Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1908
Page 6
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(Codttniaed trom page 1) beld nprber mas In token ^of snrren' der. Tii^ the stooped and It wts4 SMB that sbe was holding her mother. Pratt had dropped Into the water onjthe off side t9 protect herself from the bullets. Both boats were thim near the north pier of the Winner bridge and Captain Wbitsett ordered the pilot to rnn ashore, A Dying Child tinder the Canvas. AX|><nf tef IS: 'and fWUIlam M. U& Coy, flabermenl came alongside the skiff anii lifted Mrs. Pratt h-om the wat^r. To thim wu left the discov ery<of the final tragedy of the after noon. Beneath .the little canvas cab m they saw liola Pratt lying on a mat tresii. A rifle fball bad shattered hei lower Jaw. Moaning with pain. Lnlii clan>ed her hands as If In app'e .11, bni she shed not a tear as the fisherman lifted her Into his boat. The shallow watfir «bu£l not permit Jandfng there and the prisoner was taken ashore In the skiff. Mrs. Pratt and the 11-year old >ia»y showed not. a trace of emo tlon.- ' "Ky poor chJlA Is dead," Mrs. Prat said to Captain mitsett "But." sho quickly added, "she died In her faith and.! am glad." ' FOE C058TIPATI0JI-. A WedlrH" fhnf T)or« >nt Tost Any thing Unless It fares. THB WEATHIR. FerMaat for Kinaaa:' rairfshlsMr^ rain or. snow Thiiraday* Data recorded at local offlCBi V. 8. Weather Bureau yesterday, today a year ago: Yesterday Tr. ago 3 p. m. 50 i.p. m. >....48 tf. p. m. ...38 »'p. m .'...36 1 Q ' p. m .35 u! midnight 32 Maximum temperature ....32 Mhil.mnm temperature ....51 Pr^tpltatlon, 7 p. m. ..... 0 Today Yr. 2 a. m, .......33 4 a. m. 33 6 a. m. ;....32 30 40 49 .0 a. 8 a. m. .... io a. m 12 noon Precipitation, 63: 6S 69 671 52 48 43 64 «: ago! 45 45 44 42 39 36] 7 a. m. .01 HAD A CONFERENCE of ft Ton 5 !Tjff <>r from fy >ns >Ipf»Mnn any fnrm whsfpvpr. nruto or fhron' we will pijnr^ntec to sunplv you meA- Ipfne-fhat .will ?iirp'v pff'«»t a rnrp tak*m wJfh rosulrHfy ?nrt aprfydin to dirPCtloT'? fr"" ^ reasoiinWp I PH'^ K of ffnie. Rhontrt tiip n'<vficfnp fnll f bpnefit Tou to vnnr pnMrp onHefTcfion we.rromlse that it shall cost you nothlnir •• No other rcmedv can be comiiarcd with' Rexall Ordcrllp«! for the easy pleasant and siiccps«ful trontment constipation. The active ineilipinni In frredlent of this renierlv which odorless, tasteless nnd color'PBs. Is HP entlfely new discovery. Combined with other extremely valuable Initrp- dlenfs. It forms a' preparation which Is Incnmpanible ns, a perfect bowe' regulator, InfeFllnal Invlirorator nn<J strenjfthener. nexal! Orderlies arr notable for their nBrcenhlenefs to ih palate and gsntleness of oftioii Thnv do not cause (rrlplnfr or any dlsoKrce- able affect or Inconvenience and may be taken at any time, dav or ntcht. We partlcu'arlv recommoml Rexal Orderlies for children, delicate or aged persons because thev do not con tain anything rhnt could ptisslblv I.n Jure the most delicate nrsanism The are inst as-easy to t.-ike as c'indy. and unlike other nreijaratlnns for a Ilk purpose they do not crea'e a habit, bn instead they overcome the cause o hikiUs acnnlred fhroiirt Ih* use ordinary laxatives, cathartics anrt harsh p]iysic, and nernianently renjov the'ciause of constipation or irregular bowel action. We want you to trv Rexall Order lies at our risk. We know that there Is nothing that will do vou »o mup? good, and we will refund your monev witljont argument If they do not do as we say they wi'I. They are prepared in tablet form in two of packages: .'ifi tablets 2.'»c. and 12 teb lets, 10c. S. R. Bnrrell. The Rexal Store, Wiest Side Square. WAS NO LIGHT THERE BECAUSE OF A\ ALLEGED ITfSAFI WAXK, CITT SUED FOR DAJfAGES DBTld Osbom Says Accident He Set With Wa.s Fault of Tlty—He Wants $.y)0. Claiming that the municipality ha'i left a walk at the intersection ot Broadway and Cottonwood srecta lii an unsafe condition and that whib reluming home about aeven o'clock on the evening of Ociober 26lh lant, h< fell at this point breaking, brulslnp and Haceratlng hlu UU unn ut the elbow, David Osborn h.