Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, December 11, 1908
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TOMMY'S IttWS TODAY "TOllAY: '11 THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA-FIDE CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY; KANSAS; TOLUXE XI. JfUMBER 4«. EIGHT PAGES. lOLA, KAX8A8, DECEMBER 11, 1M&— CRIDAY EVEMXO. ElfiHT PAGES. PBici TWO cum GLYNN HAS A PLAN WOian CREATE "MACHINE" FOR NATIONAL (iOOD KOAIIH. SUGGESTS NEW DEPARTMENT A STAFF OF HKJHWAV EXOIN- EERS, \ATIOXAL A>D STATE. An Addre8!i B«>rore llortlcultural So- rietjr—Annual Elc<>tian of Officers —An Inlc-r^tlni; Si'sslon. 'The annual meetinK of the Allen -ounty Hori^ciiltural Society was held l^tljls afternoon in ;he office of Henry tKlanmann. un South Jefferson ave- Snuie. Prior lo the Inislncss session, a licnic lunch was ser \-ed. The election of officers n^siilted as ^follows: President. Henry Khuiniann; vice- president, S. H. Weill): second vici>- president. E. .1. Croweil: treasurer. Mr. Hartung; secretary, li. V. Pan L coast: assistant secretary. Mr. IAJV.O. ^ >< President Klautnann will iianii- tlie committees at the .laniiary inectiiiK of the society. There wa •. an increased attendance at the nieotiiig this after noon and the uiembtrs are looking forward to another sticcessful year. HI?hira }-.<i and liortirnltiire. A fine feature of to<iays meeting ol the society was an address hy I'oiin oilman G. C. Glynn on the subject "Highways and Horiiciilture." In an interesting prelude Dr. (;iynn gave his idea of the attitude necessary before modern highways could be attained. Then followed a systematic plan for the consiructinn of jroqd highways. Dr. Glynn placed especial on the conservation of natural resources and said that good roads were a part of the mechanism for the conservation of time which is, of course, the equivalent of money. The speaker advocated the e.siab- llahro^ni of a national office of KOO<I roads which should formuiatg a plan for the construction and maintennnc* of good iiubiic hiRhwa.vs. There should he u sniff of national, «<tai<' and district eusineerH, ihi- latter lo be governed by a board of cotiiniisslnn- ers. Tlie distrlci c-nKiix'cix should mabo reports of the condition of roads, plans for h«tterments, expense, num her of acres which would be increased in value ijy good road.<, pradrs, lities, tonnage, nature of soil and dralnaKf. Then there shorihl in' rejH)rl8 on decrease of repair.s to farm vehicles. Increased tonnage, inrreafed land values, advantages uf being able to catch markets at high tide by iva.-^on of good roads. These findings, the speak er said, should be cheeked over by the state engineers and action, taken accordingly. Dr. Giynn then gave statistical data of reads in Allen county, showing that 570 miles of road could tie improved so that the advantages derived would pay the cost, in savings, of macadam or oiled roads. The address contained concise .stale -mentft of the condition of overland traffic and suggested plans for iiu- provcments which were unique and original, yet feasible. The society voted to ask the docfdr lo |ire|iare his address for publication. During the afternoon several other interesting i)apers were read and informal discussions held. 0 03000000000 0 0000 o o O PRISON FOR EATi>'fl APPLE. O O Chicagi> Doc. II.—Three months' O O imi)rlsonineni and the loss of pay O O in that period is the price which O 0 JatnoK H. Thoinprnn. private in O O company C. Tenth infantry, will O O ]iay for eating an apple. The O O findings of the court-martloi O O which tried the case were ap- C> O proved yesterday at army head- O 0 (|uarters. O O F'rlvate Thompson's offense O O WHS comniliitd near Dublin. Iiid., O O wliile III,-? roini)any was on a prac- O O tice tnar.