Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 8
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^^^^^^^ - ,<• NOtED WU-VATION ARIIY OFWCr W'tO CONDUCT MEBTJMOtMBM If- Attlw Grand ThMtr* Sunday Altoii ncon^udat rcu?t to Intw- i duca tpaakan. .^-1 Blanche B. Co; tiie onlr ladr Mrlndal ofloar.of tha . Salvatloa Axmriin tlie United Statea. trill n. rtn.ln thia eit]rtonK»nnr>afternoon •1^4:10 o'dodc and irffl oqadaet • mv Ma* of meetlnsB fo^ itke';. loeal kmf lom^.- Sbfi vin be aeeompaaled &r lOv prlTate aeeretaij. liilor With J^tt ot JSJuaam City; and Adjntaat ^KMer, of Ksqam CI tgr.: T&e latter hfa the repotatton of belns one of. the beat ooraetlata In army clifleeL • CoL Cox haa deroted praetieailr all bar life to army iroric. hsring spent a'muaber of yean in India as aaanny ofleer and in the aiiims of New Tork die was eonaldered one of the aoat efldeat oaeen in -the. aerrieeii Par- tlta who heaird CoL Cox on her fomer 'flait to thIa etty are load la thMr pndaea of her ability u a speaker. The first meetlns of the aeries will lie held In.the army han Batnrday er* •aiag, At thia meetlat CoL Gas wiU . iMtnre on the "Holy Land," An 'ad> ^stlasloa fee of 10 eenta wlU be oharr^ '«d'for thia leotnra. Bundiy awmlnr abswltt fill the pulpit in the lint M; £.'dnrflh and oa Bnnday- afUmoea tile traateat meetiaff of «U wlQ be kaU4a theOrand theatrag at tVdodc • Oaear fVnut win latsadaoath* ^li ^tr^^^..... hlUa batls BMieb «Min attiiittirCtt<9 soine^.tIi^-»?w :wwl44 \->i^S^|^ct>:i; Ferlnwi' yoailmOw andhpcrtm^ Amtitiiat ttiia :ilBnc7=4i>d ^Ja texfe^ Swisher. The mayor, ooaaiata^iad ?i5 «ber of bnaiaeas men hara been | W^.**' atb^ polnto wete.not m topisrod hononuT poaltioasapoB the'^^'^i^xx^tloo la one an- •fif* dorinff this meetlai: The "W. O. W. band will funiiah the motie. Mm IS SUNDAY •poo tbt bliris of pialn. frrsBlf ma tscki. Aay petticoat or aproa that Is plalaly tneked nay iritb a llttfa snipping with the aeisaora and a few stitchefi be eoarerted Into oHito an siaboiato artldsa Absohito mathematical «uctoas8 > szsKlsaAla the laylncont of ftte pattus tu thia old time work. ! Dr. John Bennett of Kanaaa City and Dr. Krumm to Officiate at • ' Acera Funeral. . ytaneral aerricea orer the remaina of Nelaon F. Aoera who died at<hia home In this city Tuesday afternoon witf be eondncted from the realdenee, Si 'Wlaat Park avenue Sonday after- B at S:30 o'clock. Dr. John Ben- 1 of Kanaaa City< Kanaaa. and.Dr. I Krnmm of Ottawa,' win offlelate. :lBterment will be made In the fieemetery. [ line Ore FrIeeaOeVp. 'The JopUa Herald «aya: Inatead of alraipinr. aa had been predlotod, the prtea of tine we thia wedc baa grown avHraly atronger thaa laat week, the fsciird baae price, of the year harlag bM» offered tor one bin of Webb Cltr ia«k.iaee6rding to r^Kata.- tbe ftgore IMag a ton- baae. which waa raised. A number of aales at 144 bam'been reported. ' '^U-Jopttai at aereral plaoea where «Hi>|a parebaaed^ <m a flat bid tbe pHee went to $45 a ton, 60 oento bet- t(H>:'ttan for the aame grade of xlao laat'.week. . 