The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 7, 1965 · Page 9
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 9

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1965
Page 9
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i Wednesday, April 7, 1965 THE TiPTON DAILY TRIBUNE PAGE 9 NEY'S Q STORE Rexall ASPIRIN None finer! Buy 2 bottles at this big saving! Reg. 69c 2for70 C Rexall • • MINERAL OIL Finest quality. Pint. Reg. 79c !forl80« RexaUWi THURS. APRIL 1 THROUGH SAT. APRIL 10 r '*ys SERVICE all. at§? a ' Rexall MONACET APC TABLETS For quick pain relief. 100's. Reg. 1.19 2t.r1.20 Buffered ASPIRIN Rexall. Fast-acting, without fear of acid-upset stomach. Reg. 98e 2for99 t Rexall MILK of MAGNESIA Regular or Mint. 12 fl. oz. Reg. 69c 2<or70< KLESKO MOUTHWASH Rexall. Ruby-red, cinnamon : flavor. Kills contacted germs. . j Pin. Reg. 79c 2 forSO* f „ • •• n« ANTISEPTIC Rexall lYllOI MOUTHWASH Amber : color, wake-up taste. Kills contacted germs. Pint Reg. 89c 2f..90 ( REXALL RUBBING ALCOHOL • Finest quality. Pint. |I SE | Reg. 79c 2 for 80 C Rexall GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES 2for54 c Adult or infant. d&ft lit of 12. • — 11 Reg. 53c REXALL MINUTEMAN CHEWABLE VITAMINS Delicious fruit-flavored tablets for children or adults. 100 's Reg. 2.69 2 for 2.70 REX/iU : ANTIJCF:;- Cool blue mcut 8 fl. or. Reg. 69c GUTHWASH . .•^fresher. ^for70 C Rexall SACCHARIN A . «*, 100 %-grain tablets. • Reg. 39c A lOt *fU % 49e V4 -&T. 100 's ..2 for .30 1.19 Yt -p. 1000 's .2 for 1.20 59c 1-zr. 100 's ....2 for .60 1.39 VHT .lOCa'sJ for 1.40 1.59 1-gr. 1000 's 2 for 1.60 item :?feiLe^ REXALL FUNGI-REX For Athlete's Foot Salve or Greaseless Ointment. l'A ox. tube. 2 for 99* Reg. 98c 98c Lotion, 2 fl. oz. or k Liquid, 3 fl- oz.._ifor .99 . 1.69 Aerosol.4 oz.2 for 1-70^ REXALL DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE with-Viosterol - Viosterol (Vit. D) - helps'activate the calcium. . i00'sRjp..l.39 2 for 1.40 It SALE OF VITAMINS r BELMONT HOUSEHOLD GLOVES Protect hands and manicure when working. "sic 2prs. Rsx Fi Black and white. 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Plastic backs. Reg. 1.00 2 for 1.01 WATCH BANDS Men's leather or ladies' nylon. Reg. 1.00 2forl .01 FEVER THERMOMETERS^ Oral, rectal, stub or baby type. Guaranteed. A j | J ft Reg. 1.69 Jh TOT l»# V 98c MERTHI0LATE AEROSOL, (Thimerosal Lilly)S> 1 oz. 2 for .99 25c ADHESIVE TAPE, Rexail Waterproof. %"x5;yds„..2for.26 30c GAUZE BANDAGE, Rexall Sterile. 2"xl0 yds 2 for .31 70c GAUZE PADS, Rexall Quik-Pads, Sterile. 3x3y, 25's 2 for .71 E5c ADHESIVE BANDAGES, Rexall Quik-Bands. Plain or Mercurochrome, 45's J 2 for .66 ^4Sc COnON BALLS, Rexall 'Twirl Puffs," 100's .2 for .50^ DUSTING; POWDER Adrienne, 5% oz. or n r'* -70 Lavender, 5 oz. Reg. 1.75 /TON. ID Cara Nome HAND LOTION Reg. 98c—8 fl. oz! . 1: 2 for 99c 1.00 HAND CREAM, 4 oz 2 for 1.01 Electrex 3-Speed HEAT PAD Wetproof inner pad, washable outer cover. 