Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1907
Page 4
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. TelfpkoBes. Heporters' Room ..............222 BoBlness Office... 18 EnUred at lola, Kansas, Postofflce, as Second-class Matter. AdrertlBins Rates Hade Known on AppIicaUon. SCBBCBIFTIOlir BATES. Bj Carrier la lola. Gas Clt7> LuyoB- TDIe pr La Uarpe. One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cenU One Year 15.00 By MaD. One Year, In advance $4.00 Three Months, In advance Jl.OO One Month. In advance .44 OFFICIAL FAPEB, CITX SET. OF BAS- HEHBEB OF ASSOCIATED FRESS. The tola Bally Re^ster is a member 6f the Associated Fress and Beecives the day report If that great news or- ganliatioB for ExclosiTe Aftemooa Publication ia lola. NEWS OF U HARPE CITY HAS A FOHCE OF MEX RE: I'AIRLNU DAM. COUNCIL MEETS WEDNESDAY DEL DONALD HAS I'OSITIOX OX OXE OF BATTLESHIPS. W. 0. y\. Win Give Dance Docemlwr 20Oi—Repairing the Smith Store. Repairing Dam. The ciiy has a bunch of men working repairing the city dam south or the city of La Harpe. The dani had washed out on the east side. This matter was taken np at the meeting of the council and was referred to a committee which was instructed to For this week's selling we have arranged some tempting bargains for your inspection. ^Every item listed will make a suitable present and they are all of the substantial order, something that will be lasting and bring many kind thoughts for the giver. Space will not permit enumerating all the items but you can come assured the values are here and every one at a tempting price. Baker University (ilec Clnb Friday. The Baker University Glee Club, the fourth number on the lecture course, i; win be the attraction at the Methodist Episcopal church next Friday even- ; tug. The lecture course committee t learned some .time ago th^t they would have money in the trea .stiry and decided to j)ut on another number. They have decidwl on the l ?aker Uni- ver.siiy Glee Club as the extra number. This club is coiuiMJsed ol" ei.«h- teen weli trained voices and doubtless will give nu enlertainiuont that will iiM-ial to the .scs ofpeojilc. Ctuldren's Shoes C5c Shoes, reduced to 50^ 75c Shoes, reduced to niit 85c Shoes, reduced to 75r $1.00 Shoes, reduced to •A .-P 'Jtt 11.25 Shoes, reduced to "^'Xi^ $1.50 Shoes, reduced to S« ^ 11.75 Shoes, reduced to St-72 $2.00 Shoes, reduced to si'Sll $2.50 Shoes, reduced to 92.19 $3.00 Shoes, reduced to ..fS2.Gi» Ladies' $2.00 quality Shoes, button or Lace, light or heavy soles, special for this sale $1.79 $2.50 Shoes, light or heavy sole, college boots or regular pattern shoes special price for this sale $2.19 $3.00 Shoe.';, light or heavy sole. In all lca;I:c;--i, special price for this sale JSS.G.'i $3.50 Shoes, In all quality leathers, patent colt, gun metal, kid and semi- glazed kid, light and heavy sole, a special price for this sale $3.15 $4.00 Shoes, in patent colt skin, with heavy sole, plain toe and tip styles. s.peciai price for this sale $3.25 $3.00 quality patent kid, French heel Shoes, turn sole, full dress shoes, button or lace, special price for this sale $4.15 Ladies' good quality Rubbers, low front, medium weight, all sizes, special price for this sale .45 <i First quality Rubbers, high or low instep, special price, pair 57^ Ladies' Alaskas, fleece lined all sizes special sale price Ladies'Odd Coats at alMut half price; heavy selling has caused the accumulation ot a good many odd coats, especially in the better qualities. We have grouped all the odd coats together and you'll be surprised at the value in these garments. We quote just a few prices to give you an idea of the reduction on them. We have a few black coats, silk braid trimmed satin lined yoke, cuffs broadcloth semi-fitted, the prettiest fitting coat you ever saw; but we have just a few odd slze3 left and you can have your choice for $11.25 After Supper Sole No. 3 Leather Bags, Beaded Bags in black and colors—a large collection of beautiful bags, bought at a borgain. The lot will be on display in the north window. Values up to $1.75, on sale Wednesday evening at 7:30, choice, 79 cents $7.50 CO-ITS $i85. Children's Sample Coats in blue, red and green, nii.xcd plaids and stripes. These Coats were made, to retail ,lt $"..00 and $7..