Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1907
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S"^ -.'*^./'r' .Vi ^i^*". : TOL. IX, ir*. ML Wk*le Ho. €S4L SEC PAflXS. lOLA, KA58A8, DECSMBBB 17,1M7^TUESDAT ETEHDrO. SiXFlCatS. ! PSICE TWO WRITE TO SANTA CHILDBEN AT ORPHAITS HOME EXPBESS WISHES FOB GIFTS. LEHERS IN QUEER DIALECTS lolaf. Kas., Dec 14, 1907. Dear Santa will write you a ver j short letter to let you know what I w4nt I want a pair of red ribbons. Tours truly, LIZZIE PEABODY. SUBMITTED FOB EYES OF THE CHABITABLT INCLL\£D PUBLIC. . lola, Kas.. Dec. 14, "07. Dear Santa:—I would like to have two' sweaters, <and a pair of gloves, and;a pair of skates. Sinsrely yours, ' OTTO PAINE. Poatofflee Department WIU Forward CoraaBlcatlon to People Wbo . , Bepreseat Santa. Di>ar Santy Claus.—I want a doll be<l and a nice big doll and a set of dlshts. LELA BROWN Santa Claus will not forget the lit tie' folk at the Orphans Homo this Christinas. Lest he might forget them, th<3 homeless children are busy writing him letters suggesting the gifts they hope he will leave with them on the night he makes his mou- drous rounds. Once having reaU those letters, scribbled and with many mls^pelied words, he will not pass them by unanswered. During the past week the management of the home has found the)children sitting' in remote corners spelling out the messages to St. Nicholas. The matron of the home has collected the letters and has offered them to the press for publication. Thfe good people of lola, after reading the appeals of the children, will see to it tha^ they are not forgotten on Christmas night. In this connection it might be mentioned that the post office department lias changed its atUtude with reference to letters directed to Santa Claus and Instead of refusing the messages will see to it that charitably inclined people and benevolent institutions, who will play the role of Santa Claus. get those letters. An order to this effect has heen sent out by the de partment. The following is the order: "Ordered that hereifter and until the close of the first day of January. 1908, postmasters are directed to deliver all. letters arriving at their rea- pective offices addressed plainly and unmistakably to 'Santa Claus' without any other terms or expressions identifying the person for whom such letters are intended to any regularly organized charitable society in the city or town addresses, to be used exclusively for diaritable jiurposes. In the event that claim shotld b« made by more than one such society- for letters eo addressed, anch lietters will be eqaally ^Uvlded according to number, between the societies making such claiin." However, the letters written by the children of the home, will not be sent through the mails, but published in the local press and the lola public, their Santa Claus. will receive them. Those of the citiiens who will be the Santa C!aus to these children are re- nuested to leave their donations at Shields' shoe store. The excuse that one does not know what to get for the children will not be acceptable in this instance as the wants of the children are printed below. The following are some of the letters written by the cbiliren: lola, Kas.. Dec. 15, 1907. Dear Santa:—I would like to have a doll bed and a doll and a scrap book and a set of dishes and a set ot side combs. Sincerely. RUBY. lola. Kas.. Dec. 1.'.. 1907. My Dear Sanly Claus:—I want a uml/rella. FLOSSIE WALDON. lola. Kas.. Dec. 15. '07. D^ar Santa:—I would like to have a skate sharpener and a watch chain and -a pair of gloves and a magic lan- lerni and a knife. Sincerely yours. GEORGE JENKINS. lola. Kas., Dec. 15, 07. Dsar Santa:— We are very anxious about you. and tbonght we had better write and tell hov many we had In the family. /Now we do hope it will snow, so you can cooie with yonr reindeers and sleighs but }-ou{might get an automobile and come that way if the snow should fail. The children that can write will, but we that cannot will send ours in one letter. Now Santa, hope you will not want to stay all night with us for every bed is full except the baby's . and that would be too small for you. Wie do not want things that you would think we ought not to have, so if our wants are not in accordance with your wishes we will be satisfied. Now w» are sixteen in family, and may be more before you get here, so you had beiter put In a few extras for how badly we would