2 J QJ . g gg 35c ZINC OXIDE Ointment, Rexall, 1 oz.. 29c BORIC ACID Solution N.F. 4 fl. oz.. 49c PEROXIDE. Rexall Medicinal. Pint 98c TRI-SALVE, Rexall Triple Antibiotic, % oz —2 98c AIR REFRESHER, Rexall 11-oz. aerosol .. 2 1.19 INSECT REPELLENT, Rexall 5-oz. aerosol 2 1.59 INSECT KILLER, Target-16-oz. aerosol -2 87c INSECTICIDE, Rexall 7-oz. aerosol * 1.95 M0THPR00FER, Rexall 10 oz. aerosol........ 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Many styles 2 for 1.01 39c CURLING RIBBON or CELLO TAPE 2 for .40 25c GIFT WRAP PAPER, All-occasion 2 Packs .26 69c AFTER-SHAVE LOTION, Lavender or Redi-Shave, 5 fl. oz. 2 for 89c BAY RUM, Rexall 15 fl. oz. „2for 79c STAINLESS STEEL BLADES, RexD.E. 5's 2 for .80 .1.45 STAINLESS STEEL BLADES, Dispenser D.E.10's „2for1.46 3.59 HOT WATER BOTTLE, Victoria ...2 for 3.60 •3.89 FOUNTAIN SYRINGE, Victoria 2 for 3.90 4.59 COMBINATION SYRINGE, Victoria 1.98 ICE CAP, Rubberized cloth ..2 for 4.60 ..2 for 1.99 tl ^^O^E/VII^MYS GOLDEN LILAC FRAGRANCE 2.50 MIST COLOGNE, 2-oz. aerosol.. 1.75 DUSTING POWDER, 5-oz. box „™„ 2.00 COLOGNE, IVz fl. oz.... .. 1.50 SOAP, Box of 3 cakes 2 for 2.51 -2 for 1.76 _2 for 2.01 forl.51 SPRING LILY FRAGRANCE 1.50 COLOGNE, 4 fl. oz. 2.50 MIST COLOGNE, '3-oz. Aerosol 1.75 DUSTING POWDER, 4V 2 oz. 1.50 SOAP, Box of 4 cakes JL for 1.51 _2for2.51 _^2for1.7B 2 for 1.51 Cara Nome FACE CREAMS 1.50 COLD or CLEANSING CREAM. 3% oz. - _—>2 for 1.51 2.00 NIGHT CREAM, 2V4 oz..._ i 2for2.01 2.50 HORMONE CREAM, 2V A OZ. 2for2.51 1.25 COLOGNE GEIEE, 4 fragrances . 2.00 AEROSOL AFTER-BATH POWDER, "Sweet'n lovely. 7 oz. •lforl2B ~2for2.M 1.50 FACE POWDER, COMPACT or FOUNDATION Radiance. 6 skin shades. : ..2for1.51 1.50 LONG-LINE LIPSTICK, Maraschino. 6 shades 2 for 1.5! 2for2.51 2.50 AEROSOL COLOGNE MIST, Bouquets of Spring. 4 fragrances, 3 oz. .'. . 1.19 BATH OIL, Lorie Bouquet or Sequoia Pine. 6 fl. oz. , -2forW0 98c HAIR RINSES, Rexall Brite Conditioning or ' Concentrated Dandruff. Treatment, 8 fl. oz. ...___2fof /'jj/c SALEDENTAL fMBS! Klenxo TOOTH BRUSHES Nylon Bristle for Reg 49c ESc natural Bristle Tooth Brush .2for .70 Rexall TOOTH PASTE Regular or Fluoride. Kl2for54 C 98c AEROSOL TOOTH PASTE, Rexall 7 oi. .... 39c DENTAL ROSS, Rexall Nylon. 3-3 \:;. ... 69c DENTAL PLATE BRUSH, Rexall P:'- 1 2 for .99 .J! for .40 _2for.70. ; Fed. tax on some items. Men's or Ladies' SUNBEAM LADY SUNBEAM-Exclusive "Micro. Twin" shav- M ing heod. Pink QmjFjf .case. 1 MEN'S SUNBEAM — Pre- cision-honed.wj^ Self-adjusting M Jr - W rollers. White. Dominion Portable : HAIR DRYER SURPRISE BUYS REX COLOR FILM 8mm MOVIE, 25 ft. * QQ Indoor or outdoor, f «77 35mm COLOR,* yy 20-exp. Each'##/ Prices include processing. Larg* hood, liostt, shoulder Strap.Hat box container. 1 U.L. approved. ;i 8.99 ,R,,E iB HAIR SPRAY 3 types: Casual, Regular, Hord-to-Hold. 14 or. aerosols. 3hrl.99 .Specially Prieedfor, This Eyent! ; (N'ot^on. ;. our le Sale Plan) •• 30 DURA WOOL SOAP PADS I ' Steel wool soap pads for scouring pots and pans. Viscose Loop Pile RUG RUNNER 24" x 60", with foam back and finished edges. Protect your carpet from extra wear. 1.47 36-Qt. Plastic WASTE BASKET Embossed basteN weave design. Buih-in handles for easy lifting. Colore. 