Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1908
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TWAY'S >E1TS TODAY NEWS TODAY THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA-FIDE CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS. TOLITME XI. XrMBEIl 3«. EIGHT FAGE8. .iOLA, KA>'SAS, DECEMBER 10, IMS^THURSDAY ETENIXG. EIRHT PAGES. PBICl Twocim $5,445 FOR HARPER THIS WAS .niKJMKXT SK< rKIll) A(MI\ST IOLA IMMITI.A.M) TO. IS THE BIGGEST IN YEARS A<:(IIIE\T OVIMJ «HI(nTI{|AI.(»( - CrRKKI) lIAPI 'K.VKn « VLAKS A(.U Tills Was Tliird Trial—Ask«'d for *»6 >>0— HariMT Lost an E>f ami SustaiuiHl Kroki'ii l.i-ir. Six yi!ars airo ni \t Clirisiiiuis morn ing, George ll ;ir|M'r. :i culort'il Jiian of This city. w:i.s linjjdliii.:,' a drill in the quarries <.[ ilii- lohi l^irilaiid Ce- moljl cdinjiauy. In ••cliti«fj-itis" tlio dri'.l inio a mck. ln' struck a lilast and in llie oxplnsiim wliloli fi )lIo\ve<i he was st-rioii.s!y iiijiirwi. One eyu w:is totally deslriivt'd. a shoulder was thrown out of joint. :i h'tK was broken In two jjjaces and his liody was bruised and lillfd with little pieces of rock. Clainiint; that it was throiii ;h llie fault of the <•( iiieiii eoiiipany iliai iie met with the acoident, IJarjier brou.:;ht suit to refiner JliO.OHd. Tlie aeiioii was tried twice in the district court. In the first trial fiarjier ROI a jiid^'- ineiit for $:i.ipiiii. in the seeiind. the defendants' deiniirier KJ the jictiiioti was sii.-:tain"d. Tlieii ii wen; to the supreme court where it wa.; sent back far a nc-v/ trial. The I 'ase was called this week, the iria: <'cii;snin!ni; two or three days. The jury retired yesterday afternoon a; alioui l .'M o"cI(jck. rciichiiiK a verdict at about three fi'clock this tiKiriiiiiK thai the defeiidani was entitled to recover $."..44.'.. Of this total. i 'MTi was for loss /if time. $I."iUO for siifferinK and $:!,eim for perinaneiii Injttries. One of the juror.s said VM.-^ !noriiiii)i that there wa.< tio trouble in iirriviui; ill an ai;reemeni that Harper was entitled Ki da>:ia!;es. but fin the amount it required time to t;et to^elher. I'lfiv four spwial tiuestiniis were submitted f.o ihe jurors hy the court for aiL-^wer. A lawyer said this moriiin;; that this was the bii^gi'st judfitnfiil for peisonal iniuries received in the Allen county distincl court for .«even or eiKlii years. Har|>er is now 4.s years of a^'p and lives in lola. Me was tiot especially moved to happiness when the verdict was atiiiounced iliis uinrnir';: but thanked his attornoy. R, H. I !ey.- iiett. prcfiise'y. It is likely that ih.' company will ask tor a tiew tria!. EMPLOY EXTRA MEN ('IIKIST.MAS IMSH AT I'OSTOFFKE ItKljllltK.S ADDITIO.VAL IIKLI'. Uiiiiil IHllury Will III- .Miidc us I'SUHI A Fi'H riiristiiiiis .Vull AdniunitloiiN. BARNES V/ILL DEFEND HIM. Attorney is Appointed by Court For Lewis Reeds. J I" youre one of the fellows who have Brunililed ilie postoffice department aTows its i-iiiployes fif- leen days off (ui full |).:y each year, .>--fek out-ji;l clerk or carrier. l^raso his hnnd and ^-lanllller an apul of;y as (inick as jtossiiile. If you Iiad lo work on Christinas, ju.-i the same as any week day wouldn't you teel like you had earned a vacation periixi of at least six itiontlis with pay at lime and a half? The rural route carriers wil! liKVi- to tnake their usual delivery on tJhris.imas riay and the Sama t'laii.s act will be staged fof them after a lon.^ weary drive over their routes in ordt-r that other,'? m:iy be haiip.v^. Iturai earriers have six lioiidays during' ihe jear but Christmas l.s not one of I hem and it is probably the day that the carriers would rather liave than any oilier. Uiii the postal deparlnieiii is no: j-'uided by what the carrii'r.