Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1908
Page 5
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DEPOSITS Jane 16,1908 | 6,730 31 July 1,1908... 13,662; 29 August 1,1908. 17,178 57 Sepjiember 1, 1908. 28,971 48 Pttbber ;l, 1908. 24,068 89 November 1,1908 ..... 38,646 96 December 1,1908 .1 44,704 90 Open^ for business June 16, 1908 S0BiB iavlngB Batik OpcB frmn 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights Cbrisf mas PofttCardft r ^HIPnifeTA68 . , VkME CABDS 8TICKEB8 SEALS CAOamAB FADS A Xiee SelecUoB at 9PENCER'9 SOMETHING NEW Jre th^aeliijidsiy Oaieo .Inverted 0«s Ii «mpB. Ask to see them. GcMral CoBtnctvr. Flagstone aaSl Cetdent Sidewalks: and Curbins at Specialty. OIBM lit East 'scksoi Are. Pho«»t84. REAL BARGAINS IN We most have the for our book aad stationery basi- pess 89 the'bilaace of onr Hand Painted " China, Glassware, Statuary, Pictures, Dressing Cases, Toilet Boxes, Every fiact of these gocds, antt go at some price. Watch our Windows CMt af UMUWI. ' Not ioclodlBs tte ahOTiira fcaa. tke cost of tbo ballota and a few minor Items, the expense of the .general election in Allen county was |6G9. The bills were, allowed yesterday.- Ot this amount County Clerk Cnlbertaon was paid $63 for sending ont eertlflcates of election to i the saoceasfnl candidates. / —See the line of fine Cut Glass for Christmas at Bnrrell's drug store. Northrwp Knew Him. J. S. Chick, the banker Irbo died in Kansas City day before yesterday was a close friend ot tbe late L. U Nortb- rup. The latter was a stockholder In Mr. Chick's bank for a namber of years. i —Look at the Onr Way window. » InaUlllnfl Bellar. A new boiler has been installed. In the T. M. C. A. bnlldlns to beat, the water In the awlmmlnK pool. The aeje- retary and the Janitor are doins the work o| InstallioK the bolter. —Law pressare gas kestla^ stares In Off to Oragon. Tony, Upp. who has be^ clerking the iclgar store of tha late Bd. Brode<^n, will leave today for Ptort- land. Ore., to remain permanently. —Mundls: has the Candy. I Misaion Circle Met. The Ladies' Mission Circle of the Second Baptist church were entertain-j ed yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Gordon, wife of the pastor. —Order your Xmas Ewlng A Burdlck. tree, now of Rsblnsen Batter. Prank Robinson, who soent a good part of last summer and fall enloylni selge of typhoid fever. Is sUH im- ptxnrlns. He returned a few daya ago from; a trip south. —See the beautiful thteca In IMeard Hiiad Painted China at Barrell'a Druf Store. No Poor Now. Al Abrams. the poor commissioner, says that he has not hs'l an appeal for aid for four days. Unlesa some one shows up soon he says he believes he will.take a vacation. —Order your Xmas Bwln? A Burdlck. tree now of HilKher to WMtiU. nr. S. S. Hilscher went to Wichita today where he will deliver four lectures on tbe Bible at a meeting of the Sunday school missloD^es of the Presbyterian-church. At this meeting rielecates for tbe states in the Hlss- isslppi valley will be present. —A Gas er Eleetite Bkmi Itmp •ukes a fhe Ckristana C. PlaakiBff Caw Snaeial IWaaUnpiu The flmtJBaaday after the week of pray«>r. Dr. a 8. Hllsdier. pastor ofj the Presbyterian ehordi. expa^ to begin a aeriea of medtlags. Dr. Jarvis of Wlal4d taaa been secnrad^ to assist hlis. Rfwima fnr man. T. If. a A. MMIaf: haakfa r<«r tha K. sir P. , 1>. C. B. C(n» i»t yintepUy for the «^^«^r nart />r th» a^«t« la tfta la-j tercst of the Knlirfito of iMblaa. HP •znaeU to orfeaalaa eappa at CaasT and nulavMHli • Afiar~.vi9*.Masta)frv fha.Mtoats at the Bapablleaa WHiaty •aattal e—iillH— ante oiit yaaterday rMMioK op sons of tba SoMiMleaaa who m eleet«l to ott». Dot '••lo'd^o wtei "bS*: hav« ffellad to par the aoNraat they,"*?" "* wat^ MUL