Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1907
Page 5
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THB lOJiA TETESCCARX HOSPITAL baa been moved to 214 West street, in the new I brick buildiOK just completed and is equipped with an operating table land all the latest appli- - anccs for the Humane and Scientific ^. trehtmcnt of Domestic Animals. Calls mq^de anywhere night or day. Phone 139 for hospital or residence. FRANK S. BEATTIE. V. S., Proprietor. DB. J. F. JAMESON. Tlio Soccessfnl Abc- HciiMr, TeterlBarlan. Fana s3l»or rctttRTccd slock salei made anywhere. Vetcr- inary'calls aiiswerctl rtny or nij;ht. Office with I>otiKl.'iss Broi. Phcni- 13. residence^ 2W lOI.A, KANSAS. Our liine of €hriistnia§ Cigars are uncqtialed. Popular brands in popular sizes in either 5c or loc stock;: Beautiful plate Calendars for 190S givtn awaj' SfEf^CER'S »TEYER*» QROCERY Good Thinjti to Eat. Tele |)hoDe 159 Diitillel f ateii One hundred pounds of Cr7>- tol Ic« will maks llz gallons ot distilled water suit&bis tor family use. Try It loblce&ColdStonfeCi PRANK RIDDLE, Mjrr. .Ml Wft ^veahoeftof uticlesiBottr.>k>ck^t^ . ^ . for gt (t-|[hpiog. Goods thit make gifts of m loaeftii wd cn «iDci £l|( tiM{'flrat ti ^Tln theUMoir of natnte. Goods that have a lon^ life. Goods lii SterUag Silivcr an^ •nr jAnnft in the «uo ^ei^ Gold inldatnty mile pieces so nftmerotBthftiieltctioiis art e^xpttea. S^VSU SSi'a^i St^riSt^^ ally easy, in (act evctything in our stock is appropriate for; gift-giving. Rev. J. M. Haaon told hte apdiaace to Don't f«51 to include us in your shopping list. Sy ""nT8h\°'b :?;:S.*'tSeT 'i"c.'^ team and the Baker University team. Perhaps the fact that the contest is between an associattoa team and a Methodist college team had much to do with the annoancement belbg made from the pulpit Rer. Mason urged his congregation to attend the game. The Baker team has won the state championship for the past two years, ha\-ing among the members of the team some of »he best players in the Wlest. Among them arc Claude Mason, son of Rev. Mason, who Is a college athlete of more than slate rei)u tatlon. Mo. Pacn Santa Fc anfd M. K. k T. TTateh Inspectors. Pipes of all descriptions at Brown's I Smoke House. East Side. 1 CITI NEWS. CITY NEWS ... WORD: HAS been received here that Mrs. MarKarct Fulong, who forni- erlv livcdrhere, died last week in Salt Lake City. One Ddllar In Script or Money s good for .!^2."0 worth of Sanitol .go <K s ill J. D. Mundis & Co. This offer cloi- es December 31st. A TWO million pas wcllj was oronght 1 )1 Saturday afternoon on the Nasli farm south of La HbtikI for the L,iinyon i^nc company. Four choice milk cows. thr (M> hoi-sos. Imrness and wagon will bo sold Saturday at tho food yard, ct >nv iiionclng 'at 2 o'clock sharp. ^ Chns. bishop. . OWlNtr! to tho Inclement ^^cathrr ihcj-c was; not a very largo number In aitcndanc* ai the nuH >liliK of tlfo Farm or's InstlUiio at liiMnlK>ldt Sjilnrday. Cot your liolly and Mistletoe at ICwlng *: llurdlck's. I'ROF. VKSSLER. who foiindo.l ilio lola lUislhess College. Is In the elt.' visiting fi -ieiuls. He Is now located li Utah. • ' .Mesf *onl >rr Boyn wHI dellTor .'Chrisi mas parkiigcs for you to any place ii Ihr city. Von ran grl thrni spy timi at the Wfi«lorn Inlon office. MR. A.ND MRS. J. E. Wldeck left PnOMOTlON FOR TLYDE BISHOP, today for lola where they will spend _ , _ « j „ , „ a 1 a few days with friends. They were J^'^^S **" accompanied by Mr. Wldeck's mother, Koao. who Is their guest from Benton, Kan- „ . ^, sas.