The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER G, 1944 Two Representatives . fc Of Senate To Hold I* Open Heqrings LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 8 (U.P.) — The delayed Investigation of Ark- itiisas's 1944 primary elections will be resumed tomorrow 'afternoon. Two U. S. Senators, •Homer For- Buson, n Republican from Michigan, ami Jiunes Tunnell, H Democrat from Delaware, will begin open hearings nnd will represent the Senate Campaign Expenditures payments. Installment home-buying Is nrac (leal economy. Discounting notes Is sound banking. Government In stimnce of loans has been a bless lug; saved many n family from calamity and ninny a lender from i inn. But shoddy ccmstruclloii blights all this, it makes neither Boot! homes nor good security for bank loan. Lending is the cue. Mortgage money is the key to better building. Houses Warrantable Buildings under construction 'iieed competent and Impartial supervision niul rating, somewhat as steamships are rated, or. as a business llrm's credit Is rated. This Is lo prelect lender and borrower both iifpihst mortgages far out of line with a building's actual worth. Such an agency exists, relatively llttlc-uscd, -but known to lending associations of architects, engineers Committee which began an into campaign expenses if 'five Arkansas senatorial candidates, but then extended its activities by investigating charges of fraud. The Senators will find about c .nn i-,. i" ., - -,-— — • bclloi boxes which the in "°Ut b ,vc, l^"\ cn ^ me "^- ™ im«.Migai- iniyci and bunker both deserve the U pruleclion fjeneral contractors. Few money lenders arc qualified to Judge structural fitness. Many home buyer never sees his house until its Inner defects are hidden impounded by counties The boxes were „„ Chief -Investigator George J sblf- lilo and are custody of U. S Mur- .rlial Virgil C, Pettie. Subpoenas for boxes in 11 additional counties htive been issued but they remain on Pettie's desk. Committee Lawyer Robert T Mnruhy of Washington is already In Little Rock checking investiim- l.-)r Shillito's work. LOOKING AHEAD 1IINIOK MOKlOAOi; MONliY National Resources Planning Board, in a booklet by Miles Colean, predicted last January that building- in the United of a rating that means a home worth the price In working men's money, and (2) security for Uie'bank that holds Ihe paper. Speculative builders in postwar America should have lo provide ratings for houses and stand good "' them. Credit Association Officers Are Named EL DORADO, Ark., Sept. ;C (UP) - -A neu' iireshleiit has been elect-id by the Arkansas Credit Association. He is J. n.'Pnrdom who was placed in office at the-close of the 20th annual convention of the association at El Dorudo Monday. Other officers elected Include- L B Wilson of CaiiKlen, vice president; P. A. HolliDgsworth of El Dorado, secretary-treasurer; Newt Hamnion of El Dorado and George A. Johnson of r.ittle Rock, new hoard members, A resolution was adopted endors- ng- n te United £ tlle Program of Ben Laney nlcs woul c | approximate a millio\ Democratic nominee for governor' iv dwellings eacli year for ten for government economy, early ces '' BLYTHEV1LL13,{ARK.) -COURIBH NKWS •^ Army's Policy On Race Issue Is Explained Marriage Licenses Ninety-one imm'luge licenses Inn been sold by ihe local office ol J';^ County court Clerk during the weeks, It was revealed yes- issllK , ' P. Patterson advised Gov. Chnuiicey Sparks yesterday, In response to Sparks' recent protest to the Presdlcni against a bun on segregation in Maxwell Field, Dial it has been im established War Department policy to afford equal recreational fac.lities to all soldiers regardless of nice. Pnticrson, who said the Pn-sl- dutit had referred Sparks telegram to him for reply, suld there hud been no change In Army |x)llcy regarding segrnlion