Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 6
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Jut .1 ^f- COTTAQE COtOTS 3 Pi MtHew «*w«rt mnd.Wf •?» ^IS^ JStwhurt, of Htoaony ,.»^«rM4 MM fnl» Oolortdo li «t 'W«i (*f««r. ^# : OM'th* vmotir VbmjtSA •mmn mUt aSi. MM BMfl 4i «aH»^OL _ aftamim Downs ,*2" lBi^>tatd «r for ft tU( wltb US dottier tti-flitir. . ' . Wwm went to ItooB* TOMr €kf3at % TlBlt with bar fraadMii, Bd. tolucinovrl to ipend th* win- bar daniWsr. Miw. Jwr. . , Xn.-»«nTiBlted ttSfr. Bandty.?-- . , , Uiton «B«.Jtoyd Johawm vlth HIM LwuB Diy last (femilns. . , j^huon uA^hqr SmHlt , X B. Jolntm^ Tnmdpr «ren- saei -Th «r .w«* ai/ttrir wty to the tmH Vow.UmOt given at Htna- — '^Tf* titptti NoTea md kra, KH S vMted >vith lCn.DbWBB and Mra. V 'vlattliis Sunday west of. the ilTer friend* and had a yerypleaaant tim« I «0£DEH TAIl<n. I Tom Btocan and Fred HKf r^jtw OB thi HekHat g^jtiatVinmMit ft ,Tlaitin« her iaft-llnL.liMiBa Btowart . I. ScriCB Wfeo haa been -vlaitlnK .»..ilatir, Jba. lofanaon, hia cone to tatiknta where he la employed for the Ilid F. Zelliiiakl. of <8 dllMoa St, ^uBUo. N. aaya: "I cnred tt« tolit awagflnc eolA aore I erer had, rltf ^aOtuf Arnica Salve. I ap- 1 thil^'Milvt onee a day for two i, wSiiLvrtey trace of the aore waa ^^^^ ISaalii all aorea., Sold nndeir IniayaatM «t ill Ornir stb 2Se. j; ''•SQTer leaf ^ la Tery prond of the Itea^ orsan. - Foohd. at last a ferfeca waahing .-^naUilne. -A machine that wll} waah ibe )ineat ,and coaraeat of fiArlea with 1rat4lttle ejcertion. !Sold by a geiftle* 4^ IniQaa. Brery honaehold ahoold town <'Ofie|ofrfhoaa. . .- Mr. -and .Mra. Rose were pleaaant .^Call^ra aboe oar last mday,;lDefeemiber 4th. doaed oar I month of a^kbol wlOi eight boya IM ^rteen glria enroUed. thia we-had only one tardy and by —^.^^ttd oalyitoar jdaya jib—nwij ttM^<ti>9«lrlB and three by the boya. -Th^fpapbfe'did Tery well conaldering thOad weather -we had. 19ie pnpDa' haTe a *riiort program to :.-be'^ven FHday avanlnr. December •ll,<l«i onr box aodaL Sreryone In- ^'leaa Denala •ffpeat Slitnrdar and ^—• — • • Mr. John Seymonr la not ao well _ Qnlte a large funeral at the (Md Blsmore cemetery over the xemalaa of B. T. Lodloia. > Mra. King vlalted her idater and call ed on Mra. Mra. M. L. Beymbar. Wii knirw her twenty yean ago, how time fllea. I. W, Oallett booghtiaome com of JlmDoffgan Wednesday. yfbBn Mrs. Hovaid Moore mui com* Ing from. LaHarpe Tuesday she loai I her fefrcart Anyone finding please altljty Mrs. Mtftofe on Una 1« from Elamore awltdi board. The roada are terrlUe. i Wood and Bowlua are drilling a well on A. C 'Xobler'a plaoe. Alford.Wllliama waa a caller at Mr. HiaU'a WeAieaday. He reporta ICrs. Jamiea Farr aa some better. . Waited Wood and wife Tlalted In MOito Tneaday. •d B<^gamon of XSast lola has a hnner Wagon, that does a good bu«I- in .this oommanlty. John Laury«ls not feeling well. Mr. TatnpeU'B daughter land son-fn- law frmn Miaspurl are in Bourbon county. . Frank Hawley has been visiting in !Bourb09 county. The dHU hi^uee on the Lamb farm WM buiiied. I , ^>8AXT