Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1907
Page 5
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At the Grand Opera Hongc, TIIURSDAY,^ DECEHBEB 19. THE lOL.V VJBTERINART HOSPITAL h[\s been moved to 214 West street, 111 ilic now brick building Just completed and Is equipped with an operating table and all the latest applir .auces for the Humane and SclentlBc troatnient of Oomesttc Animals. Calls made anywhere night or day. Phone i;W lor hosplUil or residence. FRANK S. CEATTIE. V. S., Proprietor. DIt. J. F. JAMESON, The Snccrssful Anc- (louerr, Veterinarian. Farm sales or PcdtKmtl Ktock snlrs innde anywhere. Veterinary calls answt-rcd tlay or iiiKlit. Office witli L> OUK 1<>»< Ilios. IMiouc t3. residence 210 lOI.A, -KANSAS. Our liine of Christmas Cigars are unequaled. Popular brands In popular sizes in either 5c or loc stock. Beautiful plate Calendars lor J908 given away SPENCER'S I,ow in price llut high in qaality. One .of these rings may be ja^t what yon are looking for to give as i( Christmas Present. We have handreds of beautiful design^ to select from in single and combination stone Bc ^s, and since Christmas is now bnt a few days away we would like to wait on you now while we can give you the best of attention. BeauHfut Solid BoUSmt RIagm, SLBO mmd up Mo. I'ac., Santa Fe and M. K. k T. Watch Inspectors. CITI NEWS. One Dolhir In Script or Money Is SooU for J $L'.7») worth of Sanltol goods at J. D. Mundis & Co. This offer closes Ueceiuber Ulst, ftTEYER'S QROCERV Good Things to Eat. T €le|>hoDe 159 POOH COM.MISSIO.NKII Wni. Knapp reports that in the past few day.s a number of people have asked for coun ty aid. They were mostly people puss ing through the city, however. Four choice miik coi {.s, three hoi-ses, harness and wagoji will be sold Satunluy at ihu feed yard, com moiiclng at 2 o 'clock sharp. Chas. bishop. •: . THE STATE has employed Ewins. (>ard & Gard to assist hi (he prosecution of v. II. Wlieaton who's^ charged Willi nianslaughler in being i-oii- nerteil witii the criiuiiiai : operation perl'oi-uied up<ni .Miss .Maude Keilly who dieil receiuly. (let your 1 lolly and Mistletoe at I'lwiiig (t Hurdlck's. ' IT IIA.S ltKE.\ rpjMirted fo Dr. Onl Christian ihal a family named Stovall. living between Oas Clfy and L.;i Marpe, has smallpox. The .home has been iiuarantlned. . Messenber Hoys will deliver Christmus iiackaues fur yua to uDy place in the eity. You ran {M>t them any time ut tile tVesteru Cnion oAice^ DistlUei liter one hundred pounds ol Crystal Ica will make 12 gallons of distilled water aaltahla lor (amily use. Try It lolalce&ColdSttngeCa FRANK RIDDLE. Mjr. •I I'EI:L conlident that announce- nieui will be made Monday that the State llank of Arcadia has .been reorganized and will soon be ready to re-open." This was the statement made last night by W. T. Watson of lola. a state bank examinec^^ Mr. Hey There f "Where ^e you going?" "Going after a sack of Um Sm Pmimnt Flour. My wife won 't use anything else." Mlmwiom HUgm St £7if« Oom mm' Get in a Supply of Canned Goods Pure Cream Corn, 3 cans I'or dozen Tomatoes, 2 cans Per dozen Hunt Pros. Gallon Peache.<. can Per dozen Electric Peaches, jier can Per dozen 1,. C. Sliced Peacheg, per can . Per dozen Pick AVick I'eas. i; cans Per dozen '. Gallon Apples, per can I'er dozen 2»i pound Apples, 2 cans Per dozen there," he said, "ond 1 thought that 1 would go U {i and take a look at ii. They will probably need mora money anyhow now that they have the Wliil- low trial, the Crevlston trial, and the Whitlow trial to pay for. .My neighbor who owns property In that county, tells me that his taxes were nearly double this year what th?y wt ?re last year!"