Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 5
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Wolf •ealpt Com* in. WoU leaJp^ fiaTe begnn to eome-in to the conatr.dene's bttlee,- Three' were.bronsfat in dorins the put three dajv^mnd the bOTrntT -dalmed. . —<Sood Things to EaL "Our-'Witty.'' Like Convention Hall. • The.upper floor of the court house sreatly resemUes .a «onventlon haU this week. The halls and offlees are filled with Jurors who are expecting to be called on any time for service and the witnesses who are to testify In the cases. A large nnmher of witnesses are here for the Jackson trial. —Low pressare fu heating sfaTes C. PlamUar Co. . Extra Jurors Called. Bis^t extra Jurors were drawn night before last as it was seen they would ^ be needed for the Jackson case. Theyj were P. M. Thompson; J. H. Belts, B C. McClain. G. H. Hildebrandt. J. T.j Watklns. W. G. MUler, Wnilam Veile, and^P. D. Munson.. —Drs. Lathrop, OsteopaUis. Phone 488 At Keraaa. Mo. Contraftor R. S. Gilflllan came over from lols today ip look after the paving of ^he public . square.—Nevada Mail. —Insist, oa toTlag U. & Flonr. An Io!a man, -according to an exchange from that city, has been pulled into the race for niayor. • This seems to be one of the rare Instances of the office seeking the man.—Coffeyville Chronicle. —(Jet your Christmas Cards at Mundis' while the assortment is complete. • Ker. Bollinger Goes Home. Rev. W. W. Bollinger of Oderbolt. Iowa, who was called to ArcadtH by the illness of his mother. Mrs. Wiley BoUlnger. is in the. city spending a few days with his brothers. Ed and Fred, his mother bein? CTeatly recovered. He will return to Ids Iowa home on FYiday.—Ft Scott Republican. Rooms for men, T. H. C. A. bnllding. Steam heat In each room. Baths tree. Mason's Tiew of It. There is much excitement in the Social Circles of Iota becanstf or:the arrest of a pretty white girl and a large black negro who had made their plans to elope and live happy ever .after. JJow that they are arrested, the police don't know what to do with them, and it^ jnay be that their little romance will be rounded out, after all.—Emporia Gazette. —For fine livery and boarding stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake, Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson. Imported nahd Painted China >EW SHAPES NEW DESIft.NS EXQUISITE rOLORINfl. See the Window at SPCNCCR'd Copyright 1908 by Hatt Schafiher Se Marx For men and yi^njg^^^^^^m^^ for 5 days oonly. Sale jfe^jns 2QCK Siiiti^aM Oyercbab that Now alKml thc^ Suits These r ^O.OO Suit^ are nudebyStein-Bloch, H^tt, Schaffner & Marx, Aleo System ant} Society Brand. They are the bfest vidties to be:fohnd in; / n^ericafor the^ ioopey. Snitis are all new, up-tp-tbe-minata styles and pattems-^no old timerii~- we just simply have too many of them. Here's your chance to save $5 on a suit. jMNitiiiiity it:.-- - : .:\Thii $16.00 offer on fine 120.00 Overcoats follows Jbbe contuiaed-warm weath- -er,'and it; means that we jrnild rather ttkt « }paM ^r'^uyjir than take any diaaatr oif canying them over. Almost every one of these ootti were made by Hart, Soliafiner and Marx, and Stein-Bloch, and onr guarantee goes with them. J'i mm SEE THESE IN OUR NORTH WINDOW! YOUR MON£Y WILL BK UTUNINBD IT YOU NO EXTtA CHAILGE WILL BE liAl« 1^ ALTSIM^IK^ Buy him a Suit or Overcoat for Christmas You mmn pick ii mui mow mmd hmvrnU ImM mwmy umiU OkHmi" mmm. ¥fmwm mtamt^ mmmm if mmi mmtlmfmmtmryf or rmfumii jfourmoamym Special Sale on Bc ^vJO ^rcbatf . .'..