-,0, but they are sanii)lc.i, all in perfect' ciih- dition, coats that you will admire and for iljis wei-k only we will sell them at ...Sg.g .'i Puttlnp in Front. The workman were busy yp.'sleraav putting in the new front in the .1. I:. PniUh & Co. store on Main street. The front was burned out some time Hirii liv flre which followed a gas explosion. , 4 ^.^i.iti^l»<#l Missionary SocMy Meets Wrdnexday. The Missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal church will meet with Mrs. LoRan Wednesday afternoon. Japanese Waste Pajier Baskets at or.e-half price. • The 75c quality will be 38<'' $l.nn ones roduccil to .....lOc^ And the $1.50 quality will be. ...756 One lot of DoHs. values up to 2.^c; snmc are soiled (rom handling. Choice of the'lot - 5<* Ladies Oxford How Neck Ties in blue, rod and brown. Price 106 Taney liack Combs, a .".Oc value in dark color, gilt iriinnied and set with brilliants;. Siiecial price 2.'»6 27x54 Velvet Rugs, worth up to SI.7.* Choice of the lot $1.19 One lot of 25c Pillow To ])3, three patterns to select from. Choice of the lot 96 T..adies' Jersey Fleece IJned Lcg- gins, part buttbns; price 7.16 Kull button length $1.00 > Ladies 7 or 10 button length Gaiters in black; all sizes; price 2.'5e Odd Pieces of Ornamental, Decorative and Useful China, all at about half the original price. Christmas nells, made ot red tissue paper .j. Ii5. 20 and 2.56 Bm Sure ami be on Time Men's Pongenette Imitation Silk Handkerchiefs with embroidered initial, all letters; price 106 Children's Linen A 11 C Rooks and a few story books; choice of the lot 56 2r.c and 35c Lace Collars in white, the best line of Lace Collars we have ever shown at i)riccs. Choice of the lot during this sale 1.36 I.«ggins for Children, black fleece lined, full button length, all sizes .from C to 13 years. Price 506 Children's Underwear in cream or grey, all sizes in some styles; choice of the lot 196 Children's Grey irnion Suits; values up to C5c. Choice of the lot 396 One lot of Ladies' Grey Plaid Coats loose fitting, well trimmed, a splendid Coat for young ladies' school wear; not a one in the lot but what is worth more than double the price asked for them but they are odd numbers and if you need a good coat at a small jirice don't ouerlook these. Choice $3.85 Cravcnette Coats at Reduced PrIcesJ $7.50 Itain Coats reduced to ..$4.75 $10.00 Rain Coats reduced to $.1.85 $12.50 Rain Coats reduced to $7.65 $15.00 Rain Coats reduced to $8.98 $20.00 Rain Coats reduced to $12.7.'> $25 and 27..'>0 Rain Coats to $15.8.1 German Blanket Lounging Robes in rdd, green, pink and blue, cord girdle fashion, trimmed with satin ribbon; regular price $6.00. On sale.. $4.8.1 Store open Even' ings Mimfier Xma &m $12..".o Odd Coats in brown on sale for $7.S.'.. These coats have satin lined yokes^braid and velvet trimmed, very neatly finished and up to date in every respect. You can have choice of three patterns in these for... $7.85, $R.r.O Black Melton Cloth braid and velvet trimmed, full length, loose fitting, .an exceptional value at regulaj price; buy them in this sale at $5.35 •Tadies' Lon.t; Black Chiffon Broadcloth Coats, tight fitting. This style coat is a simple tailored garment, but an extra nice piece of cloth; a $30.00 Value on sale for $13.75 $35.00 Chiffon Broadcloth, Loose- fitting Coat in black, broad Gibson shoulder, elaborately trimmed with silk braids. Buv it during this sale »2GJS5 P.aln Coats for $1.18. Children's Rain Coats In all «lze3; choice of the lot $1.19 Beautiful Lace Robes in white, blue, brown and black; semi-made, trimmed with ribbon and lace. Prices from »8.50 TO $25.00 1/ There wTIl be several thin}:.