feel if some one fahould be left out, but we would be willing to divide. We will now tell you what we want for Xmas. First comes ESthel. She is a fat lit tie girl with straight black hair which is getUng almost long" enough to tie with ribbons, and she wants some red b« ads and red ribbons. Then comes Avis. She is a little g'r! -that bias been almost blind for some time and win go to school for the first time after Xmas. She wants ».doll. ; Now comes Lewl9. He Is long and si m. nearly white beaded, and a very Pico boy. He always tel's the truth, nr. 1 he wants a wagon and an Iron nan. Lonnie cames next He has not bfen here very long, so we do not l,-( ow very much about him. only this, ho went to Sunday school this morning for the first time and when he crme home he said, "I did not have (o be called down," so I can recommend him. He wants a horn and s<iii)e kind of a game. Now comes Dee. He is a sprightly mtle follow and he is learning to make the letter on the black boartf M> he can write to his papa 'way 'way, cif in Montana. He wants a horn ; that does not make any music at al' if it only makes a noise so they can ' p'jiy show. Now comes Joe. He is a little boy with great big freckles, but they nmke him beautiful ve think, and he wants a band. I think you will have to ^lect'Spmetbing for liim and Oscar. lola. Has.. Dec 14, )907. Dear 8anta:^I wIU write jp^ a let­ ter.: I want a pair of side combs and a pair of ribbons and a bank. I will close. Sincerely yours, MATTIB STORY. OklahoM Coainiitteeaum Tkiaka President Wonid Ban Under Prcssnre. lola, Kas.. Dec. 13. '07. Dear Santa Claus:—I want a doll bed and a doll set of dishes, scrap book, pair of combs. RUTH JENKINS. HEARING On Xetion of State Brooklns Hearing Continn«d Tea Days. Word was received from Fort Scott this •' afternoon that the preliminary healing of Dr. Brookins. the colored phy^cian who i? charged with manslaughter in performing a criminal operation upon Miss Maude Reilly, had l>een continued ten days on motion pt the state. It is said the state offered no special 'reason for asking for a continuance, tlr. Brookins told a Fort Scott newspaper man a day or two ago that he w:anted the hearing over with and hoped the state would not attempt to continue It.' GRANTED A PATENT Two' lola Men Invent a XacUne for Xannfaetnring Ire. W W. Tobey and Fred Freeman Of l!his city today received notice from the Uniteil States imtent de- partinent that t&ey had been granted a tiatent on a machine for the making of crystal ice. These men have ^>een working on the patent for a number of months. Their right to the patent was ^contested by two men from Ijenn- sylvinia. They presented a similar machine but the courts decided that the lola men had tlie first rights. TKe patent will be known .as the spra? s.vstem of'freezing ice, and will enal^e persons who use it to double their capacity which indicentally will mean that ice can be manufactured cheaper. The patent has bean tested at the lola ;Ice & Coljl. Storage plant and has been found :to work perfectly. Br'the patent the inventors will no doubt be able to make a snug fortune. W". Tobey understands the Ice bus iness; having been employed at the local, plant for antmiber of years. Mr. Freeman is chief engineer at the plant if the lola Ice & Cold Storage com- I'any* ' ; JOV ON THE COAST Celeiiration in West Marked the! Newt of. the Oeparbire of the Fleet San Franc.'sco.- Dec. 17.—The news of the departure of the batileship fleet ^nder command of Rear Admiral Evans for' the Pacific waa received vith ^enthusiastic demonstrations at «;very- port on thlp c6ast. Everywhere flags,are flying and the people from San Diego to Seattle are keenly alive to the Importance of the movement of th^ vessels. "The officers and men will be warmly welcomed and various cities' at Which they are expected to stop are already ipreparing receptions and ^entertainments In their honor. News of the projsress of the vessels will 'be anxiousif awaited and read with iintense inttfrest throughout. thL- Pacific states. age to the Pacific; nurse f75,fc0. TJie incident is c^ted mer^y to prov» that occaalonally tber0 iB an invalid who doeen't marryj bit Qune. ' ' TALKS THIRD TERM Guthrie. Okla., Dec 17.