The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1944
Page 10
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Saturday, September 2, 1944 <&t)t jBafatrgfttlD CailtomUin Announcements WANT ABS led Advertising columns of The Bakerefield Cnltfornian close ptomptly at 10 o'clock each morning for nil one- column ads. Two-cnlnmn or larger nds n,ii«t be pincpd tlie dnv before piihl'C;i- ! ~ tinn. Phone 7-76:;:. 1-H-tf Occupational ft«rvlc«» WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING KIMONIZ1NO MACK AND SON California and P Phone 2-12CO \vi _ _ _ _ ___ 45 no TREE topping, removing: fence i.lilirig team work, plowing, general ,rk. ,i\jsi work. hav« truck riionc " <" 3S For tent—Trucks. ; u-kups. t er>, Eighth and T'nion ft^enue. Pbnn* 1 2-9r><2. l-;'l-tf ALL kinds o{ weights nnd width* of cnn- i vas. Canvfl" ci,o<)s made tn order «' Hornung'p. H,0fi Nineteenth street. 1-S-tf REFUNDS on rach classified sdvertl"*- I rnents which hnvp been canceled before ! the expiration date muM be called fnr J WITH CASH RECEIPTS within m.c rnoMth from ilitte rf cancellation Tin- , Tinkfrffleld C.iliforn:nn 5-TI-if FlRST UNITY TEMPLE—All Unity HI-TV. > t 'one. Snh*. r ,r l inns t:ikrn. N"nf>n s it- icr- dally. 1-3 Somhein hnu I. Phone S-M'.'v Waited WE BUILD ANYTHING MADE OF .SHKET STEEL. FURNACE AND COOLER SERVICE ? V ^ 3S:6 CHESTER AVE. Help Wanted—Male Help Wanted—Male ATTAFT DRAFTSMAN—VETERAN OR FEMALE CHAINMAN—MALE HELPERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE APPLY TO: Lost—Found—Strayed -• I! IK I l-il liell'n ,M,-il K, I. 1 ' 1 III 11 to M I :Hox 19.'. Rev I Hul'iva " \\c,'l I'.,: Hill',I,| \\ :l!rl LUST -Pair Kj.iKSi'K. .n v nnd On Mi-r. ne:, r Nnx _M»rd. Call 2-ti:i;i. LOST—About l HI. \\,|.|<« 1'IIM'y. In I, u 11 \\ :t h 1 ;i f.i t In i -I, I", ,-i^'n ^., i •, \V M. Ft.,,.1. :• :.•!') I':, LOST. Sunday nighr l-'<m[er ki i'ii mom :, nili'-li-n ll.ninth n, , L. Pri-t..n. LOST—S-nall iinvil. V • •n Oak m Tart H' 11.11. Ron I r ?.. I lor r- LOST-- Plalltinm KIIU:II wmnll diamonds; keep* linx JJ-I-U. Tlii- in: LI'IST- Pair of i;ini. b-.itbcr <iise ,-it I'm elny TlleNd.'tV [i'i.:M Please • all s-Sx:.; p m Liberal TAlI.iUt lo«t sleev, , I clri-et. and i ,.lli-, i ' vh. 1 m se. i nnd i,-, nib 29 ,-if-h with d Write alter K '.', ii i v home. m. ]ii:;n TIM'CK hauling, anything nny time, anywhere. Kurniture moving a specially, fall Whltie Morehead. Phone 2-9226. (Mldnle. Cnhf 29 AI.I/ TYPES --Hipenier work, new construction, remodeling. repairing, pap, r _hnnghiK Plume 2-0149. 32 RKLIABLE PAINTING Inside and Out RIL D HELLER Licensed nnd RonJad Contractor 2409 "Eyu" Street Phone 2-2492 7-19-tf REFRIGERATION «ei,-ice. any makes, household or commercial, also washers. gns ranges and floor furnaces fluII nft- _ernnnn _nr_nlKhts I'hone 7-7160. 2!) BEST 1'LUMBINO SURVIVE. Tbe hem costs less. Little lobs get first attention Coiintv onlv. No citv work. I'hone —J-llrJAr 20 THRU SERVICE CO Pruning. Shaping. Topping MHO Trees 'j'akeij OMI B. T'ntker Free Enl itna t inc 1807 II .street Phone 2 :; I Mi FKNDKKS NEED REI-AIRK? CAI: NEED PAINTING? Sri' Kenny H.'irhinnn fnr Estimate ami Appointment MOTOR CENTER T\vpiil.v-s(-(:nnil nnd Chester clirvi-olft, Btiirk, Cadillac .T! •ontraet an 1 ' repair worl<. iinrsE PAINTINI:. ' iilninei i in ] Hpl :i y Kindly KIVI-II Phm E TAFT. 4C4 TELEPHONE BAKERSFIELD, 7-7501 34 McMAHAN FURNITURE CO. Hns Openings In the DELIVERY DEFAHTAIENT and SALES DEPARTMENT for Honorably Discharged SERVICEMEN Apply Eighteenth and H Street 8-22-tf WANTKD—Trimmer to operate «l;ibs and uphnlstery department In large repair shop. tiee Hackmnn at Motor renter. Twenty-second and Chester. 8-16-tf EXPERIENCED hardware man to work In our Bakersfleld store. 616 East NEEDED in help maintain transportation, auto and tiuck mechanic* and body men Kul! Uinr work. Moior Center. Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac dealer. See Backman. Twenty-«econd and Chester. . _ L-'.H.? EXPERIENCED tractor duvera. year- round Jon for men who qualify; lodging and board furnished. Apply 616 East Nineteenth street. Phone 8-9671: after — ?_P-_P.?:_9?J.L?l'L!?.?.: 1-a-tf BELLMAN—Must be over 21. Apply Hotel Padre. 7 vV." VANTED — TRUCK ANU AUTO MECHANICS. APPLY SOUTHERN GA- . TVVENTY-H-1RST AND I 12-31-tf 110 Personals HEMORRHOID Sl'I'TEIlKKS — No bos- Vunlizalion nor IOBP ni 1 tinu- No eurBery nor injectionp ,\ru- safe. painless method af ehnunritinj; hemorrhoids now available finni Dr • II Pennington. Ii. C. suite 2, ProleSBiona; building. __riiolie_6jf.llii'. 2 - fi -'f SAI'RO-ILIAC LKSION'S. I iw buck pnlng. arthritis. coriMli at ion ami prostate disorders cnrlecle-l. I^r P U. Parish. D (! 40." Haberk-Iiie building, Phnne 9-'J.32 S-!l-tf A Mill l-'tll I: M 11 If 304 S'ii BniMing i;, I'EKSnNAL KIN, Ul.dcr the M f i-.l'.ll-y LnfltlM N" Embarra.ssmc-nt Involved I'liRllleentVi Street •,'I'K COMPANY n a I'ola Sign ^Vnlter V'Mliiini; .Man.'Urer :',fi \\'K WILL mil he rn>.piit,:<ilile fur any debln ( nn! i at l,'i| h\' :i!i\,,|u- tor the l-'rein h Vil-I;IV,' nlhcr tti.'in nlilv-' K'rH 1 loin this ihilr S,-|,l' in!» r 1. l:MI. Piilll linil Libia I,..,,.n!/, i, p. o. n ,\ us;. ;;i WANTKI1 — r.ish and carry helper. Smart /i: Kinal Ciunpany, (101 Twi-nly-foui th. SA I.KS.MAN— La i Re ilKJiiettc inanufac- IIII'T. I'l'flll;! ni»llt . '-Ill flJllllNhed CX|ictll-rrt l>:inl. No SlltlMdHy work. SlralKht H;I|iii y. Send picture, give :ice and cxpeil- CIM e. Write Box \V-27». The Californlan. \VANTKH— Piv.usei- for tailnr shop nt Harry Coffee's. Clean work, food hours, good pay wilh a ren| peaceiimn futiiro of permaiieno. Phono 7-7!l!ll, or sf" Mi. J.!rey. 30 FOR STENOGR.A PIIKR SERVICE SEE US Crnirtpntis anil promiil service. AVill fiinsidor phone nr rush oi'drrs. San ARcncles. Eihvrml W. Momly, ]SIL' "Eyn" Hired, phone L'-oi;,-.:;. 