Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
Page 4
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of Coats, Suits, Skirts, Fnrs and Dress Goods Is still Attracting Great Crowds. Specials for Friday and Saturday I2 *c Kimoiia flannels at 8 1-3o Soc Dress Goods, at yard 25o Children's 25c Hose at 15a $1.00 and $1.25 Fancy Silks, many of Ihem ^f> inches wide, yard SSG $5.00 10 $7.00 Skirts, choice at $3mSO Regular 7 i-2c Outings at So '7 I-2C Bleached Mus'.in, atyard Bo 85c Table Damask, special B80 The Sale on Coats X^dies $7 .50 long black Coats $4,50 Ladies $10 00 Coats, on sale S7mSO Ladies $15.00 Coa«.s, a 'J colors 59»7B Ladies $20 00 Coats no* at $93,75 Bijj Hosiery Special Commencing Friday niorniag we place on sale 100 dozen Ladi«s' black and brown Ilose (just received) qualities usually so'd at and nj:, the special price will be i)cr pair, inly I2C , Till* Hucoiirl vuHW of the liaHki't liUll (oi/rnunii!iit will lie playeil tomorrow fvenlnjc In the Y. M. C. A. coin-t between tlie Association and the lola biKh school teams. In the first game the AsBocIatloh team dcfpated the lola Business C O U CKC team with ease. The teams'in the game tomorrow evening I are more evenly matched and It Is an- [^iclpated that there will be some very fast playing. The lola high school band which was recently organized, win rnmlsh music for the occasion. This Is the appearance of the baud in public. fbe lOU DAiiy RE6IST£K < II.VS. F. st'tnT. Knicred at liila, K IIMKIIH I '(IHI(I| I 1 C «'. an ricciind-Clai'H .Mmii'i' Ailvi-rllsluk Itali's .\Iail<> K IKIWII on Appllciitlon. srHMJUII'TniN ItATKS. Ity Currli-r In iolii, iia>i ('li,v, I.Hiiyiin- lille or Liilliirp)'. piu' week One tiKiMlli line year »Y .M.VIl.. Dhe year inside cniinly ... One year oiit»ido coiiniy .,, Three numlhs In advance. One nionih, In advance in renin U leillS .. $.'..00 $l'.00 ... .*i.O(l , . . .JI.OO 11 publicans who win' candidates before party allKninent to oppose (he pollclea till- prlniar.. lot ilie IcKlslalure ami which an overwhelmlnc mnjorlty or aKrei'd iliai tin y would vote fi>r the the people support. It certainly shows one who woidd H I KU Statement No. 1. that an unwise primary law may be iluii I H wild would pledKc hIniNoir I" miinlpnlntod In such a way as to de- I vol.- for {\ii> mm who should receive feat the wish of the people Just us jilie urenlc-sl nunilur of voles cast In'erfectuully ns It i-ver was dune or ever jilio Stale tor I'plii'd StHii'H SiMiator.'er>iili| be dnno under Ihi* old ;<yi(lfui. I And hii till- irlcU w!iH turned. It Kansas Is to Jie coiiKratuluted that It would bi" liiird to Kiiy anylliInK for the adopted a wlKer uieaxuri', one which poliiical iii'tnitiiy of It on the part of niaheH It hard luid not ••a.«y tu d>-ri-ai lh<" DeinocnitH but It was cerlnlnly I I K - will of the jieople. very skillful piditleal iniineuveriiu; by wlilcli in the llrst plac" the wi-tiU ll< OFFKI.VL '.VI'Ei:. < ITY SET. OF V.\S. • • * I had a letter the other day from pnldican candidate was iionilnated anil J farmer which would doubtless lie a bv wliirh ill iMi' Kecouil lilac un-m- treat shock to those who have been blrs of th.- lf>;islature were scared; InsIstiuK that a revision of the tariff Hiid cajiili'd into S I KU I UR Statement^ along free trade lines was the mo.sf Inciilenially it is an illuKtra- Important measure in the interest of '• - - the farmers which is now before the .\o. 1. lion of the trouble that may coin< from iryiiiK to set too far away from the Con.slitiition. HiTe is a State wliicli cavt- Taft a inajoritv of more tlian r .ii.i'MMi and thi- leuislature of which is two-thirds R.pnWican. making it entirely clear that the lunjoiity Huslness Kdltorial Telephones* ' 1"R " entireiv near mat uie iiuijoi ii.