Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1907
Page 5
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.r- r \ • JOIEB; If. THE lOLA TETEHD AXZ UOSPlklL lias b«en Moved to 814- West stlreet. |d the new brick billdlns Jnst Completed jind is eQnipped wltli an oper- kUns'table and all jtlie latest tppll- aoces for the Humane and Scientific treatment of Domestic Animals. ^Us madia anyrhere night or day. F^one .J3!> tor hospital or residence. • * •" " FRANK S. BEATTIE. V. B.. , Proprietor. DK. J. F. JAHESOK. The fhieecssfal A«e« tfenecr. Teteriaariaa. Kami niesor Pedixrccd stock •ales made anywhere. Vclrr inary calU. answered day oi uight. Offioe with D our L im Bros. Pheoe 13, resilience »io IOI.A, KAXS.^S. Finer Christmas C^ift Than a choice l)it of Tblnn, Japanese hand painicd. "The Swan"- and ••aicsha Girl." Eu;;li.«h Royal Doiilton. Come in'aud let us show you. : Hraatifai Calendar I'bites for .I90S GiicD Avay. _ , l . .ii.jf.L'«iJ SPENCERis s GROCERY ',1 • 1 Good Things to Eat. Tele |>hoD^ 159 Distmsl Wer One bnnjilred ponnds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons ot distilled water suitable tor family use. Try it FRANK RIDDLE, ncr> Ijiia letA PAiLT McnsTH^-irroyESDAT jgwiii^^ Low in ^rice but high in^tiality. One of these rings may be jast what yoa are looking for to give as a Christmas Present. We have hundreds of beantifal designs to ^ect from in, single and combination stone fets, and since Christmas is now but a few days away we wbnld like to wait on you now while we can give you the best of attention. 99muttfulS6UaaoUSmt RIagm, $1M mud up e ' IDOmOHAL SOCIETT. Mo. Tnc, Santa Fe and M. K. & T. Watch Inspectors. CITY SEWS. . The Ilichardsnn sioro headquarters or useful Christuia.-i Gifts. One Dollar In Script or Money Is good for $2.70 worth of Sanltol goods at J. D. Slundls & Co. This cffer closes December 31st. MANAGER Jo.7hnny Killman. of the .Topiiii Western Atsocintign team, has traded PlJche;- "Hajipy Jack" Westcott and Outlielder l>i:ti »i Pcrsch to tlie Waterloo. Iowa, State Lfague team for Catcher Uoy Clarke. I'ersch has been In the' WeRliTn .\ssoclatlon since it was first organized. QuJury .\dain!i Sawyer at the Grand Tht-flUT tonight. Four choice niiiR cows, three horsos, hanu'ss end wagon will bo ho!d Salurduy at the fot -d yard, cohi, UMUcIng at 2 o 'clock sburp. Chas. liishop. SIIKIUFF C .0. llolllnger wears a liHH (l ;«imo gold rhis. a luesoiit ti fi-w days ugii from l^ls wife as u lonilndcr of his blrthda.v. Get yoiir Ileill.v Kwl-ag & lUirdick'a. nnd Mistletoe at Thp Ulchanlson store has Just rr- celvoti tlicir second lot of ni>\v Handkerchiefs, Tioa and I'iciiy Silk Scarfs. The-low price.s and U\\r treatment are tnaklug their Christmas Goods move fast. I.\ THE FRANKM.N county district court judinuent* was rendered a few days a:;o against the Rohrbaugh estate for nearly $l,l'0O. The estate Is in lliigatioa. the case having been tried here at the last term but re- suliins in a hung jury. Get your Sanltol now, as this is your last chance to get $2.70 worth for $1. Deal closes December Slst, J. D. Mtindls & Co. P. £. Waash, Deatlst' Fhone IK. OAice oTcr Barrell's Drag Stare. THE FUNF.R.\K of Dave O'Connor, the il. K. & T. fir.'.'n.iji. who was kjll- td Saturday noon by (ailing out of his f nglne Into the Ark.insas river near Muskogee, took place from St. Patrick's church this I 'iornlng, the sor- v.'ces ccinuiencini; r.t f' o'clock. In- tfrment was- made in Ciilvary cemetery. Noticeable amor;; other friemls of the family was the large number cf rai'roail men who attended. Mr. O'Connor had been railroading out of Parsons a lonir lime and was among the most popular m?n en!;a:i;?d In that vocation in this city.