Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1907
Page 3
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-..V • • • • • Biuket Ball team PracUeiDRr—Chnlrch 68 Preparing for Cbristeas. j Lord's Sapper 'ft'as O 'lsnnrcd. • The Sacrament of the Turd's Swp- per was observed yesterday momins at the ITnlted PresbTterlun cbiircii. A large crowd present. IXav, ixeper. the paetir, preached a very instructive and Interesting sermon da "The Book ol Exodus." . AMDSEaSKlS. - Arc PracUflnR Basket BaU. The members of the Ous city basket ball team jiractlcc dally. The boys are getting Into condition for the games which will be arrangwl In the future. The lioys will arrange gapies to be played In Gas City some time after Christmas. TeacherR Will Go to Topeka. Many, of the Gas»Clty teachers who did not attend the Southeastern Kansas Teachers' .issoclation which was held In Coffe>"ville. Kansas, the Friday following Thanksgiving will attend ^the State Teachers' association will meet In Toi>cka. Kansas, on December 26th. The teachers who will attend from here will leave Wednesday, the 2.">tli. on the aorth bound Santa Fe train. Churches Are Planning for Christmas. The churches of this city are preparing for a Christmas program tn be held on Chri-stnias eve. The children are' licing drilled each evening. The various churches will be decorated and eterytliing made cheery especially for the occasion. Personals. Mrs. T. H. Rittpr rciurnpil to Nowata, Oklahoma, Saturilay after aiwni Ing a few day.-? here visiting. Ralph Conwcll and I^ennard Hopkins left yesterday for Nevada. .Mo., whore they will make their home. Mrs. Kohl of tliis city i.'; c.\|ior(inc relatives here in tlie near future for an extended vi-^it. L. O. Qrton. of Wichita, wa.-; here Saturday on business. J. L. James of Kansas City, wns here Saturday calling on ili<- nior chants. Dsefnl Xmas Presents The finest line,in town. Call and inspect out stock. T. B. Shannon North Side Square lola, Kan. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. A fifodern Lady Godlva." the daring and dramatic play wlilch Amelia j Blngham and her eleven company wiftj j)re»ent at the Grand pn Thursdai^ December 19. was written by Frederick F.Schrader and Uoyd M. JJing- hnm. It Is of direct: contempora * interest, the scenes I H >1 I ^ laid In Ensr land at (he present dayi and the per^ sonuges being of. types familiar In; modern social and roniuuerclal life. Miss Blnsbam's mlo Is; the atrongest aud most fascinating bho has ovec had. The Academy of Mtisic has haifjl many notable succsses; on Its stage] and among them have been the leading rural dramas wliji phenomenal, lun.s, but the latest anil biggest sucrl ress la this class of plays Is "Qulncy * Adams Sawyer," which; jumped Into New York City the flrsc week in Aug-, ust and won unprecedented approvalj at the very start. The theater Bas been packed nightly; no such scenes of enthusiasm as those attending th,e presedtation of this play have ever been witnessed in lh(s famous old l^ay house. The sweet -and pure coun try atmosphere that pervades the play the quaint and simple siory, the natur slness of the scenes, a;ud the wholesome rsooil nature of' many of the umusiug incidents—these are .the iiualities In "Qulncy .\dams Sawyer" that pleased New Yorkers, and vrill doubtless fully as raxi^h please the patrons of the Grand when this big production is brought ^here for one night only, "Wednesday,'December 18. •. Carry Early Morning Comfort A MMch el • mxch tnii th« welcome hat U rjiiuiaj ..Irani tht— PERFECn^^ OU Hea^ The Autofiuttc Sroo^elcM Dtyic* mtict H impombfe (o tar* (he KK Ik ttH> tiifih or tt» iom f^Jg^Ump---^, Mh- U ram fmtm »f' **>^ *«• rtt^ 4tsWt »ni« *• M PCHtv acvMf *9> AMELIA lUNUHAM in At thP «rand Oprrii House. THIRSDAY, DECEMBER 18. Ladies' Desk, Music Cabinet,RecbrdCabinet Desk Cabinet All make fine Xmas presents, and can be used in every home. We have a special Xmas price on all goods. Sleeper ®> Son snvA -noMs WAMTCD AdTetrtltementit under tills bead nill beJoserted tliree Umes wftkout charge. HELP WAtmO WAKTED' 'Hfhmomllammous WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second Etret. FOR SAtEmHUmomUammoua FOR SALEI—Or will trade for g<x)d dear farm or $1000 property in lola, balance in cash or notes; the Snyder Livery Barji, La Hari»e. J. V. Howell. FOR SALE—Good mar* with foal. Call at 210 West street. FOR €ALEi-A drlvlpg mar« and baggy. Utgnt city brek*. sate for Jady to drive. Inquire 832 Korth streeU FOR RENT—House apd barn. South kentocky. ^hcne 598 2j-2. FOR RENT—Eight riwm house on car line. Wheeler Heights. Modern. Newly papered and varnished. Inquire of W. A. ^Vheele^ at The loja Portland Cement company. FOR RENT—Five room house and barn, three