> | iiiiiriMii min. .1 m..,..,.,, .....^ ^ • opjpp is) of the peo ]i''- \u the State believed in cost $.-.O .on would cut a thousand rt"m\ ••— the nrhicipie.-; of the Uepublican party of hay. and therefore if the fs icooms — I ' ., .1,,. o i,i!„,.„ „„» i, f«r nnitiin,^ ttie iliffereni countrv. This particular farmer ile- fended the whole tariff system not even making an exception of the steel .schedules, or of the tariff on farm iui- plomonts. Among other things he remarked that a mowing machine which " tons farm«-r I ami waiit to have the U<-pnbIican poli-l pot it" for nothing the difference to J cies enacted into law. Anil yet tliel him would amount to only Ave cents was supiiosed to certain that the people should bi- hinn! lhas resuUe.I in a condition wliich will ! apparently FI-IU ! to tlw Senate a man very thing which ': make it absolutely '.voice of th'' a ton. '"What the farmer wants." hi- said, "is a great big lot-of hungry men •o feed c!ose to his farm. This will afford him a market for the things which will not bear long transporia A Reliable Medicine Nota"Cure'JHr Ask Your Drti^^ist EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. Washington. D. C. Dec. That \-^.'^\-\'''>-"<>> •-..>. i-. .... a curious mix in the State of Oregon who will not express the voice of fliejiiou and upon whicli the pront Is the where a Legislstuie whicii is two- peop!.- but w)io will be. force,] l.y liis'),T.';ile..;i. One acre of roastiii;; ejirs thirds Republican Is expecteii to eject 1 a Democrat to the United States Sen-| ate. and I never fully uiideisiood it • until I talked today witli on<» of tli'-' Oregon Congressmen. I had luiown of qourse of the i>eciiliar primary law) enacted in that State two years HUD.! under which Members of the i.'^gisl:i-' tnre M-ere required to si:ii one or the other of two pledges. The first known as Statement No. 1. bound the randi date to vote for the man who received ; a majority of ail tlie votes for I'nited States Senator at the iirimary election in June. Statement No. 2 boini.I the J candidate only to vote fo- tlie man who might be nominated for Senator at the primary bv his own political party. 1 knew all that but I did not: know through just wlial Mie(>ii s ofi Dolltlcal raaneuverinc the Deniocratsi had been able fin;! to get a maioritvi of the votes of the State at a primary; election for their candidate fon the Senate and how tliey had managed to: persuade a majority of the .Members of the I >eciKlature to sign .Statement I No. 1. Well. thl.s Is the exidanatlon I given by the .Member of rgngresH. ' Wien the preliminary .iirimary wasj held there were two Repulilican ciiidi- datcs for Senator, the pre.<ent .Mem., ber. Senator Fulton, and a man by the name of Cake. There seems toj lie no doubt whatever that a very large majority of tlie Republicans of the State preferred Senator Fulton, •who Is In all respects a stronger mnu •than his opponent, but a very 'large number of Democrats—an Oregon pa- lier prints a list of 5€u well known 1 Democrats in one town only^—re^Is-i tered themselves as Republicans and were thus able to vote In the. Republican primaries. These Democrats it is alleged voted unanimously for Mr. C«l<e knowing him to be R weaker | man than Senator Fulton. Wlien the general primary came along these: Democrats of course voted for their! «wn candidate. Governor Chamherlin: «nd a great many Republicans, dissat-j tafied with Mr. ,Cak-e. either voted; against him or stayed away from thej nrimaries. In this way a small maior- Itr. about ]600. was given fo' the Dera- fknXitt candidate. Mr. Chamberlin. ^ ^ la:or4er tbat he should be elected "'it'vaa neeeasary that a majority of • t}ie ; Itemb^ of the Legislature} sboidd yote /or ium, In order to man- 8S«r-tblB Dembcrata in the various ^^JegWsMre districts went to the Re- T HIS standard remedy has become widely known for its wonderful effectiveness 50 years before many of the so-called "cures" now on the market had even been thought of. DR. D. JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT is recognized all over the world today as a standard remedy for relieving and curing Colds. Coughs, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Inflammation of the Longs or Chest, Croup, Whooping Cough and other ailments of a similar nature. You can get Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant at your druggist's, in three size bottles, $1.00, 50c and 25c Dr. D. }ajm»'% Tsmic TarmiAi^s. If any member of your bmily needs a gentle, pleaaaot and effective tonic this >• the medicine to talce. at ten ceiiiK a dozen Is worth more to the farmer than five i«-re;( of corn fed to live cent liogH. Atid co with his milk and butter and "tiw and garden irtick of all kInilH, If they can lie sold In hill home market at 11 good price It does not make any particular difference to him what lie has to pay for the tliinuH lie has to Imy. Ii Is what be j{eis for whr .t ho MI-II S and not what be pays for what hi' buys that iiialii-s a farmer rich.'^ .And ihsii soiiiid.^ Illo pretl) j;(ioil K<'ll'-e. .\e\eillieiess, tile l;iriff is (riling to be revised atlil the work is going to be iloji.- very Ilioroiigbly. It x\ill b< aloii'-' iirotection llnis of course as the country wants it to lie. The coun­ trv does not want a bill passed which will close I.'.ii mills in one State in one week after the President signs it. as happened in West Virginia when the Wilson bill was pa.ssed. The country does want a carefii!. re -jiMjiist- njeiil of our present schedules to the end that the very best po.'^silile market for .\merican products includiug lalior nia.\ be pre.-^erved In this country, that is is going to be iliiue. The aiuiisiiig thing in .I'l tlie talk that is going around the papers in regard to thc' jiresent investigation is the statement so often appearing that, wlien a wiines.s comes before the Ways and .Means Committee he is only asked t!io.-e tiuestions which teinl to streii.i;llieii the protection siile of the ar-Minii-nt. WTiat do those who make surh st:iteiii<-nts imaaine that the Demoeraiic members of the Ways and Ml aiis ('iiriiniiilee are doing all this time'' Are such men as Champ Clar!; ami Roiii!.!' Cochran, most pro- iiijiineeil fri -e trailers, engaged in a coii.'.pir.'icv with lb>- ItepahlicaiiH to suppress any utterance that might imiiit ill lie- .lireelioii of lower diiti'-;".' SMCJI a ."^iiiipDsilion of course would lie ahsiird. 'I'lii r.- never was an in- vesiii-'alioii li.v any Congressional Coniiiiiitee ill which lidth sides were more tluiniiii-.iily and skillfully e.'cpliiil ed than in the-e llearimrs befme the Ways and M. aiis Committee. The .N:iii(iii:ii I'oiiservatioii Com; iiii.^sioii iif v.hieh llie writer Is a iiiem- I I" r lia:^ been ill se.-siun this week to 'diricuss the f ,e(i |i.' uhi-h shall be taken 'in its ie |Mir! to the I'resideiit and to hear re;iorts of Covernment experts I who under its direction h.ave been en- gagi 'd iliirini; the suiiiiiier In <'(il|eet- im; data iel:iiiie4 tu our national re- j>i»urce .>j. The (irst work of the Coni- I mission has been through these (lov- jernment experts to take a census of jtiie patioirs wealth. lly the most •i-.-irefiil nii-thoils which could be devls- I I'd estiiiiali'S have heen made of the amontit of co.