The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1950
Page 13
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THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1950 BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN Veal Chicken With Old-Time Flavor Is a Modern-Day Family Treat Refresher Food Course Shows Better Eating; Less Work an<j Money •6 By d 15 nor Maddox NBA Staff Writer Meat, cookery is the cornerston of good family meals. Let's take a ttuuick refresher course and eat bet Pter, work less and save money. Beth Bailey McLean, director of horn economies for Swift & Co., ha worked with me on this series. s LiSt's start with veal. There are plentiful stocks of lightweight veal on the market. Of all cuts, the most popular and versatile are steaks or chops, cut "i to H Inches thick.. Dishes from these delicately flavored steaks or chops range from simple to elaborate concoctions. In all recipes follow the same basic steps: Season veal steaks; dip In a flour, crumb, or similar coating; brown In hot fat and then braise slowly In a liquid until fork-tender and flavorful from 30 to 45 minutes. For a different touch, instead of flour or crumbs, substitute cornmeal, crushed corn or bran flakes or fritter batter. In place of a small amount of water, add clear, so'ip stock, milk, orange or 'pineapple juice or, the juice from canned peaches or apricots. Veal Scalloplnl Is a special but more elaborate recipe. The Intrigit- ingly flavored sauce makes the difference. Veal Scallonlnl (6 servings) One--and one-hall pounds vea steak cut ',4-inch thick. 1 teaspoon salt. 1 teaspoon paprika. "At cup salad oil, K cup lemon juice, 1 clov garlic. 1 teaspoon prepared mustard Avi teaspoon nutmeg, '^ teaspoon ^•ugar, % cup flour, "i cup shorten green pepper, cut In strips. 1 can ing. 1 medium onion, sliced thin, 1 (10-oz.) chicken bouillon. Vi pound mushrooms, 1 tablespoon butter or margarine, 6 plmiento olives, sliced. Cut veal into y ving pieces. Make sauce by combining salt, paprika, oil, lemon juice, garlic, mustard, nutmeg, .and sugar. Beat well, or shake In bottle to combine thoroughly. Lay veal flat In baking pan. Pour sauce over veal. Turn pieces of veal to coat with sauce. Let stand OLD-TIME SUNDAY CHICKEN in milk *ravy is »n American favorite, served tvith crab apple pickles and hot biscuits. crumbs. Heat butter in heavy skill- By Gaynor Maddox NEA Staff Writer The "all-nuvpose chickens" (for broiling, frying roaslinjt get Supplies of Lamb Being Replenished By Frozen Stocks The supply of lamb Is being sup. Jlcmentcd now with stocks of excel- ent (ro/.cn lamb. It should sell about five cents per jxntnd cheaper than the fresh. When the lipmemaker buys It, It will be frozen or partially frozen. It completely frozen, allow five minutes more on the cooking time. Roast a lamb shoulder the wnj you roast, a leg. For n cushion-style shoulder, have the bone removed then stuff with bread, rice or sausage. It will lake about 2% hours for a 3 to 5-pound shoulder In a !o» oven. 325 degrees F. Shoulder chops are economical too. them and serve with a mound of whlnned mashed potatoes Savory Shoulder Chops (4 servings) ( Pour Inmb shoulder chops (cut V, Inch thick), 1 teaspoon salt, 'A tea spoon black pepper, 'A teaspoon garlic salt, 1 teaspoon paprika, 1 la hlesoon vinegar, 2 tablespoons water Drown lamb chops thbroughly o both sides In heavy skillet. Combine remaining ingredients. Pour over chops. Turn chops. Cover. Simmer 25 to 3D minutes, turning once during cookinpr. Add more water If ne- in "?ry. Serve very hot. Portsmouth, on tlie Outer Banks of North Carolina, has more buildings than people. Once a thriving town of 1,000, and North Carolina's first port of entry, Portsmoutth's population Is now 18. 'Fishing and ranting are Its Industries. JUNGLE ARMY'S "HEAVY EQUIPMENT"—These elephants, carrying Viet-Namese troops toward the Communist lines in French Inclo-Cblna are the jungle equivalent of heavy tanks. Thick jungle underbrush makes modern tanks and equipment almost useless. FOR SORE mi re PAINFUL PILES MERE is on irr SOOTHING KtLltr S*ii"«"/i" '"' tk ."'"' '' m I ~ 1 "' Ml Irritation ..^ed b, Simp], rile,. I', £h! rr"? 1 " 111 fr ° m f>tno< - Thornton Minor Clink no. .v.llnbl. for ho™ . 