—Parsons Suu. CIgnrs in Chrlstnw.<! Uoxrj!. 021 nnd have them doliveretl. Phone MR. AND MRS. Chas. Vaughn will Uave tins \\>-eU f'lr .Nfva'Ia lor a few (lays' vi.-il with friends and relatives. OKORGR Foster, of Gas City, pnint or and P up<m- lliingi r. will leiivo tilts Wi>el< f 'lr t 'irov.' eoiinty, Kiin-as, for a vixit with his family. Mrs. Fo.xter l< ludding diiwu a rlnliu In that crunly while Mi\ Foster works nt Ills trade In Gas City. Dr. Wlllcy, Ocnllut Kat nnything you like and when you like It, hut take a Ml-o-na stomach tablet llryf to .rirrngthen the stomach and prevent indigestion. fiOc a box. Nothing if It falls. Charles U. Spencer. Rrslsfer Want .Ids. Pay brranse tn the Beglster Want Colnmn^ Lo.yfi BEFnrexD .s L.\ FOLLETTE. Kansac nemand.<i a Siinnre Drul for the Wiscoasin Senator. Get in'd Supply of Canned Gpods Pure Cream Corn, 3 cans .......25c Per dozen' i. 9flc Tomatoes, 2 cans -'>f Per dozen ; $1.40 Hunt Fros. Gallon Peaches, can .55c Per dozen - i $fi.00 Electric Peaches, per.can £0c Per dozen i L. C. Sliced Pc»ches, per can 4...30c Per dozen i Pick Wick Peas, 2 cans '2'>c Per dozen i $U5 Gallon Apples, per can „. 40c Per dozen i $iJ»0 2% pound Apples, 2 cans ....i.. 25c Per dozen i. FRYER BR0J5. Phones 308 and 301 ] r — For Christmas Shop^rs The Old Corner Rookstore offer some unusual Inducements. Look here: Closing Out entire line of hand luinted'china. Closing out balance of picture line, ell f^cy dressing cases. Somebody;will get these bargains. We ai« not closing out Books, Bibl^ or Stationer}'. We bought for cash io we can and will sell these as cbe^P as any one in this p^ 'of Kansas. Evans Brosf. RAYJIOXD WELLS, who managed the Park ball team of the Trolley Le3 .gue awhile last tummer and also pla.ved with a troui;o at the Electric Park auditorium, is in the city on busiliess. • ^ Ladies desiring to .lenrn band Instruments and join a iadic^' band, object culture amu.'=ement and society. For particulars call on Mrs. H. P. Wells, 222 Sycainorc street. Phone 100. L. M. MITCHELL, who recenUy sold oir his stock at his farm near Kincaid. has bou.iiht Inla i)rcperty on Fourth si.-ect and r.ill move here nest week. Mundis has the Candy for Christmas presents; the finest on the mark- eTand fresh from the factory. Qnlncy Adams Sawyrr at the Grand Theater tonight. MR, CREVISTON, the lola oxpsrt In plain anil fancy mnrdt^r, made a comj)]ete confession after beiu? arrested, and al.gnifled his ivillingncss to take such medicine as the law and the prophets prsscrtbed. Mature deliberation has convinced him that htt^ie Is the mark of a weak mind, and ho will p'c.-'.d insauif.v wheh, ho iippears In court. While there is probably Fon -.rt!iing wrong with his mental '.nt -ry, h? is able-boilied and has enough to mine coal at the penitentiary, and it would be mIsiiJaccd leniency to permit him to loaf In an asylum.—Emixirla Gazette. • 1 Pipes nt all descriptions at Brown's Smoke-House, East Side. -MR. AND MRS. R. r>DVC and Harry yoore went to lola this afternoon to attend the opening of the now skating rink there.—Chanute Tribune ifRS. JACOB Kline of lola arrived here II Is morning to sf'end a few days with .Mrs. D. S. Stevens of Logan street. Saturday ^li? wHl go to GIr ard.—Ottawa Rt-pubMc. The elepant stock of Pretty Dress Goods silks and trimmings in all that Is new for Xmas you wl!l find at Richardson's. Washington. Dec. IS.—S.