* to come bill. re the society which wiM neces- i:iic a full aitendaijce. The inceiins of this Older was well :<ttenued .luJ tiic ladlo.-i jiresont report an excel';-nt Will (Ji»r I.tap Year !»; rty. 1 lio memiK >r.< of; the Do.iliU' .•'n;" cv.l, of this city met with Auss G T- tniif .V iriln Uifit evening, '''he in."' imc of the club was called .ust cvo;.- Stop That G>iigh Now Tbere^ daager ahead if yon let h run on. Coughs lay • tfaelbnndations Car thousands of cases of all kinds of sick* aen every year, and are the indirect cause of a great number of deaths. If B just as dasgerons to experiment with unknown cough cures •a it is to neglect your cou^h entirely. Get a icmedy that yoa ktUHO baa cured coughs for 77 years— DR. D. JAYNES EXPECTORANT There's no ezperiment about this old reliable remedy. It has been coring coughs for/9i:r^e.a«raf /oRS. ; i Jayne'a Expectorant is also an invaluable tnedicine for Croup, Pleurisy, Infiaicmstion of the Lungs or Chest, Hoaraenest, Bronchitis, Asthma and other r'isftases. SeU in tlir*« •tzas—$1.00, SOc snd 25c, JajTM'c Taaic TenaUWe is a reliable, an- •xonsd toais and tiaa!tb.brincer. ••i:; toi the purimse of deciding abjut holding a leap year party some time in the 1 car fuluie. The young folt decidtd to give one but all luirticulirs »Lve 1 ft arrun&edl M. W. A. Social Tonlirbt. The Modern Woodman of America will I.old a public meeting this even- It:^. .Mr. una .Mrs. Enrlght ot Kansas City will be here and will lecture on ilie principles of the order. The Woodmen iiic planning on a good time. Ctl) Connrll Meets Wednesday. .Mthough there Is nothing of special inii()rt;4nce to come up the city council v.ill meet in regular session Wednesday nlpht. The committee which was au 'jiori/.cd to act about repairing the city <'.am will report what has been done. Other n&atters of minor iniDortancc will come Op for consld- era.ion. oi>era house this evening. This coni- imny carries with iheni twenty colored jubilee singerst ten buck nt^l wluK dancers besides a celebrutt^ magnolia quartette. This quartette is sitld to be ediiecinlly gcxHl. It ninde a big hit with the lola aiidltMice when this company gave its production in that city. Del Donald With Fleet. Del Donald of this city left Hampton Roads yesterday with the American fleet on Its triii around S(mth America to the Pacific coast. Del Is an overseer of an engine room. He has no duties but to watch others. TO INSPECT ROAD Ofliclah of the Katy Were • Sanday. In lula I.iidi> s ^Vill Take a Vacation. Tlie i;u-nH)ers t)f the Ladies' Aid of the Methodist Episcopal church will take a vacation. There will be no more sessions of the society until the first Thursday following New Year. Beginning with tJie new year the society will have new work to do. Dng Up a Pralrlo Dog. A party of town boys went out hunt Ing yesterday and captured a prairie dog. The boys dug the animal out of its den and carried it to town in a box. The boys who went are Chas. iTlce. Chas. Jones. Claude Miller, O. Ashley. Forest Shaw, Fred Bowen and Glen Lawrence. IVni Give a Daoce. The W. O. W. Of this city will give a dance in the Peet opera house on the evening of December 20th. The. lod^^e has given several dances this year, each one being well attended. Many of the young people are planning on attending this one. W. r. Jones, I'ndertaker. W. C. Jones, of Fort Scott, Kas., [has been put In charge of Sleei>er's undertaking parlors In this city which were recently purchased from Milner 6i Worst. Mr. Jones is an experienced I undertaker and doubtless will make a sncceas of the work. . Mnslc.ll Festiral ToBlfrht. The entertainment which Prof. East man and his daughter. Miss Vivian, of lola. will