Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
Page 6
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KM0Wk Cotofi'd^hrtoty «l|itli«w.; ,v Mn of KatiMU, is VfMML/s Tke Ghannet Snn UVM: ttteball diamond, for the Taee-tn^' •otordivto the local poUee. famir li' ittoBcly mapeeted o( • havlnff tantehed a |6 pot in « crap fuia jttUitMT aft«raoon and cotton «ini]r %r none tall sprinting. Togother wltb' , two flompanlons. J. W. Haines and Stri nuTls, lie Is now eosflaadm lill, . awaiting trial on a charge xohbenr. 'Bweins that the three colored men diianeed to make the aeonalntanee of a wbtte man yesterday, a stranger In Cbanate, and leambig that he luul considerable money,' planned to cob him. They first plotted to hold him op and get the entire wad. and In .order to Insure the sacoess of this plan eondaded that party of about llTe woidd be required, that being the number of negroes who are operaOng In Independence this week. Two •Wnes" were approached and sbond- ed. bat both having had preTlons experiences with the Channte police, promptly declined th^ risk; Besides refoslng to become parties to the .proposed faoldnp, the pair informed the police of what was intended. . Being onable to secore enongh' re- 'emits 40 make a holdnp safe, the three negroes planned to entice the stranger Into a crap game. He was to fntnish the fnnds and they were to •tiker Um np against another party who bad money, the negroes to 'shoot' 'the eMne, aasnring him that it would . dead easy to make a big killing of tU^-tUrd. party. This arrangement was flaallr entered Into, and the par- ;^<Tetfired to one of the Dub &ch lumber ii^Ms. where the game was oommeno- «d. 'Wlien the, white man had con*| . trlbnted 15 to the pot "Pomp" got excited at the sight of so much money, and ; forgetting the prearranged adieme to get the entire wad. he igrabbed the pot and made his get .>way. The. police were notified of the ircAbery by the stranger, and acting on the Infonnation prevloosly given them they soon bad all three negroes under arrest The money was not re- eorered, none of the trio'having that sum iriien placed under arrest "When he found that he was not to remver lit money the stranger's desire to phwecQte abated somewhat He will be forced to issue a complaint, however as the offlcers have been great- I ly annoyed alli summer by the three negroes under arrest and are anxious to get them away from town and avoid farther petty crimes. Their trial will come up befbre Justice Oroome. probably on next Saturday. The offense Is a misdemeanor, Jinfnishable with* a year's Imprison- amit in the county JalL A mmVE CUIE FOB DANDIUFF. . SEMO stopsitchinginstantly and win «an aiur case at Dandruff or itching Mi^ 'ZBMO destroys the dandralT tsm and prevents falUng hair. It will gbr» the hair arichdoa^y color andleave ih« scalp dean and healOnr. ' Fora^ everywhere. Writeforsam­ ple, E. W. Bose Uedidne Ca. St Louis. For aale at Burrell's Drug Store iBOCT XT1KGEL18T WILLIAMS. Ft Scett Tribune Says He Stirred That City. . Snoe there is some talk among the •{nisters of this dty of getting Evan- i^tet /miliams to hold a series of aeetlass here, the following from the .ft. fBeott Tribune may be of Interest: ' Bvangellst' Billy Sunday, who was ^Ibave eome to lola for a protracted iwet&ig, will be unable to ctmie. In Ua place Evaogrilst H. W. Williams wiU likely be algned to hbld a meeting: The evangelists are very much tha ssme. Evangelist 'WlUIama came imfit mbout sevan or eight years ago - .Ht^NM • rnrtna Ui Coii*«Uon half. •m-U «9ttmd to havt bees ths one pacim nsponsible for oertala aiwakr •BiMS that broogbt aboot laaUng re- farmi. WlUians was- bitterly do- aofUMd br thoM who tboogbtiths IBVB oould not exist without laJooM, ud loot