snbacribed to tha campaign fond. tka R. a ^Bimira GMr -^n. Latferot, Osliifaths, M6 Break OrouM at CarthaflO. Dieter ft Weasel, who sectircid tbe contract to bnUd the Tola poatofltoa bonding; have broken gtooad for the poat oBce bolldins at Carthage. The JopUn Oloba says: ' Satreyors rep-; reseating the Dieter ie Wensal Con> stmetkm company of JbpUn. vhlcd haa the dontraet for erecting the Car- thace federal bnUdlnc^jsnrreyed the alto yesterday to detoratlen the lot Ilnea, and 'dijove stakes to deflae the bonndariea of .the baildlnsas a guide for the neiBeaaary excavating: It announced -tiiat ground would be broken, today. T. K. Wood, of thia city, was awarded the anboontraet to do the work of excavating and -will commence • Immediately. —Onr Wa^ window—Look at tt. Viaitin0 In Ottawa. Mfss Ella Pitto came here yesterday afternoon from Tola and will spend a few days In Ottawa before continuing h«r Journey to Moberiy. Mo. • • • Mra. Theodore MelUn came here last eventnic from Humtibldt' and after speadiag the algbt with'North Ottowa frienda. went to WeDsviUe today.—Ottawa Repnbllc. —Onr Way Window* A Beautiful Campus. The campus ot the Unlversltr of Eaaaaa biu grown to be one of the baaatKttl spate ta Xanaaa. It i aprlaaa 170 aeresi aad tbe soparfa-. tendenl of the Kronnds, Mr. B. ¥. Crodter, is davotlns a great deal of attentiOB to baaotlfyinc the landscape. The view from Mt. Oread baa been pronounced the floeat In America. The stately elms that now grace the campus add an effort that never fails to charm and Impress the visitor. •—Look at tfte Onr Way window. MeAdama Files Bond. CommissIoner«Iect G. A. McAdams who Is to succeed T. J. Anderson, came in this morning and filed the $5000 bond required of oommlsalon- era. The bond was signed by ten citizens of Osage township. Reglsterof. Deeds R. L. Thompson approved the bond. —See the Our" Way window. He Foolatf Crouch. . "I am not feeding tramps any more." salr F. V. Crouch this morning. "Yesterday a big stra'pjAng fellow came to my houaa and asked for his dinner. He said be waa' out of work but would work If he bad cbme^ thing to do . I gave him his dinner and then went to the phone,' called up the cement plant and asked if they could use him. They 'said they conld and I showed him the direction. He promised he would go out and go to work. Several days later I called'ap the plant and learned that the young fellow bad not appeared there at al.' wsisn pataittas. pkoaa UXt. Fred Rowdaa. Eari Arnold to Coma. Earl Arnold, who la In bis senior year in the law department of North-^ western Uolverslty, Chicago, Is m- pected home to spend the Christmas holidays with hia pareuta. He will at tend the Baker nnlveralty studento banquet held here on the evening oCj December 29th. —Order yoor Xmaa Ewlng 4b Burdlck. tree now of Continued. The Henry Gamer perjury case which was to have come up today in Justice K O. Houghs court baa been continued for eight days. —FHsveraM tftaraea aa4 Tnasftf Ca. HaaaakaM and piaao •avian iarfest stora rasai ia elty. Attorney Keith. In Town. Win. Keith of Wichita, passed through the' city yesterday enronte to Humboldt in the Interest of the Monarch Portland Cement company. He reporte the constmctlon work to be advahclas as rapidly as possible. —Dr. J. B. F9per, Deatbf, Phaae la WtthlLlErBrawa. Mr. Fred VogeU formerly with tbe BrodersoB dsar-Cactory, haa aeenred See the So |ithbcnd Watch froBcn id ke and keeping pctftct time in frDDtof tai Mdi balldlas C. U WHTTAKliL Ban. .County Assaaaor Chaa. Sdaftoer waa up today fmn Hamholdt:- He he!d a oaofaraaea with' tha J conmis- sloaers wlthregarA to',hls work. i- —Lowney'S aad Lyon's Candy Mnodls dr«f store. DaaH ndak Baap CMKy. "Shote" Tanier the weU known ool ored ball' player of HOsboIdt. hers today.' Ha Is a wftaisaa.