iii. nl' ill-- K«-ni\ Chain- in- of Mr. .-tini Mi's. U. K. Simp- SMM. nf I'ur, San Kmiflii) stn-ct. T.n'i, is >pemlinj^ n i \vu-weeks' .it i«>n uiih IIIT sisti'i'. Hfis\\ in S.iM i''ran«'is< -it. .Mj>s MI-IJ-V Simpson rcrcnl Iv ^r:idii.iti-d ('nun S:. .M;n\''s Ct.llr^o nt' nui'sinu r am! is now in San Francisco waiting to I.ikt 1 ln-r slate oxamina t ions. \'is- iiiim with them is Hvart \\"t»edon. :t I tinner Taft reside nt just, rot urnnd from Arabia. COKI'OftAl, i'()VT BI700KS visitt-d in Tall recently wilh his parents. Mr. and .Mrs. .!. r. FJmnks of .In;; Henna \'isla avenue. Uecentlv returned from the Aleutian area, ho is now receiving treatment at the army hospital in Van Xuys for an injured shoulder. While In the Aleutians, ho was with Harbor Craft DCT. h- | PRIVATI-: KI.KANOll J. HAR Hcrord < i innn\'*s peculiar position as rd breaking" prndiiet ion center of sii.nar lieeis was also oiitlinetl ny reprrsiMiiatix-es of the sm^ar com- and other speakers. It was nut that while the national average is 17 tons i»»-r acre. 1M and -"> tuns )ter acre art in the Shaftor area at this time, and ii tons per acre in Kern county has FOR SALE — (ioo.l Jersey i ow, M balefl nf Ktm. shells Tor Drive, Oildale. bo Hi. 1400 Shasta ' _~ FOR SALE— Tour-way drap bits, various si'/.es. sharp. IC.'Iti Tbirt.v-third street FOR SALE— Rrand new liaitery. m«n $10. will neJI lor J1LV snld with IS-mnnth Win ran lee; oiif ^-i-iin-h pii>u wrcm-h ; one L'4-incb meat sa \v and a (leaver 1 ; one ( ro.ssi ut saw; one riffhl saw, and parden tool**. 24.'. 1 - Fifth .sired. VACTI'M CIJOAXICIIS. irons, bfatint p;i().«. motors, every thine etec- t rica 1 repairpd. Mnnoy-bnck Ruarantee. Hunllpy Appliance Service and Repairs. Plume 2-j:>70 NOW IS THE TIME tr fortilized before, rams bt-g'n; TOO per cent pure dairy iltzer. mechanirally pulverised. $6 FOR SALE— I'inball marhine in wood condition. yi'O Lake stri.'ei. t-ol latre 111-. KOIi ei' loud. delivered. Hairy. L'-4n^7 or J-JCli Phone Husk's 54 SEK THE DAVIS FURNITURE CO. WHILE IT LASTS 1x4 1x6 2x2 2x6 2x12 GxG 3x4 3x6 3x12 ^ n Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Saturday, 8 a. m. to 12 noon. Will be closed September 2 and 4. Open Tuesday morning. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 30 HO UTS & BOX Cut-rate Lumber Yard. 2200 Edlsnn Highway. Bakersfield. 7-1-tf For Sale—Furniture t Fixtures HIGHEST PRICES PAID for furniture. household articles, appliances, tonlg, etc. Prompt, courteous service. Victory Fur- nltur*. 618 Union avenue. Phone 3-1 GO5. 88 USED FURN1TURF) wanted. We call any place In city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy While Furniture. Phone 7-7021. 6-12-tf USED FURNITURE. tOiHs. »tnve». miscellaneous articles of ill kinds We will buy anything. Call 4-4828. Authorized Maytag aervlce nna parts. Furniture • repaired. Bol> Alorley'a New and Used Furniture Storo. 180U Q 46 FRTGIDAIRE (6-cubic-foot). stove 'Matcic Phef) or Philco radio to hn sold in combination with olhor qua lily furniture of your selection < Chest ei* field act. .Monterry styl-* davenport, bedroom seta, upholstered f-lmirs, h road loom nip n nd nt her items including 5-1 ooi Infant lied and mutt i ess). ItJSL Alia Vista Urivo. •jo FOR S A LI-:—One large folding baby buggy. .