—Chairman Hunter of the republican state committee, who returned today from Wash Ington where he, with other Oklahoma republicans, conferred with President Roosevelt, is of the opinion that Oklahoma will send a Roosevelt delegation to the national convention even in the face of President Roosevelt's declaration that he will not be a candidate for the nomination. •I believe," said Mr. Hunter, "tha't if tl^ rank and file of the republican party demand Roosevelt's nomination that he will accept under pressure, but he certainly would not take the nomination if urged principally by the rough riders and federal office holders of the country." Chairman Ilunter declares that the statements sent out that' Secretary Cortelyou is an anti-administration candidate for president are untrue, and that Cortelyou would be supimrt- ed by Roosevelt if Taft were out of the race. The republican chairman will call a meeting of the state committee within two or throe weeks, outline the preliminaries of choosing the delegates to the national republican convention. There is a question under the present Oklahoma mandatory iirimary law whether delegates to the national convention can be selected in conventions, or whether the primary system will have to be observed. It »-as learned today that there are two elements among the anti-Roosevelt TWO HAVE GRIPPE Secretary Corteljon and Se«re<arj! Xetealf Are III Today. . Washington. Dec. 17.—Secretary Cortelyou is confined to his bed with a severe attack of grippe. Under the advice of physicians he will remain at home for at least a week. His attack last night was quite severe and the physicians' orders are imperative. Secretary of the Navy Metcalf is also detained at home with an attack of grippe. When he returned from Norfolk today where he went with President Roosevelt and party he was compelled to take to his bed. BAD RREm DENVER Many tivea Eneangcred During-^Conflagration ' in Downtown Block. Denver, Dec. 17.-^Pire which broke out in the Lemale block at Eleventh and Larimer streets in this city earlv today, endangered the lives of fifty persons living in the upper stories. Thirty women and children clad only In their night robes and hysterical with fear, were carried from the building by iMi'.ioamtn and firemen. Although no lives were lost in the fire some fatalities may result from exposure as snow was falling and the weather was extremely cold. The pecuniary loss is small. OOT OF THE CAPES Battleships Head Southwest With a .Smooth Sea. Cape Henr>-, Va., Dec. 17—The Connecticut passed Cape Henry at 11:35 a. m. The others followed In order. The dispatch boat Yankton passed out abreast of the Connecticut The sbips headed southward with smooth sea and blue sky. There was ^reat cheering and waving of fags by the IKopIe ashore. As the ships approached the cape United States Weather Observer Newcom raised signals over his station wishing the fleet a pleasant Voyage and each vessel as she passed raised signals of "thanks." As the fleet passed in review of the president aboard the Mayflower the chief executive standing ui>on the bridge of the yacht waved each vessel a last farewell. At 12:05 the Mayflower and the torpedo boats Stringham and Tfnkley weighed anchor. The Mayflower at once proceeded on the return to ^lishington. .The tor- |)edo boats headed for Hampton Roads. At 12:40 the Do'phin followed the Mayflower up the bay. OPEN ZINC WORKS National Company at Bartfesville Will Benin Work Thia Week. acme states. i The National Zinc company of Bar- Los Angeles, Dec. 17.—Los Angeles tjesville is to start their works some celebrated yesterday tie departure of this week. The Natkmal Zinc the battleship fleet at Hampton Roads cotnpany is controlled by Otto Rlss ^tL^jJ,^ TKA notlnnni . T/\1A man whrh Wftfl em REVOKES LICENSES State Superintondent of Inaurance Deprives Companies of Right to Operate Here. Topeka, Dec 17.—Ci W, Bums, State Superintendent of Insurance, yesterday evening revoked the licenses to do business in Kansas of the Commonwealth Fire Insurance company of Texas and the German Fire Insurance company of.Indiana. The licenses were revoked at the recommendation of Attorney General Jackson because of the action of the com. panies In continuing to file "dilatory motions in the anti-trust suits pending against the insurance companies In the district court of Shawnee county. All of the other Insurance com- tianles made defendants in these suits which are based on allegations of violations of the antiTtntst laws by iise of the premium rates established by the Eldridge rating bureau at Topeka. have filed fheir answers. The