-li lo I'on licnjamin O O ilarriFon, lud. Mi-mbers of the O O c(mitnntid iiud been cautioned 0 O against fiuaging on the way., hut O O like Adam. Thompson fell to the O O blandishments of a ripe red apple O O in a farmer's orchard. O 0 "Throw that fruit down." i>ieu- O O tenant Robert (5. Cji'dwell com- 0 O manded. O O Thonfpson grinned, took an- O O other big bite and replied: O •Ini not taking orders from CI P .vou." O That settled it. First came O the gtiard housp. (hen the court- O martial and now the three O ^ months" service at liard labor. O O OOOCO00O00 3O0O0G STUDENTS STAND BY A COACH. Oklahoma "Aggies"' Insist That Parry Be Retained as Football Manager. Stillwater. Ok., Dt-c. in.—Five hun dred students of the state agricultural college adopted a resolution today demanding the reinstatement of Coach Parrj- of the footba'I team, who was discharged last Saturday by the state board of agriculture for alleged abuse of the board's regulations. The students threatened to strll:e and President J. H. Connnll appeased them by calling a special meeting of the board of agrictilture next Monday. Parry was a star tackle on the Chi cago university football team four years ago. He is charged with permitting Benjamin Gober a student, to p?ay on the Stillwater team after Gober had been dismissed from hin olasBeR. TO GIVE THE FLEET IVfcEN TEA. Ceylon to Make Gifts to Sperry's Sail ors in Colombo. Colombo. Ceylon. Doc. II.—The American fleet is expected to arrive here December 14 and to depart December 20. Because no official information respecting its Intended visit was received until very recently, the arrangements for the reception have been ratber meager. A committee of thirty has been put in charge of tb« matter and among the arrangements made is one to give five pounds of tea to each officer and one pound to each man in the fleet to TIsIt Blotker. E. W. Slack Of Butte. Montana, came in today for a rteit with his brother, Ed Blade of tfalB city. ABE RUEF IS GUILTY II KV IN FRI.SCO TKJAL ItROICIlT l\ THIS VKRIUfT. SENDS BONDS BACK rOMMISSlONERSDOX 'T LIKE S0.1IE OF TOWNSHIP TREAS.'S HONRS. MUST COMPLY WITH THE LAW AMOI'NT OF HONRS SH<»riJ> RE FOR nOI'RLK SI'M OF MONEY HANDLER Luw Ra.s Not Been (Hteyed In Allen ("nnfy for Many Years, If Ever— What RondM .Vnst Re. Judcnient Will llv I'rondMnced Satur day, Uireniber 12 -<'harge Was Briherv. Sau I'rancisoo. Dec. 11. —Abraham Ruef. former po.itical boss of San Francisco was convicted of bribery. The verdict was returned exactly upon the stroke of four o'clock, when be deliberations of the jury had been irolonged throngliout a period of 2-1 11)1.1-.'-, "I'he warniims of .ludgt' Wni. l.-i-Aiur ;.n (l the vlgl'unce (if tin- iiAUf clitckfil nil alfeiiipt ill di'iiiou- ;i ';itic )'i. 'Ill'' iilal V. !iicb li ;is lii 'i 'ii In pn;g- I's • ti.r Im; (|:i .vs I 'titli'd Willi surprls- iig nl)ru|)ine.sH. 'I'IIH IIO|:>)< of Uiief iiid /lU ;Hii>n]r\A Jiad rl-cii ivlili ci'cr.i of (li'lii.v and ibi' ailli'M'i HIS of 111- iiroM'cutloii wiTe ,pi 'o))<iriio !ial )'ly li.-<riiiiia«< d. WIHi nunibi^s iiud Inter yi iindlminKlicd the hundreds of spec aloes wlio hiivc CIUIIK iil.out ilie court i.cui diiri)if; the closiii:; d .iy.s r,f tin- rial rcluiiK-il tln-ii' seals in llii< cli.iui- er <:r sicoW puliciilly in ji b.n.^- line pposlle till' i -nsrance with a K :niiig ('tall of po .ici- wat'-hiug vigilaiitly fi .r he fiisi .>••;«)) i :f disorder inside and pali<jlling every apiooacb lo ilie li:ill. The jury bud .'scarcely taken iJii'ir eai.-i in the box before the briof proceedings were m an «'!id. The jury glanced at the \erdic! and handed it o rierk We'.ch. who read it aloud. As fhf jury filed into she tviuri rociii and took their soats in tiie jiiry Imx udpi' l ,:;\vli,r :i.skid l-'oriMiian .Mc .\.iinara: "Have yi n ji -ntleaii n r .'a.'lied a ver- \':{ T ' "We liave." replied Ilie foreman, a:he haudi-d a folilftl slip of iiap .-r lo Merk H 'l 'lcli. .An iuipro.-sivf silence foilott't^d. -XHorneys. defendant, siiec- tators. detectives and polite held tlieir realli a> llie clerk .