Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
Page 2
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^^^^Ni,Y tvro more weeks to do yourj Christmas biiying. Useful and sensible Chi'istmas giftd can be had at this store. We have a larger selection of Christmas attractions, and it di; counts anything we have ever before attempted—more difiFerent styles of goods, and a working force read}' to serve yon and please you. You will see the "beginning of Christmas trade and from the ^ta^t such goods ?s are enumerated hexf. wiU be in demand. See Our Windows MES'S SrSPENDEH .S. Plain and fancy webbing with ster- iliiK and gold plated buckles in nice fancy lioxes from . .iOc to iJl^O MEYS DKESS GLOTE.S. Silk lined dressed and undressed Kid Cloves, makes a very useful prea- riii «1.0« np ti» *iJ)(J. MK>'S XECKWEAH. Tho best seleclion of .Men's N'eck- wcar ill ilip city. .All the newest cre- from .lOp ii]) to ifl.OO SILK .MIFKI.EKS, Ai! thai Is ni>w in Men's .Mufflers i;i iiriAvn. shiio. cream, fjra.v. purple l.luck *I.mi f:i ^2.(M SIl.K I!AM>KKK( lilEKS. I' Willie hililalfd and fancy Imr- .l-'.s A'so'i i.-in and may. frmii •J.'ir iijt to $1.'-':. 3VrM»K«H0SK fiuuruntreil ilircc iiu'iiili.t wiili- i.iit danilnn. r<'i l"'v Ji5l.(M> 'I'lir Home of imt.:.ii siiocN. 'i'llC lIllllH' of .1(»H.\ H. STETSON rtSn'tO Huts. SociBiy Gossip \ —FlUgcrald. Anlo l.fTe'ry. Phoup. i • + 4- 1 Persuasion. Oh come with me and bo luy cook. ! And yon may have my pocketbook! ; For you the parlor door's ajar. ; And .vou may my motor car. | i Your friends may conn' to diin' or; dance. And I will pay you in advance. ; .•Viid if those thins:; shoulii .-iiiit your book. Then come with nio am! bo my cook., For yon Ihe.Bladdosi .sjowns to don. i And yours the couch to rest upon. And if to study you aspire. .Afy book.*; shall wait on your <io!=iro. JEWELRY My wife has gems that you may woa". And yon may u.<:e her Sunday hair. And, if these th-lngs enticing look Thon come with me and l>o my cook. — Puck. + A * Entertained at LaHarpe. Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Danforth of l.n- night It .should l)o till- ilo.-;ip.' of < Vfiy wo- ! man's heart to po .-.^i -s.s a diaimnd i ini; ior a f;eni-studded locket. W'o can show [an assorinK'iii of jewelry that will ! make yon think yourso'f in ..\l!adiir.< jCuve. I'liiod at fii.'iiios lli:;t will in- ireasi- >c.t!r %vun(!or Our .•.•; O'.H is i lironiinonl anion?; the ji-wciiy STO;-,^.; .hero bocaiise <if ilie fact thai, down to the smallos;; aitii-lo. evtryihi'.iu; is n- liahle. Come in and iet us show yi.u how little nioiioy it takes to buy the 10- tlriictive pric-s. Harpe gave a dinner party last for a group of friends to celebrate the.' blrOiday of their daughter Doris, an-l^''''- ^""rs for artistic jewelry. Mr. Dumont'Sickly of Tola. The jruo.sts: Haliiliiy and were .Mr. and .Mrs. M. F. Sickly. Mr | Cl.vdc Sickl.v. Mr. Dnmont Sickly. Mis;;; Doris Danforth. Mr. and .Mrs. K. .1 ) Bondy and Mr. Glenn Sicklv. * + + I W. C. T. U. Meeting. ' Tile semimonthly meetlim of th" \V. C. T. IT. wl'l occur toinornnv nl llio .iHcUfcon Btroot room. All IIUMII li-rs who nltend arc i.oiiostoii to bring' their copies of the stal<' niln- uteH HO that n liniid book drill ma., bo conducted. The I IUN I IO-SS mooiin^ will h(> feiitiired by the dlsouHHlon oi (liiins for the Chris;tntiH moottnu'. A HiM'clal prosram will be pnpaiiil fo • ho dny. + + Guild Meetlna. Mrs. Randall Peck of North \Vii«h fhifton avenue entertained the fliilM of St. Timothy's cliurch yesterdnv al ternoon during the hu.'