The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1944
Page 8
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g Mondoy, September 4, 1944 gfre HabergHelb Cahfornian AIR PROGRAMS MOMVAY «:W) tn <I:S(I n. m. KKK.N- Nr\v^. »,.Ki. .SnnfcS liy Lff J'al tie. KKI —A I." rs.'in. Kt'MC-- (i;,i'i ,r| Mc.-iii.i. fi.t:.. Si I TeMs. r..:;n in ':<«> i>. m. KKHN' — Si.'.lliirhl liands C ,"-:, I'o Stnrv T.'ll.-p. KKI—\ m at it.n SMenadiv KPMC—SuliluTK of (ho rie»s. 6 i Listm ,i ml Live ::(>0 to 7::((l p. in. KKKN'—K:tyinond C;r:tm Sivine T T, d M:i!.iii". KK1 Caitintmn Com. in,',] Ptdi:i:i KTMC—Hcm> Cl.idsl >HI 1 li. Thorn.i!« •:'<ll In H:00 p. in. KV.H.V—Hi-,dt T-m.> lor Hiii-* KIM — l.i:. I. li KPMf— U>nr li.-incn 8:0(1 tn S::lf) p. m. KF.KX-W;n> 1: llr w..i 1.1 ',', liv. S:l. r .. Lum nr.d M.nei Kl-T—T!i" Mu»,c Slioi.. « I... Coy Maypi,;." IvPMC— Sh..|i... k X:.'tn In !l!(lll p. m. KKUN"—Counter.-]'. 1 - Kri--Oivrtlendr of An,.-.-',;,. Kl'M'-—POUT Sithlnn. !i:ii() lo !)::ln p. m. KKHN — Hlili'l I'ate KI-'I — Telephone . H.IOKI. K.,;: Piriza. KPMC—News 91.",. Cecil Hi.jv.i,. 0:;((l to 10:00 p. m. KKRN"—Henrv .1 Tailor. JM.'i. L D.'iy Program K I-'I—Ha \vl horn.' I louse KP.MC—Fulton Lou,*. .11-. : !i 1."-. 111:011 tu 10::i(l p. m. KICUX—Am;, li-ur Fichts KKI—The Reporter. in. I,',. Loi.di.ri Letter ICPM"'-- IllKllt IIP Woik: HP 1., No Prnpo.sii ion No 1:' l()::!0 toll :00 p. m. KP.R.V—A B.,V. a OM-I mi.i n n.. KKI—Inside Ihe News In I.',, (.em Molnily KP.Mi- Van's in- i,, -'i.-i 11:00 In II :.'10 |, m. KKKN—Th,» .\lo\ ir-B W,.i ,1 1 ' i I Irm V Kinc's ' >!. h,-M i a KPMC— NVn-p; 11 nr,. s.,1 .1 S-'!-! POLITICAL ADVEHTISEM:NT ON THE HOME FRONT 'labor's Report to California" by C.J. HAGGERTY Secretary Calfornia State Federation of Labor TONIGHT 9:45 P. M. KERN Kl CO WAN'S WALTER KIERNAN Ac* Blut Network Rtportcr talkt about ptopU who «r« n«w>- Pr«**nt«d by McMAHAN'S 12:45 P. M. MONDAY THRU FRIDAY ;rS A Bi(Jt N[J WORK PROGRAM POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT "Labor's Report to California" STATION KTKC TONIGHT 9:45 P. M. SPEAKER: C. J. Haggerty Secretary, Stale Federation of Labor 7;15 P.M. LOWELL THOMAS NEWS TIME DON LEE-MUTUAL •' California ll::l» to 1-^:00 Midnlehl Kl.l'.N-I'liarlon l.a Vorr, ll;4i lii, ::;,<1. "P." 1 I :."P,'I, NfWR Kl'l- .'hii-lf« La \c\f: 1 I ;<|,-,. 1:..:;,.:.;'.-M n ."i.'p. MiiHual lOni.oic.l. K I'M' S ( !\ <-r- N'orturnr ii:0(i In 0:30 n. m. Is !.!:-- M'llh anil Miulncsv. fi ].-,. N.p! Kill-in ami Hi, in,- lloui. «::(() iii 7:00 a. m. Ki:K\ National Kurm'aiul Home Hour: , 4 -. Mu«iral Rfvcillr.. •<!'