•••ton'J.v ;i!id delib- raiely. yet with apparent agitation unfo'ded the iiai;er and ibeu as every ye in the court I'uou; was riviled up)n liiiii reed the fatal words?. "We he jury. f ;i:<' the defendatii. .\brahun) luef. p;uiiiy ;is cliar.Ked." iiunu'diaie- • pverybod.v rose to their f<'<-;, ihori- as a iiiiirniur of approval but no cene or denionstr.-ilioij. At the end of the counsel table, near he place where ills blood had dyed he fli.or a dt-ep crimson rt -d, whicli had l.fiu iflaced with saiidp;ip <T. .sal raiiiis .1. Heney, wiio appeari-d in tlif •ourt roiiui today fur ib;^ first liini ince lb • he was .-hot. ituef .'•at letwcen his father and Thos. 15. Dozier f the di-fetise when the verdict wa." elurned. He hp.d spent the greater iin of the day in ."onver.-iaiion with is aged parents and though his face :i !ed anil his eyes r ;-niainfd fixed for long time upon the men who had ronoiinred fate. a :niost his first houuiil was for ilif elder Mr. Ruef. rle whi.-pend a few words of encour- igeinent to the »'!der man and sent .im Mil of the tyoiii to break'the news o the (J'fendanCK rnfiher and filters. Hy previous uKrecnieni of counsel hat ih<- bill of exceptions should be .elt ed later, the court set next Sutur- da*', December 12. us the day for pronouncing the Judgmenr. HtipfH con- iction renders him liable to a mitii- um penalty of fourteen yearn In tlie eiilienilary. The court room wat leared of spectators Immediately up:)U adjournment. The jury left lUe >iix and ihey an-l Judge l^wlor decline<) to make any statement of the uun'ber of- ballots t.tken or the feal- res of their deliberations. The township treasurers in preparing their bonds this year must comply with the law which provides that they file a bond for double the amount of money they are likely to handle during their term of office. For some reason, no one seems to know why, township treasurers in this county have v.ot for many years, if ever, been compelled to comply with this provision of the law. They have usually put un bonds for something like $500 although many of them handled money from five to fifteen times that amount. The matter was called to the attention of the commissioners a day or two aso and they decided that it be investigated. On top of this, came the Marmaton township trouble in which, it is claimed, that the township officers have been expending much more of the people's money In the improvement of roads than they .<;liould. This moved the commissioners to decide that all bonds filed this vear must meet tha requirements of the law. Several township treasurers have flied their bonds for the usual sums. The commissiOncn; took the matter up with Capt. H. A. Ewing. county attorney-elect, who was In the room.^ and asked his opinion. He said the: treasurers should comply with the law, making the bonds double the amount of money they would in nil )robablIitv handle for their constituents. The commissioners will therefore, send the bonds back to the officers with the suggestion that thev make tbn ninnunts what- they should lie under the )nw. In this IIRI of townshlns below un•••ar the nmounis of the bonds which the triasiireiR will have lo givi- this year: THE WEATHER. Forecast ' for Kansas: Fair and warmer tonlflht and Saturday. Data recorded at local office, U. S Weather Bureau yesterday, today, and a year ago: * Yesterday Yr. ago 2 p. ni fi!) 4 p. m r,8 6 p. m r,2 8 p. m 415. in p. m 42 12 midnight 4 <i iMlaxImum tisniperature M Minimum, temperature 40 Precipitation, 7 p. ni n Today Yr. ngo 2 a. m '. :'.7 411 .'19 :<ri 2!« 41 4 a. in. 6 n. m. 8 a. m. 10 a. m. 12 noon Preclpiiafion, 7 a. m. :i2 32' '.i'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'^i .:i4 . 