kftar he closed the msetlngs lawyers in court where whiskey eases were being tried, would denounce WIlllaBiK But he sowed the 'seeds . that bore a fruitage, and the people who heard him never forgot the man. Be was a foreeful talker, one of the greatest orators ever heard here and worked the entire population into a splritfial frame of mind. The business ' lionsw and tl^ schools closed one day for 'Vmihuns' meetings and- BMuiy Other sack .dlsplaya of ntereat and •atnnglaikm. were ahown. The WU- Uaaw-mesftlnga resulted In neariy 700 . floavwsloBa. They precipitated a long .aaTooa war which ended finally with ths'.aaiata «i going out of bustoess. At th».Uaw-s«di phrases aa 'Woble 300" and Buy other expressions were Ji«r|er'about he streets^ The Noble 406L:'4erived tts name because at a •UMi meetlnr that nandtar went ua recjprd 'as Cavortag sakxrns. It would he isuTprMng to see what a change of •s^HlBtnt there has been la the ranks ctiOmt number. - 6ome of those who 'vtrtso strongly In navor of aaloons wtMU4 sae lor libel U the Ust was .^piMiahed ajgaln. IVbat changes time HW wrooiSit And Bvangrtlst WIl- HUM had a hand in ft It Js ex- nwlsd ttet eoBse IV>rt Scott people ^'•» to lola to hear Vllllams If ha ..•'9gmM there. I - . j ,'•1 -• -St mmY AND SATUIU>AY Sometimes in the course of dciily business life it is necessaryto make decided changes in methods of doing business and in stocks of joo4| sold. Thb year, instead of waiting until we invoice to give our dress goods clearance, we have dedded to hold the bi^ sale this w Scarcely a lady in Aljen County would think of missing our Dress (Gloods Clearance ^e. It is the one opportunity of a year. Former selling prices are forgotten. When we cut the price in bur clearance sales, the one object is to clear up the stock preparatory to invoicing, and little tiny prices is thje only method. The Sale Ends Saturday Night, December 12 DRESS Gbbi ^s LOTlAI^SSe. 35 pieces blue, green, red, grey, brown and tan. checks, plain colors, plaids and stripes, » great collection of Woolen Dress Goods seldom equaled at 65c; buy It In this sale at. a yard .|35e LOT 8 AT 48e. Ifere Is a lot of Dress Goods you can not possibly duplicate under double the price asked; suitings in checks and stripes in dark red, green, brown and blue cUoths. 48 to 68 Inches wide, suitable for suits, children's cloaks and separate skirts. These cloths are taken from our 11.00, llJiO and |2.00 line of goods. This lot of goods had ought to be sold! in two hou-s' time; every piece is a bargain; you'll long remember 58 pieces in the lot Choice yard 48^ 'Come early for best selections. nJS* BEAB SKOr, 11.50. Brown and green Bear Skin 52 inches wide, the warmest cioaklng made for litUe folks; clearance sale price .1 .S1.49 «U» CUBLET BEAK SKDT, ILfS. White Curley Bear Skin with black dot 54 Inches wide, regular price $3.50; special, sale price 81.65 •^..SS ASTBAIHAK, $1.50. * Knit Black Astra an 54 inches wide, special clearance price, yanl - • »!.«> tl .SO WibOL BBESS GOODS (Lot. Black or colored Wool Dress Goods, all weaves and weight, any color you wish. Choice of our entire line of $1.50 woolen cloths 81.09 ONE-FOURTH OlfT maited price aU Fancy Silk TrimBlngs. lUI^bon Sale Saturday. 