Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on June 24, 1957 · Page 28
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Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 28

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 28
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M. CORPUS CHRJSTI TIMES, Men., June 24, 1957 HE SHIES AT CUPID Egon Says Film Writers Destroying U. S. Males '* By BOB THOMAS ;' HOLLYWOOD. «V-Are Ameri,can wives demasculinizing their :males? Richard Egan thinks so. He is one of Hollywood's greatest runners in the game of matrimony. How come he remains one of the town's most eligible bachelors? Women Are Like That "Because I have a great fear (A losing my independence," he replied. "I like the life I \eM, and 1 have no desire to let a woman change me into her way of Uving. "I've seen it happen time and lime again. A guy gets married and suddenly he finds himself doing the things his wife wants to do. Oh, it's subtle, all right, but it's there. "Women work in'devious ways. They lure their husbands into the kitchen and start them cooking , and doing the dishes. They even get the poor guys to do housework. AH this contributes to depriving a man of his masculinity." Says Films Guilty Movies are contributing to this theft of masculinity, he added, citing his own experience. In "The Revolt of Mamie Stover," he played a writer who fell in love with Mamie, who was bestowing her favors on a large segment of the American Fleet and Army. When he returned from the war and discovered this, he told her gently that they couldn't j get married. ' "If anything, he should have knocked her silly," Egan commented. RICHARD EGAN · . . likes what he's j*o when Dana Wynter told him she didn't think they could make a go of it. And in "Violent Saturday," he stood by while his wife capered with other men. This Is BifferctU WUVKa K The screen writers are ruining ervations." tlw American male," the actoi complained. "Whatever happened to the man who would stand up and fight for .a woman?" He indicated he was happy to be playing a two-fisted character again as the labor racket-busting attorney in "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue " Getting back to matrimony, he remarked that he fears losing his ability to achieve solitude now and then. ' "A man has to be alone part of the time," he said. "You have to stop and evaluate things, to get a spiritual re-charging. I'm not sure that women understand this." Don't get the idea he is anti- female. He enjoys feminine com pany and figures he'll take the orange-blossom route some day Some Day, Yes "When I see college friends of mine who are married and have four and five kids, I realize they are more fulfilled than I am," he reflected. "I'd hate to die and have people say of me only that I lived well and bought a new car every year. "But when I do marry, I'll .believe in the vows. Too many couples fake them with res LEE COLLINS SICK In "View Head," he F r o m skulked Pompey's northward On Beautifu! North Beach Water Front Hl Motel Acroji Street North of Hotel Brcakerj Rooms and Kitchenettes . . . Garage for Your Car . . . Individual Lbckers for Your Outboard Motor . . . Etc. ! s Dial TU 3-2040 ' 21 0 N. Hotel St. ' Corpus Christ!, Ten* LEE YQWELL, Owner Big Time TELEVISION IS FULL TIME Television KRIS-TV CHANNEL 6 MONDAY (c-Denotes Color Program) 6:15 Test Pattern 6:30 General Store 7:00 Garroway Today 7:25 Today's News 7:30 Garroway Today 7:55 Today's Weather 8:00 Home 8:40 Pastor's .Study 8:45 Home . ' 9:00 The Price Is Right 9:30 TV Kitchen .10:00 Tic Tac Dough .10:30 If Could Be You "11:00'Close Up.' 11:30 c-CIub60 12:20 Noontime News 12:25 Weather Picture 12:30 Tennessee Ernie 1:00 c-Matinee Theatre 2:00 Queen for a Day 2:45 Modern Romances 3:00 Comedy Time 3:30'Royal Playhouse 4:00 Crossroads 4:30 Laurel Hardy 5:00 Cartoon Carnival 5:15 Gene Autry "Ride Ranger, Ride 1 ' 6:15 News 6:25 Weather Win Your Vacation Twenty-One .,- ' Ozzie. Harriet Wire Service Sir Lancelot Wells Farao News * Weather Sports Parade Lawrence Welk Sign Off Dilated Lung Ends Trumpeter's Career CHICAGO. (AP) - Lee Collins, I, sadly agrees that he has tooted now a. chanty patient