Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1907
Page 6
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, _ . _ . » flramsB. ,r1irl4l«R»6^ fMid wBfe la: frtl tortar feet „.Idii^tifiit'lbe•rtner. 'fHe• •wma ligFffiiiilfo gaiikvijr of Uie en* '-rtUiw.bfdun* dlny «» lort ^''itlie' defid miui 'B wife ^^ VHStf 'l»kx«Bti~llre at Hnmboldt ^Mt^^^^ri ^mScmaor la well knoira at iwli«re hie (eople atlU live. ^ , —T Hiflilboldt aboitti Ittteea yeaw i'^'l^^^jMa.-*Thi»'!flm«ral wl|I occur tombr .f^vaondiic at ^ 'tflaBded bjr a ni I and win b« iMr of Humboldt iWifile./ Tlia deceaaed waa ibont for- I taT '-yeus «t age. 1: . last-ycni hfs ta^ieiv Michael 0'C<»- . nor andlai for admWlon to the cotin- ,^-:-»y Hum 'agafautt the> wishes of his v's^^«liiUreii, who were willing and able ^•Z^'tan tor him. ' The old gentleman il- naallx persuaded to give up hfs -v^T^tocti logo to the county fftrm and . '^'f» now at Humioldt. ma Is the season of decay and ':\ '.weakened TiUIity; good health is hard -«ibt retain. If ytm'd retain yonrs, for- .tlfy your syston with HoUister's v>..,.i Sodcy Monntaln Tea, the surest way. ' [ j'iS-pevU, Tea 'or Tablets. Burrell's ' ' -'Drugstore. fIRE SAFEGUARDS , Mate Flre.lMUBDce Inspieetlon Office SeHs Oat Cirealius. : • • . . —~ - ^' • ' Tlie Kanaas fire Insurance Jnspec- tkia office at Tojpeka has Issued ttious- , aods of bulletins to Kansas Merchants ^ aaUngi that more care be manifest this ( tAriatmas than ever Iiefore In safe- I' V giurding against holiday dangers. T n r'past years great fires have occurred ''from these temporary decorations, f. ITie bqlletlA issued by the company Is julnted by the Register by request and ^ la lu follows^ ..'Att«itt(m la hereby called-to the fire , haterd of holiday decorations and spe dal elaetrfcal and other, lighting dis- . playa,) - . i • . ,, . It ,1s oommon knowledge that i €hristm»a i decorations, espeoially in . ishow windows, are prolifio aources of iltra; and wa believe a timely warning will be beaded and appreciated' ]by alt. Great care ahootd be taken icji avoid troable at this time on account: of the taereMed «il«es carried, and. especially km account 6t the large crowds of I 'Vaopla congregating in the stores, . W 1 M > liable to taiury In case oti paale»> eir « . severe fire, and who :wo«M alio Under the work of the I flraoMB. .! - \ .OoBt doituaporary electric wiring, r -r-lariat on tnll national electric code vMtaBdanl work. Any other kind is « f':^KB|eroab, and Is often unsatisfactory tram tkMU ^jting standpoint I - ~ Doat use flexible lamp cord in show vflMtowaTorl^r any other purpose •tbab tor pendant lamps. Steel annour- ed^rd ah^MUd benaed in show viln- dowB and.: reinforced portable cord tiaewlieve for ektenaions. etc. 'Dimt nae^eotton or tissue or cut palier deeo^ons. especially near any atan':9t light In any show window or {.v^jUglitiAatta; These decorations' are ga-tfyltslMBeiitiJie best, and are not as pvltty M a| great many other things --irlack-.are JTuBt as cheap and much V ^teaAer; and decidedly safer. t ^ttae paper or cloth lamp Jevot on incandescent lamps as probably bum up if you do. let paper ifrappinga and box- jnpltn your alley or baaemepc jioake excellent kindling and a iiiatdt or cigarette, etc. can eas- tnmble. let your window dresser jdo ^gftta^txa-javL- Haye fm electi-ic 'faitTe^t^bla and ^penaejin hA'-Kji • » •«• -1' liririo. consult your Ore, ttMt :l|Mt otlier Are hasard points. OM .