Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1907
Page 4
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Tiib lou Diariaeisina CHABLB8 F. scon Rei«]>rtera' Sop^ TJ.:. .V. .........822 Budneu Oflke 18 GWTSALE EntcrJBd at lola, Kansaa, Posto (Bc«, w Second-class Hatter. AdvertlBing Rates Made Known on Application. I Mi — ' >. •gBBB^geaaeB—B suBSCBiFnoir BATES. By Carrier In lola. Gas Citjr, Laayn- tnie or La Harpe. One Week .......10 centa One Month ....44 cents One Tear $6.00 Br Hafl. One Tear. In advance .'...f4 .<)0 -Three Months, In advance ......|1.00 One Month, in advance .44 •IBSB^ III ' !.' ' OFFICIAL FAPEB^CITT 0^ BAS.| X£MBEB OF ASSOCIATED iPAES& Tka lola Dallr Register b • iaeaber •( the Associated Press aad Becoivca tke day report if that great New* or^ gsBbatlon for ExclnslTe Afteni PablkaUoa la lola. For this present will not wejsk's selling we have arranged sonie tempting bargains for your inspection. Every item listed will make a suitable and they are all of the substantial order, something that will be lasting and bring many kind thoughts for the giver. Space permit enumerating all the items but you can come assured the values are here €Uid every one at a tempting price. NEWS OF LA HARPE MAST TEACHERS WILL ^TTEXD MEETINGS IX TOPEKA. 0. r E. S. ELECTS OFFICERS ADOLPII BKOEKER CALLED TO XEYADA BY ILLNESS OF FATHEB. Miss Bessie Witt Married—Two Wed- j dings to Occnr Christmas. Elected OiTirers. ,• The local order of the Eastern Star elected officers for the insuing term at their regular ipeeting held Jast Friday night. Philip Coblentz ^as initiated. The minor officers will be a]>pointed at the next meeting. -The officers: Mrs. J. F. McGill, wor.lhy ma- tran; Mrs. C. D. MullAi, worthy patron; Dr. J. F. McGlU, secretary; Mr. Phii Coblentz, treaaurfer; Mri. Leon Wasson, conductor; Mrs. EsCes, assistant conductor. Cluldren's Shoes CSp ShoeiB, reduced to .W ^S 7»c Shoes, reduced to <»t ><i 85c Shoes, reduced to Int$1.00 Shoes, reduced to -^.-^'Xt $1.25 Shoes, reduced to $1.50 Shoes, reduced to i4il.!<29 $1.75 Shoes, reduced to ^^I'^^i $2.00 Shoes, reduced to ijtl.<>.> $2.50 Shoes, reduced to $!3.19 $3.00 Shoes, reduced to Ladies' $2.00 quality Shoes, button or lAce, light or heavy soles, special for this .sfilc $1.79 $2.50 Slu)«s. lii;ht or heavy solo. cori"';p boots or roKulur pattern shoes special prlco for this sale.. . .S^.IO $3.00 Slim \ :>«;lit or liravy sole. In all lealhiMS, i cial price for thin sjile «3.<W $3.50 Shoes, in all quality leathers, patent colt, gun metal, kid and semi- glazed kid, light and heavy sole, a special price for this sale $^{.15 $4.00 Shoes, In patent colt skin, with heavy sole, plain toe and tip styles, special price for this salei $3.!<2o $5.00 quality patent kid, French heel Shoes, turn sole, full dress shoes, button or lace, special price for this sale $1.15 Ijidlcs' good quality itul )ber8, low front medium weight, all sizes, special price for this sale 4.1^ I'irst quality Itubbers*. high or low Insiep, special price, pair, ."iTC I^niilos" Alnska.s, Ileece lined all sl/.e^ spooliil sale price H^t Ladles'Odd Coats at about half price; heavy selling has caused the accumulation of a good many odd coats, especially in the better qualities. We have grouped all the odd coats together and you'll be su rfoised at the value In these garments. We quote just a few prices to give you an Idea of the reduction on them. We have a few black coats, silk braid trimmed satin lined , yoke, cuffs broadcloth semi-iltted. the prettiest niting coat you evor saw: lint we have just a few odd sixes h ft and .von can have your choice for lt?ll.!i."» After Supper Sale No. 2 'Battenbnrg 8carfs, Battenburg Lunch Cloths and Drawn Work Lunch Cloths, one-hSilf gross, 72 pieces of the prettiest and daintiest work you ever saws to sell at ?1.50 and $1.7o, that's the price they ordinarily sell for. They are all good patterns, not a bad one in the lot. See them in the. north window. On sale Tuesday evening at 7:30. Choice .9BO co.m «i85. Children's Sample: Coats in blue, rod; and green, mixed i plaids and stripes. These Coats were made to retail at $5.00 and $7.50, but they are samples, all in perfect condition, coats that you will admire and for tijls wef>k only we will sell them at ...j|;2.8.'