Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1908
Page 3
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m Shine trf the !Jj|fyi;^i||« Ckatt«ialB Bact la lUrnr. old art aii ladlMf CoUari, tte aiart degaat Uaa UdJei' Baiai Mr th« jaeck ot cTCtr l4idJ0Mi&i ani teeklca^ cmr • Bew'aiyle. Fao^ Dalltet >r eTa7 deserfpUoB at •pedal prkcs. UdiflB' Belt* la elaiifie, fahcr Uaael and leatker. nttjuaU far iafa; laitM aad cfeOdMik • Mjip aaaiitiavBt •! jhwk CmH aad taaafHiKt PiBf fa aid aH, i«M aadi Cdiar.l*lac itifcfeaa aad all kMi of llivilaad JiiiM J^ilMM.Cktaa. tmieifk ^i^a JMiar, S far SSe. ^aaejr SlWaki •tarirr dcacripUoa. Bed POlow Tapi, Table CeTen, gpreida. Towel*, Hnklat aac . TaU(f.:Uaea, ayery prtw. p ^^p ^^S^Sf «^» to eltaa \Umef Mittim ladlet aad aea Me' Faacr balery la Uale aad lUk. Tke kMt' lilaea fa HiikdeNkleft f«r ^l^ftj^ See tkls Prices ea| EkaeUr la Two; tlS.M Hata .fJM. mjm Qate HM Hafe Etiirr IVkatli FnMir Tkaa aa cicraat Hat for a Xaias Gift BAT iT JtST HALF PKICE. I. • /A BOUDAT FOBS. There is notiiInK aidre aeeq^table to jour wife, daiighter or eweot heart than Fan {or Xmas. ]>BS$8 fiOOpS. - SdaalAikie valaeai M piecM pat on lale laiported aad damettlc dress tioM^fom ap-^MttoB Broadeloth la fancy and plala, that asaaUr sell ^KnitafLM. l ^edali We trairaii jroa to see tUs elegaat llae. 18 .50 Coals .... IM .00 CoaU Coat* 11040 toati ... ....IISJOO OHIIL; lljft %tM Coats ,|7JM IIIM CaaU IM« IM40 Coals . ,DBVN*8 COATS GBIATLT BEDUOED. MM mn Coata f.. llSMOoati ..r... ;..fmo $iM Coals .110.00 TBI A BOTAL WOBCESTEBCdlMET, BLACK CAT H08IEBT AXD A PICTOBIAL BBTIBW PATTBBX AND TQU WILL BE PLEASED. inEiitl ^soh m oiil. OMBiaVgOT laaaloo ofSafMai thMlo raaarfaa.^ 1 bUity bf a^ii^a whieh the otedt aUtutlonal.- Gbalrnu'sastt' assiiirad tlibar^i«i nUttee apprtebtid'tlia of public aeatlniij ^rii prolact, but U^t tiiOr plOttiQI ins a method on tha-daalr^ hard to solTOL »a iiUd th» mlttee. on the jndlkafr liid tbe obnsUtntiOttal|t]rJ'il>t part of.consresa, chaoe of land for] fomta; wtaatover l<i9kUilfto.tli« tKai'Mfiiienraflov^ protecting the iiai^bUfty of t streams of the cp^^lltft^ r . : •=iraa ,-Ab«Bt .B*.- TO 00 Hcpboral Coaut \\ eided-i >^W!uUn8t6D. ' Sooeevelt has ben of the boUM eiipiliiU in sUtaand foteiga «;miieMh-io qto Panama eaail r«|^,{Ud4t Ltieallr ba^ been decided byReprf l^tHw Hepbum and f AdMabo. inateiii^ the majority jsad; wapldflrely that If ilStt' ^ tb^lWft,this trip. TbvS aecffrtirtsr of war anit^/ thi&kUie tbne baa cgqiLe-far cpngceas to eiulit laws for tbe iorernnient jif t&elsinai tone, isa nunv-peculiar agd 'i0ibijilri€salfig; problem^ bare i on the lawn's under existing dda.: AM iccm as tba cMninitteaitt ADULTERATED CORN CHOP. What the Law Provides in Regard to Feed. Under the Kansas feeding-stuffs law pure corn shop is not snbject to registration or tagging, but is subject to inspectian in respect to purity and weight of packages. The law provides that all weights of feed stuffs shall "be net; that Is, a sack of com chop purporting to be 100 pounds must weigh enough more to make up for .4be weight «f the sacic- Reasonable lllowance should be made for atmospheric influences. 