Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1907
Page 2
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iiUMGi; CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Rcddy (or the crowd of Holiday Shoppcn and the myrtd wants of (he town and country trade, the^holc store pulsatei with new life and Christmas attractions. diKounb anything we have befo e attempted, more to sec. more stod[. more dif-'crtnt classes c( goods and a working force %vil!lng to serve you and to please you. and you will see the beginning of Otristmas trade, and from start such goods as are enumerated below will be in big demand. SCE OUR WIMOOWS A large and handsome line of Smoking Jackets and Bath Rvbes at Popular Prices . AXEUA BIXGItAM In , At tke Grand Oprn HMM, THURSDAT, DECEXBER 19. l-icmr ol KuptmhciiatC Ooniio Man'* MookwBar 2iC up to Jl .GO Man's Suapenders 25c up to $i .?5. Men's Silk Hana'ohtafs 2SC up to S1 .25. Men's Mufflers 50c up lo $2.50. Men's Oqllar Sags $1 .25 up to Jr. 50. Man's Suit Oases $3 85 liplto $10 00 Men's Travalkig Bags $3.50 up to $15 00. Men's Fancy Hose 25c up to 75c Men's Dress Shirts 50c up to $t 50 Men's Hobby Hals $1.85 up to $3 50. Men's Orass Gloves 50c up to $2.00. Men's Fmtov Vests SI 50 up to $3 50. Gossip of Society Aid Society to Meet Lii'lior of tl)o Christian Aid soc!- cty (U'sii--' to <\li 'n (I an informal iti- vitaiion to u'eniliors wlio hav.-- lat.'ly come into thr* church to nvet with f^e society ar Ms rogular inwiin^ lo- aiorrow aftonio'-n. Tho business hc.vr will 1(0 occuiiied by tho elect inn of Dfflcers. * * * Postpone W. C. T. U. Meeting. The semi-public session of iht O.T? City W'oman's Christian TotiiiUManc,' Tnion, which was to have been helJ this evening, has been postponed. .Mrs K. B. Kays, and a nnniberof Io!a women ha.l been included in the invita tioiiy;. Z 'tA * * * For T. C. Club. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Heinle enter- t .Tintd. a ifew :frieiids last evi -niiip. The opoasion was a meeting'of th«- T. •:• • Cantata Pleased Audience. Uitle HVilders Chapel was coni- foriably filled 'Viith guests last evening to see the cantata which inem- liirs of I he SuniUay scho<il save. Tiie characters werj? prattily and apiiro- priately costunied and tlio program was featured by the hiiniorou.s and i>"easin!j situations offered. As a re.sult of the t'vening $10 has bc?n :id(;e(i to the o'hapel treasury. It is I'robabl? that the entertainment will be rep-.'iucd early in thj uew year. .> To Attend Wedding. Miss Katherine .Jones wi'l spend the holiday season in Emporia wlih 1 rr parent-A. IVof. and Mrs. D. O. .loiies. During her visit Miss Jone- v.ill sing the music at one of tli.' Christmas wetldings. • •:• •:• Club Musicale. From three until five ocloek yes- trrday afternoon memljer .H of tiip I«id- los' .Music Huh were guests of Mrs. Frank H. .Martin. S2C East Madison I rtreet. during a musicale uiven to olscrve the Yuletide. The program wa.s pres.^nted by some of the club's ii'ost enthusiastic students and the occTSlon was made exceedingly pleas• ant by the rendition of a group of i dilllcalt and beautiful numbers. Thi opening solo. Moskowski's AValt'/, in V. major, was Iteautifully rend .^red by Mrs. P. E. Waugh. who is always a ; favorite with audiences before whic'.i j she api)ears. The voca! numbers •which followed were tributes to ihe I inKtruction of Miss .Mice Hendricks and the tal?nt of the officiating mem : bers. The weather made the nuirber of guests smaller than is usual on the club's days, but Mrs. Martin's charming hospitality m.ade the affair Idellghtfnl. Thu program in full is: New line jnst .rnceiwd, from ( 0 .iml up. All sizes and prices from 75c up. Christmas Wlieu lookinjj fi>r:a present you will want those original patterns which are not seen in every store. H«re 3-011 will iiud a well selected .stock at the lowest possible price?. See ns wbc n looking for a present. ; , J. W. Coffey & Son Your Jeweler East ^ide Square Gent's Bize, Hunting case, hand engravedp20 3'ear ca."