Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 7
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1 ONLY ELEVEN MORE DAYS TO SHOI» IPT Gigantic Sale Xmas Tbe niMta wiU betrln itoon— wise people will btgla iJioppInK nt once. Uudkerehlefi are eapeelaUy coDTenlvnt to In; away and you'll feel better to have part of yonr buying orer. Then, too, we hare mere time noiri-and a better rarletj. Children's neat colored border hemstitched Haud- herchlefs, worth 5c; In the Hale, each Ijidles. cross-bar stripe and fancy Handkerchiefs, each St Men's initialed Handkerchiefs, fine quality, linen finish, half dojsen In box $1.00 Men's Initialed Pore Linen Handkerchief, put up six in a box, per box $|l.50 Children's Handkerchiefs, put up 3 In a fancy Iwx. pretty patterns, generally sold at 20c per box; tn this sale, box 15t Ladles* Pure Llnea Embroidered UaadkercUrfs, plain and crossbar centers, lace edge or hemstitched each 15^ Ladies' Handkerchiefs, high' grade embroiderwt in the new Amrlswgl embroidery croia-bar or stripe centres; choice, each 25^ $ 1.25 Broadcloths 79c 600 yards 62 inch Chiffon Broadcloths, in shades of tan, mode, red, reseda, grey 1 and. blue, the regular $ 1 25 quality, tomorrow, per yard, 79 cents Specials in Uidies' fdlcr^ Waists Received this Morning hy Express LOT. 1. Beautiful Tailored Linen Waists, well worth $1.75, special, each —• • • LOT 2. Handsome Tailored Linen Waists, well worth $2.00, special, each LOT 3. Pure all linen Tailored Waists, sold by other stores tor $3.00. our price tomorrow, each Big Cut Price Sale in our MiHinery Department I Every Hat mcst be sold. This is a bona-fide and prfce is no object to us. Take note of prices, hatj nmrt be sold—prices cut in two. 91*90 iot any $3.00 bat in the house. F .for any $4.00 hat in the house. sale, The S2«5llfor'aiiy f6.00 hat in the house. SjpV^;il^ for any '17.00 hat in the house. any f 10.00 hat in the house. f|l for any 912.00 Jbat in the honse. rftdp for any 118.00 hat in the bouse. Children's $<ihool Habi, choice of any; in stocic, half price £Uk¥9n mare M. F. Brandenbiirg'a flngeif whfd[t he injured wfaila eutUncrkafflr corn are. no better. Grace Brandenburg to on the sick list ^ The many friends of Howard Moore and family ^111 regret to' hear tliat they'are going to leaiv^ KaiMs' aioon and move to Olclahoma. He has bUIi out for a sale December l4tli. irhisit he will leU hors^i. mule*, cattle, Itt- plemente.- bouaehold goiaida,. etc Mra. Wllthy Kltsmiller ftom near Fort Scott was up tisiting Ftiday and Friday night with her-brother, Onrll Ray and her brother-iihlaw Tom Kitsmiller. John Selgler and family were the Ruesu of Will McFftrland and family Sunday. Orvil Ray Is gathering corn for M. P. Brandenburg. , • • j The Free Methodists are holdjtng meetings at Rbeldow but on aeoouat of the bad weather the attendance la small. ! S. 1>. Brandenburg and fkmtly ate dinner with Albert Burria and) mother Sunday. ooeodo oodooooft STOirtPdlMI!.. . HISIIOHT. 