0 27 20 2r. 27 Sf. 4ll 0 ooooooooooooocooo o o O AUDITIONAL SHORT STORIES O o a ooooooooooooooooo Bad Luck for Democrats. The Humboldt Herald says: U. W. Reiter and family have moved to Clalrmore. Oklahoma, where .Mr. Iteltcr will go into the mercnntiib busiues .s. The family have liyeU iu Humboldt several years and .Mr. Reiter will be missed in the Democratic circle us it was his hard work thai did .so niiicli to bring th<> democrats in Htimlvoldi near iht- winning iiin-. lola township F'sinore <">.:atri' Hiiti'holill ... f'arlyl.' Nturniaton ... 'Vjta ''e :;rove f^iineva Deer Creek ... ?=:'!oni I osan ,. 1)00 . ,'..0011 . 4 ,noii . .'i.ono .1.00(1 . v r.oo . :!.';no . 2.000 1.700 r. (101 ^ for lola Orphans. The Humboldt HeraliJ says: The entertainment at Oakland school house was not well attended last week on account of bad roads. Tho;.-!!! who were iiresent however had a fine time. $4,110 was taken in which was given to the orphans home at lola. With Roy Johnson. The Humboldt Herald says: \V. H. McNichola and son came in from Denver Wednesday and are visiting Roy .Johnson for a few days. Will is now traveling auditor for the Wella-Fargo. covering the dibtrici west of Denver. Ho has a liftuon days' lay-off and expects to visit his mother in Illinois. —Noxall, PrPMKun- Vi»Ur FllterH clear the water and kllU the prerms.- K. ('. Plumhlug ('«. Visiting at Center. Till- Vutes t'l'iiier Advocate says; GIi-iiii I'i'ck camt! over from lola, Wednesday for a three day's vi.sli wltli John Itosenherger and his many other friends here. Olnnii has resigned his position us baggage smasher at the Aid. I'ac. depot at lola to take n posi- itiou In till- macbini' sboits at Fort I Scott. The j Foust at Yatet Center. I The Yates Center News says: official board of the Methodist church will hold a meeting for men in the i SORE AT ROOSEVELT MEMBERS OF CONfiRESS ARE ('IT. INfJ SEVERAL CAISKS. HAD OLD BUILDING RAZED .S. (iHOWNKLL HAH A WRITTEN ORDER FROM PRESIDENT. Right ,«if Cniintry Life f'nmnilMxfnn Ui F'niiilifnK Privileges Qnestloned by ('nniniltfee on ApproprlalionN. Washington, Dec. 11. —Ailtention was called today to the fact that utterances of President Roosevelt in regard lo the action of congre.s.s In limiting the use of the secret service force is not the only action of the executive considered objectionable by the lueintiers of the sub-conimltiee o( the committee on appropriations, if was Jearned today that Colonel ("has. S. Hrownell, military aide to President Rosevelt, and su|ieriniendent of public buildings and grounds, raxud the old Pennsylvania depot located on the..Mall by a written order of thi* president. "Do you know of any law on the siatule books that authorizes any executive officer to sell any property of the Cnited States of that characK -r of real estate?" inquired Chairman Tawney of .Minnesota." ••.No sir, i called the attention ot higher authorities to that fact and received an order to tear the building down." leiilied the presidents aide. The committee is also investigating the right of the country life commission aiipoiiiied tiy the president, to use he franking privilege as it is claiineil is done. That Clause About .S4 'cret Scrvk-e. Washington. Dec. 11. —Representative Perkins of .N'ew York today introduced 11 resolution providing for the aptKiintnient of a bpeciul commiiiee of five members lo consider the proper niiiitns ol dealing with that portion of the pruuiJeui'tt lUKiUiage .which crlll- i.ies llie course of ciiugrejis In prohibiting tlie detail of the secret service ilifli to duty outside <if their own iiiireau. WANT ELECTRIC LIGHTS. Undersheriff Boatright Wants Electricity in Court Room. Undersheriff A. Ilnatrighl came into the commls.iioners" room this morning and spoke to the board about installine electric flgnts In thf court room. The room i.s wirei] for electric li.ghts iiiit globes and fixtures have never lieen installed. ga:i iieiiig used. The olfieors about the court .should lie used O O OO 0000000009000 o o O FARMERS MAKE BEST SOL- O O DIERS. O O Kansas City Journal: O O Fully us many applicants for O O enrol.nient in the Ifnited States O O army are turned away liecuuse O O of a doubtful character or Infrk O O of proper referenci<s as for hav- O O iiig some jihysicai defe <M . At O O least that is the sliiiaiion ai the O O local recruiting station at 72S O O .