'Lot 1, 35 ^Fancy Warp Print Ribbons," the daintiest ribbons n»de, 5 to 8 inches wide, 65c values on sale Saturday, choice 35^ •Lot 2, 49^— Fancy Warp Print Ribbons, 6 to 9 inches wide, also plain white, plain blue and plain black with fancy band edges, worth up to 85c yard; special for this sale 49* No. 2 Satin, regular price 4c, special price, yard lit No. 3 Satin, regular price Be, special price, yard 4* No. 6 Satin, regular^price 7Hc, special price, yard .6* No! 7 Satin, regular price 10c, special price, yard No. 9;Satln, regular price 12%, special price, yard lO* No. 12 Satin, regular price 15c. special price, yard .12iit No. 16 Satin, regular price 20c, special price, yard 15* No. 22 Satin, regular price 25c, special price, yard 19* No. 40 Satin, regular price 30c, special price, yard 22t No. 60 Satiu, regular price 35c, special price, yard 25* No. 80 Satin, regular price 40c, special price, yard 32* No. 100 Satin, regular price 45c, special price, yard 35* No. 1700 Taffeta Ribbon in black, white and colors, all at special prices. No. 6 qualiiy 1700, regular price 5c, special price 4* No. 7 quality 1700, regular price 6%c, special price »* Ha 9 quality 1700, regular price 8%c, special price 7* No. 12 qua-'lty 1700, regular price 10c. special price ..8^* No. 19'quality 1700, regular price 12V6c, special price 10* No. 33 quality 1700, regular price 15c, special price 13M* No. 40 quality 1700, regular price 20c, special price --15* No. 60 quality 1700, regular price 25c. special price ...19* No. 80 quality 1700. regular price 306.' special price Z2t No. 100 quality 1700, regular price 35c, special price '. 23* Rich Warp Print Ribbons, the highest quality ribbon made, in latest patterns, 5 to 8 Inches wide, 65c to 11.25 quality ribbons, divided Into two lota, one at 35* and the other at 49* Fancy Silks worth up to Jl.OO, choice, yard 35* bo you read Uie DEUNEATOR? If not, you should! Costs only $ 1.00 per year. MulbePry MessaUne Cream, lace yoke, tucked Sleeve, lace edge trimtnod piped with black eaUn; regular P^ce 126.00; special price $40.00 niack Crepe de Chine allover lace yoke lace and Insar* tlon trimmed, tucked waiit and skirt, special price , .. .§29.00 136.00 Crepo de Chine two piece dress, rsal hand made, lace yoke waist has Jap silk lining, skirt has 8 rows small tucks and one large one. SpecUl price, , 019.85 (|2G.OO Navy Blue Chiffon Tatfatta Dress, waist trimmed with fl'.et band and -ailk braid, Arabian color filet yoke and sleeve. Price 819.75 $16.00 Navy Blue Ctrfn.Dot Satin Dress, cream'color fllei yoke and sleeves, waist trimmed with silk braid. Special price 810495 126.00 Old. Rose Satin Messaliae Dress, long cuff puffed sleeves, cream lace yoke waist trimmed with ailk feather edge braid; Special price '810.85 130.00 Deep Prunelle Batln Messallne Dress. lace yoke and cuff silk braid; trimmed, tucked sleeves. Special price 82^.85 126.00 Silver Grey MesaaHne Dress, chiffon yoke and collar tucked aleeves wUh ctnarter over aleeve silk braid and gilt bot^ ton trimmed. Spedal price \ '881.50 11^.00 Delft Bitae Batist* Jumper Dress tucked Jront and braid and button trimmed. Spedal price .^..-810.35 137.50 Brown Two>piece Liberty Satin lace front yoke .and cuffs. Special price 928Sf5 Daintily embroidered Silk OkMWi In U^t evening special values at, judr .j..........'.... ihmChHat mas Shopper Dality HMitterebiefs at|e to lUO Skeypliff Pflfs at Me t« llSJiO Hease Slippers at Me to UM BIIkBei«|14lto|&M Eabroidered Heie Me to $I.M Faaey Haa^ed Umbrellas at tl to 110 Keek Bieh B«M at I1.M to l&OO Feirtiwr B«M at 1840 te %19M Silk Akawls at tUM te II.7S snn HeM Scarfs at ILM to II.M CUlirB•^> laar SUB Mltteas la MOy btus at Me. HaM BailbroUeTed piUowsfLTfi. 