-ilmosi ii'tw. Call f>-f>S17. 711 30 I EN.IOY meptlnc my f-iends on the street since I "an hear with VACOMTE. Clement Hershey. 2733 Center. Phone 2-0571. 8-29-tf swald 9 o SMALL TABLK AND CHAIR SET DOCTOR AND NURSRS 1 KIT BIRTHDAY AND PARTY TOYS BAKERSPIKLD HARWARB 20J5_CHKSTER AVENCE — Woodwork and huhe. J'huin? WA.-: - $10 "5c doz. Hot Watc.' Hratera Laundry Trays Fruit .In i- PliUJ irin SraJes Show Cases yinn Is Ice Cream Mnkcr llevern^e Cooler AVooden Bu\\ Is Dishes .Stock Pot.* Sloam Tables Hi'oonis JMopa Cnolrrs Hundreds of olher Onwn Id's Restaurant Supply 71t* Nineteenth Street Phone 2- 50 10- INCH fl'-ci rio t';mt. ll-^Dt'ed tisrillai int? : h;itty l»i'd foul hmh ch;nr. Call l-Miscm Highway, llamhnw Cuuii. David SALI-J — Ctishinaii aulu J »criiHriJ. UN Li COiU.Klt; jmir nililxM- hunis, si/" S; InK^cr'^ hunts, Htxo !t ; 3-huintT dilsinv iron bed mid two sous of spiMnys, OI dun-tie lahle. Phon.' ;i-L'7I»d. «(»()(! ;iltall;i hny. _ IMume _J -1 1 ti:{._ ^l HA Fi[ilTS :t ml him hos lor snlo; ;i Is-o f(-iir ' prt if 11 nii II St 1-fM-l I'liuiii: --l.'iT'i ur fall ATTENTION ood-tested baby chicke. brooders, poultry supplies nnd ieert. Wo buy your e«ss. Chicks «15 hundred. 2219 Union, or 814 Eighth. Phoiu- 7-702S 01 i i'i'i»ril«'il. Tlie niMiimi pictures shtiwn l>y Mr. Lynns r^voalod that su^ar In'eis ,uro\\'ii in Kern county ;i t r at least l u'irn, and («t't<»n throo ami l'onr Times as larm 1 as nn^ar boets Ki'own in ollior scctinns of the nation. The priee KMararitei 1 . anil tlie avail- anility nf heel harvesters, \\hirh can now he rented and leased through ihe lar^' 1 Pillar rumpanies. eliminate the risks nf the past, nnd assure prospective and present heet growers of staliility and success in ] increasing acreage, according" to Mr. Lynns and local farm officials. BABY CHICKS. $16 per hundred; New Hampshire Reds. Rhode Island Reda, IMymnuth Rocks. Roi.k and Red Cross: nd\\ shipmput every Monday order early. Also plenty of metal feeders, fountains and poullw inedicincs. Store. 2f>2; Ward'i l^arm 4-]7-tr OFFERING 4 n number 01 nuistandtng yearling and 2-yenr-nld registered Hereford bull:. \, H. Karpe. Phone 1M671. 7-19-tf CHICKS started on order We have colored broilers, roast ins hens. Riverview Hfttchery, 215 Roberto i^ane, l j hone 2-fl395. 7-19-lf UY. SELL or trade all kinds of livestock. Phnne 2-3022. Roy Johnson. 1 mile north Pumpkin Center. 200 yards east on Hoskins Road. ON 10 h<?a"y team for sale or trnde. for hay. ^ leather, harness._^ Phone Aj;yin_7;i. ATTENTION. POUI.TUVMEN '. C)u. p MarUol la Open We Pay ' for Krytrs and Rons One Bloc* West of (i;tst Rakersficld Pdst Office 1100 Kern Street Dial 2-iMr.S nitADFOHD POULTRY AlAKKET 76 lady's l)coi m-oworp liavo boon ;t minimum prico for next yoar, \vhirh will l>o at the least as Rotnl as this year, ami the announcement has born ma lie early enough to allow early planting of the crop in Kern county a,« well as in other sect inns of the state," said M r. Lyons today. : HOWARD AROKXT, I'nitod Si at os Marine Corps, nnw stationed Ml »'amp I'en die ton. and his \viIV. wlio resides in SHU Jose, wort- rt'Cfiu visitors in Tal't with liis paronts, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Anjont of 524 hicrly avenue. l*ri- vaie Ardent entered the service in .hi no. MRS. iMARGARKT SALLADY, who rosidi.