\raln .street, wheri- 2.4I.S men O O were examined during tbi- yi-ar O O preceding 'cjveniber l.'i. and mily O O C.'M accepted in the .service. O O According to the officers of O O the station the best material for O 0 the model fighting man is the O O yoiing farmer. He usua ly conies O O for enlistment clean morally and O O perfect physically, with an eye to O O learn soldiering as .someone else O O would study medicine or law. O 0 "If all those that applied were O O farmers there would l>e no troii- O O ble in keejiing the army on a O O full iieace footing." said o:ie of O O (he recruiting officers ye;^terday. O 0 'And after Ihey were trained and O O diciplined it woii'd in- an army O D that would stand off the armies O 8 of Burope without a cimiiilaiut O O from anybody aliout extra dory. O 0 "I would like to see the Japan- O 0 eso army or the (icrmaii a.-.'iiy or. O 0 in fact, any other break a rr)iiimii O 8 iif Kansas farmers after they had O O M -en service a cnuple of vt-ars." ; o o 00800000000000 o o o SITTING AS A COURT THE COMMISSIONERS HEASnTfl THE STOIT APPlICA ^IOSr. HAD A WARM DISCUSSION STOIT WANTS HIS LAXD SEf OY* ER IN LA HARPE SCHOOL DIST. ADAM GOD IN JAIL The (;a.s CHf .School Board Objeets- Johu RemMberK Calls Down Messrs Stoat and Moorehead.. OFFICERS HAVE CAPTURED KAN. SAS CITY FANATIC. Sharp Was Found in Hay Stack Near Monticello—Has Lost His , Faith. Kansas City. Mo., Dec. 11..—"I am not longer "Adam God.' I'm just plain James Sharp." Willi these words, .James Sharp, self-styled "Adam' God." ami tTie lead- The commissioners' office has tba appearance of a court room during a trial this afternoon. Tho^ board ia hearing the application of E. E. Stent and others, who live in the soutbeasl corner of the Gas City school dl8tr|et ill wliich they ask to hare their Jand ninsferred to the Harpe. school district. .Mr. Stout first presented this petition himself to the county superintendent. His reason for wantiiir to ho transferred to the La Harpe dla- , trict was that the distance was short- ' er for his children to travel In going (<j school. .Mrs. Funston refused the request on the ground that the difference in distances to the La Harpe md Oas City schools from the Stont home was not enough ta warrant a Mr. Stout then appealed to file commissionerB who granted ; bis request. Then the members of the Ga.s City school board asked that the application be heard again by the coinl missioners in order that they might have a hearing, being directly interested in the case. The commlsslonera i decided to give the matter anothet- hearing. At the hearing they found against the petitioner. JI was thought that the matter had dropped at this point, but not so. He- cent ty Mr. Stout interested some of his neighbors in the matter and the petition was again presented to the romnii-ssioners,-coming np for a bearing this afternoon. Mr. Stout and tba other petitioners were present to «pc«lr4> behult ol'tlw awllcatlop. to- gellier with Prof. Baker of tha La er of u band of ••'"'K>o"«„'»n»'^";*''^ Harpe schoola and .Mr. .Moorafaaad. a on Tuesday ^S.'' nlbor of the school board of La bloody battle wIt. ''"^t iiarpe. Mr. Stout .rtid In hia remarka mem of Kansas City beneath the very ' ,iu.„„«- to thp Hama 7..';no i*"' M »v»^ room think electricity should lie used Til" li;. below •show..-1h; town.hin .'f-fJ .'°"'^f,l/;^^^^^^^^ it would give better light and be iu witich tlte ,ren.suro- l.nd nie-l ^...^jTs ihe tneeUng The Jt.dge ^_ The commissioners HILL W AS iVAriUBATED. Stv Prr.nldHit of M. V. In Offl«« Now. Columbia. Mo., Dec. 11.