Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 4
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Cox at Mann Meeting Arrangements for ihe Sunday utter- noon meetlnt; in the opera house to be addressed by Colonel Blanche B. Cox, of. the Salvation army, have been com pletAd by Captain Harry Butler and ^nls asBistanta. Judge Oiicar FouBt iwl 11 preside at the meeting and the yr. O. W. band will furnish music. Colonel Cox Is one of the beat jctiowu workers in tiie Arnjy work today.. Her widely diversified experience In slum work in Paris and London, «a a missionary and a traveler qualifies.her to speak authoritatively .and interestingly.. Much interest in .the Tloit of Co). Cox is manifested Mdiihe wHl. be given a line hearbig ^nday afternoon. She is to speak in ibi} Rpat Methodist church , Sunday morning. MAY VOTE BONDS FOB GA.S. Ladies Brown Coney Pur Coats with large storm collar and ravers, lined throughout with Skinner satin. Special m this sale S23.75 Ladies' Electric Seal Coats 24 inches long. lined with Skinner satin, large storm collars and revers. 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Siberian and Sab:e Squirrel Neck Pieces: special at 94.95. 96.95. 98.95. 910.95. 914.95. » ' A Fine Collection of Fine Pur Sets with large Pillow and Rug Muffa In Real Mink, Jap Mink, Sable Squirrel, Siberian Squirrel, Blue Fox and Real Lynx, at special prices during this sale. rbe lOU DAILY IE61STEI CHA8. F. 8COTT. Entered at Io!a, Kansas. Postofflce. as Second-Class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION BATES. By- Carrier In lola. Gas City, Unyon , Tllle or Laknrpe. Oqe week 10 cents One month 44 cents One year $5.00 BY MAIL. One year Inside county $2.00 One year outside county $4.00 Three months in advance $1.00 One montb, in advance 44 On -ICIAL PAPER, flTY OF BAR " SET. . ' . - - - -••-•^ /Telephones; Business Office IS Editorial Rooms... .22? MISS DAVIS LEADS Miss Claadla Bo wen* U a M^hty Clese Second, How. ever. The standing of the diamond ring contest being conducted by the rink shows Miss DruBie Davis in the lead. A big crowd will be in attendance o- nlgbt and It Is possible that some sur^ prises may fol'ow. Here Is the present standing. ' Miss DniBie Davis 137 Miss Claudia Bowers 126 Miss Oma Withers 64 Miss Anna Wolf 40 Miss Topsy Young 13 Miss Ona Thompson 9 Miis Julia Zfamnerman 9 Miss Mat«r 2 FATHFR LOOKS AFTCR THf M. Celoratf Chlldrt nin Davit' Addition Wsiit Oe to Cpunty ram. The.county wUI not'take chargo'of thp two colored etaUdrea ttt DaV|f'. ad- >^,'^'t*«^ IjPM reportad In jde* •'J^ft'jt:: tiiwta " eircti9wta«eaau ^ It; baa b««n iatHar of the Ahild. ."T8B ,is ,aeBdiac monay ta theVfaa&Uy. ^te^HMM'hoaie the children oowHre, •' ••tvi'iS '^i ^ft^ CONTRACT BY LOT James Overmyer and Walter Allison Drsw Straws for Bridge Construction Work. Thorpe and Hough, engineers in charge of the construction of the Union Portland's switch track to the site of the plant north of Qas City, let the contract for the building of the bridges along the line yesterday afternoon. Two persons wbo submitted bids made the same figure, and'the con tract was let by lot Contractors James Overmyer and Walter Allison, of lola. drew straws and Overmyer drew the long straw, landing the contract. A NOVEL PARADE Knew Nelson Aeers. The Neosho PaUs Post says: Nelson F. Acers of lola.' well .known to many of'our readers, paased away 'Tuesday afternoon. He came to lola In 1868. - i-^t "Afraid to Come Home la the Dark' by Fifteen lobi Ladles. Fifteen lota ladles, most of them married, will show their husbands all about his dark night proiwsltlon at the rink tonight when they put on their novel parade. These same ladles will also take part In the tacky skate helping to swell the crowd of entertainers. The Ruhe t>and will .lead the grand march tonight and the I fun will start early. i For next week the rink has been especially fortunate in securing Burton & Tyler a team which has no {equal. It is a guaranteed attraction. 'Mrs. C. J. Bliss was unable to return, to Humboldt this week. She has been ill at her mother's in Lawrence for some time and it may b^ necessary for Mr. Bliss to, go up.—Hum' boldt Herald. ^4«gif.lfff EBRIGHT TO COME IkfreyMWMlll— Vhep y«R wal li—^ , Often ybti v |int Iieal in a hurry in KKne room in Ae houie the fur* naoe dbea noil naA. ^ lis 10 easy to pick up anJ cany a PEIU^ECMOU Heater 1^- IB Aenomiyou want ip lieil-TraBaUe br any riom in lha lioaae: IthataR^^okc^[lle<riceaIw>hlle^ smoke or smell--Hun| ibeSviek as higk as ypa cHi«r ^ as knr as yiNijike44fm loot koUi4qitaris of oil. that gives otfl^clmpifkealW9 boiin. Rn., idled JBiffM^riJinicbl aRaniawajt aujpi*haji^.