The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1944
Page 4
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4 Mondoy, September 4, 1944 jBafeergftclb Calif orntan Blind Public Assistance Worker Leads Busy Life By LKORA COMPTON J. Trrry O'Connell. totally blind j train, d in \.m Nnys with addiDonal since an accident at the age of seven. I li.'inmc: given at. DIP nnivei>iiy in h.'is been public assistance worker | .Mr. ' ''i '.am. -II 's presence ,\ tavor- with DIP Kern County AVelfaro ]i"-; i'i' with Dm entire t'.imilv. "I-'.eau' partnient for two anil one.half years. I •- > fiiil'iinl i j oiii|ianion nf Tun. Mr. His duties as an nlil age seem it v j < t ' "• n-;• !! s :'-vc.-,r-old son. worker include lionip calls on which A < reader. .Mi-. oVonnell his wife assists him as chauffeur, i e\p! i" • -d that 1 ks .if all Kinds A craduatp of I'nivrrsity of Cali-'ii' \'\ c:li" may be obtained at tin.' forma., Mr. O'OonneH io<ik onf and i-hi'" iihraiy. onp-half years postgraduate \\oil< ;i! ! "Tal. ing hook-" are a]--o ciron- thp Cniversity. including field \\ -m k ; la ted -11110111; lilind por-on-j. Mr. in Alameda. He was also n stnd'-i.' ' ( i < '..nii"ll slated. The records' and of Dr. Xewcll . iVrry. head of nil- ; |>li,.iio::raphs .ire I,,air-,] t,, {),,, users vaneed studies fit California S. l.v :li" .\m"rica.n Foundation for the lor DIP I'.lind at Berkeley, and tie- in X»w York. Mnrh of the i|iirnt visitor to this cjiy. v..>.k on "talking" and iiraille Looks A rrember of the executive h..v •: . \>. - .-omplotod nndpr ihe WI'A, Mr. of Kern County C|nh of Adult I'.lmd. I'M ,>nne|| declared. .Mr. O Conncll, \\itli R. \\". IIe-i.1.'- -.- — son. presents a i-i-m-arn ihe u.nd STl'DY VITAMINS Sunday i»i eat h nionih o\er i,n!< station KI'.HX. Thp promam ••• I" '-.insists of discussion of piuMi-' of the 1.1 ind atid S. .hit ion-. In:. :;,.•!>::;o a. in. SOCIETY PARADE fonnrr Moves to San Diego Mrs. George Mortan, DIP . Miss Frances Oin-rard of thi> has movpii to San Diego with hr-r l-rnciiith-old haliy to join her hus- bund, a liPiitcnant in thp marinp.s. i Mrs. Mortan is thp daiiKhl«.'r of I Mr. and Mrs., fjuyCarrard of J!D:.' I Cedar. * * * \Valdroop-Sliaw Wedding I'nited in marriage rccPntly \\crc Miss .lanet VS'aldroon, daiiKhicr of Mr. and .Mrs. \V. M. Waldroop, of Carli-r. Okla., and Seaman Second i'lass Ii. l-Munrd Shaw, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M'. Shaw, of this city. The ceremony was performed by Die IJevprcnd .lames OlalhreDi in the home of the bridegroom's parents. The hi idetrroorn iins' returned to his naval ba.-e at l-'a rraj. r ut, Idaho, lie \\ill l/e .joined by his bride as soon as he is permanently statiuncd. {••.nnil'-l ThH' h .1. \V. JUMPS Mr. O'Connell is one ol the 1" :' "- i' 1 persons in Hakei'-field .lUnih:- .1 pnide doe. "Heau." a -• -le !'