—Chanute Tribune. LItutenant Planden Will b« at Armory of Company M. Tor^ght. The annual Inspection of Company M, the local company of guards. Is to be held tonight In the armory building on South Jefferson avenue. The Inspection Is to lie made by l.iinitenant Coloiiul Flanders of the First Kansas Infantry, who wa» former ca))taln of Company I of the famous Twentieth Kansas. The Inspection tonight will mean much to Com- imny M, us the showing made tonight may depend largely upon whether or; r.ot the company will be retained I here. Sewral years ago the Signal i Corps wns mustered out shortly after the r.'gu'ar Inspection by Colonel Metcalf. .Many of the old Company I, Twea lieili Kansa.s boys are living In lola and there will probably be a reunion of ths Comimny I bo>'s and their for- iiifT captain after the Insjiection tonight for a talk almut old times In the Philippines. The members of company 1 who are now^ in town arc Walter Hull. O. R. Christian. Chas. Smeltzer. Scott fJard, Fred Nelson. Earl Chastain, Bert Miller, Herbert Wliittaker. Martin Overmyer. A'fred Pennlger. Chas. Ilobinson and Fuller Sweorlngen. The inspection Is to be open to the public. Free dirt nt Lnccock'a. •calds H thonoiWy Mm naioftjuid I I TM It ft Mm t«tii totwwMa tlT^ koowi that If h«r china la ww It wlU tahit tha •%a|tortkftMsMdetBlt T^ftmpaehla • &um:. In th«.alMiach Ml d«i«Mva •ad BQtrlUTf tMiiu ara performod pro- •iMai wMcb Bte dnaat exactly Ilka the chumlnc of tatter. It It not apparent then that l( thh stomaeh^hunf la foul it Bakes foul all which la put Into It? The evil of a foul stomach is not alona Contract Let fcr Piano and Spoeiflca- tlons.—directors Elaetion in January. (Humboldt Herald.) R H. Leitzbaieh was in Topeka VVfidnesday attending a meeting of the board of directors of the Ham- bold t Portland Cement company. The contract for the plana and speelfl- The cvH or a loui siomacn is not aione i cutlona of the plant were let at thia Ue bad,taste In the month a»d. the foul meeUng to the Froebom Cbnstruo breath caused by it. but the corruption of! tlon company of Kansas City. It is I'ipes of all descriptions at Brown's Smoke House, East Side. .1. W. LAWELI.IN, one of the oldest settlers in .-VnHerson county and who is known by many lola people, lied Saturday evening about five Vclock and the funeral was held yesterday at Garnetf Tit nine o'clock. The remains were Interred at Sclplo. P. E. Waifrk, Dntlst Pkaae IM IflBce arer Birrell't Drag SUra. MAX llKAl.ES. ar.ent for the Northwestern. Is alile to lie at his olUce igaiu after a sj>oll of sickness lasting :iearly a month. He Is sti'l very weak Mil is able 1 (1 ItMik after Ills Imslnesa. Phone 621 for Christmas Cigars delivered to all parts of the.clty. Watson was registered at the Good- laiider after having spent a day at Arcadia working on the affairs of the State hank there.—l-"ort Scult Repuli- icau. Get your Holly and .Mistletoe at •Owing & llnrdlek's. .lOHN NEAI-S, employed In the niimplup station <if the Kansas Natural Oas company at IVtrolln. north iif Chaniite. wns burned yt-slerdav while at work. Mr. Neals Is an oiler, and while he way putting oil on onf ol the ,i ;as ongines. gas evcap'ng from a leak caught fire and burned his right hand. His injuries are painful but not serious, ami he will be ready for work again in a week or so. No other damage was done.—Chanutr Tribune. Eat anything you like and when you like it. but take a Mi-o-na stomach tablet,first to strengthen the stomach and prevent indigestion. 00c a box. Nothing if it fails. Charles U. Spencer. REN.IA.MIN K. Phillips employe,! ai! the Hill cenu-nt plant north of tlie' ciiy. <liopp;'(I fifteen feet and broke his foot wliile at work. lie was lab oring on a tank and w.ns .-.vorkiiig on! the iiisi'ie. The scaffoliiin.:; on whicni he stood gave way and he-fell to thej bottom.—Chaiuiie Tribun?. Improved acre tract on Electric line for sale on terms. Call phone 1050. .SXOW IN KAX.S.1S. City, Kas.. Dec. 17.