>Ev|fy' keakr wanaikd. - -'v.';;.'.^^'r^^.' Head of Qraek Department In Baker University to Speak at Baker Banquet Here. Prof. Homer EbrUht, head of the department of Greek In Baker University, will represent the faculty of that Institution at the annual banquet of the Allen County Baker students' as sociation which is to be held in lola on the evening of December 29th. Last year Or. L. H. Murlln, president of Baker, was the principal speaker at the banquet, and two years ago. Prof. C. S. Parmenter, vice president of Baker, was on^the program. The committees which have the details of the banquet in hand report that everything Indicates a most successful banquet. About twenty Alien county young people now at Baker will attend the banquet. CAUGHT IN THE ACT. A Shoplifter Trapped In the Kress Store at Pittsburg. A shoplifter was caught In the act in the Kress store at Pittsburg abont 11 o'clock yesterday forenoon, but upon her paying for her stealings she was allowed to go. The woman hod been searching around through the store and the floor walker occasionally noticed that she cost her eyes around furtively and he suspected that she meant no good and incidentally kept bis eyes on her. Suddenly she picked up a bunch of table napkhiB and stuffed them under her cloak. He stopped her before she reached the door and asked her to pay for the napkins. At first she denied that she had them, bnt when a teleohone mesaabie was sent for'the chief of police she paid for them rather than get into trouble. Bbe was allowed to go and she left the store in a hurry and* was gone when the chief arrived at the store. Her name was not learned. The Chanute Trlbiwe says of the Btoek aale which a number of Allen eotwty people attended this week: Col. Herbert Jobnaon. the auctioneer told. t460b worth of stuff 4n- three hours at the B. S.' McAdams sale last Tuen- dar* It waa one of the biggest sales ever held In this nart of the county Not only waa It dlapatehed In short order; bat the bidding was brisk and ^rerythlBg brouafht good prices,- A " ' finn 'ea two jroara old and past, it t3M and': « ancklng mule It 170.. Cattte.alao bmincht high A^^Urtmr sold, jit Wt and a :1 »elfEr at.Moat of the ok efttle atMrt«d at $60. There ^Ii; crowd >nwn!l^:J ^jui .« FAST BASKET BALL A Good Garni Is Expected at the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium This Even- inn. The basket ball game at the Y. M, C. A. evening will be one of the beat of the season. The members of the two teams are all old heads at the game and have played with and against each other for the past three seasons: The lola high school band will play In front of the building before the game and between the halves while the game Is In progress. Following Is the lineup of the teams': High School 1 Position Y. M. C: A. Wheeler Forward Heigele A. Osborn Forward Heylmua Pulton Center Means Root Guard Berry Steel Guard . HeigeW.BV HAWKING MA(;HI.\ES. Catarrh Safferers are Nothing Bat Hawkiag, Spitting and Blowing ' Machines, Says as Anthorily. Is It nosslble (hat In these days when c'eonliness and sanitary refonii Is being preached in the churches, schools and at public gatherings, that thousands of people will continue to suffer from catarrh, w^en there is an absolutely certain remedy always on hand. * Hyomel (pronouncod HIgh-o-me) is a pleasant, medicated and antiseptic air. Breathe it- in and it will cure, catarrh. It will stop foul breath, wat-? ery eyes and crusts In the nose In a few days. "( suffered from catarrh for two years: tried numerous remedies which foiled; used one-and one-half bottles of Hyomel and am entirely cured;"— C. N. Undsy. 407 East First Ave., Mitchell, 8. D. A complete Hyomel outfit, consisting of a strong, hanl rubber i>ocket inhaler and a bottle of< Hyomel, costs only $1. and extra bottlea. if afterwards needed, coot only CO cents escbt Chaa. B. Spencer ft Co., sails it and guarantees It to do exactly as adver*. Used, ' Hyomel also cures asthma, broii^ cMtls, coughs, colds and infanta croup. • * > AN ENQINKER HURT. \ Offielali; Ar«l;^ liaqpecttiil |mTtae JopUn Globe aays:; Geneial Saperlntendent-^PeltmaD of the Cock eriU Zinc company waa. . Inspecting the plants prior to the resnmptlon oC operatkma. One block ip the east WorkSb giving emptoyment to twenty- foar \iDen will be fired tomorrow and the remaining b.'ocka will be'sUrted BoOo.