- i should consult a modern cook hook herd, has been with the weltarr for ways of preparing it. to nei full •worker for four veais. The ,|,, ; . Y..I-- valup in vitamin conienl. ESCAPE Simply wet it with Canutp Water. A few applications will completely rc-cnlni it Leading dealers in most of America's largest cities sell more Canute Water than all other hair colorings combined. simdar to its former natural shade. In one day if you wish. Your him will retain its naturally soft texture and flattering new color even after shampooinc. curling or waving. Canute Water • Pure, colorless and crystal-clear. • Proved harmless at one of America's Greatest Universities. • REAHY SAFE I Skin lest NOT needed. • 30 years without injury to a single user. Nc oth«r pr lucl con moke oil theie cloimi NEW 8 Appl. Size Jl 15 at drug stores Lieutenant Homer and Bride Visit; Greeted at Functions To present their new daughter-in-I I .lent en.i nl Homer, an alumnus of l ; '«' •"' ll give their son an oppor- I I'.aki i slieM lljyh School and Junior t'inily to ureet old friends. Mr. and i ('ollei;e and Stanford 1 "niversil > , has Mrs. .Monroe Homer entertained at ! a dislingiiishPd iveord of overseas •i cocktail parly at their home : sei \ ice uith the army ail- force. He \V " sda> night in compliment to ; has completed r,i> missions in the l.ieuti-nant and Mrs. Monroe Homer. Knglish and Mediterranean areas .Ir. \\hosc v.fdding was t-elel,rated j a nil received the I Jisl inguished Fly- al Salinas air base August L'4. Mrs. j ing Cross and nine Oak Leaf Cln's- Homer, a lieutenant in ihe army air|ters. ser\ici'. is the i,,rmer .Mis.- Margaret : Mr. and Mrs. Homer, Mr. and •-an U'.igoneii. , .Mis. I'.rock and Mrs. Colin attended Mrs. iloiiier was assisteil in en- the wedding. DIP latter threp from tei-iaining the ii."> gue.-is b\ Mrs. i their vacation head(|iiarter.s at Santa Maliolm lirock and Airs. \Villiam.Crii7.. r "lni. White gladoili white lark- other guests included Major \'an- spin and ruffoed daisies we're com. nctior. commander of tho army air bined in the floral centerpiece in base hospital, and .Mrs. Vannetter: Die dining room ami white tapors ! Captains Thomas Hickie. .1. V. .Mm- weri- nse.l on ilic.'J>ufie| and table. ! ray. V. U'arburton, .(. Shearer. Leo ^rs. I'.rock icceived at an infor- Smith. .T. A. Ashcrafl: Lieutenants mal ilinner for I L 1 in honor of Die \V. I'rinci. Margaret (.Savin, I'alh- | oupie Thm.-day cM-ning at her crine llrencn. .Jennie Marble, l.imlaj bom' an aiming tables lor briilge Safford. M. Mai ley. llouard Smoey. dining the a 11 e r dinner hours. The .1. Ilium, and Miss Ruth MeUolierts. iple arrived Tuesday and re- I led I'loss representative, all from m.mied until Die week end. j i he army air base at Salinas; Cap' l ''ic bride, ihe daughter of Mr. Iain .1. I-:. Miller. Santa Maria; Cap- , '- " •' - ;-"--"'T^vk' •**' °* ** > >1 >*<"<&**.'*'. •\ > '-'-"'^ * ',.^1-.'*^ IIAIM'Y ISIKTIIDAY, I'I.EASAXT SCHOOL DAYS!-This is the com- inunity's salute to junior, age .">. this September, symbol of all boys and Kirls in Bakersfield who are bidding fjoodby to all-year-around vacations, strappiue; primers to their shoulders and striding off on the first lei; of what will be at least a 13-year-trip throuKil the balls of learning. Five- Year-Olds Bidding Goodbye to Vacation Days KY ALKi; KOSSI and Mrs. Leo .lames van Wae,onen. ! tarn Donald Leignton. Santa Maria: ,,-il ,, , e IT - ' ' ' I'"ive->-ear-old Juniors or Janeys i,, e ' °' ell. S. L. is an alumna of \otre Chaplain M.Meninan. Fort Ord, : ip-Vrnin"" A v ol V'' -a.'' ^"^, „"'. " V™'"™ n "\ lilll>r Illil " MarHl '' liamc Academy a, M,, e| : ell a nd Col- ' Lieu. e,,a nt Marjorie Chase. I lamil- ,- [^ ., n ^ , ^ ±,1'lv , v Mv, t»,n , ," > - "' , ','"" ' "^ "*"" 1 '"*'• '"' S1 ' Tl ""'"- "« "-inona,,,on Field; Lieutenant Pauline I .eiglv i i;^'^" 'l^ K ' n ^;;;';' I";,',; 1 ;- M"' ' o J M '" " ''^ ""' Uv " v " : "' s ' .Minn. She was graduated tiom St. ! t on. I lamilton l-^ield; Ca plain ,1. I lich- , 11,,, .