—Cherrj->alo Republican. Clyde lilshop of this city who some 'inie ago look a "run" as express man Cigars In Christmas Boxes. Phone ""^ Santa Fe In the southern part C21 and have them delivered. "f "tatc. recentIv received a pro- inf'tion and now will have a regular J. S. KK.NYON returned yesterday "in between Kansa» City and St. Joe rn.inlola and other Southern Kansas <"> "f Santa he. Clyde began work lowni. where he has been transacting this city by driving the express busIness.-Emporla tbizetle. "i*; '•^••»' industrious and so<m was given a pro- Don't forget the W. O. W. oyster """'"» "» « """>" southern part supper and dance at Masonic hall to- the sl^itc Ho made good and was „l„l,4 yesterday given one of tho best runs *• on the Santa Fe. THE FUNERAI, services of Mrs. E. i;. OInistead. of Caniett. occurred Saturday at tSarnett. Mrs. Olmstoad was tho mother of Will Olmste.nd. Will Xot lie in Sr^lon Again fBtll forniorly of this city, but now of I'tir- OrremlKT SOth. Ker. I District iMiurl will not be In session again until Ih-eombor SOth when a niinilier of cases are to 1M» dUposed of There are several Iin|H>rtnnt cases THla C«y. UlSTKU'T I'OIKT ADJOIRNKD. liideiMndtiio^ Kpsv Dae. < 1 «.^-Fral. MeDaala!. «( BaitietTllIe. pradaent of tke a K. 'L ^BBgae. has vrittea 4q Manaiger iTniby 'af the IndepeBdrace team^ that he Intetid* to resign Xttia presidency at the annual meetlKff which win be held in Bartiesvllle January 20. Mr. McDaniel has pnrdiased the^ Bartlesville team and next year will act as manager. Robert Jordan, of Maskogse, Is talked of as a possible snecessor to President McDanid from the Tulsa end of (he clrcnit but Manager Troby thinks Prtsldent Shively ot the Wlestem As' sociation shonld be elected, aiively would undonbtedly give the league a higher standing In the baseball world and he is a man whose capabilities are known. The O. K. league could not help but benefit by bis basebal' connections. Mr. Tniby believes President Shively could act as Pros ident for the Wiestern Association and the O. K. League without any conflict ofi duties or interests and believes 1^ Would help to place the O. K. league on a Arm and solid basis. McDanlei is already preparing to pnt a winning team on the diamond next spring. Manager Truby has not been asleep in the meantime. While he Is not committing himse'f. he has his eyes open and is keeping weli |)osted on the situation. Ft. Smith Is not con'sidered ^ a possibility this year In the new circuit. Parsons, Pittsburg and lola are all hoping to get in the league, however. Manager Truby considers Parrons. Pittsburg CoffeyvlUe. Indepen c'enco. Bartlesville, Tulsa. Muskogee and lola would be an ideal circuit and hopes to see a'i tho cities represented at the annual meeting on January 20. He bolieves with ShiVoly as president tho league would wind up a sea son of prosperity such as it has never l.hnd. A serin of bk|e^c1«>r^rpe. wkh Inittal kllHsin oolon on five antiqm Wltal boatd 5x7 inches. di| titks, inexpensive, splendid little gifts. See them at the bookstore, where yon can get everything in Stationery. Evans Bros. P. K. Waagk, Deatlst Pkeae 101 OSee aver Bamirs Dra| Sttrsk THE FARMKRS of nourlK>n conn- which .ludge Foust will pass on at IV met at Ft Sct>U Saturday nfternixm this time, .