9-l-tr Help Wanted—Male Apply dining room. 40 ANYUM-: w^hiiiu- t'ni 111' r 1 ''! iii IVL'.I rin-i-iii 10 sre Hcniy I-;I;RI nf Da^ler'll. ph-asi- c;i i\ i line. UAVINC, Sill.I) our bUdini-sH loc'ined nl 1'Jn Tiilrt >-t nn M h to State Tinnspoit ;<ny i.ills , on 11 IK I nil by iin\-iine other limn i,uis'lvi>. alter August 31, 1941. iSicneill Pndfield ;il INCOME TAX PAYMENTS SCHOfIL NMEHS NECESSITIES •KTC. lii'IRROW r>N mob,Irs Tnnks rnlt;jie KJI rm K'juipt. SalH ry "PAID FOR OR NOT" Tou may F 100 ft LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local people who understand local conditions. W. J. fBilll Bergman Maurice St. Clalr 2nth and Clu-Bter Opp. Montwomery \\"iud I'hone 6-C7!H: AppointnicnlH Mad,- EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cnsh for Thirty Days Repay $102.50—TotaJ Cost ONLY $2.50 If Tou Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign- No Co-signers AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANOK COMPANY 2300 Chester Telephone 9-9)21 8-21-tf Buslnes*.Opportunities GROCERY store for sale, doing good busl- rieNS, ideal location. CiiKh only. i> f, ^ Hrllodage Lain- "!l WANTED - HUH boy _ Hotel Kl Tc.lon HAVE OPENINi; fur laborers in essential industry. Apply olTne Consolidated Pipe Company, Tiuxtun anil I'ninn avenue _ 29 WANTED—fjARAliE ATTENDANT OR HOI'ltS 3 P. .M. TO 11. APPLY AT THE EL TKJON OARAGE. 14011 SEV- _ENTEENTH. .11 SCHOOL BUY. 1(1 or 17 years old, to work alter school and on Saturdays. F. W Wnulworlh Company. :';) WANTED —NICHT OARAC.E ATTENDANT. AI'I'LV AT l.'.M'l'ED CAIIACK 1:I01 EICHTEEN'rn. Ill AVAXTHl) —- TWO 1fi-YEAU-OL,r> llliill srilOOL HOVS, C1NK KOI I ,MORXIi\(; WORK AND ONE FOR AKTERNOON: GOOD PAY AND STKADV JOB. INQUIRK .MKCHANICAb DEPARTMENT, TIIK HAKERKl-MKLl) CALIKOIt- -MAX. S-2(i-ir ly STUEETS. Paper Carriers Wanted for Must and west Bakers_field. (:alifornlan office 6 14-tf HI5LP WANTED—Metal workers, metal worker nelpers. wool workers, auto bodies; wood workers, furnltuie. C N .((illusion Hurty Works. 1001 ICIghteenth. Pljon o __i_4 7 0 8^ (i- i 1 -1 f WANTR'> -AT ONCE. AUTOMOI3ILE MECHANIC. PERMANENT WORK; TOP WAGES. .APPLY BAKER-ADAMS PON" ~ ' " li-Sl;-tf Help Wanted—Female WANTED—Woman for general hoiise- u-iik. (lood salary; no heavy work I'b'HK- 2-S78U. 29 LAl'NDRY HELP wanted. Sani Woo La u lid r y ._1_31 |i _ E_: c lUeclllh strcc t. [12 GENERAL OFFICE WORK—Ex~peTTen7e unnecessary, hut must be good at shorthand aiul typing. Position permanent. Apply R onin 207, Haberfelde building. WANTED —Day care in licensed home for 2',i-ycar girl. Will pay top price for good place in Alia Vista district. Phono _ *~' s ! r ' R _'! t' lil ? ''•_ '": '-'•> WANTED—Girl for general office work. Write Box G-J31, The Californian. 29 EXEPIIIUENCED WOMEN'S READY-TO- WEAIl ALTERATION HANDS: THOSE WHO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE IN FIT! REMODELING AND REPAIRING I'REFERRED. STEADY WORK. GOOD WORKINl.) CONDI'I'IONS APPLY MANAGER. EASTERN, 1529 NINETEENTH STREET. S-.TO-tf NEEDED A'l ONCK—furniture reflnlsher. Also upholsterer Topnotch wages for topnotch workmen. C. N Johnston Shops. 1000 Eighteenth street. 7-iil-if W A NTEr/—Experienced autn mechanic. (Jood hours and pay. l.i an essential job. Hand tools nnd availability certificate necessary. Sen Mr. Heed Kltchen-Boyd Mot r Company 2220 Chaster avenue. g-25-lf Sen housekeeper. _8-_l 2-t f WANTED—Service sak-sman. Oood salary and excellent future for man with fair education who can assume responsibility. Firestone Stores. 2.'I3I Chester HOUSEMAN. ov«r 40. Padre hotel. ayemic. _ Ba kersf£ejd. 8-23-t f AN Al'I'HENTlCE in vilon. Cno.i OIIPOI I 11 tiMili- Foul Liiirag I-IMI' and fender ly fnr postwar l.'itll CIlCHler .'in BUM. DIM! SERVICE man for position with permanent company Must be able to furnish birth ••'tlflcale. If Inter- esleil c,iH 8-17-tf WANTICD — Hov o\'er school age or man to work In wash room. Family service Laumliy. I'bone ti-64::,",, evenings i-iss:' _ _ 2 (I A .TOR WITH A LOCOMOTIVE TO IIIOLP YOU Work for a conip.'iny \vlioso bi^i'st job i.s H! ill iilirad. It's it job for nn iii'live man who liki>s to RPO thliiRH move: Kwitoh- iiiK niilniad i-ar.s, trains . . . PhiinttMK Vm nn to sidings . . . frrijj-liis fnim all over Iho roun- 1r>-, liiadc'd with war malorlals. Nn dull riiininc. Hememlior, Sniilhcrii l';tril'ii''s IiiK^esL juli in still ahi'itil. Kailruitd pass privl- li j f;''s. I'ini' pension plan. .Moiliral MT\ ii rs. Tlin kind of job you ran ln> pi'iiinl of. Look lull) tins today. (Stndrnl I'.faki'inrll anil Kircincn nt'odi'd also.) Apply Siiprriiitciulont's OJfirr S. I', ("'onipany, Hakorsl'icld or your ncarost S. 1'. Agent Schools-—Instruction HIGH SCHOOL completed at home for i _..•'.•- Sl I'.vjioad _ lerounlzed diploma. lOO other courses. i<ofi;il cat pcnter Xree catalogue Call Lee Manfull, ; s.mth II Mir 7-76IJ. International Con espondence Schr, ,ls 45 Slid, Home n. :u MAN TO HANDLE AND DELIVER FURNITURE. APPLY IN PER SOX. DAVIS FURNITURE CO _ 1400 CHESTER AVENIIE. _S-_25 tf TRUCK DRIVERS nnd delivery men. Apply McMahan's Furniture. Eighteenth "."iLJlj 1 !".?'.?: _8-;tl-lf WANTED—Night man for garage. Dunn's Garage. Phone 2-39.1S. 141!: Eighteenth 35 MEN TO OPERATE ELECTRIC SUBSTATIONS. STEADY WORK. GOOD WAGES, EVEN WHILE YOU LEARN. ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY. AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE NECESSARY P. G* E. COMPANY, BAKERSFIELD. I'HONE 5-5771. ASK FOR MR. OLDERSIIAVV. 31 r HrtP_W*rt*-?~*^™!*2~^ GIRL OR WOMAN TO DO BOOKKEEPING AND GENERAL OFFICE WORK. APPLY DAVIS FURNITURE CO., 1400 CHESTER __A VENUE. _ ;il WANTED—Dependable whito woman for Keneral housework and care of invalid. Hoard, room. Kood wayes. 92S Monterev fitreft. 29 MAJOR OIL COMPANY ban sUMlouraphlc openiiiB for well *iuallficd girl with Dbiirlhund nnd typliiK experience. Cull 7-/illl between 8 and 6. Availability certincato required. !;9 WAITRESS WANTED—Must be experienced. Freddie's Cafe, Twen- WANTED—SALESLADY. BETWEEN 20 AND :',«. FOR STEADY POSITION. DiiWNTdWN LOCATION. PLEASANT SI-RRUUNDINGS. SELLlNf! EXPKRI- I-:NCK PHICFKRRED. EXCELLENT I'liSITION '•Tin RIGHT PARTY. APPLY IN PERSON AT THE BOOK SHOP. I.Mi 4 NINETEENTH. 29 TWO EXPERIENCED RKADY-TO-WEAR SALESWOMEN WITH LOCAL FOLLOWING: PERMANENT POSITION WITH GOOD SALARY TO THOSE WHO QUALIFY. GIVE FULL DETAILS IN FIRST LETTER. APPLICATIONS WILL HE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL WRITE BOX E-12. THE CALIFORNIAN. 8-::-tt Situations Wanted—Male WE CLEAN kitchens. 85c hour; also blinds, windows: floor by floor. Larko Cleaners. I'hone 7-74(12 before 8, after 6. _________ _____________ ___ 67 MAN, 42. single, capable, wants work. Hoard and Roaii. Write. 001 Lawson 29 BRICK WORK — Harbecue pits and fire- _pjaccs spccmlty. Phoiie 7-732fi. 29 ALL KINDS o' nibhish hauling 2200 M _ street. _ijhone 2-11848. ____ _ 31 COLORED MAN — Well experienced, general ImUM' rlfunmfi atid Kaulenmg. I'hone _ n-2101._ _____ ___ __ '29 WA NTKD - Pinu ing Kardi-ns. grading and level ing; I'hfrk work, V-ing out water ditrhi'*. I'Yrt i tizcr for .sale, by sack or _ by Jbe L oai|. __ I'hojieJJ-l 857. _ _ .'C! CLUCKS AND WATCHES of all kinds re- luiMi'cl. irilli Horn street. Phono MAN wii.b experit'ii" 8 operating dozer, "iirrvalt. i.