Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
Page 3
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y^rar lOIA PAIEY^ THCItSDAY E^TEXryG, I>ECE3iBEB 10^ 1808. E6G9 40 CEXTS PER DOZE!?. l^^ - Rfrlral Laj-lag iBdniitr; Alone WW ' Unnea die Price. Chicago, Dec. 10.—Hens th!» year have utterly failed tojgupply the mark et properly, according to local mt-r- chaniB. Consequently egKn havt« iid- vnnced to a wliole»ale prlci* of So cents u dozen for iJie "Btrlctly fresh." By the time these eggn reach the hotiso- holder Ihey have reached a pr1c<' of at least iO ceniH a dozen and In tnost cases fonr ceniP a jilene. U »»H fresh eggs are qnoicd at 21 cents hy the wholesale dealers and the conKumei Is charged from 30 cents upward. The only hope for a reduction of price within the next thirty days, according to the Chicago dealer.s l .s n revival of the l.iyins industiy ainon; hen.s of Texas. Oklahoma. Kansas ant" other soiithwestprn stares. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE ON IT. Bankers Miqht be Content With Bank Guarantee Verdict. Topeka, Dfc, in.—A nieetin^ of th< executive committee of the Kansaj Bankers' Association furnished an ex cit-se for abom forty hankers from ov J er the stale to come to Topeka to ^ day to discuss proposed legislation In reg-ard to insurance of hank deposits While most of them art' opt'osed to such legislation. they, believe it Is coming and that the only thins to do is to pull as many stickers out of the measure as j)ossible and h^t it pass. The proposition to have the losiisia tore stibmit the question to a vote of the people at the next iieneral elec tlon met with some favor. Xo at tempt was made at the meotins to bind the bankers of thp st.nte to any particular line of action. WAIT UNTIL IT-S OFFERED. Chancellor Strong Won't Cross Bridges Till He Comes to Them. lAiwrence. Kas.. Dec. 10—\\1ion as'; Pd If he had lu'en offiTi-d th'» posi ti<in of ehaiicclliir at tlu- t'iiiv«'rsli\ of Nfbraska. ns is n-imrteii. fhaiiC'M lor Frank Stroma rcplli'il iliat he tiaf' heard nolhlnp of the nintii-r :ii all. "I cm say that the cliaiic.-"lliMslii|' hat not be<-i) offered niP." he fiaid. ' Wlien asked wliat action h«- wuuM fake If It Were icndi'if.I hini. Ill', re plli'd: "1 iii>Vf'r cross lirlilncs liifun' I ciuiii' to them. W'nlt until II flisi iiff'-r fi] nif, tli"!i 1 will li<> Kbiil 111 ilh-.ciiss till' matter." NEWS FOR DYSPEPTICS. "Allow nic to cunur/itulati' von on your discovery of .Ml-o-na. I had sfv- era! of (he I'l-.s-f iloctors in thr- 'clly, but none seemed to do rac any good. I vomited frequ'-ntly. I had this trr)u- hie four year.s. J tool; one box of .Mlo- na tablfts. and now cat almost anything ' without distress."