7 Mr.' Will Stewart returned frdm Colorado last Wednesday where, he had heen Tisiting his sister, Mrs. an I^ch and family. Last Wednesday being Orandma Cloud's 74th birthday, her friends and relatives gave her a post.card party. She recelyed cards from Colorado- Kansas. Missouri and Indiana. . Mr. Dan Cornell and wife and Flossie Cornell were the gnissts of Frank Booe and wife Sunday. Wney Davis and family Tlslted with James Darls and family Sunday. Dan and Jasper Cornell yisited with Lex Booe Sunday. .. Miss Kate Hogan had to dismiss her school on account of diphtheria. She Is teac&ingi near Austin.. She thinks she can bmjB next Monday^ i Miss Stanza Runyaa visited the school Friday. MeiMM Tkat la McMeke. "Ilmve autfared a good deal with malaria and stomach ooraplalntri, but I have now found a remedy that keeps me well, and* that remedy la Eleetrie Bitters/ a medicine that; la sMdietae for stomach and IiT«r troablea,: a^ for run down conditions," says W. C Kiestler, of HaHlday, Ark. Electric Bit ters purify and enrich the blood, tonr up the nerves, and Impart vigor and energy to the weak. Your money wll' be refunded falls to help you. 60c at all druggistJB. PKAIBIE B08E. Alta Strlckler and Mayne Knapr went to lola Saturday to dlspoae of. the hides which they caught in their traps. I This nelghtjorhood was greatl} shodked to hear of the death of Mrs Jacobs. Mattie, as iihe was known, to all, had grown to womanhood in oui midst and her many friends exited sympathy to the bereaved husbaniiS and family, the mother, brother and Btsters. • Mrs. Mary Ford and Mrs. Wood attended the funeral of Qrandmother Hbll. The' body was laid to rest la the old -filsmore cemetery. Roy EfHu spent Sunday aftemooc with Edgar and Loren Rogers. Quite a number, attended the_funeral of Mrs. Jacobs Thursday afternoon. ' • Mr. Knapp butchered a beef and a hog Thursday. Robert Rogers assisted him. Howard Moore has bills out for s sale on the Ayers place half mile north of Prairie Hall, on Monday. Dec 14 Mr. Moore was formerly a resident of this neighborhood but we understand .he expects to indye to Oklahoma sooh. We wish he and. his fan: ily success wherever their lot may be cast. 1 . . % • Mrs. Minnie Rogers and children and Mrs. N«ttl« purrlsa of WIdUta were our guests'Wednesday. • . , A Small nam ot-fpui^w^a. struck lo the well on Mr. U&>'sVMe«..: J . . Will Wood his treatfltf;;Mrs. Ekis- trom'a farm for aiiotlu>r*yeir.v' Marie and Nina; fblri^ -liaVe staying at Mr. WboA's fptagm-^ while their pareata ara- niem^-W.. Daafprth place. vaaitsiLbr Ifr:VBiaga Will Wood aaft.'fHBlIy "apaati 8a».^ day at the. parintai> War hoip^ . ' Rev. Jobnaoa oomstMiMd p'ratradf- «d meetings at PnUri*'&(M Mondiy evening:. Oa •.aecQont at aat'-' twlag •xtenahrely afloounaad-tlia.a^nteiice was sm«l> for'* fti^''«T«BtasK - . Thft teacher, and: lMwi|s>':' oC Btan; Point came'orer 0|uit4jr«4beaday evening and ap*IHld;J«i^|Mt.' fha pu- Irtls of Grant. OrMnaeboIiLiw'rprarsd to he th* heat ap^frt. A |n;wpp«r waa glrea in coaiM^on to ey - to' flalah p«|fpff for Thirteen dollars was takan .in. "Three yMTs 91 (0 I wap marked for dei^. A'griar»>jnird?'«bagb waa tear- iai my'lnBjiia to plecei.' Dqetiiira failed t9 halpim; antf-hiorti!