^JnoHB meotlnv. McNIEL BROS. The Jewelers Tlii-ro was a small lMi\olii>on ai livi' o'clock. Tlio <,iii|(| iliios iini moot lo-'iiii 111.Ill alii'r tlo' I'lirisijiias si 'a son. + •> + Sewing Club Meeting. Miss liiiriiani Piy ontfrlHliKMl tin" IP'-mbirs of her .Si'Wliii; club yi-Uo;- day afloriuioii wl;!i a ililmbli' i>:u!.\. .\ Htnall liiiioiiooii wiiM si -rvoii a' ilio <loso <if the afternoon. •:• + + A Literary Program. The social affair whlcli the Ciirroiii ICvont cliii) is pivliij; on Mniiilny be. i -aiise of tho aiinlvo-rsary of the dub meoting Is to take tho form of a litorary nfternoon. Each niomlior of tho c'ub and also the guests who will be asked will ri'pro.soiit some book in ttioir costume. Tlo- social coiiMiiitt'/e -wliich is ar- ran.uin.i; affaii .A of the day hold a moot iiig ><sterday at the home of Mra. 15. H. SteviMison and the above announcement was made with others of tho afternoon. •J- <• To Beautify Gift Parcels. Tho stores are showing elaborate nsKortmont.s of trimmings for ?iff liarcols this year. There jire some attractive bo.\es in all shapes :u\.i .sizes covered with holly paper and al.<o beautiful ribbons in the Xmas idea are to be found. Santa Clans seals atiil holly stickor .5 are useful in making corners on rough's of bundles attractive and there is also an assortment of gold and silver cord to use in wrapnins gifts. Th" countors everywhere are loaded wi'.b now and useful articles in all lines and Christmas shopping sooms to be es- pociallv iilecsurablo this •> -' -> Legend of the Chrvsanthemuni. This i.^ the season of ilio year when ohrysantheuiUins are In favor for i !'-(0i'ations at affairs, whether tho occasion is informal or idanned on n large and elaborate scale. The flowers a-e associated with thoiii;hts of the .lapaiii'se ;iiid tluro is a v-'r.v tivi'tty leuen.i which has rociMitly been levheil. ovcliailge liives Hie story I bus: In a ^'ardoii. balhod In the .soft iiio(inlii;hi, a voiing girl pliick(-d a flow, el and coiiinioiiooil to ,stri|p Iho petals i.« see if Iter llanc .M' lovod her triih'. or a siiiblon a Utile fod apjioareil be. loio In r and assiireel lur that lior flan- I llveil h>T iiasslonntelv. ••Your l-.i!fband wl'l live." Iio added, "a* i-iaitv y<iir:; as llio flower, which I will bi ^o'l cliooHo has pi'lals" With these words lie ilisappoarrd. The voiii": iiirl hastened to seari'h the parilen for a flower wiilch should have an nbund- niire of iietals. but e:ieh one apoenrei! to promise^biit a brief future for her lii'lovod. Al leiiK'h she picked a I'or-iaii car-j niaflOD: and. yrith tbe aid ota sbM plQili t^eb .from her bair, shct.aeiiarated: each of the petals of the flower, so as to Increase the number of folioles and of. the numDer of .vears accorded by the god to her fiancee. Soon, under her-^eft fingers, 100, 200, 300 petals, thin, pliant and hieautlfully curved, had been evolved, and the young girl cried for Joy to think of the happy future which her ruse had assured her iOancee. So, rung the legend, was the chrysanthemum created one moonlight night In a Japanese garden, whore silvery brooks murmured softly as they ran beneath the little bamboo bridges. ' • * •> Sorosia Luncheon. The second of a series of luncheons was given at the home of y\rr,. W. E. Lyons by the Sorosis club in connection with the fortnishtly program. The afternoon was featured by a group of readings which made up one of the most interestin.g entertainments arranged for the .voii,r. The first pappr was read by Mis. A. C. Enpll.