-. wajii and they are obliged to mi (lilt and M-Vve ilr- patrons of iheir roiKes. Kxlii! Carriers lor Clirlstiiius. Tiie usual heavy holiday business Is expeded at the posliii'liee and Host- ni'jsli'r Spencer will provide for the einerg.MKy by adJiii.t; several extra carriiM's when the volume of business ;;ii/ws lo a point wlieie the re.ttular fcrie f.-iiuiot liandle it. Thi.s will hs done wllhln a few clays a.-; t-vmpioms of the annua' rain are already apparent al the po.-tofflce. Willie vdii are observing the ad- hioiiiilons of the nierclianis lo shoji i-ar.'.'- It will be well lo bear in mind hat there are also certain conditions which you may observe and uEsist liiatiMlally Hie postoffice fori-e in liaiidliiiK the Christmas mail wlili dis- jiutclt and accuracy. ••i"i;r i.i: i:;nce"." I^i.iuiuster Spenier .-IJM tM.^ niornin;,', "if the people will cr-falio sje th.ii their packages 'ii-;r llie proper amount of postage. It «;,1 ;•;!;ilil|iie matters and save dis- apji'iinimei i. If there is iincerlainty as lo the (.c^fane re(|Uiivd Ihe |iacl;- age should lie weighed and the cost .•iseertainrd before iiiai'ing. Then, .•ij:niii. all 1 er.s(;ns should be carefi;! ii'.ii to enclose Hiiy writing within i.:;<kage.-: or bundles s.ive ".Merr.v rill i.simas" and sach saliiiations. .\11 vuiiiable packages and leli.-rs should br- registered. C.ire shi.'Uiil be iak^n tf! write the address (;n ilie leri.'r cr packme le::ili y. If tiieso simple pre- e.-imioi!s ar;> iib:.-r VP' I. the work of the pr.sloffire wil! be greatly facllliated." Judge Oscar Fniist tlii.s ninrnins ap- Iiointed Attoniev .1. I,. Uarnes to defend I^ewjs Uet'iis. the colored man who Is charge.l with attempting to commit rape. Ilotmie Horn, white, is the girl in the case. Reeds was arraigned in justice court yesterday and waived his preliminary hearins.-. TO ELECT OFFICERS '; A Meetinn of Allen County Horticul tural Society Tomorrow at Klau man's Office. THE .WHEELER FUNERAL. Services Conducted by Rev. Mason From Little Builders Chapel. Fiin.-ral services o\er the r.'mains of .\rrs. Mynl" U'luebr who died at lier home. 'Jill West Mnc(dii xesli-r day inoriiiii;'. «'i|e conducleil from tin l.iiile nulll'is' ('haiMl at lii::!(i o' clock this nioriillu'. I(iv. .1. .M. Mas,in of fill' KIrsI .M, I". eliMii'li. preai'heil the Kernioii. Iiileriiii'iii was iiiaib- In the lllgtiland cetiii (. ry, --del Mill!' ('li 1 i-I iMis Cud.'. ;i' .Mii'idii • whlli' ill"' a'tiMici iy ftiui- plete For ihi' ItesI iiiid i)iii«'l!<'>l resiijis use the Kculsler 's ntiiil rollimns. j -Al 111'- mef.tiiig of the IIorfiriiltur.ll I soei.'ty tomorrow at the oin.-f of H. • K'.'iMMiaii on South ./<-lfe-soii .street. jl !ie olUcer.s for,llie var will be el.>c! I'ed. Till' nii'etinij will be an all day sesswin Willi .'I plciiie dinm-r. Tlie fe;iliiif of 111'- priifraiii will bf a pa pi-r by Dr. (!. C (ilvnii on lln- siibjec! I of "lioiid Itoads" Creighton Lived in Chaiiutc. .bniU'S ('ii -iuliloli. ol llie W'orkllU' nun'!: .Mission In Kairias Cllv, .Mo., iiiiid ulm H under arrer'f iheri' peintltiv 'ail IliMSllfiltloii of liiiv eoniiei'lloii Hlili 111"- "Ailaiii Cod" rliil and light •with ibi-' pollci' last Tuesday, forniei ; Iv lU. il ill Cliauuii'. II wa:i In Cre|i;li Ion 's iiil:;siiiii lliat ".\ilani Cod" Htid Irs rollowers w.-ie "pri aeliing III: word." PRAH DIED TODAY AXITIIKK XA.MK AIII>E» TO iJ.ST OF KANSAS CITY DEAD. SHARP CANNOT BE FOUND LEADER OF BA.ND OF RELIUIOl'S FANATICS HAS ESCAPED POLICE. H«-ad<|unrters «i' I'ollre Force Is <«(iarded—.VoUei's Sent lo Sheriffs Over Cotiiilry. TO DISPATCH TRAINS DY TELEPHONE Xewton, Ka.s.. P<'C. in.— Wlan i.