The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1944
Page 2
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2 Monday, September 4, 1944 jtofeergfielb Califomfan Allies Take Brussels, Push to 10 Miles From Antwerp Continuril l-'rom P.i - "i'- 1 into and MVIITII? 45 miles . CCM-I il i;c.,;i;e S. ration's Tlilrd eastward imn the r.ipiial. Helman Arn • taken DIP Cerrnan village troops nccompunird tlie Tommies '• of I'>-il. just inside tlie Xa/i border into the city. The r5rilifh pus'ned north and east ol Hi n- towards Ant\\eip. lv inHcs It) th* <north. I.ouvain. II miles to lite cast the valley of the M. u.-.- toward tin Drive Through Meuso Vullry a bo', - AIM/ on swinly ! |'.-nt..n- tanks ami me cliani/e-il | M . •N. Milkmu f.inti--. . i'i"iMlin« uneler a new si" i i; v', wi-ri' poimelitiK Twei ai-.neired columns of Ann-ii i an Fh^i Army choppe-el tbiouuh southern lielc'ium in a eli'ive' alonu the valley eif the Mease toward th' Irian.!; le formed by Hie Pelm.ii^. Tute-h nnd Gi'irnnn boreli rs. 1'Yon' ve^jioris sai'l the- A me-ricans ; ( 'harle-nii. .Mons aivl X.imiir arnl re^K-he'd the .irea "f IJei^e, and -in nni'onrirme'l <;ernian btnadinsi .-.'.'I ihe Yanks we-ve tiuli'iuL.' on tl.>' '-'~' side- e»f tlii' .Maas '"an.!!, on li':l' 'i soil and only about V^ mile* 11 tin' German Chincla ml city e-i Aaehrn. Another unconfirmed irpnit via StLiekhedni paid units of 1 ,ieuu-n'i lit- i' 11 1; ions em a lin-'mile ipont I'iin 'ne l.uxembouru bonier tei Nan- 1 -, and i-adio I'ram-e at Alyiers ; •••aid Mie\- e-aptureel both .Vancy and .M' i/ 'lie latter barely L'd miles we-sl ' M i ,• : many. II. a.l.iuarters said oni\ that Thirel ; A i. foi-r-e>s were operating in the 1 X-: a '- area and east of Ktain. I I .in." ' asi of Verdun anel _',"i mill's .<. • • ,.: .\|.•!•/.. 'lie ' ii'rmans. forced bae-U more ' !i ' n i"" miles in four day:- 1 , w ere at j Ic :r Sii'wfrii'd line on the Thirel i' ! rout and tailing hack at lop | -I'.'e'l louarel that he'll of feii't il'ica- lii.n e.isi ,,f r.clKiuin and the N'elh- erlatiels, and obscr\ers be'lieved the next few days mii^hl re-venl whe'thci- or not they could make a stand on i Admiral Georges Thierry D'Ai'Keu- FICJllTS ACJAIX— Taken prisoner by flernians In .lune. 11)40, Rear Iheir w esl wall. I The campaign to crush riormany j has no\v developed largely inio a I ha tile between Allied supply and lilerman transport. The question now i> whelher i lie Nazis can get enough i men and material home quickly j enough to Keep ahead of the Allied j Maybe you have a wife anrl young- Mipply columns and dig In solidly | sters. Maybe you're new out here behind ihe Siegfried forts. In the West. And ma \ be you figure > Far to the west, ('anadian arid] P.ritisli troops rolleii swiftly through ' ! t he few remaining miles of French To a Boilermaker about a better job you'd like to connect with a blp and permanent company. Yon know best. Anyway, we'll tell you nbout the Job. It's with Southern r.vific In our big railroad Shops or Roundhouses. General boilermakiiiR on railroad equipment . . . locomotives, rolling stock, etc. Working •with "good stuff" on interesting jobs. Keeping the railroad on the tracks, you might Fay . . . keeping the war trains rolling:. A good gang to work wi'.h—m?n you'll .like. Men who've found there's something just a bit different about railroading—more exciting, more Interesting. New higher railroad pay. Liberal age limits. Kail- road pass privileges. Fine pension plan. Medical services. All of which adds up to a better than usual job with a good outfit. We think you'll like it. How about cominsr in and seeing us? Sec or Write B. W. MITCHELL S. I'. Station, Biikersfield, or Tour Nearest