Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1907
Page 7
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i —li^^r^iJtis^iS^^ lltiBl^^ilsii^ make fijptfktil^^ aU isiibstaiitial o^dc^r, ^^^ItlMdg l^t iE «)U andbirlsg many ktud thaights ^tSegjyeK &[pab& will not permit eoitimeratixig all the itsiis but you jnau' comb assured the values are here and, one at a tempting price. ^ Crocheted patt^Tis, White Quilts, size 78x84 inchef, full standard size, dctra quality, a value that will compare nicely with any $1.60 quilt. See ULfem in itorth windi^w. Oi^ Bale at 7:B0 Thnrsday evening, choir 9B emnt9 Ladies'Odd CdBtB at about balf price; heavy selling bas caased tbe accnmala tlon of a good niaay odd coats, especially in the better au^liUcs. We have grouped all the odd coats together nd yonll be surprised at the value In thefc'^garments. We quote Just a tew prices to give ^i^'^ •idea of the redaction on them.. We have a fe^^^Ia^ coattt; 6Ilk braid trtinmed satin lined yoke, cnfls broadcloth semi-fitted; the . prettiestfltUng coat you ever saw; but we have Just a few odd. sizes left and you can have your choice for $11.25 M €OATS I&8S. Children's Sample. Coats in blue, red BOd green, mixed plaids and stripes. These Goats were made to retail at ^,«^ and 17.60, but ti^T are samples, perfect con- coftU that you- will admire -ud. tor t^is week only we will sell them at ...SSf .SS 4B Japanese Waste Paper Baskets at one-half price. ITOC duality will be ]...aSt ! ones reduced to ;.. .50^ |the 11.50 quality will be.... 75^ One lot of Dolls, values up to 25c; some are soiled from handling. Choice of the lot 5* Ladles Oxford-Bow Neck;Ties in. bliie. red and brown. Price ..... -104 * i^ney Back Combs, a 50c Value in dare color, gilt trimmed and set with brilliants. Special price 27x64 Velvet Rugs, worth up to $1.76 Choice of' the lot S1.19 One Ut of 25c Pillow Tops, three patierns to select from. Choice of the lot , 96 Ladles' Jersey Fleece Lined Leggins, part buttons; price ^ 75A Fair button length 81.00 Ladles 7 or 10 button length Gaiters in black; all sUes; price ...... '25^ Odd Pieces of Ornamental. Decorative and ITsefUl. China, all at about half the original price. Christmas Bells, made of red tissue paper 5. 15. 580 and 25^ i be on Timm Men's Pongenette Imltatloin Silk Handkerchiefs with embroidered Inl- Ual, all letters; price '.. tOt 'Children's Linen ABC Books and a few story books; choice of the lot ...5* 25e and 35c Lace Collars in white, the best line of Lace Collars we have ever sboWn ait these prices. Choice of the lot during this sale 156 Leggins for Children, black fleec« lined, full button length, all sizes from 6 to 13 years. Price 506 Children's Underwear in cream or grey, all sizes In some styles; choice of the lot 196 ~ Children's Grey Union Snits; values np to 63cJ Choice of. the lot 396 One (ot of Ladles' drey Plaid Goats loose fitting, well trimmed,.a splendid Coat for young ladies' sdiool wear; not a one In the lot but what Is worth more than double the price asked for them but they are odd numbers and If you need a good coat at a small price dont onerlook these. Choice 83.85 CnveMtte CtiOa at BedMci MeM._ I7.S0 Riin Coats redncMl to;. .f 110.00 Rain CoaU reduced to.! $12.50 Rain Coats reduced to $15.00 Rain CoaU reduced to $20.00 Rain CoaU redncedto f $25 and 27.50 Rain CoaU;to : German Blanket Lounging Hobos in red. green, pink and blue. cord, girdle fashion, trimmed with saUn ribbon; regular price $6.00. On sale.. 84.85 6#( i Xmmmm $12.50 Odd CoaU in bnnra'on. aa^ for $7.85. Theatf.ebaU have istln lined yokes iuraid -and velvet trlaiiiiiBd; ° very neaUy finished and np to ^aiit* 1A every respect. Ton can have Chotee of three patterns in these for..." 87.85 ,$8.50 Black Melton Ctoth velvet trimmed, lull leagth.