The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, June 24, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.V COURIER NBWS PAGE THRKB Seven Swimming Students Become Aquatic Instructors in Classes at Municipal Pool Shipbuilders To test Labor Law 40,000 To Walk Out • July 1, Truman Can Intercede Under Law NEW YORK, June 24. (UPi- Forty thousand ' CIO shipbuilders to strike In nliw Easl Is o( thi Bethlehem Bteel CoWflany at 12:cn ;un. Thursday may provide the government Its first opportunity to test, the |x>w *rs of the Tail-Hartley L:\lxn Bill. The workers, members of tlr; CIO Union of Marine ami Shipbuilding Workers of America w?re amont; 150.000 shipyard employes who threatened to walk out by July 1 If a new contract was mil signed by that time. Their present contriicl expired at midnight la^t night. Negotiations In the dl.ipme were being conducted daily In an attempt to head off the walkout. The men seek a wage of J7.4 cents hourly, plus job rcclas- clncatlon and six paid holidays annually. John Green, president ol' the CIO Shipbuilders, told the workers »l a majss meeting yesterday that the union might foe the r.rst to leal, the legality of tlic bill. "The legality of the bill must be tested and If we must be the first to test it, let us do it," Green told 6,000 union members. The shipbuilders strike, which would halt repair and construction of American vessels, *os scheduled before the Taft-Harlley bill became law yesterday. The union filed strike notices nearly ,i month ai^o and a strike vote was completed only last week. The 30-day strike notices expire July 1. Union locals have been In- slrucljt) lo keep Ihcir men on Die job uWtil that lime. .Grew csllmalcd ih« a;/out 15 Amer«)|ii vessels now undergoing repairs would be lied up if the men Hold Services Today For Ltpanto Merchant LEPANTO. June 14.'— Funrnil services for John Weiley Kins, 50. Lfpaiuo Krocrryman and veteran of Worlri War I, were held this ftenuxm at Hid Assembly of Clod hurtli here, conducted by Ihe Rev. . T. Bluylon. pastor. Burlnl was 1 the C«ne Isllind Cemetery. Mr. Kins dtrrl Saturday In Kenedy General Hospital In Memphis •here lie had been confined for le IHI.SI nine months. He cnme Ixpavlo u jear s HBO from l^ike ty ami entered the firoccry Sevcn swimming students became Instructors this week after completing a week-long course taugl by Ed Bell (center, top row) of SI. Louis. New itislmctors arc. from h'ft to right, bottom ro» Mrs. Charles Pcnn. Miss Joyce Damon and Miss Vivicnne Moore; lop row, John Bruce Wilson, L. 1 Autry Jr., Worth U. Holder and Oscar Elliott Several Months — No Laxatives '.'For many yearn I took almost every kind nf laxBtVve—hut only Rot temporary re - ILeT. Several months ago. I bcgim catltij; , KJ^J-OUC'S ALI>-BRAN regularly and I haven't )iRfl to tak« a Irxxn- tlvc stiiCP!" Yo\i e«n expect the fame wonderful results \fconsllpn- Hon Is due to lack of DulX In the diet. Simply- eat an ounce of ,xru,occ's ALL-BRAN every day In rnlik: (or mixed with other-KtlloRK cereals, of baked in ALI>BXAN mufflns) —and drink plenty of water. DOUBLE TOOK MONET BACK U you are not sat- tBflecl after d ten-day trial. Order IULIOCG'S AU--BHAN/tomi our Rrocer today. quit work as scheduled. Under the provisions rl tlie Taft- [lartlcy law, the pi' van in- crccdc in si strike in *ia en live or substnnLial part or an industry if such :i walkout woul'.l "iiupcrU l!ic national health or aaLCly'' of the nation. Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 E. Main Phone 2481 Four years ago Miss Vivienne Moore mid Miss Joyce Damon enrolled as beginning .swimmers in the Water Safety classes at Municipal pool in Walker Park. Today, tlicy arc qtinlifLcd to teach swimming. They arc uvo of a class ol seven bee-online instructors this week i<f- ter noniplctinf? a weck-lotty course taught by Etl B:ll ol si. Louis, Reel Cross field reijiescnti'.tivc in water Other -swimnicrs completing tt^c safety for the Mid-Western area, course were L. U. Antry Jr., Oscar Elliott. Worth D. Holder, Mrii. Cliarlci Penn and John Bruce Wilson. Mr. Holder renewed his instructing permit and others took Hie step from -senior life saving. Thi s class joined three other instructors. Miss A!icc Saliba, who tniight Miss Moore an<l 'Miss Damon in their first course in 1943; John McDowell, and Miss Muriel Knmlscn. In teaching students enrolled this year. Classes for children and adults include beginning, .intermediate, junior life saving and survived t>y Ms wlfo. iwo ess. H« Is wns. Gnylaml ami" n»yforrt nd a (IniiRhtcr. Crystal fine King 11 o( Lcpnnlo; his motlier, Mrs Kins, of Rcbcr Sprlncs, Ark. wo brothers nnd three ivi'r 15')-lb.s. including sows, mostly 15 to 5*' lower; some bids oft more in weil'.blfi over 300 llw. 150-lbs Unvn, .steady to yjc lower 'llii'ik d and choice 160 lo 'M '.bs 24 25 t« 24.80; toj> ^4 50; 240 U) 1!'!0 bs 2353 lo WK; 210 to 300 H>5 2.25 to 2350; 130 to 160 Ibs 22» to 24.25; 100 lo 120 Ib rites 1000 to 21.15; 270 lo 5M-1I) s ows I1.V5 lo I9.CO; heavier weights 1025 to 17.50; slags 14,CO lo 10.00. Cultie 4.400; .salable- 4.<KX); calves 2,700; all salable; slecrs number loads, mostly nvera^c average good light Legionnaires to Me«f Mranlx>r s ot Dud Cnson posl 24 f tlm American Ix-glon will hold heir weekly meellng tonight at 8 I'cloclt In the Legion Hut. ini; about 25 medium to wrlghl.s. Abotil 1-3 of lotnl .supply cows. Market acllvc on all classes and fully steady, with pencnil undertone stronu. r'ew top good ycwr- lltiK SIMM'S 20-50; odd lots medium (o good liglil wclshls. J2203 to 25.00 top good und lo\v chnlep mixed Nicer ami hollers yourllng-, 2600; sonic choice held higher Medium to good 11100 to S5.CO; a few good cow s 11.00 to 18.00; common ami medium beet cow.s, 13.f> io lfi.50; canners nnd cutler.s 0.1! (o 13.0JI: medium to good snusnq bulls, 1000 lu 17.CO; beet bulls lo 17.50; venters steady; 1:00 Livestock ST. 1X3UIS NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS, Jinic 2«. IUP),~(USDA> — Mvcsto.-k: oSs 11.800; s alHb!c ll.SCO; wclRlits fcnior life savins divisions. This pro^mm is s pot^sore[l by t! Cliickasiuvba Chiiplcr ol Aincri^n Rod Cross iiiul OliickusHW Athletic Association in co-oj>cralion with Dlytlicvillc Y. Mrs. Hiifih Wliitsltt i.s Wfttci' Siifcly chainniin. Mrs. Tyler, Lepanto, Dies In Memphis LEPANTO. June 24—Mrs BIlllB Lee Tyler, :)4, wife ot Block Tyler, well known Lepunto farmer, died in the Baptist Hospital In Memphis Monday after a long illness. Mrs. Tyler was born in Lepanlo and was a member of a pioneer' family here. She wa s graduated from Lepanto High School and attended Arkansas State College In Resides her husband. Mr. Tyler leaves two sons. Bill and David: | her parents. Mr ami Mrs. J. T. r Lee of Lopanlo. two sisters and one : brother, all of Lcpanto. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete. id choice 21.00 lo 21.60; ""="•"•" 11". „ --j 6.0D to 20.00; cull and common f'Pj. 80 ™ W to M 60. Sheep 4,000; ^[liable. 4,000. R«- elpl.s mostly trucked In native UK lambs. Pew loads reported ,ick. Market, not established. Ear- to (bout .!•_ . - . K>lc* natlre tprlnj lambs to email klllirs 'steady at 24.60. • • ' • • . •'. -.." .:*'.. Foot Itch-Toe Itch Mine *«r «, , tM »l tnlr^'i foot), Ciotch Itch icl«ry IUh. Btrbtr'a llch. ln|w*rm X, lh« N<«lp tpd *il IM t« t* D l u * Inffrtloet !• nlt«v«4 w« an rontirl vllk •QrtliHl frff*r*6, IfflUfk Bf«A»M«. A M<i|M: rl*mn ' w. Orl«tn»lM t> « mri»>lol<cM. . ROT II ROCK I>RUG CO. ' River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A.H.Webb Phone /14 Wrist, liocRcT ami fob Watches arc 'restored to beauty and usefulness with our fine rcp:»jr .service. The finest replacement part's used, and ruitsoiiiiljle prices chHrgwl for depen- ablo workmanship. You get the finished prodiif.t when, we- promise it—no delays, 7 DAY SERVICE Pot O'Bryant JEWELER Main at Second Phono 32i FRESH BLOOD A MUST FOR FREE ENERGY Do you feel like you »re tied to • dr*K everytlmo