89< Seamless NYLONS Mesh or sheer knit. Fashion shades, first quality. Reg.-89c pr. : 59' WRIST WATCHES Ladies' or men's and men's' calendar style. A QQ Each OtOO 4-Transistor TAPE I RECORDER With earphone, batteries, micro* phone. 13.95 VINYL AIR MATTRESS 6 ft. long, with pillow. Built-in pump. 2.99 BOXED STATIONERY "Fancy Finish" letter; paper {] with envelopes m to match. mt^FJr A-BOO ALARM Se»-through, boudoir clock. 4.88 Tiny Alarm, luminous dial 4.88 Cannon Kitchen TOWELS OR DISH CLOTHS 3 Terry towels;, 4 striped i towels; or 10 dish cloths. | Each Pacfc 1.00 V y y o, \ /.a •* V V •\ .-••*< V V ir 1 REX ELECTRIC ALARM CLOCK Smartly d.signwJ 2.99 I, With Luminous Dial ...3,69 ^ COM . Plain dial „ Easter TOYS i «c5t\ Plush Bunnies, Musical Bunnies', Bunny Dolls, 'etc From 69',. 2.99 Transistor RADIO With battery, .arphoiw, Lather case, ' M A 6A9 ADHESIVE BANDAGES; Rexall Quik-Bands, Plain or Mercurochrome. 31's . ,. .31 1.00 60LF BAllS, Dura-Rex. Long-distance 3for1.49 PH0T0FUSH LAMPS. Rex Sleeve of 12. AG-IB or M2 .99.AG-1 .89.M2B or #5— 51 .09 #5B : 1.39 BATH SCALE, Rex-Way. White or Colors.... 3.99 3.98 SYRINGE, FOLDING. Snugfold. Colors. 2.59 FACIAL TISSUES, Rexall 400's: White or Colors 5 Boxes .99 GARDEN HOSE, 75 ft. Vinyl Opaque Green 2.49 LAWN SPRINKLER TUBE, 25 ft. Flexible Sprinkler-Soaker .: 1.88 SCISSORS, Barber, Bent, 7" or 6" Household, Sewing U7 GREETING CARDS. Boxed. All-Occasion , ••-gg 50c FILLER PAPER. 3 or 5-Hole Pimch 3 Packs 1.16 98c RUBBER GLOVES, Belmont Flock-lined 1.49 RUBBER GLOVES, Regal-Rex. Cloth-line PLASTIC PLAYING CARDS, single deck. MAKE-UP MIRROR, Gooseneck 5". Plain and magnifying. _ :—; ... ••••• •• •» FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, Electrex AA, C, or D. _4for.50 BATTERY, 9-VOLT TRANSISTOR,'Electrex , • -Za IRONING BOARD PAD & 2 COVERS . *» VAPORIZER, Rexall Electric Gallon Size ~ 3.99 MANY MORE .ITEMS AT SALE PRICES -COME EARLY BUTANE CIGARETTE LIGHTER Bums with dun flam*. Easy to fill. DRUG NATIONAL WINDOW By LYLE C. WILSON United Press International " There is merit but no political force whatever behind the complaint of Southerners that President Johnson's hurry-up voting rights bill violates the U.S. Constitution. The merit stems from'the fact that the Constitution reposes in the states the power ~ to establish voter eligibility. But the state may not refuse eligibility by reason of sex, race, color or previous condition of servitude. Such refusal would ^violate the Constitution. The stipulation with respect to race, color and servitude is contained in the 15th Amendment which became effective March 30, 1870. The 19th Amendment dealing with women's suffrage, which was effectcive Aug. 26, 1920, forebade discrimination by reason of sex. There are other but less directly affirmative constitutional prohibitions against voter discrimination. The- Supreme Court has held, nevertheless, that the authority of the states in voter eligibility is primary. A 1937 decision, for example, asserted the constitutionality of a Georgia