Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1907
Page 4
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'IT Btportwt* RoaH ..•»•• BaaiMu Offlot Entered at lola, Kansas, Postofflo*. as Second-class Hatter. AdvertlBlng Rates Made Known on Application; SDBSCRIPXIOir BATES. By Carrier In lola. Gas CItrt Lanyon* TUI^ or La llarpc. One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Tear 15.00 By MalL One Year, in advance $4.00 Three Months, in advance 11.00 One Month, In advance 44 OFFICUL FIFER, CITY OF BASSET. HEHBEB OF ASSOCIATED PBESS. The loU DaOy Begfster Is a member of the Associated Press and ReceiTes the day report If that great news or- gaalsatlon for Exclnshe Afternoon Publication In lola. WONT MUSTER OUT Good Attendance ut Annual Inspection of Co. .M Last Mtfht. .ludging from the number who turned out to the annual inspection of company M. K. N. G.. last evening, it would seem that there has Iiecn much needless worry in regard to tlie mustering out of the company.\ So long as the company show the Interest displayed last evening, lola will uot bh without miUtary protection. Lieutenant Colonel Flanders, the ln-| spcctlon otflcer, was very much pleased v/lth the knowledge of military tactics displayed by the offlcersl and men of company M. I FOR CHRISTMAS SELECT IT NOW AND HAVE IT LAID AWAY Our Big Overcoat Sale Continues. Just the time when you want to buy one. We are cutting the price—warm weather is the cause. Buy your Overcoat now and Save from $4.50 to $7.50 on a Coat. by Copyright 1907 H?rt Siliaftncr £5" M»rx See the abbve Ovtrcoat. It's a Hart, Sclihffntr & M.ntx Coat that sold all iail jor $25 00. Pnro— S20.00 ALL Orn HART, SCIIAFFNER & MAKX AND STEIX-BLOCll OVERCOAT .S THAT WE SOLD ALL FALL AT $35.00, ARE XOW $27.SO $30.00 Overcoats wi'l be cnt ^^HS 00 S25.00 Overcoats will be cut ^20 00 $22 50 Ovetcoats will !): cut 00 %2Q 00 and $18.00 Otercoats will b.- ^fff 'OO S15.00 Overcoats will be cat to. $to.oo Overcoats will be cut to $10.00 $7.50 STORED Or»JE>2V E>VE^RY KIGHT XJIVOriLv XMA.», A Reduction on Every Mans and Young Man's Suit in ihe Store. Magnificent holiday Merchandise for Xmas Gifts for Men and Boys THE XMAS DINNER An Enthnt«iastlr Cusfonior. Told her grocer that if he refused~TB handle •OUR-PIE" Preparation she wotild trade elsewhere. She knew f-.he could make Lemon, Chocolate and Custard pies bettor than the expert cook If she used "OUR-PIE" as all the ingredients, carefully prepared, are In the package ready for immediate use. Each jiackage, enough for two large pies. 10 cents. Order a^ozen today from your grocer. Excellent also as a pudding sauce, cake filliug. etc . jlula .Merchants Have I'nnKuully Line of <<oods. Fiuf IT IS ll' TO YOU, COUXCILMEX. Prof. Honde Will Come If Expenses Are Paid. It is up to the council whether or not Prof. Hoade, of Kansas university and a consulting engineer for the state board of health, comes to lola 10 inspect the sewer system with a view of suggesting some needed improvements. Some time ago the council Instructed the city clerk TO write Prof. Hoade with reference to his com ing here. It has been learned that he is willing to visit lola for the purpose of looking over the septic basin and sewer system. It iis now up to the council to decide whether or not they are willing to pay his expenses. This is the season . of decay • and weakened vitality: good health is hard to retain. If you'd retain yours,- fortify your sy.stem with Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea, the surest way. cents. Tea or Tablets. »nrreirs Drug Store. Tiie stores and markets in the city arc putting on a holiday appearance. Holly aiid mistletoe ai'e displayed by almost all of them but in the displays of eatables there is nothing out of the ordinary and the prices are nliout the same as last week among tlie staples. The display of nuts is fine an( wears a semi-Christmas appearance. There are almonds. Hrazi! nuts. English walnuts, pecans, fllberls and the native walnuts and the prices range all way."from 10 cents a pound to 17 and IS cents. They are , TI 1 fresh and from this year's crop. Those that have been offered up to alKJUl three weeks ago were from last year's crop and were able. What is called tlie .lordan nl-, moiuls come from Spain iiiil are high j pnccd and are olTered at 70 cents a: 1 ijund but they are shehoi! and are of iMie (hivor. Tlie comnioi! paper sliell ainiund.s arc L'O cents a pound. The I'ecans come from Louisiana. Texas ar.d Oklahoma; Brazil nuts are called sticli because they come from Ura/.ll lul the