bin thnt « letter ol Ju! v 8 had called renew-' ed ntlentlun to the existing regnln- RUHlll'. ford A boih of Memphis': Hauler of Qi-cat M. in pKote* against, the ban on seg- Patterson said: ''The War Department has main- soca K,l. uoV Marionn'l. n'nl', MlJ'f,'""', 1 , ° f PIUst0n ' Ke "' ""* ° ,OVC c,,nu ' Elsie Hammond, neiv weings eacli year for ten rnmen economy, early ces- y ™' s . aftci ' 4l >c war. There was an salion of unnecessary business reuii- •" . the forecast: If the price I . the govermnent. and aid for returning servicemen and women, Co-operution with the nominee was pledged. Port Smith wns chosen as tho 1945 convention city. could be held down to an average of about S4.000. Well, ten million S4.0GO units represent 40 billion dollars, which Is a lot ot money The vision of a million people planking down 54,000 each for a house in a single year Is a )>ipe- clream. l>eople able to make such cash outlays have houses already. These new houses will be sold on credit. Buyers will sign installment LITTLE HOCK Sent 0 (UPl - tax on forests. State Appeals Ruling In Severance Tax Cose iUfferhvs the same dislocation heir priviite lives, and wearing the identical uniform should, within the confines of the military establishment, have the same privileges for rest and relaxation. "I appreciate greatly your interest in this problem but I nin sure that you will understand the War Department's viewpoint In reference to it." Sparks said the explanation did not cover the whole situation, since while 'Civilian employes at Maxwell Field ns well as soldiers were affected b v ihe ban, under which Negro soldiers arc now' allowed to patronize post exchanges -formerly restricted to white men.- He also reiterated his belief that white and Negro .soldiers should be provided separate facilities, especially in (he South. Some Maxwell Field civilian em- ployes quit their jobs when the uan on segregation became effec- *-i. (.uiM^utuL'A, iiiuii assocyi- tions and certain kinds of banks, may insure the mort- Uncle Sam gages. Unfit There is an to Uepcat old bromide about history repeating itself but 'some history is not good enough to repeat, We told last week why 9.4 per cent of government-insured mortgages defaulted and cost the national treasury,, more . than. $000. apiece. If that should" be rejieht'ed million homes to start on ten a building .soon after the war, gov einmenfs. less alone would shoot well above half a billion, and that's j^jp small port. r Suppose !) per cent of ten million new, post-war homes are lost by foreclosure; that would be !JOO.- 000 homes. Hopeful owners usually Pay 20 per cent down, which is $800 on a S4.000 house. Pew buyers, living in such a house a year, could escape a loss of $1,000 at least, This profitless payment for vain hopes would total 900 million dol- J'lghl to levy a severance timber cut from national .„.„,„. The Revenue Department yesterday 'filed an appeal from n Garland Chancery Court decree holding over 6,000 feet of timber cut by the Wilson Lumber Company en national forest land between 1037 nnd 1942 was not taxable. The court held that a tax on the lumber would'be in effect a lax mi operations of the Federal Govcrn- State Forester Fred H. Lang estimates that between 25 nnd 5( million feet of timber is taken fron federal lands in Arkansas annually lars. Worst of all, it would come from frugal, self-reliant, homemaking people. Need Nol Hnpiien Tiie foregoing simple arithmetic would seem pretty gloomy if it absolutely had to happen, but it does not. it offers an idea of how much tax money will be wasted, if pre-war methods are used in financing post-war houses. The ( All the • contrite affecting the quality of building today existed during the boom that followed World War One. Sorry houses may still be built and sold on Bus Permit Transferred LITTLE