give In the Methodist Epis- coial church this evening promises to be one of the treats of the season. Besides being good musicians. Miss Vivian li^stman Is a reader of {crr.islderobie talent and will entertain the audience with several selections. Will Unit Coons. A numl)er of the town hoys ATQ planning on an all-nlglll coon hunt. The boys have been out and bavr proven themselves good hunters. Dogi will be taken along. If the hunt U successful a big sapper will be hold in celebration. A Xew Skow at 0|wi»i, ItoisK .The Cotton Blossom Comedy company will give a production in Peet'£ Tlie "A.V" Will Skate. The AA club will skate at the ojiera house next Thur.sday night. This is a club of young people recently organized. This will be the first party of the kind given this season. The young people will have the exclusive use of the opera house on,Thursday evening. Personals. R. R. Adams, of Tulsti, Okla., was in the city yesterday on a business visit. He was enroute to Kansas City to visit his mother. Gus iJeiiiard and Chas. E. Hart returned yesterday from Stillwell. Kas., where they have been on a business visit. .\ special train consisting of three private cnri*. carrying Assistant General .Manager A. I). Bethard and General Superintendent E. M. Alvord ond other high olUcials passed through here Sunday on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas, spending Sunday night In this city. The party came here from Joplin and Parsons and left yesterday afternoon. They are on a general tour of Inspection of the road and while here spent Several hours looking over the company's interests hrt-e. STRUCK BIG OAS FLOW. lola .Men Drilled Well on Deer Creek Holdings. (Independence Reporter.) C. G. Wood and X. W. Henry, of Tola, who have been prospecting for gas in the neighborhood of Colony, Kansas, have made an important find. A well was brought in for them last week which has a dally prodncilou of four million cubic feet. It Is on Deer Creek, three miles southeast of Colony, iind in a line with the trend of the gas deposit from l.a llurpo. Th" sand was struck ui u depth <1 7r.f feet. W«HHI and Henry acquired Ihei. holdings near Colony by purchasln?: the interests of the Banner Consolidated Oil and Gas company. The Banner company put down a test.wellln Anderson county. It found gas but had to abandon the well, cave-ins catching two different strings of tools and plugging the hole completely. Wood & Henry have spent considerable money In prospecting and this is their first real good find. KMC.IITS OF MACCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the ) World nieets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights in each month, J. W. Poslwalt. commander; it. U. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. 1T«r--Camp No.: 101 mMts tv^ K. of P. Hall every Friday ni ^t Wi T. Steele. C. C; A.H.D»-*«. Olvrtt. Vlsltora cordially Invited. Notke to F. M. C. i The Fraternal Mystic Circle will hold a called meeting at the home of John Burns at 514 South Jefferson, Friday evening, for the purpose of arranging for a box supper Christmas ni.ght. All members are requested to be present. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. KXIGHTS OF PTTHUli*.* oOA Lodge No. 43 meats every lb ada night at K. of p. Hall. ViaitI IM bra!, thera invited. W.aThonpaoa. Chria Hitter, K. of R. an* The M. W. A- Lods» ey«nr Friday night in JL A. hall. Visiting brotherrinvlted. "W.H.. Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerfc BOTAL NEIGHBOBS.