The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1944
Page 10
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10 Monday, September 4, 1944 <£lje jttaberBtielD (talitornian Announcement* Classified Advertising columns of Th* Bakersfleld CuJJfnrnian close promptly at Ifl o'clock each morning for nil one- column ads Two-column or larger ads must DP placed the day before pnbllca- tinn. Fhon? 7-7(131. 1-14-tf For reni—Truck*. : Kkups, trailers. Pnrk- «r>. Eighth and Unir.n avenue. l'h< School*— Instruction KiH F'MIOON completed at home for recopr,i7--d d'rlnma- :OC othet courses Kxc. . a in U cue. fall Lee M.inf'ill 7.7;.r." International Orirrt>onn>iV'F Help Wanted—Male Help Wanted—Male ED LOCALLY Transportation— Buses 2-»942. 1'RKK MEAI.S AND PILLOWS l.o-vcst Fures to All Points ALL-AMERICAN BUS LINE INC :(!!•; i '!;.^ter Ellis L. Hall __ Phono T-S43S 1-7-lf SANTA t'K AND BlJU BTS DEPOT ALL kinds ot weights and widthv of canvas. Canvas «r,ods made to order nt Hornnng's. 1606 Nineteenth street, l-f-if REFUNDS on each classified advertisements which have been canceled liefore the expiration date muM he rnlled fnr WITH CASH RECEIPTS within rmp month from date of cancellation. Th* Ba ker«field Califor»;aii. S-: I -t.' FIRST UNITY TEMPLE— All finny ferv Ires available. Complete stork till iirn tions. Subscript (ori ? t;itipn. Noon s:l»-r>' daily. 323 Koutlicin hotel. Phone R-VJV 1 -il*J:-" Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 3. \\TED—Share i-xpi-ns. ,ii|,. p.-my in Springft •r or S:llurda.\. :::,!,-•'•,!. Will help ,|| .... .^• :i ry I'hone ,",-r,lf-, Occupational Services DISSOLVING pintiH rship w.lh i:i..|i Cafe. MiFarlaml w.!i IK,! be r"*i»,f i for an> bills ciint r:n I,H1 I'v anvone <\ " myself. Freecl.i S.oit. l:nx HIT. M !':' ^jinxi _ _: Lost—-Found- —Strayed LOST—About l'vi nrcks ag,i "-r..••••.I.-' puppy. brotvH \'ith tan >p"i* p :: ;•• fHther ,n f"iciKl! -.-ei-' ice to .«MM. .'•' AV. M. Prnjl. LMO Pai ifn- I l.i. _?i1 k<1 !_ >1 l! < ''' i _ l'_ho_nt._j-i::in. Re«-i:d : LOST—Platinum »nuar<» n-risi watch v. it *ma II diamonds keepsake, tenant Un B<-'X_S2LVV_ Tin- I' ' LOST—Pair of rimless B|BKM« n ia leather i a*c ill Frank's Ilnuiine \ .'" emy Tunsdny night; m-g-'Mty n' •,!, -* Please rail S-SS:il or 1'alMl nr.r __P^ m. l.ibera l_i ewat d. " LOST —Enlisted man's in«.tr •< t" 1 1 P- with mnsler i-t'i^f-.-int .-'• !""^. '':i :-270!l a tier 5 p. m. I:- \--ai,1 3 STRAVKD—IV Spaniel III,-! tail I'le. li Phone :;-K7'i LOST—1.:, IK., i a keep--:, k' . I"'.,! Ki-ward. ('.ill o-mont li k v. ,ih Personals HE.MORRHO1D SrFKERERS — No tins- pilalizatiim nor loss m tin:,' Nn surgery nor injections ,\>w p.ife painless method of eliminating hrmorrhnids now available from Dr ' li. Pennlngtnn, D. C.. suite 1. Professional burning. Phone 6-(il»n. ^i"-'? BACRO-II.IAr LESIONS. Ijw back pains, arthritis, const Ira l,on and prostate disorders conected Dr. D I'. Parish. D. C.. 407 Hftbeifcldc building. Phone ynur car ^Inzr-il in HIP nioil- rrn way. A .«mi>nih. ltmp-l;i.«i inK linish dniip hy an export. Thr> r-nsl is roasonalili> and xMtisl'artinn unai-- untcod. Also strain rlc.-ininu' and oar \vashint,". Make your appointment loilnv. PHONE (i-r, i:>7 TWEXTY-KOI-RTH ' AXD CHESTER AVE. fi-L'-tr BY STANDARD Oil. COMPANY OK CALIKORNIA ROTARY HELPERS—ROrsTAHOt.-TS AT 1AFT ROTARY HELPERS—RorsT.ujorTs RECLAMATION HELPERS -WELL PIT.LERS TRI'CIv DRIVER ] IELPERS—A l.'TO SERVICE MEN* ivnorR AVORK WEEK—xo EXPERIENCE NECESSARY .SI-:E on, co.\irA.\v REPRESENTATIVE AT I/XITF.D STATES EMI'l,oY.MEXT oFFK'E, MONDAY. TTESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY'OF EACH WEEK Availability Cci'tit'katc R(.'(| Hired. Help Wanted—Female TWO EXPERIENCED READY-TO-WEAM SALESWOMEN WITH LOCAL FOL, LOWING; PEIiMANUNT PtlSITIMN WITH (MOD -«ALAIIV TU THOSE WHO QUALIFY CIVE FULL DETAILS IN KIKST LETTISH. APPLICATIONS WILL HR KKI J T STUICTLY CONFIDENTIAL WP.1TE BOX E-12, THE CALIFOHNIAN. 8-12-tf Situations Wanted—Male Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—Ca«h for your used fur. nlture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or COX FURNITURE Formerly Olldale Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street ghone 2-4603 6-H-tf WE CLEAN kitchens. 85e hour: sl«n blinds, windows: floor by flnnr. Larko Cleaners. I'hone 7-74H2 before 8. after 6. S7 Ai.l, KINDS of lubbish hauling 2200 M Hi reel I' 2-!'iM8. 31 WANTKD—Plowing gardens, grading and leveling; check work. V-ing out water ditches. Fertilizer fnr sale, by sack or MAN' with experience operating dozer, carryall, trader, compressor. Also have general knowledge of machinery, tractors and al! sorts of stationary engines. Have some tonal! hand tools and acetylene welding outfit. Want position operating or maintaining on ranch, oil lease, etc Call nt 4029 Jewett avenue after 6. C._W. _Knuz. .10 FOR A <;ooi> paint ji.b. Insirle or out. huge in- small. I'hone 2-XS2I. 32 BLIP AT TAl DRAFTSMAN'—VETERAN OR FEMALE CIIAIXMAN—MALE donp at roa.sonahlo prices Location 1009 East .Nineteenth street. James! HELPERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE Karris. Phone 2-75S4. o PAIXTIXG—EXTERIOR. INTER- -"--ii- IOR, STl'CCOS. ROOKS. RANCHES. A. <!. WILLINOIIAM CONTRACTOR. REASON A MI,]-: PRICES. 