—Mrs, >!aiy B"Cker. I99i> Haily Ave. ntiffHlo. N. Y. "I would be dead if it wasn't for .Mio-na. One year aeo 1 weiiihed on'y 100 pounds; now iny wci.ijht is l.".H pounds. I eat everythinEC I want- cabbage, ham. fried potatoes—cvery- thlne doctor said not to eat or I would die."—Mrs. Carrie Vanaman, Bridgeport. N. J. "I suffered with stomac^. trouble for 15 years: spent |."riO for medicines, everything failed to Oo any .cood until 1 found Mio-ona. That lias cured me and it will cure othors that siiffi'i." —b. R. Nonket. Moin;taiii l-^land. N. I" Chas. B. Spencer & Co. si '11 .Mi-n-na tablets, the dyspepsia n-incdy that i? making such siirprisin.ij cures tiiroii:;!; out America for 50 cents a box. and be guarantees them to euro acute anil chronic indigestion, vnniitin;; fruni anj- cause', and sea or car sicUncss. SEiiiiiiiiii is lota's ideal Gitt Stoi% We have brought together the greatest collertion.'? ot ii?oftii merchandise for your Holiday selecting ever congregated in our store. The store is now in fuU Holiday attire. Ti\'? Gh 'istuias Spirit will soon be upon you. We recommend early buyiiig. Goods selected now can be laid a^ide to wait till you w.ivit thorn. Anxiety and possible disappointment as Christmas ap- . proaohes will be avoided if the piacinsr of your order is not delayed. Additional lielp has been secured in order to give you that courteous attention typical of this store. Wo invitfi ycu to come and liDger— buy or not you will be equally welcome. Some of the Useful Gifts wi- have to Show You: ( h)!t^l•l^•!l n«:.'s !il «.!!nT. ii.M .•)(;> jTiirKaU I'ur iiK u, !;!.;:.•> :i:id c'tl!:!: iii. l.;!![i<y' fdlijif.. i!:c iinoi cii:.';!!!! I:;;\«< liinc ,>!:ii'in' l.adit-^' I 'aiMi-; li;r !,'ie i:< >-.'i of cir? d( r;(i;;':;;. J.:!!!.•(•..• ill it r -it^ a-.>' l!ii (kh-. Ui >v I' . •-iincy V '. Iiiu -xi .-tiiit:,( ui il-.n';, luinhs I"::;..' ••a' I'li'.^ I'.i old arf. udd atni .•ii-cr. Ci/K; • •';))-, l'ro:ei.(s all of •; !;•,!. pin-. SI'I ! .-I III " !••-. J ' "•. Tiiir .iM I'ov. il: i-. for :'-,«•. I.ati 'i >• I 'lii- fit I'.:•-;!(•. iii '-i-l a:i;l I( (I. i i'i!'' n: (••.(r» i :v iri]it'<i;-„ Cillio* Tuiiv. 'I''f -t*n!r^. Be:! Sjireii'l-. I '.MUl-. NapkliiN and 'I'aldi < ;cry iirirt: S'.i'.'". I'l':,- 1 ; >. t;;:il ; i st ;.i clean lip ti:- !.!:• . i':. -.1 » • • j - ill. !..»!*(" :i.'lM .'.be .c.v r> if! Ii«:(- :!n (i siil.. 11 .1 '« I 1 li'c- ii' ifii'K<;( r: li.'i \ inr ... I">. -2 •• VAll up >'!•>.'». .Sc- t.'iis <!;!..i!if i-c. •niU, li;i! <-2yn II:'; c:;! IXacllj in I'.; :-7..'n, >\Mi) ll.iN \- i'rdliir i!'::!! an llli'.'.uif il.ti for a !•-i.i.i- (.'iti. .-i' liHls Hals . . ..-f^ >T..-,(l liaiv .!r'L*..'>ti i'. J,i:\ S!; !> r I! \ 1 M .UST i:\f.l-' ['H'ir.. ..*i.;!(> Mtii.i:) \\ it 1." 'f'u I c i- I T -M- '.1 li \\.-\:\ I .• ! 1 r 01 1 l.iMi i" .1 I:.