! ''liu.k Wagon Jnnihorfi-. KI'Mr--Musirnl flix-k: >',:.',.',, I >n lh<: i ':, ' n] . 7:00 la ?:»0 n. m. K!.K.\ - -Nowc: 7:1.-,. Martin AKr,,iisl>v. Ml Tuilipy 'n Iha NOWH. 71:,. l-'lp. l•-. --I I, n \vtnn. M'.Mi'— News: 7:1;,. .Mr.-lnillcii of Tulay. 7::iO In R:OO n. m. •: n;\--.lnmc!' Ahho Mn-nm-f. 74.',. Tin- l.islrnitiK I'ost. KI'1-.Marrli tn Victory. 7 1 r, Pnm ll.-iyt-s. Honiani r>s; 7:40. U'nll'a Nr«>8:00 In Hi.'fll H. m. Kl'ill.V- l-'|,.-ftWOO(1 LilWlOl], .V I-,. \ irlnry Miii,-| Mf ; K Kl— - Johnny Mm ra.\ : (• 1,',. T. F! R!n k iMton. KI'MC— Shatlv Valloy I'., Iks 8::<0 In U:0(l n. m. K KI1N— -nri-akfoM i:luh. KKI — News I'orin.l. R:4.-,. Diivul ll;,Mim KI'.MP — Illipiiy Jue and Uulpli. S 4.",. In >our NelRhhnrlinod; 8:^,',, fharlnltp Ucnhlc. 0:00 In »::tfl n. m. KKHN— News ,,f Ihc Worlil ; 9 10. Local N"ws. !l:lr,. 1M-J.4 ll.-ini-h. KI-'I — NV-ws; 3:fi:,. I'Mward JorBPnaon; !>:]T,. Larry Smilli. KP.MC— Hi.akn Ciirif-i; 9;ir,, Nnmcs an,) IMucofl In thp Nrwy. 0:^0 tu 10:110 a. in. K BUN — Hrpakfasl al Sardi'." KI-'I — Sliijfir H. s. Tinner; I! 4<> .MMK;I- xu\f PiiKi-; 9:4S, lionnip Man^licM IvI'Mf— Miillunil. I'. H. A ; a -IS. Thf Aniazmp .Icnnifcr Locan. 10:00 In 10:30 n. in. KKHN — Tiny Mnrhp; 10. i:,. llluc r,,i,<.- spondrnls Aliruiiil. KI-'I — Vr.H-t- of :i Nation, lu K,. P'lt-r d.-hiin-i's I 'losr-iit>s. KI'MC — NPWK: Id.]:,. Ja, k lii-ruh. I0::io In 11:00 u. m. KKIIN— My Trnp Story: in :,:,, Tin- Aunt .Inmmi.i Show. Kri -Aunt Mnr>: Hl-i:,. Art Haki-r KI'Mf— TIPH Kroni Til.hnttn; 10 I,',. American U'oman'H lury. II :00 In II:.'IO ». m. KKIIN — Baukhnt'p ""nlkinc. 111.,, Inlanrt .Mplo<Jictw. Kl.'l — UnlililiB Light; 11:1,-,, Toil.n's flnlili-Pti. KI'MC — C'eilrio roslpr; 11 IT, Wallz Timp. 1 1:80 In l'.':00 NIPIIII KI-IRN — Clamour .Manor. KKI — Wninnn m Whin-: 11:4,',. Hymns. KI'Mr — Manhattan llinliliKhtu: 11 (,',. KelloKK'H MiiKirnl Llhrnry. I '1:00 tu !-'::!« p. in. KI-JH.N— Ncw« of ihp World. 11MO. I^ocal NPWH; l'.':ir,. Hollywood Rial Time. KKI — Noon Farm Reporter: 12:1;.. JMa F'prkinH, KI'.MT — Nvw«. ll':lf.. Noon Time Nock Oulr. l'.'::<0 In 1:00 p. m. KI'iriN — Hetwern the Linps; U',43. Kiurnun'H Cornpr. Kl-'( — Pppppr YOUNK'S l-'amily: l".4.i. r.iuhl In HapplnpKH. KI'.NK' — Country ronimpntator; 12:-1.'). Skylinn Scrrnadp. 1 :00 In 1:30 p. m. KKRN — yam llnyi-.t: 1:1.",. Boh Ni.holn. KKI — llni-kHtuKr Wife; 1:15, Slelhi DllllH. KI'.MC- Think Hard. Now. 1 15. Drdinaii of Life, 1:1101 n 'i.-OO p. m. Kl-:li\ — TIPIIP Vlewd tin. NPW»; 1-4.V Iludcly TWIHS; l:r,n. cienoml Malone. KKI — Lorpnzo .Tonys. 1.4f». Young \Vlddpr Itrown. KI'MC — Kull Speed Ahniid •i:00 tn 3:SO p. m. KI'illN— When u Clrl MainoB. 