—A heavy fall of wet snow Is reported today throughout southern Kansas and generally over Oklahoma. In the vicinity of Muskogee the fall is tht heaviest In years. MITCHELL IS HOME lola Man Went to Chanute and Mias- eda rrome Bound Train. NEW RINK TO OPEN lobi linller Skaters \\\\\ Ifarc Flacc to Enjoy Amusement Now. .Messrs. IJove, Tweed & Gilson will open the new roller skating rink at the corner of East and Sycamore streets this evening at seven thirty. The W. O. W. band, cqmposetl of twenty-two pieces, will fu'rnisb. music for the occashm. Ilarley .Moore, the 12- venr-old champion skater of I>is Aii- m le.x. California, will give an exlii- hltlon In fancy skating. The new Urm has completed a fine rink and expect to do a good business this Winter. the pure current of blood and the dissemination of dlseaso tliroughout the body. Dr. PIcrea's (ioldcn Medical Discovery makes the sour and foul stomach sweet. It does for the stomach what the washing and sun bath do for thechum—abeolutely removes every tainting or corrupting element In this way it cures blotches, pimples, eruptions, scrofulous swelling*, sores, or open eating uU-ers and all expected that active work of selling stock will be taken i»p after the first cf the year and work will be rushed as soon as the spring opens. The financial flurry Instead of being a detriment to the sale of stock is working the opposite way. People prefer to have their money in stocks than in th.> bank. It is thought that this will sores, or open eating uli-ers and a^I |, ^„ ^^e^t the Humboldt huinftrsordiscajesanslngfrombadbood. . , g,,^^ forward. If you have bitter, hasty, foul taste in your mouth, coated tongue, foul breath, are weak and easily tired, feci depressed and desjiondent, have frequent headaches, dizzy attacks, gnawing or distress In stom- aih. constipated or irregular bowels, sour or bitter risings after eating and poor apptalte, these symptoms, or any considerable niimberof them. Indicate that you are R Iferiiig from biliousness, torpid or luzy er with the usual accompanying iikll- gestion. or dyspepsia and their attendant dcrangementa. en aS o Portland stock is pushed forward. One of the directors of the company will go east soon for the purpose of s-elling stock. Mundis has the Candy for Christmas presents: the finest on the market and fresh from the factory. EM.HETT CILBERTSOX WOXT GO. ronnty Tlerk Too Bn.<«y to Attend State Meeting. County Clerk Emmett Culbeftson will not attend the state meeting of ^ 'Will not aiiena ine suite nieemiB <. !?Rf 'the countv clerks which convenes t« ! morrow at Salina. Mr. Culbertson ^ W«l«e«*iy. Dee. IR. ^UlNCT ABAMS SAWYER Prtew ....25, 15, 50, 75^1.00 Thnradur, Dee. !«. AMELU BUGHAX IN A MODERN LADY GODIVA^ Prices 6»e.75c.flJ»-«l .i«. piliiHrtvpry" ahsoluteW tnifl had been asked tq speak on "Elective will be readily proven to your satisfaction Peea." Owing to the distance and the 1' y,?" 5'v ^'iv '"*"«'T.\i' V"'Y'^,'!^ ''act that he Is very busy. Mr. Culbert- tp Dr. R. V, Pierre. Buffalo. for a , ot.pnd ThmSimrm forOMmt" mmmemmi And Iteadquatters for the, best in Jewelry. No matter whether it is an inexpensive gift yon intend or a costly one. Be sure to select early. Waterman and Parker Fountain Pens. frcr. copv of his booklet of extracts from the standard medieal authorities, giving tint nsmi -s of ull the Ingredients entering Into his world-famed racdiclnca and show- Ins what the most eminent medical men of the age say of them. KATY PAYS MORE THIS YEAR. The Katy Ral way yesterday paid] its taxes, the check calling for tM,- •>s:..m. with a rebate of j:!.".7.f).S. The mad sent in a che<-k a few days ago but il failed to wiver the taxes on one lot owned by the road and wax r<^ larii'd. Uist year the road's taxes, minus tlie rebate, reached $10,109.53. Dr. Keyatlii. PkOBe tM. lat. Ml. You Can Find the Things You Want to Give for Christmas In Our Elegant Liue of CUT GLASS HAND PAINTED CrtlNA PICTURES LEATHER r.QODS son will not attend. The state organization of county commissioners also meets in Sallna this week but so far as could be learned this morning, Allen county will not be represented. Salina has msiSe preparations to entertain the visitors royally. Tidies desiring to learn band Instruments and join a ladles' band, object culture amusement and society. For particulars call on Mrs. H. P. Wells, 222 Sycamore street. Phone 100. TWO FINERALS