2 «h * "i""* R " UI O'»'"i«»t I*rife to .oflra ,„«. lhrink , wclllnt . JUHCTM dr ,. itoci:i n' ,' '"^ •* Thornton * Mint .„! t , 0 !!' lm « 1 >' or Recul SuDDOaltoH, toUr.Fo lo» dlM««OM or, Ike libel. F, •M* H »il eooj dim itott. ^ tr , w b«r Personal To Women With .. Nagging Backache- A« »-e set oMcr, llreu «nd strain, ovtr- .Mrtlon. «««lve •mokltiir « «»°' u « l ° cold tonicllinei slows down kidney lunt. tlon. TO» m.y !c«rt, m>w lclk« to complain at n.tceinl! backache, loss of pec «ivJ criers, hMdnchw rm.1 diiLlnem.-GeltIi.lj up nlelita or Jrcr.ural nw remit Jrom minor MiuMcr Imtallons due to cold, il»inriMU or dietary IndUereljorn. • If your dtscomtorU-are due to th« cnuscs don't ««!t, tnr Doan'» F1IU. » mill d""relle. Uicrl •ucM.rfuUx by mUllon.-for over 60 yearn. While !h«e «yraptomj rn«jr often otherwise occur, tl'« arnailng how nu.ny time* Uoan's «ive happy relief — 1'ielp tho 15 mile, of kUncy tiib™ and filters flviiH out waste. CJet Doau a I'ilU todayl therfeelves easily into family men- s. Let's brsuh up on chicken cookery, adding two recipes to our file. For chicken with gracy, purchase one that's fresh, New York dressed (feathers only fully drawn; et. Brawn chicken, skin side down j "'p^ foretoi^c'ccnTto your lamb Turn and brown other side. And ' he hot milk, cover, and simmer 'n top cf range or bake in moderate ivon (353 degrees p.) until tender, bacort, 8 small onions, red cabbage, about 30 to 40 minutes. Here's a wonderful full-flavored con into I-inch pieces. Alternate- or removed); fresh, frozen. If the 15 minutes. Remove garlic. Lift veal from sauce. Dip into flour. Brown well In heated shortening in skillet.- Add -onion and green -pepper. Combine chicken bouillon with remaining sauce and pour over veal. Cover slowly until 40 minutes. Clean and chicken is qgick frozen, thaw according to the directions on the box. In .the following recipes, the chicken Is cooked in its own flavorful gravy. For a truly modern fillip, 1 can of. condensed cream of mushroom soup and 1 cup of water heated together may be substituted for the 2 caps of hot milk in. the. recipe. ; Olcl-Timc Chicken One chicken. 1 egg, '.i cup milk 1 teaspoon salt, 114 teaspoon pepper, 1 112 cups sifted bread or cracker crumbs, 1(2 Cup butter or shortening. 2 cups hot top milk. Have chicken drawn and cut hit Ferving pieces ,or, if quick frozen thaw according to directions w th box. Rinse in cold water and cirs Beat egg slightly and acid 1;2 cui milk. Season chicken pieces. Dip pieces into egg mixture and roll in shoulder, try this o'd-wnrtd recipe. Lamb on Skewers One pound lamb shoulder, 4 slices acort, 8 small onions, red cabbage. [cut iamb Into 1-inch cubes and ba- chicken <auce with a colorful crispy lamb, bacon, and onions on 4 skcw- •elish crust. llclish Crust Chicken Pie (G servings) Two cups diced cooked chicken, 1- cup cooked peas, 1|2 cup cooked diced celery, 2 cups hot chicken Brown lightly gravy or medium white sauce, 3[4 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon minced parsley, if desired. Combine chicken and vegetables and add to gravy. Add seasonings and put Into individual buttered baking dishes or a 1 l'|2-ciuart casserole. Top with Relish Crust Biscuits and bake in a hot oven (425 decrees F.) 20 to 25 minutes. Relish Crust Biscuits: 2 cups biscuit mix (home-made or prepared), 1|8 (easpoon paprika, 1 tablespoon minced parsley, 2 tablespoons grated raw carrot, 1 tablespoon minced green pepper, 2;3 cup milk (approximately). Combine the biscuit mix, paprika, parsley, carrot and 'green, pepper in a bowl. Make a* well in the biscuit mix, add the milk am ers. Broil 15 minutes 3 Inches from source of heat, turning to brown evenly. Serve hot on red cnbbnRc. I.anib iiml ItedJ Bnn Goulish (5 servinjps) One pound lamb'neck-or shank, teaspoons nit, seasoning, flour, 2 ablespoous shortening, 2'.'j cups ooked tomatoes (No. 2 can), 1 jreen pepper, diced, 'iVt cups red jeans (No. 2 can). Cut lamb into 1-Inch pieces. Season. Roll in flour. Brown slowly in hot shortening. Add tomatoes and green pepper. Cover and cook slowly 2 hours. Add beans and heat. British Labor' Eases by Again LONDON, April 27. (/T)—Britain's Labor government won two critical