-il. Iron and other nietahf . We ii"oli:iliIv hiivi- in stock and the I leii'-'th of tliiN- thev will last. Similar [e.-tiinates have been ma-le of the I amount of onr timber supply, of our I available water power and of thi* l"o- !il-ic;iiiii of the soil and Ms Increase or 1 d. cr.'Mse in fi itliii.v. Tile data com^ ;ii|eil will iii;il:e n very resiie:'table ; vidiiiue ."iiid ef i -eiiiNe cannot be sum- j iiiari'.ed ill a l.iief letter In a >:eii- jernl wav ii inav he sail tliat the oiit- j 'link is im' so alarminL' as it has been I niiresented to be. \\nille we have I used the natural resources of t!ie ;cfiiiiitry witli a lavis'i band 't bus ln-i-n I iiretty well jirovrn that there has not ; li.-eii any greater waste than was iiiev- I i'able imder tlie clreiimstanc-s and the outloel; for the future is by means dark. The fertility of the soil which was renllv the createst national asset, aecordiiie to this report, i". undoubtedly increasing rather than dlmin'shini?! owing of course to the adoption of more scientific methods of fTir .ing. It anpears also that the forests are not being destroyed as ruth- Jess'y as we have been led to believe • and that- the spirit at conservation 1 : that no GAME TOMORROW NIGHT. I. H. 8. Band to Play During Basket Ball Contest. ENROLLMENT INCREASING. The Y. M. C. A. Attendance is Very Encouraging. Roth the Bibb» and (iymnasiiim classes of the Young .Men'n Christian Association enjoyeii the Jargost at tendam^e last evening that either had so far this year. Last year the gymnasium classes led In point of enrollment but this season the Bible classes have made a decided increase and have taken the lead. The present en rolliiieiit of the cla.sses is. gvmnasium •IV'. nihle classes 275. MANY WILL TACKY Rink Already Has Assurance Enough to Make Affair Success. of -Mready at lejist ten ladies ho'-'. (iromlsed the rink managers that they Will appear tomorrow night in tacky dress and help make the tacky skate as successful as possible. .\o trouble has ever been e.xperlenced In getting the men to dress tacky but some times the ladles ai -e the least bit timid for fear that they will be the otily one. The grand tnarch will be led by I he Utihe band and prlxes iiwarded Immediately after It Is over. The ring contest received good Im petiis last niKhi, several new j-andl datcK bidtig entered by their friends. The result of the |\i-sl three iilcliis win be iiiibllsheil tomorrow night. (IIKO.MC ( 4MIJII. Mr. iivuy. of Klniiml, Ind.. nis -hires Viuiil Cureit IIU llaiiulilerV I'liniii. Ir (oiiKh .\ffer All Oilier Mtanx Had Failed. S.VVS SIIK (»WKS MKK T» VIMU.. ".My foiirieeii year ojd daughter liad a very bad cimnh. wa.-t weak, emaciated, and bad no apiieiiie. Two of our liest physii-iaiis had done her im iimid. On advice I procured for hir a bottle of Vitiid and she KOOH lie.gaii to Improve. She continued until slu- iiad taken several bottles of it. and s-he b :'S coniiilelely recovered her hea'lli. '"We iindiiiibtedly owe her life to Vlnol. as 1 am certain that if it had not lieen fi-r it she would have been dead ere this. We never miss the oiiportuniiy of sayin.;^ a gMid word for Viiiol."" .I.-ini)-.< Cray. K'winid. lud. .Many cases like the aliove are co'istantly joniitr.; to our attention where ihi> cod liver .iiul iron prcjiara- lioii Viniil has cured <-hroiiii- coughs, colds and broi>cbitis and built up lie;ilth and siren.mll lor (dd peoide. delicate (-hiblreii. riin-dnwii. weak and debilitated peoiih- alter all other nie.-ins had failed. Try Vino!. If it does ymi no ginnl we will reiuru your inoiiey: thal'.s Jour guarantee, hiit we kiiow it will b. nefit Villi. S. It. niirrell. Iiru!'