«h and told of tho work done by Atperlcan women In litrraturi'. .Mrs. \V. fl. Garfield read an lnto:-esting a"count of philanthropic deeds of American women and .\irs. Pliiliji lIoi.iei,. presented a paper on ".Vmerlcan wo tnen in the lecture field." Tho pro- crmii was flnishod by a reaJlng liy Mrs. Krod Irolniid concerniii:; the work of Mio .\morlcati woman In oom- inercial life. The luncheon wan served r.ii :i.M'- ()iienf to the literary part of the afier. noon. The table ai which the gms!/ wore sf'iiti'd was artistically decninl- ed In the oluh color" ri'd and v.lilie The naipo '"Sorosis" was fiisliloiieil of smllax vinos in the oentor iind bo qiietH of long Ht<'ninioi| .Amorlo.-ia beauty roses fbiiikoil this irlmmhti. The place cards wore '.Jnrnlshed with roses and this menu printed on them: Wafers Clam Hoiiilion O'ive- Tiirkc\v witl) C.iblot Paiice Creamed Pofntoos Ksc,il!or>ed 0\<t-i:- Colorv Rolls Craiiboriy MouM I'riiit Salad ..Xssortod Cake,: Plum Pudding With While Sauce I'inoapido Sherbet Wafers .Viits .Mnioiids Raisins Coffoo The par'ors and rocoptinn room o; tho house Wore draped with ropes of smllax and other Chiislmas gro.-n ;.'n,| ribbon in the club colors lob! tl:o 'rimming in jilaco. Tlio music whicli was rei;den..f! Jiis! previous to tbe serviui; of the diniii-r was contribiitoil by sovo'al ynunu- lioople who wo'o L'liests of the (In;), also'.Mrs. L W. M;-vberrv and Mrs K-od Ireland Miss Margaret Wolfe. Mi.=s I.elii Pohnes. Miss M.Tiiaii Roli- inson and .Miss .Adel.Ti.k- p!aye-l several piano niiniiirrs wliich wore i!:or- oiit;lily appreciated. lomaHTi The gusli's A whole family In acrobatic htunts Friday NIghi Tacky Skate Two dollars in cash (or the hist latJj- and best goutkman make-up. DiaiHoad Ring Content is now on. Three turkev.s given a way Chri.stmas wc.k. (ulu's ropiilai- Viniiscnient I'hice THE AUDITORIUM ^1 \(;\/.IM:S \M > PKKHHUtAI .S OHM lie s'-ciited of .1. I. IIKMM;IJS<)L>. v.l;o (leal- wilh lliu |iiibllsliors and liiriiislie:; ilii 'ii at ilio |titte>.t price |,ii ..siljle 'r :i:i! ;;iib.-e|.i|,i ji u lo V.ill .Noidon*.;. \\ nn-nibs ".'•(•. I'hono 11 I .N lliioke> e i^r'iniales olieorfuliy given aiudl MORAL—DON'T TALK TOO LONG. Chicago Girl Stayed in a Telephone Booth Till Druggist Locked Up. Ciii aun. Dee. I"--.Mi.^.i .M;il)o! Uoati. ".I'o; State street used a drug store toloplioiio so long last niglit that V ilea -Aif c-iiiM' oni of tl:o booth the diiiugist bad Ioc'.;(d u]) the place and .:;ono homo. II was !I:::e when slo- leiepl-.oii.'d from l:er pri.-^ovi to the Stanton avenue jiolioe station: .\ iioiiconian \''as si.>nt to tie r'siileeec of the drajiuist. Sidney C. Vo'mans. Kifiv-fiis! sirool and Wa!):is!i avenue. HIH I it was nearly two hoi:rs befere \v reached tiio .store. V.'iiile \v ;ii ;;a; for the (Iru 'JTglst to reli a.