> 'fl r-' Adolph Brockcr's Father IlL Adolph Broeker left yesterday for Nevada, Mo., in answer to a tiflegram announcing the serious Illness of his father. He was accompanied by Robert and Miss Mary Macolb. Jffiss Bessie.Witt .Mnrriedi The many friend? of Miss Hessie j Witt were surprised yesterday jlo receive the announcement of her' marriage to John Cowcll, of Independence, last Thursday.. Miss Witt is well known here, having a hOst of friends who wish her much happiness. Mr. and Mrs. Cowell will reside at In- dei>eudence. Teachers Will Go to Tojieka. Many of the IA Harpe teachcBS are planning on attending the State Teach era' Association which will be; held in Topeka December 26th. The teachers from here who will go will leave Wednesday afternoon on the tiorth bound Santa Fe. • Mrs. Til)I>cr Enlertained. • Mrs. J. H. Vjbber entertained relatives last Saturday evening, at ckrds. Whist was played at six tables. - Re- ^Ireshments were served. .Tapanese Waste I 'ajicr Uaskcts at onc-liajt price. . _ '• The 75c quality will \jc 58(^ Sl.'H) ones reduced to '. .10^ And the $1.,'.0 quality will be 't.'ic One lot of Dolls, v.-ilues up to 25c: some are soiled from handling. Choice of the lot • .1ft Ladies OSford HoW Xock Ties in blue, red and browu. Price !()<!• Fancy Hack Conibsi a 50c value In dark color, gilt trlnim<ed and set with brilliants. Special prlc 's ^5© 27x54 Velvet Rugs, worth up to $1.75 Choice of the lot $1.19 One lot of 25; Tiliow Tops, three li.itlorns to .<e!t'Cl from. Choice of the lot Ot; l^tdies" Jersey Fleece Lined T.,eg- gins, part l)uttons; jjricc T.lC Full button length $1.0() I>adles 7 or 10 button length CaiNMs in black; all sizes; price 3t"56 odd I'icces of Ornamental, Dccora- tivi- and UseHil China, all at about half Iho original price. Christmas Hells, made of red tissue p:il>er ."i, l."*. 1^0 and l^.l^ Men's Pongenette -Imitation Silk ITandkerr-hiefs with embroidered initial, all letters; price JOti Childrttr.s Linen A a few slory books; lot , H C Iliuks and choice of ilie 25c ;in<l ?.'>c I-nce Collars in while. Ilie be^llne of Liice Collars we have over shown at these prices. Choice of the lot during this sale I LesKlns for Children, black flocre lined, full button length, all sizes from 6 to i:; year.-:. Trice .'SOe Chi'.<lreus I'nderwear in cream or grey. a!l sizes in some styles; clioico of the lot 19c* Children's Grey l.'nion Suits; values u;) to u 'ic. Choice of the lot J {9C One lot of Ladies' Grey Plaid Coats loose fitting, well tj-immed, a splendid Coat for youag la'dies' school wear; not a one in the lot bnt what is worth more than double the price asked for them but they are odd numbers and if you need a goo<l coat at <i snwli price don't ouerlook these. Ciioice S.'J.S.j CniTcnctte Coats at Reduced Prices. $7.50 Rain Coats reduced to ..JS4.7."> $10.00 Rain Coats reduced to Si'j.S.l $I2..50 Rain Coats reduced to ST.CJ.'j $15.00 Itain Coats reduced to JSH.OS $20.00 Uain Coats rc.luced to jBItJ .'i .'i $25 and 27.50 Italn Coats to SJ.l.S.l (Jernian Hlanket Lounging Ftobcs in red. green, pink and blue, cord girdle fashion, trimmed with satin ribbon; regular price $0.00. On sale.. .'i »4.S.> Store open Even- igffsHfi after K Xmasm $12 .50 Odd Coats in brown on sale for $7 .S5. These coats have satin lined yokes l)raid and velvet trimmed, very neatly finished and up to date in every ro;;|.<.'c:. You can have choice of three iiatterns in these for... Ji»7.85 $S.r.O Black Melton Cloth braid and velvet trimmed, full len.cth, loose fitting, "an exceptional value at regular price; buy them in this sale at $5.35 Uidics' Long niack Chiffon Broadcloth Co.-ts. tight fitting. This style coat is a simple tailored .garment, but an extra nice i)iecc of cloth; a $20.00 value on sale for S13.75 $25.00 Chiffon IJroadcloth, L,oose- filting Coat in black, broad Gibson shoulder. elaI)orateiy trimmed with silk braids. Ituy it during this sale for S;2C.85 $3JM Rain Coats for $1.19. Cliildrrn's Rain Coats in all sizes; choice of the lot $1.19 lieauiiful I..ace Robes in white, blue; brown and black; semi-made, trimmed with ribbon and lace. Prfces from $8..>0 TO .$'^5.00 FIRST DISTRICT IMECTING. j ilal elector, two delosates to the Ite- I j I publican National convention and ii Republicans Will Meet i in Topeka on candidate for Cbugress. U Is ex- December 30. : j i)ccted that the First district i)ri- ; jniary will be held early, probably in Topeka, Dec. 10.