—Dr. Albert Ross Hill was formally inaugurated as president of. the University of Mis- aoori here today. Ex-Oovemor Fran- «w <k* imiif mmd aBitteat maattalBla officiated; Goremor Fblk and Hiuinber of brief oddreaaet by rarloaa -tOorenioivielect Badlsir ar«i« present bond and the amniiut of the bond t'lln township $n.nfin risniore i.r.nn nsap.> Hiiniholilt 1 ."."o Cnrlvle I .non ja nie.s.s.igc for men. and all are invit- oil to attend. The me»>Iiug is free, and .von will receive a. hearty WHI- come. S PREDICTS HARMONY I.<ing and Curtis .Say Congress and New Adniinislrallun Will Agree on liCgLslation. Master Stewart at Paola. .Master Stewart, who has been the attraction at the Coliseum rink the flrst of Ibis week, left today for Paola. Kas.—Rarllesville Enterprise lo $:'.,". will buy lots in the ii'nv t.iwii of NKWAUK. near Las Vegas. .Vew ,^:exic(). on tlie main line of Santa Fe It. II.—Whitaker & Donnell. Washington, Dec. 11. —As a resii I of a confeience hrld .vtv<!erday with f'rcsidenl -eli -cl \V. II. Tafl. -.Senators, fyiing and Curtis are satisfied tba the fullest bariiuiny wl|l exist betw the leaders ot congress and the c ing adiiiiiji.-'tratiuM. and that every (orl wiii hf made by .Mr. Taft to insii] <uch condiiion.s 'riii> Kansa.s senator:; bad aa oppijr- uiiiiy to di .'icuss with .Mr. Taft i General way a nu ;nber of matler.sVif Interest to the siato and the souf' west, liut there wtre no developmeu which may properly 'oe mv .de public at this lime. Tlie iiresid ..>nt-e !eci is man ifesting an active interest in the tariff revision programme and in other measures about wlilcli the west is vitally concerned. .Vol only is the ca -'-'C of the conference with the Kansiis senators, but in hi.-> dlKCUBsion of pulillc matters with Elected OtTlcers. The Mly WTiite chapter No. 44. Orer of file Kasteni Sta- held its regular buslnes.^ meeting Wednesday ev- ning in the f;. A. R. hall. After Ihf regular routine of biisines.s was dispensed with the following officers v .-cri" elected for the ••nsuin.g year: .Mr.s. \annie Rtoval". \V. M.: Mr. II. W. Criiblis R. f\: Mrs. Emma Tamp- ajboll. as.soci.ii<> .\f : Mrs. .Sarah f'risp. treasurer: .Mrs. J. \V. C.oriloii. secretary. Conductress. .Mrs. .Anna Owen."*: a.<;s:.'?tant conductress. Mrs. Miza an. will consider It further. To .nissonrl Tloday. .1. H. Ruby and son. Chas. left last oveiiili.i,' fcr Tixas county. .Mo. on business. SWAM BA6BAB RIVER (•enenil Kunston. Col. Wilder .S. .Melcalf and Lleut.-Col. Little AMeiid.d Kdward White's Fnnerul ut K. C. Kansas Ciiv. Mo.. Il-n-. II.—Kdward White who Kwani the I'-a.^baij; river in lii>- I'hilippii'i s. iiniicr in- fire of .'.i ;,i !li:aldir.; ariiiv. was iiunVd iu Kan-. SIS ('ii>. !^a^•.. Ibid mnrniug with UiiliiMT hi :nor.->. Mrieadier tl.'ncral Iri'dc'ick i-'unstf^n. of i-'ori I,eaven- worili. Willi.",- S. .\I«-i ;Mlf. who was a cr.liun-l i :f ilii' 'Iwrjitii ^tb Kansas and I li 'u :cii;;!>: f 'i ;i ;ni ' .Sii -vnrd ( . Little at tiMiiii',1 tl 'c fiuii'rii. T'licre was a fii- iru -•I'lail r;f s!;ld :i is from the Tweii- tiii;: :iiii: Pervv l":;rsfl>-lii. the trumpet er ^niin .J.'fJ -tuiis • ri;' n '^Jiiber;' of ih.- company liave .( wa.-i with dif...... J ... • . .. Jlipri.iiif fatteret: ar.d "i.«lted Hin Peorie Here. |,;,. ,,,„.,i i,,. f„nnd to The Yatc! C^^nfer Advocite says: T. I ,,,:„„ ,,,,,,,,, Shaffer and famiiv have returned' ^ from San Francisco and have been |;Q[, PUBLIC SCHOOL LIBRARIES. visiting the Kindblades here and «t Toronto and Mr. Shaffer's n.-ople in pj^j volumes Will be the Minimum . , , . -. The,- contimplute making their Under a Proposed Kansas Law. other members of both houses of con |home ni Wlchlt.i in the future. " opoieo rsanw ' Tojieka, Dec. 11.—The Kansas edu- gress. it IH made plain that the presi-[ ieni-e'ect doe.i not Intend to take any part ill the omtroversy over the spi^akerahlp or the house rules, but he will lie wide awake lo all matters pertaining' to the tariff revision act, and •vill nut lie l>uckwurd about letting .