-o in r .Miss Roan talk<'d to frioil'is over tile telephone. Danderitie E VERYBODY CAN HAVE BEAUTIFUL HAIR NOW. and ihry <lonr hr^^.' w.nit w^elcs and tnonlfts fur rrsulu rxxUtr, You will notice marked iinprovcn.cnt after the vrrv first application. Danderlne is quijUl> ar .d tlioroijphly absorbrj b> V.u- S '-nlp and tlir luiir soon nhiiv;*! tfir effects v\ Its wnndrrfulr, r\- iiiljrnliii{; and lifr-prnJut i)uu)itirK. Ii p. pfriinant ftnd titj*>' t (i iii^ -HiiiipU nppU it lu ttir smtp ntiil Iiati' •_•<'' ttUi'f. J dny tinid tlx* hmi lir ,»in.s \u |(ruw. t!i ''n luc or lliror Iimrr. n urck till dr%\rc^ V'.HU*, nrr olilnin»*d. Grows Hair and >vo can PROVE IT! WAMTED- ~Mimo0UmaMOum W.ANTED—Position, lady stenographer: e.\perienced. .Address. I.,, care Register. Bfttiness i Difectoify. «»• * * W.\XTF:D —-An e.\perience<t .girl for ( housework. U Y I East street. 1 JOHX 0. WOODIX, M..D. Ptafslcian and Surgeon Over BnrreU's. Phone 142. WA.N'TED TO RE.NT—-About Junu- : ary 1st to 13th, seven or eight room i modern house, close in: cast side pre-j ferred. -App'.y to K. G. Hall at .\c:d | Works. , I WA.N'TED—Two young ladies to so-j licit. C. Florence, Rooms 10 and j 11, Evans Block. { ««»'»'»»*»»»•»•**»*» DK. McMUiLEX, Speeial attention given to the ireaiineut of ail Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children, ielei.hones: Oilice 32. Res. 232 Otike over Hurrell's Drug Store West Aladison. WA.N'TED—All kinds of second hand 1 J household furniture.—The lola Furni-U ture Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone '-Ti. ****** Phono i;.S7 Res. 701. WANTED—lola property lo ex- chnnge for Kansas and Ml8«ourl land, j fJoIdea AVest Land Co. Onice over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. fOR REtn- MlmoBllmnmoum FOR RE.NT House at :;o:! Norlh Walniii. In.(Hire Allen Counly Slaio Rank. FOR RK.NT—(icod five room house. N'oilli .Seoiuid si reel. Ini|Ulre Ceo. D. liri^ihl & Co. modern bouse imiuire :'.»\ I)H. H. U. ClllilSTIAS; rhjxlcliin anil Siinreon Rouiiis T and .s. Evans RlJg. * « F. H. .MAKTIX, SiirKi-ry ami Dlseiistes of Women. Ofllce and Residence Phone '.Tfi Olllce T .North Jefferson. * • * ******** r -OR RENT—7-room It ::o.^ West .Madison. West .Madisoii. • Ftrn SALE'M/momllammouB FOR SALE—House iO.M'U. nearly new: on paymenis. liuiuire |:{I South Third. FOR I 'epier. SAI.K— R:irn. Iiniuiro 1.'. Wosi .Madison. Dr. FOlt SALE—Two Rush & Gerts pianos slii:htly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are barpaitis. .Itdmi V. Roberts .Music Store. FOR SAI.K—A 22-aeie fruit and truck farm. . miles n(»rth of Gas City. Good bottom land. J. W. .McWilliams, Gas City. R. R. i. LOST and FOUMD ,,*«**«•»***•••••*• I'll ! r,^'. Res. 701. • DK. 0. L. COX, * i;ye. Ear. Nose and Throat. * Speciaclos Properly Fitted. • (Jffice A. O. U. W. Bldg. * ********** *•***«• .lEWELERS. I!. F. Pancoast. old reliable jeweler, 110 East Street. Lodge Difectofy K.MGHTS OF PYTHIAS.—Neosho Lodse No. 4,1 meets every Monday night iit K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. S. Thompson, E. C Chris Ritter, K. of R. and 3. K.M«HTS OF .MACCABEES.— Kni.uhts of .Maccabees of the World nioois in K. P. Hall second ;and fourth .Saturday ni.^hts of each month. .1. W. Post wait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. w. o. w.- •ani!> No. 101 meets in C. A. H. Davis, Clerk. Six Clear I^-x Harpe residences S7000 jT. Steele. C. ... _ and ?;;0',iO. Cash for merchandise or I Visitors cordially invited. ^ farm. W. 0. Lenhart. lola.. Kas. j A.