ROCEC, b'ept. C (UP) — The Arkansas Corporation Commission has approved the applicatioi of the Shepherd Bus Line of Sprhig- ficld, Mo., to take over a perini held by SiumyJand Stages. The permit allows the bus line to op- crate between the Missouri line mid Mountain Horhe, Ark Courier WFW wmjit "iffiiAPLPp If you suffer from rheumatic pain or muscular aches,buy C-2223 today for real pain-relieving help 60c $1 Caution:'Use only as directed. First bottle purchase price refunded bv druggist if not satisfied. GetC-2223 MINNIE LEE JONES Teacher of Piano iVnnnmiccs reopening of he elasses for beginners ami art- vauccil pupils. Kurd! Now For Convenient Hours. Studio 807 Chickasawlia . _ Phone 2994 ; NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may b« ruining your property. Call me fa. check-up without cost or obligation. KAT8, MICE AND ROACH CONTBOI, GUARANTEED WORK . ^ E. Kentucky C - BLANKENSHIP an ,*> FALL PLANTING SEEDS WINTER WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, RYE and HAIRY VETCH. Recleaned. High Purity and Germination. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main. Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 Katl Nwton Mnury r and Miss deck Va.: Janles.William Duncan nntl Mrs. Marion McGcehan. both ol St. Louis: Warden.'R. Deboliy and Miss Enrmer Hoilgepnlh, both ol Steele, Mo.: Roy !,ec Holeoni nntl Mis Dill-born Hancy. belli of Blytheville: William Edward O'Neil of Kansas City, ami .Miss Helen Jacob! of Uttle Rock: Mack Mc- .Glalhon and Mrs. Daisy M Peterson, both of Ulylhevllle: William 0. Mumiius .or, Memphis, and Miss Margaret Veal of Dyersbtlrg, Tenn. I J. D. Warren 'ami Miss Llllle - wl',e? 1 "wn?n" l "n''", l " lC ,'" )mb( ' 1 ' ot c <""'™-« wns at a loss for word, when Violet Heslwich, above, displayed Ihls 40-poun<! cabbage Brown by Fred Wolfcnl, of Sun Franclscu ' IVnn.: Buck White and Miss Bessie Clrimth. both of Ciirbinulnlo, ill.; Word LeClere Mcl.iMin nml Miss liulh Kyle, bojii of limi.s- uin. 'IVxns: Arnold A. Anderson nf "Bit 1 , 8. I)., and Miss Florence Ennders of Ulylhevllle: David T. Andrews ami Mrs. l.nnrn J, Andrews, both of Plymouth. , Mich.: llraclley W. Siirmcire of Sallsaw, Ckla., nnd MJss Eimii Enillcotl of Grand Island. Neb. Norniiin Wesley Ilnlfacre nnd Miss Edna Murie Smith, bolh 'of Mount Vemon, ill.: lUirold Hnfonl Mooro of Ilnniih-y, Colo., anil Miss Uathcl lioyd of Peorla, 11!.: Ilo- ;i'i'l Arlcn Petty iititl Miss Jiianllii Moteu. bolh of Manila, Ark.: Dale Sclinffer lirtggs uf Titlsa, Oklu,, mil Miss .Icnmietlu Jeiiiino Se- of Hlylhovllle: James Kdwnrd of llnyll. MO., and Miss Marie Frankum of Porluijc- ille. Mo.: Johnnie Mansfield of isceola, Ark., nnd Miss Arlcnc dims of Home, Miss.: Chester A. Hay of Durant. Okla.,- and Miss Alice WARNING ORDER I" the Chancery Courl, Cliickasaw- ba District, Mississiiipi County, Arkansas. . Joseph Jubic, Plnlntid, vs. No. 8140 Nettle Jubic, Defendant. The defendant, Nettie Jubic Is hereby warned lo appear within thirty days in the court named in the mutton hereof and answer the complaint of the plalnlilf Joseph Jubic. Dated this 15 day of Aiic 1944 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Percy A. Wright, Atty, (or Plf. • „' 8i23-30-9;c-13 Jtead Courier News want Ada. ~- ••*• i.tnit-ii uuu IVIJB.S uiuie •* VJ| uiinnu, VJMU., nii[| MISS Gitlley, both of Slkcston. Mo.: Hnr-| El »tHnc Sorrell of Uyorsburc. Tenn. ry LeRoy .Jones and Miss -Ruth E. Henry P. 'fweslen nnd Mrs. Cor- 'Giusebeck, both of St. Louis: M. H.I'"-'lla Twesten. bnth of llullcvlllc. Mayo and Mrs. Maggie Mayo, both I 111 •: Albert 11. Felslnln and Miss of Cnrulhersville, Mo.: Elmer w. I Claire Szcp, bolh of Brooklyn, N. |lilgdon nml Mrs. Lnurn Beavers, I Y -: Robert Carroll Oyciis O f llnm- bolli of Ensl-st. Louis, 111.:'Robert nioml, Hid,, nud Miss Mary Lucille C. Barber of Olmsted, III., nnd Mrs. 