-s on thu C. (.'. ^1. f). lea at? noar Kellows, is now al tho homo nf relatives in LDH Anyoles al'ioi- under^oinK a major operation recently in tin? Sunui I'V Hospital. RECORDED ft VKKIISI II l,l> J. Abmo. a Adnnis, a son, FOR SAI.K or irad. 1 . li:iy !l Alia Vist;i. Phnno LIMITED Dumber of new »nd factory rebuilt Hoover sweeper** available only to persona bflVinK old Hoovere to trade In. Liber I allowance. (Juaranteed factory parts and service. Call Weill'a service department. 6-5861. 7-6-tf GKT. YOUR rubber stamps from Bakersfield's only rubber .tamp company. You will be satisfied with Its prompt service. Pads. inks, riuter* of all makes. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102. TWO BUDS, full size, with inHttfHKses and springs. JTiO nach; one day hud. $::'); nielli liiblf. J]0; .hi Id's j violin. $7.i"iO; lady's bluf> silk dicus. 1 (I, $:>; OIIP pair wonittn' s groc i n si si/.e Hi. $U; two Birls* ruai.«. all wool, | one WHIP, one crcen. si7,0 10, $,:.' m a ti' s n P w wool c a br> rd i n e ha l h wine rotor medium HIXP. $8. 2KH Verde 1 . Phone 2-sli; cr SpatiH.'l pup. 1" wci-ks* old; red hlnnd. l*a|"-is. TDli Viiscinilt-' DIN TNG SKT with whiit- l^nlhrr sonts. Two nintcbinp ruffs with pads. Oxl L 1 and !tx9. White bicakfawL room sei. PRKWAH Taylor Tot, small bod with mflt- t ren», nurspry oha ir and baby busey. ^:ij Washington. Oildnlc. ;iO TIRB RECAPPING ONE-DAY SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANY 171- K STREET PHONE 6-6069 * 2-29-tf ONE G-rylind' 1 !' automohilt: enKim\ in mu i-ondh ion, monnit'd nn portable frame and whcc!.«. Kino for ptnni'iitm j>lant or portable \vond en w; alsn one rtuiuniat «• watPi' heater. Call 171'!) Pacific or phone :'-s;:i:t. Radios, Musical Instruments H y*. (TT Wanted to Buy — Automobiles WILL PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CA IN 3 MINUTES. FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf TOP PKKJES paid for late model radios. Post on Radio Service, corner of K and 99 Highway. Phone 2-041)8 2-1-tf WASHING MACHINES repaired, quick I „.., , .., .. . . . " ' ; ; aervire. Montcomery Ward Ap'rx and ! WILL HAY highest cash price for your nil makes repaired nnd rebuilt. General For Exchange— Miscel laneous WJ 1 .1, Til A I>K < lot for lalt-r 1 '-' ::.". I >nd^L' H.-da n .- Hi-dan. 1'hun.- AH1XU—To wife of sun, Ca >. t jinn. Aiigusi AUAMS—Tn \vii'- .if I Ili-x Jllllinr. Atl^lisl '.'. AltKNAS—Tn \\\\# nf llilarm LMaiuit:! Ait'nas. a MM i, i I Mono Mumu'l. Jr., Au- uusi !*. AH(»s-—T«» wife uf Cruz AIDS, a son, Uiululth. August !'. liAI-LINC.KH —To wife of lt-M HallinBrr. a dauKMtvi, Judith. AMCLI.SI 1J. Hl-;ilHV— -To wifo of UtHKiIil Lounaid Hi'iiy. a duuniilt-r, Itonna l-Jileiu 1 . Au(,' u s t H . .tSHKAKS — Tn will- of tfirvr Hoylfais. a dauuhtcr. \Vittua Dvl. H. CKKV—-Tu \\'\lt; of All'uMMt Aiiilmny ,\'. a sun. Cluo lea K ran (.-is, Au- TOTXKK—To w\(» of Frank Tmxko. a •r. Putiu'ia Ann. August 1^. \VHITK~Tn witY nt Hohcrt Preston \Vhite, 110 It ON AlIl.l.IHtlJJN—Tn wit" of William Haril Millhollip. a diiuBhl(. ¥ r. ZiK'-A: Icah linaLn-i h, August \. KOSAMOMt Mi t'UVTOCK—Tu wifp of J..M-PM Wrny I'hnln.k, u d;tiiHliU:i. I'atiiji M.i\. ]7. Ml KOf Legal Notices •F T(» < i:i;nnoHs No. HI.V! In ill.' Ca 11 fcrilia < n ;mil for ih • f ih" Slat!