-i-adci. coniprensor. Ainu have Ken,-nil kiniwledice of machinery, trac- I'HH and n 11 HOI IH of stationary cnciiics, lla\e Nome ymall hand toola and acetylene welding outfit. \\ r ant position iip- eriiliiiy or ni.i hit a iniiif; on ram h, oil Icasi', etc Call at 40^9 Jewelt avenue after K. C. W. Kralz. "n Situation Wanted— -Female DAY CARE fnr chili] rrn In my licensed bimu 1 . also ex'tMiing care. Phone "-.I^Sl. __ IllTi^I^iKhtli slreet. :ill WILL WASH and slrel.'h curia inn, with or without ruffles. fall ^-'UaT. •)»:, OakKtri.'Ct. 2'J IIUUMP for Plilerly woman. ^. 71- iNineteenlb street. Transportation—Buses FREE MEALS AND PILLOWS Lowest Kaies ti, All points ALL-AMERICAN BUS LINE INC. :02« Chester Ellis L. Ball Phone : L 2(33 1-7-tf SANTA FE AND BUHLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth und F Phone 2-0472 3-6-tf I'LANNINi; A TIUI".' In, ludc us. too. We'll lliindle all Ihie ilelaili.. in, ludiilk- woiryinB nlMiut tiaiiMU'ilalinn ;unl hotel K-scrvalioii!'. No i-iatfr type ,if til!) you 1'lnn \ve ,an ln-lp y<;ij make it rn'ire en j..\ i.l.'c. '"all :'-(ii;iu or L'- li !l"'.'. ri:-iv or nmlii. ;ui \VI!INi;i:it MAN. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. CIT1XENS LAfNMRV, 'i;;i si.XTi:i;\Tii :u WANTED - Milki is. StiMiRhl shift. J. .1. Nord's |l;iit>', phunc l'-^n;i. :u AV A NTED -Ma tit CHP inalier. uood pay, unoil worUlnp < nndil Kins. fii eves tn-NH and rpholhtciy. 1!7(I9 c'licster ave- _mje.^ I4ione^:j..-, ^u,s ^ ;tu A11LU1/L M_iEl> man tor funeral and a tnbiilance woik, exierience not necea- sar> KMcklnuei-Digipr. Chniiel. 1227 _cb_ei-l*r _ __ 8-11-tf OIL WELL PI'.MP RISPAlll.MAN— Steady esJ-enl :;i I unrli that will coiitinne iliirinx tile |ii,si\\-nr I'ciidd, i Ipporlunity fnr :nl- vnnieni-Mil Stnlcnl'-nt of a vatlii hilil v i,'(in,it'il Neilhon Pump c'omi'un>. Ill';', ThirM ti.iirth _ J'.i Kiiiipbvulcal roni- Occupational Services with ton IIHIU If ;j for ailvam-pment . . liny liiiHilini: ::> i-:xi'i-:nii-;Ni'i:n TIIIK MAN. noon SALARY K.\rKi,l.l:\T POSTWAR OP- PiiltTI'MTV. KIHESTONK STORKS. TWIlNTV-l-'DI'KTH ANU CHKSTK.ll AVIl.M K K-.' HAVE your I-M ern \viiy. A finish dmip by an i-xpcrt. Thi is I'oiiMinabli- and salisl'arl inn an toed. Also strain rsir washing. .Make ment loii.'iy. i-'HOXK i;-i;i:,7 CHKSTKU AVli. RUixcil in tho mini-I ' MAN «'A-yi-:i> I' ••' iMIlK-l.-IMillK; 1 """ """'" l done at reasonable prk'fs. Ixwation 3009 Kast Nineteenth street. James Farris. Phone2-7.08-l. iriy work, waHbliiR iu in hott 1 Iny ioom, led. f'bone P In. L'!l iiul'ittioln I,body and • hut cxpci M need need -'•> Huiiiell ll,,,lv III Chciil'l. Phone ^".1 il machine d milk lui- ._ :;o ROrHTABOHTS and rolnrv helpers, work near iiaUctitfield six and seven-dav wink wci-k Hchi-dules. Phone 11-9461, Tide Water atjjd nil Company. 29 WANTED -Harvest hands Men to operate combim harvesters. Exi erlence neo- exsary. Hed and bourJ furnished. Apply BJf, East ElKhtpentli street. Pbone 9-9671; 8-W-lt WANTED—Collector for west Bak- iM-Mflelil. \Vrite Box M-101, Call- fornuin. Itofrrcnccs. 8-2'.)-tf DENTAL aHHi^lant wanted, experienced preferred. Call in person 181M Chester avenue. 39 WA\TEI> --- Hcaltty oirerator, Nora's Henuty Salnn, 1526 Eighteenth ftteet _ Pimm, :-Oil;il. il.l-tf WiU'l.U LIKE ciishler In coffee sluip. Jlnicl Puiire. Eighteenth and H .stiecm. 31 WILL ItilARI) iimi u,,,m hiiih s, Imnl nirl in exihiiiiKe tnr <-nru of cliildrcn eve- nmns. Phone :i-l:i^S. ai AYANTED—Waitresses. Kl Palm Unve- Inn. Calitninia and Tlniiin, :t4 WANT—Capable .•nenouraphcr. jifriininenl piiKitiun :it Komi sal-iry. Phone S-,s;,:il nr __L'-i:,';i3 for ii|ipiiinljiM'iit_. 31 \VA NTI-:n -\\'omcn workers. experience tmne"e.syai y. Pbone 6-li435, e\cltmKH WANTED—While housekeeper. No rook- ine. Suedi'r Hotel Ruolns, 1941 Flower Hi reel. P^»'_£--tjlS£. :;() WANTED—L.;uindry workers. No rxperii'iiiv nei'essary. Cltizons Laiitiilry. !i;;i sixtfentli stivet. 31 n entiled to take cure of il while mnlticr wnrlis. and humlay off. 1'lione l'-GL'!iii ' in su TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY IfiL'O Twentieth Street ; 5-29-tf WANTED—White miuds. Bee housekeeper. Hnle[ Padie s "'li[ WAITRESS wanted Apply \YIIIK'» Cafe. i::0i; KiKjiteuiub street. S-iS-tf \\'ANT1CI 1 — VS'ninen *vorkeis. experience illineceNMiiry. I-'amilv Ser\-ice Lalin- clry. S:!u Cn lildrnia. Pbona ti-ti4;i&, cvc- WILL 1C 10 HP Small \\ai:e I'linno ^-IltJl AllMY WIKK. with umall Imby. will do hou.Mework for working couple, in ex- rlian^e for room and cooking luivilegcs. llott-l Kl Tejon. room P,4(l. COLORED—Light housework, day or hour. Have re£rrenceH. I'honp R-S:1R4. ;12 WANTED—Work by day or week. Colored KirlM. Phone 2-9(iD^. 30 ROOM AND ROAUD for mother «nrt 3'.4- yenr-olrl daughter, with care of chilrl while 1 work. Call utter 6 p. m. rhono i-'tr,n:i. :to For Rent—Rooms TWO gentlemen, double or twin beds, nd- .iomlng bath, use of phone. Located Thii ty-thlid and Panama vtrects. Phone 2-414!). 29 ROOM 1'XIIl RENT with kitchen privileges. AVoukl like nice reliable couple. Near __ A i rport. Ca K_ before_ ii_ p. rn_._._.1- L'79 4. ^9 NICI^LY furniaheil «it(Klo and double rooms, kitchen privileges. to Horace Mann and AVilliam.s Schools. Hi::'9 Qillncy J3rIvo._ I'D A\ r .\NTED—lioqni and board or room for _ man aml__wj/e. Pbone i:-!!-!.'!, 29 FOR RENT—New furnished ronm. private bath, outside cut rum:'. 1 ; one block from Kern Oeneral Hospital. Phone J-G'JfM. 31 NH.'E clean i-oom, pri^'.'ilo entrance: Karate; one-half block off Truxtun; Kentlo- _ niHii_only. lGll_U_Htri'et.__l J hotio_6-_5r>ilO. KOOJI FOR KENT to Kenlleman. by week or mojit!^ I.Mose_ln J _Vhojie 1?-U99S. |H ItOOM for teachers with twin beds, close in. kitchen iirivileKeB, one block from bus 11 r, KiKhteenth «lreel. Phone _f,-r,juis. FOH RENT —Front bedroom with twin bedn. privatn bath mid entrance. 2i>08 Liiiua Linda 1 'iinne l .i-[Hll!7, 11KI1HOO.M fur rent with adjoining Imth. 19L'S Seventeenth ulrcet. LARllK. ni'el.v furnished room for one or two Kciitlemcn. adjoinlliB bath; close Fl'RN'lSlIEn front bedroom, unvote front entrance, air conditioned, use of phone. Employed lady preferred. 1210 C, _nt reel . __ Phoijie_ J -fi U4_4 . _____ 20 ROOM for rent tn private home. Oenlleman only. UIOI) Park Way. Phono 3-04:!'.'