The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1965 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1965
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Thursdoy, April 8, 1965 THE GIRLS By Franklin Folger "1*11 tell Slow Points In Pot-I Cook rtocist .-Homcmake give a new t foods^ will enj pot-roast wit vor notes. Caraway s| ble soup mix sel sprouts ad| to a favored A tight co\| combined will help bit: points cut w authority. It suggests a heavy frying STEW 9* ' ou something else I liked about the book he wasn't in it!" mg Flavor ; who like .to ist to old favorite |joy preparing this I its unusual fla- f-'eils. dry vegeta- and frozen Brus- 1 tempting accents fjeef cut. er for the meat th slow cooking nd these flavors, jdcly known meat ba Staggs. S h e fiuteh oven or a pan as the utensil HAINES GARAGE FOR AUTO REPAIRS FROrJT END ALIGNMENT WHEEL BALANCE I MECHANICS "Stew Haine^ — J02 Crume Service on all makes 614 E. North "OS 5-4500 which gives the best results. In either case, check the lid to make certain it fits well. Soup -er Pot-Roast 3 to 4-pound arm or blade pot-roast 2 tablespoons lard or drippings 1 teaspoon salt •x teaspoon pepper 'j cup water 2 teaspoons caraway seed 2 bay leaves 1 package (l : 's ounces) dry vegetable soup mix 1 cup water 1 package (10 ounces) frozen Brussels sprouts Flour for gravy, if desired Brown pot - roast in lard or drippings. Pour off drippings. Add salt, pepper. Vj cup water, caraway seed and • bay leaves. Cover tightly and cook slowly 1 hour. Add soup mix and 1 cup water. Cover and continue cooking l'.i hours. Add Brussels sprouts. Cook an additional 20 minutes or until meat is lender and sprouts are done. Remove meal and sprouts to heated platter. Discard b a y leaves. Thicken cooking liquid with flour for gravy, if desired, (i to 8 servings. Advertise In The Tribune I JOIN NOW SHOE & MERCHANDISE CLUB Straring April 10th "Y'ALL COME" Z & Z SHOES TIPTON, INDIANA PHONE OS 5-2256 Raisins, Spice Team in Cookies Hard-to-Resist i If the encores for cookies seem a bit difficult to fill during wintery days when steaming mugs of cocoa or hot chocolate call for them, it's time to start using larger quantity recipes; Youngsters and oldsters, alike, will particularly enjoy "short" cookies 1 made tender with lard, says Keba Staggs. home economist. Both of these cookies have good keeping quality, just in case the homemaker is lucky .enough to have a supply to keep! Spicy Raisin Oatmeal Cookies l'.i cups sifted enriched flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt l'.i teaspoons cinnamon 'i teaspoon nutmeg •|j cup lard VI: cup sugar 1 cupj brown sugar 2 eggs 'A cup milk 3 cups rolled oats 1 cup raisins Sift together flour, soda, salt and- spices. Cream lard and sugars. | Add eggs and milk. Add sifted ingredients. Fold in rolled pats and raisins. Mix well. Drop by heaping teaspoonfuls, about 2 inches apart on greased baking sheets. Bkae in a hot oven (400 degrees F.) 8 to 10 > minutes or until lightly browned. Remove from pan immediately. Yield: 6 dozen 2-inch cookies. Rocks :t i cup lard Vi- cups brown sugar 3 eggs, well beaten 214 cups sifted enriched flour ' 1 teaspoon cinnamon 'i teaspoon baking soda '.••! teaspoon salt 3 cups raisins 1 cup chopped walnuts Cream lard and sugar. Add eggs. Mix well. Add 1 cup flour to raisins and nuts. Sift together remaining flour, cinnamon, soda and salt. Combine all ingredients and mix well. Drop by teaspoonfuls on baking sheets and bake in a hot oven (400 degrees F.) 8 minutes until lightly browned. Yield: 8 dozen 2-inch cookies. NEW 'CREAM' ja new non-dairy creamer with a Icoconut oil base keeps indefinitely without refrigeration, even after the jar has been opened. It dissolves instantly in hot beverages, or it can be reconstituted in quantity with hoi. water, to be chilled or used immediately in many recipes las a cream substitute. Half a| cup of the powder makes 1 cup of liquid cream substitute. It contains 11 calo­ rics per; measuring tcaspoonful and is available in 3M;, 7 and 14 ounce jars. Woman's View By PATRICIA MCCORMACK . United Press International NEW YORK (UPI) — The newest life-insuring tactic:, park your car in driveway or. garage so the front end faces the street. •Do it to cut down the chancei of running over small children. Because they're loo short to be seen