-ongress know (hat he la In fuvur rTa rcvLulnn that really revises. THE REPORTS TODAY (>ff:rers of National Rivers and llar- iHirs Congreifii Were oa Flooi Onring Conreatioa. Washington, Dec U.—At the closing session of (he national rivers and harbors congress which was held today, the annual report of the special director and the secretary and treasurer ware presented. There were a 1 } - W| Putting on the Roof Now. cational commission will urge that the The Humboldt Herald snya: A num-U -HtahllshnK -nt of »cliool libraries in ber of "nrJtmep arrived this wee){ to all counirv schools bo made compul- put on the Hieel roofing for the Mon-isory in Kansas. The bill which the arch Portland Cement company's commission will draw is to provide nlint. The store room Is being roof- ithnt t-he minimum number of luioks In e.i and the i;tin rnnm and engine room .each library shall b.- nfiv, thai a small will then be ready. The Rtruotnral ir-vy shall be made from vear to vear steel for the fln'shert cement store i,„tli each library holds at least llfty room arrived Wednesday. volumes. The- Plant i»'taking advantace of' A.; manv schools are hut indiffer- the good wnnther and la nuahinf the ontly supplied ' with the necessary work as raphllv as possible. Work ennlpment such as blackboards, maps, was not stopped Sundnv but a num- globes, dictionaries, etc.. the commls- ber of men were i<ept busy with the slon further recommends that the in- cement work. .Manv Investors are stallation of such equipment in ev- stlll coming In anl buying stock. ''.D'vntr t» Plsmore. Sim P'txley and Nc?h Holt fro->r ""•St of the river pasf*"* through the city today enrout^ to E'smore. Tlve tomi order rf w. O W. wli' In- Itlite thrpo cnndMatPi* Into fhe mys!- teries of the order tbbi evening. c-rv school be made compulsory. To Prrarh at G'SM CItr. Rev. ilunsaker of Yates Center will deliver sermons morning and evening on Sunday at the Christian church at Oas Citv. Notice. All Odd Fellows are requested to meet at I. O. O. F. hall Sui\day at 1:30 to attend fnneral of Brother Acers. mcni 01 Kansas City envoH of the city hall, surrendered himself late yesterday affernoon. The arrest was made ut .Monticello. Kas. a little village twenty iillIeK south west of Kansas City, where Sharp had trumiied since the day of the Imttle. lie was discovered in a hay stack. He made no resistance. His hands dripping with blood, caused by ugl.v wounds in each, his hat pierced with hole .s, from the bullets which had failed of their purpose to wound him. his long flowing beard now but a shOrt stub. Sharp no longer looUi 'ii the part of the patriarch who had but a few da.v .s ago stirred the hearts of his followers to bloodshed. His spirit wa.s broken and he cried for food. After he had been fed Sharp said: "A long time ago. I followed a man nani'»d Oreen, who told me he was Jesus Christ, and that I was his son. We traveled through Oklahoma, studying deeply the Bible. The more I studied the more 1 came to know that I was the son of Ood. Then I believed tiiat all peniouK who opposed me were enemies of the Creator. 1 believed this until the first bullet from the officer's gun struck me in the hand. Then I knew that my teachings were wrong: the light suddenly ilawneil upon me. but it was too late and I fought on. I am sorry for my sins. I aui no longsr '.Adam God.' I'm just plain 'James Shani.' When I lie- conn? composed I shall write a letter lo by followers who are scattered throuphout tin- entire country, telling tlieni tliai our rt 'ligion is all wrong; it is a mistake." Sharp 's capture cam<' as the result of ills own hiinge.