— The AI. W. A. Lodge every Friday night in M. \V. A., pi// DI/i^OND»! Since time immemoii^l the queen < 1 all preci'-ns .stiMit .s —the Dianioii'l —ha.s been looke.l npon as the nxst desirable of ^il^s. If you want .»<>ur irii't (<> be a|>preciated and to cn- dure-to hrlutr more than urdinnrj plea^ur*- (i> tile recipient—some prclf? picve of Diamond .Icneiry will l»est meet jour d('sir«'. Our stock of Diamond Jewelry this fall e.iihracrs everything that is new and de.sirable, and' no matter what your (iesir^ may be. yon will be suie to find it here. A Indy ironi CaM<<rnin \*riles in substancr ns lollows: I Iiavchpcnu.IoK yeur wrui.ifr. fu! tmlr innlr r "r..-\^ti.l nniln*. la»t lam uowMe^m-iln in. j woailcrtiit Kult i >f tialrtb.ii *i:(-:t>.- arf R «»vcrl'* lnchct> In !ea;:t!i; lb.* braid I <f oTFr s iitcbrH uriitiiKJ. Another [rr,m New Jfrso: .Vft .T UkllllT llXltl l«.lt' am litppy ii> nay lli ii I Ii iV- hli-M a lifjtior Ualr ii- iiljy-'ljf ?>fu Jrritey. This Great Hair-Growing R.emedy can now be had al all druggists in ihfe siies, 25c, 50c and $1.00 I per bottle. p^gg Tn >b 'T.- how M-i^i lily IliinderJiie urot.wc •III fiend a larp? farnplf tr'*e !»y return mall loanyt.nH who aeoda lh!a free roujion lothe lioillm DudiriM C«., Cbicije, with Ihclrname and addriM; and I"c In silver ur »t:mipi> to pay pofitaee. OOOOOOOC'?' o prm.. O Four >-y.\^L.. O riiu' prepares me • (meeti O O i Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. C. o 'coiTiuld. V. C W. A. Cowan. Clerk. _ o| !M )VAI. NEIGHBORS ^Iola Camp lo give till- oi-^'"- IJoyal .Neighbors, meets sec^ „ „ ,. , ,„ , , , „„„,; rtloiui and. fourth Tuesdays of each O e„„:,!,ed and guaranteed ^-^rvico 01 ^, ^ ^^.^^^^ ^^^^^ O a- an anoti.,n.,r. My service free 0 [y,,.s, y^.^^y^. nuttcm, 4i:i West Street, O fiu- a fl w salts. Iteference, Alb-n O i Re<-ordei\ O Co S!.,t,. itiiiik. K. E. VUkerN. o} KU.VTKHNAI. BItOTIIEKIIOOU.— O I'boio' s:;.'.. mil East St. O ; I'laiornal Hrinherhood No. 389 meetH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O '-"'••"I 'l ;"'<• fourth Thursday of each iiioiilii ill A. (J. V. W. Mail. VIsithiK iiionibors cordially Invited. W. H. Aii- Knr till- lii>! and iiiiickeNt re-iiills u>e (lie Resrlslcr'". «a»l culiuiiiis. Change of Residence. Tb- friends of and .Mrs. .1. R PepiM -r will b.' inti r."-to(l in kuowin.. that tliHy bav.- mov. d from thoir v.- iiienco on South Cottonwood sf.'i • to a !ioin<' tiny r.cintly purchasirl a' ."II." Kas' Rroadw.iy sinot. Tin- \vx rosidonc- was forin<'r!.v or-cupii'-d by .Mr. and Mi*. Maynanl Rush b -ro-' thiy went to Kansas City. Home From lllinoic. .Miss .\!ta Beatty w!io has sp.Mit ih.- past few months in Illivoi;, i< ix;»-o:. Oil to ri 'iirn homo in a f^w d:iys. To Ornanize Card Club. I.adtos who havi* noiiib.rship 'a^d : for the Klinli' r clnli at>- havinir a mootlnj.' today nl tho- o'nb lioii^^'' Tli.' purjicso of tlio milling' i; to ors;.inly • a clal) to play brldi;o wlil .'<t. Wellngtcn Assessor Here. G. F. Gariiard. cliy ii^iii .vsor of W.i UuRton. was In town todav »ud <:i!I' I on til"' coniinlhslonorH In ro.^ard to Ho- taxes on the biilblliu; in wbli li t!.; • Gas City hank U local"-,!, of wiij'li lio I H the owiH'r. .Mr fiarnain; SIM s I 'li't uiidor tliO II" w fax law t.i.:. s w.o, i\ duc.'il from >n r.l lo ;i2 "•••nts In lb" dry of AVe'litiglon. PENSION WHITE'S FAMILY. Senator Curtis Has Been Asked to Introduce a Bill in Congress. Kiii;.