\mong them are the Ilol- anil took steps toward an orgatil/.atlon comb divorce suit, the ('hnrchlll vs. t(i slop pmnilscnons hunting and nlw IVill case for the po.'»se .'»8lon of a child. lelty thieving. Tho nte«*tlng was well and the Coshorn mandamus action. iiatronlzo<l, Tho Ik>url>on county far- ners claim that hunters arc growing MILS. BOB REYNOLDS WANTS AID. cry cureless. I Ifoy Therel "Where are you going?" "Ooing after a sack of Cf« A Klour. My wife won't use anything else." MbMff 4Mi HUgm A Ettm OOm m.t. momma. Ami. CY MKEKS, who pla.ved first Iwse for the loin team during the first year of the Missouri Valley League, led the Southern Ivoaguo the past season In batting, hitting at a 340 clip. MRS. MAl'DK Fnnslon. s«i)t>rlntcn dent of public liislrnctlon. r-etnriie<' Saturday Jroni a visit to the countr.\ schools. She found the schools in excellent condition. Phone fi?l for Christmas Cigars dc llvercd to-all parts ot the city. - THE AfifLICATlOX of Honhie Hen derson, fofnierly a pitcher with th< Fort Scot? Missouri Valley Ieagu( team, for te-instateinnnt in organize) base ball t^-as turned down last week by the National commission. Henderson was i>ljoIiing with a Pacific roas! league team last year but jumped before the season closed. Had he been re-lustated< he would have a try out with the ivoston Americans In ' the spring as he has developed into a sUtr t wirier, 'y Eat anything .vou like and when you like it, Inii fake a Mi-o-na stomach tablet flrst to strengthen the stomach and prevent Indigestion. .'iOc a box Nothing IE it fails. Charles B.:Spencer. H; H. .M^RLI.N. of Petrol la, w.ns in the city \ei;lerday visiting friends. Rr)I.A.\'lf Varner arrived this morning fnim liJla and will be the! guest of the family ?;>f M. Hemcnl over Sunday. —Ottawa Ifcpubllc. Dr. Wnii^, OcBlIst. MR. ANli MltS. Uert Roe.ser, form orly iif tht;!" eiiy, left for Noodcsha Saturday a'^tor a short visit ;hcro. Free dirtf at Lnccock 's. ' Register Want Ads. Bring Eesnlts, C.ct your Holly and Cwing & Hurdick's. Mistletoe at Wife »f Alleged JolntlKt Asks Count; for AMslstancc. .Mrs. Itoi) Iteynolds, wife of the man SAN ntAN 'CISCO is tnaking a dos- who is in jail awaiting trial in dis- lerato effort to travel in lola's cla.-w. irlit conrt for the vioiatlnn of ihe Mil she h .iN to do a good deal of bust I- prohiliilory law. has appealed to Wm. ng lx-for:» reaching that distinction.— Knapp. ciminilssioner of the county -Imporia Gazette. po<ir. for aid. Mr. Knapp said today I that he bad not yet found It advls.ible Improved acre tract on Electric line to resimnd to the a|ipeal and very or sale on terms. Call phone 1050. likely would not. Reynolds fot:;iierly conducted a cab line here but'it Is ATCHISON Is trying to tear a few claiintKl that ho carried a side line aurels from tho chasto brow of lola the evidence of which was furnished ly coming forth wRh a murder mys- by two detectives hired jointly by the cry.—Emporia Gazette. city and county. Mrs. Clark, wife of Wade Clark who Dr. BeyaeMs. Pfesae Ot. Kea. tU. is waiting trial for the same offense. < has also asked for aid. MR. AND MRS. FItVNK Russell re- iirned yesterday to their home In (S. W. ADA.MS returned Saturday •^eal, after a short visit with his par- from Parsons. Kas., whore ho Install •ntB, Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Russell, at ed a deputy for the .M. W. A. lodge of I hat place. !12 South street. Mr. and Mrs. Rns- THE lOLA M. W. A. and Royal .ell have jwrt retumo<l from an ex- Neighbor loclges arc .going to T.,aHarpe ended visit in Tennessee. R. M. Cun- SlT Per Cent Money, ningham. MTtS. .TOllN Roth loft for Chlca- ;o yesterday, after having accomp.nn- ed the body of her father. Capt. Car-oil. to this city Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Tohn P. Carroll returned to their lome In Kansas City yesterday after laving attended tho funeral of Cap- ;aln Carroll. A. B COCKERILL at Frodonla this week won a dnmago suit brought igainst Calvin Streets, a smelfor Aorkor who claimed largo damages for alleged injuries. Tho jury evi- Icntly didn 't consider the cass wor- hy or "Bctlon. for they taxed tho costal to Street.