Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1907
Page 3
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REV. PULLIAM STIRS 'EM' UP- Former tola KMnlater Afiter CKanute Drugnltts. Headquarters for Santa Claui. N«V line af Dressed and Undressed Dollt, Toilet cases. Work Boxes, CuS Bami, Handkerchief Boxes, Vases, Xmu Candles. Putt Boxes, Children's tuxIkM, Albums, Fancy Dressers, Scarfs, Muff- Iprs, Ties, Ladles' Furs, Fancy Stockings. Fancy Hose. We have a nice selection of tery choice articles from Chas. Dickens of .Manltou, Colorado, which we are go- liiK to sell at half prlw. These are vi-ry choice cut stones. We will be vlad to show you.. A. G. MUMMA, Prop. Rev. I. B. PullJaro. formerty of the M. a churdi of this city, seejns to be inakink trouble for druggltta who ho 'd liquor iicrmits In Neosho oounty. > In a seroiou In the M. E. church "there I Sunilar night he delivered a istrong' semion in which he arraigned the' liquor traffic as conducted In Cbanutc. It is -said tl^t 88 a n-sult of tils sermon thr^ liquor perniita will-be re- vcifiod and an avKlotaut attoraey gen- »riil will b»» a|i|iolnt«>d. Kov. I ^ulHani 1iix)iUict>il a small black board ^In ih? l'Ul|ilt un ul.lrli he hxd written the numbiT of sail 's made by thos<> ho 'd- iuR pi'itiilts. .AmuuR the driigxlsia wi'n« Chasf nrt)wn who Is bi -lriR KUIHI by Mrs. IJUy l\imjiholI of tho U>anna m'lRhbi >rlnHvil Tor ssUInK her husband woo«l alrohot iontrary to law. Camp- holl. It Is iUtoBwI. dlt-d from tho *.•{• fccts of lhi> wood alcohol. ONCE LIVED IN CRAWFORD. Pittsburg Headlight Says Wh >.eside is Crawford County Boy. Some who SP.MU to know hive set uj) the Pl .iim tiat Wa'kor ^^"SI»csi ^le. the rtnim^rtian who was at th<? Grand flicBtrc l.i-;! «ppk. as tJio star In "The Claim of niood." was forniirly -3 Crawford cnnnty boy in his younpor c'jiys, and worked with his father on a C'.tim whpn sor.trhum moJas ^os and corn bread were the sf .iff of life, says lh? PittBburK Ile.idliRht. "VNTien still a youth his fafhor bo- came weary of frontier life and moved back east. The Whiteside claim was said to be up near Girard. That was when the I 'respnt th?atrical star wns a mere Chi'd. TO PLAY EUREKA ON THE 27TH. AMELIA. BlXpHAM In 4 KKoderu Lmtiy Bodlva At the Grand Opera House. THURSDAY, DKl'EMBEK 19. L)NN UNDER $500 BONO, i . Ic Cha 'rBMl With Diiposing of Mor^ gaged Property. Ed. Linn, who was brouRht back from Vernon county, Mo., Siiiiirdiiy ivoiiluK to uuKWiT to till- cliiirnc of tllHpoNlMK of niorlKUBfa |)lop<'ll.v.. id now nwnltInK triul in tlx- .tiuitmry iiTni ot court uiiilt -r u bond l.'im) Mhlcli wan llxcil by lhi> cliTk of tin* ••ourt. Linn li'ft tho HIHII- UIKI wjett llipri 'foro II fuKlflvc froiu JiiMllrr>, imiUlnR II pri>Mnilnury iiuc/Khniy. lU' wuR Ktlll iiiiiihli' to KIVO bond IIIIK iiiornint:. High School Basket Ball Team Haa Matched Game. Thn man-wment of th<» Tola Hl.di school basket ball team yesterday pompletcil arranRem»nts for a basket: ball pamp to bo played in this city V itl! the Eureka HlRh School team on tho evenlnB of December "Jsth. The KiireUa toam has pinyed a number of canu -s this year and has been sue- rpKsfu'. The local high school team Is prarticInK dally ond will be In good rondiiion for the same. Dt>MONT SICKLY 18 RELEASED. Deputy County Treasurer Serves His Tim 's in the Pest House. nmiuuii Slol .ly, (Icpiily comiiy (n -.i* uror. will liK r <'lt 'aK«'(l tliln i -vi nlii« iroiii <|UntHiiflru'. .Mr. rtjcldy wi-nt to tlir- pc«( luuitic nearly »w<i wo«.kM OKO with fiiiiiillii(i\ which III' In mipiMK.