blocks from square. ?9.00. WUUker & Donneil. : • JUST THE TIME WHEN YOU WANT TO BUY ONE We Are Cutting the Price Warm Weather is the Cause. Buy your Overcoat today and save from $4 :60 to $7 .60 on a coat. ALL OUB HART, SCHAFFXEE & MABX AXD STEIX-BLOCH OVEBCOAT.S THAT WE SOLD ALL £27m30 " FALL AT $83J)0, ABE 3fOW • ^ $30.00 Overcoats wiU be cut to $25.00 Overco''ts will be cut to $22 50 Overcoats wiil be cnt to $25.00 $20.00 $ia.oo $20 00 and S18 .00 Overcoats will bs cut io £15.00 Overcoats will be cut to $10.00 Overcoats will be cut to $t5.00 $W.OO $T .ao A RoduGtlon on Every Man and Young Man'a Suit In the Store. See the above 'Overcoatt It's a Hart, Schaffner & Marx Coat that sold all fall for $30.00. Price— S28.00 ^ Magnificent Holiday Merchandise for Xmas Gifts for Men and Boys! Swell Neckties, 50c to SI.50. Fine Linen Handkerchiefs, 25C to 53C. Leather Collar Boxes, $|,0Q to $3,00, House Coats, Reefer Mufflers. Traveling S5.D0 to SI2,50. Gloves of all kjpds, SQc to $7,50. Siik Handkerchiefs, 50c to $1.00. Christmas Suspenders, 50C to $1,50. Fancy Wabtcoats, $|,50 to $7,50. Bags and Suit Cases, $2,50 to $20.00. Men's House Slip^rs, 50 G to $2,00. Buy *'him" a Manhattan^ Shirt for Xmas $1.60 to $360 A large line of Vassar and. Munsius: Union Suits for Men, $1.60 to $6 Store Open Evenings Until Xmas. See Window display for Xmas suggestions A FORGER IN TOWN Unknown Person Worked Four Ida Merchant* Saturday Night. FOR SALK OR TRADE OR KE.NT— FurnishingB in the Baltimore House, with leases. Inquire 209 South Bucli- eye. f FOR SALE—No. 1 good heating store; gas or coal; a perfect stove. 209 South Buckeye. , FOR SAliE—11800 stock of grocer­ ies'and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street For Exchange—Eighty acres of botoin laBd. well Improved, adjoining the town or Cloverdaje Chautauqua county, KausaB. for Iol» property. L- UobarL : . Its Ecortomy To have your Cstpets and Sttgs deaiied by TheiotaKiglactoi^ Some unknoini person or persons succeeded In passing forged checks on two merchants Saturday night. This was learned this morning when fwo checks, one held by the New York store and the other by the Perham Clothing company were refused 3t the Allen County State Bank as it v\a sdiscovercd that they werft forged. The check presented by Mr. Per- hun was made to Ed. Williams by R. S. Gilf;ran. Rex. Bowlus. a te'ler j in the bank at which the check wasj presented, noticed at once that It was not Mr. GilflUan's signature. It was returned aud now Mr. Pcrham is looking for the person who passed It on hint. It was for l|10. Mr. Perham had hardly, gotten out of the •hank; when a check was pro "•-nted l>y t1i3.New York store. It 1 took but a glance to t<>n that it wus a forged ono also. Thhi. too. wns iiind" to a fictitious name and liy R. S. Oilfiran. This chock wa."! for %U. It is not known how many of these chocks are out. It is likely that the nan who passed them on the merchants succeeded in passing them on others. But up to 2:30 o'clock this afternoon thero has been but the two checks reported. The effort of the person who pass- fd these checks to Imitate Mr. Gimil- nn's signature show that he was no nxpert. as they were very <7ude. The Indlcatloirs are that one person passed both checks. I The ofBcers have Taken ibe matter ;n band bu<^ at 2:30 they had not been able to find the tuilty person. Tt wfr« l»nrnpd late this afternoon that forged eheeka bad been passed •m Schell ft McCall and Bart^s's china store. They wer* made to different signatures, all fletitkms. IT THE! CUT OFF GkS. Kan«ns Ctty Wnii Hare Hard Shi' dinr ^Titli ««t Kama* Prednrt. Kansas City. Dec. 16.—What will be the eiTect on Kansas City If Oklahoma legislates to prohibit the't>amp- Ing of natural gas out that state? The lower hoii .se of the Oklahoma legis- laturo already has passed a bill to that effect and it is believed that he senate will cciiuur. At present a very small part of the natural gas ui ^cd by the cities aloiig the Kansas and Missouri border conic from Oklahoma. The main supply comes from Southern Kansa .s. However, Oklahoma may become the great reserrolr to which Kansas City and its neighboring towns must look for natural gas in the future should the Kansas field become exhausted. "Our company owns extensive gas lands In Oklahoma, but wp are not alarmed in the least by this new legislation," J. M. Landon. pcncrul manager of the Kansas Nafuml Gas company, said at ludependeiico. Kas.. over the telejihoiic Ibis morning. "liong before we need that .