^natbr lx)ngs action in makin:; a hard fight In the senate committee on conimK- tees in behalf c!f Senator La Follette, is the tojiic of dfEcu:?sion among i>oII- ticians of the Inner circle last night. For more than two years I.,ontt and LaFolIctle have "pone after e .TCh other." ])olitically. with hammer and tnn ;,'s. yet at a crificPl period In Ui- Follette's career Long was merciful. When the staid old senators of the cast %yerc fuiJy detcrmlnod to hnmili- ate the Wisconsin reformer by shutting him out of any place on important committees, Long not only pleaded, but demanded, that LaFolIette be given a "square deal." Evpr.v effort w:js mnde to ballle I /Onc; but he Kncceoded in lauding LaFoIlclte on the »nilltary committee. Vonix first forced the committee to put LnFolleito on the committee on pub- He lands, but Senator Haasbrough. the chairman, served notice that If this v.Ti= done he would resi'.;n. U-ifoilotte was theu put on military affairs nnd last niehl Senator Warren the cliairman. objected. Long, however. Is standi::g pat, and KiFollelte will stay on that commiiiee. imlcss he voluntarily resigns. Coiapmay Office «nd Storagt Ware Room at #5 West Street. Phon¥;358 Geaenl Ceitmnb^ Vtasstooe and C«B«it 8UeF^ «^ Dssfol Mhj Gifts fsr Men lOlA PARTIES OUT Local Xea SeU iBtemt la Beftaery. Wetater Christmaa Praia* Service. The usual'sermon will be omitted at the First Presbyterian diurch rest Sunday ereninK and in the place cf the osoal aervice the choir will ^ivc a recital, the program to be composed entirely of music appropriate to Cbriatmas. .Miss Katfaerlae Jonej is to sini; and the other ioloists will be .Mrs. P. Bsnnette Smith and Mrs. Otis LaGrangp. < As a prelude to tbe vocal nnrsic Miss Clara Cransle wil.l play a group of organ selections and the other nimibers interspersed with byrans will come in the following order: . 1—^There VTOTS Shepherds. James Lyon—Choir. 2.—Aria. "He Shall Peed His Flock." Come Unto Him, "Messiah" by Hande'—^Trs. P. Bennjtte. Smitb. O' Savior of the World, Sir John Goss —Choir. Aria. Oh. Rest in the Lord. Elijah, AIcndlesEOin—Mrs. O. T. LaGrange. Aria. "Fear Not Ye, O. Israel." Dudley Ruck—Kaiherine R. Jones. \\'hat Are These That Arc Arrayed, Stainer—Choir. Glory to God in the Highest, E. M. Lee—<'hoir. • * * Complete Visit Here. Mr., and Mrs. .1. W. Adams and son Glr :in. of Chanute. returned home today after a visit with their parents. .Mr. and -Mrs. G. W. Adams. • * * To Visit in South. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kreu?er will l-ava tomorrow for a visit,in Texas, Arkan.«!.is atid other southern states. • •:• + Hold Special Session. The Eastern Star will have a spec- i:ii session on the approaching Satur- I'.ay evoulng to arrange for the installation of officers next we?k. • * * Cntertslned at Dinner. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. B. Dl'lln. tSO East Mnnnii' street, entertained with n .six o'clock dinner last evoulng In honor of Mr«. Lizzie Orr of SprlnglleM. 111., who Is visiting her brolher. .Mr. 1.,. O. Cnnipl):'ll. Mrs. Orr will return to ler hmne tomorrow. • • + Mrs. Nettie Simpson, of Kansas City, Is the guest of friends for r hbort visit. At a meetins of the directors of the Webster refinery held in lola yesterday afterapon, L. L. Northmp. A. L.. Brnmbaush and Fred Hortoa resigned j aa directors ot the company and dis-j posed of their interests to P. M. Har-' ris. ot Tnlsa. Tbe directors Who are to succeed the lola inrties have not yet been selected, but likely will be In a short time. C. D. Webster was elect ed president and F. M. Harris - was elected general manager.: Tbe refining company is doing a good business and the mort£a.ged Indebtedness h|is recently been reduced |4,000. WANTS "LEETLE ROCKY HORSE." Chance for Generous Person SanU Claus. The Register recelvc-.l the following Santa Claus letter today: Dear Santy C'aus:— Pl.'