name of English walnuts is a misnomer and none of them ever saw England neither is that the land of their nativit.v. They are fiiinished mostly from California Filberts are called overgrown hazelnuts aiui are grinvn in the southern couiUiics. In fruits there is no: nnich of a variety from which to choose. Tlie best variety of table apples ars the Rhode Island green and are offered at. the 3a;ne iirice of last week (i'l ceirt;- -.i peck: but there are a good supply of smaller apples in the market which are offered at -10 and "> cents a peck. Cookers are offered at tlie s.ime price. beginning to get strong and unpalat- Grapes are scarce at IS cents a pound A.MELIA IlIN (inA .V In A Modem Latiy Godiva W the (jraiid Opera House, TlllRSDAY, DECE.WllEi: 19. and .;."> cents a ba.sket. .\» the meat markets here is a good display offered in poultry with chickens, hens, (lucks and geese at l-",A ct:ns a pound and turkeys at 17% .-e'lts a iioiind. A few rabbits find Old pri.'e of in cents a pound. I'lM'k .liiil lieef leiidrrloiiis and swe;>t breado are li.l cents .i pound and brains are ID ceii;- a po>\iid. There i.? al>s<)!uli-!y imthiiig in the ve;;('t;'l)le line thai is oui of the ordinary slapit's .-nd tl." prices on these ron;aln the same aliaosl tlie year niind. E^gs and liuiler bold to the same prices of last week. Passed Examin.ntion Successfully. James Honalim-, .\ew Britain, Conn., v.rites: "I tried several kidney remedies and was treated by our best pliysicians for •rab .-^fes. but did not I AMELIA BIXHIA.V In A Modern lady Godiva At tlje Grand Opera House, 1^ THURSD.VY, DECEMBER 19. LOOGE DIREOTORY. (lieir way into the market occasion-j Improve until I took Fob y'.? Kidney ally and wiien taken without being I Cure. After the second bottle I show- <;:essed they are selling for 10 cent:5l«d improvement, and five bottles cur- e;'cti bin dressed they are offered for l.'> cents or two for 2.") cents. "Spare rilts are the scarcest article in ihi' niarkiis." said a dealer this ni..rnia:r. '"and it is dilficult to keep a. supply on ba'ids. Ni.t withstanding.' however. Diey :;rt" offered at the same {(! me completely. I hav<» sinca pass- id a riiiid examination for life Iiisttr- aiice." Foley's K:diiey Cure cures liar!;-aclie aad all f(u-nis of kidney and bladder tionlile. Ilurrell's drug store. SA\T.\ IE OlFK L\L IIEHE. ROWLEY WOULD TAKE (IIILD. Yonnir .Mnn Would Cure for Slster-ln* Luw's liiegtllinnte Child. Estell Rowley has volunteered to take the child of Dora TIce and bring It up. The fact that Rowley married a Bister of Dora Tice less than two weeks ago and theerby escaped prosecution lor statutory rape adds interest to the case. The child will not be l^ven to Rowley, however, but will he turned over to a charitable Institution. "Haste makes waste"—In the digestive organs. Hurried eating brings on IndlgesUou. Get relief and cure by Ml-o-iia stomach tablet.s. iiOc a box. Money refunded If Mi-o-na fails. Chas. B. Spencer. -4. F. A A. M. ELECT OFFICER.S. Installadon Will Occur on December I 2;th. The Universal Staple. strengthening food for the weakest digestion. Nourishing food for the strongest digestion. Good for the babies—good for all ages—the most nutritious of all the wheat foods. Biscuit The annual election of the A. F. & A. M. occurred last night at the .Masonic hall. The following are the officers for 1908: , Wor-shipful Master—W. L. Bartels. Senior Warden—A. L. Morrison. Junior Warden—John Moore. Treasurer—Geo. A. Bowlus. Secretary—J. E. Jones. Trustees—W. L. Bartels, Paul Klein and M. G. Robinson. The installation will occur on thej evening of December 27lh. Public Speaker Interrupted. Public speakers are freouently Interrupted by people coughing. This would not happen It Foley's Honey and Tar were taken, as It cures coughs and colds and prevents pneumonia and consumption. The genuine | contains no opiates and is in a jellow package. Burrell's Drug Store. In moisture and dust proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY SuiH-rintendent Fox Spent Short Time in tlie CHj .Monday . Supcriulendenl Fox of ilie Santa Fe was in the city a short time night before last. lie canie in on a special car carrieil liy the regular idug. He was rnroule from Ottawa on a regular ins|)eclioii lour over 'he line. A reporter tor a Cbanuie paper worked him for the following :;tory while he was there yesterday: Wlien askeii if lie couldn't tip tlio reporter off wiili material for a .good rainy day story, be rejilied with a iie;4ativo shake of the head, "Oevil a stor.v." "Weli. hiuv soon are you goin.g to connect Clinnute with .lopliii?" persisted Ibe seeker after new.