Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1908
Page 8
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THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Sometimes in the course of daily business life it is necessary to make decided changes in methods of doing business and in stocks of floods ^old. This year, instead of waiting until we invoice to give our dress goods clearance, we have decided to hold the big sale thb week. Scarcely a lady in Allen County would think of missing our Dress Goods Clearance Sale.; It is the one opportunity of a ye^ir. Former selling prices are forgotten. When we cut the price in our clearance sales, the one object is to clear up the stock preparatory to invoicing, and little tiny prices is the only method. The Sale Ends Saturday Night, December 12 DRESS GOODS LOT 1 AT SSc. ns pieces Iihie. green, rod, grey, brown and tan, checks, plain colors, plulds and stripes, a great collection of Woolen Dress Goods seldom equiilt'd ai r>5c; buy it in this sale at, a yard ..-ZHt LOT 2 AT 48c. Here its u loi of Dress (joods you can not possibly duplicate under double thR prire a?kcd: suitings in checks and stripes In dark red, -green, brown a\td blue c!bths. 48'to 58 inches wide, suitable (or suits. cttlldren'H cloaks and t<cparate skirts. These cloths are taken from our $1.00, tlTiO and )2.00 line of goods. This lot of goods had ought to be soW in two hours' time: every piece is a bargain; you'll long remember 58 pieces in the lot. Choice yard 486 Come early for best select ions. $t2o BEAB SKI5, $1.30. Brown and green Bear Skin 52 inches wide, the warmest cloaking made for littlo folks; clearance sale price $1.49 $3.>0 CUBLEY BEAB SKDT, 91J6&. White Curley Bear Skin with black dot, 54 inches wide, regular price JC.oO; special sale price , $1.65 Sa^t ASTBAKHAN, $1.60. Knil Blac 'K Astrr .kbaa 54 Inches wide, special clearance price, yard $1.50 iJiLoO nOOL DBE8S GOODS $1M. Black or colored Wool Dress Goods, all weaves and weight, any color you wish. Choice of our entire line of |1.B0 woolen cloths $1.09 ONE-FOIKTH OFF marked price all Fancy Silk Trimmings. Ribbon Sale Saturday. Lot 1, 356—Fancy Warp Print Ribbons, the daintiest ribbons made, 5 to 8 Inches Wide, 65c values on sale Saturday, choice.... .356 Lot 2. 496—Fancy Warp Print Riblwns, 6 to 9 inches wide, also plain white, plain blue and plain black with fancy band edges, worth up to S5c yard; special for this sale 496 No. 2 Satin, regular price 4c. special price, yard 36 No. 3 Satin, regular price 5c, special price, yard 46 No. 6 Satin, regular price 7V6c, special price, yard .66 No. 7 Sathi, regular price 10c. special price, yard 8H6 No. 9 Satin, regular price 12^6, special price, yard li)6 No. 12 Satin, regular price 15c. special price, .vard -12^6 No. 16 Satin, regular price 20c. special price, yard 156 No. 22 Satin, regular price 25c, special price, yard 196 No. 40 Satin, regular price 30c. special price, yard 326 No. 60 Satin, regular price 35c. special price, yard 856 No. 80 Satin, regular price 40c," special price, yard 336 No. 100 Satin, regiilar price 45c, special price, yard 356 No. 1700 Taffeta Ribbon in black, white and colors, all at special prices. No. 5 quality 1700, regular price be. special price ". .46 No. 7 quality 1700. regular price 6'/4c, special price 56 No. 9 quality 1700, regular price 8VSc, special price .76 No. 12 quaUty 1700, regular price 10c, special price 8J46 No. 16 quality 1700, regular price 12V4c' special price 106 No. 22 quality 1700, regular price 15c, special price 12Ht No. 40 quality 1700, regular price 20c, special price 156 No. 60 quality 1700, regular price 25c. special price 196•No. 80 quality 1700, regular price 30c, special price 236 No. 100 quality 1700. regular price 35c. special price 25^ 'Rich Warp Print Ribbons, the highest quality ribbon made in latest patterns. 5 to 8 inches wide, 65c to $1.25 quality ribbons, divided Into two lots, one at 356 ^""^ other at 490 Fancy Silks worth up to-$1.00. choice, yard 356 Block or colored wool DressGoods Every two yards you b^f you save $1.00. Count'your savings by the yards. You buy all the newest weaves In the very choicest of i fabric!, light evening shades or the more serviceable street tones, Chevron Worsteds, Chiffon Broadcloths, Voiles, Serges, Melrose, Hen­ riettas, Crepes, etc., all go at the low price of 756 $1.00 DRE88 GOODM 6ue. Here's an opportunity of a life thne; every fashionable weave and welgl)t and any color you wish, all go In the lot. choice yard 656 SOc staple co'bred and black Dress Goods in batiste, serges and cheviots. Clearance price 376 65c Batistes, Herlettas and Serges, blue, brown, green, red and black; special clearance sale price 42^t Fancy Silks worth $1.25 and $1.50, all co'ors. choice, yard...656 Taffeta Silk Ribbon Special Sale Price on all Black, Wblte, and Colored Taffetta Ribbons Saturday only. No. 1, Snoligbt Taf(eta. regular price 2c, reduced to yard •^•IH^ No. 1%. Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 2%c. reduced to, yard."