—Pitteburg Headlight ' tomorrow night to attend nn open meeting to be given by the lodge of that place. Oct in a Supply of Canned Goods Pure Cream Corn, 3 cans 25e Per dozen 99e Tomatoes, 2 cans USe Ptr dozen Hunt Bros. Gallon Peaches, can .53e Per dozen - $4kM Electric Peaches, per can SSe Per dozen 9SM L. C. Sliced Peaches, per can ...Ue Per dozen $iM Pick Wick Peas. 2 cans 25c Per dozen $U5 Gallon Apples, per can 40e Per dozen $iM 2H pound Apples, 2 cans 25e Per doz^n FRYER BROS. Phones 306 and 301 — ED. LINN IS CAUGHT. Is Charged With Disposing of Mort gaged Propsrty. ra. lJun, formerly of this county, but lately of Vernon county. Mo. Is In the omnty jail, charged with dls- (Mtsing of mortgaged pro|>erty. It Is nllegod that he disposed of stock and fann pro|)orty held under mortgage by the Allen County Bank, and then proceeded to disapiicar. He was lo rated In Richards, Vernon county. Mo. and Constable Con'ey and Di'puty Constable \\Tater8 l«>eate<l and arrest' e<l the man. Re<iuisilion paiiors were -ecnred and Linn was brought here Saturday night. Linn is a young man. It is said ho hopes to secure his release by settling up the matter. Y. M. C. A. MEETING SUCCESSFUL Large Audience Greeted .Secretary Shumaker Yesterday. There was tlie largest altondancf at tho men 's meeting In the Y. M. C. .•V. yesterday of any mooting which has boon hold this season. State Sec rotary R. A. Shumak?r was the spoak- ed ami his subject. "Touched Men," was a good one and was bandied in a vay that touched tho audience. The men wore treated with some excellent music. "Abide Wth Me,!* a solo sang by Mr. A. L. Boatright. and the -.selection "Great and Mnrvoloim," by the Eastham quartette. Next Sunday Rev. Thomas of the Chapel Car Hvangol wl'l be the speaker for the men 's mooting. ill Hoiidky Jewe^ combine the best of taste wm yMt variety 6f Sterling Silver NoveWes, Toilet Sets and artidesfor] adornment. A fine line of WatchesV Chains and Fobs. <3. A. LEFPLER, jEwmut. Iowa Store Headquarters for Santa Claua N«v line of Dressed and Undressed Dolla, rollet cases. Work Itoxcs, CuS IloxM, {-.'andkcrchlcf Ik)XC8, Vases, Xmas Candles, Puff Bozos, Children's Booka. Albums, Fancy Dressers, Scarfs, Mufflers, Ties. Ladies' Furs, Fancy Stockings, Fancy Hose. .Wa have a nice aolocUon of very choice articles from Chas. Dickens ot Manitou, Colorado, which wo are going to sell at half price. These are very choice cut stones. Wo will be glad to show you. A. G. MUMMA, Prop. k Good Steinway Square Piano for 7: Splendid Tone and \^ction. Call Soon. FtTXaERMLD Siormgm mmt/Trmamfer Office and Storage Ware Room at 15 West Street: Phone 356 ecMnl Cmncutw nacitona and Cement BIdawalka an! Corblns a Spaelalty. OBea lU Bart JaAsm Af, Roberts Piano House " WEST SIDE SaUARC. 7 wilt TEMOHSiMmMM Miss J. Katlierine Haiitley will give private lessons. BennPitmaii System a spec ialty. TaiHpftBiM Km. •«> Immmma, The Place to Buy Your Our Ovcrcoa( stock Is too large; the winter has been too wanri. Of ^ourse you will want an overcoat before Christmas.' HOre's a saving ot- 12.50 to $5.00 on" the coat. •MR. SAM Schoolej-. of Cleve'and, Okla.. is in the city, the guest of his sister. Mrs. S. H. Kessler. He expects to visit at Stark before retum.