-.: I iHiKss (;tiiii».s. i; •tn:'r!.Ml't'- ^.-liiic-; .'.(i iiic.-i » pn! "ti s ,\U- triii>:.rtnl aiid d<>n )e>tii- dn -.-s . til rlia.i ap Cl' llri>aifrl!i MI ii: ftiii 'liaii?, ;l:i!; ;i-;.a!!i >< 11 11 r !.. ^ l.M'. •^;<ii;.l . ' ; • l-'ili '-^ :cs ... .My 1 ':iiii.> ,'-i;l:';r>, s; •J'• iNi'i.s ri;;:il> 1 ir ctiiltln 1 lilc I Vr naiil •en In ••cc Hi- t !c •;!nl I U\i. -L'."" t lal- ii uv \ \i. m :i {.ii':.^'3\fi :ili'y Lo-t ^r Pr^Ia:.'r; CParar- them up Quivh. -l .i.ii' ( .iat> ., ^1 • .. :'i:.i.t; 1 .i..i- - t till: 11) i.'i:ii! I i:i>. < ,.t! . >"in.iMi . St,;.'. 5Jj .^,1- ..... . 113 East. Madison ja:.-^5r .v7 .:.?ir.;c7ra ::--^.T .-Tr.t.'^i:--n^^ CARNEGIE TO TALK STEEL CVTV. A Sub.ocena Served on the iron M SG-, ter by the House Committee. i JACKSON CASE iS m r I- .1 1 > OLD Bills mm UP GLF HUKT IN EAST ROOM. II;: Wa^hiuHton. D-c. Id.—Th.e t;i;ill HiLiiboldt D .Tn -..-it .e Su:t i-- o i i<: Z: Helped a Blind Man. (iini::ii;;.— v.\V.c (ui n.'W iiu. ;•: 'Here. Poor Commissioner Abrams yesic-r- ton'oriovv. a.s it is iindi-r.s'on.l toiiUii' day furnished transportation to ai'''a' .Andrew Carnefrio will th<!i aji- I"'!' .(ati,. :i!i . .i. blind man, n.imed n. A. as far' am; t-!I u\f comnilttep just wlr. OM;, \V. u.^-ic. ,u.:i as Eureka. The man said be waiiti.".! i be lifli.-v.s the timi- has couif to ri - "f 1!:.: : .''il! . : i to reach relatives at 'Wiciiita who inovf or radically reduce the ihiii.s un t:n. 'ii... i;. ;..!,!.,;• would give him funds to ta!;i- trfat-j anil strcl. . Mair^itU .\!ait 1-. i: 'r;. nient for KLs .e.ves. .Mr. .Abran;:; con-i Th'- ' (iitii:.l(r<-e. or.-ler .'lie • Rented to furnish him a tick, t half i-onfi-r--i iiy th" Hoii.^e on .Mi )!;'l .-;v, din way to hi.-? de.^itination. P P.S i^<>ll a .'.ii:,[«o<'i(a foe Mr. i:;:''! \v"; Ii SD;'! iKiuif 1(1 aii ])i ':ir h.-fnr.^ it .•rid it il < nlai-.-.i i!; '"i,- Hun ( i:ii;;.; -^ioac.—. \i<- i I i ! il! lit (»id IJ.ii^ !!i|( .1 -. neglsler Want .Vds. Hrinir Kesnlfs. uml-rstandin^ toniuht that t',<- in.:-, '^y -'r".,,- . niaslcr acccpl.-d service today a".l l'.a« " '• ' • ' '-'^ TLtKMer Want Ad*. Brlnir HeMilN. a*;'-'""' make a .statement. occ,,n.-, a- . .v About YourChristmas Gifts Kurnitnrc alway.- niakc-^ an ;,i''ri>t:.l.ic I'hi i^liiias iirc; rlil .-ind right now is the time lo Tiiaki- ,\n'ir -i ii-climi iim- ..-iMck wa.< mvir i!i finer sliaix- tn ino-i xcitir liol-tl.i.v :.iiil.-. .N 'cw ciiaiinii in tinai- ter Sawed Oak. Karly Kimlisii fliii .-hcH. MiKl.-i-;. .• .Mapl<- ami .Mahogany. Mi nniisually wide lair.'.- nV d <'^is ;ii ,i |io ,-~c. -iti„' Mi.- .Ii- tinciiv.- character ncce .«Eary lur a d.'^ii:.!il'' I il alid ( V )h- i \ I I 111' ! nii-n • i-:it.;-',r" liiiji, .T 'll ; • ,• • :M ; • lip. Il" V. uy iiiiii'- (•:• 1' ,• •'•.i' ir. ' cy. , CA.ME WAHDEN AnnEGTL. CflVAN. The Pr'ir.itlciil'' H.iil Too Many Duck-, in His G.Trr D-i'j. V. : laiiii'ki-i !. hov..h-cr, expressed himself as laor.