2:1S. We Lovo and Lparn. KKI— Whi-n n Cirl Marries: 2:1.'., Wo I.o\-(. ji IH! Learn KI'MC — K.i- PK and I'lacpK in the Ncwti, L'-l,".. Mutiny (pn the Iliffli Seas. •::.SO Iii 3:00 p. m. KKRN — What'B DoniB. LadiPsV KI-'I — ItiHt I'laln Bill. ^:45. l-'ront Page Fa rrell. KP.MC — Lost Umpire: ;:4r,. liasy Rhythm. »:00 tn :<:30 p. m. KlvHN — Appointment With Life, KKI — lload of Lite; :!.1.V .Slar Plnyhousp. KP.MC— (ijillm ItepoitiriK: 3,15, S>mphonic SvviiiK. :)::i(l In 1:00 p. in. KKRN - Kill. -I and Alhert: 3:45. Blinrt Troiihadoui . KP.MC — Thine* Worth While. :;.45. JohliMon I-'amll.\. 1:00 In I::i0 p. in. KKUN— Land «f Ihe Lost Kri — Kate; 4:ir.. News of the Worlil Kl'MO-Knltnn Lewis, Jr.: 4:15, Heal Life Stories. •l::<0 Iii 5:00 p. in. K12BN— Viiunbiinrl .Moods; 4:45. News of tile Work!: 4:55. Local Newn KPMC — World's Front 1'aBe; 4:45, Lani Mclntyre's Orchestra. .'p:00 In .1:30 p. m. KKHN — Terry and the Piraten: 5:15. Dick Traty. KP.MC — ch'.k Caller, rdr,. Superman. .1:80 la 11:00 p. in. KKUN — ,lH,-k Armstrong; 5:45. Hop Ha rriKiin. KPMC — Adventures of Tom Mix; &:45, NiKhl News Wire. THIS (TRIOtS WORLlf fly WILLIAM I'KP.GUSOX POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT TONIGHT Don't Miss ONA HUNSON With KEN CARPENTER TONIGHT KPMC 10:15 P.M. MAMMOTH TUSK WAS DISCOVERED. IN A NEWSPAPER COMPOSING ROOM, P8INTERS KILL PAGES WHEN THEY'RE DEAp/'&yv EDWIN WILLIAMS, VELLOW FEVER. IS TRANSMITTED BY THE BITE OP MOSSUITDES, BUT THE ORGANISM THAT CAUSES THE DISEASE T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFP SIDi; (JLANCK.S I'.v flAl.r.KAITH CORK. 1M4 BY NEA SERVICC. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. Off. "You're ftcniUni; me lo Ix-il wlthuiit supptr st> you run h:ivi> a bicm-r pi pro of < p ukc—lint don't forKft >otir liuliKt'Nlion IN on the hlinkl" THESE WOMEN! Ry <1'AI.KSSIO LOUR (Imp since you've Neeii u ilainc. fHii't it, Jo* 1 FtNNY BLS1NESS P,y HEAR Rollin McNitt Dian Sodthwitttrn University TOMORROW A Vital M«»«ag* of Importance TO ALL CITIZENS 'Hi* claims IIP CUD iukt< tht* runny IhicH withnnt tirinpr a HOW TO SAV IT IN WRITING The Handy Letter Writer IH uti up-to-the-minute eompitation of accepted tUandaidf* ami model t'orniH f<ir all Kinds of enrrespondence. tptistne«s and social Covers the Eeneral rules of .lit'llon. puneliia lion, Krumnmr: correct styles of address; proper salutations and cloKillKs A special section on formal communication!! with unvernment offleinls and diKnitaries: 48 pages, moi-e than 80 Bample letter forms. Fifteen cents p<istpuid. • I'se Tills Coupon- The Bakernfield Oullfornian Information Bureau. 