- Ing to bis home. Ladles desiring to Jearn land In- itruments and join a ladies' band, ob- iect culture amusement and; society, ^or particulars call on MrS. H. P. Wells, 222 Sycamore street. Phone 100. THE Bi^UE.lodge of the. Masons will elect officers tomorrow' night in the Masonic hall. The officers of tho Blue lodge, the Royal Arch Masons and the Eastern Ster will hold Joint 'nsta'latlon on the evening of tho 27th at which tlmo a social time will be had. $20.00 Overcoals $18.00 Overcoats $15.00 Overcoats $12.50 Overcoats 416.50 115.00 .... «12Jie »10J»0 Reduced ])rlces on Boys' and Chlld- rcfu's Overcoats. GRANT Blllbe, principal of the McKinley school building in this city. sick and Is not abld to attend to his popular work. EVERETT Rankin, who has been working In the chemistry department of the T^yon Zinc company at lola, has secured a good position with a zinc mining company. Mr. nankin's duties are to make tests of all ore received by the smelter companies.- Plttsburg Headlight "GIP- Gaylord, foreman at the Prime 'Wlestem smelter at Gas City, has resigned and today left for Bartlesville, where he will take up work in the smelters at that place.—Pitta burg Headlight ANOTHER biqck of the Prime Wes- •ern smelter number two at Gas City was closed dowit WMnesday morning. This leaves bat one block nininiog at the works. The company Is faring no reason for the closlitg down of these bk>cks.r-PitUbttrf HeadU^. Christmas Trees 3 to 4 feet tall each 25e Christmas Trees 4 to 6 feet tell each 50c Christmas Trees 6 to 8 feet tall each 75c Christmas Trees 8 to 10 feet tall each tlM Handsome Holly Wreaths each... 25c Mistletoe in bunches at 5, 10, 15, S5c Holiday Boxed Papers, the 50c quality; our price 35c Boy's Hooks, cloth bound, by Henty and Alger i'Jc Girls' Books, cloth bound. Mistletoe and Princess series, each 25c Post Card Albums.. 10, W, 25, M, 50c Fine Assortment Xmas Tree Ornaments 5, 10, 15c Tinsel 5c a yard and up. Best Grade Bulk Perfumes, all kinds. per oz 50c Best Grade Sachet Powders, per oz 85e Candy Boxes, H lb size. 2 for ....Se Candy Boxes, 1 lb size, 3 for ....lOe Candy Boxes, 1 lb bon bon, each ..5c Candy Boxes, 2 lb size, each 8c Candy Boxes, 5 lb size each lOe Handmade Waste Baskets 45, 75, MO, 85c 91.00 and $1.35 Big Assortment ac Xmas and New Year Post Cards, 2 for 5c Xmas and New Year Booklets, each with envelopes 5, 10,15 and 20c Red Paper Xmas Bells Ic, S for 10c, 10c, 15e, 25e, and 40e Plaques. Picture Frames, Boxes, -etc., for burnt wood work, stamped ready for burning 5c to Dressed Dolls from 10c ap Holly Crepe Paper in 10-foot bolts each 18c Holly Glove and Scarf Boxes, each lOe Holly Handkerchief Boxes, each .15e Complete Line of Mechanical Toys . 25c, SOc, 75e, and «.25 Magic Lanterns . .SOc, 75c, $4.75, $5.73 Go-Carts lor Dolls 25c, S9c, $1J9, $2.29 and $S.M Toy Sets for Dishes ... 10c, 15r, 35c, SOe, SOc aad 6$e Games of all kinds S, 10, SS, 50e, $LS» ' Game of Flineh. I'm a Millionaire, Soo Solitaire and Din (all 50c games) 4«e Toy Pianos 25e and 5$e Santa Masks lOe and S5e Xmas Candles, 36 in box 12© Xmas Candle Holders, per doz ..15e Framed Pictures, easily worth SOc our price 2 *8 1 Toy Wagons 10,15, 35, S5c, $1J25, $1JS Toy Steel AVheel Barrows (a IliS, Item) 8»e Beautiful Haviland Cups and Sancers We and 75e Doll Chairs l#e • Child's Morris Chairs Fine Toned Imported Music Boxes 7«e aad ILSi^ Superb Embossed Calendars, each Me Steel Velocipedes $2.00, $£«• aad lUM Doll Shoes, Slippers and Saadals ;.- lOe, ISe, 83e Mr ; :rr1 II West Nodiaoo Avenge

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