in a rear-view mirror, the toddlers figure significantly in driveway fatalities. • A survey by the National Safety Council in 1963 showed that 300 children lost their lives in this manner — many killed by their own mothers and fathers. Drs. Harvey Kravitz and Alvin Korach, reporting in i the "Illinois Medical Journal," maintain that the number of driveway tragedies involving young children probably exceeds official statistics. One such tragedy led them to survey 12 northwest suburban communities in Chicago. They found that the driveway accidents tend to occur more frequently in the newer suburban developments, that the victims most often arc under the age of four. What increases the. potentiality for the occurrence of this type of accident,- according to the doctors: the large number of bicycles and tricycles struck by motorists backing out of driveways. They maintain that parking cars so the front end faces the street will make it easier to sec a small child in the way. The safest neighborhoods, obviously, are those in which all residents practice this kind of accident; prevention. ew There's a new diaper on the market designed to do away with diaper rash. The layer next to the baby's skin is made of Arncl, a fabric that resists moisture; As a result, the moisture filters through the Arnel layer and is absorbed by outer layers made of highly absorbent gauze. The diapers are washable. Easter story hour, Tiplon Library, 11:00 a.m. Saturday. C-1G1 For those with a yen for the good old days, a glass company is making old fashioned ice cream parlor glassware. Available in chain, variety and department stores, the shapes include soda, sundae, banana split and sherbet dishes. A shoe coloring designed especially for children is on the market. The manufacturer worked two years to develop a scuff-rcsistant formula to hold up under the \vear and tear children give their shoes. Colors include yellow, pink, blue, black, tan. red, white, navy and brown. IS THE TIME TO BUY A GOOD USED CUR We've got more on the floor than "four on the floor • :, i We've got six on the lot which are really hot! They vary in brands, mileage and speed. But if you want a bargain — take heed. The clutches are good - the cars are better, So jump into M wy with a real pace-setter. They're here to go and so are we, If you don't see Bob or Frank — try me. I J.F. 19G0 K. Gia Conv . 1955 19C4 Boniie. V. 2-Dr HT 1957 1964 Bonne. V. 4-Dr HT 1961 1962 Buick Elect. 4-Dr HT 1963 1963 Buick Elect. 4-Dr Sed. 1961 1963 Buick LcSaber 4-Dr HT 1955 1963 Pont. Cat. Conv 1964 1957 Buick 4-Dr Sup. HT 1964 1963 Pont. Temp. Conv. , 1957 1959 Pont. Cat. 4-Dr 1963 1963 Valiant 200 V 2-Dr. 1955 1959 Buick Inv. 2-Dr 1956 1959 Buick 4-Dr HT 1960 1961 Buick LeSaber 2-Dr HT 1953 1959 Olds. Sup. 4-Dr 1964 Ply. 2-Dr Pont. 4-Dr Chev. 4-Dr Imp, Spider 2-Dr Buick LeSabre 2-Dr Ht Buick Sup. 4-Dr Pont. Cat. 4-Dr! Ply Fury 2-Dr ;4-Speed Buick 4-Dr HT Spider Conv. Buick 4-Dr HT Buick 2-Dr Buick Elect. 4-Dr HT Ford F-100—Truck Chev. Imp. Conv. 4-Speed service motor company, inc. J^jj^J^JJ OS 5-4549 123 S. Independence Tipton, i Indiana | For women who insist on going into the water with their hair in curlers, there's a new- swim cap that stretches to fit i over bulky rollers. For those 1 who wait to set their hair until after a swim, a cap is available with a detachable shirred da- cron crepe bonnet' that can be slipped on over the curlers. The use of a wooden board for chopping or slicing foods helps to protect the cutting edge of kitchen knives. Rummage sale in Discount Center room, Thurs. .Fri. and Sat. West Street Christian Church. C-159-160 PRINCESS ^ GARDNER* \ "SPICE BOX" CIGARETTE CASE and LIGHTER SET $g90 . Attractive design of Snake, Suede and Kid decorated with touches of gold marking on Buffalo Calf. Fashion colon. £ari Cj. Rhodes ieweler HIGHWAY 4, ROAD TO SAIGON ^CAMBODIA' C ~GO"CONG :— VIET NAM Of J/AM" 50U7H CHINA SEA SIGNS OF WAR—Scenes along Highway 4 between Saigon and Tan An give you an idea of the signs of war in South Viet Nam, even without the enemy in sight. The countryside here is flat and watery, with every now and then a burned-out rice paddy. Open-air poolrooms and barbershops crop up often. Bridges are one lane, and it you have, to wait, vendors throng about. And the drivers drive like crazy. Tan Ab is about 25 miles