^sc send me a set of dishes and a little safe. 1 am a little girl 6 yers <.ld. my name is .\llce Cortner. My little brother Charley wants a Icetlo roclxv horse with a s.iddle on and iron horses^ and a little wagon and some candy* and soms nuts, my little baby Brother wants a rattle box. i live on North Elem 420. Alice Cortner. The -Richardson Dry Goods has placed on sale their o'egani lln-^ of .Millinery, Ladles'. Misses* and Children's Coats for their Christmas! Carnival at actual cost prices. An extra force of clerks are busy. The store j _ Is filled with everything useful for||| Xmas Gtfts. ;. ' ^ * BANES CASE TO SUPREME COURT A. Banes Will Have Higher Court Pass on Divorce Case. TO BANISH THE JEWS Dlspiitoh From Tladlrostok Says They .Vrc UlTon Four Days' Grace. St. Petersburg. Dec. 18.—A dispatch from Vladivostok declares the Jews have been ordered to depart from -here within four days. The Jewish property holders, however, are given eighttn days In which to lianldate. HOW I d'KED SWEE.VY AND FIS- Tl'L.U "I want to tell .vou how I saved one of our burses that bad a fistula. We had the horse doctor out and he said it was so bad that he did not think he could cure It, and did not come again. Then we tried Sloan's Liniment and it cure<l it up nicei.v. "One day last spring I was plowing for a neighbor Who had a horse with sweeny, and 1 told him about Sloan's Liniment and he had me get a bottle for him. and it cured his horse all right, and he goes OiT now like a colt- ; "We had a horse that bad sweeny awfully bad and we thought It was never going to be any good, but we used Sloan's Liniment and it cured It up nicely. 1 told another neighbor about it and he said it was the best Liniment he exer used. We are using Sloan's Sure Colic Cure and we think It Is all right." A. D. Bruce, Anrelia. la. Fer Best and Qoickjest Besalts Use tbe lic^lstcr Want Colimas. MltS. BRA»X3rS FUyEBAL. StTTlros Will Occur Tomorrow «t the M. E. Church. to be WedsesiST. Dee. 18.' qmcy ADAMS SAWMB PriCfs .. .25, «^ 50, 73e, 9iM ' Ttaarsday, W. 1*. j AMELUBIXGHAXIN A MODERX LADT GODITASL Prices 50e.75c-$I. Tha Siora for GhHmt" numGifimi And headqnatters for- the best in • Jewelry. No matter whether it is ' an inexpensive gift you'iqteiid or a store I costly one. Be sure to select earjy. Waterman nnd Tarkcr. Fountain Pens. A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB. The Ne'lle Rants vs. R. A. Rane.s divorce suit, which was roruiiily trli"l and resuli (>i! In a victory for il (< pla'ntiff, may go to the »uprc>nu» K)iM -t. Through bis attorney J, L. Hiirnes. Mr. Buntnt h.-;s (IbMl nolico ofj iippcnl but it hsR not iieen nrgui-d is Vi-;. By the Icmis nf ilu- derreo .Mrs. Ilanen Hecured n dlvoi '«'e nnd ilie ens- of iheir child. Mr. tlanet* Is re- j quired to pay |9no nllmony In $*> : rnthly InHtnltinontK. IS MOrXTAIN CMMBINO NECES- S.VJtY TO ItEUlTK FVT. A few years ago llif average |>hy.«t- claii would b.".vo .-aid "Yt>:!." but today less expensive. !css strrnuoiis. and less dangerous methods are employed. So well understood has tills distressing condtiion become that one can literally sit in an easy chair at home or at a well supiilled dinner table and reduce excess fat at tbe rate of a half to one pound a day without previously going to any greater exertion than a visit to the drug store entails. .\n.v druggist supply a perfect fat reducer at a moment's notice at a cost of only a few cents. His best receipt ( is one ounce Marmola, one-half ounce Fluid Extract Cascara .