—Arthur Clipper. February. It wil! undoubtedly be held chairman of the Repu |)lic4n Central In February if the state committeu coramlit(»e for the First coijgr?ssional calls a state convention to ba held district, has c.illed a meetfng of the in March, as is now expected. committee to be he'd in "Copeka Dc-' : cember 30, two days after: the meeting of the state committee. Tl:e; Get your Sanitol now. as this Is congressional committee wi'l call a your last chance to get $2.70 worth direct primary for the First district for $1. Deal closes December to nontlnate a candidate for prv >siden- J. D. Mundis & Co. Ql'AlL SEASON OVEIL liarce Xumber of Hnnters Spent Sat- nrdsy Ilnnthip. The quail hunting !<eason ended yesterday or rather ended Saturday as hunting on Sunday Is regarded as II- le,^al. The season covered the period from November 15th to December 15th Saturday an unu^nallv large number TO TAKE LID OFF Commissioner Royce Says the Bankers' Panic is Almost Thing of The Past HELP HEPBURN LAW lOaaE DUJEOTORY. KMGIITS OF MACfABKES.— , j Knights of .Maccabees of the World J. B. Case Wants Kansas Commercial «."""' ^^'^H'^ r?..h t„ P„rfnr.- B II Q Saiurd.ny nights in each month. J. Club to Endorse Bill now Before jw. p„stwalt. commander; R. 15. Por- Congress. Cnpid WiU CalL It has been announced that cupid will make a fashionable call Christmas day. It is said that his influence has proceeded him and ^iready many of the joung people of this city have j fallen Into the way^ of this sly crea- tsre. Two weddings have been .an- nd^inced for Christmas day. Personals. .T. T. Baron, j3f Elsmore. was here ' iesterday on a'business visit. W. P. Finger, of Sawyerj Kas.. <vas I here Saturday on real estate business. Mr. and Mrs. Nate Ketchera retirrn- . ed 'yesterday from Moran where they ' visited Mr. Ketchem's re'atives. Miss Zoe Pagett who has been very lU for the past week Is said to b^ a great deal better today. Tsaac Oaylon, of Parsons, was _ In the city S:tturday looking after properly Interests. He is owner of the ! building now occupied by the Intfer- national Drug company. ; Earl Stanley left yesterday for a few days' visit with relatives In the central part of the state. ^Witen winds shriek high in fiend&h glee, ; And enlers winter with his key i Protect yqurself, from dlRcase be free; TakeHoUlster's Rocky Mounta^in Tea. Burrell's Drug StoSe. IREV. O. H. MANLEY IN CALCUTTA Former Gas City Pastor-a Miasion- ' ary.-' D. H. Manley and wife are now at Calcutta. India, where Mr. Manley Is professor of EngitBh in the MethodUt college at tliat city. 'Mr. Hanleir w^ formerly of Lawrence, then of Bak<d- •"tailverslty. and then a Methodist pastor,, He took OpiTnlsskmary work ami arrived .«t jpa'fflitta October 28 lasi with hte^vaa jud baby.—Oskaloos^ Independoi^ V Energy for breakfast to start the day. Sustenance for lunch to carry you through. Rest and renewed strength at close of day. The food ideal for every meal. Uneeda Biscuit Topeka, Dec. IC—'"Kansas banks are now ready to take 'the lid off,'" , says Joint Q. Royce. state bank com-, 'orthlof Niinrods were out wishing to take j niissionor in the course of a lengthy j 31st, ladvanirtge of the last day for the statonieut re.gardir.g Kansas banking| sport. conditions. "It is my opinion that the bankers' panic is about over. They have taken care of themselves." Mr, Royce's statement was made after a careful examination of the ret ports of financial condition made In r ;-siK )nse to his ca'l on the state banks December 3. In the course of the statement he gives much good .n'dvice to people who want to with*] !<lraw their funds froiii banks, suggesting that they Instead take bonds or .securities for their money and hoard j the securities:. This he Ea>-s would not,hurt the community. His state- merit is in "art as follows: "The restriction.s which hare prevented the depositor from withdraw- in;; his money from the banks as as he thought Tie wanted it, have rerved to alarm depo.-itors to a greater extent than may be Imagined by those who are not familiar with the] fnct."?. Many dppositors have already' More nutritious other wheat food.' than any k I In moistun and * dust proof paekages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Topeka, Doc. 16.—An effort Is being made by J. B. Case, president of the Trans-Mississippi Congress, to have Commercial clubs and other similar organizations of business men through out Kan^sas unite in endorsing the bill now pending before Congress to strengthen the Hepburn rate law by Increasing the authority of the Inter- Stale Commerce Commission. As the law standi at present the commission I;; not empowered to pass upon the reasonableness of a rate, however un- jirst it may be, prior to the tariff becoming effective. 