poll tax as a prerequisite to voting. It said then: Conferred By State "Privilege of voting (note' the word privilege) is not derived.; from the. United States but is conferred by the state and save as restrained by the 15th and 19th Amendments, Uhe state may condition suffrage' as it deems appropriate." There is merit, therefore, in the argument that the Johnson bill • violates the Constitution because it authorizes the scrapping of state voter eligibility tests'by federal registrars. It would be more nearly in conformity with the letter and spirit of the Constitution if the federal registrars accepted the stipulated state tests but applied them in a manner which woud not be discriminatory. The tests of themselves are not necessarily discriminatory. In any event, the 1937 opinion appears to add substantial merit to the Southern complaint that the Johnson bill vio-' lates the Constitution. Nevertheless, this complaint of merit lacks all political force because there is no doubt whatever that (A) the Congress will enact, (B) the President will sign and (C) the Supreme' Court will hold the bill constitutional. The constitutional provisions are fuzzy in that the authority of the states in matters of voter eligibility are qualified by other constitutional provisions. To that extent the Constitution ceases to be a rigid document and becomes flexibly subject to the current points of view of the justices. Cumulative Impact It is not unreasonable to assume that the court's point of view will have been affected not merely by recent racial disorders but by the cumulative impact of several years of demonstrations, violence and national discussion of civil — especially voter—rights. The justices read' the newspapers and hear the electronic news reports. The court often reverses itself, sometimes under circumstances warranting one of Mr. Dooley's famous sayingpr^Ir. Dooley was the creation'of the late Finley Peter Dunn. Mr. D engaged in conversations with his good friend, Hennessy, to whom, one day, Dooley remarked:. •*Xo matter whether the Constitution follows the flag or not, the Supreme Court follows the '"Ilicition returns." The court has- had second thoughts occasionally on many questions, .including the privilege of voting. It will not need to reverse itself, however, to find the Johnson voter eligibility bill to be a constitutional measure. There will be a final gurgle of Southern orotest. And that will be that Wall Street Chaffer NEW YORK (UPI) —Goodbody & Co. says the stock market "seems to be running contrary to the current trends of the general economy and price action during the past few days poses a caution signal for the investor. However, the firm says, no real selling pressures have developed thus far and downside risks seem to be limited. Bache & Co. says that if the market begins to pay more attention to domestic affairs and if the present world news is already discounted, the outlook is for good, market progress over the longer term., Advert}** In The Tribune

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