2-C,(!S:i. I1LM PACIFIC STREET :;n TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long dis tnnco and local. 8)2 North Cht-.s- tcr. Oildalo. _Phono 2-8fl14. 3!i WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING SLMONI/INCS MACK AND SON California and P Phone 2-1220 45 WIO DO TRKIO lopping, removing lenre building. Ic.-im work, plowing, gpnrrnl work: Just work, have truck I'hone . .. 9-H.S2. 3-'J-tf Auto. Ft.Mnilni'. S.ilnrv Loans No Long p.igam.i i <,!•• No 1 !inli,n rassmrnt No Oiitsuli'i-o Invnhi-il S»i H II P.iiild.t.t l.''<i c K'tlix'Tith Street PJiRSO.VAL F1NANCI-: COMPANY Under the UK Co. a-Cola Sign Phone i;-i;;,9.-, Walter Vj H'n«t.'._ : ' l linag_er 31 WF, WILL not he responsible for any debts contracted l>y iinynnr foi the French Village other than fiin>-el\-e." from tills date. September 1. i;''14. I';uil and Edna LorcnlZdi P. O_ HM\ _f ST. 111 HAV1NH SOLD "iir business Intaled at 120 Tim t>-lour'li tn Slate Transport Coinp.-niy, u-( : will n"t he responsible for nny It'll." nmtiiirtod l>v iinynne oilier Hum osir.Tlvrp alter Angus! ;:1, 1!I44. tSigiie.ii Pndfield. .",1 fi.r INCOME TA\ "'AYME.N'TS SCHOOL NI-:I-:DS Mit-i-:ssi ni-js I:TC. BORROW ON Au"'rnnhil<- Flu n,iui Trucks Farm E'juipt. Salary ••PAID mi; on NOT" You may [ borrow fnr as long as 1- inontliK. 100'r LOCALLY OWXKD Trade with Im-nl people who understand local conditions. W. J. (Bill) BITCH :.'illi and Phonier Thono 6-li7l)ii .n Maurice St C'la ir Opp. Mdiitgoinery AVatd Appointments Made ft.l-lf EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay $102.&0—Total Cost ONLY $2.50 If You Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign— No Co-signers AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Chester Telephone ft-9421 8-2t-tf WONKY TO LOAN Long term, all IM»- faini loans. 4'; i»>i <enl interest. .No comniissMm lu bur- lower. .1. K. WARRKN RLAI.TV en TCLARi: THKATKI! nrll.DLM; Tl'LAliK CALIF. PIIONI-: :i.v Make your own and have tln-m or l.,t. ter male-rial—have them l«>-i twi,-,. a* Ions', too: Choose the lie.«i cut ton y,,ui budffet will stand Tor—Frem h Keani or flat-seam them and you'll havi- pn-tiy pajamas which wir have u long in<- O f uitefulne&i. Just as nice in rayon cicp<*s «• they ure In cotton or in outing flannel' Puttern S649 li- In sizes li'. 14. if,, is. .20: 40 and 42. 8ige 14. short sleeve*, re- Quire* 4% yards of 39-inch malern.1. The cmari new iucue of the midsummer style book—Fuwhion — has 3; pages of cool- Jookiuc;, crUp new cporlwear und huinmi;r dtty frocks and act-esBories. Order your copy now, 1'rice 15 cent*. For this attractive pattern, send 20 cents in rolns. with your name, uddreuK. pattern number wnd H!Z* to The Uakrrnlicltt iiititi Turing's Pattern Kcrvicc. 'i<til Street, Kan /''rfljiri&co g. VVK RUILD ANYTHING MADE OF SUKIiT STIC12L. FURNACE AND COOLER SERVICE. 3826 CHESTER AVE. ALL TYPES carpenter work, new construction, remodeling, repairing, paper hanging. Phone 2-0149. 32 RELIABLE PAINTING Inside and Out PI I; D. IIELLKR Lirenn .1 and RonJyd Coi,lrac(or 2409 "Eye" Street Phone 2-54S2 •i'iti:i; MEKVICI-: co r'r-nilni.;. SliapniK. 'I'lippinE Mso Tieea Taken Out B Parker Free Mm Una I ing 1807 11 Ktii'cl Phone ;-:;|s;i TELEPHONE TAFT, 404 A PL'I A' TO: TELEPHONE BAKERSFIELD, T-T.'Ol 34 BRO\V>-8 FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tt DIAMONDS, watches i,ul old Jewelry of nny description: highest market prices aid In cash. Earl McEvoy. precision watclrr.iakrr. 818 Haberfelde building. Phone H-63J17 11-10-tf WANTFD—Washing machine, good work- Ing condition: will pay cash. 1'honft 2-11301. 31 WANTED to buy. old sewing machines and vacuuir cleaners. 160a West Eighth aere°l. Phono 11-34 37^ 3 5 WANT TO Hfv or rent :HIO lo TiOO-gallon j nmane lank. 6i:t Washington avenue. I _ Oijdali. r hone_L'-7779. :ir> j WANTKD— Baby washer needed urgently. I'hone I'-SSta. Situations Wanted.—Female DAY CARE for children In my licensed home, also evening care. Phone 2-^L'Sl. fJ2Ji_Elghih ."licet. 30 CT'LOHED—Light liousewoik, day or hour. II_a ve n'fei encps^ Phone ^8J|tl4_. |l:' WANTED—Work hy day or veek. Colored «irl.a._ Phone 2-Mlll!. :ill \VAS!!IN<; and ironing In tny home. I'hone For Rent—-Rooms FOR RENT—New furnished room, private ha:h, outside entrance; one block from Kern General Ho.srital. Phone 2-61MI4. 31 HOOM FOR RENT to (,'pntlemnn. by week or month. Clone in. I'hone 2-0111)8. 31 LARGE, nicely furnished room for one or two gentlemen, adjoining bath; close _'"J"" 1 '"? p -_ 1 -I :l I He.-ile :io AH! t'ONDITIONED liouwekeeping r<iom fur tt-nl. .Suiliihlo I'nr one or two. !H):i H HIT,-I. For Rent—Houses McMAHAN FURNITURE CO. Has Openings in the DELIVERY DEPARTMENT and SALES DEPARTMENT for Honorably Discharged .SERVICEMEN Apply Eighteenth and H Street 8-22-tf \VANTI-;n —Hii« boy, ll»l. I Kl Te.n.n. .•Vpplv dining room. 4 0 WANTKIl —(.iAKAOIi ATTKNIl \ NT OR IIOI'US :; p. M. TO 11. APPLY AT TMK I'M. TF.JO.N GAHAUE, 1400 SEV_ liN'I'KI-JNTH. 31 W A N T Ii D—N1 rj ] 1T G A M A P. K ATTENDANT. APPLY AT I'.MTKD OAHAGK _l:ln| EltjIITKENTH. ;u A.\ API'UENTIPK in "bTTdy^Tnij fi~i7der .nlinn. (lood opportnnily fnr postwar lr:ide. l-'ord Oarage, l:,0| Chester FOR RIONT—Will shni,' our liome with ccnipl,. in exchange lur rare of two _»miill children. _l 1 hom- !'