^i .1--, m Keliy to BuHd It - { —The only Cafe that serves the The commissioners have allowed th^ Genuine Seal Shlpt Oyster. Our Way. contract to build the extension to the J bam at the poor farm-to Prank Kelly A Narrow Escape, of this city for $305. Two other con-[ A report conies from Wichita that tractors placed bids. S. T.-CrlsUer, of Mrs. PhlU Stevenson Trout, formerly lola. $366. and W. T. Wlxon, of Hum-; of this city, together with her Infant boldt. $335. The bam Is'22x32 and will I baby and maid, came near being over- be used to stable cows and store hay and machinery. —A Gas or Electric Stand Lamp makes a fine rhrlstmas present.—K. r. Plinbla? Co. Republican Committee HettM. The executive committee of the Republican city club will meet Saturday night In the office of Jbstice ES.. G. Hough. At this meethig the plans for enrolling the Republicans of the town in the club'will be perfected. come by gas there a few days ago. The wind blew out the gas \a the stove which had been turned low, allowing the fumes to fill the rooni.'The occupants of the house thought they were becoming drowsy and by great effort aroused themselves to ascertain the cause, finding it to he the gas. . .The Hcglster waal <*oIm eaa »V it rent H ar n>t H the qilekest Fell From Hay Mew. Mrs. Bert Cleaver who lives south "^"^''Iwest of the city sustained some ser- business pertaining to the city cam-, j^y, bruises by a fall from the hay- palgn win be taken up at this meet Ing. E^rery member of the executive committee Is urged to be present. For Bent. '~ . Good store room in brick building close to savings bank.. C. L. WHITAKER, did Age is Approad^ikg ; • ' • ' ' • , AS OLD AGE takes bold of a man his money-making ability grows less and less, until it finally leaves him al- t>getler. Then, unless he has a BANK ACCOUNT of his own to fall back on, he must, during his remaining days, dependent on the bounty of friends or relatives. Don't let such a fate come to you—start a bank acouat of yburi own RIGHT NOW. Put little money in the baak^ whenever yon can, to accftxmnlate, and when old age comes you'll have simple provision for it. The State Savings Bank piys THREE pc cent in terest on Savings Accounts. mow day before yesterday. She had ascended to the mow to get some eggs when she' tripped, fading to the fkwr below. —Order yonr Xmas Ewing ft Burdlck. tree now of QllWIan Here. (hat • vicinity. The News says: A; the Frisco was charging Ave cml^ per tramp "this afternoon was seen in the northwest part of town. His left hand was tied up and he acted strangnly. Some people tlinusht It v^as the man who started the fight in Kansas City day before ye&rerday and calls himself Adam God. bad. —Try Sea Food if you, feel Fresh from Ocean.—"Our Way." Known at Hnmholdt The .Humboldt Herald says of the late Nelson P. Acers: N. P. ^Acers died'ati his home in lola Tuesday after an'tllncss of several years. Mr: hundred pounds storage and the board took the matter np with the officials of tbe road. A letter received-yesteiy day states that in spite of-the law ^>e company will hereafetr charge>>only five cents ,per ton on 8hipnM<hts not unloaded at the time they.sfre delivered. —Christmas Post Cards at Unndir. drug store. / > FIIH Abstract. The abstract of. Judgment.'fa. the case of C. L. Cowan vs. C. yL Tonng Acers came to lola forty years ago. | was filed In district court/ihis mom- He was prominent in the early history ing. The amount of the Jcdgnen^was of the county and state. He drilled the:$U2.03. first gas well which made lola famous- a» a watering resort and at the time of kis death was living at the hotel wHlch wa4 famous during the history of the well. He leaves'a wife ^nd. daughter. Miss Grace Acers. • —Order your Xmas Ewihg & Burdick. 