Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
Page 5
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5 ••••'^'' —Fimnk B. Seattle, V. S., Phone m Inspect National Road. A Washington dtopatch^ays: The war department has drnred Lieut Col. Van Schrader to proceed to Fort Scott for the purpose of inspection of the new military road reeentljT constmcted hetween that city and the Nationaf Cemetery nearby. Congress at its last session appropri- ^d $16,000 for this improvement. —See the line of fine Cut Glass for Christmas at Barren's drug store. Another Contract A Washington dlspatoh says of Dieter and Wenzel -who are to hnlld the post office building: The firm of Dieter & Wenzel. of Wichita, have been awarded the contract for the construe- tion of a public building at Trinidad, Colorado: at 965.7M. —Good Things to Bat. "Our-Way.' —Low presiinre gas heating stOTe« apr-K. V. PlnmbiBg Co. BscauBS of lola Shipment Passenger train No. 301 reached Chanute half an hour late yesterday because of a shipment of hot iron pipe from lola weirhing over two tons. Tha shaft was a hurry order from lade*' pendence by one of the cement planta and did not have time to cool befm being loaded into the express car, Chanuto SUB. m i —Drs. Latfcrsp, Osteopaths. Phone 468 Closing Two Per Cent Places. The Pittsburg Headlight says: As far as can be learned the places in the city where "two per cent" and "ginger ale" have been dispensed to the thirsty, have all been closed and in some of the places the fixtures of pine boards, etc.. have moved out and stored away. This move was not made by the proprietors because of any of- licial order from the mayor or officers of the city. Mayor Fisher, however, was aslied for advice in th^ matter of closing and his advice was to "shut up as quick, as they oould." The proprietors held a counsel and conclud ed to close up and stay closed and yes-' terday afternoon and last nisht the moving out process commenced, as If with one accord. This morning practically kll places of the kind have been shorn Of their fixtures and vacant rooms I are all that are left . —4n«lst on JM^vlng. JJ,,.8.' Floar. To Sen Honie. .less Webb and PreS Taylor returned Tuesday evening from a few «'avg <n Ir»Ia w'«ere •»hpv d—'w ipwt Saturday to BtAl a horse, Sliey-Te* turned on the train.—Burlington Republican. Retamed tn HnmbeMt. John Amos returned to Humboldt I«st evening after having spent the day here on business. Cbristmaft Po »tCArd» POSTCARDS j«' SHIPPOrfi TAGS ' NAME CARDS STICKERS SEALS - CALEKDAB PADS A Nice SelecUen at SPENCER* 9 Copyright 1908 by Hsrt,SdMffiicr.& Mine • r For men and ybu^ only. Sale bejins .toiinMNTOW, Friday. 200 SuiWWQi^rcoab that haw^ Now about tlww Tbeie 120.00 8Mt»;are made byStein-Blocli, H0tt, Scbaffoer & Marx, AUo System and Society ^rapd. They an the best bef^Bd la /.mezfea;^rUie mopey. Suits are all flew, up-to-tbe*ffliQtit« styles aiid' patterns—no old timers~ we j'nst simply havie top many of them. Here's your chance to save $6 on a suit fl^li $16.00 offer on fine I90;p0 Overcoatir followi tbrcontinttcd warm weftth- 9tf fisd it meaaf thiat we iiionid nitbcr.take a loss aofrthi^take any cbaaee of carrying them over, Al- flftoit every one of these Gptts were made by Hart, Sotafiner and Marx, and St^n-lNoch, and our gnar- antee goes with them. m 'MM SEE THESE IN OUR NORTH WIN! YOUR tibNsy WiJ^ irjunruNlttD ir yoii AKr |kit ExiUTcHAiicdt wax IS MADr Be Sure and Attend This Great Sale A Smvim0 mfU oM>«irr BuU or Rmm9mbmr )iMm ml« Im for Fhrm dmymmmlym Ro<mis for men, Y: M, a.A- bolIdlBg. steam heat in each room. Hatha trae. ) CaUed on Old Friend. 4 W. Smelser. general agent for the Mutual Pacific. Insurance coufMiny, was In town- yesterday. He is an old acquaintance of Tom Anderson and wei^t to the court house where the commissioners were In session, and called upon him. ' E:aBtern Kani»s is Mr.' Smelser's district. —A fias w Eleetrle StMd Uaip makes kflBe ChrlataNU pre^eift. IL C. Flnnbfaig Co. Discharge Greeks. A gang of Greeks were recently bsent here to work on the M. K| ft T. The section fbreman in charge of the section discharged h'l of them, as he stated they were net worth breaking in and he would not be bothered with them. ' Many of the roads are coming to that view and discharging aU the Greek workmen.