^. "You know Cba:iule Is anxious to have tlie new raiiro:id which the .Missouri Pa- rllle thre:ite!is to build here if Ihe Santa I'e Invades the minim,' field." •Well, now, really." confided the bli; siiperiiitendeiit ' soothingly, '"I linvent heard anything aiioiii the pro Joel for a l(utg time. In fact. I don't know anything about It at all. you wouldn't believe that, but I don't Know anything about it." ".Vo " candidly confessed the newspaper man, "I wouldn't believe it." KMC.IITS OF MACCABEES.— Kni .i ;hls of Maccaliees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Safunlay nights in each flionth. J. W. Postwait. commander: R. 15. Porter, record kcejier. W. O. Ww—Camp No. 101 meeta Iw K. of P. Hall every Friday nlghL '9, r. Steele. C. C; A. H. Da--^. Clai« '/Isltors cordially Invited. KXIGHTSrOF~pFTHIA!S.- > osh- Lodge No. 43 meets every •> uight at K. of P. Hall.. ,VW«i> ihera Invited. "W.S.Thompsoa, I!.(3.; Chris Rltter, K. ot R. and S. M. W. A^The M. W. A. Lodga meeta every Friday night In M. 'W- A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W.K- Anderson. V.C.; W. A. Cowan. Clerw.- ROYAL KEIGHBOES.—lola Cami. No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meeta aen- ond and fourth Tuesdays of eac;* mouth. Mrs. P. A. Warner, oracle: Mrs. Mary Button. 413 W«-* Stleei. Recorder, Yf'U know .".s well as any one when you need soiiithing to regulate your system. If your bowels are sluggish, y.uir food distresses you, your kidneys pain, take Hollister's notky .Mountain Tea. It always relieves. 3.'i cents. Tea or Tablet.s. Hurrell's llrug Store. FRATERXAL BROTflERnOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeti second and fourth Thursday of each month In A.O.U.W. Hall. Visiting members cordlnly invited. W.H. Anderson, president: Golda Elam. Mcr*- tary. . Junior Order United AmerleaB Me> chunlet).—Meets every Wednesday evening at H o'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited.: R. A. Widiclc. Councclor: C. D. Black, Rec Secretary. BUSUHESS mREOTORY, ^ JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old rallabl* )«trel«r, 110 East street TO PUSH CASE THROUGH. State OiVuials Would Hare Anti-Tmst IJIW Case Tried. Topeka, Dec. 18.—John S. Daw.son, assistant attorney general, is in Wichita today for the purpose of having Ihe criminal prosecution of the millers' comliination for violation of the anti-trust laws of the state set for trial. The case has now been pending nearly a year and Attorney General Jackson is eager to hasten a trial. STAMMER. Complete court at th« beat school for stammerers In America at on«half price this fall and winter. WWt* for Information at once. McKie School tor Stammerera. 2706 East 12th Street Kansaa Citr. Mc POLAR BEAR TLOUR Has Stood tiie Test Becatne its tbe Best Accefit No Other Wm. Oberdoff, Agt STUBBS CARRIAGE IN SMASH-UP I AMELIA BIXGHAX in A MoHmm iadyOodhfrn At the Grand Open Hoose, IHFEipAY, DECEMBER 18. Daughter : of Lawrence Statesman •n >rown from Surrey. The famijy surrey of W. R. Stubbs. the Vawr ^nco statesman, was damaged consldei^bly at Lawrence yesterday when :a; runaway team dashed info It MisB Stubbs and the driver were the [occupants of the carriage.! Miss Stubha was thrown to the top of, the-surrey? and from there fell to the! ground, whHe the driver was thrown from his s^it twenty feet to the parking. >NeItlier was hurt. The team' iwas ctit l (^$e from tne surrey by the force of t}!^ co'llslon and ran away also. i I Six FerfCent Money. I ningham. \ Mi, It M. Can- Your Passdiig Shadow J-Si Women's troubles throw a doud over their Uves, which negtect may cause to become permanent Make yours into a passing shadow by taking a medicine that acts directly on your womanly organs, the disorder of which has caused your womanly troubles. The right remedy for you, when you have headache, badcache. nervous spells, dragging palos, irregular fimctlons etc. l3 Wine of Cardui Mn. R. H. Lawaao. of Spiott. Ala,, vrites: I suffered with female troubles for 12' years; tried 4. doctors; thqr dldno good, so I todc Wine of CarduL I have taken 16 bottles .'fe3l greatly relieved and am better than bx 20 years.'* Sold by aO reHable druggists, in $1.00 bottles. Try It. WRITE US A LETTER WiM* «oday for a tiM covr of vail tiMco »yaf*aIaaM«M-i»sf moalnMCoob fcrWomn. If wa need M«ncd your svBiptoais. vUUmr age, an4 leplv will fe« (cm 3a aialoSiMM nvtlgMk i^Mman Pw*.. The Owtttnooaa tMkim Co.. aiiiiMwSirT>Mu

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