TODAY. Services for Mm. Strickland and Mrs. Smlti Held Todty. The funeral services of Mrs. Jane Strickland, who died at her home north of I^a llarpe Sunday, were conducted from the Diamond church this afternoon with Rev. McProud of Colony offlrlatlnp. The remains were Interred In the Pleasant Valley cemetery. A large number of friends attended. BRUSH SETS NOVELTIES Burreirs Drug Store WEST SIDE SQUARE The funeral services of Mrs. Barbara Smitz were held at the Catholic church of this city at eight o'clock this morning. Father McfJulre officlat Ing. The remains were taken to Hum- Imldt where they will be laid to rest In the Catholfe cemetery of that city. The Smltz family has the sympathy of their many friends and especially of McCook Post. GETS CARNEGIE LIBRARY. Q, A. LEFFLER, JEWELER. DON^ FMISST THIS A Good Steinway Square ' Piano for Concordia, Kas., to Receive $10,000 For Buildlns. Concordia, Kas.. Dec. 17.—Concordia Is to have a Carnegie library. Mr. Carnegie advising the library board that he bad decided to give the city with which to build. The city has a site and has voted to levy an annual tax to maintain the library. 00 SpleniJid Tone and Action. Call Soon. Roberts Piano House WEST SIDE SQUARE. For Sale. 50.(100 feet of native lumber and 4,000 seasoned fence posts. W. A. D.A.WSON, Four Miles Northwest o lola. Dr. Wffley, Ocnlls^ | , H. NEYIl.ARD went to lola this iifternoon to pay taxes ou his proji- ertv in Alen county. "1 have been Uelpinn to pav for tlie conj-t house iip AVilllam Mitchell, the man the of ficers were looking for yesterday, has returned. Mitchell returned the i -ame evening that his wife had the polic.e looking for him. He went to Chanute tis he told his family, but miss.^d the train he Intended coming back on. He caught "the next train and retunied. His family was very much concerned alwut him. thinking tliat he had met with foul play. . .25c . 90c . S.">c fl.tu $8 .00 . 20r $2.20 ..30r 113.20 . 2r.c $1J15 . 40c $4..'>0 . 25c $1.40 FRYER BROS. Phones 308 and 301 The Dodge Leaflets A series of in-piring gems of tliougnt by some ol the greatest writers. Printed in lar^e, c'ear type, with Initial letters in colcri on fine antique bristol board 5x7 inches. 64 titles, .inexpensive, splendid little gifts. See them at the bookstore, where you can get everything in Stationary. Evaiis Bros. Special Overcoat Values Our Overcoat stock is too large; the winter has been too warm. Of course you will want an overcoat before Christmas. Here's a saving of $2.50 to no on the coat. %20M Overcoats $16.50 $18.00 Overcoats $15.00 $1.'>.00 Overcoats $12.50 $12.r.0 Overcoats $10.00 Reduced jirices on Hoys' and Child­ ren's Overcoats. WORK I.S KESIMED. Santa Fe Pntthlnp Construrtlon of CoiYej vllle-Cherr) vale Bninch. Cherry vale, Kas., Dec. 17.—Yockey Itrothers of Chanute, who have the' contract for «raditiK the right of w.-'.v and raisins the track on the Clierry- vale-CoffeyvlIle branch, were in Cherryvale tixlay. They staled that they had orders from the Santa Fe officials to resume work of KradiUK on the branch at once. They stated that work would be resumed as soon as their gradluK gangs'could be collected. The Yockey Brothers were given this contract and began work .some two months ago but the financial Hurry came and all construction work on ;he railroads ceased, this betterineht work along with all the rest. Now 'hat the financial Hurry Is pretty well spent this work will resume. The way the railroad Improvement work Is progressing is one of the best Indications we have that the flurry is over. There is no better barometer to the Industrial and commercial condition of the country than the railroad Im- Iirovement work and the fact that every road Is again resuming its Improvement work Is indeed a most hopeful sign. Get your Sanltol now. as this is your last chance to get $2.70 worth for $li Deal closes December 31st, J. D. .Mundis & Co. CASH FOR SANTA FE. Employees of Railroad Got Coin for! Pay C hacks. | Beglster Want Ads, le • W«ri. The Standard Ederitdmer/StdiftCQ. M<XBB6 Clothiflg Co. Yesterday was pay day on the San- fa Fe and .the employees of the company were paid In checks as Is their usual custom. Agent Ralston man- aped to save enough money during the month to cash all checks brought to him In real money. The regular l>ay train passed through here yesterday morning. TO GET TOTEKS OPIXIO.XS. GoTMuer Maroon's Partner Is Wrlt- Inir to Repablicans. Lincoln. Nebr., Dec 17.