The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 4, 1971 · Page 17
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 17

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1971
Page 17
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the small society by Brick man We MUST RtfP A WAY TO \ /0-4 Doctor's Hunch May Save Lives 'Sensational' Increase in Number of Vasectomies CHICAGO (AP) - Make love, not babies. This seems to be the attitude of the modern American male. The number of men undergoing vasectomy—the male sterilization operation—'has shown a "sensational increase' recently, says John R. Rague, executive director of the Association for Voluntary Sterilization in New York City. He estimated 750,000 American males had vasectomies in 1970. That's up from an estimated 200,000 the year before. And Rague predicted in an interview that the 1971 figure will be even greater than 1970's. Simple Procedure So far, an estimated three million men in the United States have had sterilization surgery—a simple procedure, done often in the doctor's office in a few minutes. The American male is not alone. In India, where reduction in the birth rate is a major concern, an estimated 8.2 million men have been sterilized. In Great Britain some 20,000 men underwent vasectomies last year and it is estimated the figure will be double for 1971. Rague said his association offered $30,000 in October 1969 to any New York hospital which would open a vasectomy clinic. There were no takers. The money went, to the Margaret Faris PTA Will Meet Tuesday Sanger Research Bureau, which did open such a clinic. Since then, Rague said, 154 vasectomy clinics have opened in 36 states. Among them are 82 hospitals which do vasectomies in their outpatient departments. Rague, as well as medical authorities, attributes the recent upsurge in requests for male vasectomies to fears about possible adverse side-effects from the contraceptive pills taken by women. 'Finer Understanding' There is also, he said, "a finer understanding of human sexuality, especially among the young," so that males are willing to take responsibility for preventing pregnancy. And "the Puritanism which has been a strong influence in the development of the United States" has been declining in the past decade, especially among those under age 30, Rague said. An obstacle to male sterilization has been the popular misconception that the oper- I Building or Remodeling I Call • ED WEIGEL • 3304 No. Elm I Hutchinson, Ks. 663-9804 ation makes the man less masculine, less able to perform sexually. This is untrue. In fact a survey by the Association for Voluntary Sterilization of 25,000 men who had had vasectomies found that 85 per cent of the men felt that their sexual performances was better, 13 per cent felt it was about the same, and 2 per cent felt that it had declined. In the last group, Rague noted, the aging process could have been a factor. The male sterilization operation is much simpler and less expensive to perform than that for females, which requires hospitalization. Vasectomies are performed under local anesthetic, with little or no pain. Vasectomy interrupts the flow of sperm into the ejaculatory system. The sperm, which are microscopic in size, continue to be manufactured, but they deteriorate and are absorbed with no danger to the body. (C) l ?n N.Y. Time! News Service GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The spotlights have come down again on this city on the western slope of the Rocky Moun; tains over the widespread use of radioactive sands in building projects. The state government is aroused and calling for federal action. The joint Congressional committee on atomic energy is planning hearings on possible health hazards. A state-federal steering committee has recommended removal of the radioactive material from habitable buildings. But out of sight, away from the center stage where the politicians and bureaucrats play out their public roles, stands a worried small town doctor who has started a quiet campaign to see if the dangers of radioactivity to human health can actually be measured in Grand Junction. • TODAY • fThe Hutch Downtowners 1st. & Main has Corned Beef & Cabbage 97< White Appointed To Federal Position RUSSELL - Ward H. White, Washington, D C, a former Russell resident, has been appointed minority counsel for the Communications Subcommittee of the Commerce Committee. The appointment was announced by U. S. Sen. Howard Baker, (R-Tenn.) White, 31, was formerly legislative assistant to Sen. Robert Dole (R-Kan.). He is a graduate of Cornell Law School and American University. Dr. Robert M. Ross Jr. practices children's medicine in a white house under the elms on Seventh Street. He is past president of the Mesa County Medical Association, a respected man. Like most people in Grand Junction, he has known for some tune that radioactive sands — called "tailings," which were dumped in piles back of the Climax Uranium Company ore- processing mill — have been spread all over town. They were trucked away by builders to use as backfill and base material for pouring concerete slabs, basements and patios. Causes Lung Cancer It has been in the magazines and newspapers across the country for several years that radioactivity comes right up through the concrete in the form of a gas called Radon and that Radon is blamed by medical experts for the high rates of lung cancer among uranium miners. Watching the patients come Tomorrow Noon at HICKORY GABLES 822 West 4th Baked Chicken & Dressing Special 97* Faris School PTA will hold a special meeting at 7:30 p.m Tuesday to hand out Block Mother' signs. Mrs. Roger Tom tin, 605 East 8ih, is in charge of the project. 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Sold everywhere for 129-95 $35.00 WIG WHOLESALERS 1200 E. 4th ACROSS FROM GIBSON into his office, Ross was troubled by what he calls a vague sense that something was not right. He said he was seeing too many birth defects too much cancer in children. He spoke of his concern to Dr. C. Henry Kempe, chairman of the pediatrics department at tlie University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver. Kempe and his asociates went to the Colorado Department of Health with the problem and it was thrown onto the agenda of a meeting arranged with Gov. John A. Love last March. They reviewed other atomic matters in the state and when the indoor radon problem came up, the state health department suggested that the A.E.C. finance a chromosomal study of infants in Grand Junction. One of those at the meeting remembered that the A.E.C. respose was negative, that the representative argued that there was no evidence to begin with, that the radon levels weer too that the radon levels were too NOW! 2nd BIG WEEK! Just a person who protects children and other living things BIUYJACK TECHNICOLOR® .SSSZ'&a [BflffiJB FLAG mm 3I2N.MAIN TO-NIT-E AT: 7:10 & 9:15 Doors Open 6:30 P.M. births in Grand Junction for the study to have any statistical significance. Even former A.E.C. Chairman Glenn T. Seabord later wrote Love turning the grant request down. But the state health department persisted and persuaded the governor to spend $18,000 from his special research and studies fund to finance the project. Work began in July and involves chromosomal studies of infants born during 1971. About 700 babies a year are born in Grand Junction. Comparisons are being made between infants conceived and carried until birth in homes built on tailings an those from homes free from the radioactive sands. A "call-in" TV series designed to let you ask the experts the questions you want to know about different aspects of the law. TONIGHT'S TOPIC TEEN TROUBLES 9:00 P.M. on Public Television KPTS-Channel 8—Wichita A Kansas Bar Association Presentation Dr. Herbert Lubs, a geneticist with tho University Medical Center, is doing the study and said no results would be known until next year. But another source close to the study said that chromosomal abnormalities not usually found in infants were being discovered. "We're concerned not so much Page 5 The Hutchinson Newt Monday, October 4, 1971 with adults as with possible genetic damage to their grandchildren," Dr. Kempe said in a telephone interview. "It's not this generation of parents but their children's children." 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