two companies, whose licenses to do business in Kansas are revoked have shown a disposition to unnecessarily delay trial of the suits on the merits of the controversy. Attorney General Jackson yesterday evening filed replies to the answers of the fire insurance companies that have made answers. The replies consist of a general denial of the allegations of the insurance companies that they have not violated the law. A special reply is made to the contention of the insurance companies that the courts have once declared that use of the rates establbhed by th? Topeka bureau is not in vtolation of the anti-tnist laws and that the question is therefore "res adjudicata." It \K the contention of the attorney general that a question is never settled until it is .settled right and his special reply sets practically as a demiir- rer to this portion of the answer filed by the defendant insurance companies. , DEFENDS ROOSEVELT Senator Tillman' SUnds Tp for the President .Coldfield. Nev., Dec. 17.—The Wtest- em Federation of Miners was denounced as an organization of trait crs to the nation which acta in res^ traint of trade by the Mine Owners' association today. The charges were made in a statement to the commission which President Roosevelt sent to investigate the Goldfield situation. In the statement are quotations from the preamble of the constitution and from the by-laws of the Western Federation of Miners in support of the contention. This statement has been officially received by the commission and the consideration of it will be begun at 9 o'clock tomorrow. Today was spent by the commission in going over the information obtained by General Fun- 'ston and Governor Sparks. All of this was laid before the members of the commission, who were In executive session this morning and the entire day was consumed in consider ing it Funston to Leave Wednesday. General Funston and Governor Sparks wi'I leave Goldfield Wednesday morning. General Funston will return to San Fraschico and Governor Sparks is to go to his ranch to recuperate. Tonight President McKInnon of the Goldfield Miners' Union, was called before the commission and asked to give his version. No intimation of what passed at the session was given out but after the meeting it was said that President McKInnon told the members of the commission that the members of the Western Federation of Miners have been peaceably inclined at all times and was emphatic in his declaration that no necessity has existed for the presence of federal troops. He has promised to prepare a comprehensive statement of the Western Federation's side of the controversy to be presented later. Thirty strike breakers were brought into Goldfle'd today and tomorrow will go to work in the mines. No demonstration was made today when the new men alighted from the train and it is known now that the plan of the association is to bring in the men in small numbers each day. Washington. Dec 17.—In the course of a speech in the senate yesterday Senator Tillman comoaented characteristically on financial atfairs. He said he believed that President Roosevelt was a patriot and that while he had been guilt;^ of many Indiscretions and said many things which In cooler moments he would have been wifltng to take out of print he did not believe that the president felt any satisfaction whatever in having been instrumental in the present financial paralysis, as has been charged. T8 SELL LIQOORS Amy Canteen Association Wonld Bave Congress Repeal Law Regarding Posts. New York. Dec. 17.—The Army Canteen Association has Just been formed In New York for the purpose of working for the re-establishment of a canteen at army posts. The association will be incorporated and will use its efforts to induce congress to repeal the law forbidding the sale ot beer and light wines at army posts. ROOSEVELT IS HOME Prestdentlal Party Returned From Hampton Roads Today. Washington. Dec. I".—President Roosevelt and his party has returned from Hampton Roads on board the yacht .Mayflower which reached the navy yard early thi.s morning. President Roosevelt went at once to the White house. CAPITALISTS HERE Prime Western OfTicials are Having Meeting at Gas City Today. A number of eastern capitalists Interested in the Prime Western Smelter company, are in Gas City this week conferring with the local officials of the company in regard to the •smelter business. The eastern men as well as the local officials stated this morning to the Register that they had no statement to give out at present as to what prompted their visit here. The public •will watch with interest for any developments that may follow. Cigars In Christmas Boxes. 