-!M_17 J :i 1 SMALL hirmshed house, ccuple onl>'. t'lill- ti'fi paid. J27.."iO. (.'all al IH'7 East l^tt-hli-Miii h. WiU'l.l) LIKE to share my house with MIUIIL: wniMiin. Phi,n«> L'-'il^'i. WANTED—Trimmer to operate glass and uphcilslery department in laige repair BIM I.DINt.l SEHVIfl simp. Bes Uuckmnn at Molor Cenler. Twenty-second and Chester. 8-16-tf EXPERIENCED hardware man to work In our BukersfieM store. 616 East Nineteenth street. Phone D-9671. 8-12-tf NEEDED t.n help maintain transportation, auto and tiuck mechanics and body men. Full time work. Motor Center, Btilck, Chevrolet nnd Cadillac dealer. See Backman, Twcnty-eocond and Chester. EXI'lOmiONCEri tractor Silvers. year- round Job for men who qualify, lodging and board furnished. Apply din East Nineteenth street. Phone 9-U071: after 7 P m. call 2-7706. 7^3-1 f BI-:M,MAN—Must be over 21, Apply Hotel Padre. 7-l-tf VANTED — TRUCK AND At'TO MECHANICS. APPLY SOUTHERN GARAGE. TWENTV-F1RST AND I STREETS. 12-31-tf Paper Carriers i Wanted for East and west Bakers- 4.1 FENDERS NEED REPAIRS? CAR NEED PAINTING? See Kennv Bachman for Estimate nnd Appointment. .MOTOR CENTER Tu-enty-secom&i.nd Cheslcr Chevrolet. Huick, Carlillac l-'OR OENERAI, cnnti-acfnn'' repair work, _ lihone :l-J)i;7^>, __ _ T,3 SALESMAN — Large cigarette. manufacturer, permanent, car 1'urniBhed. expenses paid. No .Saturday work. .Straight *al- :iry. Send picture. Give nge and experience. Wrile Uox W-278. The Calil'ornian, _____ __ 80 WANTKD— I'r.-sser for lailor nhop at llarr>' Coflee's. Clean work, good hours. good pay wllh a real peacetime future of permanency. Phone 7-7!''.'l, or pee _J\h\_Un>y. ___ __ _ _ ___ ___ :ui FOR STENOGRAPHER SERVICE •SEE US Courteous and prompt service. 'Will consider plione or rush orders. San Joaquin Agencies, Edward A\'. field. Californian office. G-14-tf HELP WANTED—Metal workers, metal worker helper*, wool workers, auto bodies: wood workers, furniture. C. N. .lol.hsion Body Works. 100C Eighteenth. Phone 4-4708. t?!zl! NEEDED AT ONCK—Furniture reflnlsher Also upholsterer Topnotch wages for topnoteh workmen. C. N Johnston K hi ip.°. 1000 Eighteenth street. 7-2 l-t I WANTED—Experienced autc mechanic. Good hours and pay. l-i an essential ,1ob. fiand tools and availability certificate necessary. See. Mr. Heed. Kltchen-Royd Mol r Company. 2220 Chester avenue. S-25-tf HOUSEMAN, over Padre hotel. 40. Moody, 1^ "Eye" street, phone V.Vcri'.M SWEKPERS. hair <irycr». inin«. h'-al pads. Inaslcrs, niiitnrs- i •verything cl- ' 1 1 i( a I- - repaii t-d. Money back KUHr- iinii'p Will pick ui) .-mil dchxer. lliiMliex'n A(tpliain-e Serx'ire and Re- P.IM. ^117 Water Mtei-i. Phono L'-l:,7ll Help Wanted—Male A JOB AVITH A LOCOMOTIVE TO- JIELP YOU Wiii-li tUr a company whose liinn>'st .inb is still ahead. It's a j<ili 1'ivr an active man who likes to see thiiiKf: niovp: switch- ins niilniad cars, trains . . . siimuinK 'PHI on to KidiiiHs . . . freights I'roni all over the country, loaded wilh war materials. No dull routine. Remember. Southern Pacific's biggest job is still ahead. Railroad pass privileges, l-'ine pension plan. Medical services. The kind of job you can be prniid of. Look Into this today. (Siiideni liraUemen and Kin-men needed also.) Apply Superintendent's Olficc S. I'. Company, llakci'.slield or \iiur nearest S. P. A^ent WRI.M;I:U MAN \I.I-;-.S:-.\UY P ''".] SI.STEKNTll. EXPERIENCE S LAfNDRY. 31 \\'A N'T l : ; 11 -Matltess maker, good pay. ^ 1 uuilLing conditmns. Reeves Mat- In.',:, .'iii'l 1 pilolMciy. :NO!I t'llesler a \ e- _iuie pie.n, ;-..:'as :tO Al 11 I.>l... ^C}E^ I tnan for funeral and atntiulnnc'? \\nik. exi eri«ne^ not necen- H;I'., (-'llckin^er-Digier. Chattel, 1227 E.\ PI:I;II:NI:I-;II TlP.i: MAN. UOOD .SAI,.MCI I:.\IT:I.LI;NT POSTWAR OP- P'lKTI XITY. FIKESTIINK STORI-'.S. T\\ KNTY-KOI'ltTll ANIJ rllESTKH A\ KNI i-:. _ h-:! 1 \pi in. need inacht lie -. h'Ml^e and 111.Ik Inr- • 1_ Shal'lel. .'iO WAN'I'E > -AT ONCE A IITOMOBI LlC MK- PIIANH:. t'EKMANKNT WORK: TOP \v.-.f.;i:s -M'PI.Y HAKI-:U-ADAMS PONTIAC GARAGE. L'7«l CHES.TEH. 6-'J2-tf See housekeeper. S-_l_2-t_f WANTEI^ 1 -Kei-vice sak-snian. Ooocl salary and excellent future for man with fair education who can assume responsibility. Fliestone Stores. 2331 Chester avenue. Kakersflidd. R-23-tf MAN TO HANDLE AND DELIVER FURNITURE. APPLY IN PERSON. DAVIS FURNITURE CO., TRUCK DRIVERS and delivery men. Apply Mc.Mahan'a Furniture. Eighteenth «nil_J_l_ streets. 8-26-lf MEN TO OPERATE ELECTRIC .SUBSTATIONS. STEADY WORK. GOOD WAGES, EVEN WHILE YOU LEARN. ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY. AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE NECESSARY P. G& E. COMPANY, BAKERSF1ELU. I'HONE 5-fi771. ASK FOR MR. _OLDERSHAW. _3_1 \VANTI-:i>—l-'aini hand. Hox Slid, Koute ::._Stine Kuail. r_h__ini'_J.'-_MiSli. :'. 1 KOIJSTAUOI'TS and rotary helpers, work near Hako.rsl iold nix and seven-ilav work week schedules. Phone !i-94til. Tide Water Assoclaled Oil Conipany. 2jt \VANTED -Haivesr hands. Men to operate comblii 1 ha rvoslci'H. Exi erienco nec- cssai.v. Red and hoard furninhed. Apply fid l-fast lOiglileenlh ?lreel Phone 1MIG71; SEWING IviACHINE REPAIRING, 150!! West Eighth. Guaranteed. Phone '.I-U43V. 49 man for position with permanent company Must be able to furnish hirih -jrcilicale. If Interested call14-4086. 