tests by a slim five-vote imireln yesterday, averting a parliamentary defeat which would have forced it to resign. In quick succession Labor twice mustered 301 votes to 299 for the combined opposition. The first vote was on the government's proposed increase In gasoline tax from nine- pence <105 cents) to a shilling and a half (21 cents), the second supported the government's proposed 3: 1|3 per cent purchase tax on trucks It was Prime Minister Attlee's narrowest escape so far In the new House of Commons elected Feb. 23 - Although handicapped by nines, in the ranks, government force, won through, 304 'to 299. over tin combined opposition of Winston Churchill's Conservatives and th liberal Party. Labor has at-present an overa! margin of seven votes in the house • The Morehend Planetarium at the University, of North Carolina, said to be the only one on nn American campn.s, draws thousands of visitors annually. A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT Natuutat CORRECT POSTURE MAY 1 to 7 WOMEN OVER 4C F.c. Th» Ch»n«« With A Brighttr Outlook «»ny »-omir> approaches; "the eh«n««" «orry l«»t horn, and famllr l«. U "July dktiirUd by Ifca mli«rabl« »ar >h«r olttr. rS-tlrad <Upr»»..l and IrrltabU. «rv« on .:'«. S«»lnE from aueh .ommor, .jmptomi of Chan,, of Mf., women ha». (ound Oardul wond.rfiiHr b.n.fici.l. ollm »Ivin» iu.t th. kind ol f th«V A Krsnd • „ Ionic. Cudiil Wpi lo build rt.UUnce. fortify *»f''".. " d encnurnse » brilUcr oiLlbok. Aid. nUo Ir, "n'iVthiji Mpins to comb.l th«t .nrtrtain 'Mllm. Trj CarduL G«t itthU mushrooms and olives .to -veal. Stir and dip sauce over veal. Cook about MACARONI-SPAGHETTI PURE EG& NOODLES veal Is tender— about 1 2-inch thickness. Cut and Serve veal with sauce poured over place over the hot chicken. FULL 11 OZ. CAfACIir at NABERS' GROCERY & MARKET with the purchase of a 10 Ib. sack of GOLD MEDAL \" ENRICHED FLOUR c NO EXTRA Get from Grocer NOW! Supply Limited! you'll love ihe wonderful-things you can make with Gold Medal Flour—and the Betty Crocker Jvantage of Gold ing qualities! •morxx*x**<mL4Qff I»T SACK ^ wiin oolu Medal flour—anil the llcity Crocker recipes we develop to take advantage of Gold Medal's uniformly superb baking qualities! THIS SPECIAL OFFER is being made because we want you to try Gold Medal "Kitchen-tested" Enriched Flour and (he Bctly Crocker recipes thai come in every sack! But since your grocer's supply of Emerald Swirl Safcdge Tumblers is limited—the offer is good only while ihe supplies last. -So hurry —go to your grocer's now and purchase your 1» Ib. sack of Gold Medal Flour at ihe regular price. He will give you at no extra toil 2 of these beautiful Emerald Swirl Safedgc Tumblers as" shown above. l : or the purchase of a 25 Ib. or larger sack of Gold Meda! Flour he will give you -i tumblers. You'll love them! Yes, and GOLD MEDAL MAKES WHITE, TEN DER B I S CD ITS I I. AfoMtrottefcyO y«oit baUnsi, «lc.lheie rctipethave b by the Belly OocVer Slaff ol Genera ^erfnl Flour, they <mure you ol baUng 3. Valuable couponi good for be lern tilverware. Greater volue coupons in 25, 50 and 100 ren carefully I cited \ \ Mills. Wilh.Goirf tucteis tvery'llmtl ;l Quten Ecu pa) "Kitchen tester ENRICHED FLOUR Bush's Rest FINE HOMINY Bud WAFFLE SYRUP Pride of Illinois Fresh Horn* Dressed Tender . HENS lb.37 )d cuts . . .. LEAN PORK CHOPS ,39(5 Lean, smoked BACON SQUARES ,, 150 Vifamin-fillcd •• . >fy FRESH PORK LIVER, 23(i Lean, ccnnomicitl PORK NECK BONES, 130 Wonderful for flavoring LEAN SALT MEAT , 150 Fresh 70 COUNTRY EGGS Doz 330 IJlue Plate 90 M'TARD GREEHS ^ 100 Del Monlc sliced .. No. 2 can 12-07,. bottle CORN Cream Style, No. 1 can 100 PEACHES No. 1 can 150 PLAIN Ot S'ELf-mSl'NO Here's a Nice Party Snack Idea! It's CHP^ESli; 'N CHIPS! Rub a small a dash of ground pepper, Vi cup minced glass bowl with a clove of garlic. Blend clams and 1 Ibsp. clam broth. Place in well two 3 oz. packages of Philadelphia the center of a large tray of fresh po- cream cheese with 1 tsp. lemon juice, lato chips or crackers. Let your guests 1 (sp. Worcestershire sauce, '/ 2 tsp. salt, dip right in. Nabers'Gro.& lit. MELV1N HALSELL, Owner & Division Fre« Dtliyery Phone 501

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