'Pare com diop is the product obtained by grinding well-cleaned shelled corn, removing nothing therefrom and adding nothing thereto. Anything treated either as a mixed teed or as one which has been subjected to a "process whereby the composition of the original material is altered." In either of these two cases the product must be registered annually with tile Director of the Experiment Station and be labeled so as to show the nataie! and address of the manufacturer, the' , „ true nature of the feed, the net weight'com removes some of the finest wtd and the percentage of protein and of,beist pitrts for corn-meal md sells the remainder as corn dibp he Is Tfolatlps tbp iMjr unleas he sells It under a lab- ot flbrd which is ot UtUe or not net feeding value. It a uanutactarar wishes to work off his coin bran with com chop he must plainly tag It aa "Corn and com btan" and seU It undar aU the conditions applying to mixed fe^s. So, too. Jf the.mOIer after grinding fat guaranteed. In the manufacture oficom-meal the corn bran is removed by b<}Uing, and the temptation is strong upon a mlllerj to put this by-product in with bia corn' chop. This practice, as indicated above .is not legitimate, constituting in fact a serious adnltention. Com bran, though possessing a good pet- centaie of fat and of protein. Is greatly Inferior to whole corn in its content of sUrch and has a higji per cent 3OUVENIR Sarardty fJUST KIMIND YOU" 19 lbs. r m ADDtrroN TO USUAL CHBCXS WITB iCoci^Tapioca^lSdrii^M. Coffee. Ete. ei'that ehowfe lU tme nature, and has complied otherwise with all of ttie pro- Ti^ons' of the feedlng-atnffb law. - AgSiin. com chop Is not to be made the medium tbrpugta whioh aereen- ^D|S of yartons kinds are disposed of, iteltber ia. It to Inolnde rotten vim, corn-cobs'or dirt. Then Is no que*- tion. that In the past mudi of such fraudulent feed has been foisted upon the public aad It Is against such that the Hw opetatea. ?»« The obfeet of the law is to pravent unfair competition among manufaetur- en and fraudulent Impositions upon eensumers. This law wlU be enforced frp'jn tbls standpoint, and the hearty eboperatlon of the interested publle Is solicited. If J. T. WILLAIU). ' Chemist Experiment Station. Manhattan. Rps.. Nov. 17. 1908. FALLS TO THE FLOOB. Only Senrhrlar Uaeaia Pall Bearer Slrkkan WJth Apoplexy. Washington, Dee. IL—Oenenl Henry G. Wortblngtan. a fomer member or eongresa from Nevada, the only '.Urittg'pall bearer at the funeral-of Abraham UneolUi was atriefcen with anoplexy on the floor of the house shortly, after noon yesterday.' He was lieonveyed to a cloak room.In a critical ot bis fonr sttore yean. Gen ^_ WorOUagtoa'a^frfeads view Jda iTlneea wMi nldnB. H^tetl Mvily to &B ifloor In tlia caatar aMe ddid itom- Jbera at ««ca waatite lOfcaaaiatfiila. BetirmeaCatlTO tertaa «t vlko Is a phyalel^ ptMOitilMili* [fum apopiexy aa« jpare theVatiidMLJ tbaa Ufafiu^-.a^ SUE UBEL Pnsldeai Boeserelt Is -After" Amcr. iMuk mo Siacted tke Canal i Swadals. stage the production again tomorrow night and also repeat It at a matinee Saturday afternoon. The cast is: . King Hildebrand. Abe Van Meter: Hllarion, Allen Herriain: Cyril, Chaa. Flaher; Florlan, Ira Berment; King Gama. Carroll Flake; Arac, H. B. Bozell.