8-17-tf Help Wanted—Female GIRL OR WOMAN TO DO BOOKKEEPING AND GENERAL OFFICE WORK. APPLY DAVIS FURNITURE CO., 1400 CHESTER A VEN I 'E. :s i WAITRESS WANTED—Must be experienced. Freddie's Cafe, Twen- ty-foiirt_h_and_!i!)_HjKh^y. S-L'9-tf WANTED—Collector for west P,ak- ersfield. Write Box M-101, Call- fornlan. Refprences. 8-20-tf Beauty For Rent—Miscellaneous WHEEL CHAIRS, hospital bedi with Innersprlntr mattresses: walkers, rubber eheetins: everything for sick room. Fold- Ins chairs. Phone 7-7489 or 2-0067. 8-3-tf Wanted to Rent—Rooms ELDERLY lady \vanls to rent room with kitchen privilege HI li^ht housekeeping loom. Please call U-jW". 31 Rt'.JO.M and board for 15-year-old high s<-him! l«ny Prel'er i-anch Can do some wui k. \\'ritc Hox 37-L. The Californian. .in ROOM AND HOARD for mother and 3'i- > 1 ' 1 :ii--old daughlel. with i ;n e of child while I work. Call -after 6 p. m. I'hone :'-.(:,:!:;. 30 Wanted to Rent—Houses operator. Nora's EiBhteenlh siret-t WANTED — He.inty Palo Phone S-.1iir. I WfiFLD I.IKE cashier in coffee^ shnnT llulel Padie. Eighteenlh and II streets. :il WILL BOARD and room Inch school girl In exchange for care ni children eve» lnf:14 ^_y_!"»_ e -H 32 ?.- -11 WANTED—Waitresses. El Patio Drive- ^^rin, f'a llfnrnla and rninn. ;t ( XA'H.I. PAY two months rent In advance tor furnished house in Eitst liaker^ficld or Alia Vista. Hushand, wife, Kill li. hoy 7. Plume 2-424-1. 32 POST OFFICE clerk and wife must have In,use or apartmem. furnished or un- iurmshed. Call L". M. St. John, 2-9273. 3 1 TO RENT—Twu-bedro(,m furnished house or double npaitment. WiP. pay three mo:,ths in advance. Yes. we have two well behaved boya. Call 9-9097. 32 WANT—Capable Blenographi-r. pnsilioii at gnnd s:ilar\-. Plion "J-lirtl.'i Inr appnm t Mif'nl. W \NTEn- -Women workers"" nnnci esnnr>'. Phone *i-ll.!o.'t pei-inanent ' S-S.-.3I or :u experience even ings WANTED —While housekeeper. No cooic- IIIK. Soi'der Hoi, I Rooms. l!l.)l Kluu-er ' WANTED—Laundry workers. No experience necessary. Citizens Laundry, !t:jl Sixteenth street. 31 C31R1, or woman wanted to take rare of -I -ycai -old Kir! while mother works Saturday and Sunday off. I'hone 2-r,2:ir> a Her ti p m. ;;i) I No charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San .loaquin Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no _answer, call 2-0653. 3-25-tt WANTED—:: or 3-hedroom unfurnished house; 0-year-old daughter, permanent. Phmiu_J-4901 30 j WANTED—One or two-bedroom furnished house, three in family: one well-behaved boy; permanent: references: prefer close _ to Lowell School. Phone 3-M2C. 30 TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street i-29-tf WANTED—White maids. Set housekeeper. Hotel Padre. 8-16-tf WAITRESS wanted. Apply Wlntr's Cafe, 1"<HI Kifc-hteonth atiecl. 8-28-tf WANTED—TWO MEN FOR REOAPPINO DEPARTMENT EXPERIENCED PREFERRED HUT NOT NECESSARY. GOOD HALArU' TO START. FIRE- .S TON'S STORES. TWENTY-FOURTH AND rHEHTF.H AVENV'K _ 8 - ;! -)±f \V ANTED — NlBht man for K'u-uiie. Dunn's CaniKe. Phono 2-3938. 141." EiBhteenth 35 WANTED—Man and wife fur bus driver, ,i:inii,,r and cook. Sline School. House lunnshed. Rnule li. JJ"X L':il. Phone :; L'UL'T. 31 WANTEH — Trui-k dnver. Lacy Cn.. L'i:;'.", Sixteenth sll'i'el. Millinu „ II.! HARIiElt waiiteil. !(»:! i-hesler. Oililak-. I'ali :I-:ISH ; I after 7 p. in. -\sk Inr l.puls. ;u l;\ PERI ENCED dishwasher wanted Kn'il- dif's I'atr Twcni > -luiiflii and '.ll* HiKh- uay. __ _ '__ JJt WANTEM -MaiinciM- and wurklnu slcward I<ir l-'icn, h ("afc. MILS hi snln-i and tirsl -kiss. Salary no iibjecl In rinht pat tv Alsn sober fry ii.nks and .>x- Pi. ricii',-d \\aiticsscs i'all at l-'rcnch I'a IV HI Suulherll lintel.^ _ _3 2 WANTED — Expcrlein-nil tililki-i. lialrl- w,n Dairy. 1 mile smith of Tul'l Iliuh- «a.\ "ii \\ible Road, llmlse and utilities Inrni.^iiid and Kotid watff-s. I'hone ^'-1)01.',. __ _ _ VI DRIVER SALESMAN Man cxpi-i ivnceO ,.cllinK in KI is and r.-slaui anls. an isseniuil pnMuar Joli. L.inMendori Hak- cr\ . ^ I 'nion a\ i nip 1 . 3."i EXPBR1KNCED ensmelie saleslady. Apply Weill's (Ostnelic counlcr. ;j(l WOMEN \VORKERS. EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY. APPLY BAKERHK1ELD LAUNDRY ASSOCIATION, CORNER N1NE- __TE 13NTI I_A N D S .STRIOETS. 30 BEAI'TY OPERATOR—La Crestn~Beailty Salon, under new ir.anaKcment. Good salary and commission. I'hoiie Gcoryia for appointment, . (is'll. ,*!! UIRLS wanted to work in tailor shop, one for alteralinns on nil garment*. Apply at once. Max KimonM Tailor shop, corner of F^m1 1ceju^h and Chester. 2S STENOGRAPHER wanted in "peTroTeTim en^ineeniiK deiiart meni of Tide Water Associated Oil Ciimpany. Phone O-a-lt;!. Availability rerjuircd. 32 SALESLADIES WANTED Experience rnin-coHsiiry Steady JOniploynieiu Apply K. W. AV( it )LWORTH HOS Nineteenth Street WANTED—House or bulldlnc for beautv shop, wllh llvine quarters; have equipment and furniture; prefer west Bnkets- field • references: permanent. Phone :i_-2 126. 30 CHAPLAIN desires rental of 2-bedroom furnished house within 20 miles of Mlnter Field before September 15. Call 7-7691, e x t e n s ion 2 2 C> : 3JI COUPLE wants 3 or 4-room house, furnished or unfurnished. Phone 5-5454. 