at Cook his last note. County Hospital, blames the jazz trumpet that brought him-fame for his'ill health and the loss of his career. The 55-year-old Negro, rated among the best of the early jazzmen, suffers from a dilated lung. Physicians say Collins' lusty style of playing could have-aggravated the condition and that he'll never play again. Too Weak To Blow Collins, who began in jazz in New Orleans before World War Film, Stage, TV Actor Donald Macbride Dies HOLLYWOOD. (AP) -- Hollywood says goodbye today to vet- eran.character actor Donald Macbride, 63,,.who'died'Friday night after a. year-long illness. , Requiem mass was to be celebrated at .Blessed Sacrament Catholic - Church, for Macbride whose show business career began some 50^years ago. He appeared on Broadway, in more than ,50 movies arid in the "My Friend Irma" televlsioif series. Frequently cast, as a confused |police detective, Macbride's mov-: is trademarks were an angry 1 I doubletake, a suspiciously nar- jrowed eye and an explosive, sput- I tering retort. He arrived on the Hollywood scene in 1938 for the Marx Broth- I ers movie "Room Service," after appearing in the Broadway ver- ] sion of the show. The Brooklyn-born actor leaves i the widow, Esther, and-a step- 1 son, Jack Craddock. What Happens to Comic After TV Performance? By BOB THOMAS **J *******· *.*· V* T M*KW i l l . vii UJ·= ?Al · 4. /virc TV aifl I 1CUl.ljlg HOLLYWOOD W--You've read had to come out and I had to de- about tie torture a big-time tele- 'cide while I was performing. I vision goes through preparing couldn't cut the Charlie Chan skit for a show. What happens after- and I didn't want to lose the card? 'Sonny Boy.' I asked Jerry Lewis for a post- "The only solution was to tell mortem on his NBC show of two Edie Gorme em-camera that we weeks ago and he obliged. Jerry told me he finished the show at 7 p.m. Hollywood time and headed for his Pacific Palisades home. With his family, he watched the show when it came on for the Western re-telecast at 9. His reaction? Came Oft Well * "The show came off amazingly well, considering how I had to cut "Maybe it came from blowing too young and too loud," he said dejectedly in his ward at the hospital yesterday. "I think I've played my last trumpet. I'm too weak to blow any more. I don't feel good all." _Collins' career stretched from the gin mills of New Orleans' fabled Storyville, to Chicago and on to the Paris Opera House where he collapsed from his ail ment while playing there in Jan nary 1955. "My first ^professional job was in 1916,". he recalled. "It began when Louis Armstrong and l! stepped out to lead the Mardi Jras parade." In World War I, the Navy cracked down on night clubs in New Orleans where American jazz was born. Collins and other famous jazz musicians drifted northward after the closures. In Chicago, lie played with such remembered jazz bands as the Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers and the Jones and Collins Astoria Hot Eight. Armstrong's Sub His first job in Chicago was in the King Oliver Band as a replacement for Louis Armstrong who had moved on to start his own group. Collins, who sa^d he is suffer r ing from "three or four ailments" in addition to the lung condition, is bewildered by the prospect that his musical career is finished. Asked what he plans to do when 'ie leaves the hospital, the grey- haired Collins shook his head and sighed: COLLEGE QUEEN -- Beverly Montgomery (C),-18, sophomore at Rice Institute in Houston with a 3522-34, figure, sits on the throne after she was chosen 'Miss National College Queen' yesterday at Asbury Park, N. J. five feet, two inches tall and weighs 105. Audrey Finney, 19 (L), of Havertown, Pa., a Penn State sophomore, was second. Deenie Margolia, 19, (R) of Philadelphia, a Temple U. sophomore, was third. ' (AP Wirephoto) NEW BARBER SHOP CHAMPS LOS ANGELES. (AP)--The Lads of. Enchantment, a harmonious foursome from the state known as the "Land o f . Enchantment," are America's ' new barber shop quartet champions. The Albuquerque, N.M., group won the title by outsing- ing some 40 other district winners at the 19th conventiorf of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America. The