—ITt. Scott Republican. —Order your Xmas Ewing ft Burdick. tree now of Old As OLD AOE takes hold of a man his money-making ability growi less and Jess, nntU it finally leaves him alt )getber. Then, unless he has a BANK ACCOUNT of his own to fall back on, he ma;t, during his remaining days, be dependent on the bounty of friends ojr relatives. Don't let snch a fate come to jrou—start a bank axjuitpf your own RliaHT NOW. Pot a little mo^ey in Oie bank whenever you can, to accumulate, and when old aje cones you'Uliave ample provision for it. The State Savings Bank pays THREB per cent interest on Savings Accounts. Fer BeaL . Good store room in brick building close to savings-bank. C. L. WHITAKBR. At the Ceirt Houe. Malcolm' Gray, who travels over Kansas in the Intereat of a Leavenworth publishing company, was al the court house last evening calling on the county officers. -r/I^e only Cafe 'that serves the Genuine Seal Shlpt Oyster. Oar Way. ChMm Cd«i HMMW Sheriff C. O. Botlinger went, to Bourbon county yesterday to aee his mother who is quite lU. The R«pal»- lican says: Bollinger went .down to Arcadia yesterday aftemooo, called there by the aertoas illness of his mother, Mrs. Wiley Bollinger, who has been ill for thjs past several, weeks. Mrs. BtHIIngersI home is at the corner of Twelfth atre^t and Soott avenue, ^a this: city and she was visiting the home of her - idaugbter ih. Arj^ia, when she was taken sllek. Her aon Sheriff Bollinger of Al'.«n conajty, is ahw with her. «iid another son. R«v. Bollinger firrlved here from Iowa ye»- terday morning, and aiao left dnrfng the afternoon for Arcadia. ..The Raristcr waat if rent It er gat.Ktfea 'r^For' fine livery and boarding itablf for horses, see Ralph R. Drake, Phone 101. 218 North Jefferson. Using Aveane Now. National avenue south of Twelfth street Is being used by any teamster or ixitvt who desires to pass over that end of the road. The road is stltl th» property of the contractor, tech- nleallr spoaklng, and many requests to the' olty Jiave been received that the completed piirt of the - road be opened' for.use, but the dty has no say lathe mater. South of Twelfth tixfHit, however, the barriers eeem to hartf'been removed and free traffic is the result Many have driven from' nmddy lanes onto the roadway and sitHi has been scattered about at several crajwiDgs. Mr. Giinilan expects to flntyh'tbe work in a very short ttem BOW and turn the street over to tb*-city.-.-Ft. Scott Tribune. —Hard. Shell Crab, Lobatera, Points. Our Way. Blue Ramsay a Judfl*. The Cherry vide Republleaa sayi Superintendent Ramsay; the Gas City' sohoola: Siiyt.' ^ haa accepted an invltotloa tfvAi- tha principal of the Cherokee Oqa||iy>liigfa school to act as Judge for a dakata to be given at Cherokee Mdajr^ataslng. December IS. «Mr. Baniia]rfa''ai9aas< es will be paid by the litefarjr •odaty. —Tke fhwrt HaTeT tow prapaarB EmOmg Steves ia tka jSl^r^ C Plaahlag Ce. pfeflhaim. --Try Sea VooA Fresh from Ocean.- |if you feel L-"Qur W!ay." bad. . A Slata ' Senator Henry K. Ganse made the address at tiie' Blks* memorial se 'r»- vices in' lola -Soaday. The servloea, were largely alieaded aad the a^dreaa was one of Mr. Oaase'a amal nluterly ones.- Sonatoi' Oanae'^ tha' aea« ate with a stete repatatlaa aa a. pnUle speaker.— ^BorlingtoB Repnlrticaa. 1^' the beaatUnl t &lBis la Ptcard Hand Fainted China at Bafrell'a Drag Store. TMMArcl Ura. M. T< MaaMf fvtarwl yfat«rw day Irna a foar wanks* Tlait wiOi rriatlrw la tola aad 9al««In,*<La»r reaoeGaaotfa; . . •^M)rder yoar-XaiM ~ -traa jBwiak *iBBidJ«|it|^^-;;v|, BOW Opposed H«i«e Plan. .. The Kansas Sheriffs' association held aoieeting In the city court room at ,the county court house yesterday a|tir{ioon and discussed matters per- tatalgc to the Interests of the organi- saUM. The meeting adjourned to IbDMW tor January. 