31 LIEI'TENANT and wife desired furnished house or apartment; expectant child; no _P"|.I or parties^ Phone 2-4:108. :t£ WANTED — Small 1'urnished house or aparlment, close In; two adults. Phone u-:, 26'J. :!0 .MOST desperate need of furnished house ''or lienlenanl and wife, no children. Pleas.c call 2-01)78. 30 WANTED — Furnished or unfurnished house. Permanent. Adults. No pela. \V.\NTED-~iioiul Home nmlltH o .link slay EXEPER1ENCED WOMEN'S READY-TO- WEAR ALTERATION HANDS, THOSE WHO HAVE HAH EXPERIENCE IN 1'TR REMODELING AND REPAIRING PREFERRED. STEADY WORK. GOOD WORKIXC CONDITIONS. APPLY MANAGER. EASTERN, 1529 NINETEENTH STRFET. 8-,10-tf WANTED — TWO 1C-YEAR-OLD I WANTED II1CH SCHOOL BOYS, ONE FOR MORNIXC WORK AND OXE l''OR AFTERNOON: GOOD PAY AXD STEADY JOB. IXQI'IRK MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT, THE LiAKERSFIELD CAL1KOR. X-2(i-tf .South LADY t WHITE Apply and express clerk. !',(Apply in PI-IMHI, Pa- Lin..' .r.' WANTED — H:- civilian family of three adults, a 2-hedrnom furnished house. No pels. Best of care. References. I'hone 4-42'.!.'. M WANTED—Small, unfurnished house or aparlmcit Two women. References. Pimm; -^JJ^i: j>5 LIEI'TENANT. wife and expected child need furnished house. Phone 3-lMlt. 30 TWO-BEDROOM furnished or unfurnished house nrscnlly needed by coupla with two childicn. Present location over 1'.a years. Landlady reluming lo city wanlH her home. Will Rive best of care. Ref- ei^m e. J J hom 5-54JJO. 31 WANTED—Furnished or partly furnished nice house or apartment; permanent, dependable cuuple, husband discharged 1'rnin service: no pets or children. Call :l-n!i«^ utter 5 p. m. 31 PERMANENT oil company employe desires to r,'nt unfurnished house, or apartment: nn children or pels. Phone 7-7S69 nr WANTED TO KENT—Two-bedroom house, furnished or parlly furnished, by Simla l-'e round hout--e fureman; Wife and 7-year old boy. fall Mr. Cook after 7 p. m. at round house. 32 AVIATION CADET, wife and child, de- siies furniwhi'd home. apartment fir anarlinenl or sli i-pmg ronin. wilh cook- IIIK privilcuen. Call Hold Padre, room ;,(I7. Mrs. Keiin-'lli Smith. WANTED—KiirnlshPd house or 2-room apartment, near school and transportation, hy nurse ainl two children. Will be permanent. Phone ti-ii441, Mrs. Shaw. 3ii TWO-HEDROilM liirnished house urt'ently needed by cinil>le with two uirls. References and M'lod t..ire of place. Phone 7-7321. 32 30 or over. a 2 Wanted to Rent—Apartments WANT a single girl to share my apart- inenl. Call al l.':{:>0 Chesiei- Lane be- twerii_rj:30_anil_7:JO p. m. 31 \\'ANT fnrplshed house or apartment. clm»e_hi; l wo adults. Phone S-."i2(i9. 30 Wanted to Rent—Farm Land LAl'NDRY HELP wanted. Sum Laundry, 131li E'uhleenlh sired. WANTED t" lease. 40 lo SO acres of improved land \\iih erniipmi'tii suitable i<-t- potatoes. rhnntj AVast o 4HjS. 32 Wanted to Buy—Property for a quick cash sale of your real property. We are now In our new location at_^^l 2_Cheste" avenue. 31 LIST your properly with us. Fair treat- menl. quick action. Twenty years' experience. Taylor & Taylor, IdfiO Chester avenue. Phone 6-fi593. 54 ATTENTION. AMERICA—Colored neonle are fighting and dying for America. To die, for one's country and be denied the prlvllene of bin-Ins better homes la rot ri^ht If you have prooertv that a deserving patriotic Deople mav buv. please phone 2-HG56. .tones Real Estate. 29 We need more listings. List your home, farm, ranch or Income with BOTDPTUN & LANCASTER IS 17 H Street. Phone 8-8639 8-22-tf CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294. 220 Haberfelde building. 1-10-tf SELLING HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-0663. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STREET. . 5-15-tf Have opened by own office. Need llstines badly. Buyers waiting. WILLARD E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Phone 2-0555 6-14-tf WANTED TO BUY—Five-room house, cood condition, $500 down. $30 monthly. Phone 2-40CS. 3 0 NEED listings tor cash buyers on larse and small hoi'iew, acre homes, farms and income properly. Elwood's, l!ij:l "Eye." .ITi Southwest Dist riot—Three bedrooms, all- tile bath, and half, all-tiln kitchen, basetnent. fireplace. 100 pel- cent insulated; double iraratie wilh laundry room; lots of fruit and nnt trees: sprinkling system front and rear: all fenced: on a larKs* piece of well-lnndscaped ground. This is a Rood buy at J10.7.10. California Park—Two 'ledrooms and nice den. larffe living room and dining room, tile hath and kitchen, fireplace and floor furnace, 100 per cent insulated, outdoor sleeping room, barbecue pit. cooler and ref rigernior; beautiful yard with fi-tiit and shade. Price $8700, substantial down payment. On Terrace Way. between Chester and 99 highway, two furnished homes on large lot. Owner occupies one am", the other is rented. Vrlce $6330: requires S3S50 down. Beautiful 1-bedronm home and den. two bedrooms downstairs and larfre master bedroom upstairs; tile roof, fireplace, basement with unit heat, large dining room anl breakfast room, nice tile kilchen and two tile haths; beautiful yard with lots of fruit and nut trees, several good bearing orange trees. This is one of Hie finest locations oulside the city. Price $13.600. substantial down payment. Nearly new duplex, with 4-room apartment over 2-car garage. Completely redecorated inside and ou?. Hardwood and tile. Owner occupies apartment and the duplex Income is $135 per month. This is an exceptional buy at $12.000. BOYDSTUN & LANCASTER Phone S-SG39 1817 H Street 9-1-tf HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— IF WE HAVEN'T WHAT YOU WANT. WE'LL FIND IT. SAN JOAQUIN AORNCIES. EDWARD MOODY. 