Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1907
Page 2
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•BLTDrnOSK. Ant Ciukfcr. ,200,000 New Line of Bracelets Ji^st Iri. This morning's express brought ua a new consign- meut for the Christmas trade. They come in carmen spring and folid, with or without stones, and with or without signet. Remember we hand en- trrave all bracelets free of charge. Let ns show you our line. J. W. Coffey & Son, Ytk'R JEWELERS. EAST SIDE SQUARE ©ossip of Society AMELIA »I >GHAM tn ji modern LmdyaMUva At the'Grand Opmi lloiiso, rHTRSDAY, DKIEMBER 10. . Tutt-Wood Wedding. MlBs Irene T. Tutt, ana Mr. FrauU £lmer Wlood, of Tola, Kas.. were married last night at S o'clock in the Independence Avenue Methodist church by the Rev. Matt. S. Hughes. The church was handsomely decorated in pJnk and white. The bride wore n white messaline satin robe trimmed in princess lace. Tlie veil was fastened with valley li'ies and the boquet was a shower of bride roses and lilies, lioulse Hamel as ring bearer and Virginia Hainel as flower girl were both beautifully dressed in white. Mrs. A. W. Mackie. the matron of honor, was attired in white messaline satin embellished with ruchings and medal- .Ilons. She carried white flowers. Miss Helen Gould Tutt, who acted as maid of honor, was gowned In white satin and lace and carried pink roses. The bridesmaids were Miss Elizabeth Ver- aoB. Miss Nell R.Tntt. Miss Fleta Spraker and Miss Belle Rouse. They Were dressed alternately in pink and in white with pink wreaths In tho:r hair and carried pink flowers. Before the service, Mrs. O. D. Smart sang, "I Love You Truly." and Mrs. H. P. Qoy played tbe wedding music. Mr. Irvlnei Tutt attended the groom- as best riian and tha ushers were Mr. A. •W|. Mackie and Mr. Otis Hestwood, of lo'ai Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Wpod will live In Tola, Kansas.—Kansas City -. Journal. i Mrs. 'W>>od. who is a niece of Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Heylmun, has visited Ih lola several times and it; known to lib extensive circles of acQualntnncos a« a very c^rmlng young fom^n. Mr. Wood haa lived in Allen county a m-eater part of his life i^nd since fin- *IablnR a course at Bakpr unlvcrsit.v 'I has been a succussful business;man hi-re. Ho Is at present assistant cashier In the lola State Bank.' Air. and Mrs, Wood will be al home nl- 2(tl North Sycamore in a sliort time. • • Change Meeting Time. Officers of the Sorosis club jiave ::nnounced a change in the -club plans which is to become effective at the meeting this week. Previoiis to tills time the club has m.=>t oq J^Hef- iiato Thursdays but will now niake Wednesday the official day. Mr?. A. V. Ix)dge is to entertain the club lo morrow. + + * Entertain Sewing Club. Miss Barbara Fry will be at l^omp to members of her Sewing club tomorrow afternoon. + • • Complete Visit Here. . Mr. and Mrs. A. Gazley who hive been guests of Mr. and Mts. Cha9. H. -.'Vpl, have returned to their home Ir Cinclnnatti, Ohio. • * + Woman's Guild Meeting. The Woman's Guild of St. Timothy's church will have a business session tomorrow afternoon at half past two o'clock at the residence of Mrs. Frank L. Travis, 911 North Sycamore street.. A full attendance of members is desired. • • • Have Joint installation. The Eastern, Star chapter met in regular session last evening. It has been decided to have a special meet- .iiig on Friday, December 27 with the Masonic order and Install the new corps of officers for each lodge. •5- • • Giv<* Christmsa Cantata. Among the elaboraite entertainments jvhich are being arranged to celebrate Christmas Is a cantata entitled, "Santa Clans ha-i the Grip." which will be given by the Sunday school of the United Brethern church. As the title \i-ou'd Buggeat. the 'can lata is full of humorous situations which will be brousht out by a large e6rpB Mt eh»net «rs. Th «re 'will: be a group of mualoal numbers sung by various members of the ca^t and a be)ty of children costumed to repre-j sent fairies, brownies, angels and soldiers will appear. The cast of characters is: Santa .' Chas. May. bass Mother Santa . Ullie .\dams, soprano; Unce Sam R, H. Bennett, tenor- Columbia Stella Freeman, alto j St. Valentine.Cbas Courtner. baritone' Uttle Nicholas Cecil Amehnan' Fairy Edna Freeman Kins of England Roy .MiJAlister Queen of England Eva Fowler Emparor of Germany..Ruby Donovan Empress of Germany.. Linnle Adamn Christmas EX-e Opal Kelra After the closing chorus tliere wil". be the usual distribution of sweets and gifts which feature the Christmas events. * * • Special Board Meetings Members of the Bo.ird of Patron esses of the Orphans' Home met In! the court house rest room yesteribivi to arrange for the holiday festlvitiis' at the Orphanage. The children havf written the usual letters to Santa and the ladies are planning to ma';o a special effort to see that he fluds it convenient to gratify each wish. All who wish to contribute to the Christmas box may leave packages at the Shields Sboe store. | • • • . i To Celebrate Anniversary. The spacious residence of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevenson on East Madl-, son Avenue was the t -cene of a very I '\ happy party yesterday afternoon j , . , r/hen the Current Event club enter- '"''"'s « courses and the after- tained to celebrate the eighth nnnl-''"'^".