* bad fled, when niy huaband got; Dr. ICbi'g'a New Dia^ aerery." aays Mrs. A. C. WHUama, of Bac Ky. "The flrat dose helped me and improvement: kept on ilhtll T bid pjned 38 pounds In #eight>and my HMth waa fully reatorad.". Thla medlT 3iae holds the woWd'a healing record for coogba and edida and lung and tbroat-diaeaaes. It preventa pneumo> ola. . Sold under guarantee at all drug itbres. SOc and fl.OO. Trial bottle free. Mdt herr train' L<liferw46n7 lo bwr vf tb» deailf ot^VaraB. Wfi'UA -„ 8<ir«'''ia» malaa tb liisi^flnitdktib; ifoiw^iaad toolc th«h - "^'i fliptertow aiek one day last *aad-^^ JK^^et, ttk ifWb ani Mm Patieraon tugnt for her. t 'ifiw.'iawr «BTMA ;1fflntii --<aiied on Tuii&er-Xoa^aftBriioon. f Jlra.. Wv H.< Roiiera iir«i onV the sick •Isb.'.tfie.;;pi«t'*aak,:, .•.*•;'• t Rer. Moidswortti' came liorsebadi fundiy. this lnoadal w«^ so bad. He ?riaidr*iifc sirteadid'iBhBoh. r There was !ri^ pMO attendance at BpTOrti:Leagne.punaily.'nIght for all tb*' roada irii* ab ' ner AddlamsBi Bim^UBgi Stella Long. Wialter Ung^ raniB^LonA IcviBiUng.* (nay Brace atid-.VtaakT Jobnaon.. ^ 'r . PIQVA. 1 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Purcell w«re in Iota Tuesday. Rev. Wta. KIpp lias returned to his home in Colorado after an extended vlalt with his parents. . M)iss Linisn 'Worth came up from Parsons Monday for a visit with rela- tint. . John 'Willie and family of Neosho FiJls were here Monday to attend th^ funeral of h)s father. George.'Willie senior. Miss Jessie Land entertained 'a number, of young people of the Sunday school at her home Tuesday evening. Several contests bad been ptie- pared by the hostess, among them be: tag a atnnt obntest In-which . Miss BUna ling and Miss LUliati Ferria aad Mr. FVaak Jobaaon von prises; Pro* gresslve peannt wa>.i>layed at the 41^ ferent tables in wl|lch Mr. WWtn Ung was awarded first prize and Mr. Clay Bruce consolation prize. A.dalnr ty luncheon was served at the nuu tables, Mlsa Stella Anita Long, and Miss Land' prealding. after wbldi the ruesta returned to the farlor where SCiss B!va Lo^ sang a solo. Giiesfif It this delightful affair: were Lillias Ferris, Bdha Ling; Magglfr Bruce. Ag>-, I •' " " •-••"iiirV"''-^^-- "•' ..Jat His and V.'itfr--'- • : itehnch^l|c:|p|1 ^^0ps loss" of li^>&-Mlds up. or m BtTSK. 1 The temperitotai^ dropped SO de-' grees Sunday liigh't;,, Vtx. MIeFann bad auite a Ume iet-. ting his hbrae u'p^Ui'at'got down Suii^ dar . . . ' . •• -y^Mr. Younger hauled a big load of com to Pfqua Saturday. Lulu Ling'4pa|it the latter part of last weeK In Plqiut.- C. B. Peck la having aomething like the lagrlppe. Mrs. Fair-father and sister visited here Ittt'week. There was a tramp p&ased thrbuj^'. here" last -week tbat wjw so tender hearted.that it bitrt his feelings ttr mention work to'him. Glenroy Flake has sold his driving, horse and would like to bnv another. vMr. S&oekey delivered baled -bay st^ ttt ear at Dvton. -The. roads that :'are lately worked are almost impassible. We would like to see a law pasaed compelling "the road'worked earlier In the'season.^ Prestons,' Tiiisi.aBd Beaty'a attend-, ed the League welal' at Thunmaa's.. ' T. H. Rigga, SOea Preston and Ma- ble-miSK stayed Saturday at J. M.^ Presbms. • Mr.rJ. H. Stewart'and Miss Vergie- Mariey, both of-CeiitraUa, Watihlhgton were married jNor.