Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1907
Page 8
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7.'-J 7 Other News of th« T «wiK CJoffejrvlllo, Ka3.,, Dec 18.—The -announcement has been made tbat the CoSeyville 'Window GUu(s^plant -would start to make glass on tbe.mornlpg of December 28. This meana tbat 276 idle men will go to work at good wages. Tbe^Sunnower is expected to start about the first of the year. lU fires have been lighted for over a week. This plant is the same sice as the Coffeyvllle works. The Kansas baa already started, and is working about 75 men. : Coirey^'ille, K^-Dec. 18 .4" tbe orders which Mayor Wilcox has issued through the police department are strictly observed, every place of business except the drug stores will be closed Sunday. Kven the drug stores are going to observe Sunday hours. Orders were issued to the ^managers of the local theatres to remain closed on Sunday, The orders Issued through the police department include the grocery stores, meat markets, dry goods! stores and all places of amusement. Coffeyrllle, Kan. Dec. 38.—"Will Lynch, who fixes the carbons in the street lights, was repairing the arc lamp when he chanced to get hold of a live wire by mistake. He could not let go for the current held his hand tight to the wire. He commenced to yell, and his cries attracted the attention of neighboring women. It took him some time to explain to them that a doctor could do him no • good and that they must call up the light plant and get the current shut off. In about fifteen minutes the current was shut off at the power house and tie victim was released. No serious injury resulted from the experience, only a rather unpleasant sensation, -while the himdreds of volts of Plectricifj- were runnin? through his body. Lynch rubbed his hands a few minutes and then continued to put a new carbon in the arc light. at #at Valuer for Chri ^tniM Shoppers Coftenille, Kan., Dec. IS. — The property owners of this city must pay j over 150.000 to maintain the public school sy.sfem the coming year. In round nnmber.s. |o3,061'wlll have to bo paid Into the treasury of the hoard of education beginning December 20, when the taxes for the coming year fall due. This also includes the outlying districts attached to the city for school purposes. \\Tien the finance committee of the board of education figured up the expense of running the schools for the coming year, tliey found that a 25 mill levy wou'd be necessary. A Sale oif Furslfor Gifts ' Entire Far! Stock Market Dowib 13.50 Coney &arfs 92.50 16.50 Brook Mink Collars, beanUtuIly blended ....i. ^.95 High Grade jap Mink Throw worth 110.00, for ; 87.50 17.50 IsabenaFox marked ....S5.00 117.50 MarUn Boas, our price . .95.00 112.50 Isabella Fox Boas marked to «8.95 }35.00 Electric Seal Coats reduced .to $S5.00 Large assortment of children's and misses SeUifrom 95e op io $7.50 All Our Silk Penicoats; Reduced $6.50 Petlcoatafor S4.95 $7.50 Petticoats for S5.50 $8.50 Pettlcoata for $7.50 $13.50 Petticoats for SIO.OO Sale Of Vqile Skirts $7.50 50 Handsome Black Voile Skirts to be- sold at this price, they are made in pretty pleat^ modles and trimmed in various designs with silk folds; worth $10.00:at ......,$7.50 50 Chiffon Panama Skirts in black, brown, blue,! pleated or trimmed, $7.50 valne n^arked to $5.00 Special Cleai^nce Sale on Black and Colored Dress j Goods. Sale Of Waists at $5.00 A big offering of Taffeta Silk and Net Waists, the very best of the season's styles; former prices $6.95 to $8.50; yonr choice each $5.00 Other 9nk Waists at 92.50& $3.50 - 1 Imported Black Silk 36 inches wide; $1.50 quality for. a yard $1.10 This is an offering of elegant black Taffeu Silk a very firm weave. A lustrious Jet black full 36 inches wide, the regular $1.50 quality on sale tomorrow for $1.10. Nothing more appropriate for a Christmas gift. Colored Silks 36 inch Colored Taffeta Silk, $1.25 quality on sale 98^ Handkerchiefs A Great Stock of Initial Handkerchiefs Ladles' Hemstitched and Initial Handkerchiefs at lOc. 12^4^. 15« Beautiful line of Ladies' Embroidery Linen Handkerchiefs, specially priced at lO*, 15<: and 356 Men's Initial Handkerchiefs 156 and 256 Men's Initial Silk Handkerchiefs at 256. .'>06 and 756 h Clearance Sale of Goats Two Hundred Handsome Coats go on sale tomorrow at greatly reduced prices. $6.50 50-lnch Long Loose Coat marked to 93.95 $8.50 50-inch Coats lined throughout $4.95 $10.00 Coats reduced to $6.50 $12.50 Coats reduced to $7..?0 $16.50 Coats reduced to $1O.00 $20.00 Coats reduced to 912.50 $25.00 Coats reduced to $15.00 $13.50 Caracnl JackeU at $7.95 $16 Caracul Jackets at ...