><-,,-olds will b ••»".-. M.II.V-- School of Xnrsing in Koch-; aids. Sani.i -Maria. Ca])tain 1-lich- ! watelifu'l eye ester and received her basir- training . ards, \vho allended the Wednesday ; Dm,. nigh, party here, bad been elevated | A 'report from sehoo, authorities - -, •, vm tl e i r , ' , ' : ""'- - fi " 1 ' o,. -r or e fU ^ :> -n^ ^ •''^ ' , "'.' ". , ', ' N Above left-our wonderful station wagon raincoat of natural color cotton gabardine with plaid lining 7.95 Matching pork pic rain hat 1.75 Right-warm classic topper of Dormoch tweed in several heather mixtures . . . 25.0O Junior sizes 9-15 Above left-classic suede-cloth topper with the cleverest pockets! Colors-red, sage green, brown . . 29.95 Center— Chesterfield with that flattering velvet collar, in black, brown, Mexican melon, gre>' .... 35.00 Right—box type Shortie in bright red, kclly, brown or gold fleece 25.00 Belted Shorties loo 25.00 At the right-Tailored classk in the new Zugfie cloth— kelly, rust, gold, blue 9.95 Center-checked Aralac dress with a hone)'of a belt- green and white, blue, beige and black .... 12.95 Kight-two-tonc, two-piece date dress in rayon crepe- black and fuchsia, brown and aqua, grey and purple (silver buttons) 10.95 H4EET COFFEE V\\ FtESMO AND BAKE*Sfl£lD "All women..." SAYS PEET "All women wanta live long —hut none of 'em wanta get old." PEET SAYS: "Washdays are enough to make any woman feel old— but not if you use Feet's Granulated Soap. Feet's gives you tchiter washes... clothes you know are clean. Guess that's the reason three tlmei as many women now use Peet's." PEET SAYS: "What's good sense? It's what everybody oughta have—a few folks have got —and nobody thinks they need more of." PEET SAYS: "What's good sense on washday? Usin' Peet's Granulated Soap, of course. Feet's quick, thick suds take the work outa washday. And when you're doln 1 dishes, Peet's is easy on your hands. Why don't you try Peet's—the different soap, with wonder-working suds?" PEET'S SOAP 7Ji« qulck-surftlng granulated soap Reunion, Children's Party Held at Porter Residence Inspired by the visit of three daughters of Mr. and Mrs. I. f]. I'ortpr, a garden party and informal reunion of old frienjds was held Friday at the Porter residence, 300 Oleander avenue. The hostesses he- sides Mrs. Porter were Mrs. Harvey A. McKee of Chandler. Ar'r/... the former Miss Mary Ann Port'er, whose husband. Captain McKeo, is stationed nt William Field. Mrs. .lames I r. AVeisel. the former Miss Fleanor Porter of San Josc^o. whose husband is a prisoner of war at Stalas Lul't, .",, near P.erlin; and Mfes .lean Porter, who is home from Occidental College where she reenters as a hi.Lrh sophomore November 1. Mrs. McKee arrived the first of the week and returns to Chandler early this week. The 'husbands of many of the frirls attending are widely scattered in the war zones of the world or camps in this country, timoiiK them Lieutenant .lames Loi, r an, in the Aleutians, Lieutenant. Louis Hom- I'eld. in India, Lieutenant. Jack Morton, overseas with the ferry command. Corporal Julian Smith, n Link trainer at Salinas, George