The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1965 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
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Thursday, April 8, 1965
Page 4
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PAGE 4 TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Thursday, April 8/1965 Reapportionment Law Challenged By Republicans 425A 7 b w2 GOP alll7a4-6 By HORTENSE MYERS United Press International INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — The Indiana State Central Republican Committee will challenge the constitutionality of the 1965 legislative apportionment act in a suit to be filed within the next 10 days. GOP state' chairman Robert N. Stewart, Announcing a decision of a subcommittee, said "the law; which reapportioned the Indiana General Assembly, if permitted to stand, could very well]destroy the two-party system in! Indiana." William j D. Ruckelshaus, former Indiana deputy attorney general, who with Frank E. Spencer, another former deputy, will handle the legal suit, shared a news conference with Stewart and state Sen. Marlin K. McDaniel, R-Richmond. McDaniel wfll serve as legislative advisor to Ruckelshaus and Spencer. j 48-2 Democratic Ruckelshaus said that if the county-by-county vote totals of" Sen. Barry Goldwater, the 1964 GOP presidential nominee, were used, the new legislative apportionment plan would have resulted:* in |a Senate 48-2 Demo- craticc He said only the'sena­ torial -districts Wayne-Union, and Hamilton - Boone - Tipton would have elected Republican senators. McDaniel said if the vote for the secretary • of state were used, the Senate' would have been 42-8 Democratic. "Senator Goldwater obtained about 44 per cent of the~yote in last year," Stewart said, "but Republicans would have had a 4 per cent representation in the -Senate under the new reapportionment law." Stewart expressed the belief that "the political manuever involving Marshall County will not stand up in a court test." He was referring to one of the new senatorial districts under the 1965 reapportionment plan. Madman Sought After 3 Slayings BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (UPI) — Police in this jittery lakeshore city hunted today for a "madman"'believed to have slain three women and a little girl during the past two months. Three of the victims were found Sunday night in a field, near Watervliet, 'Mich. The fourth was found seven weeks ago in a burned-out house here. All four bodies were nude and had been mutilated. The grisly discovery sent chills through the Benton Harbor area. Police Chief Mertej C. McCarroll declared the situation' an "emergency" and called all leaves and days off for his 48- member force. He ordered his men to "direct as much attention as possible to constant pa- troling and checking." •* The best clues to the killer were a plaster i cast of a tire . mark and a vague! description of a heavyset, dark Negro seen driving an ; old car near the spot where three of the bodies were found Sunday. Ail three lived within a mile of each other in Benton Harbor and had disappeared in the past ten days. The victims were Diane Carter, 7; Mrs. Amelia Boyer, 60, and Mrs. Mary Esther Seagin, 37, alias Mary Jones. Mrs. Boyer was white, the other two were Negro. The head of Mrs. Seagin had been hacked off_.and was missing.. She was identified by police fingerprints. ericans Are Drug Addicts |, (EDITOR'S NOTE: More than : 60,000 Americans -are victims of the narcotics habit with resulting untold, suffering to themselves and their families. In the following dispatch, first of two, a UPI reporter discusses the various types of addiction and what they mean to society and the individuals. TALKS RESUME WASHINGTON (UPI)—Pilots' union representatives and officials of Pan American World Airways planned to meet again in an effort to j settle a weeklong strike against the globe- girdling airline. The sessions began Tuesday under the guidance of the National MediaUon Board(NMB). But, according to Levereet Edwards of the NMB, there has been no progress "other than they're still talking." The pilots walked out in a dispute oyer how - long they should be required to remain on duty in a 24-hour period. All Pan Am flights have been grounded except for a few under military contracts. U. S. SAVINGS BONDS n SPECIAL Extra Transmitter with each Garage Door Operator sold during April George Morrisett OS 5-209G By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — In a dingy room in Harlem, a glassy-eyed man uses a match and a bottlecap to dissolve a few grains of white powder in water. He draws the solution into an eyedropper, fits the eyedropper to a dirty hypodermic needle, and