- ting; an exceptional valn« price; buy them in this sal* Ladies' Long Black €blir(i>clhrtti«- cloth Coats, tight fittttg. TMl ffyla coat Is a simple tailored gamflBtt Mit an extra nice piece of bloth; a $20;00 value on sale for' 813'.7if $35.00 Cbiifon Broadcloth. Lobsi^ fitUng Coat In black, broad 'OttMon shoulder, elaborately trimmed yttth silk-braids. Buy It during this aife for 880b8& ' 9»M Rain Coats'for IMt. Children's Rain CoaU in an siHBS ^r dioicie of the lot ...... 81.1f^ BeanUful Lace Robes in wUte. bIM. brown and black; semi-made, trbained' with ribbon and lace. Prieoa from 88.50 TO 8SS.00 > m TO ELECT Annual Meettng of Medical Sbdety Tonlaht, The iumnal ineeting of the A}len County Medical societi^ will take p*.ace tcmight in the fanners' room of the court house. The officers for;the ensnlng^year are to be elected nnd ot|ier bnslhess transacted. Perhaps some snggeBttons as to the manner 'of conducting the organization; for ^1908 nlil be considered.' After ;the ' businedg session and program. doctorJBnrill 'have a spread. HeylmSr is to read a paper at meeting. the Dr. the Get your Holly and Ewing t- Burdlck's. Mistletoe at To Contractors. lola. Kansas. Dec. 7. '07. Ida township will let bids on macadam road as follows: First half mile on South Kentucky street, south of Hm creek, beginning on north end of macadam road, and fence north one-half mile or to place designated by township board; second one half mile, beginning one half-mile west t)t river on West street, on the west end of macadam road fence west one- half mile to place designated by town ship board. Third, half mile on South State street, two and one-half miles south of west, commencing at Abram's northeast corner fence west cne-half mile. See specifications on file at County Clerk's olBce; Board reserves right to reject any and all bids. B. L. BAR>mART, Twp. dk. BEWARE OF THE BACKACH SIMPLE PRESCRIPTIOX PRETEXTS SERIOUS KIDXEY DISE.VSE. .Vbc This at Home as it b Splendid for Urinary Troubles and Rheaniatlsm. /The Ctth BMIS cnabii^ US to sell our'joodr much ^pcr than formerly aiid we believe that our customers itil'ize the benefit they are getijni froip it. Just to show WW whrt we can do now we quote you the roUowing for December 19. %0 and 2L I ...... 91M lie 75e me Me l»e lee at lae aie ISMe to ate ......... «5e flSe anlated Sugar. 20 lbs..... I^r Bear and.D. S. FTopr tbra ileal, per satk Igbtstoea, per bushel tmiibt^, per lb Onions, per peck Van Camp Pumpkin, per c4n Srib Standard Tomatoes .i 9 cans Van Camp Htmilny.i Ittwk Bye and Piqna Peas '44tens Kelley'B Com. :< . Ollnnfltf Peaches and Peari from £resh Country Eggs tibdntry Bntter : "' imtery Bntter — Price's Breakfast Food, two for g-O-See and figg-O-See.Com. three for ... Pounds Banner OaU..: •-. lion Peeled PiSaches Hon' Apples ; _ _rmer Jones Sorghum. gaRon SJB t icy Table Symg, gallon, *?e b-Ko-More Wiaahlng Poyder, seven packages : PiAindrBnlk Strntth . ,Hckle8, per gallon. L'^ -j-; ickles, per gallon.i; .