^ln the Jadoon' vs. M. J...BaBs6n caae. rshou' doea not believe ttiat P^p B^agor. bis old aide partner'who .la nhder arrest at Cbannte for^steaHiiK 9S. ln;a crap game la guilty.' —Kaxali; Praaaan Water Filters clear tbe water aad kills Ow genasr— K. e. PlamMav Ce. Salt aa a Sate. The Gaa City *8tote bank this morning brought suit agalnat Mra. 8. W. Martin and Mrs. U U. Endlcptt to recover 1368.40 on a prpmliaory note. It Is alleged thai the note waa-made July I7tb. 1808, payable on demand, that demand haa been made for Ite payment but that it is unpaid. —Alwaya time to eat at the Our Way. Br. HBschar la Rev. 8. & Hflaehar. paatpr of (be First Prsabyteriaa ehnreh. ieft today tor Wichita where he will dellvar a iwrlea of foar Bible hKtures before a conference of diurch workers. —Select your Chriatmas Pout Cards now at Burrell's Drug Store. Core la ladepeaieace. Councilman C. B. Core la In Independence where he will spend a brief time In the intereate of the lodge of the Knlgbte of the Protected Ark. Dr. Gore wUl visit In Caney before his return. —Our Way window—Look at It BalUager ITat There. Sheriff CO. Bollinger was unable to aUend the meeting of the Stete Sheriffs' Association now in session at Leavenworth. SpeaUngof the meeting the Leavenworth Times aays: A meeting.of the Kansaa sherifrs association ia to be held this afternoon at the county court house. It is expected that there will be forty or .fifty sherfffs In attendance. Thia gathering la an adjourned meeting from' the meeting at Salioa. The meeting is held here for the purpcibe of giving the' members of the aasoc^atlon an opportunity to visit the penal Institution here. At tbe meeting to be tael4 today the memtierB of the aaaodation wilt dlscnas maters likely to come up before the'legislature at the copilng session. The officers will probably today arrange their plant for the move mente that they propose to Institute In the legislature. Sheriff Brown wl'A probably take 'IP the proposed law esUbllshlng a dS' tentJon home in each county with a corpa of officers and attendants. Brown Is .strongly opposed to-'this measure. He deelarea that It will place an additional burden of.f 10,000 t year on this county if enacted. He proposes to do his' utmost against its passage. —Canalagham A Araett, • per ceaL aiaaey. ^ Mr. Tayiar Mavaa to City. Attorney J. 8. Taylor la today Buying his household gbods from tala farm west-of the river to this dty. t6 to I8S will buy loto In the new town of NEWARK, near Laa VegAs, New Mexico, on tbe main line of Sante Fe. R. R.—imiltaker * Donnell. I Bible Class Maata Tonight 'The Wednesday evening Bible daas will hold their regular meeting at the T. M. C. A. building thia evening. —Watch the Onr Way window.^ ITotiea. Any one having any claims against the Ed Broderaon Cigar Manufactory call at the cigar' atore. P. BRODERBON^ A. BRODERSON. —Six per cent money: no ooounlasion: no delay.—Smith ft Travip. Katiee M. B. A.. Tbe Modem Brotherhood will paeet Thursday evening. December 10..'to elect otfieera for the enaning year. All membara are requested to be praa- ent . By order ot preaident C M. RBTNOLDB.^ AHtoaHaa AU Aatf-Hana Thfaf Asa^ . Toa are rsqnaatad to meat atKarry DacL 9. at 8 p. \9tj taaportant basi> Dee. 9. at 8 p. m. Cery l»portai|t bnai !ieaa a»« lattiaUon. A. H. DAVtS, Sac'y. —Watdl the Oar fTar window. If ItfiU Y<m Wear tliis Gap By Herbert Kanfmaii Advertising isn't a crucible with'which lazy, bigoted and incapable merchants ^ao turn incompetency into success—but one inta which brains and tenacity and couraee canjie poured and changed into doUars. It isou^ a short cut across the fields— not a mcnril^ platform. You can't "get there" withm going some." It's a game