. For Rent—House* SMALL, quiet cabin, not more than two people: permanent tenants only. Inquire 747 Montieello, off Potomac, For Rent—Miscellaneous WHEEL CHAIRS, hospltnl beds with innersprlnff mnttreast^g: walkers, rubber sheeting: everything for sick room. Fold- Ins chairs. Phone 7-7489 or S-0067. 8-3-tf Wanted to Rent—Rooms after I' 8 -'? PAINTING— EXTEKIOU, INTERIOR, STUCCOS, ROOFS, H'ANCHIOS. A. G. WJL.L.INfJHAM, CONTRACTOR. R KASOXAKLK PKICiiS. 2-6683, 824 PACIFIC __ STJIKKT ___ y» TIUTMAN'H •TKANHKfcJK— U»ng diiT tnnco and local. 812 North Chester, .Oildale. Phone 2-8914. 39 SEWING MACHINE REPAIRING, 1509 Wi-.«t Eighth. Guaranteed. _J :> hone_9-9437 ; . ^__ 49 V.'ANTKU— TWO ilUN FOH RECAPPING DEPARTMENT KXPKKIKNCED PRB- PKRREU Bt'T NOT NECES8ARV, OOOll SALARY TC START. F1RE- STON'J STORKS, TWENTY-FOURTH __ANp ClilCPTKH AVKNI'K ?- 2 J'!' WANTED —Derrick man anil two helpers for small portable drill rig. (113 Wafh- inifton. Oildale. Phone 2-7779. 29 WANTKD— Oppeiidiilile white woman for liKln hoiise\vnrk ami i-nio of elderly I'tiil'i l;u!>. l.)ond WiiKe, 1 -. boaid ami ilium Phone u-i,'.ilx. ::i EM'EltlEM'KU c.iMiietic NII 1,-slady. ply \\ i'ilr> ci^mct ic i nimtci. Ap- od \\'IC I1AYI-: very gui.ul job for tray imp. No cxpc'rlencu necessary; Vie IS nr over. Houlovitrri Drive l.nn, eft[lnetoonth anil liaUer. L".) \VO.MKN XX'OKKKHS. KXPKK1- KNCK NOT NKCESSAUV. APPLY HAKKRSF1KLD LAUNDRY ASSOCIATION, COKNEU NINE- T 10 KN BKAUTY OPERATOR— La Crentn Beauty Sulon. under new management. Good val- ary anil cnmmlsmon. I'hone Georgia _ f o r _aji polri tmen t_._-JiS_G^ _ 31 C1RLB wanted to work in LHtlor uhop. one for alterations on all garment**. Apply at once. Max Simon* Tailor Shop, cor- 11 n r_ o f Ko u£t feen t li __ u n d__CJu^t e r . _ ^ GIRLS needed In en*«ntial bualnena. Apply 1 Bit N utiet-t. Roblngon Bin- Print. _ 2J) STENOORAPHER wunled In petroleum engineering d^partmeni of Tide M'ater AftBoclateri Oil Company. Phone 8-84PI Availutajlliy icyuiied. 32 WANT to rent by youne lady, room with bath. Phone tt-OTOS. _ _ _ 29 WANTED to tent a room near Cottage _ llnxpttal._ Oildale._ Phone ?-lMIO. :'9 YDTNC, LADY immediately needs room and board tn private home, near bus inn 1 . References. Phone :)-LT,.'U. L'9 Kl ui.M anil boaid fnr Ki-year-old liiKh sehixil buy Prefer ranch Can do mime work. Write llux 3T-L. The Callfmman. G KNT1.K.M AN wanlH ruom with private bath and entrance, and Karate. Phone l'-iisr>;i thlii p\'eninff or Kuniltiv afternoon. K1.1>10RLY lady wants to rent room with kitchen privilege or light houflekeepinff room. Please call a-'JSJO. 31 Wanted to Rent—Houses TWO-BEDROOM, unfurnished house hy Shell employe with one 7-year-old child. Permancni resident. Local reference. WANT TO RUNT modern unfurnished • apar A. m V lu OI J houae. Phono 9-U090. WILL PAY two months rent In advance for furnished house in Kaat Tliikcrnfield or AHu Vima. HuHbanU. wife. Kill «. _ boy_T._ Phone r-4S44. __ _____ _:i:i POST OKKICK clerk unrt wife muni have houHe or apartment. fnrniNhed or unfurnished. Call U. M. St. John, 2-927)1. Wanted to Rent—Houses TO RENT—Two-bedroom furnish*] house or double apattment. XVII' p»y three rno:.ths tn advance. Yes. we have two well behaved boys. Call 9-9K87. 82 Xo charge for tenting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San .loaquin Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no answer, call 2-0653. 3-25-tf FOR ONE MONTH —Furnished house or apartment. Wanted for September, by army officer, wife and email boy. Phone 4-4:ilB. "a PERMANENT. responsible major oil company employe urgently needs 2 or 3-bedroom unfurnished house. Phone 2-78^4. ' 29 WANTED—? nr 3-hedroom unfurnished holme; 9-year-old daughter, permanent. Phone 4j4_9n_l 30 OFFICER and wife need furnished house or apartment; no ch'ldren or pets. Call 29 Neerl 2-hedrortm linfurninhed houee. Bak- eraficld. Ollilaie. Kxcellent care. We have two litile gills, little ladies, I ahoiild 8.1 y. Please call 2-31S9, ask for Mr. Pa.\cn«. 29 SUGAR COMPANY executive, locating permanently in Oakpr.ifleld. desires long-term lease for 2 or ,1-bedroom home in restricted district Phone 2-7279 between 9 and 5 week dny». 29 WANTED—One or two-bedroom furnished house, three in famllv: one well-hehaved boy: permrinent: references; prefer close —.t?—i^i'SlL School. Phone 3-2436. JH> WANTED—House or building for heautv shop, with livinp quarters: have equipment and furniture: prefer west Bakersfield: references; permanent. Phone 3-L 1 426. Jo CHAPLAIN desires rental of 2-bedroom furnished house within L'H mile? of Minter Field before September ID. Call 7-7G91. extension 2-u. :>li WANTOD TO HKNT—Ft.'RNlSHED APARTMKXT, NEEDED URG- KXTLY, RY THREE SCHOOL, TEACHERS. CALL HOTEL PAT)RI;;. EXTENSION 800. 2fl CiH'PLK want" H or nisbed or unlurnisli* 4-room house, fur- d. I'hone 6-5454. __ __ LIKI'TKNANT and wife desired furnished bouse or apartment; expectant child; no liets nr parties. Phone 2 4:108. 32 "WANTED to rent, furnished bouse or npiirtn-irnt. by essential oil employe; wife, teacher. 1 n-year-old son: permanent. Without home at present. Call _ 7-7 T HO. 29 COI'PLIC with two children under 5 need t\vn-liedroom furnished house or ? Guarantee good care uf properly Pay up t Still, rail nakersfield 9-11727. 29 W A NTKD — Small apartment, clone " furnished house n; two adults. I'hone 3M MOST desperate need of furnished house for lieutenant and wife, no children. _ PJense_ ^_aJJ_ 2-097 s. WANT TO LEASE—Two-bedroom house for one year. Present location will testify to neatness and care. Phone 2-5915. 29 WANTED — Furnished or unfurnished house. Permanent. Adults. No pets. Pbone 5-5647. 30 WANTED—Hy civilian family of three adults, a 2-hedroom furnished house. No pets. Best of care. References, l-'hone __4-4292. 33 FOl'R school teachers want 2-bedronm furnished bouse or apartment. Pbone 3-1611. 29 WANTKD — Small, unfurnished house or ;ipa Two women. References. _ Phone _JV7_434_. ;|Q LIETTENANT, wife anil cjpected child need furnished bolls". Phone 3-2411. 30 TWO-llKDROOM furnished or unfurnished house urgently nec-ded by cnuplo with two chilihen. Present location over 1 years. Landlady returning to city wants her home. Will give best of care. F,ef- en-nee. Pbone. HI WANTED—Furnisher] or partly furnished nice house or apartment; permanent, dependable couple; husband discharged from service; no pets or children. Call _ ;:-0!)02 lifter 5 p. m. PERMANENT oil company employe desires tn rent unfurnished bouse nr apnrtment; no children or pets. I'hone 7-7T»fi9 Wanted to Rent—Apartments COITPLE with 5-year-old daughter, want ~ or 3-roonl apartment or room and kit< henette. Lady would consider house- win k or help care for children. Porterfield hotel. Phone 2-9763, Mrs. Risen. 