TAIJjgT HmL, S ^to^Oe lut weeic not being able lapel for the laat week, not being able to be up more than half of the time :«ttt'Meuivbettsr atpraaant Ha waa able to take a ride out today. John Beahm and wife and daughter, Sdaa, Clarence Beahm and" family. iyun», ^•m^.wMiiw wMuu MAM . Charie^ McilOh^ay aad family «n took the t o'doek train at lola Tueaday enronto fOr Tulare, California. Jim mwfiiome and ftunOy started at,» yclogk "WWn«MI«y mjl^nlnc for Mon^^ ^Wadnaaday. . . Noatraad »Bd ,tw»'|Uttlt iSflrtaltod^t her ^ma^^."^^ BO. fialph got a neir graphophone laat wee^ whldi aftorda. amnaemant^ torold.,aa4.ywig. ' . %at. Oilplly of BuiUngton «ni preach «t the.Valley SatoMa/ and innday, De*:. lOth, also " laight.' ^ • - • T BB£FST. ^Jlt; «W lira. BUtefpod^of KMsaa CIty ,-ii «»o W been" Tljaifng tieW dhnghter, Mra. Bd. Hlte.Jiave return- ed'-homa. -• ^ Mra,/^U»le flhoekfy ^Wted Mrs; Usale Ater Wedaaaday.' Mra. iam S«lng aiid Fkarl went to lola Frld^a^^^Miriiome on the af- toraooiitrginw^^ . . The Bundaj^^lii^at IHldred haa lor. who haa been 'hd^ Oklaho: ma. haaVretamad hom Mrs. Wbena.. iOm. wyan V ^mnded a oijgttilg; at Mr. loh's Wednestfiy. Tktlf report a time a^dH nod dtiu>^- . „ Wtllud BlMna went to LaHarpe Thnraday.' Some of the Belfry people are planning to,attand a srange socUl at Lone JEim Saturday hliJit. . , WlllMd^^Heaih and jtomlly spent Wedheiday at John Wtorth-a. S. B. 19Uott ,anld fSmlly spent Sjun- day atLJBe 'SmE 's. • Ci |B."W«g»> moving to the tahn reoanUy vaeatM by J. L. Haipmohs.. Mlsa M!able ^ranbnnr retnrnied to her.hopie.ln SevoobuTt Ttteaday, aft^r a three weeks visit at the BooCh {home. The oyster supper at Bethel was anccaas. Bveh^one present reported a fine time. ! IQsa Btto Brown rhlted relatives In LaBtarpe last week. Hanj Booth and family visited home folks Sunday. . Qey. pibbs.of LaHarpe will com menoe;. pnitraetod meetings at Rock LOW Sna^ niiht Li}Clk Lbnr otiBronson.was In our vieliiify Wbdaesday buving horsea. Clay.Binwh and- wife. J. A. Booth an^ ifipt Tlslted friends la LaHarpe and Use If Do Net l^acfiy lJfi4er »t«nd our Offer Can iit oar Store and we will ID. Tie beet PiaaiDB frcjin the best makers it JoWMt S Hbes, are responsible the imm6xise||>iis|^l|^^^^ tore epjoys, Beiiue the largest deaieft in ooq^muiaty ^ '-^^^^ adTiJ^ 6t the oppprtonity to: seotjre the ^»tlM do^vli lis m d^S^ , Batwel^iii^4i#^ too T6TI#1U ao ^ilMlook o^ner piiy atobk .pf QhristnaJi ,^ ^ Ay j^iaiib.liibtuf store oka b^ Ic^ta ^t ^ -^-^ f'andaniiur and mosi^ C<wit9. •>% abbtU exactly as tepresenled^ All tBr pbpti- , . . . eini:fittcd. models-^liued or halfi'Uaed, follt^giOiyiinglff^liadoiiblil^^ ^ide revers, Batin 1^dB;^^et&---e(Mttiliit wUl;r6^ 9hape and will give endlesa service. $15.00 and $17.00 «'aeaa«a«»e«ee • Womeii's 18 to $20 $11.S0 Don't jttdge their worth by Saturday's price, as it covers bnt a fractional j^t at their actual worth. 12 different and effective mo- deb, in broa^ciotlis, Kerscsys,. melton.«, etc., aemi'fittisg models, all cut fall length. Goats that are i ^nvsually well tailored thronghont. $18.00jto 120.00 values, Saturday's price, ^ only. ,..