S. P. Agent lieu, e'.seape'd to England and joinee] Ge-ne-ral iJe Gaulle. He? now e'Ommands Kreni'h naval forces in the I'niteel Kingdom. Democracy Stressed at Faculty Meeting soil held by the Cermans iilony the; "Siuilents should be made to feel cliannel roast. ,],;,, ,|n>y are pan of American dei anadiaii tio..p~ raptured Abbe- ',,,,,, -racy and owe a responsibility to vllle, ilnivi> across the Soinine river ' t |,at democracy." declared Principal and advanced -ei miles aloiiK Ihe Kennclh \V. ;:ich at the first K;ist coast to within about 2.'i miles of , P.aUei sfield Iliuh Se-hoo] faculty I '.on i' n.' ne. At Ihe same time, lirilish i mec>tiim of the year week. Second Ai-niy lorces tin list. :'!) miles, Mi. I ;icli sn«Kest c'd lo t lie teachers northwest of Arras lo captured A ire. (hat. they take time to promote ;I4 miles west-southwest of Boulogne, 'democratic ideals amons students. ',', I miles southwest of ('alais and 2G i Twelve ni'w faculty members were miles south of I iunkeri| ue. ^introduced to !!_' of last year's returning staff members. Special duties and assignments for the new HI liool \ear which begins Tuesday were announced. Following the faculty meeting, teachers assumed special duties in connection with freshmen registration. Bing Crosby to Sing Germans' Favorites 1,0\IK>.\. Sept. -1. (#1— Ring Crosby will sing a lew songs, longtime favorites with the Germans, tonight in a recorded A MS IK broadcast to be beamed to Germany. Tlie crooner will sing in German and preface tin- songs with a brief talk in Gorman savins Hie I'nilod States has no Gestapo and that everyone is 1 1 e-c to pursue liberty and happiness. A similar program was beamed te> Norway last night by the American br dcasting station in Kuropc. America's War Workers Bekins Vanlinen ue ready to move your furniture anywhere— without crating expense. War workers are given priority service. Regaredless of the distance, your belongings arc transported bouse to bouse. The loecal Bekins agent can answer all your questions about long (distance moving. Please call well in advance. Galbraith Van and Storage Co. Telephone 3-0165 2712 Chester Avenue texol Agetnt tor VAN LINES CO. Offices or Agents in All Principal Cities Tokyo to Mobilize National Reservists It.v AKMK i;i led PI-OHH \Viih the war creeping steadily closer to Ihe .lapanese homeland. WIDE GAP TORN IN GOTHIC LINE LAST NAZI CLEARED FROM FLORENCE ROAD T'.OMK. Se-pt. 4. OW—Tiritish nnd Oanaelian ireieips eif the' Kij,-ht h Army, sl.-oamiiiK through a 20-mile Kap in the" Germans' vaunted Gothic I,ine. have' artvane-ed a ilistane-e of J 2 mile's at some points anil have planteel llie'ir artillery well \vilhin rjintfe of the- Aeiriatie' city e>f Iliinini. Allied hpadnnarters announe.'ed today. On the western cnel eif the- front, meanwhile-, tlie? bulletin saiel, the l-'lflli Army lias e-h'ared the last of the enemy frum high ground overlooking tlie> important lateral reiiiel between 1'isa a lie) l-'lorcm-e>. Tlie> nap tin n in tllp easti'rn e'lid of II" 1 Gothic Line evti'nelcel inlanel freiin tin' pent <if T'esnrei, on which I'ollsh loroes lishtene'd thr-ir m'jp by routine, mil Ihe last stubborn poe-ke-ts eil resislane-e and exe-eMitin^' an encir- e-liiiK elrive to tho e-eiast iilnie>st 1J mile's tn the north. Graelara. 10 mile's above Pesaro, \vns caught in the H\vr>e>p. N:r/.i Casualties The I'oles inl'lie-leei serious e-asnnl- tie's upon II"' Nazis. I'aptnrinvr liirsp numbers ol paratreieipers, ine-ludinp: a battalieui i-ominaiiiler anil other'1'i- j OI'I'S. As the I'oh-s swerve-el in toward (he coast Cnnaelian feirees Inunc-hcel a powerful l\vo-pron^i'e] drive, which I'MVe'leipcil l'ii-ce>. 