The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 25, 2001 · Page 31
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 31

Salina, Kansas
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Wednesday, April 25, 2001
Page 31
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THE SAUNA JOURNAL APPLAUSE WEDNESDAY. APRIL 25, 2001 3 Family film guide Going to ihe movies? Here's some picks By STEVE PERSALL St. Petersburg Times The Family Movie Guide shoiild be used along with the Motion Picture Association of America rating system for selecting movies suitable for children. Only films rated G, PG or PG-13 are included in this listing, along with occasional R- rated fihns that may have entertainment or educational value for older children with parental guidance. Recommended for family viewing: RECESS: SCHOOL'S OUT (G) Grade-school children will er\joy watching the misadventures of freckle-faced T. J. and his pals, a multicultural gang foiling a scheme by a former principal (voice of James Woods) out to destroy summer vacation. Nothing here to seriously offend anyone, but educators might not be keen on the antagonistic behavior demonstrated by these well-intentioned students. Adults may be entertained by classic rock hits on the sovindtrack. SPY KIDS (PG) Harmless blend of James Bond gizmos and Willy Wonka fantasy from director Robert Rodriguez, working much tamer here than in his calling cards, "El Marl- achi" and "From Dusk Till Dawn." Violence is bloodless and played for humor No profanity or nudity and only a whiff of sexual innuendo. Frantic enough to occupy children and frisky enough for their parents. Recommended for family viewing, with reservations. CAST AWAY (PG-13) Tom Hanks stars as a workaholic stranded on a deserted island after an airplane crash. Robert Zemeckis' fihn traces his primal survival and emotional return home with pacing that may not satisfy younger viewers. This isn't a cutesy-pie Robinson Crusoe tale. Mild profanity, no nudity or sex, but Hanks wears a skimpy loincloth. No violence, although the air disaster and natural perils are perhaps too intense for children. CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (PG-13) No profanity or nudity in Ang Lee's exciting martial arts epic, and sex is limited to post-coital cuddling. The violence factor ^.s. should be considered by pa]> I ^^Jlf^ ents for its volxmie, rather than •''•.>";<a^-:''-Jitr-.vii;:? graphic intensity. Fists, feet and weapons fly constantly, although without much blood or grisly sound effects. The plot's strong female characters and accent of honor could be inspirational. However, a long running time and English subtitles could frustrate younger viewers. MISS CONGENIALITY (PG-13) Sandra Bullock plays an FBI agent going undercover as a beauty pageant contestant. Moderate profanify and gender- baiting remarks. Violence includes an introductory shootout and bomb threats. No nudi- fy, but anatomical references are common in this comedy Recommended for ages 13 and older. O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? (PG-13) Escaped convicts (including George Clooney) become country music stars on the lam in this Depression-era comedy from the Coen brothers ("Fargo," "The Big Lebowski"). Moderate profanity. No nudity or sex, although temptation is discussed. ^^olence is limited to gunfire that misses its targets and a clubbing by a bully (John Goodman). Mature themes include spoofs of the Ku Klux Man. Recommended for ages 13 and older. THIRTEEN DAYS (PG- 13) The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 is revisited with admirable detail and an intrusive performance by Kevin Costner. History buffs can appreciate the intelligent debates among President Kennedy and his advisors, but the film is too wordy and slow-paced for younger tastes. Profanity is fairly mild. No sex or nudity, and violence is minor and bloodless. Mature themes include the potential end of hu- manify through nuclear war. THE WEDDING PLANNER (PG-13) Initially mismatched couple (Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey) find romance between wisecracks in a fluffy comedy. Lopez dresses more conservatively than her Grammy Awards attire, yet there's no way of concealing her sensuallfy, or McConaughey's sex appeal, for that matter. No nudify, but several sexy interludes and punch lines. Moderate profanify, no violence. Not recommended for family viewing. CHOCOLAT (PG-13) Even with English dialogue, Lasse Hallstrom's fihn has the earmarks of a foreign film, and not many youngsters are interested in those yet. Juliette Binoche plays a stranger opening a candy shop in a French village. Her treats tempt the citizens during Lent, so reUgion is a key theme. No nudify, but the candy inspires some sensual feelings. Violence includes a scene of