< th" first move hv the .Santa Ke Railway company in the installation of trb photus plong its entire line for the handling of train orders and other business incident to train movement:*, has been marie here by the placing In the dispatcher's oflice of the necessary apparatus to enable tlieofTiciaJ to handh- the work in his office. If Is the intention to equiii each ofTice betwei-n here and 'Kmpoiia hy next Sat- u-dav and between there and Kansas City by a week from tliaf date. The system being installed is ,so arr-tnged that the disnatciier. l>v the mere nressinctof a button in front of him can start a bell to ringing in any office under his jurisdiction. ShoiiM more than one office be w;intrd as is often the case when train orders are to he sent, each one can be i-ii';ed by touching the proper button, or they can all he raised at the same time if desired, and when a hel' Is once stirted tn ringing in :< line offlce It will continue in:'eflnitelv unless the operator jires .ses a push button, which throws off t'le mechanism. The dispatcher has a transmitter In front of h>m and a receiver is held trf h'S ear by means of a spring over his head, and can he;'r a» all tinn-s what is .transpiring on the line, while ear"h operator on the line i.s similarly provided, , i An operator desiring to cal'Jhe dlsnateher nierelr takes down the receiver and speaks the name of hlg station, which attracts the dispatcher's at- tpiition. 1 It is not believed that the fnsfallatton of the felephone,s will throw any telegraphers out of work, as telegra.ih lines wltl have to be maintained a-=i in the past for long distance work, for which the telephone has not yet proven satisfactory. The expected beneJit to be derived from the use of the phones is that thev wl'l Kreatlv facilitate the handling of train orders, for .an av«ra«ce of forty word« a minute is fbe maximum speei when tJsinK the kev while with the telephone a; man can talk three or four times that fast with perfect ease. Furthermore many ganta Fe aveDt* have rai^irellaneous duties to perform, which take them to remote oarta of the i^epot and even out of doors.' where tho olick of the telesrrapb Inatniinent will hanllv penetrate, while with the l««l orraiifcement that haa been proW <le«| tbl* ditteuHy has be «p practlcaVy' ellmlttBted .1 Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 10.—Louis Pratt, the religious faiiatlt: who was wounded durlni; the battle with the |)oIice Tuesday afternoon, died today at the general hospital. At St. ,lose|>hs hospital Policeman .Miil- lane also suffered u" during the night and his life' hangs by a !bread. Sargeant Patrick Clark and .\. J. Selsor who were also seriously wounded, are slightly Imjiroved totltty. lames Sharps, leader of the on.slaught against the police is not yet captured in spite of Ihe work of tile eniire po- iij-e foice. Police Are Vlpilanl. The .lournal today says: Information was given the police iboul noon yesterday that, a man an- .•iwering the descripiioii of .lames Sharp, the ".•idam Cod" of Ihe miir- dc-rous band of maniactil religionists which shot three members of the po- ice force Tiie.sday, had been .seen In .\rmoiirdale by a railroad man. Police were Immediately <llspalched lo pick up the man's trail. At mldiiiBlH la.-:i night Sharp was still at large. iCveiy lodging house in the city and all the way places wore searched by the police Tuesday nlglit and yesterday morning in an cfftirt to catch the Insilffaii.r of the riot of Tuesday afternoon in wlilcli i'atrolnmn Albert O. Dalbow WU8 killed and tw<j iio.'icemcn ini\ a clilnen were seriously wounded. .Many false clues were followed, as every iioliceniqn was anxious to find :he nian who had preached to his followers that It was right to kill. Though the eniire department was working on tlie case not a trace ol ahurp could be found, and tlie Infor- .'iijiion that he had )iassed through .\rniourdale was the first clue that lOoUed good. The railroad man who lelephoiied to Chief Daniel Ahern that he had seen Sharp, said that the man had iritnmed his whiskers and was bleeding. it was known that Sharp hnd been shot In the hand. When he laid u gun on the bar In John lUaiiclion's saloon, lOO .M'jin street, while the shcoting \yas going on in the •itreet. Ihe bartender .saw that his rl.i -'lit h .ind was bleeding. I'hiif .Miern yesterday afternoon mailed lo tlie police and slieriffs of tlie s:irroiin:!iiig country I .OOU cireiilars giving a di 'scrlpiio 'i of Sharp and offering $IHii reward for his capture. Sharp i.