29 YOUNG business woman wants 3-room apartment in Hafcursfleld. Phone 2-4050 lietwecn 9 n. m. and 5 p. m. 29 LIEUTENANT and wife wane apartment by September 4 or before. No children or pets. Call Lieutenant Jackson. 2 - KMO. 2 9 WANT a single girl to share my apart ment. Call at 2230 Chester Lane be- twecn B:30 and 7:30 p. m. 31 FTRN1SHED apartment for couple permanently employed; will give good care to both apartment and yard: references. Phono 6-6026 between 9 and fi. Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—Cash for your used fur nlture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4603 6-14-tf BROWN'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, re- friserators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf DIAMONDS, watches and old jewelry of any description; highest market prices aid In cash. Earl McEvoy. precision watchmaker. 118 Haberfelde building. Phone 5-6397. 11-30-tf WANTED—Washing machine, good working condition; will pay cash. Phone 8-9301. 31 WANTED to buy, old sewing machine* and vacuum cleaners. 1609 West Eighth stre»t. Phono 9-9437. 35 WANTED—Set of Sterling silver flat wear. Phone 2-8223. 29 WANTED—Cooler. Must have automatic pump and all fittings. Fhone 3-1132 after 6 p. m. 29 WANT TO BUY—Pay cash, one electric refrigerator, two box bed springs, one Intvprsprlng mattress, If In good condition. Phone 2-1197. 29 WANTED — One single-barrel 20-gauge _shotgun with shells. Phone 6-6833. 29 WANTKD to buy, small size prewar child's wagon. Phone 2-OF122. 29 Wanted fo Buy—Property for a quick rash snle of your real prop- city. Wo are now In our new locution nt 2812 Chester avenue. 31 LIST your properly with us. Fair treatment, quick action. Twenty years' experience. Taylor & Taylor, 1660 Chester avenue. Phoji_e £;6^93. 54 ATTENTION, AMERICA—Colored oeoplo are flBhtlnpr and dying for America. To die for one's country and he denied the privilege of huvlng better homes Is not right. If you have property that a deserving patriotic people mav buy. please phone 2-0656. Jones Real Estate. 29 \Ve need more listings. Liat your home, farm, ranch or Income with BOYDSTUN & LANCASTER 1617 H Street. Phone 8-S639 8-2Mf WANTED TO BUY, FOR CASH, 3-BEDROOM HOUSE WITH LARGE LIVING ROOM, IN EAST BAKERSFIELD ABOVE NILES. BOX 700-B, THE CALIFORNIAN. 29 WANT TO BUY from owner. In E»st Bak- ersfleld, 3-bedroom house. Call 4-4666. WOULD LIKE TO HAVE FROM OWNER, 2-bedroom home. Will pay cash. Phone 8-8986. .29 WANTED—160 aciei unimproved land. Wavco nr Shaffer district. Will drill water well and level land; pay Interest on two proceeding land, then pay off land on 10-year plan. Phone 2-5:24. 29 Wanted to Buy—Property CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294 220 Haberfelde building. 1-10-tf SELLING HOME OR FARM'. PHONE 2-0663. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGEN CIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STREET. 5-15-tf Have opened by own office. Need listings badly. Buyers waiting. WILLARD E. BAKEft 1414 Seventeenth Phone 1-0655 WE NEED property to Bell, have buyers waiting, quick action guar anteed. Call Wicker, phone 2-0239 1660 Chester avenue. 2S WANTED TO BUY—Five-room house, gooi condition. 1500 down. 130 monthlv. Phone 2-4068. 30 For Sale—Improved Property OILDALK—Immediate possession. n ire two-bedroom home, nlso 1-bed room in mar reining for $.n per month. Both houses are in excellent condition, ami lompletley furnished with prewar furniture. Corner lot. Hprlnkling nyiiteni, double garage; enclosed washroom. $7X50. EAST BAKBRSF1ELD—Two bedrooms. An older home. In good condition inside and out. completely furnished, including refrigerator, flat-lop range and washing machine. Clone to bun. markets ajid schools. J3800, ftiioo down. HIGHLAND MANOR —Immediate posses- Rion, practically new 2-bedroom home, larse living room, nice kitchen, plenty of tile, hardwood floors", floor furnace, generous cupboard and closet space; cooling ducts. Nice lot. back yard fenced. $8^50. CALIFORNIA TRACT—If you are looking for HomethitiK special In a 1-bedroom home, see this. All latest modern conveniences, In excellent condition. Inside and out. $2"M> down. WINC1LAND SQI'ARK — Two-bedroom home, about 4 years old. in excellent condition, nil latest modern conveniences, including cooling system. Nice lot. back yard fenced. 6Sno. After i p. in., call Bill Irvin. 2-0642. Southwest District—Three bedrooms, all- tile bath, and half, all-tiln kitchen, basement, fireplace, 1"0 per cent Insulated; double sarage with laundry room; lots of fruit .and nui trees; nprlnklins: system front and rear; all fenced; on a large piece of well-landscaped ground. This is a Kood buy at tin.7ii(). California Park—Two 'ledrnoms and nice den, la reo livinK room and dininx room, tile bath and kitchen, fireplace and floor furnace. Ion per cent insulated, outdoor sleeping room, barbecue pit. cooler and refrigerator; beautiful yard with fruit and shade. Price SS750, substantial down payment. On Terrace Way. between Chester and 9» liiKhwuy. two furnished homes on large lot. Owner occupies one and the othe is rented. Price J63uO; requires J3850 down. Beautiful ^-bedroom home and den. two bedrooms downstairs and large master bedroom upstairs; tile roof, fireplace, basement with unit heat, large dining room and breakfast room, nice tile kitchen and two lile balhs; beautiful yard with lots of fruit and nut trees, several good hearing orange trees. This Is one of the finest locations outside the city. Price 113.600. substantial down payment. Nearly new duplex, wilh 4-room apartment over L'-car garage Completely redecorated inside nnd out. Hardwood and tile. Owner occupies apartment and the duplex income is $Hj per month. This is an exceptional h'iy nt $12.000. BOYDSTUN & LANCASTER Phone 8-S639 1817 H Street 9-1-lf Southwest—Three-bedroom home, close In on Brundage Lane. Lot 100x150 and plenty of shade and garden space. $2600 down. Bcardsley District—Two-bedroom home, close to school, hardwood floors, tile drain and yard fenced. $5000 Terms. Duplex—Twc bedrooms on eacii side, completely furnished, plectrk refrigerators, etc. Close to transportation. $1500 down. East Bakersfiold—-Two-bedroom home. Venetian shades, floor furnace, tile drain and hardwood floors. Close to Kern Oeneral ami East Bakersfield High School. J6000. 