$10.00 $20.00 Caracnl Jackets at . . .$12.00 Children's Coals Reduced $2.00 Children's Coats Reduced to $1.95 $3.50 Children's Coats Reduced to $2.48 $4.50 Children's Coats Reduced to $2.75 $5.00 Children's Coats Jt^uced to $3^00 $7.50 Children's Coats Reduced to $4.95 Leather Bags and Purses and their Prices 75c Bags are marked 506 $1.00 Bags are marked -696 $1.50 Bags are marked ...... $1.0O $2.00 Bags are marked 91.50 $2.75 Bags are marked $1.98 $4.00 Bags are marked $2.50 $5.00 Bags are marked $3.50 An Attractive Sale and Display of Silk Scarfs Specially priced at 756. $1.00, $1.50. $1.95, $2.50 and $3.00 Notice to Our Ciittomers. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs and lung troubles is not affected by the National Pure Pood anil Drug law, as it contains no opiates or other harmful drugq and we recoiumend It as a safe remedy for chlld^n and adults. BurrellV Drug Store. ft makes you long for , dinner time CALUMET BAKING POWDER Best for flaky pastry, ) wholesome bread and biscuit —best for crisp cookies- best for delicious cakes.-toothsome muffios, doughnuts that will melt in your mouth. Everything you make well, it will help to make better, because it's "best by test." Anybody can cook xrOl U they nse GBlaxnet Baldns Powder. FsHon tritb it is almost Impossible. It ts chemically correet and makes Pore, WbolMomeFood. Price Is Moderate TWO >'ECIKO£S ELECTllOCUTED. »w Jersey Man WatclHw Wife's Murderer Die In Chair. Trenton, N. J., Dec. 17.—Charles Gibson and Stephen Dorsey, colored, were electrocuted at the state prison today for the murder of Mrs. Edward Horner and Victoria Natall, the latter a servant girl employed by Mrs. Horner. The murderers werd committed In Connecticut with the robbery of the Horner home near Camden last August. The electrlcutlons were witnessed by Edward Horner, the husband of one of the murdered women. HE JUMPED BOARD BILL. G»e City OfHcers Want Man on This Charne. The officers are looking for a certain well-known Gas City man who i."; charged with falling to pay his board- bill. The man has already left town. He is said to have had $300 or more in his pockets in bard cash when he left. START NEW BLOCK Lanyon Zinc Company Number Ono to Employ Twenty-Fve More Men. COLORADO BA>'K CLOSED. Ijind Frond Indictments Canse Fall- ores Indirectly. Durango, Colo., Dec. 17.—The Smelter City bank of Durango, a state in- stlutlon failed to open this morning. The deposits are believed not to exceed one hundred thousand dollars. Chas. McConnell, the president, said the liabilities would be paid in full. The lack of confidence, due it is said to the indictments of prominent citizens on charges of land' frauds under the federal laws ,led to the suspension of the Smelter City as well as the Colorado bank which failed last week. TliP block at the I^nyon 55inc Co.'s smtlter, number one works, which has been down for several months on account of repairs. Is to be started within the next week or two, or just as soon as enough ore has been shipped in to keep the new block going In addition to the other furnaces now lu operation. This we3k the ore cahs have been repaired and other machinery put in readiness for the starting of the new Mock. The roasting kilns have also been worked to their full capacity In order to get enough roasted ore ahead. The starting up of the new block will mean that twenty-five smelter men will he ^iven work. It also liroves that, notwithstanding the pres- rnt ore and spelter prices, the smelters can be run at a profit. Mr. Rogers, president of the l.anyon Zinc company, stated to the Register today that in all probability the furnace •would be in operation In two weeks. No action has been taken by the company about starting any furnaces at number two works. WAHTSl WILL GET LEHERS For Sale. RO.OOO feet of native lumber and 4,000 seasoned fence posts. W. A. DAWSON, Four Miles Northwest o lola. Dr. KCTMUI . Pk «M m. Ke«. Cll 10, 20. 30 AND ie PER CENT, DISCOINT r ± What it is Doing: to the Price of Children's Chairs Special redactions on tliis Golden Finished, with fancy design­ ed back slat Reg­ ularly this chair is only 85c, but now only 680 little high chair to match the rocker. Has a swinging table and foot rest. Always has been only $1.2,5, but now nil only $uoo TP lOLAi FURNITIRE STORE / - Commnnicattons to Santa Clans Dellveird by Proxy. Washington, Dec. 16.