-iK bCKUu suli against the city c.f l^la for t &OU dam af9s. Mr,>Osborn lfve& ut -113 South Third Street According to the petition, tb' walk in question lln» on -the south side of East Broadway and Intersects South-Cottonwood street eight Inches above the curbing, or making a step down to the paving of about 12 inches. The petitioner diarges that this walk was laid five months ago but that nc lamp or light has been placed there tttat-one might see the "step off." On tbe iBvtiilng of October 26th he says he -WM anroate home, and because of .tbe'Car»laaBly oonstructed • walk and ttie »bsettC9 of any light he fell wfaUe •tDnPtas 'fnRn the walk to the street rM<»lTtoc- the injuries named above. He tfejagf the cUy was negligei^t in al- tnrlBg'tj^e-walk to,bo so built and in teTlsr BO Ugbt there, and wants to reoovfr damagea. He figures that there la doe him for the ac^dent $160 tor loaa of tlnv, $10 doctor bill, and 1240 fw aiental distress and snffer- TAFT A5D "UXCLE JOE"'MET 15 WASHDfGTOS TODAY; Both Will Meet Committee on Ways and Means and Then Besnlt.of Talk Win Be Told. We present yoawlth a purchase check to the amount of $50 tu apply on your piano purchase. THIS OFFER-VVILL LAST ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS DOJfT HESITATE TO BUY A PIAXO, WE WILL TAKE CAKE OF YOU THUOUGH THICK AND THI>. Bemember, tiiese purchase checks we give yon are good for $50 on any new pjano in our store, and this amount will be deducted from the rcg. uhir prke. ' You will he convinced ihut you eun crt a better pbino of us for Less Money than anywhere in Ihe country, if you TISII our store. Xo Piano house can hare better bnslnrss assets than a lot of satisfied buyers. Washington, Dec 9—Presl'dent-elect Taft and Speaker Cannon had a conference of an hour and a half at the Hcardman residence where Mr. Taft is •u guest today. At its conclusion each lartlclpant announced that an arrange iiient had been made whereby Mr. Taft i .as to meet the Republican members if the house committee on ways and :i !ean8 tomorrow afternoon, after which a statement would be issued. A WRITTEN OPINION C. H. Apt, Assistant County Attorney, To Give One on How Election Expenses Shall be Paid. The county commissioners havo ask; "d Assistant County Attorney C. H.' .\pt for a written opinion as i «o, howj the expenses of elections shall be| paid. The Register told yesterday | of an old law having been dug up; which provides that each township; iind city shall pay the expenses of its! own election instead of the election! bning paid out of the general county ••'ind. This morning Mt. Apt was call 4 in by the commissioners and asked for an opinion. Mr. Apt saild he did :iot think the cost would vary much 'mder the new plan, but seemed to hink the law should be followed. He was then asked for a written opinion and will probably have It rfady to present to the board some lime this afternoon. TAFT TO STAY IN. Consents to Remain at Head of Red Cross Society. Washington. Dec 9.