injects it into his arm. The shot of heroin will keep him in a dreamlike trance for several hours. • At a roadside eatery in Ohio, a weary truck driver orders a cup of black coffee. With it, he takes two pep pills which he calls "bennies." They'll keep him awake for the long haul ahead. But they also may give him hallucinations. | On a moonlit beach in Southern California, a group of boys and girls launch a blanket party by gulping "goof balls"— teen-age slang for barbiturate capsules. Washed down with beer,.they're a cheap and dangerous way to get drunk in a hurry. j These people are customers— and victims — of illicit drug peddlers who do about $1 billion worth of business in the United States annually. | Public Concern Mounts | For several years, public concern has been mounting about the drug traffic and the people whose lives are wrecked by it. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy called a White House conference on drug abuse to consider new^ approaches to the problemj In 1963, he appointed a special presidential commission headed by Judge E. Barrett Prettyman to draft legislative recommendations.- Last year, President Johnson forwarded the commission's report to Congress. This year, the President gave new drug laws a prominent place in his legislative program. j Congress clearly shares the concern. One of the bills sought by President Johnson — imposing tight new federal controls over pep pills and goof balls- cleared the House March 10 by a unanimous vote, 402 to 0. Senate approval is expected soon. ! The administration also hopes for speedy bipartisan action on important - amendments to the long-standing federal laws controlling narcotic drugsi such as heroin. These amendments— strongly urged by the Pretty- nian Commission—would make it possible to treat narcotics addicts as sick people to be rehabilitated rather than criminals to be imprisoned without parole. Strict Regulation I Although narcotics, pep pills and goof balls all fall into the category of dangerous addictive drugs, narcotics have been under strict federal regulation for 50 years. Pep pills and goof balls now are under no government control beyond the widely-ignored requirement that they I be dispensed only, by prescription. . The difference is reflected in addiction statistics. The U.S. Bureau of Narcotics estimates that'one American out of every 4,000! is "hooked" on heroin, morphine or some other narcotic: drug. But studies by the National Institute of Mental Health indicate that in some communities 1 out of every 100 persons is dependent on the relatively new stimulant and depressant drugs which would be brought under control v by the pending legislation. Like narcotics, which play an indispensable role in medicine as pain-killers, the new drugs have legitimate and important medical uses. Pep pills, properly known as amphetamines, have an effect on the body similar ito that of adrenalin. They relieve fatigue, make a person feel alert 'and more capable of coping with his problems. 'Physicians frequently prescribe them for patients suffering from mild states of depression. They also are used to inhibit appetite in supervised weight reducing programs, j 'Reason Why Amphetamines become dangerous when they are mis-used to drive the human body beyond' normal limits of endurance! A-truck driver on a long trip 'may keep himself awake for 72 hours or more by going on a "bennie" binge. But the body| finally rebels. The result may| be sudden collapse or hallucinations — either of which can lead to gory highway accidents. Amphetamines also are abused by young people, and some not-so-young people, who take them just for kicks. A person who j is high on pep pills may j commit brutal crimes for the sheer! exhiliration of it. Not long j ago^ three "pepped-up" youngsters in Chicago murdered a grocery store owner. They-pumped 11 bullets into his body; and were still- standing there laughing wildly when the police arrived. Barbiturates are depressant drugs which have an effect n the | central nervous system similar to that of alcohol. They are j prescribed medically to calm jittery nerves and to induce^ sleep. Taken in sufficient quantity by a person who does not intend to go to sleep, they produce a state of euphoric drowsiness,; confusion and loss of judgement which is comparable to drunkenness. Both amphetamines and barbiturates are habit-forming. Queen Jo Host Mrs. Kennedy LONDON (UPI) — Court sources said today that Queen Elizabeth has invited Mrs. John F. Kennedy and her two children to. tea .at Windsor Castle on 'May 14 after ceremonies inaugurating Britain's memorial to the late President. The Queen will dedicate the memorial, a simple slab of