-^ described as ^l^ years old. fi\e.fect six inches, weight l-'iD pounds gray-brown beard, r^ray-brown hair, rorduiory trousers, black derby hat sray overci;at asid black <ivershoes He probably is shot in one hand. Sharp may seek eniployiuent as lab- irer or woodchopper. ( Itv Hull (iiuirdeil. The police look precaiHiou lo guard the city Iial and police headiiuarler.'' all day .\eslerday. 'i'hey wfre of Ihf o |tliil (;ii lliai .Sharp niiglil reiurii K. the .scene of the riot of Tuesday, and for revenge elller the sltllioll Ulllio- tired and >lioiil one of iinire of ihe officers. Till- poli .e are iiol Mire that Sliari iii alone. Ttto palroliii'-li mi lln sidewalk al the main entraiici- lo Ui> 'lalloii and I wo were ..laliolied In ll|e ireaw.'i.i oj.iiiliii: oti Ihe iiinrliH. In :ldi' Ihe i,l:illoii two offleers guarded Ihe hallway leading to the chief's of- rie4. and four or fivi- p :itroliiieri and l -leiilves Were belli ill reaerve. K.iiis:!.". Cllv. Kec. 10-policeman Micha.d .Milllane died al l ::.'tl Ihii afternoon. He is the foiirih viclini of l.iiliei.-; fjrf-d by religious zealots in the l .:!tl|e with Ihe police Tile.-Jil.n . A PRISON AVERAGE, •Jail Record Shows That For 2 Years the Average Will be One a Day. • Only 14 Shopping Day» Remain • • Until Chrlatmaa. * • • • • • fJet buey. If you haven't com- • • pleted your list of holiday gifts, • • go through the advertising col- • umns of the Register this very • minute. You'll find suggestlonB • In every ad. Then do your holl- • day shopping early tomorrow • morning. You'vo no Idea how • much time, money and anxiety • you 'll save. * • • * * NO VERDICT YET HIEF Jl RY IS STILL CONSIDER- INfi EVIDENCE. Trbil Has Cou.mnued One Hunilred and File Duj.s—Briherx Is Charge Atralnst Prisoners. Sun I'raucisco, Hec. 10.—.At eleven •'clock today tl»e Ituff jury was still ,ut. The <-ase of Abraham lluef •barged wlih bribery of a former sii- :ervisor of this city, went to the jury It :):;!!!. o'clock yesterday afternoon. Vt .'i.-l.'i o'clock the jury requested and was given iiermlssion lo go to dinner by Judge William I'. Lawlor, but was ordered to resume deliberations at S o'clnek. The trial has consumed 10.". days. Hiram Johnson, one of the attor- leys who v<iltinieered his services af- ier ,Mr. lletiey, the prosecutor, was iiot, closed Ihe urgnnient at noon, af- '•r an address of two lit /urs and a halt le charged that Ruef hud practically idiiiltted his guilt upon more than one occasion and maintained that the defense had never shaken the testimony of wliiiesKes, who cliurged Ruef with receiving ^MOMfi from the I'nlted Railroads uiid with giving ex -Super- vlsor James L. Hallagher JS.'i.oni) ti; be distributed among the members of the Isiard. HE WANTS $12,000 Wilbert Denni?, a Minor, Brings Suit Against the lola Brick Company Today. Claiming that lii.s hand was badly maiigli'd by a cog wheel which was not properly guarded, Wilbert Dennis, .1 minor, through Lnella I>ennis, his next friend, brought suit in district -onrt today against A. W. B(?ck, 1.. L. I'onsler, F. A. Northrup, l>. h. North- nip. O. P. Northrup, Mary Northrup, .1. A, Robinson and B. R Robinson, doing business under the name and siy!e of the lola Rrick company, to recover $l'J.nno. In his petition young Dennis ,«!ays that his wo"k was near a cog wheel and that on IX-cember :M S(., 1; I <17, he in .some manner caucht his hand in 'he cog v.hoel. resulting in the member being mangled and mashed so badly that with the exception of the little finger his entire.hand had to be amputated. He claims that the company was at fault and negligent in not iiaving the wheel properly guarded. Till" Injury, he says, has caiisel him ureal pain and has rendered him totally iiiiabli- to earn a living. Hi- asks for a jiidgineni of $i::.iiiiii, or f.'i.diiii fiTr Kiiffering and $7,<iiiii for p<T iiiiiiieni disaliilltv. He was sixteen vea;s of ii;;e at the lliiie the arcbleiil iiiippi'iii'il. TO INSTALL DR. HILL ProcniHi Ol' Two D .trs Ilegnn lit I'nl- u-islt} III' Mi -Houfi ut Coluinhhi -Hill Vew Prc^Iilenl. On January 11. 