you try lo tto nomrthlnn? If 50. don't let K low blood count holil you down wheci you nmy rrleaKfl vlbrtut energy to rV«ry muacle, fltire. cell. Every tiny—every liour—million* of tiny rrtl-t)t(XKl-c<lU mnnt |K>ur forth from the murrow of your bonwi lo T*J- nUcc those that are worn-out. A low lilootl count may nffect you In Mveral ways: no »i»p«tltp, utidfrwetcht. no energy. » run-down condition, Uck of rrAlstKiirn to Infection »:ut dlneiUM. To K«t real relic! you niuat ke«t> up yourhltxxl ntrenRtU.Mrdlcnl »uthorltle«, by »n»ly«U of the hlood, have by pool- tH'c prtx)f «Uown tlxnt 8S8 Tonlo ti • mur.lnply rlTcctlve in tnilldlnic up low blood (ttrenKth In nnn-orR«nlo nntrl- tlonal nncnil*. Thlii U due to the ASH i Tonic Iorm\iU which conlnlnn ipecl»I •ml iiotniit dotlvnttriR lunrtillenU, Also. flSS Tonlo lielpn you enjoy tlio food you rjit l)y Incrruling the gutrlo dlgcstlvo Julco when It !• non-ofB»nl- cally loo little or nc«nty—th\m th« ntom- tcli vlll hnve little call so to Rrl balky with KIU*. bloat and. cLve off that aour fWXl lUfllfl. Don't wnltt EnerulT^ your body wllh rich, red-blood. Htiirt on HB8 Toixlo now. An vLiiorouft bliiod Hiuncn throiiKhont your wholo bcnly. urealu- rrcunnt.nit antl atrtrnRth nhould make YOU cat better. nlrrii better, ft-ol hotlfr, work better, piny lirlliir, have a bralthy color Blow Jn your»HXlTi —llrm llcnh nil out hollow plucr. 1 * MIHIonn of I Kit 11 en nolil. Clet a , boill* Irom your clrur Btote. B8S Tonlo \ bflpi EJuUd Sturdy He*Uh. c«ncr*t« fcy Ch.l.i H. ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE FOR HOSPITAL BUILDINGS OFFERS FINE APPEARANCE — ECONOMY — FIRESAFETY ylUCIHTECTUKAL concrete fulfills every impor* XX taut coiiHtruction requirement for modern hospitals, including sanitary cleanliness, fircsafety; : nltractivc npi>caraiice and economy. The rugged strength nnd durability of concrete structures kecjp' muiiitciiqiico' co«ts at a minimum, giving many. ycurn of service at consistently low annual cotti PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION , 916 Kails BldR., Memphl* 3 r Tenn. A rwtenol orgaHiaKon K> Improv* onrf «xt «cl«nliAc r*t*ordv »nd •ng D NOW OPERATING BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL DEPENDABILITY 4* Add up its qualities and features and then compare. Nowhere else do you get All- Fluid-Drive as Dodge supplies it. Nowhere k else its full list of performance features. Nowhere else the smoothness of its power. Your turn is coming with this new world of driving experience. • To provide for sound and economical financing ot Homes, . Conveniently obluinnd losui.s, on u monthly reduction biiBis, for refinancing, milking repairs, purchHsinjf your ,lipmo, oi- for obtaining funds for «ny pni'iwsu on the security of your proper ty'. The loan Hint is safe nnd economical from your point of view i.s Hie sort of loiui this institution desires to malic. For Full Information On Quick, Ix>w-Cosl Home Loans, Call 3545 • To promote thrift by providing a convenient and safe method for people to save and invest money. Kvcry investor is safi'KiiiinU'd ««"'"«<• loss »P l " $0000.0(1 by the Federal SiiviiiK's and Loan Insurance Corporation. You can save money in a convenient way — by opening an insured account and setting aside surplus cash from your salary as often and as much as you are able. Any larger amounts on which you desire to receive a regular income arc welcomed. FOR FUM, INFORMATION ON INVESTMENTS, CALL 35l!> TIIK LOWEST PRlCED.CAti, li'ITit I-LVIO-DRIVB' - —OFFICERS Hosco Craflon, President U. C. Farr, Vice Prcs. Tames Terry, Vice Pres. W. J. Pollard, Sccy-Trc;is. — DIRECTORS Hosco Crafton [)r. J. K. Hcaslcy fames Terry A. H. Wclcnkamp R. C. Fart- W. L. Horncr \V. J. Pollard BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY 217 S. Second Street Phone 422 Blytheville Federal Savings & Loan Association 124 West Ash Street Phone 3545 s^;-«! * * Blytheville, Arkansas

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