Miller, Jr.. with the army in San Francisco. Coy \Vathan. in training in Florida, Warrant Officer Robert '/.uercher, in France, recently in Sicily. Private First Class Kdward Kvans, with the marine corps. Lieutenant GeorKL" Mortan, San Hippo, Jack Macros, an ensign in Florida, and others. In addition to the wives of tl^ foregoing and the four hostesses, the matrons, misses and children attending (the latter ranging in age from one month to three years) were: Mesdames Harry W. Lange, fJiiy (Jarrard, C. H. Roberts, Marion Stockton, Alfred Scofield and Miss Harriet Sheldon, and Masters and Little Misses Charles McLain, Catherine Evans. James Logan, Jr., Caroline Ilomfeld, Patricia Morgon, Henry Kissler, Gardner Ussier, Allan Miller, Kenneth Miller, S*ie AVathan, Barbara AA'athan, Rose Ann Xuercher. Joan Mortan, Harvey McKee, Jr., Dick Macros and Nancy M acres. FEEM00IIE O H what joyful relief usually folJ lows when soothing Resinol—J the famous ointment of four generations— is used on sunburned or chafed skin, ivy poisoning, simple rash, dry eczema or cracked toes. Specially medicated to soothe itching and burning, and so «JdJ^ healing. Keep a jar handy—it paysj RESINOL and ii months of age. Thpy must he seeing other children go has only made Diem more enthusiastic about it." she added. According to her mother, Mrs. Michael A. Tmhoff. 124 "Wilson five- | line. Helen is excited about begin-! ning kindergarten. "Slip's j,| K t the typo to like school, too," paid Mrs. • Tmhoff. Helen will attend classes nt : Standard School. j "l-'or the past he's been very anxious to go but now Dint it is near the beginning of school he is ', getting cold feet and would lilft to wait for his little brother." paid Mrs. G. I,. Hodges. 2'27 Jefferson street. Her son will enroll at Longfellow. : St. Joseph Parochial School will . have little Spencer Taylor as a. student this year, according to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Taylor. Ins Goodman. "He's pretty excited about it, too." said Mrs. Taylor. ; "Harold's beginning school this year was originally my idea but IIP seems to want to go, i.s somewhat excited about it. although I've heard 01 hers who have been more e.n- Dinsiastic about it." Mrs. "Walter Tarr commented regarding her son who is also a September baby of five year ago. Little Karen Jacobsen. who will begin school at Horace Mann Wednesday, counts the hours until Wednesday, her mother. Mrs. 'Lawn-nee Jacobsen. 1G1II Carnino l-'ri- mavera. reported. "He's crazy about the idea and longing to go." said Mrs. C. L. Tomerlin of her "i-year-old son. i'harles. who will begin school at William I'enn AVednpsdav. 'pening, 7* (Jomorrow in Our New Location 1513 Eighteenth (in the Former Auston Bcauly School) Same Telephone 3-1008 SAME STAFF OF EXPERT OPERATORS Plus Frances Blanch, Receptionist Cconomy, BEAUTY SHOP HOURS 9to 7 Is your skin dry-harsh '— uncomfortable and, is your hair dry, brittle,' parched looking? If they are, then try Formula 4 Lanolin today. This better produce will help keep skin and hair healthy and good •looking. Try a bottle .today. At drug and .at .department stores. If s Liquefied! TO SEE BETTER SEE DR. HAROLD HASKELL OPTOMETRIST 1434 - 19TH STREET Main Floor G«ntUr.l*» tulldlnf TILEPHONI 6 6 i 5 9

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