-Iola Cami^ No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets se» ond and fourth Tuesdays of mm month. Mrs. P. A. Wagner, orads; Mrs. Mary Hntton, 413 Wo^ SC^Seb Recorder. ! NEW THEORY SUCCESSFUL IN INDIANAPOLIS I« T. (:00PER MAKES M.IM COXVERTS DIKIXG ciry. STAY IX THAT The new theory (backed up by his preparation) advanced by L. T. Cooper with regard to the cause of most ,i" health of the present generation D. Phillips went to Yates Center yes j is being sown broadcast by this young terday on a business visit. E. E. Stout went to Kansas City yesterday on business. K. J. Hlgglns and son of Parsons was here yesterday looking after busl ness Interests. E. C. Moore left yesterday for Shlatook, Okla.. on a business visit. DO'CAX WOMAX BKKAKS HOODOO Flora Duncan Makes Baslsess Pick rp at Culleyrille; Flora Duncan, said to be the colored man. Coo|)er believes that the human stomach has become degenerate in civilized races and claims that good health Is lm]>ossIble unless the stomach is re-vltallzed. This he claims to do with his preparation. An article from the Indianapolis Star during Cooper's stay in that cUy has this to say of Cooi>er and his preparation: "Residents of this city are being astounded by L. T. Coo[>er and his new preparation. ReiMrts that preceded .Mr. Cooper's woman known to the lola police as.visit here told of his success In other Francis Duncan, has removed the .locallilea, but the Immense success of •hoodoo" from the CotTeyvllle police his medicine and the general belief lepartment. Not long ago she was j in his theory was wholly unprcce- arrested there on the charge of high-, denied. T .ay robbery and bound over to district court. For some time business in 'he Coffey^'lUe police court has been very light. A day or two ago the Duncan woman dropped her bat ont the window and the Journal says this in"Ident removed the hoodoo from the force and there has since'been mncb business In police conrt. "So great is the rush of the public to this yonng man that people stand in^ne waiting their turn for hours in an effort to see him. The most interesting feature of this is statements made by reliable citizens as to the actual aceompiiabments of Oooper'a m'edlcine. Among recent statements of this character.ihe following is a S. R. B<)rrell. fair example: ".Mr. B. F. Campbell, of 3224 West Washington street.'had thi.s to say of his exi)erlence with Cooiier: I have been a victim of stomach trouble for the i>ast five years—sick and suffering imln all the time. Everything I ate distressed me. I have been under the treatment of many physicians, and have taken all kinds of medicine, none of which afforded me relief. I was greatly discouraged, and was about ready to give uii .when Mr. Coo|>er came to this city to Introduce his preparations. "'I was skeptical, of course, after spending so much money and taking such a large quantity of medicine, but, like the drowning man, I was ready to grab at a «iruw, so I secured some of Mr. Cooper's New Discovery medicine and began taking it. it seemed to help right from the first dose. "I have been taking it for several weeks, and can now CAt heartily and enjoy my meals for the first time In five years—eat anything, without pain or distress of any kind. I feel like a new being—life Is worth living now." Let us axpiain Mr. Cooper's remarkable medicfne to you If your general heaUh ia not all that it should be.^ FRATERXAL BSOTHEBHOOBtr^ Fraternal Brotherhood No.! 380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month in A.O.U.W. Hallj Visiting members cordlaly invited. W.H.An< derson. president; Golda Elam. tary. Jnnlor Order Calted Anerieaa V*. chanles«—MeeU every Wednesday er- ening at 8 o'clock in K- P- HalL AJt '• visiting members invited. B. A. Widick, (^nncelor; C. B. Black. Reci, Secretary. Busmess JUREQTORY .JEWELLERS. B. F. Paneoaat. old reliable Jeweler, 110 East street PTAMMBR. Complete conrt at the best school for stammerers in America at oo** halt price this fall and winter. WUte |^ for informaUon at once. McKIe SelMOl for Stammerers. 2706 East 13tb StiMt, Kansas City. He. POLAR BEAR f LOUR Has Stof»d tfic Test Becaoae Its tie Best 4cce|it No Othf r Wffl.Ofcerdorf, Agt'

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