-Jiipply thi- federal courts will have tipjd that natural gas Is a commodity the same as coal and wboiit. and that this late Icg- i :ilatii>n intiTlcri -s with Interstate coniincrcp. It will be n good many years lioforo Kansas City will need Oklahoma gas." i. . Mayor lu-ardsley said this mornhiK lie could hardly believe a state would Livers Exchanged IF (he adiVe Over of the • cod-fMhoMUbciMilfato (he place of flit torpid Dvcr of thcaMBumptivc ttwopld probably do Wmaworid of jood. Notbetthinjb Scott's Emulsion ofCodUwrOa. Almorf «s«>od«faBiwDmi The mat M «»trt »r SCOTTS BlUUONaiaMMo- duocr prow thit BMMi of the «cth«y of the cad's Gvcr i» f fintrinfd bi every spoonfaL AIDraMfatoi as*, $1 .00. persistently seek to deprive its people of ,a market for an important commodity.- Besides, he regarded it as doubtful whether the legislature of Oklahoma could prevent the piping of gas out of that slate. "A fundamental principle is involved," the mayor said, "that, it seems to me, wlii make It difRcult for Oklahoma to enact legislation along that line that will hold good in the higher courts, it might be tried by indirect methods, such as restricting the pressure at which gas can be piped out of (he state. Rut gas is an article of comnferce. I don't sec how an individual or a corporation who takes gas out of ground owned in foe simple or leased can be prevented from seeking a market for that commodity outside the state any more than you can prevent an Individual or a tlrni from shipping coal or grain from tmo state to another. It looks to me as If a law agatnest that would be a law in restrain ot trade." GOES TO RELATIVKS WANT HIS CHILD. Relatives of W. II. Crcvlston. who is l>eiiiK held for the murder of Wells Stewart one week ago yesterday, came ill today from Humboldt, Nebr., and will m.ikc an effort to recover possession of the accused man 's little lM >y. l^'hen Creviston confessed to the murder, be consented to the Orphan 's Home taking his little son. The relatives are, however, very anxious to provide a home for the child. They were down to see the prisoner this morning, lllien Creviston and his wife separated tbe relatives wanted to take the child and give him a home. Harry Ireland Appointed Agrienltar Inspector in Philippines. Harry I Iceland whose home is near Branson, Kansas. Imt who Is a graduate of the lola high school and is a brother of Mrs. S. A. Card ot this city,, tliis morning received a telegram* from Washington announcing that he had been appointed an agricultural tn- spcctor in the Philippines. Mr. Ire- laud sent a telegram m return advising them of his acceptance. This ap|>ointment gives Mr. Ireland one of the t>est government positions in the Philippines. He will leave in H short ttnic to take up bis work. Mr. Ireland Is a very deserving, young man. After graduating from the Stony Point district school he came to lola whereJie entered the lola high .school. With the duties of J.initor of the high school building upon him, he completed the course in three years Instead of four, the regular term, graduating with honors. Later he entered the State Agricultural College and worked his way through school. It was largely through his g «tod work while in school that he Is given this place. At tbe Grand Opera H »aa «r_r THUBSDAT, DECEXBEHT 111 Livrngstdll ^ €^ CaatnMata.aad BaDiwiT AU iitnda oCiiroMr a wotttOtg t 8oath Syeamia, H OM IIM CHRISTMAS-FBESKlfXS r - Nothlnca better than a magaslne tat a friend. For yonr masadnM tea . J. E. HENDERSON. . Pkaae W. 414 N. BmAvjm, MISS HABIT JONES DtAJK I! and Per Sale. 50,000 feet of native lumber 4,000 seasoned fence posts. W. A. DAWSON, Four Miles Northwest o lola. ' Punrral of Known Lady Wll I Occur ToBiwroWt <alil|Ni I Miss 3Iar>- Jones, sister of Archi-' i bald Jones of this city, died at^fhor home in Neodeeba last Saturdaj^. ot pneumonia. She has been ill for: eral days. Miss Jones was well known in this city having lived her« nttuiy- years. The funeral will t>e hdd tomorrow, in Ncodesha and interment will be made in the Neodesha tery. SENATOR C. I. Martin «jf Bourbon county was In tbe city today. He has been traveling over the state in the interest of Orant Homadaj', of Fort Scott, who is a candidate for governor. Mr. aiartln was pleased with the result of his visit THE PRAIRIE Oil ft Gas company iiald Its taxes today, the check calling for $10,475.74, aftsr a rebate of 1268.60 was allowed for payment In full. The Missouri and Kansas Telephone company paid lU taxes today. The original taxes readied $816 ^t a rebate of 130.40 for payment in lull was allowed. Refffoter It'ant Ads. Brbiff Benlls. You may bujr coffee i4iMh G08t$ you a trifle less^^ban ArbucUes" Ariota Goifee^but m realtepay^more jfe It and Don*t get coafuwil Jljlwiijlii^^- Arto«» CbQFee is reallf the i^i ^Jjf ^^pPjgBjBpa im II M world. r V ...r:rt -v«.. • In semled package;* -Cor^Toqr ARBiiingTja 38oa. New Xva GU&

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