31C Eye Street. N. I-:.. WashlnKlon 2, )">. C", 1 enclose herewith 15 eentB in coin (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of Ihe Handy Letter Writer. Name Street or Rural Home.. .Statt; . (Mail to \Vublnni:tori, i). C ) OUT OfR WAY l?y J. R. WILLIAMS RUSJMIM' WOULDM'T OF HELPED SOU AWY—l'dVE HAP TO STOP TOO OFTEMTO WIPE IT OUT OF MY I POM'T BLAME YOU PER C3ITTIM' ALL O' MIME YOU COULD" 1 'SPECT THAT'S WHY YOU DIDM'T RUM OUR BOARDING IIOLSK With MAJOR HOOPLB HIW.' GOrAETHlMS IS ROTTENi DENMARK. BESIDES NA7.IS/ /--. ^ OVERSTUFFED SPOUSE'S M06H IS n MORE RAOlA^TTHANi USUAL .'•*** THE LAST FE\M OWS HIS CIG^SS HrXME SAAELLEO LESS LIKE SLUDGE- POTS, At^D HE H/VBNVT RAIDED THE OLD SUGAR. 8O\M»_ FOR. ScAfXLL CHM^iGE ALL VOEe^.'-~ IT'S AS CUBAR ASA GLASS EVE -— UE'S GOT MOMEY/ 1C. T M H(C. UB PAT Off THE GI MI'S This Is Station D-o-o-m By GUS EDSON •' YOU KNOW VERY WELL PROJECTINCJ VOUR VOICE INTO TMIS ROOM, AN US —AWK 1 / WHAT ARE YOU TALK IN t? ABOUT?' THANK cJOOPNESS.YOU FOLKS ARE O.K./ XOLJ 1 AAISSEP MY TRAIN AMP THIS IS NO TIME FOR PRACTICAL •JOKES' NO',,, MAY0E YOU WON'T LEAVE. • ALIVE! GASOLINE ALLEY Extra! Read All*About It I?v KING I CAM REAP I li;i||l»J! NINA, DAELINC. THE OTHEI? IS POe ALL— INCLUDINC V0U. TMIS OME IS EVES ALONE; HOOTS AND HER Bl'DDIES Still Feuding P,v EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Not Too Bright MAKES YOU TMINK YOU'LL BE A TOWER5 MODEL AND POSE FOR GLAMOUR. ADS ? - 1 JUST KWOW I WILL.' r. YEAH, BUT SUPPOSE VOU ONLY APPEAR IKJ OINTMENT ADS AND BECOME KNOWN AS MI9S ATHLETE'S FOOT OF l<944? I JUST GOT A NEW JOB/ WOULD ANYBODY LIKF TO BUY A COPV OF (3A2E7 MAGAZINE ? I'LL TAKE ByMERRILL BLOSSKR GOSH, HILDA. \ MMMPM ! TAG, My ' ARE YOU IK) I BOY, I'VE- SEEN VOUR RIGHT / SMARTER. THiNSS POP MIND ? ,£_our OF CUCKOO ^TT .3-^ CLOCKS/ •ji .. WASH Tl BBS Civilization Arrives LESL1K TURNER ANY TOUTH TO THE l?UMO(?b THAT OUR OUrFIT IS MOVIM6, EA5V? PUNNO BOS. BUT i WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED AMYWHEPE.' WESTO'6EELVINK BAY...HAUMAHERA MAYBE 6UAM WE LL BE LEAVINO A FEW CUSTOMS WITH THESE NATIVES RED RYDKIi Charity—For Bat By FRED IIAHMAN E.T Hl/»\ G?UICt\, DER' THI TH' tOT ROUND/ 6UNK,BUT BROTHEfS WILL SEE THEY CWT GiT TH' A\EANiVJHILET,ATTl- TlCNRT C5ATET.' ALLKY OOP \\1iere Matters Stand By V. T. I-IAMLIN Vw'EST S.LAVE RING . VOEA& VJHEM RXJMD IN) CONDITION TIOM IK1THE DOVJK) IM F>RE >00. WHERE LOSS OP MEMOCV, HE WAS ASSUMED TO BE A BIG-SHOT LATEST ACT OF THIS ADDLE- PATED DOPE WAS THE PURCHASE OF HIS OWN G1RL-FR1EMD WHO HAD COME BACK IKSTO quo B.C. TO RESCUE HIM

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