—At the annu- iT meeting of the American Red Cross .'ociety here today it was announced hat President-elect William H. Taft h^d consented to be a candidate for president of the society if it should be the desire of the members for him continue in the office which he now holds. Mr. Taft returned here from New York this afternoon and jWent directly to the meeting of the society. TO PLAY YATES CENTER. Auditorium Basket Ball Team to Oo by Auto. The Auditorium basket ball team will go to Yates Center Friday evening for a game with the High school te^ of that city. The game will be ila>-ed In the skating rink. The Auditorium team will make the trip to and from the center In an automobile. Mfa handle the finest line ef Planes ever shewn \ in the state of Kansas, such old malces as the Kimball, Bush &. Qerts, Everett, Harvard, Merrifield, Farrand, Whitney, Columbus, Chlckerln^ Bros., Strauss, and a host of others. WE SELL THE ABOVE MAKES OF PIANOS OX PAYMEMS OF $5 PEB MOXTH AND UP. The aim of The Roberts Piano <«. has hern to sell the best grades of Pianos, and to conduct their business 80 that in eslimation nnd ronfidonce no one can surpass them. >o matter how high your muhiral fttondard. it can be satisfied here. We sell Pbinos of Quality, and ut prices, asked by many dealers for pbinoH of Inferior or ordinary rulue. on: STRO>GEST I {t:rO .WME.\DA- TIO.NS AKi: Tin: HODREDS OF SATLSKIEII (I STO.MEKS. Tbr ppopir w ho buy of us become iriendl} and hiflncnliul in promoting our business tiiid irealinir confidence. The lines of pianos we sell are known lo piery one. »e furnish wilh rtery i'iuno we .sell a .Mre .Scarf, Stool und Book of In- stniclion Free of Charirc. if, }ou huvc uu old plauo or an organ you would like us lo ucropt in cxchuuKCf as piirt piiyment on a new pluno. III UH know where It is and ue will niiikc n valuation free of charge. , I)n not Irt opportunity go by. Come in and select your i'hino while the slock is large and fresh. .He have some of the prettiest Piano: you ever saw. Only one Fifty Dollar Check to he applied on each Plnno. Call and .see our select line. «/. Kr Raberts Piano House t2 HORTH WAMHiMQTOM STORE OPEN EVEHmaS TO KEEP PEACE IN CUBA. Troops Probably Will Not Be Withdrawn Until April. Washington, Dec. 9.—A change,has taken p.lace In the programme of the administration for the withdrawal of American troops from Cuba. Iiuslcad of the movement terminating January 28, when the new president is to" be lnaugurated,\as heretofore announced by Secretary Wright, the withdrawal near as practicable with the president's yacht Mayflower, in the samo position as upon the departure of the j Kansas fleet is to meet the battleships out iu I the Atlantic and escort them home. CUT OCT OXE OFFICE. PAYS OFF A BIG STATE DEBT. But It's Just From One Like Transferring Pocket to Another. It Educational Commission Thinks Office of County ^S^pe^in- tendeut Should Xot Be in Politics. Topeka, Dec. 9.—'State Treasurer.port. Topeka. Dec. J».— (;overnor HocUs 'otatn cducatioDal ronuuission. whose luenibers ;ue working for the love i»f the thing, after an exliauBtive study of the present school laws and the need:; of the schools, has completed its re- will be more gradual, and according j Mark Tully today paid off $18,000 ofj The work of the commission, togeth- to the present rulo April. American troops for service In the programme will run j state bonds. It was like taklnp; lhe|cr witli Its recommendations, will I>e' money out of one pock«>t and puttingiprjntrd in buTetin form and dlstribut- wiU lie avallablf Island durinr «ho cd by the state superlntendcnl of I 'SC I H'D I H It ronlains much f<K>d foi KOBBERS WERE SCARED AWAY. \nd Serored no Booty From the Bank at Maize. It In another. The treasurer simply transferred transition from the provisional to thr>;the money from the general fund to n,,. t|,oii:-.lit of members of the coniiiis regular government, and for a reason-i ihe state school fund, which own<'d | |,.j.j,.il;,i„,,.. Twenty-two (llffereiii able time following, so that if dlsor-;'he bomls. This etits the statc'a bond-, pnipoHldiuiK arc illscusscd and nio.