southwest of Saigon. At checkpoints along Highway 4 all passengers must get out of the bus and any other vehicles in checkup for Viet Cong-. A South Vietnamese soldier stands guard at one of the many barriers, of hay and stone, that stop traffic for inspection. Kusty tin cans (arrow) hang from barbed wire Tcnccs to clang alarm if the Viet Cong is trying to slip through. A sentry with iiiacliinegun sits in one of the typical roadside tmvera that guard villages along Highway 4. He is ready to give the alarm in case of Viet Cong attack. TAPPED FOR MEMBERSHIP IN NATIONAL HONORARY Lee-Anne Foster, route 1, has been tapped for membership in Mortar Board, national- honorary, it was announced Monday, April 5 at the annual mass meeting of Indiana University women students. In all, 29 I.U. coeds-all juniors-were selected for membership in Mortar Board, which is open to women of outstanding leadership and service ability who have maintained for a three-year period at least a 2.8 grade average out of an All A average of 4. KEMPTON CLUB Kempton Home Demonstration club will meet at the home of Mrs. Myron Barnett o n Tuesday, at 1:30 p. m., when the lesson on "People of Other Countries" will be given. Dependable Ambulance Service 2 CARS INSTANTLY AVAILABLE OSborne 5-2425 Household Hints ' Leather lamp shades should be dusted with a dry cloth. Once a month, polish with' a soft cloth and a small amount of vaseline. - Try soaking prunes in fruit juice instead of water before cooking for improved flavor. To get the correct mixture of cleaning detergent and water, paint marks indicating gallon and quart measurements on the side of the cleaning pail. When buying draperies rem ember that a firm, compact weave holds its shape better than does a loosely woven fab ric of similar texture and weight. - Garments made from stretch fabrics should be laid flat for storage. If on hangers they will tend to stretch. One .way to preserve the appearance of a cook book is to give the cover a coating of shellac. The coat protects i t against grease and staining. Seamstresses should know that wash and wear fabrics may pull out of line if torn instead of tut. - Expect a| new 7 toaster to last 15 years, a new upright vacuum cleaner for 18 years. Fill ice cream or milk cartons with sand, then store them in a car trunk for ready aid in getting out of difficult spot on an icy or snow-packed road. ' A nine-ounce can like the one rings of pineapple come in can serve as a cake tin. It holds about one-half cup of batter and makes a cake large enough for two servings. To soften calluses that come from winter boot wearing, smooth petroleum jelly on roughened areas after bathing. - A green - centerpiece can be made from grapefruit seeds Just plant the, seeds thickly about a half-inch deep and keep weli watered. Seeds will sprout in about two weeks. Pack the whole family's sleepwear and toiletries in one bag when traveling. That way. only one bag has to be removed from the car on overnight stops. Brooms and mop handles won't slide when leaned against a wall if their tips are covered with fingers from old rubber gloves. Pack a jar of ice cubes into a picnic basket as a way of keeping the food cool and tasty. When the cubes melt, you have a jar of cool drinking water: A rule to keep in mind when buying a new lamp shade — the. shade will be most pleasing in porportion if the bottom diameter is two-thirds of the height of the lamp from base to top of the shade. For example, a lamp -that is 27 inches high should have a shade approximately 18 inches across at the base. Cups that have coffee or-tea stains can be rinsed in vinegar then rubbed with a cloth dipped in sale. Finish by washing in suds and rinsing. Woman To Woman New math was the topic of a demonstration given to the teachers of grades one through five for Northern Community schools. While cadet teachers took over classes Miss Litchfield, math tounsul of Laid Book company of River Forest. 111. gave the teachers of Windfall, Sharpsville and Prairie her demonstration, using fifth grade students. John Potter, superintendent, stated it is the intention of the school system to use the modern math throughout all the grades, beginning next year. . EAST UNION Mrs. George Overdorf Tom Billingsly has returned to his home from Riverview hospital, Noblesville. < Mr. and Mrs. Don Kirby antl family were Monday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Delph and family. Mr. and Mrs; Dale Delph and Mr. and Mrs. James Garst and daughter sMargaret were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Delph and family. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hayes and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Delph were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Delph. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Overdorf and daughter, of Loami, 111. visited a few days with Mr. and Mrs. George Overdorf- and family. Mrs. Leo Egler, Mrs. Xorris Partlow, Miss Esther Spurgeon and Mrs. Lester Illges and daughter Marie Ann were recent Indianapolis visitors and also visited Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spurgeon, of Smith Valley. Mrs. Myrtle Thompson visited a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gasho, of near Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rockey, of near Boxley visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Sweet were Sunday dinner guests of- Mr. and .Mrs. Don Henry, of near Tipton. Sunday dinner guests of.Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Clark and son Randy were Messers and Mes- lames Harry Clark and son Gary, Larry Rice and Bob Calvin and family. The occasion was in honor of the first jirthday of Randy Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Clark ind son Randy visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Wicker and family, of near Prairie. SWEET ^«Ncw almond creme layer cake mix makes a dessert that is moist and.fine-grained, almost the texture of angel food cake. The mix and the finished cake have both the aroma and flavor of almonds. The 13.5-ouncc package makes a 2-layer cake or a 13 by 9'i by 2-inch oblong or 30 to 36 cupcakes. Also new from the same manufacturer are fudge and vanilla nugget frosting mixes, each of which contains small bits of hard candy. Cub Scouts 514 Conduct Court of Honor Recently Cub Scout Troop '514. sponsored by East Union Christian church, recently conducted a court of honor. Parents ar>. quests were welcomed by Jim Cline. followed by all repeating the pledge of allegiance to the :'lag. Members of the troop gave the Scout Oath of Law. Following the. opening ceremony, the Court of Honor was turned over to Scoutmaster, Ralph Cline, who presented the following awards tender- ."oot rank, Bertis 'Morris, David Smith, Tom Roudebush, Robert Lee and Ronald Lee; first class rank. John Kindal; star rank, Phillip Cline. Those receiving merit bages were John Kindal, reading; Phillip Cline, safety and sculpture; Mike Whislcr, farm records; Jim Cline, animal industry. The following troop officers also received their emblems, Jim Cline, -senior patrol, lead- r; Mike Cline Jr., assistant scoutmaster; Philip Cline, patrol leader; John Kindal, assistant patrol leader; Bill Butner, scribe and Ronald Whisler, quartermaster, all of the Rat Fink Patrol. Officers for the Flying Eagle Patrol are Tom Roudebush, patrol leader; David Smith, assistant patrol leader: Jeff Beaver, scribe, and Phil Phifer. quartermaster. Following the awards presentation, the scouts closed with the scoutmaster's benediction. Refreshments were served. FAMOUS FOR CHINESE AND AMERICAN FOOD Jantonese Dinner Served All Ilnura Special Prices on Chinese, American Foods, h,ome or parties. All orders freshly prepared China Clipper Restaurant K0K0M0 227 N. Buckeye GL 9-9066 Monday to Thursday WORRIED? NERVOUS Over Change-of-Life? fote your mind. Get we/come ref/ef with special woman'i medicine Don't dread those years of misery, of Hidden hot flushes, waves of weakness, irritability. r if you are going through toe change, don't despair. Do at countless thousands of women do —take a special woman's medicine—Lydia E. Pinkham Vegetable Compound—developed by a, woman —specially ti help women by relieving sneh f une- Tkm fntk aedklae with she gcalle tionslly caused female distress, Iu doctors' teats woman af tea woman found that Pinkham's Compound gave dramatic hale without costly shots. Irritablt ity is soothed, hot flashes subsided. So don't sit and brood and feel unable te help yourself. You can feel better. Get lydia E. P'nkhsm Veg;et#k* Compound today. LYDIA & P1NKHA>4

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