domestic abuse. Mild profanify. DOWN TO EARTH (PG- 13) Chris Rock's abrasive stand-up comedy is toned down, but some of the jokes in this Heaven Can Wait remake still may be too rowdy for young viewers. Several running gags contain sexual themes. Mild, brief violence and profan­ ify. No nudify. HEARTBREAKERS (PG- 13) — Amoral yet eryoyable adult comedy about a mother- daughter con team (Sigoumey Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt) fleecing wealthy men. Both women use sex as a weapon, leading to plenfy of risque humor and revealing wardrobes, although no nudify is displayed. Profanify is harsh for the PG-13 rating. Violence is mostly for slapstick effect. Anti-smoking advocates could be offended by Gene Hackman's tobacco industry fool. Mature themes. MONKEYBONE (PG-13) A cartoonist (Brendan Eraser) lapses into a coma and is spirited to nightmarish Dark Town, where his famous creation, an impish chimp named Monkey- bone, causes trouble. Henry Selick's movies biursts with strange, imsettling creatures a la Tim Burton that could fiight- en young viewers. Some of the material is aimed at adults, with sexual innuendoes and moderate profanify. Violence is harsh, but slapstick in nature. No nu­ dify, but this one is definitely for grown-ups. SEE SPOT RUN (PG) A sheer lack of originality and a shortage of good ideas are the most offensive things about this insipid comedy concerning a klutzy mailman (David Arquette), a cute kid and a drug- sniffing FBI dog on the run from Mafia thugs. Boys of a certain age, say 6 to 8, might be amused by the dog poop and body-odor jokes, but everyone else will go home wondering how this mangy mutt was unleashed in the first place. Bathroom humor and slapstick violence kept this pointless time waster from getting a G rating. Bio plays softball with DiMaggio By TOM HENRY • Thledo Blade I REMEMBER JOE DiMAGGIO: PERSONAL MEMORIES OF THE YANKEE CLIPPER BY THE PEOPLE WHO KNEW HIM BEST. By David Cataneo. (Cumberland House, $18.95) Something other than the start of baseball season may have led to the publication of this book. Perhaps even something other than DiMaggio's death. It may be no coincidence that soon after Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Ben Cramer tore down the DiMaggio myth last year with his best- selling biography, "Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life," this sentimental, soft-hearted collection of anecdotes appears. Cataneo, a former baseball writer for the Boston Herald and lifetime Yankee's fan, alludes briefly to Cramer's book in the final paragraph of his introduction. He said tlus book was in no way an attempt to duplicate Cramer's effort, and that it should be viewed more as an "impressiorust painting of Joe DiMaggio." "It helps explain the goose bumps," Cataneo wrote. In this book, which is filled with flowery rhetoric, DiMaggio is freated with the same kid gloves and adulation he received for most of his life. That's fine, if you're simply looking for some light reading. But it doesn't break new- ground. This Sunday in... rozen yogurt! Premium Soft Serve. • FAT FREE • 16 calories per oz. • Natural Flavor! bogeys *Call In Orders Welcome! 9th & Kirwin • SALINA • 823-8066 Inside: Exercise: How to become a regular, Annual Teen Survey results, saving America's redwoods... '••^ Salina Journal ICUSA Connecting communities with information •WEEKEND "THERE'S MORE THAN ONE GOOD WAY TO PLAN YOUR RETIREMENT." ANNUITIES, MUTUAL FUNDS, LIFE INSURANCE AND A PLAN. Charles Carter & Associates Charles Carter 804 E. Crawford Salina, KS 67401 785-825-4241 /lllstate. I-INANCIAI. Greetings to the Graduate! ... •»^ • • .• Make someone's graduation even more special- include them in our Class of2001 Graduation Ad on Sunday, May 20th. Class of 2001 i4 95 Order Form Includes photo, graduate name and school name. To include a message, add 10 (P per word. I Your Name | I Address 1 j Phone Number 1 I Graduate's Name 1 I School 1 I Please be sure to complete a separate form for each graduate you are honoring. I I Orders cannot be taken over the phone. Enclose a check, money order, or credit | card number & the expiration date. Send your form, the photo(s) and payment to: I I "^'Salina Journal I . Connecting ammmities with irifommtion • I 333 S. Fourth, Salina, KS 67401 • 785-823-6363 • fax 823-3207 I V» _ _ QiT^Q 'l' j *All graduate ads require prepayment. Photo may be picked up at the Salina Journal after Sunday, May 20. if photo is to he returned by mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your order. Use this handy form and mail or bring your ad to the Salina Journal^ 333 S. 4th St., by Friday May 11 that 5:00 p.m. to include your graduate. '^^^ Salina Journal Connecting communities with information

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