1704 K STREET PHONE 3-1210 RESIDENCE 2-562S 29 FOR SALK— Reasonable, my equity in a duplex, 2417 M street. Possession of one side any time. Sec Hardy IJone- • brake. 600 Monterey street. 29 HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— IF WE HAVEN'T WHAT YOU WANT. WE'LI, FIND IT. SAN JOAQIMN AOENriES. EDWARD MOODY, 1812 "EYE." 1'HONE 2-06.13. !>-l-lf FOR SALE—Two-bedroom home close to Santa Fe roundhouse on Nineteenth sfeet, $4500. Good terms. Possession within 30 days. If Interested write K. A. Jackson, Koute 4, Box 405, Bakersfleld. 33 FOR SALE by owner, one-half- «cre land, 4-room house, double garage, shade and fruit trees. Corner location, 4001 Niles street. 29 FOR SALE—Three-room furnished house with largo back porch. This house stucco and about 4 years, in almost new condition. Can have immediate possession. On Lincoln avenue, Oildale. Price $3000 cash. Dial 3-0796. 29 FI'RNISHED HOME—Close to Jefferson Park. Five rooms with good furniture. Largo lot with garage. Price $5450. Terms arranged. EAST SIDE—Close in. Nice 5-rnom home H nd small rental on rear, both partly I'nrnlHhed. Good home with fruit trees and rental income. Price $6160, half cash. SUNSET PARK—In best location In southwest district. Good B-rooni home with lots of shade. On bus line, close to high school and William Penn grammar school. Price $6300. down payment $2900, month $40. Shown by appointment only. 411 Nineteenth Street Dial 3-0275 9-2-tf FOR SALE—Two-bedroom home, screen porch, on *,<i acre ground, good district east of town. Please list your property for sale with us. We have good buyers waiting. 956 Baker Street Phone 2-8224 or 4-4402 30 One of the nicer 3-bedroom homes on acre of ground. Double garage, fruit trees, chicken eauipmenl. Two-bedroom, almost new home, floor furnace, hardwood floors throughoul, double garave. Older 2-bedroom home, large living room. Hcroen porch across enlire front: cow harn. chicken equipment:, acre of ground, $.1500. Will trade. Vacant, BO Immediate possession. Green Acres—An acreage home, equipped, 1000 laying hens, rabbit equipment. Will trade. Home and three furnished rentals, close to bus and schools. This will pay good interest on investment. Three-bedroom, bath-and-half home on large lot on much-traveled boulevard, close In. Corner ideal for shop, warehouse, oil supply equipment, well drilling equipment. Well-built .1-bedroom borne, has refrigerator, range, other furniture, double garage, all for $4750. Cute little hollne. one bedroom, with small rental In rear; can be used for one family or live in one and lei the other pay lor all; $2700. INVESTMENT, 4 unit apartment house on Eighteenth street, just west of Women's Club, all units rented by steady tenants. Excel- west of Woman's Club, all units lent buy. Freal W. Harvey, 203 Brower building, Phone 2-4260. Evenings phone. 2-4243. FOR SALK—Three modern 4-room houses on lot 75x140. Largo baeement, double laragen, nprinkling system. Home for owner, and 180 Income. Immediate poaaeBSlon. Priced (or quick sale. 18800. 401 Water street. Phone 2-8384. TWO-BEDROOM hoime for Hale. Will con- "Idf-r late model car (or my equity, Balance 130 per month. Phone 2-0430. 34 NEW :-bedroom home, Highland Manor, now vacant: good location, very reasonably priced by owner. Phone 8-1853. 32 For Sate— Improved Property For tale—Improved Property IN OCKANA—Three aerea. 12 cabins, etore living quartera, nan pumpa. Thla li furniahed and a going concern, showing good Income. Preaent owner all alone and can t handle. Will ael' all fo tnfal price of 110.500. Lomlta Verde—Lovely fl-room home, only 6 yeare old. Living room. 16x20. batl with still shcrwer. ver • nice kitchen, lota of cupboards. Rear yard fenced and baa barbecue pit. Double garage. Tola price »6S*0, substantial down Wingland Square— Flva-ronm home, mod ern throughout, well landscaped lot. This place in practically completely furnished Including refrigerator and washing ma chine. Total price 15760, good down payment. Pioneer Drive—Five-room modern home on five acres. This wn'.ild make an Idea country home for the couple who likes horseback riding and has stock. No to . far out. Lomlta V«rde—Five-room furnished home only about 4 years old and In excellen condition. Modern throughout. Nice yard. Immediate possession. Tola price 16500. about half casi, to handle On lot 100x300—Lovely 6-room home Hlmost new. Dtml floor furnace, cooling ducts, etc. Owner wishes to trade fo 3-bedroom homo close In In city, o 1.118 "Eye" Street 8-!-tf tf One-bedroom home on North Baker street, immediate possession. Price $:1JOO. »oma terms. Two-bedroom home on large lot on Po tomac street. This home Is almost new and in good condition. Price $4500. some terms. Two-bedroom home furnished, on Monachle street, in Oildale; large lot. Price $3760. terms. Lovely 1-bedroom home on Woodrow street in Oildale. Home In excellent condition; floor furnace and is modern In every way. Nice yard and garage. Prl »:isr<n. tiooo down, balance $42 per month. This is a FHA home. Three-bedroom home on Hushes street In Oildale. Home is I'n good condition. Price $3750. some terms. Three-bedroom home, furnished, at Third and Chester avenue. A comfortable home and a good future business property Price $5000. some terms. Two-bedroom home on Ray street In Oildale. Homo in good condition and on a large lot. Price S6150, terms. Two-bedroom homo on East Eighteenth street. Home In perfect condition and buyer can have Immediate possession. Price $BL'oO. terms. A perfect .S-hedrooin home, with three baths, close in. on Nlles street. Has -•iinall apartment in rear. Income property now $85 per month. Owner has own separate apartment. This home la partially furnished with fine furniture. A home and income and good location Price $13.000, terms. o ALTA VISTA—Duplex. 2-bedroom on one side and one on the other. Large llv ing and dining room, lots of tile In kitchens and baths, nicely furnished, cooer dtictT to all rooms, sprinkling s-v»tem. On corner lot. Priced at only THREE-BEDROOM nearly new In nice location on East Side. Completely fur nisiied. Nice yard with sprinkling »yi tern. 111,000. One-half, cash. ON' O STREET—Neat 4-room home for only $2380. J1000 down. EAST BAKERSFIELD-Furnished 2-hed- room, sleeping room on garage. $0650 J2950 down. WILLARD «. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street. Phone 2-0555 8^2 5-£f FO A, SALE ' by "wner. 1-bedroom home. 3J2',4 West Hording in Riverview. Cash or lerma to relia'ble person. 