- ;. $ti.50 Women's $10 CoaU at $5.98 Long tailored models, in women 's fine black Goata. Some are trimmed in braids, others have self strap trimmini;, piped with satin, empire and semi-fitted models, thoroughly i depen'lable materialp, garments that you usually pay double the price for. Cf| Qfl We shall offer them tomorrow, 'at Vy luO lM|eiitiik*s $32.00 and $25.00 Coats, special of $14«95 Somip dt the most handsome Coats shown in Jda this season will be found in thia elegant let. Irtned lined with Skinner's or Belding's guaranteed satitu, of finest chiffon Kerseys and broadcloths, in all popular shades, 60 to 54 inches long, a dozen beautiful models to choose from. ^ [Remember the price is going to be for Saturday and Monday's patrons, only . half- $5 Skirts, at $3.50 75 ladies'Tailored Skirts, in black, blue CIl brown and gray, special. VviuU 20 (0 Hosiery at 12c Supply yourself tomorrow with full-fashion- 1 QA ed Hosiery, in b^ack and tan, special. IZu SIDE. SQVABE ^^^^^^ SIDE. SOUTH 1 '•i ••i< • isDWIN HUMTEE TO Sllia AT A BECITAL TONIflBT. .wailam Peerjr M OTM His LlTerr Barf- aess—To Meet With lola Lodge— Oklahoamas to More to Gas Cltr. E<Mn Huntsr to Sing. Bdwln Honter will sinff a solo at a musical reeltal,to'be given hi lola tonight by members of Mrs. WAugb «nd, Mrs. SvanfPa classes. • to lola. * Chester Contiett. of Colbr.' Kii:; spent yesterday In Oas on boslneae. Mr. Connett is planning to nurre to lola soonM..; . * Visltinfl PtnniM. • Mr. and. Mrs. Claude Arnold of Cha- ante are SnesU of Gas dty relatttef. PaHsh Orsws Better. It'fWas reported last night that Barney Parish who waa Injured while at work with a cohstrnctlon crew on' tbf aew switch of the Union Portland Oe-j meat, company, was not serlottsly h«rt and that he was ImproTl'ng rapidly. ffi Change in Location. William Peenr, the Oaa'Clty Uveirir. man,, haa leaseB the S. K. t^Ier bani on South Fourth Itreet. and wlU <iott<: i^et his livery 'business there In' tlif Miet With lblaL«d8«' ,The lola^lodge of the Baakera Kra- ternal Reeerve aoclety will hold^ m ragnlar meeting tonight Local maai* here of the lodie vrUl go to loU to attend the meetliig.. OMafie^ana to Move Here. • B., S. Barsona, of (Adahoma C|ty, Okla.;' is plsAnlag to move to mty in the near future. To'Ciaremere Sprfnfla. I 'WUIIam Lecnuird la sedctaf a:Iee |d ma la <aareTOi«^ Ssi^lnca, iadaim tbwe to' UTi /iB a ^lort.-I^UBe^ u WHwoii^ISa;'---'•. - iKdwln Heater waa a bnalaeaa'TlfH Itbr In I«fla jreiflidaf aftr " ^'IJ. aJUakelrrw Neosho ten ay In tila eity. . .tt« a»:C< U BMba 'pr her«i^i«|rtarday:oa lenl tthe: MP NEWS OF LA HARPE WICHITA MAN SOCCEEDS AGENT MULLEN AT MO. PAC. DEPOT. Cin BUYS MORE FIRE HOSE a PASLASCA TRADES FOE A MISSOURI FARM. Chaaate lady to Eatertahi La Harpe Embroliery Cfaib-9eath of Mrs. . MUy XarUa—News Briefs. More Fire Hose. ' The city of LaHarpe has bought 600 feet of new lire hose from the Enreks Fire Hose company. A special meeting of the city council was held to a&thorise the purchase. Visit In rert Seott Mrs. John Connett has