621 and have them delivered. Phone VM^VMK****^ — ' - -"t— I man, a former lola man who waa em- publlcj ployed by A. B. Cockerill In the Bmelter business here. The sUrUng „ith,patriotic display. The naUonal co'ors floated from every . building In the city and from mjiny .busiijess houses 4nd hundreds of jes- np of thU plant Indicates that the xlnc idences. Mayor Harper sent a n^ea- ^jarket is such that the smelters can sagei-to Admiral Evans to be dellv by wireless telegraph on board liy Wireless teiegrapn on owtra ConiiecUcut cotiveying congrat|ila- tions upon the $ucce8sful departjore jg foreman ot uic i*iaB «u«« of the fleet and -wishing a safe toy- Kaiser Stakovalk, a foreman for the Still rim at a profit Adolph Schoenarts. former superin tendent of ttie LaHarpe east smelters foreman of the Rissman works and Lanyon Zinc company, has a poaitioo ^ firaman with the new company. AiChicaso ma« died and left hisl The latter left yesterday for Bartles— '-''vllle to begirt his woric Six Per Gent Honey. B. H. Cnn- MRS. BOWMAN DEAD. Weil Known lola Woman Succumbs to Lingering Itlnesa. Mrs. Elsie Bowman, of 402 South Fourth street, died this momins^ at 8:15 o'clock, after an illness of many months. Mrs. Bowman is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Garrison of this city. They have a host of.friends Who sympathize with them in their bereavement No funeral arrange- mants have been made. Don't forget the W. O. W. oyater sapper and dance at llaaonie hall to-, nlfht . . .. TRAITORS THE CRY Charges Against the Western Federation by Mine Owners. NOTHING TO SAY THE WSATHEB. Forecast for Kansas:—Partly cloudy tonight with snow In east; Wednesday generally fair. TO START PAPER. Mrs. Myra McHenry Will Enter New Field of Work. Topeka. Dec. 17—Myra McHenry, who is known over the state as a member of the nior<» radical schools of temperance, is gong to start a weekly newspaper in Toi>eka, the latter part of this month, to be devoted to the cailse of prohibition. It is to be known as "Fhe Searchlight" Mrs. McHenry has be«n quoted as saying upon this matter: "l will attend to the entire paper, and I want to say tc you that 1 will print some news that all of the other papers in the state have suppressed. I intend: to make things warm for the State Tem. perance Union, and I will tell the truth about John Marshall and J; D. Coddington. the men who go over the state representing the union. I have devoted a great deal of ffly time to the advancement of the cause of prohibition and I have never been given a fair deal by the officers of the cities fn which I have talked, nor by the newspapers of the state. The on'y way in whi<dj I can get before the people properly is by starting a paper of my own, and that I intend to do." LOAN, HE SAYS Baron Knrlao Denies That Bis Country Is Trying to Borrow. Paris, Dec. 17.— TUron Kurino, the Japanese ambassador to France, has authorized the Associated Press to,deny the rumors that a new Japaiiese loan is about to be floated here and In London. He explained that as .the Japanese budget for 1908 Is expected to balance ,there probably win lie: no occasion to appeal ;to foreign money markets next year. He was inclined to believe that the rumors have teen circulated with the distinct purpose of creating a false impression in the United States. Foreign papers pointed out yesterday .that there were reports of Japan trying to borrow money. This, they said, was a sign that the mikado was preparing for eventualities in the Pacific WARNS THE PEOPLE G0TEB!n[E3;T OFFICI.VL SATS SE«' SOrBCES ABE WASTED. j THE PROBLEM OF mUl WILL SOON BECOXE SEBIOVS-^ MUCH COAL IJ ]a )EBGBOlOfDi ^ A. J. Bolmes Says We Waste Fe*i' Enongk to Feed Anotker . • «1 M'' Taft Refusea to Comment on Preal- denfs Dellnlle Itejectien of Office. NO CHANGE IN OIL TAXATION. ON BOARD THE STEAMSHIP, PRESIDENT GRANT, .Monday evening, by wireless, via Cape Race, N. F., Dec. 16.