^e, Elgin or Waltham movement. Only $12.00. Piano Solo Mrs. P. R Waugh Trio—Christmas Bells Cantor Mcsdames Lemasters, Co'e, I.aGrango. Solo—O. Thou That Tellest Good Tidings Mrs. UaGrange Duett Noel. Gounod Mesdames Watson, Evans. Solo—The Angels Song I^uil Mrs. C. M. Colp. jSextettP. Holy Christinas Night. I.os- f-en —Violin Obllgato. Mrs. C. f>. Evans. Mesdanies I^eniasters. Whtson. Hughes. Cole. Newton, LnGnngr. iV.lo-Christmas. Mrs. W. T. Watson. Clin .is--"There Were Shepherds." J .vnes. —Accompanists. Mrs. P. E. V ."aii"h. yirs. Malcolm Hughes. Tl.e rluii guisis were Mrs. Sarah Thraslier Rowe. Miss Paddock, Mrs. :.<e. Mrs, P. S^. Mitchell. Mrs. C. J. McCleli.nnd. Mis. L. W. Mnyberry. .Mrs. Hurdlck. Mrs. John Devlin and Miss Alma Mjrtin. + * Humorous. First Stimmer Girl—.During the liot- test evening last summer I manag-*d to keep perfectly cool. Second Surnnier Girl—Indeed! How dfd you manage It? First Summ?r Girl—WWl. T had two fieveted admirers at the seashore .\v|io railed on t *e every evening, and I al- \>avs seated one on each side of me. Second Suntm -or Girl— But what i ail tliat to do with vour keeping cool. First Smnmev Gir'—Why. there wa-* -Itch a d --1iglitful coolness lielwi ,->n them. For a Chiistinas Remembrance We have everything in the Jewelry I .iD« —dainty things— inexi>ensive articles—and gifts to suit any purse. . If it's Kirli fnt (.'las.s. Hand fainted China.- Solid Silver, Plated Tlilnpt in SilTer. Silver \OTelti(>!<, Manicure Sets Toilet Sets or a multitude of small articles we have them in prices within the reach of all. We are offering specia- prices as an inducement to buyers this week. McNElL BROTHERS. THCUCWCLERM. MI33I Ladies size, Hunting case, 20 year case with Elgin or Waltham movement, $11.50. Afternoon at Cards. .Mr.^. W. E. Starks gave a very pleasant afternoon party yesteiilay lor 1 group of neighborhood friends. In progressive euchre the prizes went to Mrs. Harmon Holiart and Mrs. H. ll.-irris. At the close of the ufier- lUMin. .Mrs. l-«'e .Mnssengah- and Mrs. starks served a dt'liclous menu to the Rllesln. The dining table W:IK irlnini;>d with j:reenery and Christ iias nrnainents remlinled the company of the holiday season. The guent ll»t Includes the following names: Mesdames Harmon Hoburt, J. O. Aniett. I. Harlli'tt. W. K. Redfe«rn, Geo. n .'Chite. H. E. Hevler. .1. HalUet. A. Ilariet. Fred. Gerbltz, II. r.. Harris. W. Carmain, Don Hnchatian. Her uuin Tholeii. (". II. (•<ire, |«<'e MnsHen- cab-. .MlsK I,l//.ie Tholi-n. .MWs Daisy Hartung. J!- A Invitations Ready. Sometime lhl.'< week the Elks will s>nd out Invitations for the jnosf exclusive and elaliorale event of lola's •«iclal season, the annual New Years hall. The invitations are unusually beautiful and cleverly gotten up. the co 'ors of the oriler. purpi? and white, being much In evidence. The emblem of the order, an elk's head. Is ed upon heavy jiurple and white I'archment and the daintily written in- vUatlon is held firm to the cover by I bow of white ribbon. It is expected | that an unusually large number ofi -ruests will be present and the com- liany will probably bo entertained In th? usual lavish manner. The various committees follow: l-'xecutiva—Mont Palmer, M. W. Teats. E. C. McClain. Decoration—T. A. Milne. S. A. Bix• y