2 miles south of e",r;iilara. drove on to ceinstal reinti 1 Hi. est.-iblishintr a strong Viridsehpael eive'i- (lie ("einca river about :'. mill's Iron) iis mouth. her f "a naelia n e-olmmi elri^'iiiL; Uortluxi-st ca |it u ri'il San e"lio- ne-ar ihe \Yutc-na river anil iei'e-i 1 liuhtiiiLj—during \\'hie-h il freely by both side's, important points of •in and (Iridoll'o. s De'stroyecl The' ('.inaili.ins said the; Vontena was likely to prive a more' serious obstacle tlian the 1 Conca. All bridges aeToss il have been destroyi'il. Throimh the' Cashed (lotliic line', the Allie-s i-mcrm'el into the lOmilian ! ami Lombarel |)lains. ideal for the | tank warfare 1 , and were in a position to cut (••wifely all trjermnn com- mnnii'atiems to the Iteicb and Balkans and to outflank the> rest eif the I'.eithic line'—a chain eif mile hifih mountain petitions across the narrowest part eif north Italy. West of Fleirence. American elivi- sions of tlie Fifth Army made new nains aloriK the» entii-e front, battling llireuiKh thunelerstorms for advanees up to 7 mile's north of Pisa, where the famous leaning tower was ele- clared undamaged. Amon^ towu>i top|iled were Spicchio, La J'orccchio, Slabbiii. anil J'sanate, Britain Enjoys Lull in Robot Bomb Raids LONDON. Sept. -4. OP)-- Britain enjoyed another raid-free night last night, extending to 61 hours the time which has elapsed since the last flying bomb fell in this country Friday afternoon. The i ill was the longest since the Nazis first loosed their robot assaults, and Hrilons began to see an end to the "V-I" battle as tile Allied armies over-ran more launching sites on the French coast. Meanwhile, there was speculation that with Britain gradually winning freed.nn I'rom attack the Nazis might turn their robots loose on Paris, further east. Dispatches from Paris yesterday said tlie French Air Ministry had corroborated a report that robots had /alien in the Seine basin within radius of about -10 miles Paris on Saturday morning, announcement said there casualties and slight damage did not specify where the 1 fell. from T he- were bill iimbs Allies Bag 41 Jap Warplanes -Cillifop ninli-N'EA Tplcpheitei | OLD (.I.OKY FLIES—American troops plant Old Glory in rnuz/.le of j knockeel-oul Naxi RUII utup cll.'ulel of St. .Main. Krani'e', where- "Mael j CeileinPl" and stubborn German troops held out for 11 elays asainst ^I'anks. I'hoto by diaries .Haae'ker, .\KA-Acme photographer for war pie'ture pool. Finland Surrenders to Reds, Begins Peace Talks announe-ed today plans lo step up lioTiie defense.? measures with a nation-wiele mobilisation of the- "national .'eservists organization. 1 ' "Kvory member of the- national reservists organization," said a broadcast recorileii by ilu- Associated I'ress. "with branches throughout the length and broailth of ihi- empire, will be rnublli/.ed to form home di'leuse units. "Thi.s movement, which is considered one of the most important since Ihe inauguration of the organization, will be launched with appropriate ceremonies at dawn September 11." HOY DIES LOS AXGKLKS, Sept. 4. (,f)—A six-yi-ar-old boy. Kllelolfo Fierro, elied late last, night as tlie result, I'olie'o Lieutenant L. I'. Hale saiel. of drinking more than a pint of whiskey. ITALIAN PATRIOTS OI'EN MUST UK; BATTLE HKUN, Sepl. A. (UP) —Italian frontier advices saiel today that Italian Patriots, heavily armed with oe|nip- mont dropped by parachute, opened their first big-scale attack in northern llaly and after fierce fighting eiee-upied three village's. The Patriot bands were com- •manded by Itleire Superti. former Italian army officer. They de- sceneleel from the mountains dominating Slri'sa on l^ike Maggioro and in a swift action seized Cannobia, Intrti, and ('Pallanza. German end Italian Fascist forces of undetermined strength were surrounded and forced to surrender, the border advices saiel. lUNCH-ffOX STOMACH sr& " MX* War work and hasty lunch-box meals sometimes result in upset digestive systems. PEPTO-BISMOL. helps to relieve stomach distress and discomfort - and to retard simple diarrhea. Tastes food and does good. When your stomach is upset -ask your druggist for PEPTO-BISMOL. A NORWICH PRODUCT Security League Agreement Near Continued From Pat-*o Ono 2. Tlie placo of the small stales— nil agreed they should have a place on tlie council In which the four bitr powers (five when France comes im woulel dominate. Tlie question: How much ejf a voice should the small nations have in elecidiiiR on wlie-n to use force against potential aggressors? Russia originally said none. The< Tnited States and Britain urged a limited veite for them. .'!. The eirgani/.ation of force—believing In the principle of an international force. Russia urged creation of an international air force. The I'nited States proposed use eif national feirces automatically at the direction of the proposeel council under an International supreme command. The British espoused the supreme' I'ommaue) Idea: made no special plea as te> how the forces should be eirganix.ed. F readiness to eli.sarm any Germans who might attempt to stand in northern Finland. The loss of Finland, coming on the het'ls of Rumania's declaration of war on Germany and the break in relations with Bulgaria, was ex- pecti'd to hi' a serious bleiw to the Xaxi war economy. The Finnish mines in the north were the last: source of nickel open to the 1 Xa/.is. who also relied heavily in Finland for copper and other 'minerals and wood. Russian armies mopped up the last resistance in southern Rumania today and sent flying columns racing northward along the Hungarian border and west toward a junction with .Marshal .losip Tito's guerrilla forces in Yugoslavia. Soviet armored columns, pushing swiftly . southward from But'hare'st and i.'onstanta. moved ill) to the Bulgarian frontier on a W4-mile front and e-xpanded their grip on tlie northern bank of the Danube to L'llO mile's, stretchint; from the river's. Black sea estuary to the in- lauil port of Ginrgiu. North and west of Bucharest and Ploesti, the Russians sei/.enl more than 4U towns and villages in a drive toward Yugoslavia and Hungary. At Rasvaeln. Russian forces were :)5 miles cast of Tilesti, highway and railway junction J37 miles from Yugoslavia where Marshal Tito's Partisan forces were reported within I'd mill's of Belgraele, the capital. 1'itesti was reported bypassed in tlie race toward the Danube river's iron gate, hut there was no confirmation from Moscow. rn PiiKc Olio A. Second Red army force, augmented by Rumanian troop;-, Look Vak'iiii ele Mnnte, 15 miles north of Ploesti. and drove to within :>5 miles northeast of Brasov, seven-way road and five-way rail junction only (J miles from tlie 1940 Hungarian boarder. (The German I).\B news agency Tcpeirted today the Russians had launched a new offensive in tlie Wysskov area. -S miles northeast of Warsaw, indicating that Marshal Kemstantin K. Roko^sovsky's First AVhite Russian army was extending tlie breadth of its offensive, contrary to early German reports that ! it had halted to regroup after bloody ' battles northeast of the Polish capital.) A lull was reporteil on the remainder eif the eastern front. ItOR TO COXTIXI K KTGHT IX \VAKS.