29 FOR SALE—Nice 5-room house In East Hakersfield. close in. two blocks off Nilea. Call 827 NileH street. "9 INDUSTRIAL SITES 207-foot frontage. 132 feet deep. On Chester avenue, with service station and equipment. Highway 99—Junk yard. 100x350. Lots of equipment. Priced to sell. Brundago Lane—30 acres very fine land. Good for subdivision or Industrial site. South—Two 6-acr» tracta that would make beautiful home sites. Olon Bryan. 1671 Chester avenite^ TWO HOFSES on extra largo lot, near bus and markets, only $.'1750. $1000 down, and $:ij monthly, or will trade for small house. 1>4 ACRES IN HEAIIT OF TASA LOMA— Lovely California bungalow, completely furnished, artistically set on park-like grounds, large livinu room with fireplace, gorseons dining room, lovely kitchen with plenty built-lns. also breakfast nook two spacious bedrooms, n den. steel Venetian blinds throughout, large plastered basement, youngber' ries, raspberries, grapes, apricots anil peaches, chicken equipment for 6000 chickens, and alfalfa field. With the place go 200 laying hens, also some turkeys, ducks and rabbits. A real buy. Price only $10,500, some terms. Will trade for 2-bedroorn home. LOVELY NEW 6-ROOM HOME—Living room, dining room, two hedrooms, den, kitchen with plenty of tile, also nice bath including tile vanity and stall shower, floor furnace, cooling system, double garage, fenced-in back yard, lawn and shade, $n!150, $2500 dnwn, $47.50 monthly. Will trade for small ON THESE PROPERTIES phone 5-0924, evenings 3-1170. LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichols 2515 K Srteet S-:-tf VALUES FOUR-ROOM home with large screen porch, clone in in southeast district. On lame Jot, has nice, shade and fruit trees, garden space, chicken equipment, double garage. Well cared for lawn. Full price MiOO. $1000 down, balance $3f> a month. DUPLEX and dandy 4-room homo In highly desirable location, . All are completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for $90 a month. Owner gets rent free in 4-room house. On large, corner lot. shade trees, large garage. On bus line, and near markets. Full price. S7SJOO, $21150 down, balance $50 a month. l',s ACRES and fine 6-room house in Rosedale district. Has half-acre of alfalfa, chicken runs for BOO hens. rabbit hutches, machine shot). large shade and fruit trees. Many other fine features. Immediate possession. Full price $6000. substantial down. FIVE-ROOM home, completely furnished, on full acre of finest soil In Kern county, near Fairfax School. Has light, water, gas, a lovely bathroom. Full price 14000. substantial down. FIVE-ROOM home, i.ear S. F. shops. In good condition. Has chicken equipment, garden space, shade trees and nice lawn. Full price $2600, substantial down, balance easy.. HOME AND INCOME property. clo«» to Southern Pacific shops. Has nice rentals, all furntsri«<1: Income approximately S375 per month. Full price $18,00". Some terms. IN SUNSET PARK—A very good 3-bedroom home with p. sun porch, hardwood floors, all rooms large, Venetian blinds, tile (n kitchen. Close to bus. Trice J7500. with J3500 down. FINE INCOME PROPERTY—Here Is n swell 12-unit court situated on a large lot with room to expand. County tax only. The income from this court shows heller than 17 per cent on the Investment. The present owner has been the Hole, owner. ' All units well furnished with the best, of furniture. It requires about $9000 to handle. Balance terms. IN HIGHLAND MANOR—Practically new 2-bcdroom home, nicely furnished, large kitchen,. 7-foot FriEldaire. vanity tile In bath, dOJbla (arase. This Is a nice stucco home. Requires lane down payment. CHESTER N. BEARD 1107 H Street Phone 5-5909 or 2-452! 8-29-tf INCOME PROPERTY—Three furnished modern units, south of the Circle on K. $1760 will handle, balance $40 month. Consider late model car aa part of down payment. Excellent Income and never vacant. Only $5760. Phone 2-3392.N. 30 LOVELY modern 2-bedroom home on large lot at 1626 Potomac Drive, nice size living room, good sized modern kitchen, tile drain; 2 nice bedrooms with bath between, ehower over tub, hardwood floors; garage attached, lawn, fruit trees" and garden tn. Terms can be arranged. 30 TWO-ROOM house situated In Mayflower district. Price 18(10. Terms. Elmer F. .Kurpe. 1517 Eighteenth street. 9-2-tf F STREET near 'Beala Park, rice 8-bedroom horn,' on corner lot 94x116. Ij&rv* living room with fireplace, nice hapd- wood and two nice porches. $6600 on terms. North Maker In nice location, two houses o.i large corner lot; one 2-bedroom, P]a»- tf-ed. with nice hardwood floors, "Jld three rooms, plastered, over garage, Hir- nished. for $6000 on terms. Grace street, one-half block west of Baker, a dandy little 2-bedroom home on lot . running through to Bernard, $1500 down. New. never been occupied, s, 2-bedroom home, very nice, living; room, two bedrooms, lots of tile In kitchen: possession now, $5000. 20 acres spud land on Fruitvale avenue, nice 2-bedronm homo, three acres alfalfa. niM fruit and garden, plenty of chicken equipment, two fine wells, two tractors and other farming machinery. Shown by appointment. Two commercial acres in Green Acrei on RosedalH Highway. Three bedroom*, two baths: fruit, chicken equipped, plenty of fine water; $10.000 terms 10 acres oranges, east of town. 3-bedroom home. reconditioned, with hardwood floors: eood well, about 87ff orange trees that made $4200 this last season: machinery to work the place goes If sold soon Pay $3000 now and $.1000 In January after you hnve gotten the crop anfl then $1800 per year. All oil right! CO with place. Hhown by appointment. ,1. T. (Sy) Wicker, 1BBO Chester Phone 2-0239. Evenings 2-3S95 or 2-64«S 29 EAST BAKERSFIELD—Five-room stucco home and den. built 'n 1940. Completely furnished with prewar furniture. $6600. EAST BAKERSFIELD—Five-room stucco home, nn corner lot. close In, $5160. HIGHLAND PARK—Stucco duplex, built In 1940. One side furnished with nice prewar furniture. Other side unfurnished. One-half bloc!- from bur C\ff» to store and school. $4760, $2250 down. BANK STREET—Moderate size 6-room house. In good district. Close to but and market. $3950. $1800 down. HIGHLAND PARK—One of the finest :!