19. After the ii|Wat |Bg' the sheriffs under the gnid- ai|ea. Of Tom Brown were shown ttoMfh the federal prison. This itMt occupied the remainder of the daraatf last night the officers de- Vl^tii^' tor their bomes. More than lerfr were in attendance at the meettaf: 'eh^rfff^Browa took up the mat- taif'pf lb* proposed measure eatab'ish Ink Tprotectfve. homes for the Juvenile <|alt|iqa 'eBte In each county. The-pro- Mffd laaialaUon in this direction wai; JniBBaaed-thoroughly by the sheriffs ai^ Hwaa found that most olf them MaafaM with Sheriff Brown's oppo* Mt^" to the plan.—Leavenworth B. Pepper, Deatiat, Phoae. 1« •aay -Baadlts iKaw. I Officer a JC Webb of the Southern, says the sooth of tbairoad are now b*^: men. wbo^ Praises bsiens. • ' The Indep^pdence Star ha* tha following good word to sar'^f ITrad Oe- lone, formierly of. thif'^Clty: ''Coa- tractor Fred Delone has ahOBt eoBi- pleted all of his contract-woijt V"' this city and has no mora to iBa^atwrtp ed. The work done ift 'th|a dM)r'^ Mr. Delone has all been upto.t^ Terr highest atandard and the paTiw pat In by him'is of the kind tha^Ilfin. -FItj«eraM Steraga aM TtiJpPl" Co. HoaiefeeM aad pliaa pi|V|JiK ii>eitr.n9iim larfeat stera FotOi at Welllnaten; Jack Fetch, the roller 8ka>«r.. '^^\ appeared at the. Audltorluip ago: ii» now at Wellingtoa: tiesvllle Enterprise says: Ji the skatorial arUst. left thia laprahis for WlBlIingtaa. Kas., where jf ^;frtU fill a I three days' engageneat at the rink lo thattpwn. your Xmas Ewln^ ft: Burdldb tree of —HasaD, Fnwaia Water akar tka water aad kflls tta { K. CL FtaaAlat Ca. Special Sale on: Boys' ONi^reoa^ im Anathar Taieon to the Pan. A brother at John Toteoa, who was •eat up fRMB thla conaty for ahpotlag' Ua wife, baa been taken to tha Iteatlary trgm Andersoa ceoaty. The Oarnett Nsws says: BharlfT Bahb re- taraad thla awnilac frem HateUaaoa whara ha waat Moadagr with On Tftl- aoa who waa aaataaead to tha State Bsfmatoiy. Oa tha ratara Mr. Bakh •Hiltafla Tapaka wHk tha X r. Bai- aarfaaily. He aaya tkv are ateaiy kiaatad aad are wen pteaaed witk, that tta their aew home. aiak-te Chanute. MrT and Mrs. n. B. Mdntyre, who] have been Irlsitlag hero, ntorned at! BOOB to lUa. Ifae" was temeily employed at- the Legitimate drug store.—Chaanto Saa. —Always time to eat at the Our Way. Anathar Task. Amther taa|t'haa haea added to thoaa ee tha WHer at the (M^t of- Sea..- He la Bat-aloae la Us woea. for avary freiaht aBee te the UaKed atatoa baa^had tha. saaM task toroed ft It'ta'tha'taddaK oa irf a aaid kauiag tha voad '*iBflaBh aMkte -Ja red lattara apoa cara urn- talaiBg oD. dyaomlto. powder, addaj aod other eiploilvea, « _ —Caaaiashaa * Araetl, t per caai Helmick In Snow. Btena. The Chanute Trthone: aaya.ot Parka Halmiek. foiSMTly e( tha Bagbrtar force: ' Parka H^aiiBk la^araadh Saturday aiskt. ftaaa a-knataiaa ti{lp to Oeavaf."^ CM oC'tba 'lUggiat ManterwUak thaieoeatrrkfea h4d fbr ava yaara tan arhne h» Waa Makii« eaw^lalwe. Citlseaa UvMK a* ~ ' aukiac B'doHi haiiw<telt'te' thiMiH-tha flB aatff I atreat' bamp kft ta Ba- 9P' coadlttaB. -WKh Badwail''dl'Rai^\'^ CecU Ba)^ who .raeaatlr^ from HBqioria; HL, ed IMMB a :bntfBeaa eoIte8a.V: a potftiba<wlUt tharaatty r wen »-Baar. ^^Yk^^'^^t:-^ Wlatda aolaaM^'Jteaaitka'] _ Uveq^an&Ja^^^to^^aat^L:^ lateattttaeMaM^wUak^haii thertiU'art ]Mba ^.l BMW3yaCT;«fcleaa<;jiiimi to iahl^t -TUd ^^euraUa wHh ^great : Baaaltolof ^tlMraatr'twio cate ooBdashrtiyithafe- fantlle eeuma and otherisklBi of ehlMren "can Tie very simpl; by the applfcation of a compou poiwd "of oa .V of • wihtegireea. aad glycariiie; aa.ta'Bi'D. D. 7^ tlOB. . Tha Baf.vLawla Sisalay^ ofV arly.-'Pa^Wrttea:-^ i-^-'^^? blood aad .wi^^ from tbata aaarlF^i^l^tlia^ttpaLi^A^^ hotttaa ot^n ^^n "tnv T-i—fiiiirfirJ ara'a^;baHir; BiJ ^,oQiar.aa9i^

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