—In past y&irs many communications have been received by the postofSce department requesting delivery of so-called "Santa Claus" letters to philanthropic societies and'others in various parts of the country, but the requests have always been denied, the department taking the stand tbat letters of importance would be classed with "Santa Claus letters"*through error; that it would be exposing the private parties confidential correspondence, that the letters might contain valuable in- closure, and that such a practice would not be in Iceeping with the principles of the sanctity of the mails. Now, however. Postmaster General Myers has adopted a more liberal attitude toward the children, as indicated by bis action today in issuing an order to postmasters all over the country, to whom letters full of trust and pleading are coming in such numbers from the little ones, to let the people of their cities know through the newspapers that mail addressed to Santa Claus will be delivered to any responsible parties who will undertake to act as Santa Clans' agents in the matter. The order follows: "Ordered that hereafter and until the close of the first day of January, I90S, postmasters are directed to deliver all letters ^rriving at their respective postoflices addressed plainly and unmistakably to 'Santa Clans' without any other terms of expressions identifying the person for whom such leters are intended, to any reg- nlarly organized charitable society in the city or town of address, to be used exclusively for charitable purposes. In the event tbat claim should be made by more than one such society for letters so addressed, such letters will be equally divided according to number, between or among the societies making such claim." As it was found ithat be name "Kris Kringle" appears In varlona city, directories, it was decided, fn order to avoid confusion and IOM of letters intended for persons ot tbat name, that the new regnlation should apply only* to Santa Claus. SnVATMUS WAKTED AdTCtrlsements ander this head vIU be Inserted three times witfeoat charge. WANTED- -MIm WANTED—Second band Wlochester pop gun. Inquire 105 Sonth Second Btret. FOR SALE-mOmomUm FOR SALE—Young milch cow; 618 North Oak street. FOR SALB-Or wilt trade for good clear farm or $1000 property in lola. balance in cash or notes; the Snyder Livery Barn, La Harpe. J. V. Howell. FOR SALE—Good mar* with foaL Call at 210 West-street FOR SALE OR TRADB i Furnishings in the Baltimore HooM, with lease. Inquire 209 South Bticfe- eye. FOR SALE—No. 1 good beating stove; gas or coal; a perfect stove. 209 South Buckeye. FOR SALE—11800 stock ot groear- lesand store llxtare.. 402 .8ofi Kentncky street FOR SALE^A drMns Biara bnssr. Boras dty broke, aate lor My to drlTS. Inqvirs 833 North atraa^' — 'i* roRREtn ^L FOR RENT-^Honse and bam. Sooth Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. LAST STOP AT ALTOONA. Burglars Operating In This Section Qotng South. The burglars who have been working in nearly every county in this locality, visited Altoona Sunday mom- Ing. They entered the store of the Altoona Mercantile company and stole a quantity o( men'sr. clotbing, bear tag the trade mark of Friends Clothing Co. The authorities suspect two suapletoiu characters who were loafing around town that day, but are unable tp ioieate them. The burglars are snppoaed^to be the same;aB'th08a operating \p. Moran, Erie. Thayer and other small towns. The offlcei% here have been' notified to wateb for sns* pickras charaet^fs. ^ FOR RENT—Eight room honss^n car line. Wheeler Helshts. ModMi. Newly papered and Tarnished. Inquire ot W. A. Wheeler at The I^a Portland Cement company. H. FOR RENT—Five room honsa aad barn, three blocks from sqav** Whltaker tt Donnell. |. For Excliaofe—Elgh^ acres 'Hit botom land, well improved, adjointes the town of CIOTerdale. Chantanmia county, Kansas, for lola property. "SL. Hobart ^ Its Economy To have your Carpets * asd Sugs cleaned hf TheiolaRggFactoi7 rMONt WVk. KECIBO WAS IMFIJDflfT. : Shreveport, La., Dec.' 17.-1—A oagro member of a traveling minstrel tnmpe who gave his name as Homei' Rottrs, was. hanged by a mob In Moreboase parish last night and his bodyxWAs riddled with bnUeta. Aa far aavcao he ascertaiaed the lyaehiiis resslted when Racers resented a ranuili pads by a vkite man. ftosara daelarsd ha •^m- acYaaksa Nlofr'aiMI woal« aoA taka «iy l»gadaasa.* ^.:-f. ; f'., --

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