four - day meeting closed Sunday. Second place went to the" Westcoasters of nearby San Gabriel and Pasadena; third place to the Gaynotes of Tulsa, Okla.; fourth to the Pitch- hikers of Springfield, Mo.,.and fifth to the Play-Tonics, Teaneck, N.J. The Californians, a 48-voice male chorus from Berkeley, took first place in the chorus contest. NEW LINE Hagerty TV Show Panelist NEW YORK. {AP) -- White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty, who spends a lot of his time answering questions, last night turned the tables. He asked a few. The vehicle was CBS-TV's "What's My Line" program. Hagerty appeared as a panelist along wjth Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis and her husband, Martin Gable. Their chore was to determine the occupation of three Irishmen, Muldoon, McCarthy and McDonough. Hagerty, also an Irishman, helped fellow panelists ask questions that eventually revealed the trio from Archibald, Ohio, to be manufacturers of Chinese food. A program, spokesman said Hagerty "performed notably" in his seldom-used role of asking; questions. "I don't know\ All I know is Fred Henderson will request that indictments be returned against two men now in custody and two others being sought. ·· One of the men being hunted, Jbkis'ch said, is 44-year-old Louis Gerald Spivak, who was employed by Melchior as a butler about 10 years ago. The lieutenant said the other wanted man is Richard McFall, 3S, an ex-convict. Police last Friday announces they had arrested two men and recovered all but $11,100 worth of the loot. Robert Morgan, 39, and .Alfred J. Pope, 28, both of Los Angeles, were booked then on suspicion of robbery. : The robbery was committed last Tuesday. Melchior and. his wife, Weinchen, and two servants were left bound with stockings and neckties by the robbers.. varand Jury Talk Aired VENTURA, Calif. (AP--Radio Station KUDU says it will broadcast live; today a grand jury hearing open to the public. _ Prograln director Jim Williams TI said he believed it would be the irst time there had been such a broadcast in the West. The grand jury at an open session will hear charges by Deputy Sheriff Perry Barker against Po!ice Chief George Weiner of Santa | Paula, A decision on any findings j then will be made at a closed session. it on the air. I knew somethin had to skip her second song. Then I had to cut some things out of the Sammy Davis Jr. act." Ended Up Even Somehow the show ended up even. After watching it, Jerry collapsed in bed and his wife Patti brought him. dinner. "For two whole days I didn'f get up," he said. "I'm completely beat after a show. For three nights before the. show I got virtually no sleep. I work around the clock and have in mind 250 camera positions, so I know where the camera is at all times." · Every Letter Examined After his extended rest, he studied the reviews and the mail. Every letter from fans is examined and the consensus is weighed. The fan reaction told Jerry what he had already suspected: that the hit of the show was the "Sonny Boy" routine with son Gary and father Danny. On the Thursday following the show, Jerry held a meeting with the production personnel. The kinescope was run and every feature was analyzed, often with the footage stopped and rerun. The purpose of the session was to iron out technical flaws for the next show. - TASTY -- 'Miss Arkansas Drumstick,' Iwana Lou Musteen of Rogers, Ark., will be hostess at a drumstick breakfast for the National Jaycees, meeting now in Milwaukee, Wis. Miss Musteen will be plugging the Arkansas broiler industry. (NEA Telephoto) MITCHELL! ROOM 1 AIR i CONDITIONERS I | Ratett First in "COOLING" ... Rated first in "QUALITY" W H OLE ' S AL ERS Electronic Distributing Co, TU 3-9271 805 S. Staples L I 6 - I 6 1 I 1154 E. Madison BROWNSVILLE HI3-495S 511 N. Main PIT BAR B-Q NOW OPEN BEEF-HAM-RIBS-CHICKEN SAUSAGE- Take Home Orders Kirks Drive Inn 3329 S. Lexington UL2-9144 10:00 A.M. jazz. Acme Radio TV SALES 8r SERVICE R.C.A. -- 5YLVANIA «oek of rww.arnd tmd TV't to Ml*et from. Scrvle* on any wak» of mod*). 