'Railroads simply fiie their new tariffs 30 days in advance of their becoming effective and it they are regu'ar as to form the commission must accept them. At the meeting of the Trans-Mississippi Congress at Muskoge.s early in November a resolution was adapted calling for an amendment providing that shippers must be notified of pro posed changes in rates and on complaint must be given a hearing as to the reasonablaness of the proposed rate before it becomes effective. A bill covering this proposed amend- trr, record keeper. W. 0. W..—Camp No. 101 meeU l« K. of P. Hall every Friday night "W, T. Steele. C. C; A.H.D»«^ Cleif Visitors cordially Invltetf. KSIGHTS «F PITHIAS^*- oah-. Lodge No. 43 meets arery <)1> m night at K. of P. Hall. VlslU « bro thera invited. W.S.Thompson, IJ .C; Chris Ritter, K. of R. and 8. M. W. A.r-The M. W, A. Lodge meets every Friday night in M. W. A hall. Visiting brothers invited. W.H. Anderson. V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clorlf. BOTAL MIGHBOKS.—lola Cami. jNo. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets 8o«v ond .and fourth Tuesdays of ea<u^ month. Mrs. P. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Button. 413 ICiZitX, Recorder. withdratrn their deposits and the ment has been introduced in Con Rev. of the Gas: well known i Jformeriy pastoi' church and is forthcoming r ?port will show that de- tiositi have been reduced by several millions of dollars and there are doubt less many w^o are only awaiting the raisins of the lid to further reduce deposits. The dapoBitor shou'd think twice before withdrawing %ctnal cash from the hank for hoanling purposes. Com.- inerelal Interests require that all of the money be kept in circulation and every man who hides away any amount of actual money reduced the circulating medium to that extent and his act may seriously Interfere wltn business. No man should question the rieht of any depositor to withdraw Ms deooBlt from any bank, solvent or Insolvent, hut If it la withdrawn for the purime of hiding away In A Fnfcty dsposit vault It should be In the form of some valuable mortgage or other Interest bearing secuilty and the e.cttia' mone>' should remain In the banks to seiTe the purpose for which It has been created by law." gross with the endorsement of the Inter-State Commerce Commission and it hj this bill which .Mr. Case is attempting to Interest business organi- zatlon.S in. The •ijpeka Conimerciiil club has already adopted resolutions In favor of the amendmant. FBATERXAL BBOTHBBHOOD.-^ Fraternal Brotherlux>d No. 3S0 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month la A.O.TT.W. HalL Visiting members cordialy Invited. '"W.H.An­ derson, president; Golda EHam, secre* tary. BRYAN AT WICHITA. Nebraskan and Governor Haskell to Help Organize Bi^ Club. You know as well as any one when you need somthing to regulate your system. If your bowels aVe sluggish, your food distresses you, your kidneys pain, take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea. It always relieves. 35 cenU. TeaTir. Tablets. - Burfell's Drag Store. Wichita. Dec. IC—W. J. Bryan and Oovernor C. N. Haskell, of Oklahoma, will he the principal speakers at a big me?tlng to be held here Friday evening for the purpose of organizing a monster Domocratic club, modelled sometfilng after the famous old "Bandana club," at Leavenworth, which was for years a power in Kansas politics. The executive committee which in in charge of the work Is composed ofj. D. Houston, H. J. Hagny, A. J. Christman' and A. E. Jacqnes. The plan for the organization of the club Is. proving very popular among local Denracrats and the c'ub is now expected to have the largest membership of any organization in the l^is- tory of Wichita. Governor Haskell will prcsixle at. the meeting Friday night Junior Order Cnited Amerleam Me^ chsnks*—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. HalL A» visiting members invited. R. A. Widick. Councelor; C. B. Black, Bee. Secretary. ; BUSntESS OnEOTORY JEWELEStS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East street BTABOIER. Complete court at the best school for stammerers in America at one* half price this (all and winter. Wlilte for intonaatiOQ at once. McKle School for Stammerere, 8706 East 12tli Street Kansaa City. Mc. POLAR BEAR Has Stood t&e Test Because its i&ie Best Acce|)t No Otbei - Win.Obefdoff; Agt i 5

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