'tree nOw of Glynn Getting Data^ Dr. G. C. Glynn was. golQg t ]iroiigh ., the reports of the- township etflteen at —Dr. J. B. Prpper, Dentist, Phsne 163 j the county clerk's-oflloe this'morning j'to ascertain how much mbhey-Ii apent yearly in' improving .roadi. /K B read a paper on "Good Roads" at/t]|»-aieet- BOdifr this .. A'bMt Demnrrafe Law. . As there have been one or two cases Involving the demurrage law tried.'.Ing of tbe Hortlcultoral „ in this Judicial district, the following I afternoon and was getting Mma fig- from, the Leavenworth Times w^ll'ures relatfvie to the cost "iif'tkBeplns R. S. OUttltan. the paving contractjJ «>«Jft«'^«t: Through complalat'up the roads In Allen con^tT^ or who haa-diarge of the naUowCr«'^ the Stole Board of Railroad|: .. - avenurwSrk. Srl^ in the city ye* ~wnte.loners it has been discovered :^PItxge«Ii Mt«n«. terday afternooB from Nevada, where,«»*tJ*»»«ft legislature made an er- ca. Hauekali he also ha. large «mtr«^ He lefttl^ffc" .tjva« nj^ng up the reclp-.,,^ ^ during the afteraoon for bla homo la^ dmurrage blirand thatcertaln tola.—Ft. Scott. Republican. —Six per cent money: no'commis­ sion; no delay.-^^mitb & Travis. - T«w Man to OiM WemM. . The UBlversIty of Kuaas has been a oi>«ducatfcmal - Inatitatkw slnoe Its founding in 1S64. The average attend' anoe', of men and women, with' Uttle' variation, has bemi two men to one woman fdr a «reiatiBaBjr,yMn. Th« pr^wBt mUegltt* rear ,bowerer, aotM i |]^rked IneicMP <» tha attenduiei of women atndaBts, MpWtaUy in the College. - ./ I ^Dr..P. E. Wwa. Jtoitbt. rkumtai_ / Pecrr fViM »lwinciL ^ . The ^aaa 'of P MUT agabiat tb* olt^ was ooatnri'vT n*ni «nrtac iind" wi?f not .b* tried tbhib' Hem.— Perald. • •> -v • • • - . i-rOratr jroof^ X BKU *tra«, aovR TBillWMJi-kave be^n taking advantage Melned Mrs. I.a of t)i'. «m>r. The o'd law fixed a , ""^T Lay^on rtbwwe ^charge of five cents.per ton .pJ ?."^om^loner iu".Al S»prfc tb be paid by patroo...or tteig^ ^g^^^ .t^The ft»Mt liae af Icw.'fm^ HMlbif SIMM la Ilia ylettfr -X* ]1mklsr:€a.'- . T^v. • - nll ^roadC Complaint was made: that P '^j^«^c Soiitlib^^ fitch feozenl in ice l^arerai months mea Mr. Percy' eame In contact with some polaon ivy aiid l^hla face stiU shows the effects of it. ^-Cnalaglam * Inwlt, S per Mart; auaey. Kress at Bartlssville. . The. BartlesTlUe Bnterpriae aays:' W. H. Kreep,. who Is to bolld a two story bnOdiag OB nUrd street, next to the site receatly. :iiiirchaaed by, the Kress syndleste, reeehred a talecram from 8. H. Kress of Now Torfc this morning to tbe effect that Us com- psnjr ia preparbic the plans for iU new bnllding here and asking him: to mail plans of the Kreep toaUdlng. In order that entrances and ofOea rooms niay..lie' srranged In sieodrdaoce. The fact'that the Kress company la pre- . .. _ „ may be! d«Mb tl^>wdit]t wUVbe th^Mnr ^lralimiSi;. In a short - ; WisVismna Her*,' Walter'nbimice of Tatatf Visited TJBMdJQr -and Wed " .Mr. aod'irrslV^Sa Beam. Iworktnr -Cortlie .Ho. Pae. Center^ ^The .^eoBvaajr three wai»k'fr TacatioQi. tlie threev,7«Bq|. . He'had bi hta brother aC It. WoctK pafents jat Ibl^ and ~ca way on his roafthomer-iK^ Post. —Always time to eat at fte 01^ m 'ntmakl-Aammlitm •mm 'Tis «qt allytrae that *>ArG3nistiBas ^regent BaughrlBaaj wiUvute 'yoB: I^ots of Wanr." v . ^ •. '^iJ^T, >f, PI Oire at Indepeiidenee. ; Jhe'Independent Rep" Frank q^tt of. Cherryval., teg :tho >Ii|*ir |ui6e ' end' of/ IHMar of -^rWorld; la Jn thi .flstcdlog' tbk ',!rtrtaes . and. Jthiir^iMiaBmitloB. ' Dr. ]bj^ TepronaUBB the r - Isfeeetimi rj^nnNiiaitW wmwr ,

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