-bedroom stucco homes, built in 19W. Complete, cooling system with ducts In each room. Two double floor furnaces, thermostatically controlled. Two bath* with lots of tile. Steel Venetian blinde throughout. Floors carpeted with broadloom from wall to wall. Beautiful living room and dlninir room. Kitchen with lota of tile and corner divided sink ami many cupboards. Large service porch, double garage. EL CAMINO PARK—Beautiful 5-room stucco home, built 1940. with latest modern conveniences. Steel Venetian blinds. Nice size bedrooms, living room and dining room. Built-in cooling wys- tern including cooler. $5600, $2260 dnwn. SOl.'TH—A lovely 5-room stuccu home bftilt In 1941. Venetian blinds, tile In kitchen and bath and buiU-in cooling system. Large lot. Possession In 10 days. $5500. Phone £-7554 1C71 Chester 8-31-tf FOR SALK—On Alta Vl»ta Drive, corner. 63x150. 8-bedronm house. Illvnff* room, dining room, den, breakfast nook, kitchen, two baths, email basement, screened porch, two floor furnace*: newly painted: 2-car garage. Full price $9750 Immediate possession. For Information call J. J. Coniani, 9-9614. or _JMU87. 8-9-tf VERY modern 4-room house. In Golden Stale Tract: hardwood floors, tile, floor furnace, lots of cupboard space. Full pi Ice $3960. 20 Liggett street. Phone 2- 4_42 7. 29 EAST SIDE—Six-room house on 1 H acres. Double garage, chicken equipment, lot* of fruit trees. Lomlta Verde—Practically new 2-bedroom house, completely and well furnished. Including refrigerator, 'table-top stove and washing machine, etc. Venetian blinds, double garage, nice lot. Green Acres—Thre'p very atlracllve offerings, one with 1'.4 acres, one with on^ acre, one with half acre. All with houses, all with chicken equipment, all with excellent waier condllionsi First named can be purchased wilh flock of about 500 chickens, half-acre can be bought completely furnished. Cana Loma—On one acre, very modern 2-bedroom bonne, barn, garage, chicken equipment, fruit, etc. East Hakersfield—.Six-room house near bus line, school and stores. Also East Bakersfiold—Two-bedroom house on corner lot. Only 7 years old. Double garage. Lomita Verde — Three-bedroom house, about r, years old and in good condition. Double garage, well-cared-for lot. E. C. L'ffert. 901 Niles. Phone 2-7152. 9-t-lf BY OWNER—Large house, seven room*, plenty of tile, floor furnace; basement; donbla garage. Furnished or unfurnished. 2110 Kern street, East Bakersfield. 30 BY OWNER—Four-room and bath, hardwood floors, tile in kitchen, one-half acre garden soil, pressure system; $2800; 1 'i miles off Edison on Weed Patch Iload. Route 5. Box 257. 29 IMMEDIATE possession. well-finished modern f»-room Sunset Park home, near schools and bus line. See Warde D. Watson. 2120 Chester avenue. Phone 2-4K84. 30 TWO-BEDROOM house In Suneet Park, splendid condition. Immediate po**e**lon» $6000, half cash. Tw i-hedruora house, east side, f 4750, neat and nice, Two-bedroom house, near airport, $4250; now vacant. Brandt Investment Company 1802 H Street Phone S-«946 8-8-tf FOUR-ROOM house for sale, completely furnished, new garage, plenty shade trees, fruit trees, new picket fence, at 107 South King. Apply at 2129 Verde _s_t_reet. 29 TO ALL BROKERS—We handle all type* of property. Our staff la at your service. Oet our plan of co-operation. RADFORD & HUESMAN, Realtor*, 135 Pa- cifio avenue. Santa Cruz. NEWLY decorated, modern, 4-year-oM, 2-bedroom house with extra lot, $3750, $UiOO down. Inquire 2S06 Lake. Phone n 2-:n:n. 31 FOR SALE by owner, 100-foot front. 5-rnom modern house, hardwood floor, with or without furniture, 10x12 basement: six rentals. Will take car or trailer in trade. One block west of Magiinden. Box 482. 31 FOR KALE—Two-room house on 2 I .s-ncre lease. Alao one 20-foot house trailer. Off Weed Patch Highway, 441 Fuller Di'ive. Joe P'. Reynolds. 30 FOR SALE—One 2-bedroom house and 1-bedroom house on large corner lot; unfurnished, completely fenced, tile sink, excellent condition. Oood income property. $4350. $2350 down, balance easy terms. Phone 9-9947. 34 ONE-BEDROOM house on corner lot. L,awn and shade trees. ?22. r >0 cash. Immediate possession. Deal with owner. 1216 Isnott. Call between 6 and 7:30 p. m. I'hone 5-84113. FOR SALE—Five-room furnished house lit 517 Linda Vista Drive. Price 16500 cash. Do not disturb tenants. If Interested write Charles Green, P. O. Box 299, Madcra, Calif. 81 FIVE-ROOM house completely furnished, with basement. Has shade and fruit trees. Immediate possession. Elmer F. Karpe, lf,17 Eighteenth street. !)-2-lt DUPLEX and 4-room cottage, both facing street. Garage for four cars. Duplex completely furnished. Including electric refrigerators, automatic water heat, ers. washing machines. Cottage unfur» nlshed. This property nets over 12?». On Forrest, near Beale Park. Full price $8000. 1924 Forrest. 21 OILDALE—Half acre. In Sudan crass, fenced. 2-bedroom stucco plastered, houae. Jersey cow, 50 chickens. $4800, $26ftQ down, $30 monthly. Phone Mrs. Warnock. 2-6445. ?§) OILDALE—Attractive 2-bedroom stucco, tile drain, floor furnace, Venetian blind". Double garage. $4850, $2500 down. $4J> monthly. Phone Mrs. Warnock, 2-644i' THREE-ROOM house on half-acre, with poultry house, new garage, wash nouse and work shop. $2500. First lane north of Fairfax School, turn east, second house on north. F. T. Lasater. 24 WORTHWHILE seeing. G-room stucco, like new. large living room, extra conveniences, fenced yard, close to achool*. hua. Phone 2-0314. 29 FOR SALE—5-room modern house at 540» West California avenue. Hardwood floors, double garage, nice lawn and shrubbery. Will give possecsinn very noon. Phone 2-3477 or call at above ad- SEVEN HOUSES, each three rooms, with car shed; steady Income. Never any vacancy. 13000 cash a« I'm leaving Shatter. All equipped with gae. water and electricity. Inquire Mouser Camp. I'.i miles north Shatter on Santa Fe Highway. 59 HIGHLAND PARK—Cozy two bedroom*. large yard. Plenty shade tree*, $1800 down, balance easy term*. By owner. 414 Linda Vista 29 OILDALB 11-unit court, completely furnished. Income $347.60 per month. A-l ihape, $21.500. .x A neat little home, 12850, term*. Southgate—Half-acre, 6-room horn*, close in, $3750, term*. , Southeast Bakersfield. furnished duplex Ta Corner lot. $3986, small down Bast Bakersfleld, one acre, nice (-bedroom horna with cellar. ISSOO. D C tSlim) Mynalt. phone i-8911. It FOR SALE, on Penning street, tn Ckfc- fornia Park Tract, our home, with •11 prewar furniture. Large lot. 60xlKO feet, private enclosure in back; lovely chade lawn and shrubs. Can be bought with or without furniture. Must be"seen to be appreciated. Phone 2-8871. 59 OILDALE—Clean S-room hou*e, bath, 60. font corner lot, two block* from bus, J3150. $910 down, $30 monthly. Phone Mrs. Warnock, 2-6445. J}

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