1' . '•The operatora are confident Uut-the ptilet erentoally will' grow anidi bger and |50 Jack to looked for the (end of the year. ':Oeo. B. Haana and wife to Bknma JhehaoB. tot l« blodc l. Patmer'a first correct position i0 rejpud'to-one another the whote.dfect wonkl be spoQ- ed. A tape oieasare or a ruler and a pencil and a bit of Ingenuity are all required to lay out the almple tiim- mtog. 'Wtaererer tlw tuck is to be tamed back to fwm the point tbe material la not cut la a V, aa one might Iniag- mm ^«irB ;;«iiaI :«r: •«»d^'.ssinsml^«aieki^ ^gtarss-:||M#^d£tiietliii^'fo-'a-b«^ oTifttte hcd Itseic'tban tbi::!^^^ ^:oC;Otiia:^ tlimi enaiUona.'.:': 'r':"JJ i Tfaeae^jike- mrw- 'imltetedtlB torardaiatj. isrtot f^ another :^U.caiiiBot go Hrwrcog to^ehootfilg _on«i,l ' '-v , .•. . -'^J' >..It la ifOtbut'silx-toebcs long i|nd threes taehes wUe and la made;Of (the fl/oMt materiala. JThe squarea of filet lai<ie hate the ebiaatc dealgna on- tlwm. Tl>e edges of t^ linen are finely bemMltcb- ed. Tiny,.'round pearl bnttona Vare aaaa. ^hlcb do not button thtongb tb^ material, but fasten toto tiny dlk- Joops..';They are'alipped ^ver colorsd sUkUntngs. A Dalloloua lalng. Put on a cupful of grani^ted sngsr wlthahslf cupful of water. UtltboU witiwat sturtng natU It spins a bsi^Ty thrcsd. .1 iron. I Beat very atUT the white of on* egg tiof It In tte egg; or it iHll <jo(dc tf, Beiif atesdily antU the king Is smooth, aodcnamy. Just; before It la too cold to stir kRtter add one ounce each, of eaadled ch€*rle«, chopped citron, candled plna* apple and blanched almonda. mm '1 Ends^Satqnlay Night. . Batistes for evenine dresser in all liie late shades specially priced at d^c to 65c. Serges, Panamas,: Diagonals/ Voiles, Broad^ cloths, etc., in bl^e, brown; green, red, black and grey^ priced at 65c for the'^' $l;pp grade and ^5c for t^^^ %\ 25 grade. L4 >wer prices on every piece of dress goods in the'hou^ than,was ever before offered by us. 7^ - Lot I 25^ Plaids, checks and pis in colors worth up to Bf/c, red, green arid blue choice 25o Lot 348c Small checks, Scotch plaids, ptripes an4 l>lflin colors, re^, green, and black combinations, aldo grey colorings 68 inch* es wide, value up to |150, choice yard Im^ but tbe tuck la merdy alit perpendicularly, and then that'are two waya iA llrilihing. -One tam.&ie cut edges of the tnck back and tack them Into place. This, yoa wQl realise, leares nneorered the nw s^ms, -wbldi, of course, are on the under aide and are not lik^ to ba noticed. The more perfect way, bowierer, to accom- pUxh It la to tarn each aide of the tack in and orerband the bias edges. This obriates all fraying of ^w aeama and makea tbe woric waababia and good wearing: , One difficulty of the old time work waaltbat the pointe did not alwaya lay .flat. The new note in the work lUas- trated today Is the embrpiderlng of . polka dote apon the points, ;wblcb |-«erres not only aa an adommnt,. but for tbe .. Cretonne Book CeWar. Tbe new. chintzes or cretonnes nudca wonderfully good looking boOk corcn. It is quite easy to accompllab one of these at home. Instead of tbe eom- .m'onplace flowered fabrics tbe atriped and amnll pattetb. chintzes are chossB and bound with gold galloon. . EXHUME QLENN'S BODY. AbUene. Kaa., Dec. U.