1909, Hoover Kerr will have served two years as iallor of Allen county. Up to this date he has had the care of 6.12 prisoners and if the ratio Is kept up there will be an average of one prisoner a day for two years, ft must be taken Into eon- Fiderntion of Course that in the total number, city prisoners as well as county will show, Dnrifie Mr. Kerr's term as jailor there ha? been several Jail deliveries and two or tiiree attempts. In "nc'i Instance the fu<»iilve prisoners have been reeapfured, save one. Elmer Oshei, The officers have learned the whereabouts of Oshe', but as he is wanted for a minor offense, he —ns not brought ba?k here, it being •• ~ "nlnlon of the commissioners that it would he better tn have Oahel away. Mr, Kerr has made an excellent record as Ja'lor and hia aBsistance at; n deputv officer haa proven of value more than once. Ci.':iiii!i::i. .Vo . Dec. 10.- The two la.^s iiriigrani for tlit- ins -lallatiMn of \lberi Uo..s Hill. L. L. D. as prer.i- leiil of the Ciiivi-isily of .Mis.soiiri. be- riiii here li.du-. The ;;ui-.-i of honor WIS l)r. .lacob Selinrman, |iresideiil of Cornel; uiiiver:,iiy. from which Insti- 'iilioii I »ri .side;ii Hi I graduated in ISiC. Mlaa Kallee Home. Misfi Bmma Sellee bna returned from KanrniB CItr where ahe baa spent tbe paat few montha. TIIE WEATHER. Forecas; for Kansas: Fair liinight and Frldav. with colder In east por- llun lonlglit; colder Friday. Data recorded at local office. I Weather lliircaii. yesterda.v, today •I vear a^•o. lleceniiirr 9. Yesterday. Yr. '. S. and Ago •'. p. m .. .51 i p.'m . . :in « p. m .. .t:'. S p. m . . .40 .'!4 10 p. ni ...4:! '.11 12 midnight . . . 1.') 29 Maximum temperature . ..".4 t .'i .Minlnium temperature . .:il 29 Precipitation 7 p. m. . .., 11 0.11 Dererobcr 10. Today. Yr. Ago 2 a. m.' ...4r. 27 i a. ni ...4(5 25 (5 a. lit ...48 23 8 a. m ., .4fi 2.1 10 a. m .,,r.o 28 12 noon' ,. ..'i4 34 Precipitation 7 a. m.; ... 0. .0 ANOTHER MEMBER BILL TO (JIVE ALLEX COCXTY AD- DITIOXAL KEPHESK>TATIVE. SENATOR GLENN ITS AUFHOR ALLEX tOCXTV CITIZENS READ DISPATCH WITH .MICH INTERE.ST. lohins Ho|M> That In Re-appnrtlon- nient. Allen County Will Be Made One Seiuitorbil District. Alle/i county citizens read with much interest this morning th« dispatch in the Kansas City Journal telling of the hill which Senator •Clleim of (ireeley, has drafted for the re-ap- uortion-nent of the state into .senatorial and representative districts, under which this county will get an ad/litioiiai member in the House. Prominent party men said today that they hoped tiie bill would be passed, believing that this county was entitled to an additional representative. It seem.s to be the general o))in- Ion that if the bill is introduced If will pass. There were several who said, when speaking of the jiroposed bill today thiit while the state was being re-ap- porlloned this sen'atorial district should he changed so that Allen coun^ fv should be one senatorial district in Itself. Senator flleiiii who has drafted the Mil for the re-apportionment, is well known by many lolans. Cautalii Sto ver and Representative-elect W. T. Watson are espocialiy well ncrpialnt- HI] with him. The disnatch telling of Senator Glenn's bill says: Topeka, Dec. in.