\U LONDON'. Sept. 4. (L'.R) —Polish quarters in Lejnelon said toelay that General Heir's underground forces will continue their almost hopeless fight in Warsaw, despite a previous announcement that the battle had been suspemled because of shortages of food and ammunition. ll was believed that Polish quarters here urged P.or to make a new effort to hold out against the Germans on the assurance that supplies would lie rushed to Warsaw. The previous announcement saiel that German troops had crushed tlie unelergrounel resistance in tlie old section of the city, where J-!or had reported thu outbreak of an epi- elemic. ARVIN LINE Time Schedule DX . . SH . . DX . . SH . . SH . . DX . . SH . . DS . . SH . . SA . . DX . . SH . . D . . . SH . . DX . . SH . . D ... S . . . D . . . nkfl<i. *• 8:00 »« 0 :00 **]! :(l(l ** 1 ::»<) ** 1:.'{() •* 1:00 ** 5:00 ** 9:00 ••10:00 **11:00 Arvin • R:." • H :.YT "*lli :00 • 2:20 ** 2:20 ** 4:50 Kerne TYhapi Mon'lilh Mojnve ••12:15 •* 1:15 1:27 " .'Ml ** 5:115 *• :(:20 ** fi:05 *« • * I : 15 4:05 * ft:55 "10:57 •12:00 "11:25 •"J2:00 Mojave Mun'litli T'lliupi Kecno Arvin Itkitd. 8 :M 8:45 5:15 5:40 5:50 * ¥ * * .5:05 6:15 I :liO :i:liO 6:00 »i:00 6:55 ' !l :(KJ MO: 00 MU :o(l » 1:00 • 2::<0 ' 4:20 * 6:15 > 6:45 ' 7:47 ABB11EVJ.AT10NS: D—Daily ; DS—Dully cxwpi SH tin-day; DX—Daily except Sundays uud holiday*; SA—.Satnrdavs only ; SH—Sundays and holidays only; S—Simdiiys only; •—-Arrive' **—Depart; Afternoon schedule appears in liludifaa' type. SAVE TIME—SAVE MONEY Buy Our 10-Ride Commutation Books TERMINALS: Bukersfleld, Greyhound Bus Depot: Lament, Arvin Mutual Water Co.; Arvin, Arviu Pharmacy ; Clear Creek, Clear Creek Service Station; Keene, KI Rita Slejre; Tolmchupl Squires Cafe; Monolith, White's Store; Mojave. Fehrensen Drug Store. May I recommend C A LI F O U N I A BURGUNDY The PRIVATE STOCK \VL\E of California Monte Cristo Wines are selected from the finest California vineyards by rec- opnizcd connoisseurs. If you are one of those who inevitably chooses the best, wo know that you, particularly, will enjoy this truly fine Burgundy. Listen to"Tlte Count of Montr Cristo", new ilrumtitic radio program—*•<•<• .your local newspaper for station and time. PERAITA WINE COMPANY • SAN FRANCISCO West's Largest Jewelers • 17 Stores to Serve Youl UlillMU Sells more DIAMONDS than any firm in the West 1434 Nineteenth Street, Bakerafleld The Ideal Gift This Christmas YOUR PORTRAIT * 25 Beautiful Bronze PORTRAITS EACH * SIZE 6 x 8 INCHES * Proofs shown No appointment necessary This Christmas remember those dear to you with the gift that will always be treasured — your portrait. Order NOW! All overseas mailing must be sent by October 15th for Christmas LISTEN TO "MUSICAL PORTRAITS" FEATURING HOFFMAN and GARRETSON SUNDAY 8:15 P.M. - BLUE NETWORK AUSTIN STUBIOS OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE » 1524 Nineteenth .Street Phone 3-0930 BAKERSFIELD DAILY HOURS: » A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays 1 P. M. to 6 P. M. Cunt IIHIIM! l-'nini I'agp Onn in the Moluccas on MncArlhnr's route lo the Philippine! 1 . Three were sunk near Fe>rmosa. eyed by the Vnitod States command as a future base for bombing; Tokyo. Three were nil near Hongkong included a submarine probably sunk. Two were bombed by ;r solitary navy plane eiff Iwo in the P.onin group, where Tokyo reported carrier planes struck in fore-e-. Allied ground forces drove toward Tiddim in southwest Jinrma after a Inn.mile push through monsoon- soaked jungles from Imphal. India. Mritish spread out along tH'e west bank of the ('hindwin along another .lapanese flight route from India. With L'll.OOO square miles eif northern Burma recorniue'red. Chinese troops have driven 3f> miles down a central valley from Mogaung and are approaching Unpin. Across the border in China. .Japanese rushed in reinforcements into the Lungling area. A new Nipponese drive in southeast China carried the Invaders to within 50 miles of the United States air base at Lingling. Ickes Gets Power to Seize 4 Coal Firms \VASllI.