1SI2 "EYE." PHONE 2-OC.13. H-l-tf FOR SALE—Two-bedroom home close to Santa I-*- 3 roundhouse on Nineteenth street, $4.-'00. flood terms. Possession •within 30 days. If interested write E. A. Jackson. Route 4. Box 400. Bakersfield. 33 FI'RNIKHED HOME—-close to Jefferson Park.- Five rooms with sood furniture. LarBip lot wilh garage. Price $5450. Terms arranged. EAST SIDE—close in. Nire 5-room home and small rental on rear, both partly furnished. Good home with fruit trees and Income. Trice $6150, half cash. SUNSET PARK—In best location in southwest diM'rnl. Cnod 5-room home with lots of shade. On bus line, close to high school and William Penn grammar school. Price $0300. down payment $2500. month $10. Shown by appointment only. 411 Nineteenth Street Dial 3-0275 9-2-tf FOR SALE—Two-bedroom home, screen porch, on '5 acre ground, good district east, of town. Please list your property for sale with ui. Wo have good buyers waiting. 95li Baker Street Phone 2-9224 or 4-4402 30 TWO-BEDROOM house for sale. WlfT consider late model car for my equity. Balance $30 per month. Phone 2-0439. • 34 NEW 2-bcdroom home. Highland Manor. now vac-ant, good location, very reason_ ably priced by owner. Phone 8-8853. 32 FOR SALE—Reasonable. large 5-room house, with hath, service porch; has stationary tubs. also automatic gas water healer. Lot 52x127. large garage. Kurnsihed or unfurnished. Wilt sell equity. See owner, 131 L street. Call !iny_ lime. 34 FOR SALE—Two-bedroom dwelling, half- acre lot. Near Niles and Sterling. JTiS'iO. lermi-. See Paul Sybrandt, 213 l->isl Eighteenlh. Phone 5-5003. LEASE—On Nineteenth street, rooming house, completely furni«hed. 21 rooms, capacity business; a real money-maker. $1000 will handle. • TWO-HEDROOM MODERN HOME Five-room stinco house, only few years old, on lovely lot ftOxltiO feel, wllh lawn. trees and shrubs. Hardwood floory, dual wall furnace, cooler, tile in halh and kitchen. Quick possession: southwest dislricl. outside city limits. I'nee S.1.100. substantial down. Taylor & Taylor, ItJOO Chosier avenue, phone 6-6593. 151 (K KW.i;KS, T\VKXTY-FIFTH CEXTTRY, A. D. Very Unlikely By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKIXS For «•!•—Improved Property DR.UUER LIVING MAN, BUT FORGOT TO INSERT IT6 RADIO- BRAIN ! NOW BOTH HUERAND THE ROBOT HAVE VANISHED! CAN THE cwr/vr SCIENTIST BE DEAD? IF THE BRAINLESS ROBOT KILLED WUER HERE ,m<3 BODY WOULD HAVE BEEN FOUND / AND DRA LONELY WHAT DOES THAT ROBOT'S BRAIN HAVE TO DO WITH BUT THAT BRAIN MAY3E EVERYTHING/ DRAGGED HUER TO SOME WOULDN'T OUR ONLY CLUE / THE MECHANICAL BRAIN WITH HIM.COULO EAST BAKETISFTELD—Five-room stucco home and den. built >n 1940. Complelely furnished with prewar furnllure. $6600. EAST BAKICRSFIELD—Five-room stucco home, on corner lot. clruo In. $6150. HIGHLAND PARK—Stucco duplex, built In 1940. On« ltd* furnished with nice prewar furniture. Other side unfurnished. One-half bloc!: fror.i bus Close to store and school. $4750. 12250 down. BANK STREET—Moderate size 6-rnom house. In good d'strlct. Close to bus nnd market. $3950. $1500 down HIGHLAND PARK—One of the_ finest 3-bedroom stucco homes, built In 1041. Complete cooling system with duets In each room Two double floor furnaces, thermostatically controlled. Two baths wilh lots of tile. Steel Venetian blinds throughout. Floors carpeted with broadloom from wall to wall. Beautiful living room and dinlnc room. Kitchen with lots of tile and corner divided pink and many cupboards. Large service porch, double garage. EL CA11INO PARK—Beautiful 5-room stucco home, built 11)40. w-lth latest modern conveniences. Stee' Venetian blinds. Nice size bedrooms, living room and dining room. Built-in cooling sys- . tern Including cooler. $5500. $2250 down. SOUTH—A lovely 5-room stucco homo built in 1341. Venetian blinds, tile In kitchen and bath and built-in cooling system. Large lot. Possession in 10 days. $5500. Phone 2-75J4 1671 Chester S-31-tC For «•!•—Improved Property IN OCEANA—Three acres, 12 cabins, store Hvlntr quarter!, ga* pumps. This la furnished and a going concern, showing good Income. Present owner all alone and can't handle. Will leM all for total price of $10.50.0. Lomita Verde—Lovely 5-room home, only 5 yean old. Living room, 15*20. bath with still shower, very nice kitchen, lots of cupboards. Rear yard fenced and has barbecue pit. Double garage. Total price $6250. substantial down. VCIngland Square—Five-room hom«. modern throughout, well landscaped lot. This place Is practically completely furnished, Including refrlgeratoi and washing machine. Total price $5760, good down payment. Pioneer Drive—Five-room modern home on five acres. This woiild make an Ideal country home for the. couple who likes horseback riding and has stock. Not to far out. Lomita Verde—Five-room furnished home, only about 4 years old and In excellent condition. Modern throughout. Nice yard. Immediate possession. Total price $6500. about half cas-, to handle. On lot 100*300—Lovely 6-room home, almost new, Dual floor furnace, cooling ducts, etc. Owner wishes to trade for 3-bedroom homo close In In city, o 1 318 "'Eye" Street 8-!