The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 4, 1971 · Page 24
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 24

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1971
Page 24
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Now... depending on your age... Hutchinson News Monday, Oct. 4, 1971 Page 13 Imagine Getting $ 1P00 to $ 12,000 in Whole Life Insurance! NO PHYSICAL EXAMINATION Just answer the few simple health questions on the application. No matter what your age or how much insurance you want — your first month costs only $1.00! Think of it! You may. actually qualify for up to $12,000 of life insurance, depending upon your age, without taking a physical examination. No Red Tape- No Salesman Will Call ,£nd there's no red tape, either! All you have to do is fill out the Application Form at right, and mail it together with $1.00 for your first month. No salesman will call. And we will send out your personal policy at once if your application is approved. That's all there is to it. Policy Builds Cash Value Yes, you will get more than "just" life insurance— you will get whole life insurance —the kind that builds cash values so you're not just paying premiums. Cash values that are like money in the bank... that you can accumulate over the years as an estate for your family. Accumulated cash value that's yours to borrow in an emergency without endangering your family's protection because you still keep your life insurance in force—still keep accumulating cash reserves—even while you are using it for the emergency needs of the present! And think of what that extra margin of safety could mean to you if you decide to "cash in" your policy! Perhaps that long-awaited trip... or those little luxuries you've always done without for the Bake of the children ... extra gifts for the grandchildren ... whatever you've been wanting for so long—your accumulated cash value will be there touseforyouandyour family's needs. Restore Your Present Insurance to its Original Value Here's another important point for people who have had life insurance for years. Chances are that inflation and the ever -rising cost of living have made the face value of your life insurance worth much less today than when you bought it. That 's why so many Americans of all ages and from all walks of life are re-evaluating their life insurance needs... checking to see if they'll really have enough protection to help their family shoulder the crushing financial burdens of mortgage payments, education for the children, even just the basic costs of living when they are gone. They've found—as you may, too—that the insurance which may have been enough only two, three years ago just isn't enough today. Now, you have a golden opportunity to replace the lost value of your original insurance with inflation-fighting insurance that builds cash value . .. insurance you can get now at a low, life-time premium. Enjoy Life-Long Protection at Low Cost No more worrying about the risks of term insurance ... about premiums that increase as you grow older. Rather than temporary protection for a limited period of time, your Doctors Life Insurance Plan gives you the security of permanent protection at one' level premium for as long as you live ... a premium that can never be increased... while at the same time you are building cash values! Just look at the chart at right for examples of our low, monthly renewal premium rates. (This is a great chance to insure your wife and children, too!) And remember, no matter what your age or the amount of insurance you de,sire, your first month costs only $1.00! pany"since 1902. The same outstanding Board of Doctors who designed the famous Doctors Hospital Plan have worked closely together to bring you this modern, high-caliber life insurance protection. Furthermore, Physicians Life is a legal reserve company—the kind of company that provides well over 90% of the total life insurance throughout the United States! So you have the security of knowing that we are required by law to maintain the same high financial standards that are mandatory for all life insurance companies. Licensed in your state, and regulated by your state insurance department, Physicians Life is a company you can trust! So why delay? Qualify now and your rates will never change. Wait until later and you may discover that sudden ill health eliminates forever the financial protection you could have had today. And, the sooner we can evaluate your qualifications, the sooner the Doctors Life Insurance Plan can* be working for you—providing important life insurance protection for your family, building cash values you can use later on! For the life insurance protection you need now, just complete the Application Form below—and mail it today. Regardless of age or amount of insurance selected, your first month costs only $1.00. Check these sample monthly rates for your age group and the amount of insurance you can have. PEOPLE UNDER 30 $4,000 $8,000 $12,000 At age 10 $ 4.40 $ 8.80 $13.20 At age 20 $ 5.60 $11.20 $16.80 PEOPLE 30 TO 39 $3,000 $6,000 $9,000 At age 30 $ 5.40 $10.80 $16.20 At age 35 $ 6.30 $12.60 $18.90 PEOPLE 40 TO 49 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 At age 40 $ 5.00 $10.00 $15.00 At age 45 $ 6.00 $12.00 $18.00 PEOPLE SO TO 59 $1,500 $3,000 $4 ,500 At age 50 $ 5.55 $11.10 $16.65 At age 55 $ 7.20 $14.40 $21.60 PEOPLE 60 THROUGH 85 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 At age 65 $ 8.00 $12.00 $16.00 At age 75 $13.10 $19.65 $26.20 If your age is not one of the examples on this chart, your monthly rate will be slightly higher or lower for the amount- of insurance you need, and will be printed clearly on the policy you receive. Licensed by the State of Kansas >»»»»»»»»>l A >fl 16136 Your Policy Is Backed by a Respected Company Your Doctors Life Insurance Plan is backed by all the resources, integrity, and reputation of Physicians Life Insurance Company—a wholly-owned subsidiary of Physicians Mutual, "the doctors com- NO RISK MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE valuable this protection is, how your cash values continue to grow the longer you keep your policy in force, how the benefits are payable to your beneficiary for death due to natural causes as well as accidents. (Suicide is not covered during the first two years of your policy.) // -you're not completely convinced that this is quality protection for low cost, simply return the policy and we'll promptly refund your dollar—no questions asked. Of course, if for some reason you don't qualify, we 'll immediately return your $1.00. Herbert H. Davis, M.D.Chairman Physicians Life Insurance Company A Wholly-Owntd Subsidiary of Physicians Mutual Insurance Company The Doctors Company Sine* 1902 115 South 42nd Street OMAHA, NEBRASKA 68131 For your family's sake, take advantage of this no-risk offer now. Just fill in and mail the Application Form at right together with just $1.00 for your first month's coverage. (If you would like additional Applications for your wife, your children, or to pass on to a friend, just drop in a note with their names and addresses, and we'll send out the Applications at once.) Once we receive your completed Application, we'll evaluate your qualifications immediately. Then, when you get your policy, you'll have 10 days to look it over... to see how 1 APPLICATION TO PHYSICIANS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OMAHA, NEBRASKA PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Amount of Life Insurance Applied for S(Show the amount you wish to apply for above, based on the minimum and maximum amounts of coverage available at) your current age.) Name: First Name (Given Name) Middle Initial Street Address City Age Birthdate. .State. Mo. Day Sex . Male • "YT Female • Height: Feet. Inches. <C«<«<<<C«««fl m m n g |A 8K A m Last Name .Zip Code. Weight:. Occupation and Duties. t. Check 0 each condition you have had or for which you have sought medical advice: (a) • High Blood Pressure (d) • Stomach or Intestinal Trouble (h) • Epilepsy or Rheumatic Fever (e) • Kidney or Liver Trouble (i) • Nervous or Mental Trouble, (b) • Heart or Artery Trouble (f) • Diabetes 0) O Stroke (c) • Cancer or Tumor (g) •Emphysema, Asthma or Lung Trouble 2. If you have checked any of the conditions in question 1., give full details below. CONDITION(S) DATE NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF ATTENDING PHYSICIANS 1 *1 A; A j A! •AI II •« ; A :/ Si A$ *Aj AS A A A A> A< A A A A A A A ; A; -A' $M\'! •-- «- < ftim y s I HEREBY APPLY TO PHYSICIANS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY for a policy of life insurance. To the best of my knowledge f i ' S a nd belief the above statements are true and complete and shall be the basis for issuance of the policy and will become a part |« | / * thereof. I understand that the policy shall not become effective until the premium is received, the application is approved, and the \* % j * policy is issued, all at the Company 's Home Office, during the lifetime and continued insurability of the proposed insured. I further * " / v acknowledge that this policy, if issued, shall be considered a contract of the state of residence of the Insured as of the date of this / ^' application and its terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of such state. MI authorize any doctor or hospital to furnish Physicians Life Insurance Company with any information acquired in attendingnw. A A photocopy of this authorization is valid. i M Date . i Applicant's Signature X . . . •— FormLA700B . (Write- Do not print* / v > Please mike check or money order payable to PHYSICIANS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Post Office Box 3272, Omaha, Nebmkt 68103 3. Do you know of any impairment now existing in your health or physical condition? ^ s ^ (If "yes", explain): 4. Name and Address of your Family IWf "'" 5. Have you ever been turned down, charged an extra premium, or had a policy cancelled by a life or health insurance company? tio • <If"yes".ex P lain): 6. Name and Address of Beneficiary. .Relationship of Beneficiary. |A |A rA A fA to ?A jA' A! .A! .A 'A A A :A :'AA K %<< <«caza< <««mr<<m 1 <VWrtW¥ftW^ftf (4rt ^WT)j^V$&i

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