—'.'tnte Senator CJIenn of Greeley, who is likely to be -halrman of the legislative apportionment conimlttee, has prepared a hili for a general re-ajniortlonriient of the state into senatorial and ropresento- live difitrlcts. His plan gives Western Kansna two new senators and five rnpresenta- Mves at the expense of Kastern Kansas. He wants six senatorial districts In the Western part of the state. The five counties out West that have no repvefentative are each to sot one a'ld In order to rnualhie thing.-? Marshall, Butler, Franklin, Brown, Osage, Tefforson and Leavenworth are fo lose one member each. Senator Glenn also proposes to, give Montgomerj- and All^n county an additional member each. LIKE THE IOLA CASE Salina A(?o Ha? a Case Where White Girl Claims to Love a Colored Man. The Chanute Sun says: The case at lola yesterday of a white girl proclaiming her love for a negro has it.s counterpart in Salina where Mrs. Violet Huntley and her paramour, Henr .v Williams, were found guilty in the city court yesterday and were sentenced to six months' linprisonnient in the county jail and li) pay o 'lie -half e.ieli of the costs ot the. case. " This will mean liiat file liair wi'l Rt:ty In the county jail for about eight or nine inonllis. .Sam Huntley, liii !:biind of the de- iiraved Woman, who wns arrested at Wllic 'lesler. I \a^'.. Mr COIlleinpl of the •lly court In haying falb-d lo answer lie snnmioii'i to appear al the trial of !ie cri 'ii'. wMii in enii -l vesterday and leslllb'd imaln>-t his wlfi-. lie will be 'hi-ii a he:iriii.- on the conlempf 'Iiii .rge, The lesllllion\ 1-lvi 'ii 111 the trial if Mr.s lliinfl' v and Wffilain:^ \va;i nil ^)l••.•ll,•ablv li.plll.'live. Till' jiirv. of llin-e wliiti- men and • Iiree iiegroe .s. was out for an hour following I lie close of the liearliig and •efiirned. declaring th.Tt l» was inipos db'e to agrei'. Judue Khun adinon shed tliein that the hearing had oo iliieit a lart 'i- iicirfioii of the <l;iy and !'iat the evidence w :is such tli:it thev liould c <ipie to a verdi -t. They went out and sho -lly retiirlie.l with a ver let of gi ;ilty. HUGH CAMERON DEAD KAXSAS nEU.MIT SlCtCMHS TO ATTACK OF APOPLEXY. One of Well Known Cimrurlers of Slufe and .Xnllon—Lhed ut I.attrence. HELD UP A TRAIIt THREE HEX ROBBED PASSETTOER XEAR SPOKANE. THE FIREMAN FOOLED THERI rxCOlPLED BAGGAGE CAB WHKJT ORDERED TO RELEASE EXPBESS. Topeka, Kas., Dec. ID.—fSeneral Hugh Cameron, known as the Kansas hermit, died last night of aj'oplexy in a local hospitaf. He came here yesterday from Lawrence to attend the fniieral of A. H. Case, an old friend. He failed to waken this morning and remained unconscious all day. General Cameron was 82 years old at tbe time of his death. He was born at Saratoga Springs, X. Y., Octol)er 28, 182t;. He went to Wa.shington, D. C, shortly after the election of Zachary Taylor as president. There he became acquainted with Webster. Clay, Doiig- j las and other eminent siatesniea of the day. He moved to his liermitage near I.«'>.wrence it: ISGI. General Cameron was a weil known Kansas character. lie came to the state in 18J>7 and was a friend of Jim f.aiie and John Brown. He participated in the liorder ruffian war and became a colonel of a Kansas regiment in the civil war. He was breveted brigadier general at the close of his military services. Since the war he has been living the life of a recluse m his little farm just west of rence. His li .Miie was a small hut made )f twigs. He did his cooking over a canJp fire lor almost a half century, winter and suminer. General Cameron was usually on liund at all notab'e KatlierlngH. either latlonal or state. He has attended jvery Inauguration at both Toiieka tnd Washin.gton since the civil war. riurhed in an old army blue suit, with i red bandana tied around his cap ^nd with hla yard of disheveled hair ind whiskers ho always attracted at- edition, it is said that he has walked from Kansas to Washington and back about eiglit times. Me had a irejudicc .'igalnst riding on railroads, or rather against paying fare and he preferred to walk rather than buy railroad tickets. <i'eneral Hugh Cameron was .'