-'Guron, Delbert Kemp; Scynthlua RiUjfb. Spotts; Princess Ida. Helen WBShfa|gtoii, D«!. ll.-"If they CMi jaynea; Lady Branche. Alberta Cress- be reachM for orimlaal 1 bel. I shall -g,,. La^y Psy<A«, Helen Glddings: try to h^re them reached." sal* Pres-jt«issa. Grace Waugh: Sacharlssa. Ident RdOsevelt In speaking this afternoon kboht "Qiose Americana who have been gtUlty'of ihfaixidus' taJse- taciod concerning the acquisition of t&e property-ahd tbeoonMnictlan of the nmacia canal Itaelf." It was' to the committee of 100 of the Lalos-to^tbe-an'f l^eep Waterway Asaodatlon, headed by Governor Ctaari«s8.'Detteen of niidDia,'received by the president in the east room of the Wblte house, that be made this dacleratipn. Govern6r Deneen bad presented a copy of the resolutions adopted by the association and made a few remferka to which tbe president replied as folloirs: "I have felt, asjth^ igoreraor baa so well put it. that'nb moi*e IniporUi&t service could be rendered to (his country tban the billKHpiflE of tbe Panapia canal betwe^ t &e Atlantic and the Padftc^ aitid .<mfr 'tliliic .I am proud of In cotoaaetktt with tbe build inr of that caail Is that then has not been legltlBiata cause for the breath of scaadal.-eonpeftted with any feature ot the proiceedlag. We have eanae to be ashamed of on.'y one set of. Americans la oonneo- tldn w/th the bglldlttg of the canal, and that to of tiibae Anterieans'wbo :e ^beea guilty - ot iBf^ooa fa ^ie' | dopeaniinc the'acK^ilsltfoit of property and.t&» constrnethiir of t^eetotl itfalt. ''if they eaa^be readied Cor criminal libel, t ihaU try toliiTe tbnn re«»ed. If iMit. at any rater aU the fpets We kaow or ever.haye taowa-are #t ttte diapcsai of:«B!eIt a)Bd:«f«at«ia(>tjroii hm aad. bC laty*aii» In eoiiraaa-OT M:all eoweaa If.tbey «Uh tbrae« thesa;"-: ' • ; - ,• - . * Verna Rbwe; Chide, Edna Warner: Ada, Nina Pllkentoa. Chorus: Cora Reynolds, Mary Pollock. Jenny Purdy, Elsie Ayrea. Tess Critchfleld. Grace Hoirnaday, Violet Haynes, ^ail Sutton, Sophia daries. Ladle WnUnjibn. CfarUtlne David, Eidwin White. H)>w-- a'rd Ftarhswdrtb. (Jpay Harnett, Her- 'bert Cowan. Oliver' 'Andre's. John Garland, Douglass Harrlv.'^Hirry Ham ready to faiake tbe trip the war 'de^ panineht will plaee a transport it theii'dlspoiial. ' .• Clii^ta Kb tia. u:, Some tlm^ ago a ifnatllnt bout «|i iaitipliM betari^lt D. R . Halt of XatiMi lad Artbtif Gates of Obahutafla J p:ace In tljla, dty. TSay eatti bnt on a/beaaat of tlta liglit if* n<ie, eairail, tHa mat otf. itU eeaieat ocourred Blghi before laat It CbiauU aad (taa.TrtbtlBa aays of .lU' '%aa D, R; jiuli, the " vrMtlar Iraqi .XaiiiiB City, u M Uirpw. Arthur dMaa of thia twtM in all Iiottr,.hO t«ok|ad a Utift )ob Ikaa ha ff» aqaai M Tht flMr teat took plaee la the Star skaliSi riak last nliht. Hull |6t one fail Sf- ter woriilag hard for tareaty-alint mlButH, but he was unabli to soeift aaothsr. J . '•' The bout was fast and fiirioua. Although Hull gave the habdleap, ha taa the smaller of tbe two. He aho *M himaelf a whlrltrJad on the dafetiii, VrtgcHat ottt of bdlda whea A'm faaaBSad^tauBlnent with aa .iHatwd fladtltytbat was woifderfal.