stone at historic Runnymede, the site of. the signing of the Magna Charta. > Buckingham 'Palace sources said the tea will be held in the private royal home at Windsor —the Queen's Tower — within the great castle. The party will be less formal than those held in the castle's official state rooms. Mrs. Kennedy has let it be known that she plans to attend the inauguration but nothing was said about her two children—Caroline, 7, and John, 4. It is not known whether other mem-bers of the Kennedy family will attend the ceremony. Runaway Boy Found Living In Chicago VALPARAISO,' Ind. (UPI)— "Charlie Rodgers," an 11-year- old boy who turned up lost in Valparaiso almost two months ago, .was finally returned to his home in Chicago 'Monday. Authorities said,"Charlie" actually wasn't lost at all. He wasn't even "Charlie." His real name is Jerry Sparkman, and officials of the McClaren Social Adjustment School said he is a "chronic runaway" and an "experienced liar." As "Charlie Rodgers," however, the youth had endeared himself to Mrs. Thelma Hineline, Porter County welfare director. After placing him in the Fort Wayne Children's home, she spent days and days trying to locate "Charlie's" home, although the boy could tell her only that he lived in "Hollywood." He did not name the state. "We soon discovered he lived in the northern part of the country," Mrs. Hineline said. "We observed his dialect, the places he spoke of, the food he was accustomed to eating, and the words he used." " After lengthy study, she said, "we had his home town narrowed down to Milwaukee, Cleveland or Chicago:" The search ended as Mrs. Hineline and her staff were in the process of checking Chicago schools. He had been reported missing from the social adjustment school, where he had been Barbiturates have additional dangers, because habitual users develop a tolerance and require increasing doses to get results This frequently leads to fatal overdosage. ' TENBROOKS SEATING IN OCTOBER 100,000 BTU Designed' L.P. Gas Furnace All New Duct Work Filtered Clean Air. 6 Warm Air ^tuns 2 Return Air Runs 500 Gallon Storage System i24 Hour Service On Equipment We Install" You.Can Pay In October, 1965, No Extra Charge You Can Have Easy Monthly Payments 400 GAL. READY FLAME GAS (FREE IN APRIL DON'T WAIT BUY NOW! TENBROOK SALES INC. Tipton 117 W. Main 4 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Sheridan •—Logansport ; Kokomo 700 Berkley Rd. Catholic Church Plans to Modify Marriage Laws VATICAN CITY (UPI)-Vatican sources said today Pope Paul VI plans to modify church laws on marriages between Roman Catholics and non-Catholic Christians. The issue has been a major source of friction with Protestants. .. Qualified informants said the Pope will announce the changes soon in a papal document inown as a "motu proprio" (by his own will rather than waiting for completion of canon law revisions now being made. Marriages between Catholics and non-Catholics are now permitted only when the non-Catholic party formally pledges not to interfere with the Catholic's practice of religion and to have all children raised in the Catholic Church. Canon law obliges the Catholic to" work "prudently" for the conversion of the non-Catholic. Form of Guarantee These provisions, it was reported today, will be changed by the Pope to the form of a guarantee from both partners to respect the other's religion. The qeuestion ofthe religious education of the children would be dealt with by "a moral guarantee" from the Catholic to do all in his or her power to remain faithful to Catholicism and raise ; the children in that faith. Plan Revision Sources said the pontiff also planned to revise the church law on marriages involving Catholics performed by a non- Catholic clergyman. As canon law stands now, such marriages are considered invalid and make the Catholic party liable to excommunication. According to Vatican sources, the Pope plans to modify this part of canon law to recognize the validity of such a marriage even though the church would still -consider it "illicit." transferred from another school because of misbehavior, including a two-month journey in Iowa that was similar t o his Valparaiso "vacation." He lives with his mother and five brothers and sisters in Chicago. But the boy stuck to his story, even when confronted in Chicago by people who knew him,. Mrs. Hineline said. "He had to hold back the tears when I said 'Good-bye Charlie'—and I had to call him 'Charlie' because that's tHe only name I knew him by," she said. Bake Sale, Sat. April 10, at 9:30 a.m. Redigas Store in Windfall. Sponsored by 'Twill Do Home. Demonstration Club. C-161 By PHIL NEWSOM . UPI Foreign News Analyst For exactly a year now Brazilians have been living under an austerity program as touch as the grim career-.soldier who in April. 