<b( hla missions as a aer- diemleal exUnguIsb' lioae, etc. are In shape toe.', wif that your em- ilkiMiNrKlMra they are and how .IsUfli^; doors, shutters, ele- Ithkph.. art operatira. and iriNelbiad every night M|.it«lr;irayt. bottom ot ole.. ste.. tree from goods, and •islM and keep them tree tntek or any other ob- aad all floors of your st ^re Be^t Oif t Store jThousands upon thoasands in thi minds of many people as Christmas leoting anitable merohandiselmakes it eas „ ^ ^ , , .^^ --.i. the big rush pomes on—make your selections now- Our private store room is at your service, and any parcels left with, us will be:^^!! taken oare of and delivered when wanted. 4 Sale of FURS thai wilt be Qreaiiy WeioomedF On all Furs, embracing Fur Coats, Caracul Coats, Sable anH Isabella Fox Scarfs and Mnfis, Natural and Sable Squirrel Scarfs and MnflFs, River Mink Scarfs and Muffs, Jap Mink Set«, and Opossum Scarfd and Mnffs. Choice of the entire stock less 20 Per Gent DiSGOuni from regular price. Pay saleBpeople less twenty per cent from mai^ked price Xmam Sale of Dremm Ooods We have reduced for this week's selling a number of lines of Fine Dress Goods which you will End to be most extraordinary values. A dress pattern from one of these fine fabrics will make a most desirable gift. 11 .25 uO-inch ChifTon Broadcloths, all colors, for 98* 11 .00 ChifTon nroadcloths, all colors, for 85* $1.25 Fancy and IMain Dress Goods, for 75* ."iSc Fancy Dress Goods for 38* Xmam Sale ofBlaok Silks 11 .00 Black Taffeta Silk for 88* 11 .29 Black Taffeta Silk for 81.00 Black Taffeta Silk for • $1.19 $1.50 Black Taffeta Silk for • S1.29 $1,75 Black Taffeta Silk for $1.39 Ladiea' SWeaiere for Xtnas Just received a fine assortment in white, prey, blue and mixtures at $1.98. $3.98, $3.98. $4.98 XMAS CLOAK SALE! $7.98 Ladles' SOlinch Coats Xmas price $4.98 $11.98 Ladles' 50-Inch Coats Xmas price $«.98 $16.50 Todies' 50-inch Coats Xmas price $9.95 $22.50 Ladles' 50-inch Coats Xmas price $13.9.'> $30.00 Ladies' 50-inch Coats Xmas price $17.95 $2.98 Children's Astrican Coats * For $.1.98 $3.50 Bearskin Coats for . $3.48 $3.98 Children's Coats for ....$2.98 $5.00 Children's Coats for .... $3.98 $7.98 Children's Coats for ...$5.98 $10.00 Children's Coats for ...$7.98 Xmas Neokwear All new and pretty styles and a most acceptal?le gift. Chiffon Stocks with fancy "Jabot" ends each...: 28o Swell: Silk Stocks with pleated bands and tie ends. All colora. Bach #Oo Handsome Silk and Chiffon Stocks, with sil^ and chiffon "Jabot" effects. One in a bo3(i, each BOo New Embroidered Linen Collars. New ^Bows" in all the latest shades. Individual "Jabots," 60c, 7oc, $1.00. Faiwy Chiffon Ruffs A woman's delight—in black, white, brown, pink and blue effects. The prices range from $1.98 to $8 .00 each, Ladi^' Sweaterettes, newest patterns and colors, each BOo Swell Silk Soarfs For afternoon and evening wear. 45 inch silk Scarf in pink, blue, laven- dar, black and white. Xmas price, 899 54 inch silk Scarf in oriental or flowered effect; pare silk, each SlmSlB 54 inch fancy silk and brooade Scarfs, $1.75 up to SBmOO Children's Pocketbooks, with long or short chains, each SBo t Kid Gloifes Long or short, we have them. 