•-'^'"f''^ .^'ll* ver-sary of its organization. In lu.ii- :'*'!'.^^'"-^.""'C'»-•'"l The thirty tT of the approaching holld.iy .'f the For a Ch istmas Remembiance We have everything in the Jewelry Line—dainty things— Inexiiensive articles—and gifts to suit any purse. .If it's Rich Cat Mans, Hand Pointed China, Solid Slhor, Plated Things In .surer. Silver Soreltles, Manl- t-nre Sets, Toilet .Set.H or a muN of nmali articles we have tiieni in priros within the reach of :•!!. We .ire offering specia' prif PS aw an Inducement to buyer.^. lili.S week. MCNEIL BROTHERS. TMeJEWnSMM. ladiM who were iu attendance ex l)res4eil. great appreciation of the charming diversions provided. The •'ecorations were of Christmas grerns, the scarlet holly berries making a, , . , ., , . , beautlfu! no;e of color among ,ho; « "''^t n'«'''"r nieetlng is set for other foliage. The . . . • • • Afternoon at Carcfs. .Mrs. W. E Starks IK entertalniug n evergreen and other fnllngo. •x)mpany was <"nt «Ttalne(| wKli games.i I ntagnzino wintesf. in which Mrs. W.| D. Whlfo was successful, and a VOR-» . , , , -table contest iu which Mrs. \nillam 11'-"''>' ""^'^'s l^''^^" t°Jay. tlie prize being I *•* *** Davis was awarded two of the most amusing. At five o'clock. Mrs. George Troni- SOO Club Party. Dr. and Mrs. H. V. Dresbach entor- 'v.'d. of Chnnu'te. Mrs. C. M.Cole and i'al"*-'d their Card club last evening Mrs. W. T. Watson served refresh with a very enjo.vable and Informal Holly and Mistletoe AT Ewing BurdickS —~r 10,20,311 m 40 PER CENT. DISCOUNT Here is What it is Doing: tp Rockers and Morris Chairs: This Morris Chair, spring teat and back, Large Turkish Rocker just like cut, regular price, $18.75. During this great Reconstruc-- tion sale, only, What do you Think c.f That? with adjustable back, regular price, $7 75. Great Re-conBtruc- tion Sale makes it only partr.' -Jive-Hmdrad^ the dnb^gune. was a happy divenlbn. the prizes going to Mrs. J. H. Campbell and Mr. Clem Shields. A delMoas luncheon In two courses was served to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Finney, Mr. and Mrs. A. ^. Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Mont Palmer. Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Shields. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Shields. Mr. and itrs. J. H. Campbell. Mr. and M. Schoenbrun. The cUib will not cancel meetings scheduled for the holidaya and will have a party between Christmas and Now Years. •:• •:• • To Prepare Gifts. The j\lta Seta club will have a meet ing on Monday at the home of Mrs. S S. Hilscher to arrange for the Christ mas season. • • • To Attend Weddinn. Mrs. J. \V. Bolton has gone to Par- :-:ons to be a guest of Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Murphy, at the wedding of their ciaughter. Miss Miriam Murphy and Mr. Frank Thomas of Chicago. + + + Visit in Fort Scott. Miss .lennie MctX>naghy and Miss Carrie Priboth will arrive from lola today to be the guests of Mrs. W. R. Smith.—Fort Scott Republican. • • EnterUIn Little Gleaners. Miss Hazel Watson will be hostess of the Uttle Gleaners c'ub on Satur day afternoon. + •:• •:• Mothers MMting. I The Mothers club will meet in Build j crs chapel tomorrow evening. • • • Altruistic Club Party. Members of the Attrulsilc club liave sent out invitations for an informal party to occur on Thursday evening iu the Presbyterian church. A feature of the evening will be the needlework, "tacking" quilts. The <iui:ts will bo sold and the proceeds I'dded to the club's benevolent fund. • • • For Christmas Dance. Members of the Eclipse club are already planning the vtyle of decorations to be used iu Masonic halt for the Christmas dance. The committee huu been appointed and the boys in tend making the evenidg one of the niost elaborate of the holidays. The college students will be home then :!nd the guest list will be large. • • + Postpone Parties. The Young Ladles' Sewing club is :wuong the various social organizations which have postponed all meet ings until after the New Year. • + * Meet January Third. The Art club has announced that I he next social and study session will occur on the afternoon of Friday, January third. A MEASURE UF MERIT. lola Cithens Should Weigh Well This Evidence. Proof of merit Mes In the evidence Convincing evidence in lola Is not the testimony of strangers. But the endorsement of lola people. That's the kind of proof given here. The statement of