in which the worker ^nGtrtht shirker —gets rich.. By iu measurement every man 8tand »for' ifvhat he is and for what hd does, not for what^he vfos and what he did. Every day in the advertising world is anpthttr day and has to be taken care of with the smnie energy as it's yesterday. The quitter can't survive where the plug§^has a ghost of a chance. Advertising doein't take the pkce of bi nesi talent or business management. It nut tells what the business is andhow it is mana|^ The snob whose father created and who jp content to live on what was handed to him' can't stand up against the man who knows must build for himself. a What makes yo«^ think that you are entitle^ to prosper as well as a competitor who tpsriir twice as hard for his prosperity? Why should as many people come to |0^r koreas patronize ashopthatmakes anendeivof to get Uieir trad6 and shows them that w If ngorth while to come to its doors? Why should a newspaper send as many cuf* tomers to you in half the time it took to fill establishment which advertised twice as |pQg and paid twice as much for its publicity? i This is the day when the best man wi|i9^ after he proves that he is the best man— ^^^leii the best store wins, whenit has shown that ttif the best store—^when the best goods win, afft ^f they've been be the best goojp* If you want the plum you can't get it by lyusig under the tree with your mouth open waitrng for it to drop—too many other men arc w*"*^ to climb out on the limb and risk their in their eagerness to get it away from you^ \M the law of competition which u||ifi >find-folded justice over the markets of world. , (Copyright. 1108. by Tribun* Coimpaay, Chleaga.) WILL VISIT lOtA. Committee to Selieit.Funds for Weat- mlnster House. A committee will visit Tola In the near, future to solicit funds for the endowment of thie Westminster Hoose at kanaas University. A dispatch says: lAwrenee, Kaa.. Dec. 9.—More than $10,000 waa raised among the Preaby- terfana of Lawrence yesterday for the •adowment of the Weatmlnster house at the university. The active canvaa&J far funds began last week and was wound up today by tha Rev. J. P. Coch rane ot PhOadelphla. national secretary of the Preabyterlan educational Today Rev. Cochrane, Ref. Jarvls of Wlnfield. and B. F. Caldwell, of Lawraaee. left, to laiake an extensive cai^pfKa ovar tbe sti^. for funds for tha MitfewiBMit nay win be gone •boi^ two weeks and hope to return with more than the ISajMM needed to sacire tbtf new buUdfaag promised by W. W. CoeUas of Kansas. City. Mr. •QB!I^|((BS aopwtlaia ago offarad to slva •SKMO for a aaw "Weatmlaater house laha ereetad at the Ualverslty of Ibaiaa. wtth the coadltloa that the of.thaatatsiivaaB ad- tee will vialt to aecnre fi|i|4Si. are Kansaa Glty.<^ Kas.. Topeks, ;^|^^V «a- worth. Wlnfield. Hutehinsoo. IVigSKi, Ottowa, lola. Pltteburg, CoSfjnrllla.. and Parsona. > « a —The Onr Way window. BROTHERHOOD GAVE fUPf SB. Praabyterian Social OrganMlttfn Had . Enjayabia TIma Last Nl^ "The CoOperaUon of Madlch|« and Religion" was the anbJeet 'W a?^ tereatlng addreaa delivered «t.a;aMa^ Ing of the Preabyteriaa Br;^)|pi|oad In the basement of the plnpi^'Iast evening. The addreaa waa-by JDr. Wobdin and wu one ai|a|if-the «ood things on the program tiof^^av- enlng: The supper senra«W|a'VlfP*' Using aad araa enjoyed, by number of the Brotherhood'^|aip|9|rs. Vhe Brotherhood la aisiitfiifrimh fine aueieeaa' In pronioUaE that* iPOlsI welfaro and Ito aemlwraUp'ia-'Tapidlr Inersaalng. Snppera la ' eq|HwatleB with an entertaining prograa'ara'gfr- en ct fraouant parMs and the meet- Inga feava provan a seorea bf-aiieb atrangth to the organhalloB. -Tke flaaal Itea af laW Stavas l> «a mf^M* A •Ca;*-

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