^t ders arlso Ihey will b" (Jn hand for|''d Indebtedness down to $60.'i,(i(i(i nnc||,,|- t|„.|„ oill for jeKUJiiiion. The sub- duty, i il Is all hold by the slate school fund. jjf.riH ((iv .-nd In the rejMjrt follow: . II. would only rei|ulro one-third of nj (.diicailniiiil r .oininlsHloii lo be PRESIDENT WILL GREET FLEET, mill lax levy for one year lo wlp'-; pi.,vldi il for lc«l»liiilve risoliiiiiiu. Made Arrangements Are Now Being for Its Reception. \H\\C \\ n small debt. Washington. Dec. 9^- i^reaident j itooscvelt will welcome the battleship wl |i ''j pi.,vldi-d out the entire bonded ilebi of ilicj A loii>:<r ir-rm for ruruli Kchools. and r.fntr-. No state In tho country has j Ht.iic aid for weak dlntrlclH. Wichita, Kas., Dec. 9.—It develojied oday that robbers who broke Into the ^tate bank of Maize near here at mld- Ight last night were scared off without securing any booty. It was re- i)orted fast night that the men had ecured six thousand dollars. Curtis in Washington. fleet on Its return to Hampton Roads j Washington. Dec. 9.—Senator Chan.! periods, from Its cruise around the world Curtis of Kansis was at* the White' about noon on Februao' 22nd. De-. House today, accompanied by Rich- tails are now being worked out by the ' ard Ilaydcn, and discussed with tho navy department. j president a possible appointment to The exercises will lake place as the consular service for Kansas. ('(•riKolid:illon of schools. Kiiccliil aid for certain dlHlrlcts. lOmiiloynient of teachers for longer j InsiiociioM of schools (sanitary). Certification of teachers. Compulsory education. Clerks for county superintendents and closer supervision of countrj schools. School libraries nnd equipment. A change in the date of annual iichwl meetings. -Normal courses in high schools. Agriculture in high schoofB. / Fire drilis. Iti'Suliitioii relative to the construction ct school huildiugs. County diploma examination. Take the office of county superintendent out of politics. A larijer unit of school organization. The Barnes law. Inspector.s of schools. County superiutenduuts' annual raeriiui;. A iiuiforiu I .1W relating tb the 'slza anil oiKiuiizniion of l>onrds of educft* tloil. l£OAU, (|•|r.^l Tubllshcd Doc, 8. 1908.) AD.>fl>I.STRAT0K'8 JIOTICE. .male of Kansas; Allen County, so. In tho tnalter of.llio estot* of J. N. tMir, late of Allen county, Kansas. Xotlce of Appaintnent. Notice Is hereby ghreh, tliat on the Sth day of Dccemhor, A. D. 1908. the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the Estate of J. N. Deer," late of Allen County, Kansas. All parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. M.G; ROBINSON, 12-8-15-2^ ^ Admlnifltcatbr, oooooocoooooooooo o 9K0TICE TO COBBESFOSTDEKTS. « 9 ^- e Tbe Begister desires each ear- O O.req ^Bdent to IMUI la kls ar-lier P " MM at DBM wItt tta paitoffke P< •dfivaa s»d the BUM ^of tibf P O MWUwrfeood rlyrMciited; P O Pteaae da tUa at aan as rwr-O O dedra to ahtato the above faeU P O fer tapertapt rrasois. " OPPPPPPPPOPPPOPP.^ Sale on Boys' Overcoats |:||I35j^8 WATT Ye>Ui$ bp AGE. ..-..T-i,

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