9<.M Brswa Werk Scarfs had. Squares at' WetafMO Eaktalicni OtBJes at 85e te Miaa Eaai Wetki^leMs Mo to |7,M Faaejr Oallar* pt SSe to $1.M The Selhea^ eae year'tlM Gloves at tSe to $<JM CItove CoHHeates can be redeemed wkei Haraa are fitted In statfaMT SSe ta 7fe. ItetMjM alfUSfalMf Se laMM Mwjplij^.lle fa ItSS run from I1.M to WM Waists froa $1,00 t« IllMlO Skirts Iron IMS to il7.M teats from |Mt ta JSMW Waste Paper Baskets at lOe to 7ie Mlrrers at Me to 97JM> L'enbs fraai tSe le IICJOO Ladles Belts SSe to l&M Blaaketo 4£c ioVJM Comforts II J» te 91&W Lace Bed Sets |U« to tlO.O« Maasiaf Uaderwear Me to HOO Salt Cases IIM to |lt.M Travellac Bags 91M to tl«.M Klmeaas Me to nMtj , Far Ceato ISSJt to IUSJM Erealav Dresses HMt to t47.M. SOk Pcttlceato $M« to ll§.M Aato Ceato |M»^^ «SJM ^ Sweaters at l&M to <kM lalaati^- Swaaten at Me laftato' IBH KlaaMU. at Sic to ILK lafaato Cws at tSe> l&M Delia lie; t» IMS ladlai Haeeaiiria lUS to l&M Xlllfa»y;BraslMa |t» to IftM BfeaTltKSdaaietelKM ; lalairtaJPiwiar aai BM^ 8^ $LM CIvislMJtfSBris'^ Iff to lle^ ;-B(^'-Baak'|todta'.mM U WM Bira^-IcatlMr nuawa'at HJt. Dir«ct<^ Gowns ' 147.60 Montjole Satin l^essallne Directoire Gown lace yoke and cuffs puffed half pleated' sleeves pleated loft side gore. Special price 8.14.85 $27.60 Black Satin Messallne Dress lace yoke shirred sleeves. Special price 130.00 Silver Grey Satin Messallne Dress braided front panel lace yoke and cuffs, skirt trimmed Srlth bias graduated fold, shirred sleeves. Special price 8!33.95 White Net Two-piece Dresses, white and colored net and .chiffon, semi-mode dresses, all at great'-y reduced prices. ! 115.00 Alice Blue and Leather colored Opera Capes braid and button trimmed. Special price 811.85 $27.50 Long Champagne Opera Cape, strap and braid trimmed with hood attached. Special price 833.50 Rich Braided Jackets on silk fcundation, special values In every one, priced at 81S.50iand 835.00 Sl^ppera for evening wear in paent colt and dull kid or patent colt with white beading edge. Spedal values at 83.00. 83.50. 83.00. 83.50 and 84.0a Beautiful silk Stockings In pink, blue, green and cham-' pagne. Price pair .......... 81.35 Black or colored wool DressGoods Every two yards you buy you save $1.00. Count your savlnha .br the yards. You buy all the newest weaves in the very choicest of fabrics, light evening shades or the more serviceable street tones. Chevron Worsteds, Chiffon Broadcloths, Voiles, Serges, Melrose, Hen­ riettas, Crepes, etc., all go at the low price of 73* ijtl.00 DBE.S8 GOODS 65c Here's an opportunity of a life time; every fashionable weave and weight and any color you wieh, all go In the lot, choice yard Ot)*-. 50c staple colored and blacK Dress Goods In batiste, serges and cheviots. Clearance price 37* 65c Batistes, Heriettas and Serges, blue, brown, green, red and black; special clearance sale price 42H* Fancy Silks worth $1.25 and $1.50, all cotors, choice, yard... 65* TalTeta Silk iUbbon . Special Sale Price on all.Black, White and Colored Taffetta Rlb- bona Saturday only. No. 1, Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 2c, reduced to yard IJi* No. IVt Sunlight Taffeta, regular price, 2V4c; reduced to. yard 2* No. 2 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 3c. reduced to, yard... .3%* No. 3 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 4c, reduced to, yard 3* No. 5 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 5c. reduced to, yard .... 4*' No. 7 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 7V2C. reduced to, yard...... 6* No. 9 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 10c. reduced to. yard ,.8^* No. 12 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 12V4c, reduced to 10* No. 16 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 16c, reduced to, yard 11* No. 22 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 20c, reduced to, yard 15* !| No. 40 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 25c. reduced to, yard,... 19* No. 60 Sunlight Taffeta, regu'ar price 30c, reduced to, yard 33* No. 80 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 35c. reduced to, yard..... .33* No. 100 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 40c, reduced to, yard 31* bed

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