- r,f tit' KIM n. In the Ma tit- r uf the Ksi ;iii Chun-hill Se1il**n, aUo kn««\vn 'iu a Isu knuwn us (Ma rrin t- Si^ld* n. Service On. Si3 Baker, phons 2-9278, S-28-tf ISffl iiillilll o 8-11-tf Before selling your car drive to Twenty-first and K streets. We need cars. Motor Center Used Car Department. 3-C-tf Bud and Pete Klaisen. 3-1546. Phont 3-1769 or 46 THI3 OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINSTRA- TION has set dollars-and-centa ceiling prices nn used refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, typewriters. bed sprinea. cameras and photographic equipment. These maxmium prices Apply to every seller, even to an Individual selling his nersonnl household effects. For information concerning these and all other celling prices, call the Bakersfield War Price ^nd RatloninR Board. Phone 9-1*419. 6-13-tf Wanted to Buy—Automobiles Wanted to Buy—Automobiles FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO VOUR CHEVROLET, BUICK, CADILLAC DEALER 8-24-tf WIS BUY ALL MAKES OF CARS SELL ELSE!HER FULL CE USB BAKBR-AOAMS MOTOR COMPANT 2706 Ghenter Avenue Phone 7-11'tf piano. Call 8-8673. 1-26-tf lad U We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio o Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-049S 12-Mf PIANO WANTED— Highest cash price paid for new nnd used pianna. } 3 hon« 8-8i)81. t) 1 ;i- 1 f CAR AERtAJ-t; fni an. tnnke of car. $4 96 and up. Pnston Radin, corner ol K street and 9. Hl«hwa>. 9-1-tt RAp(C»r -Snlri tnidet or repaired. We eivc expert service at reasonable prices. ^ Pumfrlcin ('enter Second hand .Stnre. __ 3J HIGHEST PRICKS pai<, for used radios. Raker«fielrl Radio Supply, 280R Chester avenue. Phone ^-5150. 8-11-tf RADIO BOUGHT AND SOLD Cabinet Models $29 50 Up All rarllos orfered Cor •«!*• have been reconditioned, and are guaranteed. 8ERVIO10 ON ANY MAKE RADIO BAKKRSFIELD RADIO SUPPLY HKSTbJR AVICNUK DIAf, 2-5Ui« 8-11-tf CASH FOR your old radio regardless of age, make or condition. \Ve pick them up ut your home. Phone * 2-5193. FOR SAM-;— Car radio, will fit any car. $L'5. 70S Thirtieth Blrcct. FMioiiti 2-15:"J. HAniTONK HORN. Am'.Tlt-an ma nlniuHt like new. tarrymt; r»MV in u nn book, inUHic. music rack. $75. ;il')i SA LIC — rpritiht pi a no, «nnd tion. ''all al tin- Blru k lluaul WANTKD — A record player, wil h nr \vst h- nui tk- tad i;ih It Kifukr r. t.'ull V. M. SALK — Rpt'onrlMiom-d . J70 cash. l-M'tat alto Alliy -;m WILL PAY CASH for typewriter!. nddlng machine*, checkwrltera am' cnah reuia- tere L5'nch Typewriter Cnmwiny. UI50 'heater avenue. fi-2'.i-tf Fruits end Vegetables Cumin you them Very best quality, 60c per lu«; brim youi own container!. North ' !he*ter avenue, through OlUUle. adJotnlnK tank fa 32 CKORGfA BELL and While .'H, SI.50 per HIB. HrlriK cnnialii- fleul Koud and Cook avenutr, tl»o Miller place. ;t No. 1 ,UBBV PEACHK3 FOR 8AUK. ict* i*^ horehy ti v<-n bv i ho , Mar^ui cl r l\ S^ldcn. Adtninistrat rix with the Will Amu'\**(l nl lh« i i*st ai •• nf .'laronro C'hurrhill Ht-lH^n, UIM :i*a^ftl t tn l hr* orecliiors f»l", and all lu-rsnns having launs ;iL:n inst iho sri nl «li t casod. in pt *'- si'in t hfun ^^'1l Ii ih* 1 m*n ssai > H \ MUM IH TH wjlhin MX muni hs all' 1 !' i h** \\r^\ imhl t- al inn of linn nut M n, t<> ^anl Ailnnnist ra- 'LX a I 1 h<* law nl't'h o -»I H 1 IUM < > , ,luhn>i ->ri ak^r. -."»:» HH!MM fehl" Iluilrlinu. in uf BakcTHt ii*UI. Kt'rn cunni >\ i ia, which sa id nf f i*-o I he iind'M signed lw an a place ol hnsiiM'SM in al! tna t - UUIHHM.