'Thomns cf Union City, Tenn.: Wll- Evn M. Bunnell of Hcilsc, Idaho: Hard Jcncks Smith of Long IScael), Wlllfam E. Plggott and Mrs. Eliz-ICallf., nnd Miss Maudie Use KulRlH nheth Cavaness, both .of Anna, 11.: I of Slkeston, Mo.: Guy Ralph Drap- LPsllf* -TrnllAii mif) s.ttui- iTnr.^i *^~.. nr ntul ^ t\ut? r>nli> i n .-,,..,. MI., ktm. I-esllc -Hallcy ami Miss' Hazel Cor- blr., bolh of Cnruthersville, Mo. Alfred L. McGrnth of Coolvllle, Ohio, ,niiil Miss Tildn Allison of Ilermondale, Mo.: Charley A. Moore : of Gales, Tcim., nnd Miss Willie Hester Hitrdln of Friendship, Tenn.: George W. Ends of Ccnlervllle Station, ill,, mid Miss Avis Slaughter or Eclgcwood, Tcxns: Mclvin R. Shadowens nnd Miss Elizabeth Mae Jackson, both of Marlon, Til.: O. M. St. John and Mrs. Thressic Bun- . . ilrcn. bolh of Stonoford, Ern- , est E. Shaw of Geneva. N. Y., und Miss Fay Hnrdlu of Eloia, Tcnn.: William ; Herald and; Mrs. Alljeitft'' Rectler. Iralh of Eldorado, III. noimld Heimnn Oliver and Mrs. Dorothy Jjj'eil, Ijotl) of Union City, er and Miss Rulh Lorcnc Wntson, bolh of cobden, ill.: John 0, Taft Jr.. ol Atlanta, On., and Miss Aiinn Until Duiicviint of Dyersbmg, Tcnn. Hurry O. Reynolds ami Miss Vlr- .nlii Webb, Imtli of llnrrls- irg. ill.: llollie' 11. Ray ami Miss Mary Sue Grooms, bolli of Paris, Tcnn.: S. V. Atchlsoti nnd Miss Louvell Monroe, bolh of Dyersburg, Tenn.: Jnmen C. Oervln of Port- agevllle. Ma,', and Mtra Minnie Pearl Ilnycs of Tiplonvllle, Tcnn.: Russell McCuilcy ol chaffcc. Mo., and:-Miss nolslc Choalc of Cnpc CHrdrcleau, Mo.: Illclinvtl E. Lmld of Holland, W., nnd Miss Joyce nallcntlne ot Rtcelt', Mn.: Mason O. Hoeker, bath ol St, l.oiils. Unite Sunders of PHisbuti;, m "lid Mrs. Llllle IVilley of 'Mnrlon 111.: Kimnctl. Foster nnd Mrs. Anna lic'll Dunning, boiii O f iiurris- burn, HI.: Chester K. Cantor nml Miss lielty Jenn Schoonover, both of Cincliumll: IConnelh Ihndmi IJnrklny o!" IJiicohitmi, N. C., and Miss Mnrlhu Ann Plrtle of Cam- (ien, Ark.: James D. Stacy of Gruu- llo Clly, III,, and Miss Vlrglnln Irby of ESRCX, Mo.: l.ewls ller- i'kowll-/. and Mrs. Sornli A, Nnsli both of Kiilainn/oa, Mich.:: A. l, Onrdner and Mrs. Mnry Alice Fon- •livii. both of Manila: MlclnuO J. Voliie of Nonvlch, Conn., nnd Miss •nonnlo Union «f Maplewond, Mo.: kltmir It, Willis and Mrs. Mary Agnes 'rhnrpe, both of Blythi'vllle. Urges Flood,.Drainage Work In Three Counties I.I'ITLH HOCK, Sept. 0 <II.IM — Kncineer-Dlrecloi' I,. A. Henry of the Slate Planning Hoard urges llciflrt control and <lrnltiage work lu Ihe Cypress Drainage System of Delia. Chlcot and Unculn cotinlle.i. Henry says mi'Investment of M,000.000 In flood control and dndn- HKC work in UK; Cyjircss .System would result in capital Improve-menus totaling some $7S,Oou,tlOO lu tlio next 10 years. He aim adds that tho work would provide' Job opportunities for thousands of. persons. Approximately Imlf of the proposed expenditure, which would \x made'by'the U..S. engineers, would be used to provide adequate capacity In the streams mid diver-, slon canals of the area, Henry snys that complete Iliiwl protection would Increase the laud values -100 -per cent. Delicious Hart's Bread Fresh at Your Grocers Every Day! SORRY- No Weekend Special This Weekend We were not able to yet an increase in our sugar allotment from (be 0. I'. A. and nave had to close our retail department . . . However, we'll reopen as soon as we can—and we'll give yon the finest cakes, cookies and pies ever. Understand THIS CLOSINO OF OUR UETAII, STORK DOES NOT AFFECT HART'S HRKAU . . , It's still the finest loaf on the market! No wonder our bakers stand around and admire the newly improved loaf of Hart's, Bread. It's a real achievement — one that months of work and research are responsible for . . . Compare it yourself with any other loaf on the market. Hart's Bakery BlytheYifle Owned, Employing Blytheville People Children Love Hart's Bread and Jam For After School Snacks! Fulbright Spent $9000 far 1 Race; Ben Laney $5884 llc|>iCM!iitnlli/e J. W. 1'iilbiljjlil, Democratic nominee for U. S. senator, reports lie spent $0,000 lu his cnmpaliju for the nomination. 