—Alexander Glenn, father of Tbomaa Glenn of Kansaa City, who died at Herington and whom Mrs. Myrtle Beed la ao- cased of-poisoning, came here from Oklahoma today and notified the county that tae'wm pay tor an autopsy and chemical analysis of the body ot onv « «. fcta aon^who la buried la Kansas City. Tery practical purpose of bold- ™" " polaon Is togthek toDtacer^ porpowj oi noio ^^^^ ^ prosecuUon of Mrs. Reed * wHl proceed. She Is In JaU with her ' ITT _ hearing aet for Saturday. ; Te Make For Christmas. • ^ A contributor to one of tho home g.l_j_ :n ^bi ?Si f^'a ^^''".'-S HaTirthHd M ^uri Valley ^^*»««« waa the ateadlest la anytbiig in-tbe Idea it to worth paas- twlrier in the American AaaoelaUon Ing alonir, fo^^ suitable birthday and last season. A dispatch says: Cbrtstmaa glffa^ for men are ao scarce Milwaukee, Dec. 10.—Loula Ifonske that one can't afford to diaregard a of Milwaukee was the wildest ninger stogie poaaiblllty. Thia woman baa In the American association, accord- aolTed tbe ptbblem of Chriatmaa gifta IDS to President O'Brien's official for men by making the several maacu- •••rages. In 27 games he gave 146 Hue members of her fSmily shaving '1»MS on balls, and bit 38 batRinen. towela of aoft linen. Don't let any one LQujsvlUe waa tho.seadlest ^ - flinger. In 42 games 1 v.imM 'a flrat toweis oi uu«u. ««ufllnser. In 42 games ne gave iw S^'to'lirii;^- iofKSk M ««^ '^'^ the combtag towel {JSMSrtatton to fltat to 68 men and aoriB wowiMwaiuait w tMuui>«. towel la not to drape tfomd the, morrow be Sponged Free Every Piece of Black or Colored Dress Qoods at Reduced Prices All 50c Wool DrcBs Goods 37p All 11 00 Wool Dress Gocds.; BBQ All 65c Wool Dress Gcods « Mo All $1.25 Wool Dress Go^s,........... • --/gl AH 75c Wool Drees Goods .4^0 All $1.^ ^ool Dre -Js Goods.. . 1 lOLA, ATCmSON AKD FITT^DBO, KA58AS. • - A-^;• • Wr-*--- • , • . ClUTBBIB, OKLABOHl AHD CABTHAfiE. : KDISOITKL. ^ Real Estate Transfers. Geo. D, Ingersoll to A. <3. Evans, north hair of lot 46. Hillside addlUon to liaHarpe. Consideration |600. B. W.' Parsons to J. C. Thomaa, lot 1, block 9. Fteriher's addition to La- Harpe; all of block 11. north Midland addition to Lanyonville, LaHarpe. J. W. Blood to J. C. Thomas, part of lot 6 In Hillside addition., Consld- jeratlon 13500. A. L. Boatrlght to Austie J. Boatright, lot 24, block 1, TwIsB' addlUon to lola. Cobalderation |2300. A BASEBALL LEAGUE lola • Haa An Invitation to Get in on . an Independent Organisation ofv National Paatlmers. LADIES' AHD CHIIABE1P8 FIHUk Ladles' |lS .oe FUrs at ....fUJ* Lsdlss* 112.00 nirs at .... Lsdles' nuo Furs at .... Ladiss 'llO .M FUrs at .... |14i0 Furs at .... .tlSSI .tUUM CHJIIABBira FUSS. Children's $1X0 FUi^ 8^ at... ISLIS Ckildreals 11.76 FUr 'Seta at....