...26 No. 2 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 3c, reduced to, yard 2^6 No. 3 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 4c, reduced to. yard 36 No. 5 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 5c, reduced to, yard 46 No. 7 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 7%,c, reduced to, yard.. 66 No. 9 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 10c, reduced to, yard !.8^6 No. 12 SunllghtTaffeta, regular price 12%c. reduced to .• 106 No. 16 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 15c, reduced to, yard 116 No. 22 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 20c, reduced to, yard...Tl56 No. 40 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 25c reduced to* yard... .196 No. 60 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price SOc, reduced to, yard 226 No. 80 Sunlight Taffeta, regular price 35c, reduced to, yard 256 No. 100 SunllghtTaffeta. regular price 40c. reduced to, yard 316 Do you read the DELINEATOR.? If not, you should! Costs only $1,00 per year. Sale of Eveiung Dresses Mulberry Messaliine Cream*. lae« yoke, tucked aleere, lace edge {rimmed piped with black aatln; regular price $25.00: special price $19.85 $40.00 Black Crepe de Chine allover lace yoke lace and Insertion trimmed, tucked waist and skirt, special price $29.50 $35.00 Crepe de Chine two piece dress, real hand made, lace yoke waist has Jap silk lining, skirt has 8 rows small tucks and one large one. Special price $19.85 $25.00 Navy Blue Chiffon TaffetU Dress, waist trinAned with fl>t band and silk braid, Arabian color filet yoke and sleeve. Price $19.75 $15.0() Navy Blue Coin Dot Satin Dress, cream color filet yoke and sleeves, waist trimmed with silk braid. Special price $10.95 $25.00 Old Rose Satin Messallne Dress, long cuff puffed sleeves, cream lace yoke waist trimmed with silk feather edge braid. Special price $19.85^ $30.00 Deep Prunelle Satin Messallne Dress, lace yoke and cuff silk braid trimmed, tucked s!eeves. Special price $22.85 $25.00 Silver Grey Messallne Dress, chiffon yoke and collar tucked sleeves with quarter over sleeve silk braid and gilt button trimmed. Special price «. $21.50 $15.00 Delft B'iue Batiste Jumper Dress tucked front and braid and button trimmed. Special price $10.35 $37 .riO Brown Two-piece Liberty Satin iace front yoke and cuffs! Special price $28.95 '- > Daintily embroidered Silk Gloves in light evening ahadec. special values at, pair $2;00 Suggestions for the Christ' mss^Shoppor Dainty HndkerchJefs st &c to $6.50 Shopping Bkgs at aOe to $13.00 Honse SUppers at SOe to $3.S0 SUk Hose $1.2* to $&«0 I Enbroldered Hose SOc to $1.S0 ' Fancy Handled Umbrellas at $1 to $10 Xeck Boeh Boas at $1.S0 to $>C0 Featker Boas at $IJI0 to $10.50 Silk Shawls at $1JW to $i.7& SDk Head Searfs at $1410 to $1.50 Children's Bear Skin XHtens In hoUy boxes at 60c Hand Embroidend Pillows $1.75, $$.50 Drawn Worit Scarfs and Sqnares at : 98c to $6 .50 Embroidered DoQles at 83e to $6 .60 Indian Hand Work pieces t9e to $7.50 Fancy Collars at S3e to $1.50 The Delineator one year %\M Glores «t 25e io $440 CUoTC <lertlflcates can be redeemed wben giores are fitted Box stBtl«M«7 25c to 75e. 'Bngi from Me to $iSj0O Lace Cartniu at $L0$ to %\iM' Portieres at 9iM to tmM Carpet Sweepers at $L» to $5JN> Table Uncn at S6c to tU« , Unen Fateras at IfJO to $1«JN» Kapklas at 76e to 17.60 Towds at lie to %Vti Fnrs from $1.50 to $27.50 Waists from %\M to $10.00 Skirts from $1.98 to $17.60 Coata from $$.49 to $854)0 Waste Paper Baskets at 10c to 75e Mirrors at 95c to $7.50 Combs from aSc to $104)0 Ladies Belto 23e to $SJSO Blankets 45e to $7.50 Comforts $14)0 to $15.00 Lace Bed Seto $1.60 to $104)0 Hnnsing Underwear SOc to $84)0 Snit Cases $8.60 to $19.50 Tmrellng Bags $14)9 to $1«,S0 KImonss 50e to $1«4)0 Far Coato $25.00 to $125.00 ETcnlng Dresses $154)0 to $47.50 Snk Petticoats $34)0 to $10.50 Anto Coato $54)0 to $25410 Sweaters at $2,50 to $5.50 Infante' SwMters at 50e Infante' Knit Klmonas at 25c to $1415 Infante Caps at 2Se to $2.50 Dolls lOe t« $5410 Indian Moccasins $1,25 to $24)0 Xmtary Brashes $L2& to $2 ,60 Sharing Seta 96e to $U0 Infante Powder and^Bngh Sete $14)0 Christmas Cards at Ic to I«e Bronse Book BaAs $2M 4o UM Bnmt Leather PfUows at $549 Gowns $47.50 Mootjole Satin Btessallne Directoire. Gown lace yoke and cuffs puffed half pleated steeres pleated left side gore. Special price $34.85 $27.60 Black Satin Messallne Dress lace yoke shirred sfceves. Special price .... $22.85 $30.00 Silver Grey Satin Messallne Dress braided front paneL lace yoke and cuffs, skirt trimmed with "bias graduatai- fold, shirred sleeves. Special price $23.95 White Net Two-ptece Dresses, white and colored net .and chiffon, semi-mode dresses, all at greatly reduced prices. $15.00 Alice Blue and Leather colored Opera Capes braid and button trimmed. Special price $11.85 $27.50 Long Champagne Opera Cape, strap and braid trimmed with hood attached. Special price $22JS0 Rich Braided Jackets on silk foundation, special values, In evei^y-ose, priced at $12.50 and $35.00 SUppers for evening wear in paent colt and duU kid or patent colt with white beading edge. Special values at $2.00 $2.50. $3.00. $3JM> and $4.00- Beautiful snk Stockings in pink, blue, green and champagne. Price pair $1.85

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