1'n his campaign expense account Illcd with Secretory of Slule u. O. Hull yesterday, I'nlbi'lght reported lie K|)enl 45,000 for advertising; $856 for hciuUimirlers rental; $2.000 for salaries, olid SI,100 for prlivUnc and ' xslant. Hen I.miey, Democratic nominee for governor, reports lie siient $5.881 In Ills successful campaign, lie listed the following expenses: Flllni; fee $H2; pi-luting, $1,000; ndverlts- Ing, 42.000; roiUivl, $1,000; telephone JUS5, nml silliiilos $1,000. I)) tlio Oliiuirery (,'uinl tar the <!hleknsuwb:i Dlslrh'l of Mississippi County, Arkansas. A. M, Thompson, Plnlnllir, vs. No. 87-11 Sylrlo Thompson, Defendant; WARNING OltlH'.ll 'J'ho defendant Sylilf Tli<iiii|Boii, Is warned to ui>i)c:ir In the Chancery Court for (lie Chlckasawbn DIs- Irlcl of Mississippi County, Arknn- sus, wllhln thirty days nud answer the complaint of plaintiff, A. M. Thompson. Witness my linnd, us Clerk of suld court, nml the seal thereof, on tills the 22ml cli\y of August, ID-H. HAHVKY MORHIS, Clerk By M. Jnrmlt,,D. O. MARGARET'S IIKAUTY HH01' tM S. Flnl Phone 2532 Bring Ui Your Beoufy Probfemi Mortem i:i|ulpn;ent Kiiwrt Reuutlclaun NOnCE OF..SALE (Arkansas)'. Notice Us hereby given that the 1 undersigned mortgagee (n-B'rnortgate executed by Carl Poft \o the uiltteil Slates on thfe 24 day of MajcSfl&ln <mcl duly tiled In tlwiBjffcVo/ the Recorder In ftfl,d* > -for''TMlsslssippl County, ArttaMus, the 53l(I*t!arl I ofl having waived all rights: Slip- placement, -sale and redemption un- dci the laws of (he Slate ot Arkan- -", sis; pursuant to the powers gfan»cd , <•• under the,t« qf the aforeffTpn. Iffy tloncd mortgage, nnd by the lav »i of the Stnte ot Arknmas will on the kt 7tti day of September, 1944, between the hoiire of 9 ocloqf- In Ihe.fore- ' noon (vncl.O o'clock In the afternoon/u'i o( said •riqtc, al.Mtwco, a miles wesb'^ 1 of Wilson, In the County of Missis- Q sippl, State of: Arkansas offer,foi,.^ { imle to the highest nnd best biddorA , tor oash, the following described properly, to-wll 2 black horse,/'' mules, 1 black Jersey cow, l wngoiv-if 1 cultivator, l middle busier, 1 hnr-i'^' row, ) double shovel, 2 collars ami ' 2 sou plow gear Witness my hant( Jl . tills the Cth day of fcoptcmbci. 1,944 '"' United Stales of America, By llobeit ( W. Downs. FSA aimei visor <»\\f DANCE Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nights 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission 'C5c Incl. Tax' Mrs. Dolfon C. Fowlsfon, B. A. M.S. Announces OPENING OF FALL CLASSES ' ' ' ' ' M. in . . PIANO — ORGAN — VOICE Former New York Organist nnd Teacher Pupil of cliireneo Dickinson ' President of Union Thcoloalcnl Seminary School of For Appointment Music r-f FEINBERG'S Final Close-out of All Summer leftovers.... The Most Amazing Values You've Ever Seen! Sale Ends y 10 P.M. The End Of The Season For Better Dresses! •o' •IV Due lo our policy of not L 'iirryiti<r over mcrfliandisc \\c are offcr- niB all heller dresses, values lo $|.[.!)5, ii(— EVBRY DRESS A IHOAI, VAMJK 00 Sale of Spring And Fall Coats! Wise Shoppers Arc Biiyinjj These Wonderful Cents For Now and Liilcr On! MADE TO SKLI> KOK 17.95 to 20.95 Every One HiimJsomcly Tailored and Durably T'laids, Twceda, Pastels and Rlacks, Sixes 9 to -M. HO Dressmaker Coats, Casual Coals, Sport Coats! , , Stylishly Tailored SUITS $12 I'Jaids, Paslcls, Tweeds, Shetlands, Twills. Uroken sizes. PRESSES • "'TV f .1-T.-' ;. All remaining' 4.99'lo (199 -values' in (his group. '-.* • -^ ••-•-.•.' 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