= fm Home Made L*rd ....... ''"'^..tU .1 Ite toISM : 15e . SSe . SSe ..fiee . iSSe SSe More people succumb each year to some form of kidney trouble than any other cause. The. slightest form of kidney derangement often develops Into Brishi's kidney disease, diabetes or dropsy. When either of these dis- ease.s ar^ 8usj>ected the sulferer shou'.d at once .seek the be«t medical attention iiossiblc. Consult only a good, first class physician, leave patent medicines alone. There are many of the lesser symptoms of kidney trouble which can be treated at home is suted by a well known authority. For some of these, such as backache, iiain in th^ region of tAc kidneys, weak bladder, frequency, (especially at night) painful scalding and other urinary troubles, try the following simple home remedy; Fjuid Extract Dandelion qne^half ounce. Compound Kargoh one ounce. Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla. three ounces. These simtile IngredlenU are harmless and can be obtained at any good prescription pharmacy and anyone can mix them by shaking well in a bottle. The dose for adulU Is a teaspoonful after each meal and again at bedtime. ' Tbere is no better general remedy known to relieve all forms of rheumatism either, because It acu directly upon the kidneys and blood It cleans the clogged up pores in the kidneys so they can filter and strain from the blood the poisonous uric and waste mater which If not eliminated remain in the blool. decompose and settle about the JoinU and muscular tissues causing the untold suffering and deformity of rheumatism Backache is nature's signal noticing the sufferer that the kidneys are not acUng properly "Take care of your kidneys,** <s now the physician's advice to his patients. FAULKNER STOLE A HORSE Hams, per pound. Meat i.. Runavmy Couple Brought Emporia. Back to (Emporia' Giueette.) Sheriff D. P. Cbwan will return to morrow on the northbound Katy train with Lem Faullmer and Pearl Hunt. He left for McAlester Saturday night Mr.-and Mr?. -W. X Runt today reeelv ed a letter from their dangnter whleb wa4 written Saturdiay nicdit. |:In &er letter she san that Fan'knqr stole a liorfl« on -tin ctreeU of tfeiUeater bnt was eanillt by the offloen. She{ further sUted that them Is no charge •gainst her. and she U anztous to get home. She has not stated whether th* has married Fnulknir. • The police were noUfled sever 18 THERE'A SANTA CLAUST Why, Honey, If You Doubt It, Read Wha« This Man Says. John T. MicCutcheon In Applaton's M)agazine: "Why, land's sake, child, of course they Is. 1 reckdn I've saw him nigh unto a hundred Umes myse'f—«nd hell be here dlrecktly, too. He's Jest a whoopin' down across them Icebergs on his way here, llcketty split, an' you betcby hell be here on time. too. Never hnowed him to fail yit, an' I leckon they ain't nobody's bad more ?x-per-iance In these-matters than me. Xo. course you ain't saw him yourself, but you got a punr-ty fUr idee how he looks, now hain't yon? Sure? r knowed you had. Why. I ree-coUect ]€f8t as well's 'twas yestiddy 1b« : first time 1 see him. Let's see. what year was that? Um-m. Brother Jim was bom in—<well. well 'peara like my mem'ry kind o' fallln' me on lltUe things like that,'but when it comes to Santy Clans—you betcby I don't forgit anything about him. 1 kin dee^cribe old SutTr -With my ayes sheL Tall? No. not aft«Uy.tal^ Kind of a little sqnatty roly-vaty- teller f I remember right, with fh£9ln^€st Ittle eyes yon ever see. - Reglar little weasel eyes, but so fall o'-foa that hey Jest plum brim over and epill out on his cheeks. Not what yon'd call a real handsome man—bnt. O, powei^ 'ul good natnred. Jest do anythin* fer! von If he takes a shine to yon. If you're real good an'— How? How do I know he's oomin'? Well. well. wen. Jqit