- l-leasfd with them than the Pre.sldtiit .Tnd Guests See John Aber- i";-si i.-nt. n.'ithy's Moving Pictures. Tli ri-. th'-y'l' get him," he ex- W.i-I'.i If.111. DiC. 1 .1.- Mil. in;; ,.ic- t laiiiH 'd. as the hunt drew tO a cloSe. I ii. / 111 vM'ii" hiiiis tiini'd I' Ti'.-.irs one of the finest sports of .•;:iii -ii W : ill- hoi;.-;, 'iii'i a 'i" \\i"id." he declared, "but I hope t''. at. •• \:\^\ iiiL.Ui N^:i:y I'l'i 'i'". sonn- fqually as good next n'.iiic u;i I '.it- aiidii-'iiCi-. .v. a:'. ;'!; • maua.m-r'" wa.-; .lului .M'- " • ii .;..''.v. of till- I 'i< sideiu ami H».ar School Petition. ir.aishal i-nm (il i!ii. The commisftioners will tomorrow taa. who. it is said, catches wolvs alifrnoan boar the application of « Ma :i':.-i. Siii'ii- i'-.u:-,:< a'.4ii li- Tiuinber of farmers living ta the south .-.;i.r.'...| 111.- pictiir.s privati ly to tlie casi cam-r or the Gas City school dfe- r •-; I ilii Ml it.'i '.v--ii irici to be transferred to the La Karpe I'll- (xhiliiiion that h<- d 'eidcd to in- ,li.-iriri. (•:. K. Stout Is one of the pe- 'MKv.f frii ii 'ls to sec it. The per->'. lie presented a pefitjon i.iMiu.ri. ii'-'-aa about tiii .-U. in!- iiiuiseh several weeks ago but U Waa IiiAiir; a liiniii r at the Wliiie iioni-e. iiinied iimvii. This time hfe ha« per- A IU) saw the pictiiri s ili-L-lai^ siiaiti (1 .-iveial f )f his nelRbbors t<> •| h. il i:i:> M'lnarKaliie. Nn i,,iri ii, with liini. •'In: ll.ll- •.. 1 a: M Ml :i! !in..i: I'l.l.i. :;. Ti V , Il e, 1 : •,••:!,a", !i van fi 11 ir.iii i,'..' i. "I .•!f.ii-n 111,',!. , V, Inn h • -iii.! •r ir. ! lie '•I '.V , li'ili. . acli Irn. :; :• I-.,! in wl'i! :!!•• :^ A LiBRARY TABLE .Makes an appreciated >;ili. ii.sefii' .m oiiiann-;: n. .ii .v room. I' rice !*T.T.'> to !!::>.'..<l(» Only l:» uiore sli<i)>pint: days. .\ •.•.i .rd <ii' vvarnir..; P!I..[I -ai ,v avoid disappoininielil, .Mnriiin:;- lal^ wi .k v.iH be :•. ur .Hnl li::,. Vour selection i-an be laid a.snie ai.d v,e will ileii\.T I I I.-MI .I- .M. I direct Sleeper & Son POSTOFFICE BUXK .ler, jet; I'.I r i.'tnt. 1 lil,.' Sn; p' ise. a Ch.anil .'TS eini'ii;.. • III I Mn :;ii.I i. • • I •.',:':) V>;:- t.-:.«.- bv V.VW- li^ r,,,v!^ I ;;• ''. ; V. . n!.\ I 'l 'i :• i".i. .ri Il i.f I:.- s. 'Mil -la"!'. tt'-.o :!!•.• h;i-. 1 )ie!'.-I.-I Mr. l!iv:r:i !.> liilii -I '•n:i ini: \- nj ill. ^ll•.t;. ; i .•• f iiiaile a 1. .-nil in il-.- Mm i.. ;• ' e 1 ;i:. ,! \'. '.. 1 • • ! r. •• ••'•'V ••v.: It- • 1 -ri! I ;r. i v -. H e.,.;- .. ; . i. : . ' ]',:•• r eivali n- - I I- ., I .' .•!•)•! w.-ie In ...1 » •-. .... >i p-li '. l.iiV. :^-:r:,i:-- i- „tf ,.i f . •: I \n nil i. M><rr \Tf \ M \. I5(. \^ ill ^•(.:n a !