-il (o iuivi' f'oiilrarted fioni linndlInK "iiilul"d" money ;ii tho (rt'iixiirrr'n nfllcf. Till' niiiliidy wnK not In Im woiMt form niid .Mr. Sickly In; nou' ro covered, ; Ladiesj Desk, Music Cabinet,RecordCabinet Deik Cabinet All make fine Xmas presents, and can be used in every home. We have a special Xmas price on all goods. Sleeper (& Son siruAnoMs WANTED AdTctrixementf) under Uils head will be inserted three tiini-ii without charge. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. inquire 105 South Second streL FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North straeL foa Ran" miaomUmmmoua FOR RENT-'-House and barn. South Kentucky. Phcne 998 2—2. . ^ FOR SAtE^mimamllmtmaum FOR SAi.K—Younf: milch cow: «18 North.Oak t;ireet. VOH SALE—Or will trade for pood clear farm or $10(iO proptriy in lultt, Ijalauto ill capli or notes; xht- Snyder Livery Harn, La Harpe. .1. V, Howell. FOR SALE—Good mare with foaL Call at 210 West streeL FOR RENT—Eight room house on car line. Wheeler Heights.: Modern. , Newly papered and varnished. Ini quire of W. A. Wheeler at The loja I'onland Cement company. i'UK SALE OR TRADE OR RENT— Furnishings lu the Haltlmore House, with lease. Inquire 209 South Buck% . , l^R SALE—No. 1 good beating Btove; gas or coal; a perfect stove. 209 South Buckeye. FOR SALE— $1800 stock of grocer- lea and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street. FOR RENT—Five room house and barn, three blocks from square. $9.00. \\'hiiaker £ Donnell. JUST THE TIME WHEN YOU WANT TO BUY ONE ALL OIK HART. SCHAFFNER k MARX .V>D STEIX-BLOCH OVERCOATS THAT WE SOLD ALL FALL .VT liSUJMt, AKr NOW $30.00 Overcoats will be cnt to $2S.OO $25.00 Overcoats will be cut ^SaO 00 $22.50 Overcoats will bs cut to $18.00 We Are Cutting the Price WaiEi Weather is the Cause. Buy your Overcoat now and save from $4.60 to $7.60 on a coat. 520 oo and $i3.oo Overcoats will b^ cut to SI5.00 OvercoaU will be cut to $(0.oo Overcoats will be cnt to A ReduGilon on Every Man and Young Man's SuU In tho Store, Magnificent Holiday Merchandise for Xmas Gifts for Men and Boys! Swell Neckties. SQc to SI.50. Fine Linen Handkerchiefs, 2SC ^0 SOCi Leather Collar Boxes, SI.OO to S3i00. House Coats, $5.00 to SI2i50i Gloves of all kinds, 50c to $7,50, Silk Handkerchiefs, SOC to $1.00. Christmas Suspenders, 50C to $|.50. Fancy Waistcoats, $ .50 to $f ,50. Reefer Mufflers. Traveling Bags and Suit Cases, $2.50 to $20.00. Men's House Slippers, 50c to $2,00. Buy "him" a Manhattan Shirt for Xmas $1.60 to$360 Store Open Evenings Until Xmas. A large line of Vassar and Munsiiie: Union Suits for Men, $1.50 to $6 See Window display for Xmas suggestions CONSIDER CHAUTAUQUA AGAIN. The lola Ministerial Association met in the Y. .M. C. A. building yesterday morning. A very interesting and entertaining paper on the "Divinity of Christ" was read by Rev. O. G. MIssamore of the U. B. church. The question of a permanent Chautauqua for lola 'Will probably be taken up by the association some time In January.* THE XMAS DISPLAYS Kor ExclJ«Hge—Eighty acres of botom land, well improved, adjoining the town of Cloverdale. Chautauqua county, Kansas, for lola property. L- Uobart. Its Economy To have your Caip^ and Sags cleaned by TbeiolaRisFaetoij Women Inclined to Gonstipafion Women, owing to their peculiar fnnc* tions, are prone to constipation, and many of thnr other ilia are due to this congestion in the bowels which fills the blood with impure matter that permeates the entire system. In most cases foul breath, bad complexion, sick headache and such like ills are primarily caused by constipation