3305 AGNIS TU 3-2232 Four To Be Charged With Melchior Theft LOS ANGELES. (AP) -- The county grand jury.will he asked omoiTow -to indict four men for he theft of $88,760 worth ot furs and jewels from the home .of singer Lauritz Melchior. Detective Lt. Ed Jokisch said yesterday that Dep, Dist. Atty. Monday TV KVDO-TV 3:00'lndu«try on Parade 3:T5 Early Report 3:30 Little Red Schl. 4:00 Dixsyland (Channel 22) Corpus Christi 4:30 Caetui WoyhouM 8:00 Million $ 5:30 Vid.o Matinee 9:30 Newt 6:45 News Roundup 9:35 Noticiero 7:00 Sujie 9:45 Spanish Movta 7:30 O. Henry 10:15 Sign Off 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 T0:00 10:15 10:25 10:30 11:30 KRIS TV CHANNEL 6 Broadcasts over twias as many hours of cabta connected network programs as both other stations combined^ NBC - ABC D E C C A R E C O R D S NEW ALBUMS TRUMPET EXTRAORDINARY RAFAEL MENDEZ--Unquestionably one of the world's greatest trumpet players AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS Little can be added for description of the sound-track from the. TODD-AO production that cornered the market for "Oscar" awards. Thrilling, sensational Sound! (Also on 45 RPM--54.47) ,. ROME AFTER MIDNIGHT Intimate piano In the Italian Flavor by the Inimitable Carmen Cavallero WALKING ALONG KICKING THE LEAVES FRED LOWER*, the blind whistler, is perhaps the only person in the world who earns a living--and a good one--by whistlin* Hear this and you'll see why ' LOUIS AND THE ANGELS LOUIS ARMSTRONG-his golden trumpet-his gravel voice--lush arrangements with strings and a female choir. Out of this world 3.98 4.98 3.98 3.98 3,98 5:43 A. M.-RFD 1-2-3 6:05 C. C. Chapel 6:15 Kloekwatcher 6:30 Ntwi «:35 Kloekwatcher ' 7:00 C. Brown New* 7:1$ Klockwitchtr 7:55 Newi S:00 Breakfast Club 9:00 My True Story 9:30 WhenaCirlMarrfM 9:45 Whispering Street! 10:00 Arthur Godfrey 11:00 Especially for You ll:4f C. C. Sp,ak» 12:00 Paul Harviy -- Monday 12:15 Horn* Edition 12:45 lombardo-Welk 12:55 Alex Drier 1:00 Right to Happiness 1:15 2nd Mrs. Burton 1:10 Strike It Rich 1:45 Pat Butt ram 2:00 House Party 2:30 Back Stage Wife 2:45 Ma Perkipi 3:00 Our Gal Sunday 3:15 YounjDr. Milonc 3:30 Nora Drake 3:45 Helen Trent" 4:00 K-SIx Kcrral 5:00 Rhythm Expren 5:45 Sports; Mel Allen «;00 C. C. at Six ti:10 Texas Today 6:15 Lowell Thomas 6:30 Mystery Time 6:55 Late News 7:00 Senator Lyndon lofins'on 7:15 Amos Andy ·7:30 Voice of Firestone 8:00 Robert Trout 8:05 Jusr Easy 9:00 K-6 Roundup 10:00 News . 10:15 Dance Bands 10:55 Late News 51:00 On the Town until 1 A. M. Peach |f ICE CREAM 1:45 ···^·i 1:47 1:55 2:15 3:00 3:30 Radio Center AT 6 POINTS 1718$. ALAMEDA DIAL TU4-4941 Alexander's Portairt Shopping Center 4126 AYERS DIAL UL2-2283 DELICIOUS . , . NUTRITIOUS Loaded with huge slices of tasty, ripe peaches. So economical . . . . get enough from your favorite grocer. ce cream SPECIAL TODAY BREADED VEAL CUTLETS Blue Lake Green Beans Golden Brown French Fries Fresh Crisp Combination Salad Hot Rolls Iced Tea oi\ Coffee Fresh Peach Cobbler $ 1 00 ORDER TO GO! CALL UL2-7325 Just off fhe 3200 Block of S, Alameda JALOUSIES ARE OUR WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD Check These Low, Low Prices on Windows 34x63 ,. s ir. 34x50 5 / 8 : ,,M5 23 J9"x26" ..... ,,.. S 8' 5 WITH SCREENS CLEAR OR OBSCURE GLASSI DOOR PRICES ON REQUESTF "Your Two Residential Record Centers' MODERN HOME SUPPLY No Down Payment |4832 AYERS Dial TE5-8761 Easy F.H.A. Terms 5:00 5:30 H^MM 6:00 MMim 6:75 ^··IM 6:30 mmmmmm 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:30 10:40 10:45 TEST PATTERN "^^^^^^^^^^^^MB^^H^BMB^HBB^I Corpus Christi Chape! ·········^·Mi^^M^MMHHMI Channel 10 Previews *----mm--mmmm--m Home Edition News Brighter Day ·amMH^^BMMI Secret Storm Edge of Night Jimmy Dean Show f Search For Tomorrow ^^^^·^·^^^^^^^^^^^^^ J ^ --J ».^.^^__^^^^_^ JJ _ ··""^^··^^"^^··i^^^^wBM^wpBBMWi The Guiding Light Trouble With father Little Rascals ···^^·l^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M ^^·n^^^^^^^^^H^^HHHBnm RED CAMP SHOW ^^^^^^^^^^^·BMMHBMmBBnHIHBI Corpus Christi Today Douglas Edwards News MMMMHMMMH^HH Robin Hood ···MMHM^M 1 Love Lucy December Bride Men of Annapolis Talent Scouts Studio One Summer Theatre Code Three Magnolia Weather Facts Prayer For Tomorrow K S I X-TVl

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