\romatic, and three and one-half ounces Synip Simplex. A teasiioonfiil taken after meals I and at bedtime will do more for a fat' man or woman in .i shorter space of .iroe and far more safely than all the exercise and dieting one could crowd into a summer's vacation. ]|cndnunr>or.<t for Santa Cl .aua, NaWj Hue ot Die: sed and Undresricd DoUs,! Toilet e,i»es.. Work lioxen. Ctifl DOXBA, Hundkctchl^f lUixe:*, Vases, XpiM Candler, Puff Hoxes. ClillJrcn'u Books. Albums, Funcy UrcsGers. Scarfs. MtiK- lers. Ties, Lidlos' Furs, Fnncy Stuck- Ing.i, Fancy Hose. Wo havo a nice selection of very choice lu-tleles from Ciiaa. Dickens of Manitou. Colorado, which we are going to soli at half price. These arn very choicci cut stones. Wo will be glad" to show you. ^ A. G.;MUMM /?I. Prop, Phone C21 for Christmas Cigars delivered to all parts of the city. Dssfal Xmas Presents The finest line in town. Call and inspect oar stoC-k. T. B. Sboinnoik NcrthSidsSquare lola. Kan. Oulncy MAmn Sawyer at the Grand TlM-aler tonicbt. MRS. N;\NNrE ilassey, of Prank- fort, led., came in today for a visit with her brother, Lawrence Hardcsty. 8pecial Kf^Bced Prices on all new and second band Sewing Machines until January 1st. Singer Sewing Machine Co., 110 East Madison. THE y. Jf. C. A. Bible Ndass will meet at 6:30 this erenins at'the Y. M. C. A. Men's Fine Black or Brown Venetian LintMl OTPTCOits HcuN Fine Suit $18.00 }Irn's Ail-SIlk Lined Full Dress Suit .S .'JO.OO Men's Silk Plash Taps $1.00 A>D igl..lO Silk ImbreUas witii Ivory, Ham, Gold and Sliver trimmed Handles $2..30 TO $3.0O Kid GloTcs In Assorted Tans, Blacks, Grays $1.00 TO $2.50 Golf Gloves, all colors 35«. i>Oe XnlTlers. all colors 501 TO $2.30 Xcckwesr. all new shades 23e TO si.o;> I'oDihlnatioB Snspender Sets, of Sos- peaders. Garters {Uid Ann Bonds 75^. $1.00. $1.50 HmokbtK Jackets $4.O0 TO 89.00 XonnfdnF Robes $5.00, $6.00. $7.50 Get yHor Ch«:l«M«*» dU./s: he ?hMdle» «» • >««H^ brwidB. • .,; Che BdMaylSHielda. The funeral services of Mrs. Elsie r.rannnm who died at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Garrison. 102 South Fourth street yesterday morning, will be hold at the First M. E. church at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Rev. J. M. Mason ofilciatlng. The relatives of the'deceased have the sympathy of a host of friends in their bereavement. TELLS HOW TO KEEP THE GAS. Oklahoma Attorney General Wonid Domesticate Foreign Corporations. Guthrie. Okla.. Dee. 18.—.Attorney General West, In an opinion for the legislature today, declares that tbe pip Ing of gas outside the state is interstate commerce, and that the state cannot regulate interstate commerce, but holding that by compelling allcor poratlons in (be state to take out a state charter and prohibiting them the right of eminent domain until they haye complied "with tbe laws of the state, a remedy may I>e ^oond. He suggests amendments to the Vahdeventer bill as passed by the v,.,,fe, incorporating these sn Uons. • • *»*«'•* fi-Wftl. 'ine opinion holds that the state can fix any conditons it- sees fit on domestic corporations, or foreign corporations domesticated, and can prevent such corporations from transferring to a forelarn corporation: for the purpose of piping gas out of the state or from connecting with the lines of a foreign corporation.. It snggesta that foreign corporations be given ten days after the approval of the bill in which to. become^ ;dom$iticated. BEinSXBB WAIT ADSL PAT b^ cahse 'incAllen Conaty wfxtVj cnrerr?. uceet-elrealation oturpaper^la* You Can Find the thingfs You Want to Give for Christmas In Oar Elegant Line of CUT GLASS HAND PAINTED CHINA PICTURES LEATHER CODDS BRUSH SETS NOVELTIES Burrell's Drug Store WEST SIDE SQUARE

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