—The President Grant, which has among its passengers Secretary of War William H. Taft, Mrs. Taft and their son. Charles, has encountered disagreeable weather which has retarded its progress, and probably will make the steamer a day or two late in reaching New York. We arc due In New York on Thursday next but are not liable to arrive In port until late Friday or Saturday-^ morning. The Taft party is we'l, with the exception of Charles, who has been ailing for several days, during which time he has had some temperature. He is better tonight and in no danger. Secretary Taft was interested In the announcement from the Wblte House In which President Roosevelt reiterated his announcement not to accept nomination next June. 'The news was received on board ' the steamer hy wireless on Thursday, but the secretary would make no comment upon it He said he bed no information upon the political situation at'home. POWERS ON STAND Tells Why Kentucky Mounltaineers Were Taken tb Frankfort. Georgetown. Kj-.. Dec 17.—Intn> duction of testimony for the defense niarked the beginning of the' Caleb Powers trial. The accused was the first witness. After detailing his early history and final election as secretary of state, Mr. Powers was asked to define 1 MB connection with taking mountain men to Frankfort prior to the assassination of Goebel. Powers frankly admitted his connection with the "mountain army" and said that there waa no secrecy about it He said the purpose'Of it as for a moral effect on the contest then iiending at Frankfort and there was no threat or intimation ot violence and no instructions given to the nionntaineers as to any threatened trouble. Powers denied emphatically that fce directed Golden or Moakes. as they testlflad. to get "mountain feudists" or fighting men. but said that inctmo- tions were given to get representatlTe Citieens. the best in their- respective sections. WAS OXLT A FAIB WELL. Gasser on Ulrleh Farm Three Onchair MBIten. and The gas well which was drilled In on the Ulrich farm, eight and one- half miles east of Hnmboldt and nine miles south of La Harpe, did not prove to be as goodl as the drillera aatld- pated. It meaavred today three-and one-half million cubic feet ; Another well will be drilled ia tbe 'near (atare on the lame farm, ^ Tax Commiasion Returns From Viait Through Oil Country. Topeka. Dec 17.—^The state tax commission will not disturb the ^lan of taxing oil and gas properties that has been followed in the produ :ing counties within the past few ytars. The commi'ssion. consisting of Cttair- Sam T. Howe. Judge W. S. Glass and S. C. Crummer. returned ttiday from a visit to Montgomery. A|len .md Chautauqna counties where tiey saw the county commissioners. They were also In other counties and made R pretty thorough inspection of the whole of the gas and oil producing region. MAY TEST NEW UW Ruling of Tax Commission May Go Before Federal Court. Topeka. Dec. 17.—(Special.)—A ruling of the State Tax Commission to ti:e effect that the federal laws exempting United States bonds and the state law exempting state, county and municipal bonds from taxatioh will not operate to relieve stociihold- crs in banks from taxation on the e&p- ital and surplus of the bank wbidi invested In bonds may result in a ^uit in the federal courts Involving the validity of the new tax law. E. B- Morgan, county attorney of Cherokee county, and J. Shoman. president' of the First National Bank at Galena.'ap- L'eared before the tax commission here yesterday for the purpose of presenting the question. They fobhd that the conunission has already rnl rd on the matter. Mr. Shoman has not yet decided whether he will car- O' the miatter to the-courts or not.-Under a provision of the federal constitution United States bonds are not taxable. The legislature in enacting the new tax law provided that state, county and municipal botids shall not be taxable. Banks are faxed, indirect'y imder the law. on their cash capital, surplus and undivided profits. It is the contention of soifle bankers that by Investing their Cap-. Ital and surplus in bonds exempted from taxation the shareholders in banks may eswpe taxatton on tEeIr slock. The tax commission holds otherwise and win Instruct assess'ng officers to find the capital, surplus and undirided profits of each bank in tlie state, together with a list of xhe stockholders and number of shares of stock owned by each. The aasesa. ment of the bank's capital, snn^na and undivided nrofltx win then be prorated among the stockbo'ders aco^rd- ing to the amount of stock held by each. The members of the tax oommiss- km win this week attend the meet ing nf the State Anaoeiation of Conb- tv Clerks to be held' at Balina Pt^r the purpose of condnctlnra lort: fit school of Instnictkm as to the prdivla- lons of the law. Last week the cpm n-.issfoners visited the ooontiea in tfie ctl and mw belt. Ther have itade no annonncement regarding congas- Ions reached regardlnir the aueaa- ment of oil and gas prapettiea. \" Washhigton, Dec 17.