^sr also put up a good oonteat. altheoili 1ii> Bhowed by his aiitrons that ha hail not had much chance to work oQ the mat recently. The attendaace was good.- tte.-.iV ceipta amounting: to tS4. Tba tktora enjoyed toe match Ilton.' George'Stevens, ^aace Wi'Mon. Edmund Rhodes. Albert Manglesdorf, Don roemaii,.'Wlsrd^ble; Daoghten ot the Plow. Wyra Rbgen, N<^ Ayrcfs. Anua McCoy. Maggie BeUrLong, l4ll Greehless and Katheriae Curry. ' Tbroagh'iela.t*'(Aaiiate. The (SianoCe Sup:says: 'A'ganc of twenty Mexicans OHUC ; mlast nlght'ih aa. extra car on'Uie pli^ to work. on. tiiiB'f(vIsk>n. Tfiey were sent out to tbe.^oit cement plaiit today, wb^ they afe maklhg repalra on tbe two- mile apnr the Santa Fe (BDnifrueled to the; ahale pit. Iliis track, is la bad .coadflpo from the recent'ralna^ the lrai]^.^read)ag ri^ently aad.'dltcbliir ^W^ «tfaptjnat«r|al for^ttjj plant, Af- on tba line damaged by the last* tkMC iTPPBllT»>PLAT V fjgiB^.B .lDA."r '''''''''^entm Furniture always acceptable. Ohriatmaa ^«sent, and right Pow is tbe tbne to make your seleetlbn. ~ Onr stock waa never m nner abape to meet your holiday nee^s. New creatlpa Ifr Qaar- ter Sawed dak. Early-Caglisb flalsbes*'BlrdMya iiapie and Ifs- bogany. An unnsually .#ida raiige ioC'desigBs possessing'the dip- tlnctlve character asBesapiry for a d«|ljrable gift and were well satisfied Wltli'wbat lot-for their two bits. .The .ipia scheduled tbe fbr a abbrt, time ago. but inrMlir aftyoie tartiad oat there to see It Oitea la en6l<ir- •d in the Bruiisiflck pool liall^ T^ie hold that irinned Ms ahoiiIdera~ dOfi|te was a bar and a-head ehkncery. LJbtea, PaasI You can count on If'fbat <^ Uanih 30th next, there. tHlt be sobe lirfa « base ball fans in'R. ^OotL The ^- lowlnr from the Tribune wiU«q»la&' wby: Manajier Rred Urr of tie Pbrt ^ Scott AAleUc bas# ball tfif^'ia id receipt of a letter fran Fred M. Kaowlea,,^ aecnury of ih'e.N«ar^Tori(;i«1ttk>iiaf /' League leani. -kBowmitbron^iout ihi. -l base ball world aa UJ^^aftfa." fOK")L cube ben March MUciatext'^e New'. York team-will play < a nnnib«r.<}t^«i[> hibltion aamea la tills part qf tlia country and FbrtSeottJa fortuaatejlB being able tb'dose a contract''wltlk them. Tbe game w|lt ba playa*>'at the Tower Kill park and It la ed tbist tbis gaaia Mil iihnra a 1 laa lUr laterest Hare'] has beea lacking for sareral paaira, since n>rt Scott qnlt leagae baaa ball. Tke fbmoua (3trlatjr MMth«wa6tt-}1a «lth the Nr# Torkelnb aad wl»'be here on tbe data neationed: 'IM New York dab cacrlaa twenty or. twett ty-tlve people aad Jtat Beou tnas aad basa ball jsatkoaiaatr:^ (aaaiml #1U tbaralbra b^aWsktoaaa-ipS^ all or;tp»ffiaia gaywa cfthj^^b: MatM^li^arJeS^jlir. Vmi&lMA Uia(:iie'eaii give but oaa ia^ bdre aodlbit wiu be on tbeWtlTol^^udi. n^grooBda at T^owat Rill aii^ tb 6 B iiaproved tn .maay-iraya, aad niade into an Ideal boTbalt dlaoMd. ravtral aarfttea art being 1v D:- H. OolTlti at tliJi Apda- 6ll»'tt0Bnpk'ifti*ait4itaiboMt; Xaa. B T«I I I « aifvleMt "Hrayrte^^TligilitiFoolaMn

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