George Marr. R. J. Coffey. Refre.shment~R. D. .Shields. T... L. Xorthrup. C. Cowan C. E. Xewfon. Music—W. S. McNeil. B. D. McCIain O. R, Christian. B. E. Allison. • + + Mr. and Mra. Wood Home. Mr. and Mrs.'Frank Wood ratumed •?.st evening from Kansas City and ••re at home to friends at 201 North "ycamore street. « * Of»e. From the Chicago Record Hera'd: "Does Tonr wife send Christmas Iirjseats to all her relatlvesT* "No. She has a second consin with j whom she qnarreled when they were children and thPT bave never made I it up." REMOVAL SALE! Dee-Lijrhted to sell you Cut, Haod Painted China, Silverware, Jew. Iry, Watches, Clocks, Bracelets at 25 iwr cent. Di^count. A Real Reduction! No Fake! Sewall, Jeweler. First Poor North of the Postofilce Lowney's Chocolates THAY ARE F^KSH. A choice assortment of this popn- lar brand at CfRABB'S. When you buy l.owney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshnei» goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabh's and see how well It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Coruer Washington and West Sts. PRWESSIONALDIRECTIRV I W. H. AHDESSOir, Ittaney-at-Law. Notary and Stenograpber lo Office. Pbone 455. • 1 • H. A. EwlDR. 8. A. Card. O. R. Gard • • Kvrme, GARD * tmu). • ! * FracUca In aU *! * »K W. Uadlaon. DR. HcXILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseat- ea and Diseases of Cbildren. Telephones: Office 32, Rea. 233. Office In Mrs. Turner'« Bids.. West Madison. Phone 654. iola, Kana. DR. EDITH 8. flAlGU. Office and Residence orer Barren's Drag Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., S to 4 p. in.. 7 to 8 erenlnga. Sundays by Appointment' Phone 687. Rei. 701. .DR. 0. L. COX, Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat SpecUcIet Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. 3ldg. • • • F. If. .M.VKTIX, • * SuiKery and Diseases of • * Women. • * Ofllce and Residence Phone 575 • * OlUce 7 .North .lefTerson. • Office Phone 1083. * Night Phone <0C, • DR. R. 0. CIiRI8Tf AN. PkyRlelBR ni 8anre «i. • | • Roomi 7 and 8. Bvaai Bldg. * ' • • RHi. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. * DR. J. R. PEPPER. • Dentist * • Is permanently located over • • B. C. McClain's ClothlnR Store. • • and !• prepared to do all kinds * • of up-to-date dental work. • • livening work by appointment. * • e • DR. Tf. K. HBILVDir. • • Pfeyilcfau. A 8irft«a.; • Office N. B. Corner of Bqaarc * Orer K. C. Pinmbinc Co .'i Btor*. * • R«f. TeI38. Office T«I.50S. • • • P. L. Lathrop. • Mra. BenBle 0. Lathrop. * OSTEOPATHIC PUTSlCIAHS. • I • Special attention given to OiiH * eases of Women and Children. • Over East Side Hardware. • Office 'Phone. Main 468. * Thc*«OarWayw Restaurant Merchants'lumoh 28o Thc*«OarWayw Restaurant Merchants'lumoh 28o M k ^ r Kverything in Sea.son. SHORT ORDERS OF ALI , KiNps i • - j The Santa Fe will sell Homeseekers' tickets Nov. 19th, Dec. 3d and 17tb, ,'1907. to points In Texas, Oklahoma :and ndlan Territory. New Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. Iola Bosifless College winter Tourist tickets on sale daily .\ov. 15th. 1907, to April 30th; 1908. ! with final return limit June 1st. 1908. MglitcrOmy Bookkeeping, English. Physical ture. ate Shorthand. Letter Writinic. CHRISTMAS PRESEITTS Notblngs better than a magazine (or a friend. For yonr magazinea see J. E. HEXDERSOir, PkeneW. 414 R. Riekeya. to Beanmoot, El Paso. Ff Worth. Oal- ivestoo, Texas, Carlsbad and Deming, Cal- M., at low rate*. Please see us for farther particulars. ' . • W. E. RtlSION. IgL

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