- and want. Last night he went to the'boirie of J. R. Beaver, a farmer ii'-ar Monticello. and asked for lodging. He refused to remove his hands from his pocekts saying their wert- frozen. This morning when he appeared for breakfast he still wore his overcoat, and pleaded with the farmer to feed him. This was done. After Sharp had taken leave, Beaver became suspicions. He sjioke to a numlier of men about the town and they decided that the mysterious person was ".Adam God." .'V search was Instituted and about Ave o'clck yesterday nftenion the party came upon Sharp sleeping beneath a hURe haystack. He showed no resistance. Offlcers from Kansas City arrived and rctnrni'd with Sharp to Kansas City on n late train. To Play Ft. Scott. The members of the Chanutc high school basket ball team aocflmpan)ed by a goodly crowd of roofers wer</in the city lietwcen trains this morning ^nronte to Fort Scott where they will play the high school team of that city. Atteoded Family I»-unlon. F. C. Richardson and family have returned from a three weeks' visit in foulhwest .Missouri. Wliile in .Missouri they attended a reunion of the family at which there were forty-three .members present. Far the hest and qaiekest resnlts ate tka Bcfbtar 'a mnt.ealuins. ..J thui the distance to the I<a Harpa -.chnois wan shorter and that his child ri-ii would have to cross a stream if ihi-y went to Gas, which Is at timea so hlfth as to be almost impassable. For these reasons he wanted to get into the IJO. Ha'rpe district. John Remsberg, 'f the Gas. CRr scbi 'ol board of education, was present and spoke against the appli&tlon. He said the distance to the La Harpe school from the Stout home and homes cf tlic other petitioners was about the same as the distance to the Gas City school. He also said that the :^cliool district boundaries had long been established and should not bo changed. Fpr these reasons he was against the petition. During the course of bis remarks, .Mr. Stout referred to Mrs. Panstoa having turned the application down and intimated very strongly that Mrs. Funston had passed on the application ticforc it was ever presented to hcfr. Mr. .Moorehead of the la Harpe school, board, s^ald practically the same thing. When Mr. Moorehead had conclnded^' .Mr- Remsberg arose and stated that It was unfair, he thought, for inslnna- ion^ to lie made against the action ' of Mrs. Funston when, ahe waa hotV present nor in town to defend herselt. Hrof. Baker of the La Harpe achobi, fi .nally asked to say a word. He ad- • ded interest to the case by saying that under the school laws ot the state neitlier the commissioners nor Mrsw Funston had authority to act on SQCh an application, but .that the board of education of La Harpe was the proper' body to present the petition to, a§ 1.) Harpe. the district to which the' iKtitioners seek to have their land ransferred, is a second class city. In . .su)>))ort.'cf bis statement he read front the school laws of the state. After both sides had eoncladed their arguments, the oomnilssloners decided to consider the : question'further. before rendering a decision. The oratory displayed by the inter- ' ested parties drew qhlte a crowd, the • commissioners' roon^ being filled wKb . spectators before the matter came to n close. ' V- V TO HAVE BUST WEEK. Spfcral RUN to HaTe Hearlnr Befar»- Wa:;hlngton. Dec. 11.—The senate 'le'.d a ihon session yesterday and igrect* to take up the omnibua.elaima bill next .MoHday with the nndentahd ing that It shall not Interfere witl^fhe postal savings bill or any other nMM-, - nres in which Senators are eapac ^i ^Ir interested. Senator Lodge, asld 'ho*^ would on next Wednesday speak on the BrcwnsvlUe affair, a bill to. ao -i; thorize the re-enllstment of^oldttni of the Twenty-fifth regiment -if^^'l' were discharged without hon(»«i'.;^ president being made a ipeclal order.-r for that day. ~ Kansaa Wina Hvutn-''. Omaha. Nebr., Dec. It—Tfca cKai^- sas State lAgricoItnral Oidlesauiralire.' the wheat tiophir and'aeooadfta^lial:;: the oat Judging. l6w»wbmtti^'-fliBl^^ itt thetatndentavjodiiter esmeac^t national, com' expofuloit.?' ^ •i^^'-^^t^'^

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