or indigestion. Women should be happy to learn of a remedy that enrea eoDtUpalioo aod tndlgeatlon, •Bid that haa cuoh other incradleiitt aa puritr blood and lOM up all the dlcettlTa ersam. Ala reaedT i* Dr. CaMwell'a Srmp Pepaia. whloh oan lie bousht at toy drnc atora for SO oeau or It a bottle. WooMa bsretieea earUw iheiiiaeiTaa with this rMedr tot iisMaa reai«i and Ike oSar of reara am atlU ataada i»4ar. thU jroa bur Dr. CUdweU'a Srrap Pepata wfih the • ithMltwiUdoaaeiaiBedorroBr lola Merchants Have Neatly Decorated Windows. wUlbeL Thbrraatharu laxatlre temoomA tsetpae- laUr aol ted «B the delicate ayatem o( wocoen tw- eauae ot lis leatle bat prompt aetton, iu pieaaaM taste and Its beadom from trlptBt. Itaoesnec weaken iUa panratiires aad eathartioiw but boUda np and itrenttheoL It ts a snaimateed penaaaeot eoi* aad ahould be aa ateadUr ia war home aa iu that ol themaili of othera. Wooieo nap it themaelTaa aad aire it to cUMnn InpreferaeatoaaTother Unlive beoaaae It ia gaaiaateed to do wtiat a toed laaatiTa ataovU da and doea it naUj. Mis. Ttaer. of » He- Icren AT«.. Sfc Looia. Mo., to liad to aay that It eored her eonatipatiea and atoweh trauMe aad daltioAMfteanwoMuddad. She is hut one of thooaanda Who sie load In pndaB of It. Voa who hsM Dsver naad it ahoeld hasia today. Tog wm date yoT ftaedasB Ircea alHiiwaa totheday that yoo alait the aae aC Dr. OaM- weU'a Sytnp PepilB. Tom dnssM wUl aeU you a bottle nadar oar ahaoiais taanaiee. With hoi y. mistletoe and othnr Christmas greens as appropriate bacit grounds the Io!a merchants are displaying unusually pretty lines of hnl- ida}- goods. The windows ace fi!Ied with an elaborate array of Christmas novelties. All of the local merchantr have made !<pe<:ial efforts to make (lieir window decorations attractive this sea'Ron. The New York Store h,is an ex- fpsdingly attractive showing of novelties and substantia! articles offering such a variety that the most fastidious should be fiati.-,fied. In the back ground is Santa Clans with his smiling rountenancp. looking down iipon the sights. In the center of this beautifully decorated window Is a sofa pll- Irw covering, having Inscribed on it nn elk's head undrr which are thr letters, H. P. O. E. The Ramsav Hrns. Drj- Ooods Co. iu their south display window, has a winter house which cannot help lint nttraet the« of thf passing pu1>- Vic. In the array of novelties can ba found many que.'^tion marks which Im medlatelv brine to mind the question, "what shnl' It be?" Ewing & Burdick have a d'pplav In their windows especially calculated to make the little folk's hearts gind. Motor cari» nin on the plan of a str^ef car keep Christmas shoppers In fron: of this window most of the time. The others merchants also bav.' creditable window displays showin:! that much time has been spent on making them beautiful. Wlille Christmas la stin several days off. throng<: of shoppers are viewing the displavs and are already making liberal purchases. VALUE OF BIGHT BRE.ITHISG. liraltb TumPir From Knowing; How and What to Breathe. WAS SEVERAL CYPHERS SHV. In an article in yesfcdav's Regis ter In which Jfr. f^ I.. Northrup was quoted on the flnancia? situation. , :i typographical error apneared which should be 'corrTtod Reference WSM made to the 1200.000 000 which hat been placed In circulation since thr- financial depression, but threat cyphers were omitted, giving a afferent eolor to the story. Hence the correction. Dust laden with the germs of con- siiuiptloir or other disease is inhaled by all who use the street:^, but disease is not developed unless the