* The repairs at the west works ^ve been completed and Mr. Peltman said that the works would be stsrtt^d up some time during next month, of ore arrived at the east works { yesterday and a force of worlonen^ was at work, unloading. More ore is expected soon, and when it arrives other blocks in the east works will be started. This comes as encouraging ii^wB to the people of La Waxpa. Both the east and the west plants have been shut down for some time. December IStb Is the last dat« for' cheap HOBIESEEKERS EX^ CURSION RATES in 1908. See? ns for partlcniars. W.£: BALSTOX, Agt ARRANflEMENTS ARE COMPLETE. Colony To Take Up the Qnestkin of KeepFng Gas at Home. ; The Garnett News says: A mass ineeting was held at Colony last night to. discuss the advisability of buj^ng the gas wells and leases situated In the immediate vicinity of Colony. Mr. Henry of Chanute, made theitt the proposition to sell the whole thing for $25,000 and guarantee them that the wells now drilled would have ca- oacity of from 12 to 14 million cubic feet. It looks like it might be a good proposition aatbongh it looks like good deal of bonds for Colony to 70te. It Is said, hwever. Tnat a gloss factory has agreed to locate In Colony, which will employ about forty bonds with a monthly pay roll of about $3,000, if they get the gas. It Is said that some of the business men of Colony may form a stock company and buy the ^ant. It looks like Colony bad an opportunity and whaterer they do they should not let U pass by. Easy Terms When you trade with a merchant that is easy,' you may know that he is trusting othdra who will not pay their bills and you will have to pay a price that will cover 'mosses or bad accounts'. W« may lie little more particular than other merchants, but we do not make the honest man pay the dishonest' man's debts. The People's €o-tp2K- iive iKrciBtild issoc'j stores la lola and Gas. THE LOCAL MARKETS Prices Qnoted by Card A Taggwt Produce Compaay. ^ Thr following local market report Is fnrnlshet^ by Gard ft Taggart Produce company and will be kept running' in The Register every day. The.prices quoted.are the,,prices which they will pay for poultry, eggs and butter delivered here: Gg «s> wrrent receipt! per ca^e...26c Old Hena, tat 7c Old Cox 3c Spring Chlckena CHc Spring Dttdta 5c Spring ToAeya, 8-lb 8c Old Ren Tttrkeys 8c Old Tom "tiirkeya 7c Old Ducka Sc Butter, leaa than 6 per cent salt...25c Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward I >>avcs Io !a 7:1.') p. m., arrives St. Ixiuls 8:2D a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the bound trains at St. LoniiL;^ For further pa^cuIaracalT^ and see ns. C.P.Hate,Ast. THE lOLA iCB ANH COLD STORAGE CO. HaaitfKtBren. WteleMie and ftetoB Deelera CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Hew Cold %i»ng» Mmkf Im MulMfa. Fkmiellft FRANK RIDDLE. Mvr., RealEstate, Insuraricr- City and Farm Loani' Low Rate, Annual Interest. . Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Tbde Loans. Cunninsbam & Arnett |r Great Western Lend COL For Trade. 160 acre forin near Blue Mound to trade for; store, building.and stock of goods in lolo. Elevator and feed mill', 5 room house and barn with-10 acres good land; 4 acres of fruit, for good residence, properties In lola. Two 4-room houses with 2 acres of land, with fruit Joining loIo. for land in Allen county or western Kasas. , "For Sale. One black 5-year-old horse, well broke, see us at once it you want him. A bargain in an 80 acre farm if sold soon. One of the best-VI section^ of land In Allen county, $40 per acre. We have 50 of the best farms listed; priced from $25 to $50. Western Kansas land for trade oir sale. See us for any kind of deal. WB hove money to loan on farms or good city property. We wont,a. good, fresh milch cow. Don't bothefr us with any other kind. J,0. THBM Estimatea cheerfully given on all work J] Phone 919. Res. 409 S. Bnckeye. .7 Arthur OeClwto Was Struck Upon tlM Head at. the lola Portland. ' i Arthur DeClnte. an engineer ' ployeA at .tie plant of the, lola aient eompany, iwsa painfully bm'i abont the. h0 $d laat algbt DeCIi ftp atKmdliigfto the naehinery 1' he. stepped -too .doae ^to 4he revol paHai^^aiMl ^jm 'atroiektapbn the^'^ tNSORANCE! Is a necesaity. not a li4xury. :it Is not an expense but an in* ' reatment It Ja aomethinf yoa; 'moat have trat aomethlns zott ' mititbe earefuli>af..aa Itlai^erycv (important tb^t^ ^ r|ght: «OOK. •paolea are aeleeted. WeprcMot leadbw ooapialei oT^thi^ WHY PAY RENT? mm When you can buy a,ho with the same money? I some mighty nice properUe«!,<j hand right now whichJ^wijiri yota for the same moaeir^ j-ypu are paying out reajt/or.! properties are'wdl longed.:! i?aro '_a good.;.lni^tine^t. v v^i^^

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