|L». jChUdrea'a flio Fttr Seto at.,..SUM OhtUrea's ILXS Air Seta at .....7»e boat fan to see these In window at ,^Bif|jht^4fcCbL'U.. . '.• • LADIES' KBIT WAlriS. I LadlesJBIIk Shawls, worth IS. at Udlos n» «hawto at . .v.... .VM Lsdlss* IS.OS ^Hisans at tt» ladles^ ILfif ttowla al tLSt. :iLaf»AwIto,at..... Greatest bargilas CkMk DspartanSt.: SMJOO OMtstat Ctaaks kt gfisks,at 'ca«iits-iBt;^ .•ti-mw.'-Cloaks. 8^ .fa-lMa la our .•.•3. .^w.•.*.•••* iiJ''P"l'g—^iffi LADIES' HAXDKERCHIEFg. Ladies' Me Handkerchl^ at..... .8Se Ladies'Fancy Embroidered Handkerchiefs, worth 25e, at lOe See what you cut ii4J|e out of thia. LADIES 6L0TE«IA3 (!b MITTENS. Ladles' 'S|d''Gt6rWaV.V..4.StM ; Ladles' SOeMil^ns and^loves at Me ChOdren'a XKpi aai GOLF GLOVES. Children's iSo Mita an^; GIoves< goiag Does lola desire a franchise In a new baseball league, to be composed of lola. Independence, Cherryvale, Cbanute, CoffeyvUle, Caney and Mo- datat It ahe does, now Is the time to apply. The pi«poaltloi^ Is making con- alderable! headway In Cherryvale and ^dependence and a meeting of;the lenthuaiaata may be called soon. . When'the queaUon wss'put up to a coterie of fana this afternoon they were, all. heartily to tavor of league ball in lola, and all that remaina to ba dona—and the most Importsnt mat- thatT>in to Sad sooMoae or soais tersoBS who wni- b«. wiUIngi to tiead the niorement The Independeniee Star says: Now tbst tbe commission election Is over we csn turn our attentton to really serioua matters, sad base bell Is demsnding. a need of oonslderation. As rumors of the battlea to oome seep In from other towna the boys get restless snd sre beginning to wonder what the spring will bring forth. Verne Mitoheir spent a tew days and aSys thb idea of organising a abort order league Is taVing root to that town, and meeting with much favor. Postmaster Kamest Is rea^y to back the propoaition and two of the leading drngglsta stated that' they would put money Into it. . They believe It- Js about the thtog. (The sdieme Isto .organise a eirenit involving viola. €9ianuto^,Cherryvale, CoffeyvDia, > Indepeadeaee* and' Neode- :sha and possibly Gsaey and Nowata. .Thia would make travellac expeaaea lil^t, and -with tiie players restrlpted to 'the.~;rsiiks - of senU-professkmsls, ;wlth pos8l |iIy one or two profeaaloaals on each .tMun, aome.ri»d hot ball oould be had aiamaQ. east., and before ^le » '8ea80B'Was.'hair:0ver,totereat would be atr>fn«r.-heatv:c^ 1'^Thsi oaf ^year any moaey wasaude out of baseball hiBre'was the first year of, th« O^X .or Ksasaa State leagve. vAoL tbe^llmlt was wlfhia $700 ;p«ir teara-;r:-;</A^..';>;-^-.^ -i-.-"i.• USEFUL UUNDRY BAG. No er Oat Drawstring to Brsak Tangltd. FAr a Ions time tbe famlllnr variety TO TEACH TBADBS. Board BecobsMads Brssder for Befenaatory. tor a looff ume tne isnminr Yuncxy Topeka, Kaa., Dec. 11.—The l^rd of Iflimdry bag, done In two colors, <>' directors of the State Beformator^ embrolderod and held together nt the Hutchinson In their annual.-report nock by a string, has been an Item ^ the governor, recommend tb^ the nmonp the holUlny gifts, but lu splto of ?S??'Ltt'S«^:i:5.Sf 'inSri?