listen to the :hlld. How do I know* Why. bless ve. I know the signs as well as I know *«eans. Ton know how a new Noey's Vrk smells.' don't ye? WUI. that 's one of the signs. Whenever you go jown to the store and ketch a whfff y new Noey's Ark, you e'n make np rer mind that old Santy% powerful 'mmlnent And another thing, too. \long In the late fall when th' year 's 7ettin' kinds old an' decripid Hke. Jest bobblln' along toVd December, yon •2'n Jest taste the Santr Clans /eelin* 'n th' air." "Yon better hMtef begin ^ettln' ready." sez he. and off he goes, in' a'ong comes a whole bunch of 'em. each gettin' more an* man ex-na•.«rated. I tell ye the excitament is •est about near the bnstin' point by 'he twenty-fonrth of December. It Cltris'nuis had came two days later .he strain would be too mnch. Old Vatnm' would Jest throw op both hands, an' call th' doctor. Bnt. yon we, U«y/flggered 'n this, so Chrls'- nas ctOnes two days anrllcr than It nonUitf it come two days later, an* ^ ecerybody manages to live throogh M Afe 'y. Talk abMtfveoMitMMBt' Why. Ule bnxs o' children taOtia'fi^ the thnmptn' of Ittle-keartooa -tte night afore Chrla 'mas'la -enonih oinm dtbwn'd ont the nooM:o* siel^ beUs, to say notfain' 9' th* craneh & tm babtir on the hooMtofi. FORGER NOT CAUGHT The Suspects Have All Proven Their Innocence. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger and Policc- mgn Jack CTeed have been busy today wbrking on the forgery case. As the merdiants who. were victimized Saturday night say that the forger was a colored man. tl^e pQlice officers have taken several colored men into custody who. they thought would bear investigaUon. The men were released, however, as there was no evidence to warrant their being held. It develtved that the colored forger arrested at Cherryvale had no con- necUon with .the forgery here, as he was. able to prove that h^ was in Cherryva:!e Saturday night STRAWBERRIES FOR XMAa lola Mariceta Will Proliably Oftar LiM. ; uiy Soon. Patrons of the lola markets can la all probability enjoy the novUty at eating strasrberries and ereant dtmiB the Christmas holidaya. ^ Stra^hMtlM have been on the southern dttiiCftla for some time and the local merdUOAi are expecting dxipments of that Ml^ rles some time ddring the latter .pail of this we^ Hot house tomiOoea and cucumbers wfll also b« on tl>a market as i^ usual at tM« •aaaoaof the year. - > Improved acre tract on Eleetrfe Una for sale on terms. Call ptioaa lOM. LEVI 8C0TT DEAO. Danger In Asking Advice. When yon have a cough or cold do not aak anyone what is good for if. as there Is danger in. taking aome unknown prepacatibn. ..Fb'ey^s Honey Rnd:Tar cures eougiis, odtds aiid'pr» vente pnenmonla. The ^nlne Is in a yellow package. Refuse snhsgtatf^j BQrreirs Dmg^re. 1 * , \ " Bcflster Want Ids. Pay Beeaase in Alien Ceanty Hearly Ever |be4y Heads tie Begistee. Remains Will be Taken to %Milto Citf tor fntarmenl^ Levi Scott, of E24 North SUta street, died last'evening at (felodt. Mr. Scott baa >ieen .imiflncd to his home fknrnu «r -^we *ka 4vitii^ eampU. cation of dijisases .aitf fhat-«f4 «iHr - tatF not expeetad^ '^Tke .ranaiaa waM en to WUtcr'aty this aft ^ioaa 12:45 where the funeral aerrloaa will be held tomorrow afternoon. Stta^ ment will ba made hi the Whit* GItr cemetery.. ; . L - trjjl recognize ii^ bncldes* Akosa Coffee in the' capi any time, by the lasted' That **taste" id s •.cum an< make - 1>e]ieve Java, and stun branded or

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