-tf Two-liedrnom home on a'TO. chicken equipment, outside wash house, .lust vacated. so you can move riyhl in. $:',^r,0. Just off Pierce Road—Large living room wilh floor furnace, ilunni; room. den. two bedroom*, lovely bathroom, wilh tile vanity. Almost all acre. One of the nicer :l-hedrnnm homes on acre of ground. Double gumsc, fruit trees, chicken equipment. Two-bedroom, almost new home, floor furnace, hardwood floors throughout, double garaiie. Older L'-bcdroom home, la rpo living room, screen porch across entire front: cow barn, chicken equipment, acre of ground. $:ir,00. Will tiadc. Vacant, so imme- diale possession. Home and three furnished rentals, close 10 bus and schools. This will pay good Interest on investment. Three-bed room, bath-and-half home on large lot on much-traveled boulevard, close in. Corner ideal for shop, warehouse, oil supply equipment, well drilling equipment. Well-built ,1-bedrnoni home, has refrigerator, range, other furniture, double garage, all for $-1750. Cule little house,- one bedroom, with small rental in rear; can be used for one family or live in one and let the olhur pay lor all; $2700. INCOME PROPERTY — Three furnished modern unils. soulh of the Circle on K. SI7.",0 will handle, balance $40 nionlh. Consider late model car as part of down payment. Excellent income and never vacant. Only $:,7iO. Phone LOVI5LY model n on large lot at 1G nice size living modern kitchen, bedrooms with shower over tub, garage attached, and garden in. ranged. 2-hcilfoom home 25 Potomac Drive, room, good sixod tllfi drain; 2 nice bnth between, , hardwood floors; l:iwn. fruit trees Terms can be ar- 30 TWO-ROOM house situaled in Mayflower district. Price $800. Terms, lilmer F. Karpe. 1517 Eighteenth street, Sl-2-tf FOR SALB—On AHa Vista Drive, corner. 63x150, 3-bcdroom house. Illvns- room, dining room, den. breakfast nook, kitchen, two baths, small basement, screened porch, two floor furnaces: newly painted: 2-car garage. Full price $9750 Immediate possession For Information call J. J. Consani. 9-9614. or 2-9487. 8-9-tf EAST SIDE—Six-room house, on 1'i acres. Double garage, chicken equipment, lots of fruit trees. Lomita Verde—Practically new 2-hedroom house, completely and well furnished, including ref rigeralor. tablo-top move and washing machine, etc. Venetian blinds, double garage, nice lot. Green Acree—Three very attractive offerings, one with 1 Vi acres, onq with one acre, one with half acre. All with houses, all with chicken equipment, all wilh excellent water conditions. First, named can be purchased with flock of fihout 500 chickens, half-acre can be bought completely furnished. Casa Loma—On one acre, very modern IMiedroom house, barn, garage, chicken equipment, frtlil. etc. East Bakersfield — Six-room house near bus line, school and stores. Also Kast Bakersfield—Two-bedroom house on corner lot. Only 7 years old. Double garage. Lomita Verde — Three-bedroom house, about 5 years old and in good condition. Double garage, well-cared-for lot. B. C. Uffert, 901 Niles.. Phone 2-7152. 0-1-tf FOR SALE OH-TRADE—Five-room house on two lols. Not finished on inside. Will take car as part payment. $1250 cash. Localed at 908 Curtis P.rive. See owner o-i Garden Drive, fourth house from end of elree! on south side. Z'l Fit VALUES FOrn-ROOM home with large screen porch, close in in southeast district. <>n I arse Int. has nice shade and fruft trees, garden BUHCC. chicken equipment, double gaiagc. Well cared for lawn. Full price $3500. $1000 down, balance (3u n month. Dt'PLKX and dandy 4-room home In highly desirable location. All «re completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for $90 a month. Owner gels rent free in 4-room house. On large coiner lot. shade trees, >large enrage. On bus line, and near markets. Full pin". $7.">00. JH950 down, balance $50 a month. I 1 .* ACRES and fine 6-room house In Role- dale district. Has half-acre of alfalfa. chicken runs for 600 hens, rabbit hutches, machine shop, large shade and fruit trees. Many other fine features. Immediate possession. Full price 16000, substantial down. FIVK-ROOM home, completely furnished. on full acre of finest soil In Kern county, near Fairfax School. Has llKtit. water, tras. a lovely bathroom. Full price 14000. substantial down. F1VK-KOUM home, i.ear 8. P. shops. In good condition. Has chicken equipment, garden space, shade tree* and nice lawn. Full price $2500. substantial down, balance easy.. * HUM is AND iNCOMhi property close to Southern Pacific (hops Has nice rentals, all furnished: Income approximately 1375 tier month. Full price $18,0?". Some terms. 1663 Chester Phone 9-9181 8-14-tf TWO IJorSES on extra large lot, near bus and markets, only j:l7Rfl. $1000 down, and J:i.'i monthly, or will tramt for small house. 