-UM] wji h sa M! t*st a t '-. or to filo wilh tho Tir/cfssarv vouchrrs, wuhin jniiiithM n I U j i the I U - MI pulilica t nni nf notuc in th* 1 t "I'M** of UH* ilcik nf th*' Super ror Conrt nf tho Si an* of < 'nli- fnrn ia. nt and for Ihe Cuuni y nf Kern. I >alcd and Lir*l published Scplenii^r >r 4. 1 9 1 I . JIARVKY. JII«'>XSTn\ & \\\K\ : ]\\. uO!i Malu-rfeliltt HuiMin^:, Ilakt-rst n-hl, v*ahfoi niu» Attnt n»\vs t nr A d nn nisi rah ix. -MAROAIiKT T. SKLMKN. As Ad mini si ral rix '\MI h l he Will Ann- i \rd nf th*- eMaie of < 'lai'iMice rhurehill Sf-U d'Mi, a 1st i knoxvn :*^ ( 'l.i M-IU » C. Sell JVM, :i \*n known as <\ < \ Se KtMJt. -I, 1I.1S. ^Tii Oct. :. CA IOTA.NO—Tn wile nf Fiank Silva Cui'iaini, a Sfui. I-'i auk I'lt'i i *\ Au- BUNI 14. CAM.AWAY—Tn wife nf James Callnway, it dauKhUM. '1'ilyiha Jean. AURLINI. 1', CASTHt>~To wifi? of I'cto Ciitttro. a (M 1 , X'lr^inia, AUKU**( S. '—To wil> o£ Itnmain Pi^i'i 1 * 1 til.' I'UA l< J—T" wifp nf Mi'lvin I>avis Crats. a ilaimliifi, IJt)1nin.' .luiif. Autfust i'KKMKANS -T«i wilr nl Cullili" ('i •ftMt-an.",. a da UK liter, Jnhanna AlIKUSt 1 ~. I.IAXIS- - T., wil" ( ,r Hall UaviH. a yon. I'ati!. AUKUSI s. »!•-/—To witf ,,f Andrew HOI a M.MI. Ituh-'M ust-a r. AUKUSI H. -Tn wii'u ol lii-ri C. Hitk'"!*, u . Jn> i •(> lula IMP. A UK us t !*. HlMtl-;itT-T'» wif- f Hay Hi.-jijainin 1M- Itt-ri, a HI in. Ht-njf in in C.i'iu-. AujiUht Hi. JH'KILL—Tu \\n.' of .liirk Junior Hukitl. a datmhttT. Uonna J«-an, August 1 ;t. K.\ LLi H '1 i -Tn wif'- nl' J-'it^ Hantjnlpli J-Callu.h. Jr.. a ilauthtt'i. Uuil Klla. Au- KUNI 11. KKAMIOIt— Tn wih: of Clmn ilyiun Kia ni-'i. ;i diujKhi4i, (Ili'iina lioiu'. Au- Knise. Jfi :idlnui, u t!iiu«ht»M . A nil:* Mrintex, AUKU^I 1 n, CAKKSS- To wiftf uf Hnrnld Curettf. a stJiu * ;:u y I-VMIK August L Il— Tn wn^ i ( J:nk KuRotie Cnn- ;i ti a UK hi or, t-auinhM Kay, Au- IM. K— To wtfo of Conr^-* i:d\v;ird luhor, a son, Oooi-yo KdwartL Ji\. Au- wifo u f Jussi* IClmor Mary I.ouiso. Au- C. Wohh. L I. u u WKHH---TO wit.; nf d.iuKhli-r. Calc ],»'«• I>I-;K.\\O AQI'IVA--To wtftj of Knardo Aquliia. a ilauMlU'-i-. Anun. Aui;nsi 17. f'K A HTKKI' -- Tn wife of .la urns F*. ('rah- iit-i-. a son. William Hay. Auyusi in. ni'NX-—To \vifo nf (*. 1'. luinn. a sen. La i i y Wayni". AiiKUf't I 4. nAT/.YlAX —To wif« nf <'hari.'s William Hat/.man, H sf.n. AViIliuin Cc-nftfe. Au- MiKIXXIK—To \\ifo nf .hip C.', •t. Tainai a Jn.>. A MKLIMI U..KII--TO \\-\fi- ot Claud.' it. Mil!t.*r. :i ."on, Itnlihiu Clainlc. August S. a diumhiM-, .Maryard J.y.lin, AMRUM SKTKAKIAN —To WM'U i-l 1 Si.ur«Mi S t kiari, a dauylili-i. Judith Su.\ KUSl HOWS, rjiit»-i sr.aos Marine Corps \Vnnn n'< Hf>cr\ o, is now taking 1 a 21 xvf'ks innnincr course at tho Aviiiiinn Machinist Mate School at tlio Xaval Training Contor at Xorman. oki.