-:i> Ci:v. Ka:;.. D-c. In.—Con--.^ will I I -- asli.'d to onacr .a special .ict ^rant :!•.'J; a pi-n'sion to tho widow a. 1 t'vo cbildr. II of. IMwar"! U'lite. .---Ham tio- Rill Gramlo. WiiR i;< i! .S.-iturday from an illn<s.= w!i:qn i • :;a:! wlii;.- in tii" Philippif-s. Son. ator Ciirti.- ha!'.i lo iutrodiico .1 bill L '-aiiliiif; AVhit"' a p'lisiim. Tlio frioti'!- of Ub'r.- ti'b'.'raplod lo the ••ii.Ti'r .\o'jfivl.iv a^Uliifr that tho bill ' • I Iiaii'-'' cl 1-^" to pension th.- willow ai'.' ch''i!i-!i. ••V .'liiN- \s;\Y- a bov who was very con- of nili .r..,." William R. Tromb wlio wa.-i wilh liliii win n hi- swam t ;.• RI M Graiiib- said. "1 n iiioinbor oiu -i' lo- c.irriiil MO irira caiiti i -ii ol wa'. •• III :i loiu- n. •.•.•••\\ ihnoi ^ih :i .-lalt liKil:.ii .•') hi.i ooioi.o!-".. b ->-s- IhoUKht-. I 'll iiiiL -hl fpioi.i-ii il'ilr ib'" Sheridan Y.-.anear Insane? .\" lio.iniM (v.-i: i.iri' for .S'lioridan ii;. of No'l!; .l.-ff.r^on av.-nuo. will I 'O -jiviii a h.nTiiu: bv V. v::v~ is--il'-d from tl -^•I'ifb. op'ba'o .iioii: III i'ii<-iioii b.-foro .luR'o SiniUl a' .1. R •ri-oon. a oom- a date —Dr. P. E. Waugli, Dcutlsl, Phono S'i^ to be set later. Lewis Band Ry Mary .luhnsciU led the lisi 'ti.-t month in liio b.-.<l lii.oks. Other M K sellers won-: Te.stlnir <if Diana Mallury. Vy .Mrs. Hiiiuihicy W.ii "T. . dt-r.-on. prisldent; Goldii Klaiii (vcre- tary. OUR TELEPHONE Is conbtanily ringing these days. Now Is the time, yon know, to have all the suinmi-r dust cleaned out of your carpels. Wo are busy, but your order will i receive prompt and careful .attention. I'liono us today. Tniil of the Liinesonie Iiy .lobn Fo.v. .Ir •llie The Man from BnidiM j by C.-i. It.iri Mi-Ciiiolii-oii I .lltle Hronn .loir kilil.-ire. by .\l.-ridi:b Xi'bols.iii Peler by F. lli .pkiiiMiii Siiu'li Mr. CrenV {'iireer. b> Wiastoii Cliiinbill The Kiriui: Line. li.. Ri.liort Cliauiber.-;. .\nd .Mill can ^'oi al! i-f tlioiu and luiiidri .Is of DT I IITS ;CM O I M ap a.s of aii.ii boiJ> ,ir Evans Bros BOOK STORE lOLA RUG FACTORY Phouo 51U. id SOMETHING NEW are those Lindsay Garco Inverted Ga.s Lamps. Ask to see them.| TORES" General Contractor. Fia.^stom- and Cement Sidewalks and Curidiis; :i Specialty. Ortice n.'« East Jackson A TC Phone .m LEQALS. .Make your hole.jlions e. or you iiiu.v not .i;et what wanted. rlv (First Published Dec. 8. 1908.) AD.MIMSTIJATOK'S SOTIOE. State of Kansas, .\llen Count.v, ss In the matter of the estate of J. N l):-or, late of .-Mien county, Kansas. \otlco 01' Appointment -Notice Is hereby given, tliat on the Sth day of Decemlier. A. D. 1908. the undersigned -was by the Profiate Court of .Mien County, Kansns, duly ttpi»olnt- ,ed and <iiiallfied ax Ad>iilnistrator of the KHtaie of J. .N. IJecr. late of Allen I County, Kiiisas. .Ml parties Interested i In said e,-iiaie will take iiotli;e and ' Koverii thi-msolveH accordingly. : .M. v.. noBINSO.M. i:'-S -tr .-Ji Administrator. MeH Ritter to Enid. Merl . TUtter went to Enid. Okla., 1 yesterday afternoon, having been called there on business connected with a case in district court relative to a settlement of the contract for building the Christian-college at that place.

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