an lola citizen. Mrs. Nettle Morrison, of 510 North Jefferson avenue, lola, Kansas, says: "1 was attacked very suddenly with kidney trouble about five years ago. There was no warning and in a very short time my condition became most serious. The physician who treated me said that be never had <ut one worse case in ail his practice. Although he relieved me to the extent that 1 could get around, my back still continued to be very weak and there v>-as a pain across my kidneys that caused me to suffer a good deal, especially when 1 overexerted myself in any way. The contraction of a cold Iwnys Increased my suffering and difficulty with the kidney secretions existed, they being much ton frequent and accomiianled ^by a scalding sensation. 1 tried various remedies but never found anything that brought r.uch positive relief as Doan's Kidney I'llis which my daughter procured for me at Charles B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store. I notlce<l a change for the better from the first dose, and afte using two boxes the symptoms of inflammation entirely disappeared, the action of the kidneys became so much corrected that I could rest better nights and my back was better and stronger. My experience with Doan's Kidney Pills has been a most gratify- Inc one." For sale by all dealers. Price r.O cents. Fostcr-Mllbnrn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United .Stales. Remember the name—Doan's and take no other. Lowney's Chocolates THAY ARi; FRKSII. A choice a!,sortm^nt of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy liowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their lre.shne.s.s goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. PROFESSIONALDIRECTORY W. H. lUTDBBSOir, ItUraey-A^Law. . Notary and Stenographer In Office. Fbone 466. • H .A .EwlnK. aA .Gard. O.R.Oard • ' EWtMG, 6ABD A 6ASD. ' • Lawyen. • • Practlco In all Oovtii. • • 9% W. Madlaon. PtaoM Itt. • • •; • DR. McMILLEir, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. Office In Mrs. Turner's BIdg.; West Madison. • Phone 687. Res. 70L • .DR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Spoctaclea Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. aidg. Phone '654.. i lola, Sana. DB. BDITH g. HAIGH. Office and Residence c /er Barren's Driig Store. Office Honrs—^10 to 13 a. IB„ t to°4;p. m., 7 to 8 erraloca. Snndays by Appointment. .!. • • • Office Phone 1083. Night Phone 406. DB. B. 0. GUBI8TIAK. Pkyatclan ui 8w«eea. Rooms 7 and 8. JBrans BIdg. F. II. MARTIX, Surgery and Diseases- of Women. Onice;and Residence Phono 575 Olllce 7 North Jefferson. • • • • " Bna. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • OB. J. B. FCFPEB. • Dentist • Is permanently located over • B. C. McClaln's Clothing Store. * and la prepared to do ail kinds * of up-to-date dental work. * Brenlnc. work by appointment DB. W. B. HETUfUH. • IfkyaletaD *NSu (CM. • Office: N. B. Comer of Sqomre. * Over K. C. Plumbing Ca's Store. * Re^Tel38. Office TeL 508. • P. L. Lathrop. Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. OSTEOFITHIC PHTSI^UkirS. Special attention given to Die- eases' of Women and - Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office 'Phone, Main 46l yEVr OAS WELL IX. Gas City rompany Brings la One for LanyoB Zlae CovpaBy The Gas City Drilling company yes-. terday drilled in a two and one-half j' million ga? well on the Nash farm two and one-half miles south of this city for tne Lanynn Zinc company. The well will be attached to the Lanyon Zinc company mains within a few lays. They are drilling In another gas well, for the I.anyon Zinc company on the farm adjoining the Nash land. They expect to finish the well today. HOME FOR fRETlSTOX BOY. Lonnie Creviston. the eli^t-year-old son of W. H. Cremton. who Is charged with the murder of Wells Stewart will have a home with his nnde Simon Ahrend" at Hnmboldt Nebraska. Yesterday Mr. Ahrend and Ulysses Collet, the latter a cousin of Creriston. came in to take the boy back with them. Since Creviston'a arreet the boy has been at the Orjdun'a Ilome. The««Oar Way" RestAurant *Lumeh25o Everything in Season. SHORT ORDERS OF KINDS lola Bnioess College M|iMoPO«]r The Santa Fe will sell Homeseekers' tickets liqw 19tb, Dec. 3d and 17th. 1907, to points in Texas. Oklahoma and ndian Territory, New Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates.. Bookkeeping; Engliak, Ptaytfeal ture. etc Sbortkand. Latter Writinic CBBISTXAS PBESEKTS Nothings better than n nagazlne for a friend. FV>r your magastnes see J. £. HBXDEB80K. Pbeae 9!li. 414 «. Backeye. Winter tickets on sale daily Nov. 15th, 1907, to April 30th, 1908. with final'return limit June 1st, 1908. to Beaumont, El Paso. Ft. Worth, Galveston, Texas. Carlsbad and Deming, Cul-1N- M., at low rates. < Please see us for further parUcn- lars. W. E RILSTOM. Igt iv • -

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