!2 years tild and he ex|iected to live at least twenty years longer "to complete my present nii.ssion," he 'has >aid. "The mission," was evidently his desire to be instrumenta!'in having the memories of Senator Ross,and President .lohnson venerated and plat sil with tha' of Lincoln ar Washlng- lon. He fully aiiticipaied that it would take all of twenty years to fulfill that mission. General Canleron was jiossessed of a fine education, was widely read larticularly ujion history and current iffairs. He was also the owner of ?ons!derabl.> property in and around I -Kiwrence and his check for several ihou-saiid dollars would have been lonored by most any banker who knew him. »ail Was Robbed-BaBdlts Ban En. glue Three Miles and Made Their Get-a-Way. Spokane, Wash., Dec. 10.— Three men held up a Great Northern passenger train a mile and a half eaat of FliMyard this morning, robbed the mail and escaped. W. Perrln, the fireman when ordered by the robbers to uncouple an express car, uncoupled the baggarge car instead and the .express car was unopened. The bandits ran the engine three miles and eacajied: DAVIS NOT GUILTY .So ,Says .lury Which Heanl Evidence in Mnri?er Case Which Was Tried ut Onuiiia. Oniali:i. .N'eb , Dec. 10.—TI.e jury in ;-ane of Cliar'es K.' Davis charged with Ihe murilKr of Dr. I^'relerick T. Itits- .'iii, this m.iriiiiig ifinrned a verdh-l of lllil giillix. With New York Paper, G. i'. Karrell, who is coniie'lid with till- .\'i'W Voili Hera'd. Is In lli>' city the giiesi of U. y. Ilorgard and family. A SUIT TO FORECLOSE. George W. Fisher Would ,Recevei From Crude Oil Company. , George W. Fisher, as trustee for himself and others, has brought, a suit against the lola Crude Oil company to foreclose a mortgage given to secure two notes valued at $15(1. It is '.claimed tiiat the Crude Oil ctimpaiiy ha.i leased to the lola Portland Ce- rneat company several tracts In Allen county land, the dessee having agreed to develop theoi. It seems that wells were drilled but only sufficient gas was secured to furnish a school house and some private houses. Tbtf Crude Oil company then borrowed money. It is claimed, from six different parties on its notes, to secure this gas and fi<rnish It to the school house and residences. All of these notes, so It Is claimed, were paid except that he'd by the plaintiff and C. F. Trowbridge. Fisher Anally secured the latter's note. He says they are due now and unp.'Ud and he sues to recover their value or $150. To secure the. notes a mortgage was jiven oh the following property: w %, n w % and. the n 1^ of the s w V*.. section 13. and the e^, n w 24-25-17. Claiming that the notes are due and unpaid. Fisher brings suit to foreclose. ANOTHER BETTE8 .SUIT. Administrator Camobell Would Recover From Had Beites Value of a Note. W. T. Campbell, as administrator of the estate of Thomas Bettes deceased, brought suit in district court today to recover $736.80 from Had Bettes. It is charged that six months before his death. Thomas Bettes bad in his possession a promissory note -signed by one Harry Tifken, to secure which the latter had ^ven a mortgage on propertv In Lincoln coon-: fv, Oklahoma, and that the defendant obtained possession of the note and disposed of it. It is also charged tbat. at the time Bettes got the note. Ttaoa. Bettes was Incapable of looking after his business. He therefore sues to- recover the value of the note or- $7::fi .sn. Mother Is Better. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger returned last evening from Bourbon;county .whefB he went to sec his mother •ho haa been (iiilte ill. He left her eonslder- ably improved. — Christmas Vrnt Cards at Mundl*.; drng store. • ^ • —^ '•—— '-P's^h Authorize Manual School. The effo-f of the club women of ChriMiife f-> e.