^n^S ;rr'^'™" d^reKJdS rarwIau-Sh^S , - rendera It Impractical. i, lamatea of the Institution, vA manual / •< difficulty. It has not only the capacity — — .».- t... : for holding many nrtlclos of dcfthlng,'' but tbe easiest possible way of reeeiv* Ins them. Simply lift one ring from the book by wblcb It Is auspended, and the bag Is opened wide. It Is equally ready to take In or dump out Ite contents. , Tbe.necesssry mafetlsls are one a quarter yards of,art. tidtlngar—. tonne; two crbcbeted rings one iadi' Bl diameter or larger, one and a half yards of Ceatherbone and one roll of 'K /'liiJ ^ill ^j ^MIS .TO'lrtllT^ |:0M'kun«^<iid^M^^H' ttavwCafi-l uuaopr aiar loa HBir. wbltb blaabiadtog oufrbalf Inch wide. Cut a fonr'inch: atrip from the entire length of the materlaL Now cut two pieces twenty-three toches long and 'twenty-five ^Inches wide. Rbnnd the -comers^on the^lower edge*. Divide tbe featberbone to.faalres and sUtch It en the utider^H^of eaclr piece ten Inches from VO/^-isV' repreociited'by dotted Sues to t^ Olnstratloh.' Frodi 'the enda of tbe fes^bwlwne ahape, to a potot' to the nilddte; of; tbe top. •• Cwf araat be takes ^fqi^taaldi 'tbe pattens ';WbeB :,th»'' targa^ iiiiidwt^is-''st«eKed^« the oataUft Xoto^^; two ptoeii: Bmtpr atlMilw^eiieb to,ttt;^lipr ^IM^ atrip of ctoai>'iiHtfc tfa« MdamJiM ^.-ioiaidai,-:Ftad^|ta^th£..iM^ reformatory by the Isst legislataMT . and the directors say that It ^hould;lto i enlarged. They also urge that the lag i"'a latatare. make provision for snppIy|iW'' ' addltioaal teachers and appllsneevttrj '|*^ the Institution so that the tradaifcflii^vli^ which'there Is the greatest " - =^ may be tart^t: The trades' mc are. ir^n'inrking; cahtaet | • u. eledtrloitlfttiKkr printing aad'i ^ VfUbm.. Tte- directors wsnt th»"iov4 mo/rkio ^Smamrad these tblnasTlo; bis messsgv to the leglslstttre. 1-:' TArr FARTY IN REUNIOM^ I_ PsrUclpsnta In Fstneus Trip to Ptili- Ippines' Rsnswsd Aequaintancsi^- Whshlnston, Dec. II.—At a diiaer tonight, given st tbe resldsnee of Mlss^ Msbel Bosrdmsn, waa eff(feted what amounted not only to a rennloo of the Taft family, bnt of the toteresttog party of people who; soeompanled Judge Taft on htafSiaous trip to the PhlUpptoes three years sgo. The ICanaas represeatation on that great tour were present at'the dtoner tonight, ineladtog Senator iChester L Long aiJd Mrs. Long; Senator Cnrtia and Miss Curtis and Representative Charles P. Scott ' i . .» • ^ .. • '. • ZINC ORB PRICE HOLDS UP. High Price UKtH After Holldivu Haa BeenRsaehsd^ Howavsn ; , Galena: KaJL, Diee, IL-^The week's, |sinb-ore.Buuket'M'the KaaaavMla- souri-Bililag^dlstriet^openiBd, Sm to* dayUuOsstkirsers'hlgh bs^^prlee of. 144 perrtoB of W per ceat statp. > l»llafvtlje,de«sad, Is strwsest S»,3 tow .i^r ^ores.': a ifew; tota^d<i;H»Ka ^-='^-^ S«>ld jstaa sdvaacfe dl^aaifii , ly.iave ehsfikedtha^.-. ^Wket.i'jisid^aad.Kilaspli^^iSl sawag^pviAiesn tha^ hM/bMBf riAsMHuaiCtt sf^

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