..gist. lola. AIGS ARE AIGS NOW Present Price of Hen Fruit is Cents.—May qo as High as 45 Cents. 3r. TTnless the faithful Kansas lieii. that can usually be relied u|ion. comes to the rescue it is highly iirobable that the Christiuas cakes will be made made with 4i> cent eggs. The pr«-sent price of evgs Is :;"> cents which is somethini; out of tlie ordinary for this season of the year. Farmers from all parts of the eountry report tl;at a iiiiieber of the hens have gone mi a strike and lli:il the few who'have re niained faithful are not working over, lime. Some of the local dealers are of till* opinion tliat the limit ha.-i been reached whili- others say that "hen fruit" wi'l reach the forty-five cent mark before the holiday.'*. Only once during recent years has the price of eggs reached the forty cent 'ui;irk and that was in February five years ai:o. The famine at that time was due to a number of causes. The hens refii.s- ed to lay. and the cold storage hoiise/i were not heavily slocked as they had been In the past. The year previous the winter was warm and the hens I tintiniierl to do their duty throtiKhout the entl-e sea.soii. A number of small comissinn houses which relicil upon the high iirices during the wint(T months went broke and the following season they were Very careful not to overstock. A famine of tbi.-; kind js hardly looked for this sea.son. A Splendid Hume .Mixtur(> for the Bladder, Kidneys and KheumutNni Kiisily .Vhed at Mitle Kxpense. "The people here dii iiiii drink enough Wiiter to keep liealtli>. claimed a well-known authotitv. "The numenius cases of kidney and liladib-r diseases and rheiiiiiail.-ini are iiiainiy due to the fact that the drillkin^' of water, nature's greatest medicine, has been neglected. Stop loading your system with nii-di clues and cure-alls: but get 011 the water wagon. If you are really sick, why of c-oiirse. take the pi-oper iiicili- ciiie.^—iilaiii ciiniinou vegetable tre.-ii- nient. v.iiicli will not shatter the nerves or ruin the stomach." To cure rlieiimaiism you iiiusi make till- kidneys do their v,-<iik; they are the tillers of t)ie biood. They must be ni -ide to strain oiii of the IIIOIM ! the waste matter ami acids that <-aiise rlieumaiisiii; the urine xww^t he neutralized so it will no longer he a source of iirilatioii lo the bladder, and most of all. yon must keep these ai-ids from lonning in the stoinaeli. This is the cause of stoniach troiilde and piMir dige.-;tion. For tlu -M- coiulitions yoti can do no lu-tter than lake the following prescriiilion: l-'iiiid KMiaci Uamielion. one-half ounce; Cii :ii|.oiind Ivargon. one ounce: Compound Syriip Sarsaparilla, three ounces. .Mi.\ by shaking well in bottle and take in teaspoouful doses after eaoh iin-al and at liedtime, but don't forget the waier. Drink plenty and often. This valuable information and sitii- ple iirescription should be pointed up ill eairh household and used at the fir.-^t siigli of an attack of rlieiiniaism, h.-tckache or nriiiary troiilde. no mat ler bow >li^iil. December lath is the last date for cheap HOMESI5EJKERS EXCURSION RATES ir^ 1908. See us for particulars. W .E. IlAIi.STOJf, Agt. RIDDLE THEIR SKY PIECES. Local Sportsmen Could Not Find Any Game. Two local sjiortsnien sp.-nt the larger part of the day yesterday in .•in effort to bag large ipiantltles of wild game. After tramping over a con- slderable portion of tint wilds of Allen county they uave up the ipn-Ht of K .-ime and turned their uttentioii to shooting at a target. One of the huntsmen suggested that they tosK their headgear into the. iitniiiH|ihere and take a few shotH In th:il direclloti. The other sportsniHii consented and by some uiiliK-kv <'liaiice both hats Were riddled with bird sliol. Uical liaberdaHherH reaped the beiiefii id yestei-ihiv's liiiiil ai an earlv hour lhi ;i morning. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Le.-ives lola 7:1.'. p. iri., ar­ rives St. Ixiiiia 8:25 a. m.. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound train.T at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see us. C. p. Hale, Agt. 4 • I Easy Terras When yon trade with a merchant that is easy, .von may know that he is trii.-ling other.-; wlui will not p:iy their bills and yoa will havi- to i.a'y :i price "that w-ill cover '-,>s: e.< or bad accounts W'f may he little more purticiiUir than other merchants, but we do not in:tke the Imnest m:iti | M ,\ the dishone!:t liians dl-llt^- The People's Cc^cpsra- Mercantih Assoc^n stores ill lula aud U:is. THE LOCAL MARKETS Prices Quoted by (iard Tairgarl IVoduce (''ompanj. 'I'll.- folliiwins; local maiket report is fiirnishei' by Card K- Tag .L 'iart i'mduci cotii|i:ui> and wiil be kept running in The Itegister every d:iy. The price:- ijiioted aie the prices which they will |iay for iionltry, eggs and butter delivered here: l''.yL--i, •<ur '-ent receipt:' per case.. .I'lU- Ohl lli'iis. fat 7r Old Cox "1 Sprint; Chickens !i'.'._.c Spring Ducks f-c Silling Turkeys. S-lli Si- Olil Hen Turkeys Sc Old Tom Turkeys Tc Old Ducks ''C Iluttcr, than iier ceiil salt, .".'•c THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manufdctureri, Wholeule «n<l RetaU Dedlert CRYSTAL IGE And Distilled Water Hew C «M RUnig* HeUf f*r Kasinefli. Pkeie.lli. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and Interest cea.-;es on amount paid, long or Short Time Loans. Cunningham &Amett Great* Western Land Co* For Trade, U'lii acre farm near Klue .Mound to tr.i.Ie tor sii>re. building and stock of •4ii .<ds ill lola. Flevator and feed mill. r> room bouse :iiiil harii with IP acres good land. 1 acres of fruit, for g(x«l residence properties in lola. Two !-r .;t )!ii houses with L' acre.^ of land. Willi fruit joining lola. for land in ..\llen county or western Kasas. Vor Sale. OiH- Idack fi -year-old horse, well broke. See us at once if you want him. A bargain in an .Sii acre farm If sold srM.n (iiie 111' I he lie.-.t >, seciioiis of land 111 .MNii eniiiin. $ lij |ier acre. We have .".11 et the best fa I 'lms listed; priced linlll $2% III Wi .^teiii l\ ):inil for trade or sal- See ii< tor any kind of deal. We h:ive iiii.iiev to l(i;iii on farms or good |il \>|)erlv. U 'l- waiii .1 -UIMI . fresh milch. c«w. li.iHi Ir .iie r i:s with any other kind. f PaMar ami Papmr Hamgmr 1; liiii.iie.; i!:-"-:''iiliy given on all work I'h .Mie :5I!!. Itc iOli S. Kuckeye. "tlie constant dropiiing water wears awav the harde«t «t<ine. The constant gnaw of Towser masticates the toughest bone, Tlie constant wooing lover carrlei> away the hlushlnp maid. And th« Constant Advertiser is the man who gets the trad*. F OP tbe he<rt ainl qniekeat rentHn nse tkc Ref lBt »r*> waiit M I RBIBS. Is a necessity, not a lu.xury. It is not an exieuBc but an iti- vi-stmenl. It is something you murt have but soiihcthing you luiist be careful of, as it is very imiKirtaiit that tlie right companies are selected. I represent the leading coiniiaiiies of the world and would like lo SHOW YOl^ J. E. POWELL £T>U Block, loU, Kuaas. WHY PAY RENT? Wrlieii .Mill c:iii buy a home with the same inuney'.' I have some niit;hty nice iirojiertles on hand ri^hr now which I will sell you for tlte same money that you are pacing out rent for. The properties are well located and are a_ good investment. All I want is a chance to SHOW YOU. J. E. row ELL Evans Bluek

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