1'i ACRES IN HEART OF CASA LOMA — Lovely California bungalow, complciely furnished, artistically net on park-like grounds, large living room with fireplace, gorgeous dining room, lovely kiu hen with plenty bullt-lns. also brealf- fast. nook two spacious bedrooms, nice dell, sleel Venetian blinds throughout. larKe plastered basement, youngher- rieH, raspberries, grapes, apricots and peaches, chicken equipment for 6000 chickens, and alfalfa field. Wilh the place so 200 laying hens, also some turkeys, ducks and rabbits. A real buy. J'l-ico only $10,f>00. some terms. Will I rade for 2-bedroom home. LOVELY NEW (i-ROOM HOME—Living room, dining room, two bedrooms, den. kitchen with plenly of tile, also nice baih including lile vanity and stpll shower, floor furnace, cooling systeni, double Karage. fcm-cd-in back yard, lawn and shade. Jfl'Jofl. $2500 dov*h. $47 "iO monthly. Will trade for small ON "THESE PROPERTIES phone 0-5D24, evenings 3-117H. LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nn:hola i'Sli K Srt»,^t 9-2-tf IX PTNSET PARK—A very good 3-bedroom home with p sun porch, hardwood, floors, all rooms largo. Venetian blinds. tile in kitchen. Close to bus. Price S7."iOn. with $:ir>oo down. FINE INCOME PROPERTY—Here Is a su-ell K'-unit court situated on a large lot with room to expand. County tax only. The income from this court shows better than 17 per cent on the Investment. The present owner has been the snle owner. All units well furnished with the host of furniture. It requires about $!IOO<l to handle. Balance terms. IN HIUHLAND MANOR—Practically new 2-bcdroom home, nicely furnished, large kitchen, 7-foot Frlgldalre. vanity tile In bath, dojble garage. This Is a nice stucco home. Requires largo down payment. * CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 H Street Phone 6-5009 or 2-4522 8-29-tf Completely and beautifully furnished. In Sinckdale. on cuiner lot 90xJ45. sprinkling system, barbecue pit, piped for gas or wood, exceptionally well landscaped. On Monterey, two bedrooms, with room over garage, rear Horace Mann School, nice yard, all fenced. $3850, $1966 down. EaM Kentucky—Neal 2-bedroom house, lots of chicken equipment, only $2960, JlJiiO down. WII.LAHn E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phono 2-0555 :i-4-tf AI/TA VISTA DRIVE—Nl'-ely furnished ti-room home on good corner lot. 100x140. close to Hernard. Several kinds of fiml Ire?!?, -J.'iO fine chickens, with equipment and room to double, the flock, Wonderful location. Total price $7350, half down. HIGHLAND PARK—Tine duplex on large; lot. Three nice sued rooms and bath each sidt-. One side completely and nicely furnished, .lust redecorated Ihrnughonl. Double garage with laundry trays. This place is just about r> years old nnd very nice. Price $6850, S2H50 dofc-n, balance easy. Phone 2-7680. .15 OILDALE 11-unit court, completely furnished. Income S.'i47.50 per month. A-l shape. Fnnii.shed duplex on corner lot. Will tak« in car. $3!t80: small down. » Half-acre, close in, 5-room home, $3750, on terms. Ea*n Bakersflcld— One-acre. nice H-bedroom homo. Is priced . to sell. $:I500. lenns. D. C. "ylim 1 ' Mynatt. phone. K-SUSli. ^ _ 33 FOR SALE — Twu-bedi-nr.m home. Double garage: near Horace Mann School on Xilea. Phone 2-0(1 (K, . _ _ FOR SALE— Two-room house on 2 Mi-acre lease. Also one 20-foot house trailer. Off Weed Patch Highway, 441 Fuller _ Drive. Joe P. Reynolds. _ 30 FOR SALE — One 2-bedroom house and l-l»edroom house on large corner lot; unfurnished. completely fenced, tilo sink, excellent condition. Good income properly, $4l',T,o, $^.*!r t o down, balance easy _t o nn c . __ I ' I inne^njKMT; _ 34 FOR SALE — Five-room furnished house ut r,17 Linda Vista Drive. Price $5500 cash. Do not disturb tenants. If interested w-rite Charles Green, P. O. Box FIVE-ROOM house completely furnished. with basement. Ha« shade and fruit trees. Immediate possession. Elmer F. Karpe. 1017 Eighteenth street. 9-2-tf BY OWNER — Large house, (seven rooms,' plenty of tile, floor furnace; basement: double garage. Furnished or unfurnished. 2110 Kern street, East Bakers- _f|eld. _ 39 NEWLY docorated, modern. 4-year-old. --bedroom house with extra lot, $3750, $1500 down. Inquire 2SOC Lake. Phono 2-3773. 31 ACTOR r Anx\v*r in Prevlon* Pu«il»\~ HORIZONTAL 1,9 Pictured actor 12 Symbol for . erbium 13 Rent 14 Auricle 15 Attend 16 In bed 17 Valise 19 Lyric poem 20 Pair (ab.) 21 Daybreak (comb, form) 23 Female deer 24 Musical note 25 Egyptian sun god 26 Negative 28 Lieutenant (ab.) 29 Fungous disease 31 Edges of roof 33 Bachelor of Arts (ab.) 34 Musical syllable 35 Set again 38 Occasions 41 Measure of cloth 42 Accomplish 43 Bone 44 Nickel (symbol) 45 Seine 47 Nova Scotia (ab.) 49 Iron (symbol) 50 Saturate 51 Stove part 53 Sneer 56 Stupefy 57 Before 58 Singing voices 60 Exempli gratia (ab.) 61 In the year (Latin) .62 He appears ii. a film of President Wilson V , VERTICAL 2 Conductor 3 Great Lake 4 Morindin dye 5 Close 6 Small portion 7 Compass point 8 Interpret /' 9 Barrel 10 Matgrass 11 Songbird 15 Eroded 18 Domesticated animals 20 Strike lightly 22 Individual /- 25 Dressed in * flowing gown 27 Desert garden 30 Aeriform fuel 32 Energy v 35 Nevada city 36 Football team 37 2000 pounds 38 Pedal digit 39 Plenty 40 Signali^ 46 Species of gull*, 48 Fragment/ ' 49 Leaping . amphibian 1 50 Stair .^ 52 New (prefix) 1 54 Yale c — ' ' 55 European'-. >t Theater of 1 Operations (ab.) , _« 59 Senior (ab.)K|

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