>:'> a' !-n":-;:<.ii »;in(..-aiir Iliil.- ^.n:;!!!. :;•] ' p. , : :. ilii 'i Iial .> Il Ii iiii. , : • .1 a . ..; ,:• ... \« ,. 'I ' I til! . - ' .! 1 i ( • . ' .. • •. I •,: I , ;...••! !'-:n in : , , . -I...: ,. n: l,', , ^ ,• i.t ', -H- : I. . ,,- li .'i .i iril ,1-1 1 ,\ .-: - I 't'i'i'-.' • . M ..Ml:!-. ' .•• \ / . • I • I- , • A • :, . 1 • • , I . : 1 1-1 -ell :,i .• -M. '1 • • •. •.. 1 :; • Vl l. i 1" '•( \ '.\ ; i • -, .• ; tiV :.. Il >. -., '.. OUT OF THE COUNTY FL'NO. Ap',''. Opiiiion r;s to How Election; Expenses bhciild be Paid. 'an; I'lil.:' .1 i:- V' 1. - . - T : '.^ . ;,'i • I .1-: --I'liwri -•:\n il ini-e e sinril! • . -i, ;i". . In I • • •,• • c. I SlOi 1. lit iete at i I I. • • * : ' he li. : :.. I 1 v< : . . " ' \ ( 11 I - c |.- 'I f s •»• IM.ii'ii' MA n->"ri'- - 'ir.: I 'l IIHANK Pais fal. , . it ; I (.11 I. '•. • I'lllel". I 1 ! )M "..ii'.i::!; :. hi 11 ,1!-;. 'i'-.::i. .\:| (' l!.i 1 ' . • ".1 •.. ;• rf f - . Ti 1 .|'ii: Inf' l<\ 'n;.'\ • i.".::i:--;<.':--i> a; 'k\ h <i.-'' : .'is- . i-i lit.- 1-;.-. - !I.T :-; sM-e;''!, ' Ts.- .•;r,...,t i..ti 1.;,.. r...i:i.- M .-i .1 .1 • I i -r" 'In 1 .-n: in;, i >:;, -ns. in! :• (-ilini..' si.(ii;M he ii;ii<! itir , .-- 11 •. I .l!',.i nr IV •;• ; inr e le' '• '1 '-';v lit 1 1... first i'l-': I ti - .. 1 . i '.nlll.i |i;, V jr.; (Hi n eV j T'l.. enip.:i::<-io:.i rs- Iitiv.- ttl-t 111! 1 '. r- iiei e\-,,e';:-.-.- .-ir' . . iiir.\ '•n;i,| .-II:,! Mr j i;;..l- i-nn-;i;ii -;.L' ;i'! ..f ;.•.••• i.V l!..- M -Mi'.:- - ! • -11 ili.i |..- • • - ^ 11.1 1, ,-,-,nll •.^ )i> t;i. ' --•l.e r- lai I. ei-:'i ,-:-i-,1 i!' Twelve More Shopping Days Before Christinas ni> siiopjtin.: n»M Iti-inn- the hoHdny rush. H( rc arc a iiv. -.ii-iucstinns m' praiii'-al irifls for l;il: I r. Iiri.lliri «r iiiiilb ;!:;'.'i frit tid. \ Fine Suit, aiij cidur jo'.i \ line Otcrcoat or Kaiu ( \ Nice Hat. sefl or vlifl S .uiikhi'j: .lack, t* ( itut Sn cater- Kaii<> V CN I J -'ine rinbrclhiN t i.Unr W-A-z-i. TicN and .>lHfiier >i Kani-y ISaxt'd .\!nn< Si:->j)i-ai!ir> . . «10 to «20 .. $7wO to «ao . to l^J^A $3-W to «7.5« $^00 to to $5.00 to $6.50 $1.00 to $3.00 . 30c to $2.00 .. »5c to $1..W I M .\ of -InliTMoi. il" »i<»i«ry mak.-> a fine gift, 6 tialr in a lii>x $1.50 l!--:ii:- r S'i!: r'!;i:' i I'; :r;|.),. • . ;. --t; rii! c.-'ii- ' j -1 nl I.: ;i n»a , IP er-. > I It f. s (; 1 I '! 1- I K .he .fi i-ier-. . ; |--- <v %i,!. .! •: ; A 1 - • citii-rn.a^ p '.in -1 - f! 1- '..!•.... -, • • t! ,, I I '.vill rem i -.-e top • ' ••• -n'tn 'i.-.a! It'll-.! • • a- .' . • • i-f flae.-i \ I-. • . I'!!!: K \.v •• \-; v\\\ .•iJl'K.V M., i ';;iu ;'as Citv. .«0. BARCLAY-SHIELDS CLOTHING CO. The IIuii-c- of (Jnality 1 .Si.*,-^ J

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