1964, took over from inept and leftist-leaning President Joao Goulart. But this week, when President Humberto Castello' Branco marked the first anniversary of Brazil's revolutionary regime by' accepting another $43.4 million in U.S. loans, there was further' proof that austerity is paying off. The loans under the Alliance of Progress • will go into electric power projects, highways, low-cost housing, water works and expansion of the metal cement and plywood industries. Part of Pledge 'The money was only" a part of the $350 million which the United States has pledged to sh'ore up the Brazilian economy. But • equally important was the new vote of U.S. confidence in the new regime's- pledge not only to save Brazil from communism but also'to restore economic and political stability. Brazilians still grumbled because still plaguing the . country was the inflation which through three successive administrations had nearly wrecked- the cruzeiro and which reached a peak under Goulart. One year ago the Brazilian housewife had to pay 170 cru­ zeiros for two pounds of black beans. Today she pays 320 cru­ zeiros. Sugar has gone up from 140 cruzeiros a year- ago to 312. Rate Stabilized But today the unofficial rate of the cruzeiro b :>2gged at 1,830 to the dollar, exactly'what it was^ a year ago and in itself a mark of international confidence in the tnew regime. During Goulart's 31. months in office the cruzeiro fell from 250 to the dollar to nearly 2,000. The Castello Branco regime has carried out reforms by remarkable use of the carrot and the stick.* To workers grumbling about rising prices and decreased purchasing powers he granted a'pay raise from $23 to $35 by raising the minimum wage 57 per. cent. The, unions had demanded a 100 per cent raise. Relieves Crumbling The president thus relieved, some of the grumbling and at the same time indicated he would hold the line against excessive demands. At the same time he promised easy credit and tax reductions on imports for compa-' nies agreeing to hold down prices. I The Brazilian coast of living jumped about 85 per cent last year. It had been forecast at 140 per cent. Next year the government hopes to cut it to less than 5 per cent and around 10 per cent thereafter. Under government pressure, backed by the military, the Brazilian congress has passed laws for land reform, a tightened system of tax collection and an even break for foreign investors. The Almanac By United Press International Today is Thursday, April 8, the 98th day of 1965 with 267 to follow. The morning star is Mars. " The evening stars are Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Mary Pickford, the American actress, was born on this day in 1893. On this day in history: In .1730, the first Jewish congregation to be organized in America consecrated its synagogue in New York City. In 1865, General Grant asked General Lee to surrender in the name of his Army of Northern Virginia. In 1935, Congress approved money for the Works Progress Administration to increase employment. In 1952, President Truman seized the steel industry to forestall a general strike. A thought for the day—When Ulysses S. Grant was inaugurated in 1859, he said: "I know no method to secure the repeal of bad or obnoxious laws so effective as their stringent execution." Wall Street Chatter NEW YORK (UPI) —Martin Gilbert of Van Alstyne, Noel & Co. says the market is showing excellent defense power and he looks for a sidewise formation that could lead to a strong base from which a new upward swing could begin. Gilbert says that in this respect the over-fall technical pat- em is favorable with considerable bottom support in the 880 area in the ,Dow-Jones industrial average.' Stanley Heller & Co. says that participation in a growing number of well established secondary issues may prove especially rewarding over the coming 93$ifg)as the public's confidence continues to grow. SYMINGTON OK WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen. Stuart Symington, D-Mo.,' was reported in satisfactory condition today after undergoing surgery for removal of gallstones. The 63-year-old senator was expected to remain hospitalized for about 10 days. AMBULANCE SERVICE..... anytime Day or Night Our Two Ambulances Are Fully Equipped With Oxygen 'oung. - yjicliotfi y 0 FUNERAL HOME 216 W. Jefferson OS 5-4780 Clark, Dodge & .Co. says the fact that the market does hot yield in the face of the disturbing months as the public's eon- and the international monetary problems is a good indication of its internal strength. 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