'We show the best $1 GO and $1.50 two button clasp. 12 button length S3mOOm 16 button length S3mBOm New Cape Gloves, 16 button, price per pair S4;00 Biggest Assortment of Ladlem' Haud'ohMs 111 lola. Ladies' Imported Lace Handkerchiefs, very high grade and most beautiful de- sign9, each.... .... SSmBO to SSmOO Ladies' fine Imported Linen Embroidered Cross-bar Handkerchiefs. The price each. .'. .BOo and 7B9 Beautiful lace edged Handkerchiefs, Mechlin or Armenian Lace, also swell embroidered ones, each 90o and St'^B. Our three for $1.00 pure linen cross-bar embroidered colored or white Handkerchiefs for ladies are the best ever shown. Our 25c ladies' Handkerchiefs are a swell and beautiful lot—about 25 different styles to select from. Ask for them. Ask to see our 15c, 10c and 5c 1? dies' Handkerchiefs. 'Twill make you happy We are showing the biggest and most complete line of Oeniilemen's Handkerohlefs in lola. Special kind are the Embroidv ered Initials. Your husband, brother, father or sweetheart would appreciate a box of our initialed Han^terchijpfa. Gomhsf Goiittisl Have you seen 'em? If not just take a glance at the big 12 foot showcase ,| come in—you can see combs of all kinds; ,? and descriptions. 18c Combs, all new, pretty patterns.. 25c Combs, real swell styles. 50c and 75c Combs are the prettiest yet. 98c to $1.50rj^ Combs are l^ndsome, and so on up to They are dreams. A swell line of Ladies' Wrist Bags, in all the new^ models, each, 98c to .. .0tO jtmais Sals of Silk PettlooBts 25 Pino Silk Petticoiits made of linn CliKfnn Silk, Iteaiitiriil luster. SpocUl for $4.98 30 V\no. Silk IV'Ulcouts In ull colors nnil black, with u Ihrrn niunths' guornntwj tickot. for $5.98 20 Find Silk l »ettlcon (8 In nil and l.lnrk. extra Mil wllh a gtinruntcc ticket for ; $7.98 10 ExtM Fine Silk Petticoats In all colors and black, extra full and very deep ruffle for $10.00 Xmas Sale of Shoes 11.(10 Uidlos' FIno 8hiicA for.. $;i.50 UUIIKH ' Finn SluM'S.for.. .$:{,(M) $:t.00 UtdlnH' Flup Shooii for.. .$rj.50 |3.r.o UtdiuM' Fine Shoes fur ..$*i.15 $2.25 Udtes' Fine Shoos for...$1.85 $1^5 I^adles- Fine Shoes for...$1..10 $1.50 Udlcs Fine Shoes for...$1.85 Higk Srmam Smm/Um Musiln Umlerwear Un S«lc Thin \S'wk, lH<«u|lful imwnM, nkitrm rbi>mi<«i«. dniwMra J: «n4 ronrl rttvrri*. Why not biiy Ihimo bt »iiuimil snnipU' K»rn>pnla for nn XuiuH iiroHrnl. Wo will HUVK you 25 |i«>r mint on IIIOHO MumpleH; ^ com out ouco and huiko your Hftlcvtlou, don't dnluy, ' DollsF Dollsl Dollsl We only carry the best brands and they nro cheap—'twill poj- you to look at them. _„ ^K^k Dressed Dolls for , >*'^« At?* 14-Inch Dre88 «?d l>onB for .»VV»W''.i"/-;;V-PTi»i«f "Kestner" Dolls $I '..W. $l.i>0 IJ* TO The Kestner Doll Is consldereJ the best made doll In Lurope. Clearance at Actual Half Pricdf Only 7 More Days to Shop In Until QhrMmas. WLkfn BEST 1119 (ntBiniin OTWE.:. ^ The Big Store With the Utile Prioes. The Alwayd^BusyStorom

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