-i, she recently c-oinpletpfl her ror-rnii training at Camp Le Jeunn. X. C. Private Barrows is the 'laimhtor of Mr. and Mrs. .Leigh BJUT"\VR of I^ost Hills. She graduated from Tat't Junior with the class of 104^'. I. AND MHS. \V. o. CLAMMEK of Follows havo received word of Hie birth of their first prandchild. ;t son born in Whit tier to their S"ii and dutighter-in-law, Corporal and Mrs. Clayton Clammer. Tho hiiby weighed six pounds, five ounces nnd has been named Clayton Charles. Corporal dammar is now overseas. MRS. FANNIE KTBBE has re- turiipd to the Delano home of her son, Harry Kibbe, from Fresno whfro she spent several weeks as the miost of her granddaughters, .\Iosdamos Phillip Bitter and MirhruM Hammond. Mrs. Harry Kihbo of Delano made the trip to i'rrsno to accompany her to Delano. DONALD TAYLOR, who is attend- inff iho navy school at Mare Island, spent four days with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Dixou Taylor, in Lost Hills. Joining the family group were their daughter and son-in-law. Staff Sergeant and Mrs. Kclward Owens, and daughter, Kddim\ of Oildale. MR. AND MRS. BEN" J. HARDER and da ugh tor, Shirley, have returned to their Denalo home from a week's visit in Los Angeles with their daughters, the Misses Gladys nnd PI I lee n Harder, and in Glendale with Mrs. Hugh Buntine, sister of Mrs. Harder and family. GKOROK \V. CAMERON, signal- nui n 1 bird r lass, of the armed guard is in Taft on a short leave, visiting with his mother, Mrs. Nanry Cameron. He is well known here, having attended local elementary and high schools. MHS. VIRGINIA COX, who with her baby is visiting with her cousin, .Mrs. Glen Shaff and family of Delano, spent a day in JlakorsfieM recently visiting with other relatives. MRS. MADGK SMITH of Bakersfield is a house guest at the home of her sister. Mrs, Gladys Formway, and niece. Miss Winifred Form way, in Kellows. CONST A B LK A N D MRS. FRED nrsiIONG of Lost Hills had aa their guests Wednesday their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. William Glick, and daughter, Yvonne, of Kosedale. MRS. ZKLLA WHITE of Modesto is a, house guest with her daughter, Mrs. L. Hiakely and family, nf the r. C. M. O. lease near ;i a w i 11' of J;H oh n I- 1 c. Auyu^l U.I.MAS— To u'H- nf Annum. X. ilaiJjihli r , Ju.-.* ['lull''. AilKilsl 1 L.'. LI i\\ K- -Tu \viu u! J;int»'s Fr.tnklm :i MM', (illy KuUi.-. Aiit4iisl I't. U CKV T-J win- «if I'ri'HC'in Kurt Ln'cky. a ilau^ltlci. 1'aliKiii Aim, Au^uM 1 'j. HKK--T.. win* ul lion Hilm-i .Mai , .i daii^hu.'i, CMi'iA 1 Ann. Au- u 11 -1 1.".. An- SI'All \\n-~To wif.- of Anihnny Spar. inn. a «ioii. Anthony Ja.spi-i , Any 1.1^ SIIAI TKK MXON--TU \vitv <T i-\ c N,.\o n . a & ( ,n. ''Mian l *i.y. Aucn^l 1 ,",. IQl !•:/, — T-. \\i!" of H;iv:rl V'lfd-j; I :o, | rid IK-/. ii da UK hie i . Ma iv Kloisa,' A ii-ii--t i :.'. STIt l-;i IT Tn \\ i I'c nf i "la> t"ll Camper Sir-ffi. a ilaiii^litt r, Punn.i Jnaun. An« M n t 1 - . TITS\V«>J;TI|"-T.. \\ WILLIAM STALL of Delano Is In 5781 MAltHiN - To wil*.- ..f KllK-M Mannri. a son, Joi i y Ilu hinU Louis, AuyuM ",. MI iltDKN- Tu wife ol' Tin mi a." Siitn.n jiiifii. a *J.i'Jt;liLt.'r. Alley I to.-a let. Au- NKlX.iX—Tu wif" uf UfX Wo'MJruw Ncl- MIM, H iscn. Neil \yiin. Au«u--l 17. I'A <'!•>- To wil' "t Kan- MHI Uus i'ai.-. u MIII. Jam>-s I'M w a ril, AIIKU>I It. J'AKKA - Tu wit*- of Frank A. I'arni. u ilaitKht* i. l-'i a IK e*j JuaniUj. AIIKUSI 1 ."i. 1'KTKUSKN -Tr. wife uf l'i u-r Arlhui I'dci^uii. a .sun. Mioiln Hu:-s. AUKHNI 1 •!. J'l.MMONTA Tn will- of At- -in I 'i in imt a . ,i <!;> u^hl'-i . Mui^au'l. AUKUMI !