germs find conditions suitable for their lodgment and growth. With people having catarrh there is an ideal culture medium for these germs, as the irritated membrane and weakened tissues is a hot-bed where germs must thrive and multiply until they are numerous and active. If you have catarrh, you should use the easiest, simplest and quickest cure, the direct method of llyoniei, whose wonderful medicated, air Is tak- ?n in with the air you breathe, directly .ollowing and destroying ail germs 'hat have been inhaled, repairing any damage they may have worked and so healing and vitalizing the tissues as to render catarrh and germ Infection no longer itossible. The unusual way in which Hyomei is sold should dispel all douiit as to its curative proiierties, for Chas. B. Silencer offers to refund the price to any one whom it fails to benefit. You do not risk a cent In testing the healing virtues of this breath of life, for with every $1.00 ontfli Chas. M. Spencer gives a guarantee to relieve catarrh or money refunded. "QUINOV ADAMS SAWYER" NEXT ysT" has been before the public. It has been stamped by a succession of audien<^es all over the country as "lh>; best, the sweetest, purest and most wholesome of rural dramas." At its cvory representation the applause and laughter are almost continuous, r.!id every fall of the curtain is the signal for an ovartion to the players, which la to be considered as a most emphatic endorsement of the play. Such success as' has bsen won by this drama is vouchsafed to but very few of the plays that see the stage, and can be won only by a play that appe.nlfl to tlie best elements of the community. Yet "Quincy Adams Sawyer" preaches no sermon except the ett-rna: one of the Golden Rule. Its sweet, clean story is strong in unoon ventional fashion. Its humor is natural and wholesome, but none the less convulsing: Its characters are types —not caricatures. These are some of the reasons for the unprecedented popularity of 'Quincy Adams Sawyer." Othera will be apparent ^tp those who witness the play at the Grand tomorrow night. AXEUA BDIfiHAM In At the Graad Opera Hoase, TBL'RSDAT, DECEXBEB 19. Livinq »toD^ Co C« a tractors and BalUbwa. A)l kinds of work a apadaJty t Soatk SyeaaariL : Pkaie UiS Get yuor Christmas Cigars at Mun- dls as he handles all th^ leading brands. WARRE> ALLEN TO HIGH SmOOL Usdol Xmas Preseits The finest line in town. Call and inspect oai stock, T. Shannon North Side Square lola. Kan. New England Drama Billed for Tomorrow Night. In the Hve years that the great New England drama. "Quincy Adams Saw- Warren Allen, the high school alh- j lete, will re-enter the school next term. -Mr. Allen has but another to complete the high school and will then enter college. He is .a good basket Itail player and will therefore strengthen the lola high school team materially. PISOS CURE Luntf TronUe of the most serious and daiSgerous dncription bat been promptly relieved by Piso*f Cu'rr.. It has proved<ltfcIf duitnp nearly half a centur%- an unsurpassed remedy for couglu, coltU, hoanencts, bronchitis, uthma and all aifections of the tliroat and diest. It I coniuins no opiate* or habit-forming dn^ F!so*s Cure has the' I confidence of people everywhere, and swam court testimony hM proved that by its use many of the worst eooMmptive R COUGHS COLDS Office and Storage Waxe Room at tB West Street. Phone, SBB rbwatoBs aad Cara^ flMMralka CniUas • OflM lU iHl km wttj. TEMwamminum Mbs J. Kathetlae give private leMcns. System a specialty. Haifley wUl Bean Pitman

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