—That tl»_ present prodigions waste of the B»- .j^ tlon's natural resources must stop at. once It we are to continue to proqifr ; Is the warning given to the people'bt^; the United States by J. A. HcriiMi.) chief of the technologic branch of tt*- United States geological survey, wkoJ; has Just returned to Washington tf'?; ter a three months' inspiectlon tri^i through the west He retnma iritk' the statement that in the minlifgojfif^x attons of the present time nearly — - ' half of the total coal supply ia b left underground: that water, most valuable of all mineral as a source of power. Is being day after day and year after year to the extent of millions of horse powertv and that forest f^es have bnmedi ^ more lumber than has been uacd la; the building of homes or in the Indos- tries. Fnel Qaestioo. "One of the great national problea^>:$ is the conserving of the ' fuel rfl sources," says Mr. Holmes. "At U^ei;- present rate of increase in consnnp-H; tion the better part of the fnel sapp|y;', of the country will be gone by the mi ? of the present century unless the prop.'f er steps are taken. 'The nation has literally grown up. in luxury. Out of the very abundance of these resources we have developed' an indifference to economy and the: habit of waste. We have destroyed our game for its hides and horns, o<irf;^ forests, for their tan bark or s.pit »j tance of the lumber they would .yield.^> and meanwhile, with Indifferenoe, .watT have allowed the forest fires tp''lra^=i more lumber than we have naod ta^ the building of homes or in t&e ilfc^'^ dustrles. Meanwhile, through d|«' structlon of the forests about. ^ sources of important strekms td& Improper cultivation of these lands, the fertile soils are away from the fields where they "ah needed and deposited in the streMip^ and harbors of the country, ffair^ which their comtinued removal. in|r; cost an enormous sum. j 'This fertile soil and genial cUap^;<^ have furnished food enough for.thp.f tlon and to spare, and so liunti are the habits developed by thla OTerriTjg production ot food that it Is imes said we Waste food endnsh supply another nation as large aa^ our own." EVAXS TO VISIT BIS SISTER. ' He WJII Refuni Fran San FnielN*; by Land Next Snwiier. . Colorado Springs. Colo.. Dec 17;—.:^ Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans, who'^ sailed yesterday in command of tliei Pacific bound fleet. Intends to vtait. his sister, Mrs. B. Zevely in this clfir»:; after the completion of his enim around the Horn, according to a ter received by her from him; days ago. He expects to retire I admiral in August. He win be met -trl^ his wife in San Francisco and'tlMe;^! plan to return to Washington on^Ti land. The admiral promised Mrft^; Zevely to stop in Colorado 8prtB9*lliie'| few days, probably early in «— tember. IS FORGER CAUGI Colored Suspect Under Chenryva|e. Arreat' al The sheriffs oflice has been iMtT^ since yesterday trying to get mmm' clue to the forger who worked a. <ni>;f her of merchants here Satarday-'Wr*' ening. Up to three o'clock this aftarrlj roon hut one had been found and tta^ va'ue could not be determined at;gpC-]| time. A colored man is under at Cherry vale for torgety-. and I be that he is the man who here. The merchants here, who wer ».Tle4' tlmised. are unable to fix ia aifiad description of the man who pt the checks. Three of theat are,' ever, are quite sure that he was a^«ol|^l cred man. and that he was s beavyHMt fellow and ratter Ui^t:' oflleers are of the cqilaiott tkat' man passed all of the cheeks ' he bad pals. At one ^aee forged check was - passed ttet etor thinks two colored wooM sented \t. ^ The colored man who is nadai^j rest at Cherryvale ia aaid to be five feet ten laches'taU but >ight He is a strancer there! claims to have come from vHle. Sheriff Bolllnxer aald temoon that he would-tavest man under arrest at Cher . Another forged cheelr was ed at the AUea Oooaty State be cadied today. Thia one to Bd Gohaaa «Bd was have been made by ContraetM^^ GOfntaa., FOR A. Oowaa. -Three room hooii,^

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