(. \VHITI-: TM wil" of J.ittiHH I \VMI •l.nmhirr*-. I>'iiuia i.aiKi l.m ill' AIIMISL 11. T]!S\V«M i h. twin snuv. M.titm Ji-rii!d and Ala j -VIM Ka i 1. Auunsi 1 :' \v.\ J.K I-:U-~T.J uifn nr Kfinifiii urvrc \\'alktM. a. tiau«liloi, tiarhara Jane July U. AMiiiNA.--To wil,. of Fr.uik Aiuiuna. u »on Juan M:unn-t. August I 1. eOI'KLAND--T.> wif. of JfY,x.< C. Cnpo- la In |. a :-<MI. t ! l^n .fun tor. A 111:11.-M II n I'.NT AX-—To wit" i.f llcnr> Inn.i an. .1 il.umhir-r. Onruih> Mafir. An«u.-.t It , NIl'HuLS-—Tn Wit> of I,'.- X:« ho!- ;it \'«-st a .Mai-'" A npiiM I 'J I 'littf and N1CKK1J,—T.I \v i f o „(' \\' a il a uwli '*•!-, Kiln I 1 T MM*-. A u.uu^t K- II sn UfiMfs where he is the guest his uncle, Robert de Chalne ;md family. MIIS. Jo.SKPH [1KKKIX and daii« hi or. .Marilyn, have returned to their 1 lelaii'i homo from a in-day visit wilh Mrs. Heekin'a sister, Mrs. .r. \Vhittmayer. MKS. .JoilX SCHUVTEN of Berkeley is spotniinK ;L \\erk in tho De- latio lUsirti-i with her parents, ilr. and Mrs. Karl <1. Gndint;, at their raneh Immo rmrthwost "f Delano. MRS. AKXOLD I1ORX AXD MISS MAKMARA TooZl-I liavc returned to Deh'uio I'rom 1'^resnn where they had a rwo-day visit with relatives, > Poultry and Eggs . AV;KM;S \\ tiOUAIAN III;MII i -MI: T<I \\-\\ J.'l Ml**^ V. tj s l "1 \\ il 1 a. Cv ! ll da uy hi »_'i . HJ !>*-, A uu ii>t HI 1TONWILWHV ASH \\ - \\"i K l.VAIlh '|V, w!,. 01 1. 1( \,| H,i\ a son. Tommy Ua\ AIH.MI.-I | •; \\'i iflK -Tu Wilr of .Ittlitt ll< n' \ W. • l.iunlili-: , l-;i]Mht' I'hua. Aliens!. (HI DAI » \VII.I.1A.MS—T-. wiCo ..f S.ini'.i-: M •!ll,nn-<. , ( s.,n. J..,, i \ .-'l 11. \\ ^ f au* nni I A L. . I 4 A " 1 4. I* '2 T Mu.ill, La I'** . \ -i* A \ \ Tl I'MAN il- (tf All.l> ('Ml a il.iu.4h' t-j . IJt-l I > Joy./r. July IS. I All' i!A KTt i.\- -To v. itu of Huriy Will,am ,u t > \\' ill iain. J i.. Au- I.M.MAS--TO KUSI.' IS. iin.m \\n \r\\ou i p, 1 ' t. '. f 1 1*- 1 i X A A ',-V'J ^ na ! !*-TH . 1 ! <j<*. Of |-::i: ',il •-li 'p^ 1 .•>A ..!;. A u- A L"J r h : nu' i t uii, -i [t.\TKS - -i a irum ft nt K,i> lU i i u in- uf Tin- if ML K i in In r K- a >MM. Tin -run A rhf, A >1J \ A -Tu win- u] Alaf^ai MO a iLi'inlMiM . J\> A nno .Margii Mia OBITUARY NOTICES 1 A . I A '- K*iMKin "S- 'I ITP-. a STAKK a 'i L ul 1 Kirh AU- Tu ui!.- "f Wilhiim Ih/nry iirt , i\i\ hy, A m;uM I. Tu wit ur Unman D, > i' I I \' ( 'a I'l. AllHSt 1 1 . •-. M .. ill' 1 *. \\ .tit i j . »l'KMJK — T<i wit"* Ti*t MI-J . -i t: i j > L I . imn:\< 'i: UJ M-HM . u ut H -nn a nn ,\li* ih Au- Sha i "ji Kay, Au- Ity MRH. AN MO CAltOT , JUHI had to spend $ 1 'I rinlLirs \VI1.S<'.\ -To wilr ill' U'lbi-rl ILnoM \\fl- :-<u .i SMM. U.ilir: 1 ]': .JVLH. AiJ^Usl li. WISH - TM \\ ill' Mf H;i> MM..|nt 11«1>U \VlN4-. a 'iJMjKht* r . Mil nl> n l-'i rnlii. Annual 11. \\"* H »l »f \< »U"-• -Tu \vf j t* ut 1 i Hi vis Wooil t nw. ;i da uult11*1 . l.'hii riot i** Ann. August 1 yi i \KM;Y- -T-> \\ nv nt wiitiam j<* umn Vu.*K!#\v. J i,, :t son, \\'illiititi JM e.^lon, /' U J II H \i II MM Hl< 'K -To wti'f nt NVil liiffcml Iln'i\ a .M(iri. I »:i vi.I riit tniit AugUhL 11\ ^:11'»\VKI-I. -T-i wpti* of DM k iMovv.Ml, :i KOIUSSON ItHWAKI) Fun. nl . ••!' I'M U .: f'l Ki'liirtStllK S^ \\ \\., JX Ml ,j 1m |4 | huspiKll S< p; • jnh» i "i ;i t ] .