<;lriblis'i maiiunl trainiu.e in the iiiild 'C schools met with its firit success list night, when the schoo? hoard anjiropriated $12."i for the purchase of the necessary enulpment fo train a c'ass of thirtv-six in wood carvinii. .\ comittee of Mrs. J. C. i.ardper, Mrs. Frank Hardesty and Mrs. ,Siie M- Henry appeared befo'-e the goanl with a request that a division of manual training in which boys of the eighth erade age might find a beneficial course in manual instruction he installed. With this as a lieglnnini» the iietitions promised to foster the movement until such time as a complete and graduated course of manual work might be incorporated in the curriculum of the imblic schools.—Chanute Sun. When the county commissioners went over the bonds filed hy the men elected to township offices last fall, thev discovered that several were faultv and they were sent back. Sev- ersi of the b9ndNmen had not quali- fietl. SECRETARY COBURN FAVORS STATE FAIRl Tope :%a. Kus., Die. In.— i'. D. Coburn, secretary of agriculture.-.thinkSLV ^'Jl thai Ihe iie.M legislature yhoiild :ipi>ropriate money for a state fain ;^ In a letter ii> 10. H. Crosby, .Mr. Coburn comes out square and • fMr. v '^^l,;' , favoring llie • xptiniilure stale numiv for the establishment of an InatItU,- . lion lor the display of Kansas i>roducts. He does not state which lot tbitv three cities working for the afipropriation he favors as a location for the fair. .."g 'i;iie i^ecri'tury. a recognized authority the country over dn all qiiestibna , Iiertainiiig to argicultiire, takes the broad view of., the question. The talr. .-"^f must be located in one city with the idea of permanency ani) '. continuouil V.:."; sii|)|s;rt. write.^ .Mr. Coburn, and the fiir should be established hy 'an J«,t .' r" liartial aulhoriiy who shall consider tlio greatet.t good to the state ai » - f whole. - ~ -i;. ~-V<J The 'eiier to .Mr. Crosby reads a-; follows: *" r > 1 ".My Dear Sir: In reply to your verbal inquiries as to my views upon'^i tbe oiiesiiiui of a state fair, I would say: • •-'' "r "Kaiisas should see to it that the incoming ie.glslature^makes 'genetxius,,-*;/ provision for the permanent establishment of a state' WIr: a Stale fair in- the be:-:t sense of the'word; one managed by men ot,..«s]^City and Iclean -character and to be supported and encouraged, from year to.:year, in sd^' a way as to make it a credit to the st:;te. of which it BllOiaJ£.r stand as repri; reseiitative, illustrative and typical. - . • "Considering tiic advantages such an institution pouaMitB as ba^ been well demonstrated by other great agricultural states. siicfi.ftallUnpIs. Indiana, Minnesota and Iowa—Kansas caniiot afford to do leSB than luioflt by and improve U|iou their experience and provide for an annual exposition <Kt the stale's resources and iw.s-iibilities that eventually wIH be a psttem andf. examide for all others. Under the most favoring circumstances it will, pt course, take years to develop this, but it never will be developed unless ^ beginning is made, and the conditions were never so fatorable for 8u«a |i' beginning as they are now. t » ' •Of course s'uch a fair mult have a permanent loca^oit. Theniatter.of : .'ii location, however, shquhl not be considered until proyIMt|f|'ta 'nuide f<(r~tlM .iJ7 fair, and that with the Idea of jiermanency and contlttad«ai£sn |ip6irt. such provision Is made, some representative, impartial wi^^chity', onlji; K'4 the greatest good to the state as a whole iii mlnd^ can dl ^i^fne »%«irfi^tl>e'"^^^ fair-«hall have its seat. . ' 'M'^r*i^ ' .T3 "I would be glad to see every good Kanwn working fbr^rsncAKMttMint- mation. Rightly supervised, whatever expaoilUure^it niay^ hiTdlTet ^U* i the long run I hope it may be a large one—wiU'lje « igcat.; pOM^.ia^r^, vestment. Very truly yours,- *'-^:^'C <)|||^J^ •'A

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