-iS. "1908, ait. '4 p... m. Miss 'Vergie Mariey has '; miur friends here wbK> will ioln uS tn WME* iag- ber hapiiiees'' and proaipei^. They now live SOI 8. Iron St, Cehttal- ia. Washtagton. - i^: ———•. -^^: mE8 ClJMp g t TO 14 PATS.. PAZO OINTiaNT la goanmteed io etire aiByease oic-itet^g, blind, tileed' Ing or protruding piles lii 6 to 14 days or money refttodedi -BOe, iot 1, 35^Faney Warp Print Ribbons, the daintiest ribbons hmde, 5 to 8 inches wide, eSe values on sale Saturday, choice 35^ Lot 2, 49e—Fancy Warp Print Ribbons, 6 to 9 inches wide, also plain white, plain blue and plain bla^ with fancy band.edges, worth . up to 86c yard;-special for this sale 49t. No. 2 Satin, regular price 4c, special price, yard 3t No. 3 SaUn. regular price 5(L special price, yard • -4^', • No. 6 SaUn. regular price Vie. special price, yard ^P^r No. 7 Satin, regular price 10c. special price, yard ..r ont^: No. 9 SaUn. regular price J2^4, special price, yard l.W^K No. 12 Satin, regular price 15c. special price, yard tiHtmi^ No. 1« Satin, regular price 20c special price.-yard ISm'i No. 22 Satin, regular pride 25c, special'price, yard S' No. 40 Satin, regular price 30c. special price, yard No. 60 Satin, regular price. Sfic. spedaV price, yard fSStf^l -Hb. 80 Satin, regular price 40c Speciat price, yard 32ertr No. 100 Satin, regular price 45c special price, yard 35m No. 1700 Taffeta Ribbon in black, white and colors, all at special!jl 'prices. \ - - . ' ~; t No. 5 quality 1700, regular price 5c, special prlce^.. ^ -4#j No. 7 quality 1700, regular.price C^c, special prfc» No. 9 quality 1700, regular price 8Hc. special price 7 No. 12 quality 1700, regular price 10c special price SH^.. No. 16 jquallt^ 1700. regular,price 12^c; special price ....i^-i-lO^^S; No. 22 quality 1700. regular pricelSc. spedal prices........{.Klgft ^M^ No. 40 quality 1700, regular price 20c..special price ...... ' t Na 60 quality 1700, regular price 25c special price ..-. '..No. 80.Quality 17(J0. regular price aOcfpeciidjnriM..^.... No. 100 quality 17Q0. regular price 35c special price. .;...> Rich. Warp Print RftAibns,- the hi^eat qu411^ ittbon latest patterns. 8 inches wide; 66e to'|1.26 quality ribbohs. into two Iota, one at 39f''iind the other at. •v.i > Special Sale Price on all Blade, Wliit» aad C6lored Taftetta JUp- bona^Batnrdiroidy..' . j^'^"- ' NO. 1. 'sunlight Taffeta. ragnlaT'priee Sc. jtednced to yard>......lM<|^''. 1 No. 1)^SunllghtTattata. t«gaIic«tIea.SH«^Ti*ieed'tb^ y»ti....i2(li ^ No. 2 Sunlight Taftota. ra(pdar-prl<M Se," radaeed to. No, S Snaligbt TaQeta. rajiillir prfee' 4e. reduced ti^. yard No. 6 Snnlltfit taffeta,' reialJir'pMM:i(c,redi^<^ No. 7 BunUgbi TatlMa. r^lptlvliwrice No.- • Aialight Taffeta, retvla'rprl«<t iOc redueed'tb; yard.. „8Me' , No. 18 SonUsht lUiikta. liliiaaK^iiriM'iSMc. ijidueed io t Nii; 16 BnnlliHt tilffi% H«alar price ISc. r^ttbMjb, yardi:...ll«t>i 'I No:.IS;it»l|i^ti«Bffe^..^§pw- j>rlbe''-S^':reduepii|o^^yir^:...15.^: ( No. 40^uailii^t praffata;^||tntr.price 26c ceda^to,.yard....^itt-''^ ' NaWJuailghftaffeti • . No. 80 '9

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