gone to Fort iBcoU where she will vlalt a few days before folat-^ Join her husband who has purchased a barber shop there. New Paelfle Agent 3, S. Burcbard, of Wichita, will be cheeked In ife ageot fbr.the Missouri Padfle's LiHirpe'station today and Mr. 6. D. Mullen: wJIl reUre, having tfeen'transferred to the station at Bu- raka. Mr. Mullen will leave LaHarpe MfOnday but hb family .wiU remain fiereuhtir after the Christmas bolt- days. Mrs. King to Preach. Rev. Mrs. King; pastor of a U. B. church In Oklahoma will preach in the Methodist choTch at the evening worship honr Soinday. MVs. King la a $iest.ia th«i Smae jpf Willllam Turner. •eSMaredr " '.way waa'a et Chanate, LaHarpe. dCtkt» ^^dgei the -iriiiiir ^ remains will probably be sent here^ for burial. She was a daughter of Melvln Riggs of Humboldt, and formerly resided in lola. Mrs. Morlin and husband left Tola about two years ago and went w£st in the hope th^t the change in climate would benefit the wife's ^aning health. Earl Taylor Recovering. Elarl H. Taylor, of this.etty. a member of the reportorlal staff of the Joplin. ^o.. CriQbe, is recovering rapidly from the illness which forced him to Jay off and exp <ect8 to return to Joplin today to resiime hia work. To Assist In Recital. Mrs. C. L. Evans wiU go to lola this evening to assist Mrs. W^ugh in a musical recital to be given In the studio in the "Beck building on Madison avenue. I Held Regular Meeting. ! Visits His Missouri Farm; O C. Parlasca. accompanied by' C. P. and X C. Mlllegan, went-to :Bar- tbn county, Bflssoiiri,, yestierday where Mr. iParlasca will iaapect a 'farm which he recently acqpi^d by .trading j his residence property here to the Messrs Mlllegan for the farm. The Messrs. Mlllegan .were here to close up the deaL The regular meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian church held yesterday was one of the most interesting and beneficial yet held by the organisation, •rtie topic waSk "Syria" and an interesting discussion was held. Practice at the Park.. The Triplets football team played a practice: game at Blecftric park yes-- terday afternoon. Personals. R. Billbe will move from a farm north of the city to LaHarpe in the near future. . A. It} Waters is home from a bust- ne«a'trIp'to_BarUesvllle, Okla. Itf..Dickson, whh'has been visiting In .Rliehards. Mo., baa returned to LaHarpe. Mr. and Mrs. J. Bstes hare returned from a trip to Missouri and will make their home In Lslfarpe. Eleven More Shoppiog s Do year thoppiag BOW before the holiday rash. Hen are a few. snggestloBs of practical gifts for father, .brother or geatlMaaa friend. A FlBe ,8«lti aay color yon want A Fhie Overcoat er Rala Coat A Nice Hat, aeft or stiff Smoklac Jadeta Coat Sweeten — Faaey T^t ....... Fiae UmbreUU ''Cellar Baga. lies aad Mafflera. 8BSf «den ... $10 to 190 .. $7aWtoS90 $1.50 to IS.SO $L50 to $7.50 t&Od to $1.50 $1.50 to $5.00 $ $«.30 $1.00 te $$.00 . SOe to $&M . Sfieto $LSO A beae' •lalerwerea" Hosiery amkes a flae gift; « pair • la.a' hea"'*'.'i*~..'^..v.. $1.50

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