\r.TON, Sept. 4. UP>— President Koosevelt today empowered Secretary Ickes to seize and operate four Pennsylvania bituminous coal companies tied tip In labor disputes, and threatened to take over Cfi other mines If their production is interrupted by threatening j disputes. Tlie four companies ordered sei'/ed are all in Pennsylvania. Tlie total | of 70 is scattered over Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky. Prior to today's action, the government had seix.ed 10 mines. Involved in the walkout are demands by tlie new supervisors' union of thP rnilcd Mine Workers District 5 fin- recognition for bargaining purposes Bullitt Called Nazi Sympathizer, Spy MOSCOW, Sept. 4. <U.E>—t'mistilli- till Demidnv. Pravcla political commentator, denounced William C. Hullitl. former American ambassador to Russia, today as a Nazi sympa tliizer "anil bankrupted spy trying to incile a crusade against the Soviet L'nion." The main target of the attack was a recent maga'/ine article by Hullitl, which Demidov charged contained :io falsehoods—"a lie for almosl every five lines, establishing a world record and making ('loehbcls and Com- panv envious." (iUKKK LIBERATION NEAR \V.-\SH1XCTOX, Sept. 4. (^Pi- Secretary of State Hull said today he believed that inclusion of Greek resistance representatives in the government in exile at Cairo would "speed the now imminent liberation of Greece." I'Thebest pieced ^orkever" Ihe customer had been there only once before. He had left his car to be serviced. Now he was back to have his car lubricated a second time. When the job was completed, he handed an envelope to the service station salesman and, with a grin said, "Read that sometime." Then he was gone. Inside the envelope was a letter to the president of the company complimenting the salesman for the excellent work done on his car. In it he wrote, "This was the finest grease job I ever had done on my car, and every time I put my hands on the wheel I feel like saying thank you." Happily, it has not been unusual for one of our lads to get a pat on the back for work well done. But we other Standard Oilers are pleased that such letters still flow in from the public constantly— even in these war times. For the station salesmen are our "front men." Drillers and refiners and stenographers may work just as hard at their jobs. But it's these lads in the stations who meet the public. Hence, it's nice to know the public approves them—despite their wartime handicaps. It's a condition, not a theory, that motorists must get along on little so that the military services may have much. And our "front men" serve the very people who must accept these shortages. Nevertheless, the letters show appreciation and understanding. Best of all, they appraise at high worth those extra efforts our salesmen make to stretch existing supplies into extra civilian miles. To the rest of us, that's inspiring — a sort of "E" flag from the public. , (flag, with 3 ttan. •wardld la emr (Mchnweid Ittinexy STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA Have Your Eyes Examined Open a Charge Account GLASSES • That arc right for your eyes anil your job. CONSULT DR. R. F. ABRAMS OPTOMETRIST 1S07 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-733S Used Radios Radio and Appliance Co. Fox Theatre Building 2015 H Strut, Dial 4-4058 DORMAN PHOTO SHOP 1673 Chester Avenue Special Rates to Babies, Servicemen and Women Open After 6 P. M. and Sunday by Appointment PHONE 8-8793 RECORDS Sec HARRY CITRON Expert Mi Qwtuieti Watch

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