}n p. i ML Ahn Lu;t j y, ihi> Jti-v^n nd H .!. i^ oft M ;.i i MX t nt i-i n:.'in vv u! h»* in I" riion « Vinrt MI \ SIM vi\ m^ M T K^r^Mi- *nn 's on- h. i phi>\\ , Tom * > ' Hi ,an. SMI'IIL MAKV AllNKS—Kunrral .-IMVI os I "' ALn \ A -;in s STM n li. t.i; \\ \,, .^i-p! i -nil**-!' j •* i hor < ",ih l o: n .a ;L \ i fi;ii*- i \\ "* ni lu :io .1 m. a Uu* I "•' Mil J ^ , lllr }l\*\ t-i'tMhl H"l I 'sU Al i N*T nl [';. jjit nitf InU'rnuMi \\ <\l bo a 1 lav ; la IK t \li .H >tn\\ h sp.-ni a I! hi.M \\ !• i M Krt n ' mini v . Su r \• f vn cs a r*> s^n> Kah-h S -V Sinnh, Si-aUM'H. i 'hac his A S*ni( h, Joliu-suiMla U 1 . <la us l:t <M s. Mr n l,.uu.i Su H'/.IM. Ill P.iso. Ti'\as* Mi s* lluhn. Tolia- IUIIM. u'rum f'i-i.;L,-y lluhn. I.ohhv Itului, Tha l'-h*M\ Susan Tl h a d b^r (^"-j ^ ia ThntrhiM . l-'ianr^n Smith K'-niu !h SnnOi, Shu mm Sum h M ml l'ats> Smith . 1 I ,\ !T V\ ! ' Ana" * i- - ; '/> • \ ixC i Jci a. Mrs- \\ ^ It..:;.' .M:^ K t i An M> i i 1- Si 1 -nv, S.i nl a A ':<* srUhllv, AIMH,I'll AMOS —Kuneral M'/'' [i ••> I" >r A il'j'.j'h A I'lnn Spr<-hn t M,, ^v IUT (!'*•'* A IUMM .'.'* ai a ^ouihv>rn Citfi- ;* r i^ r 'a !M in ,i l <;•'• \. \ < fi : v. ' v r - .11 * N ; .^ At.ui '* S» ri'di 1 1 'l -./ha pel the i'eler A I i.s;;.i K *. ;» 1 ' - • \ p tiaiu hi. r , \\'ash. ; A iu:» i b\> ; H:.>U r --, < 'ha mtror'ji in *>sri arul r. fc <sn-vi\ uiff Alr- -• u :d*»\v. Mrs. Annie h. I*M\ ! ,''». I'.i liorhl'ield ; IM rhn. I la kornt iel'1, and srv I ' n ; t r«J Status Army; ,a A n;^i L>nu-k. Soattld* s. \\ .Jha ni Sprehn. Low A n Mi Jnlm nna Ida all for a btioB t>a« lor my 1 fi-y^iu -olil ter, 1 knn\£ that UiouwantlH of IVHKIHMH wjtl a^iFp with nn; that IH jnst ton nni< h nionuy! Ko I've hue) this li^xl l-i'm-h (leMlifitHi) tti be made at home of weight canvuH, iJuek. \VIH»| ph/ id or navy blue denim. Tw.o iiu-xpfriHtvo helm, i:anv;is BirnpH or nomcmado straps with •cent bU( 4 ktnH can be u«**d on tho It'a a practical and Inexprnstve wuy I >< '• HAVKS - Tu \in\ Ma.\ AltVl/r bug, to uret urotind the exrt-edintfly hltfh rost of school baca and brief To obtain eoniplele t Bittern, flnt^tiinv in- for the School B;itf (Patiern Nn, 5781) sent li cents in coin, plus 1 cent imt- -. your name, aHdrp«0 und tcrn number to Annv Cabot. The NOKTH CHKSTKR. 3V&T Ai'ROSH i field CaiUornian, 7»» Mission nireet. Sun RIVI5HON EAST SIDE OF STREET. 31! ' Prancfaco. I.oH AKVIN l*o xvii'i* of Mnmit'l A r F 1 ] wl vn Maih-linr, V .. '\\ } I*-! H M J.j*'' \ 4 * 1 1 f M I i *- ' ' I -' '* - » • srjn. Itainn o. AUKii ki t 1*>. v<-i. I'at>y a son, UNION CEMETERY shes Flickinger H K\ u VICTTl — T<i wit'*? o( /nhn Vo-tn, a Jaugh- Jpui!. AujiiiM 11. MOJAVh -To wif« nf MaKhew Jr., a clJimht<?r. Loi u Mai U. UONXALKS—To wife of duno (_;<>n/,ulcN, a 17. LOU CON OWEST rounds IV IK—To \vift- of (War Klgin I vie, u Office Within Monumental Cemetery Entrance CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Phone 7-7881 Chester Avenue at Thirteenth IM\ Anna SITTALANN— To \v Paul iStlttnann. a Kilron, AuuuHt 1U. 17. one J. C. Flickiwr Frtik Mt'rnamui j J AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHJT

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