—C. O. Whedon; law partner of Governor Genera^i Charles E. Magopn, today wrote to all" members of the republican state central committee asking them to Institute a direct primary to ascertain the choice of republican voters for president. Whedon Is actively, pushing Ma- gooh for the presidency. One of the Important Duties of Physicians and \ the WeD-Informed of the World is to lo.arn as to tho relative standinfr and reliability of the leadin;.^ manufacturers of medicinal aRonts, as the most eminent physicians arc the most careful as to llio uniform quality and i)erfect purity of remedies prescrilxid !l>y them, and it is well known to physicians and the Well-informed generally that thfc California Fiij Syrup ' Co., by reason of its correct methods and perfect equipment and the ethical character pf * its product has attained to the high standing fn scientific and commercial circles whicb" is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and. therefore, that the name of the Company has become a guarantee of the e.\cellence of its remed5'. TRUTH AND QUALITY appeal to the Well-informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent success and creditable standing, therefore we •wish to call the attention of all who would enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the fact that it involves the question of right . living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of what is best each hour of rt -creatioUi of enjoyment, of contemplation and of"effort may lie made to contribute to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generally tq gri-at advantage, but as in many instances a simple, wholesome remedy may he invaluable if taken at the proper time, the Cilifomia Fig Syrup Co. feels that it is alike important to present truthfully the subJL -ct and to supply the one perfect laxative remedy which has won the appoval of physicians and the world.wide acceptance of the Well-informed because of the excellence of the combination, known to all, and the original method of manufacture, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. onh'. * This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of— ' Syrup of Figs—and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of family laxatives, and as its pure la.\ative principles, obtained from Senna, are well known to phs'sicians and the Well-informed of the world to be the best of natural laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of—Sj-rup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtffss it ^-ilI always be called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs—and to get its beneficial effects always note, when purchasing, the full name of the Compan5' — California Fig Syrup Co.— plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for — Synip of Figs—or by the full name—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna — is the one laxative remedj- manufactured bj- the California Fig Syrup Co. and the same heretofore known by the name — Syrup of Figs — which has-gi%-en satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists throughout the United States in original packages ol one size only, the regular price of which is fifty cents per bottle. , Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C, that the rcnredy is not adulterated or misbranded within, the meaning of the Food and Dnigs Act,'June 30th, 1906. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. J. Louisville, Ky. San Francisco, Cal. U S. A. London, England. New York, N. Y.

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